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May 27, 2014: 8:44 p.m.   thevileone has BETRAYED AMERICA 5 TIMES! If that's not enough reason to IMPEACH thevileone, I don't know what is!

July 28, 2014: 2:52 p.m.   It's Monday and "Minion Monday: Hank and His Girl's First Dance" is available to make you smile!

July 28, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   thevileone will take care of the gangsters crossing our borders? That's what the gangsters think. They were told that he'd give them medical care, free education, etc. What about the bill to do all of that? We get to pay that. Those of us who work hard, pay our bills, don't cheat on our taxes, etc., we get to foot the bill for everything thevileone does. Isn't that what you want? The gangsters are coming here and recruiting others to help them kill Americans, terrorize communities, sell drugs, pimp girls and generally create chaos. thevileone's saul alinsky "Rules for Radicals" tactics are working. He'll do whatever it takes to destroy America and bring chaos into the world so that the 12th Imam can come and rule the world with Shariah Law. That's what thevileone wants and is working toward. If it weren't what he wanted, why is he not listening to the 77% of us who don't want this illegal influx? Our poor border patrol agents are hog-tied by thevileone's rules as well as by environmental rules. What is the problem with keeping our borders strong and defended? It won't help thevileone achieve his goal of Muslim world domination.

July 25, 2014   Israel:   If thevileone didn't want to help bring about the 12th Imam, why is he blaming Israel for Hamas's actions? Also, Hamas is using children for human shields as they attack Israel and illegally cross their borders, so why is that something that thevileone doesn't disagree with? Why is he defending Hamas when Hamas is the aggressor? thevileone actually THREATENED ISRAEL because they criticized ketchup kerry's laughable "diplomacy". Now, all around the world Jews are being persecuted. It's sick and it's wrong. The Jewish people are GOD's own and He made a vow to them thousands of years ago that they would be His forever. GOD blesses those who pray for Israel and who help Israel. For America to NOT do that -- and to, instead, blame Israel -- is wrong. Am I saying Israel is right in all she does? No. Absolutely not. But in every situation we are told to pray for Israel, and in this particular fracas, Hamas is the aggressor, so why stand with the aggressor? That's not the American norm but under thevileone it is what we are doing! That's very telling, is it not?

July 28, 2014   Let's not do this. We've already seen how someone with NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER (thevileone) runs things, and although I do believe Ingraham would be Billions of times better than thevileone, we still don't need someone with no exeperience whatsoever. thevileone, if nothing else, has given us a good enough example of what inexperience does to a nation. I would love to see Allen West run. (BTW, while you're there, check out the article he wrote this morning.) I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

July 28, 2014   China still poses a threat to America, its not just Islam or Russia. There are people and countries that would love to see America destroyed. One of them is in the Red House.

July 28, 2014   LOL! Albright is always wrong. Sec. of State under billybob clintOOn, she endorsed thevileone and endorseS [sic -- for emphasis] hillclintOOn. So many folks are waking up to the fact that thevileone is a failure. Sad that they were incapable of looking beyond his skin color for two elections. When you look to externals like skin color instead of internals like principles, ideas and beliefs (the things he did to get elected and the people he hung around with should have told them something). Why lefties and squishy-squashy, namby-pamby republirats who endorsed thevileone (see list here) without looking deeper, I have no idea, but they did. thevileone should never have been elected, but with the endorsementes he received and the ACORN cheating and the New Black Panther voter intimidation that happened, thevileone was a cheat-in, not an elected president. He has never been a valid president and never shall be. Now, he's using "executive orders" to help destroy America. All of his "Magic Pen" to be a TYRANT and DICTATOR instead of allowing Congress to make the laws thevileone just makes it up as he goes along.

July 28, 2014   Sarah Palin Channel! How about that? If you want to subscribe, it's $9.95 a month, or $99.95 annually. It's up to you but check it out because she has a countdown counter of how many days, hours, miutes and seconds are left in thevileone's administration. I like that. Can I set that clock forward, please?

July 28, 2014   The Tiny Tyrant is rattling his sabre again. He's threatening a nuclear bomb on the Red House. I don't want to set the clock forward like that, but it would be okay with me if he resigned. The Tiny Tyrant should have a visit from thevileone. They'd probably get along just fine. Problem is that thevileone would probably pick up a few tactics on controling people while there. We don't want that, do we?

July 28, 2014   "Jesus, Today's Church and Inequality": YOU NEED to read this! Frontpage did a great thing here. I am very glad to see someone else taking on the erroneous teachings of the liberal left on what Jesus allegedly taught, believed and wanted us to follow. It's about time.

July 28, 2014   If this year's election is so important to the left, it should be TWICE as important to us! I'll be looking into all of the current candidates this week, so keep an eye out for my upcoming list of candidates that I would prefer. I can't say that I outright endorse some of them because I'm sure that in some races it's going to be the lesser of the evils, but that means it's still an evil. I don't like voting for evil, even if it is a "less than". So, you'll have to hold your nose and vote in some of these races, I' sure, but it's what we are offered. If there's a place to do a write-in on some of these, it may be something to consider. But doing a write-in is sometimes "throwing away your vote" by others' standards. By my standards, it's keeping your principles and having a standard.

July 28, 2014   Marijuana legalization is a bad idea. I can't think of ONE good thing about it besides the fact that it's been "decriminalized" and that means fewer people in our prisons. Well, the problem with that illogic is that we can "decriminalize" a whole lot of things -- murder, rape, pedophilia -- and then the prisons would be even less crowded but that doesn't make those actions any less wrong! Marijuana use for "medicinal" purposes I have shown you that every medical reason has been negated by the very organizations that are the primary support organizations for that particular malady. Cataracts? They don't support it. Epilepsy? Nope. None of the medical maladies that are allegedly helped by medical marijuana have an endorsement for the drug's use for that malady. None. So what is the push about? USE. There are people who want to use it. Don't tell me it's not addictive, studies have proven it IS addictive and that people who use marijuana do go into harder drugs or become alcholics, especially if they start using it at an early age. Marijuana is a gateway drug and if giving people permission to use it leads to more FATAL car accidents then why is it considered a "good" thing? Don't people have to LIVE in order to need medical or recreational marijuana? IF the answer is "Yes" then why legalize something that leads to more deaths? Common sense dictates otherwise.

July 28, 2014   I'm going to stop here, folks. My hubby is home and my computer's running really slow for some reason. BTW, is anyone else having difficulties with The Blaze and with Breitbart? I've been not using them much lately because they've been crashing my Internet Explorer after about ten minutes on the sites. It's too frustrating to go there except when I use my iPad, and even then the pictures don't usually show up at The Blaze and Breitbart is slow. What's up with that? Do you have the same problem? If so, let me know because I would like to know if there's a fix to it if it's just my computer. If there's more than just me, then it's probably the sites' problem. So, until next time, GOD Bless You and See ya'!

July 25, 2014: 11:55 a.m.   It's Flag Friday and I have internet service still, so let's start with my "Tribute To Our Heroes 174: In Her Hands". GOD Bless all who served. I can never thank them enough

July 25, 2014   thevileone approves drilling for oil off the east coast. And I know at least a few local environmentalist wackos are so upset. Oh, wah.

July 25, 2014   Malkin reports on the Delphi workers messed over by thevileone. They're getting closer to getting back the pension thevileone stole from them. Hurray.

July 25, 2014   thevileone helps terrorist, so we should impeach him. Proof:

"administration officials were well aware of the group’s declared intention to turn its Syrian sanctuary into a springboard from which it would send men and material back..."
My goodness what must people see with their own eyes to believe that thevileone is EVIL?

July 25, 2014   Another GOOD reason to hate HOAs. If they guy wants to build furniture for needy veterans, why are they not supporting him and helping it get delivered instead of being hard nosed knot-heads and trying to make him stop? What morons.

July 25, 2014   Al Q. wants to bring America to a digital halt on 9/11. Allegedly they're targeting our electronic infrastructure -- water treatment facilities that are run with computers, computers used by governments, etc. -- and they want to destroy America that way. Well, that's what we expeceted. At least it's not thevileone doing it this time.

July 25, 2014   Personal interest mention: The White Pass & Yukon Route train derailed near Skagway. Several years ago my family and I went on the trip of a lifetime to Alaska. We stayed two days in Vancouver, BC, before we boarded Celebrity Cruise Lines' Summit and hubby and I entered our Royal Suite and the boys their adjoining Concierge Class Suite and there we stayed for two weeks during the repositioning cruise that went north from Vancouver to the Inside Passage then stopped at Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Skagway, and Hubbard Glacier, going north and south through the Inside Passage. Then we went to Victoria BC, where we met with a Flickr friend, and then toAstoria, OR, and in CA, to San Francisco, Catalina Island and finally to San Diego where we stayed for four days before flying home. It was a wonderful vacation and my son has some great photos of the trip. One of the things we did was go on that train. It was interesting, relaxing and I took a video of it to send to my Mom. She go to see the whole vacation, not just the train ride. I will never forget that trip. It was wonderful. Thoughts and prayers to those injured in the derailment.

July 25, 2014   I stand with Israel and rumor has it Hamas's morale is collapsing and they're running from Israeli commandos. GOOD! If they're going to start something Israel has the right -- the duty -- to finish it. Attacking Israel, I believe Hamas is finding out yet again, is never a good idea.

July 25, 2014   Ignoring Issa; another bad idea. Issa doesn't strike me as the kind of person who will tolerate having this administration thumb their collective noses at him. I'd love to see him have several of them arrested. Can you imagine eric holder's and thevileone's reactions? I would love to see a hidden camera video of that! Please, Lord, let this happen!

July 25, 2014   msthevileone pushing genetically modified foods. A lot of folks don't think that's a good thing. GMOs are thought to be a health risk to people who eat them. And if it's not the food grown from genetically modified seeds, it's the chickens that we eat and what the chickens eat goes into us and msthevileone is PUSHING that. She "cares" about your children?

July 25, 2014   thevileone's approval rating: 39%. Those who want to impeach him: 33%. From the same article there's this:

"A plurality of Americans — 45 percent — believe [thevileone] has gone too far in expanding his presidential powers."
I think thevileone is having a bad day. Awww.... poor baby.

July 25, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Muslim jihadist holds up buckets full of heads. What? That's not tolerance? Why not? At least he wasn't a Christian who witnessed to them. That would have been INtolerance! (*sarcasm*) And then there's Nigerian Muslims who killed 75 with two bombs. I bet they were tolerant, too. BTW, if you're going to use civilians as shields, including apartment complexes, hospitals and mosques don't let Israel see you launch a missile from there. Remember, folks, thy did this to themselves.

July 25, 2014   Detroit's PETA offers to pay water bills of those who will go Vegan. Question they may not have thought about: How are they going to verify that the folks went vegan? Are they going to have monitors for them? Are they going to... uh... collect their bowel movements... ick.... and see if the people whose water bills they are paying are sticking to the vegan agreement? How are they going to verify it? I don't think they've thought that one through. Of course, being vegan, I suppose that their brains aren't functioning as well without animal proteins. Because, science shows, "Is plant protein as good as animal protein? The simple answer is no." That means that those of us who still enjoy a good steak from the barbeque, or a nice hamburger, or a bit of bacon are smarter than vegans. Anecdotally, that's been proven time and time again! (*smirk*)

July 25, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   So much for reading the hanging chads and trying to supernaturally ascribe "intent". We know that pelosipig said:

Well, that says that they didn't have INTENT to do subsidies in the FEDERAL marketplace because you can't INTEND to do something when you don't know if it's ALREADY DONE! They didn't READ the bill. They didn't know whether taxpayer subsidies for those who subscribed at the federal website was already covered or if it was not covered. Then there's the architect of the bill who denied it being the intent back in 2012! To wit:

"What’s important to remember politically about this is if you're a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don't get their tax credits—but your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill."
So, not only did pelosipig admit they had no idea what was in it, but passed it anyways, but the guy who helped put it together admits that the federal level marketplace is NOT A SUBSIDY RECEIVING ENTITY. All those folks who signed up under the federal marketplace and got a tax subsidy? Guess what? You LOSE America WINS! Remember, the IRS is supposed to be part of the administration of this mess? How on earth are they going to do that? Would a tea party member get a death panel faster than someone who supports thevileone? Considering recent events, I think so. This isn't going to work, folks. If the SCOTUS gets ahold of it, let us pray that john roberts sees the writing on the wall and borrows a spine long enough to vote for AMERICA instead of for thevileone's wishes.

July 25, 2014   I'll stop there for now. I'd like to get a small project done today, so until next time, GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 24, 2014: 1:10 p.m.   Well, that was unexpected! I did my updates on Thursday and shut it down and a little while later our phone line went dead. Since we use a high speed DSL we have a router and a phone line to do so and when our phone line still wasn't working on Tuesday I got fed up and called ATT. They came out yesterday and worked on my phone line and moved my line to a closer junction box and tested things and ran a new kind of line in my attic, etc. It turns out the person who did the "sale" and scheduling for this was not absolutely truthful with me (shock) and the installer's team had to check back with ATT's computer because the sales person did something wonky and had the interior of my house wired for a whole lot faster but had the exterior box the same; but the lines going to the house were only for a slower speed. So the installation team was confused and she lied to me and the whole thing as frustrating for all of us. So, I'll be on the phone with ATT later today and trying to get them to fix what the sales person lied about. For now, though, my internet is again available and I'll apologize for missing my Flag Friday posting of my "Tribute To Our Heroes 173: When Wind Blown" and I thank you again for your service. Then here's the link to the Minion Monday pic that I couldn't post on Monday. Thanks for your patience with me and let's get started.

July 24, 2014   Cuomo to find out how many homosexuals, bi-sexuals, etc., in NY state. Allegedly so that he can provide better healthcare for them. In Germany when Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews he first told them to register as a Jew. Then they had to start wearing arm bands (as did Christians, etc.). Then they were rounded up into "safe zones" -- or what he told them was a safe zone -- and he fenced the area off. Then he put them all into cattle cars and sent them to the death camps. Cuomo wants you to self-identify as being of a specific sexual orientation? What business is it of his or anyone's? Why tell the government something that isn't their business? Why volunteer to be government labeled? Don't get me wrong: if homosexuals want to trust the government with that info, that's their choice. Thinking twice about it may be a better idea though. Speaking of homosexuality, actor who chose to quit instead of acting homosexual sexual encounter is going to be excoriated by hollyweird. I think he did the right thing. If he doesn't want to kiss a guy, he has the right to not have to do so. The fact that others are telling him he just ruined his own career tells us how much influence in hollyweird the homosexual agenda has. Elsewhere, a CO judge struck down the voter approved BAN ON homosexual "marriage". Then there's the whole Michael Sam and Tony Dungy thing. Why is it only Christians who are targeted for criticism over anything they say? Tony Dungy said nothing wrong. He didn't want a circus following a player of his. So what? If the player was -- instead of homosexual -- two-headed and always had the media around him because of that and Dungy had said the same thing would Dungy have been excoriated because of that? After all, two-headed people are minorities, too. Then consider the differences between how Michael Sam and Tim Tebow are treated. Yeah. There's a big benefit in being homosexual in some circles. Did you know, for instance, that if your competing on an otherwise level playing field in a government contract bid, but the other business in the bidding is owned by a homosexual that the homosexual is probably going to win due to preferences given to minority owned businesses? Yep. Same is true for ethnicity, gender, etc. You're playing against a liberal stacked deck.

July 24, 2014   I agree with Howard Stern on this. Israel has the right to exist and has a right to defend its country. Howard Stern is correct that Israel is our ally; although thevileone is not theirs. Israel is doing what it can to compromise but no matter what they give up, no matter how much land they hand over, they are still criticized for not giving up more. Christians are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we will be blessed if we support Israel. thevileone is doing everything he can to ensure Israel's demise because that's what george soros wants. We all know that supports thevileone with HUGE donations to multiple organizations whose money goes to help thevileone destroy America. With backers like george soros who could help but try to destroy America since both thevileone and soros want to do so? Shared goals and a lot of money lead to hard times for the rest of us.

July 24, 2014   I'm glad I stopped watching TMZ. They are a bunch of foul-mouthed, cooler-than-thou, self-aggrandizing, hollyweird-worshipping sycophants without a brain between them (although I do give Harvey some credit for making money off of every half-ounce of hollyweird stupidity and non-news). I watched TMZ for a while because it was funny and then something happened to the language limits on television and radio and now there seems to be few words barred and TMZ started going for all of the foul language they could use. That's when I said no. That didn't work for me. Stories about a starlet's mocha macchioto? Fine. Something about a star's tennis shoes, or running into a sign? Okay. Start using foul language while focusing in someones private parts? No. Bash Sarah Palin? They're outta' here and never to darken my television again. TMZ? Strike three.

July 24, 2014   Someone else who has reached "Strike Three" status with me: Rand Paul says he disagrees with VOTER ID LAWS. Say what? Voter ID laws will make our elections more honest and help us to prevent fraud! To say that he disagrees with that begs the question is he wanting to use the same tactics that dumborats use in order to steal elections? What is wrong with him? Does he want power so much that he'll allow cheating and kiss the backside of the loudest mouths in order to get the power? If that be the case can ANYONE trust him if he gets that power? Think about who is in office now and the tactics he used to get there. Is that what you want again, but with a different letter after his name? What is wrong with Rand Paul? He wants it too badly, that's what. He's willing to do what it takes, just as the current Red House occupier has done.

July 24, 2014   Hanoi jane sees no irony in calling Murdoch bid "unconscionable". The things she did in Vietnam are what's "unconscionable", not Rupert Murdoch owning Time-Warner. Maybe she's just hating the idea of her ex's property getting in to the hands of a more conservative owner. I don't know. All I do know is that fonda has no right to call anything anyone else does "unconscionable".

July 24, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   NY circuit court overturns taxpayer subsidies. Rush tells us what could happen next and it's possible that this could be really, really good; or it could be no big deal. We'll see what's next since it could wind up with the SCOTUS. Which means justice john roberts would have his hands all over it again. Can we trust him to go with the U.S. Constitution and consider the fact that most of us did NOT WANT this piece of garbage and that the House admitted that they hadn't read it before they passed it? After all, pelosipig got up and said that they had to pass it to know what was in it (paraphrased). Is that going to lead the SCOTUS to take into account "intent"? If so, are they reading hanging chads since they'd have to be imputing intent to those who did not read it and thus had no idea what was in it? OR, is it the fact that they didn't read it that will allow the SCOTUS to assume that it wss the intent of Congress to do so? It can be either way. We may see whether roberts has a spine this time. Did you know that thevileone thinks you're either stuipd or that...

"'Most folks don’t have the time to sort out all the intricacies of Obamacare or Benghazi or this or that'"
So which is it? Do you think that HE has the time? After all, he must go play another round of golf and get ready for another vacation, and have lunch and fundraise with the hollyweird elites, when does HE have the time to understand all of the "intricacies" involved? Think about his words. Is he actually trying to call you stupid? I think so. BTW, notice that thevileone is now referring to it as his named care again? Remember in January of this year when even thevileone stopped calling it by his name? Yeah. Liars turn on the tip of a needle and don't need a dime to turn on. This thing needs to go away. It's fraught with fraud. It may be that insurers are trying to limit HIV patients' access via high co-payments. It's not just HIV/AIDS people being effected, though. An app for deciding who will get cancer treatment is helping oncologists decide who is going to get treatment and gets to live and who won't. Death panels, anyone? BTW, did you know that this thing is SOO BAD that even in Africa they're saying it's a "Signature Achievement of Unaccountable Bureaucracy"! I can't help but smile when I see the truth.

July 24, 2014   hillclintOOn can't admit she was WRONG. She says that the "Russian reset" was a success. That's why they have rebels who support Russia shooting down airplanes full of civilians, right?

July 24, 2014   Illegal Alien Invasion:   jeb bush has lost it. He isn't thinking about how this will inevitably effect your children's futures. He's not thinking about America's future. He's thinking about... What? Progressives all think alike, so I'd say he's thinkinig of how best to destroy America just like thevileone. Have you noticed how marco rubio is changing his tune: depending, of course, on who is listening. There's something else to think of when considering the resulting changes in America's culture that will come about if amnesty is given. For one, our relationship with Israel may change because Hispanics don't necessarily feel the same way about Israel as we do. Illegals are very creative when it comes to crossing our border. What next: ultralights? Now thevileone wants to change "illegal aliens" into "refugees". That's one of his favorite tactics: change what something is called or the meaning of the word that should be associated with that thing (remember when thevileone redefined the following words:

There are others that have been defined as well, but we'll stop there. He is at it again. He can also be blamed for the people who are getting injured as they try to cross our borders. He doesn't care about teh children coming over. He just cares about the damage they can do to our system to help destroy America. These kids are being used as weapons against us and it's our government -- particularly our prezidunce -- who is wielding the weapon. Impeach thevileone. He's lying.

July 24, 2014   Planned Abortionhood says S & M is normal. It's telling teenage girls that it's okay to allow men to HIT them! That's not just wrong, it's immoral, despicable and irrefutably will lead to girls accepting being abused by men. What is wrong with the people who are pushing that crap? Are they mentally fit to be working anywhere, much less in a place girls go when they are especially vulnerable? Come on! Get a grip! Stop the insanity and misogyny that is PP!

July 24, 2014   secondamendment   "Four students robbed at gun point on gun free campus"! Nowadays, when you allow guns in your business, business picks up. That tells you something about what's happening in society. We're allowing violent criminals to enter our country illegally but trying to deny U.S. CITIZENS the right to "keep and bear arms"? "We, The People" aren't going to put up with that! Did you know that this admin is prosecuting more legal gun owners than criminals? Does that tell you anything? Beretta leaves MD because fo their anti-gun laws. It's a smart thing to do. I love that DC's anti-gun folks are "losing their minds". That's excellent. Now, I want one of these, too.

July 24, 2014   The Veteran's Administration has become a death trap for our HEROES. They tell a cancer-stricken vet to "get a job" and refuse any treatment for the vet. Incredible.

July 24, 2014   Riiiiggghhhttt... He's an idiot.

July 24, 2014   Speaking of idiots, the Cheekbone Cherokee's 11 Progressive Commandments are as absurd, un-American and anti-free market as any progressive screed ever written. I honestly don't think she came up with these things on her own. She had some help because she's not smart enough to do this on her own. I mean, come on, if you have someone asserting her "Cherokee-ness" because of her cheekbones even though someone has done the geneaology to prove warren is LYING about being Cherokee. (Remember that, instead of being Cherokee, warren's family persecuted Cherokees. BIG difference.)

July 24, 2014   NAACP shuns CONSERVATIVE blacks. Well, shock. surprise!

July 24, 2014   Hubby's home so I'll stop there. Until next time -- and as long as my phone line doesn't go dead again -- GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 17, 2014: 11:49 p.m.   District 2 Republican Candidate forum Aug. 6, 2014. If you're a Republican who lives in District 2 and want to hear from at least some of the candidates for D2 Commissioner you may want to attend. Why it's not held within D2's borders I have no idea, but that's how they did it. Stay informed. Educate yourself. Become familiar with who is running for every office this November. Do NOT vote blind. Do NOT vote for someone just because they're the fist person listed on the ballot in your party. Do NOT vote for someone because you like their smile, voice, or know their dog. Inform yourself. I'll be doing my investigations into the candidates soon and will post the info I find and publish my endorsements. I do not know if there is a candidate in every area that I can endorse. There may be some offices that don't have anyone good enough to endorse. We'll see. Remember, there are some folks who won by default because no one ran against them. This is not what should happen, but it does happen often. This year alone, there have been EIGHTEEN (18) people who have been "elected" without a single vote being cast for them because no one ran against them. Are they good for the job? Who knows? We didn't get a vote in the matter and I don't think that's right. Maybe we should change the law so that every candidate's name is on the ballot and we'll be able to vote "Yes" or "No" on that candidate filling the position. I think that would be a great option! What thinks you? (Additional note: D4 Candidate page links can be found here. Do your research!)

July 17, 2014   IF this plane was shot down, we've entered a new era. I say "IF" because it has not been confirmed as of my writing this. If the plane was shot down who did it: the government of the Ukraine, separatists, or someone trying to prove something? We have no answers yet. But if the plane was shot down and Russia has a part in it, we've entered a new era: an era of Russia trying to show its world supremacy and trying to show America that we have nothing that will keep them from being a world tyrant. If this be the case, the question becomes have they joined forces with China? With a Russia/China alliance there could be big trouble on the horizon. There will be few ways to prevent a huge kerfuffle. Let us wait on the investigation's conclusions before we think "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!" but it could well be that the future has just gotten a bit darker.

July 17, 2014   Israel is still under attack as Hamas continues to violate ceasefire. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" and you will be blessed. Let us hold Jerusalem and all of Israel in our prayers. Hamas has a history of violence against Israel. We need to keep the safety of Israel and its people in our prayers.

July 17, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   YOUR FLORIDA taxpayer dollars to care for illegals immigrant minors. Yep. They're coming to Florida and YOU will have your taxpayer dollars used to care for them. Isn't that what you want? After all, whatever diseases they have come with them, as do their gang affiliations, their attitudes, their families soon to follow. Without jobs to go to, those families will be staying, eating, shopping, being clothed and housed by YOUR taxpayer dollar, too. Thank thevileone for all he's taking from you to give to them. He is so thoughtful and so considerate of what YOU want to do with YOUR money that he'll take it all from you so that others can dow what they want with YOUR money. He deserves your thanks, don't you think?

July 17, 2014   envirowheel   Australia does U-turn on carbon tax: AXES IT! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! As more and more PROOF comes that the Hamsters LIED about "global warming" and used it to CONTROL us, more people -- Australia seems to have the most right now -- are realizing that if the Hamsters LIED then we don't need to follow the Hamsters' lead regarding how to fight what turned out to be a BIG FAT LIE. It's always good to follow the TRUTH instead of a LIE and "global warming" was ALWAYS A LIE. Yep. The worm turns.

July 17, 2014   Good! Cooler temps are always welcome. If Florida became more like... I don't know... Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, I'd be happy!

July 17, 2014   McDaniel's lawyer says they have enough evidence to launch a challenge! Chris McDaniel (Thad Cochran's opponent) has earned my respect for STANDING UP FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY and not allowing an election to go to the person who cheated to get elected. They've already found so much cheating that they can challenge the election results. Think of what it would mean if this ONE guy who believed in election integrity could actually put the cheater off of the "Winner's Seat" and make it real that the cheater was held acountable for cheating and the cheater paid the price via time in jail, or at elast being fined and his win taken away. Can you imagine how that would energize other candidates to stand their ground when cheating is known to have happened? Imagine if George W. Bush had caved when all those Florida recounts and the hanging chads and the fact that the dumborats didn't want to count military absentee ballots? Yeah. Election integrity is VITAL to our Representative Republic. Let's strive to make our elections honest again. Let's stop giving up the fight to have integrity in our elections. It is VITAL that we return integrity and that we can trust that the results were not cheated into being what they otherwise would not have been.

July 17, 2014   Homosexuals and other variants smaller number than previously assumed. Those self-identifying as homosexual, transexual, bisexual, etc., according to CDC survey, are less than 3% of American population. That's a lot lower than most of us were lead to believe. Rush explains why a lot of us think the number is closer to 20% to 30%. He's right. Now, the World Health Organization is recommending preventative HIV drugs. If you are homosexual and want to have sex, take the HIV/AIDS drugs BEFORE you become sexually active. I don't know that it will help considering how "HIV mutations occur naturally all the time in everyone with HIV", I wonder if a preventative is actually going to do any good. I pray that one day they find a cure. Until then, remember that not having sex is better than dying from having sex. Self-control can save your life.

July 17, 2014   thevileone's admin breaks the law again. Yawn. So what's new?

July 17, 2014   secondamendment   Another HURRAY! House passes bill to return gun rights to D.C. That would be really good for D.C. residents and business owners. In Detroit crime has dropped since the citizens got more gun rights. Haha, anti-gunners. But if you own an AK-47, thevileone is after it. He's disguised it as a move against Putin, but it's as much against our rights as against Putin. thevileone is sneaky that way. There's another lawsuit against this administration over gun rights because they've barred interstate commerce. For instance, if you live in OH, but want to buy a gun that's for sale in MT, you couldn't do it thanks to thevileone. I hope thevileone gets his butt handed to him on a platter in this one. In Cleveland, OH, they're planning an open carry rally to protest new limitations. I wish all states would go open carry for gun owners. The wackos would be much more reticent to do stupid stuff if they looked around and saw twenty-three law abiding armed citizens with guns on their hips. Don't ya' think? BTW, need a good giggle? Rolling Stone's list of dangerous guns will do that for you.

July 17, 2014   Aaaahhhh... public school. Another teacher having sex with her student. Or there's always the drug dealing teacher. Of course, we've seen that a lot. Are all public school teachers bad? No. But considering the atmosphere that allows this kind of conduct, that covers it up, that allows those teachers (in some instances) to remain on the payroll it's something that I would not send any child of mine into.

July 17, 2014   If you plan to go to a theme park soon, STAY CLOSE TO YOUR CHILDREN. I mean, real close. Don't let them go to the bathroom alone. Don't let them sit alone. Don't let them ride a ride alone. Better you than the employees who go where they need to go to be around children. This news should terrify everyone who has gone to a theme park recently. It's disgusting that these men worked there, but without prior convictions there's no way to find out until it's too late. So keep close to your kids while you're in the "Happiest Place On Earth" or the happiest place may become a nightmare.

July 17, 2014   I'll close with that. Until next time, GOD Bless You and See ya'!

July 16, 2014: 9:56 p.m.   Late start today due to other obligations. I'll do just a few blurbs then I'll say goodnight. So let's get started.

July 16, 2014   Let's start with the classy statement of msthevileone. Yeah. She's as classy as a pig in a pen.

July 16, 2014   From one flotus (what does that "f" stand for now?) to one of her predecessors: hillclintOOn charges $2,777 PER MINUTE. She has explicit contract demands, too. Can you imagine Laura Bush doing any of these things? I can't.

July 16, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   This is what thevileone is letting into the country. I think this is something thevileone knew would happen and didn't mind sacrificing American lives to get what he wanted. Remember, this is the situation we'll have with thousands of illegals not just one admitted illegal. At least their $50 MILLION resort is nixed. If they're going to stay here why should they have a better house than those of us paying for their room and board? At least they caught this illegal carrying a gun before he murdered anyone. At least. Question: Would they have still arrested him if the serial number had NOT been filed off? After all, he had no concealed weapons permit and he wasn't a legal citizen, so where was his right to "keep and bear arms" since the Constitution only applies to CITIZENS? Would they still have arrested him with the serial number, or would they have said, "Oh, that's okay. We trust you!"? Of course, the dumborats are supporting all of these illegals crossing. There is a backlash against government plan to put all those children wherever the government wants them. People and whole cities are unhappy with the idea of their cities being exposed to whatever is coming their way with those illegals. I don't blame them. Why the dumborats are supporting all of this wrong-doing I don't know. It's having a really bad backlash for them. Who knows? Maybe this will be the best thing to get the dumborats out of office. Looks to me like they just bit themselves in the collective butts. Of course, so did the "Gang of Eight": including the FOUR republirat Senators who supported this crap. Remember those names. Remember those names and what they helped happen to America: RUBIO, GRAHAM, MCCAIN and FLAKE -- ALL republirats. They helped this happen. They compromised last spring, allowed the logistics to get done during summer and fall of 2013 and then helped make sure that America -- and your children's health and futures -- were put in danger. Remember those names.

July 16, 2014   Teacher/youth pastor accused of having and producing child porn. Perverts will go where they need to go in order to be around children. This guy worked at a Christian school. In Pennsylvania a former music teacher is accused of similar charges. In Virginia, a former teacher is in jail charged with soliciting sex from a teen and having child pornography on his computer. Homeschool your kids, folks. Homeschool your kids.

July 16, 2014   It's not just us. There are weirdos in England, too. Of course, England and I are no buddies, so I'll stop there in my commentary. (Bow and scrape, tug the forelock. Not I.)

July 16, 2014   secondamendment   Anti-gun dumborat gets really ridiculous. Now there's a new anti-gun ad out that is brought to you (at least in part) by msnbc. It concludes with "Lean Forward". You know what happens when you lean forward, don't you? Soap. Prison. Yeah. Not good. Did you know that Kansas banned federal anti-gun laws and an anti-gun group is challenging the KS law? Yep. If you have a GOD-given right that is protected by the U.S. Constitution, there's a leftie out there somewhere who wants to take it away. It's what they do. But at least the judiciary seems to be heading down the right track. They sided with a pro-gun open-carry group in TX. Yeehaw!

July 16, 2014   Illegalities in thevileone's admin? NO WAY! (I hope you've come to recognize sarcasm when you see it.) The law does not apply to this admin. They're the ones MAKING the laws, not ABIDING by them. They're above the laws. Those stinkin' laws are for the little people, those of us in flyover country, not for the high and mighty THEM. They're SPECIAL. They don't have to abide by the same laws as you and I. Heck, there are NO laws they have to obey except the LAW OF EXPEDIENCY: whatever it takes to get done what they want done is what the law is and they can do it. Nothing else matters. That's how they roll.

July 16, 2014   Free Speech: Where is FREE SPEECH on college campuses? In the Japan Times is a good article about that. And Abolitionists 4 Life are suing Boise State University over their "Free Speech Zone" policy, too. It's good to see free speech is important to people. We need to protect our rights. Use them or lose them; stand FOR them or fall UNDER them. That's the way it goes. Ask Nebraska what thevileone is doing to free speech there.

July 16, 2014   It's almost midnight and I've bashed two flotuses, bashed thevileone several times, bashed pedophile teachers, bashed anti-free speechers and anti-gun morons. That's not bad for two hours' work. I'll sign off for now and I'll See ya'!

July 15, 2014: 12:24 p.m.   The lefties can't stand religious freedom for Christians. They're trying to take it away. They support it for Muslims, atheists, New Agers -- anything except Christianity -- and they're introducing bills to prevent Christians from following their own religious beliefs. Isn't that special? I think the lefties are walking a dangerous road and they need to watch out for lightning. Even if the SCOTUS doesn't strike them down... No. That's not a threat. It's reality. GOD has a way of righting wrongs without the help of men. Ask Noah.

July 15, 2014   Another waste of taxpayer dollars. Why do we need to find out if there is life outside of our planet? What are we going to do, cover them under thevileone's healthcareTAX, give them transportation and housing to cross our border and live here to vote for dumborats and make sure that they've got diseases that are contagious before they get here so that we'll have people getting sick from that, too? We've got more important things to do with that money and it's not finding E.T.

July 15, 2014   "Tranquility"? Really? LOL! LOL! LOL! Do you think it would do any good to send thevileone a dictionary with the word marked and highlighted? "Tranquility".... Riiiggggghhhhhhttt...

July 15, 2014   Illegal Immigration:   thevileone's actions "threatens foundation of our Constitutional Republic". But that's what thevileone wants. His goal has always been to destroy America. Remember, thevileone is a Cloward and Piven strategist and his reading was called into question because he was reading the book, "The Post-America World" by Fareed Zakaria:

"Zakaria describes with equal prescience a world in which the United States will no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate geopolitics, or overwhelm cultures."
Note the wording: "dominate", "orchestrate" and "overwhelm"? Yeah. Sounds to me like he's anti-American. Otherwise why use those derogatory words? Why make it sound like America is the puppet master pulling all the strings to keep other countries down? He's painting us as a controller, while in reality if other countries leave us alone and don't bother their neighbor we're historically a non-aggressive, supportive, caring, charitable (more charitable than any other nation on earth, in fact) and most friendly and cooperative nation. Why not use that as part of the blurb? Does it serve a purpose? Oh, yeah. Remember, this is part of the bigger picture. thevileone is out to do everything he can to destroy America and if he has to "lose a few" children from Central American countries, so be it. That's how he rolls. Whatever it takes to destroy America.

July 15, 2014   IRS e-mails were sought by Inspector General, lawsuit reveals. The IRS is still furiously trying to keep their actions -- and who ordered those actions -- a secret, but slowly, slowly it is unraveling. Let us pray that the truth can be found and the appropriate people prosecuted (even thevileone).

July 15, 2014   Say it isn't so! thevileone's supporters turn to the "Cheekbone" Cherokee as their next preziduncial candidate? ReallY? That's pretty desperate. She also hates America so I suppose that those who support her do, too. After all, eight years of thevileone and they go for someone who will continue his policies? How dumb are they?

July 15, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   It has missed its target goal by 50%. It looks like bonehead is going ahead with his lawsuit. It will come to nothing, but he may as well put on the show. He thinks it makes him look like he has a spine. How wrong he is. I'm sick and twisted because I think it's fitting justice for someone who supported this piece of garbage to lose their insurance. After all, if you want to hurt the rest of us why should you also not suffer? But I'm terrible. With insurance rates going up people are getting a rude waking up, but that doesn't prevent thevileone's supporters from "ballyhooing" it all around the globe. If you're on thevileone's healthcareTAX, demand for the HIV drugs is huge and it will grow because the World Health Org. says HIV is on the rise in gay men. That's an expensive drug and to have to treat more HIV/AIDS positive patients is going to cost even more, raising insurance premiums even more. Sounds like it's getting more and more expensive to be on this thing. Did you know that "millions of children" could soon lose their coverage?

"Millions of children could lose coverage, and millions more insured via Medicaid or ObamaCare plans could have an even tougher time finding a doctor."
But I thought thevileone's healthcareTAX was supposed to cover children. What happened to that? In Florida, many doctors won't accept thevileone's healthcareTAX. Even a former D-party precinct chairman has started a website that admits that [thevileone's healthcreTAX] Hurts He's now considered a turn coat by some. The truth will out, though, and I applaud the guy for telling the truth.

July 15, 2014   secondamendment   Cleveland, OH, ordinance could be strictest GUN CONTROL law yet. It would create a registry and prevent anyone from buying more than one gun in three months, and prohibit the manufacture of gun replicas (toys?). The Second Amendment says that "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". What doesn't Cleveland understand about "shall not be infringed"? What's so difficult about that? In the upcoming elections, remember that Gov. Rick Scott has enacted 12 PRO-GUN laws in four years and "Crist being less than supportive as 'critically important bills'" while he was governor. Now Crist is running as a dumborat so he's not going to be PRO-gun as a dumborat. He doesn't dare. So, that leads me to say that I endorse Governor Rick Scott for Governor. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, political party, committee, or gun grabber!) In MO, they're asking their voters to "restate" their 2nd Amendment support. The voters shouldn't have to "restate" that. It's in the U.S. Constitution and they have the right. Period. Remember, lefties don't like you if you like the 2nd Amendment. So don't think that the "kind words" they mutter in your ear while trying to get your vote is the truth. They'll lie as much as needed to get/stay into power. Then they'll betray you as quickly as a wink.

July 15, 2014   Here comes the storm. I'll close for now. Until next time, GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 14, 2014, 2:42 p.m.   Let's start with a local issue, because this makes no sense to me. First they vote against things, then they vote for it. Our BOCC's Dimwitted Double Duo really haven't a clue. This EDC thing just keeps getting more and more involved. Scott Ellis is correct in his assertions and our money IS OUR business (WE ARE the government, remember that!). Now outside organizations are filing legal briefs siding with Ellis in order to help remind the courts that they need to keep the EDC accountable for how they are spending OUR money. It's imperative that the EDC be held accountable because they are doing business on behalf of the COUNTY via negotiating with businesses to come into Brevard and whether they will receive tax breaks or have special allowances for their building permits, etc. If that's not working for the County, then what is? Looking at it in the bigger picture, IMHO, anyone who gets County funds on a regular basis for services rendered -- especially when that's their only chartered raison d'etre -- should have to operate completely and absolutely in the Sunshine! When they don't operate in the Sunshine, people wind up breaking the law and the taxpayers end up footing the bill for their wrongdoing thrice over: the cost of the contracts illegally done, the cost of prosecuting the wrong-doers and their imprisonment if sentenced to prison time. If the EDC is not a public entity, then why are they allowed to do the County's business? If they are not accountable to US, then STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY! Let them find a way to make money without dipping into the taxpayers' pockets!

July 14, 2014   Illegal Immigrants:   thevileone did this. He didn't put a gun to their heads and force them into the river, but the promises his advertisements and false info gave the families of those children may as well have shoved those kids into the water. There's now a ten-fold increase (10x more than usual) granting of asylum requests. He's helping them disappear into the system and you're paying the price of their transportation, housing, food, medical care, dental care, etc., etc., etc. Meanwhile, msthevileone tells Latinos that her hubbybubby will continue his tyranny. He don't need no stinking Congress! He's "Der Leaderschmidt" and he can make his own laws! While the Tyrant-In-Chief does whatever he wants -- on OUR DIME -- his attorney general whines "It's racial" when opposition rises. Yeah. This is the same AG who has a policy within the Do[IN]J to NOT PROSECUTE black on white crime. In other words, those whose skin tone is the same as his get a free pass. That's probably because he's as much of a radical as thevileone. They think that crying "Wolf!" (A.K.A. "Racism!") for every little thing will get them a free pass for whatever they want to do. They can discriminate and yell "Racism!" but it's they who are the racists, but because they scream it first, loud and proud, they are listened to and believed. It's all a crock but they use it as a whip against the rational population of the "Intimidated People of America". That's just how they like it. If they can keep folks intimidated with the call of "Racism!" they can CONTROL you. That's what it's all about.

July 14, 2014   Violent gang recruiting minors in illegal alien shelters. Bring them over here so that they can help kill innocent people? Is that what this is about? Is that going to be good for the children? Is that what thevileone had planned? Or did he give a flip what happens to the children as long as it serves his purpose of breaking the system? Cloward and Piven anyone?

July 14, 2014   Con. Darrell Issa should NOT comply with thevileone's request. If Issa caves, he's no friend of yours or mine!

July 14, 2014   thevileone is so bad that even Chicagoans are mad at him. It's so bad that one man used my line that thevileone "will go down as the worst president ever". Well, duh! I only said that five years ago!

July 14, 2014   Judicial Watch beats the IRS in court. Hurray! Now let's see what happens with the IRS investigation. Let's see if thevileone will be cooperative. My guess? I seriously doubt it.

July 14, 2014   Is this in your future? I think thevileone wants it to be so.

July 14, 2014   Food stamps? Check ebay, Facebook, etc. Fraud is prevalent and thevileone doesn't want to stop it because it helps break the system and that helps destroy America.

July 14, 2014   Is this another of thevileone's buds getting overpaid by $9 MILLION? How much you wanna' bet?

July 14, 2014   Another dumborat displays hypocrisy. They're very good at that. Whatever serves their purpose at the time.

July 14, 2014   Yes, another round of golf and soon another vacation. Must be hard to be so overworked.

July 14, 2014   Malkin takes on "Snotty Bloomberg". LOL! Love it!

July 14, 2014   FDA trying to take more choices out of our pantries. When the government steps in and tells us everything we can and cannot do how is that FREEDOM? Government says "You can't eat coconut oil on your popcorn" and we all order popcorn without coconut oil at the movie theaters. The government says we have to buy low flush toilets and -- voila! -- low flush toilets are all we can buy. Light bulbs not pleasing to their royal hineys? We have to buy CFLs. It's ridiculous and it's not FREEDOM!

July 14, 2014   Don't tax the internet. Read the report from the Heritage Foundation. I think you'll agree. Send your representatives a note telling them to NOT tax the internet and to make the ban permanent. The internet is supposed to be an area of FREEDOM and to start taxing it also leads to CONTROLLING it. Is that what you want?

July 14, 2014   thevileone should be standing WITH Israel, instead of stabbing them in the back. thevileone says he's a Christian but his actions speak louder (MUCH LOUDER) than his words. If he were a Christian he would be supporting Israel instead of stabbing them in the back. He's a cad.

July 14, 2014   Is thevileone "slipping mentally"? Is thevileone's mental stability something we should be worried about? I wouldn't doubt it.

July 14, 2014   A different look at Joan Rivers' comedy. I support Joan Rivers because I support FREE SPEECH, First Amendment protected. I think comedy is supposed to be funny and I think that different people find different things funny. Anyone who doesn't like Rivers taking comedic jabs at the high-mighty-rich-powerful thevileones, that's something they need to deal with via changing the channel instead of trying to silence Rivers. Rivers has the RIGHT to say what she wants. It's FREE SPEECH. If someone wants to say that Rush Limbaugh is gay, or that the Texas Cheerleader who likes to hunt, Kendall Jones, should be hunted down and murdered, the Lefties think that's all okay. But let someone criticize their precious people and it's an all out war on the speaker and free speech.

July 14, 2014   Well, my hubby just got home so I'm going to go. Until next time, GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 14, 2014: 12:52 a.m.   Returned from our time out of town. Had a great time and while we were away I took my Flag Friday picture but didn't link to it because I didn't trust the security of the internet connnection. So, I give you my "Tribute To Our Heroes: On the Beaches" and "Minion Monday: Hank Visits the Aquarium". Yes, Hank went with us. I resume regular updates later today. Until then, See ya'!

July 8, 2014: 7:46 p.m.   No updates to speak of today because I've been getting ready to go out of town for a few days. My hubby and I had to cancel an earlier trip so tomorrow my son will be holding down the fort here and my hubby has put together a trip for us. I say it that way because he is the one who chose where we are going, where to stay, for how long to stay, what to do, made all of the reservations and met my requirements: 1) Not a lot of time in the sun, 2) Bird watching is fine, but we have to do at least one new thing we've never done before, and 3) he was to keep it all a secret from me. He has apparently met those requirements because he has made the reservations, has scheduled three things we've never done (it was going to be four but apparently the company he was trying to do business with on the fourth item was closed for the season) and all I know about it is that we'll still be in Florida and that we leave tomorrow and return Saturday. I also know that we can dress casually for the whole trip. Good. I'm curious about the trip and where we'll be and what we'll be doing, but I am also excited to see what he has come up with. So I've been washing the new clothes we bought yesterday for the trip and I've been doing housework and talking on the phone all day long. It's a family member's birthday and I spent about three hours on the phone with her, and then a friend called and talked for another hour or so. It's been a busy day and it's not over yet, so no updates (except to say that I AGREE!) until Monday, July 13, 2014. Until then, GOD Bless and See ya'!

July 7, 2014: 2:06 p.m.   Wow! That was a fun weekend! We had fireworks going off around our neighborhood from Thursday evening until last night. I think everyone spent some serious dollars on their fireworks this year because they just kept going and going and going! It was great to hear (and see a few) and to know that -- although we have a depressed economy and thevileone is still trying to destroy her -- people are still celebrating America and being American. That's a great thing because it proves we still believe in America and we still celebrate that belief. thevileone cannot take that away from us because we know that he won't be in power forever and we know that we can rebuild and make America great again! Now, on with the blurbs.

July 7, 2014   It's Minion Monday and Hank decides to take up painting. He actualy did a pretty good job.

July 7, 2014   Illegal Aliens   When it comes to finding the truth, have you noticed how Republican lawmakers are being dumborat lawmakers? That's thevileone at work, guys. He knows the dumborats won't tell the truth about what they've seen so they're let in. If the Republicans were let in, they'd tell the truth about what they saw and thevileone's poll numbers would go down even further. thevileone isn't deporting anyone; not even those who came in prior to the January hiring push to escort the current child illegal immigrants. Of course, there are protests breaking out against this invasion of our country that thevileone is orchestrating. But thevileone will bring in riot squads to control U.S. CITIZENS, not to prevent illegals from invading our country. Yeah. thevileone's priorities are straight, aren't they? (*sarcasm*) These illegals are not only coming here without proper immigration papers, but they are bringing tuberculosis scabies and other diseases: some we had already considered "eradicated" in America, but the vileone doesn't care about that. He wants AmeXica and he wants to do everything he can to destroy AmeRica. It's sad that people committed voter fraud to get thevileone elected and now because of that fraud, all of America is suffering. That's what happens when you can't trust that our elections are untampered with. We all suffer from the cheating. How much will our children's and grandchildren's futures be impacted by this influx of illegals and all that it will do to America? Who knows now? We will have to do what we can to get thevileone and his policies out of office in 2016 (if not impeached prior to that) and then overturn everything he has done to destroy us. Let us start praying now for that to happen.

July 7, 2014   thevileone is targeting ordinary citizens to spy on more often than not. Is he watching YOU, me? Who knows. Most of the spying he's doing is illegal, but since when did that matter to thevileone?

July 7, 2014   secondamendment   bloomberg pledges $50 MILLION to help get anti-gun candidates elected this November. Meanwhile, dumborats are putting on their pro-gun face to get re-elected. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) goes unratified by the Senate -- although thevileone SIGNED IT -- and the U.N. is not happy about that. Awwww... too bad. (*sarcasm*) At Virginia Beach University a pro-gun club is NOT allowed. So much for open minds at universities, huh? And let us not forget the oh, so ironic TARGET asking its customers to leave their guns at home. I've never spent a penny at Target because they've given me plenty of reasons to not do so. This is just an additional in a long list of reasons why I'll never spend a penny there (unless, that is, they turn around and like being in America and appreciate the country that gave them their success and the people who shop there are allowed their Constitutional rights). I like that there are a few actors who like the Second Amendment and defend it. That's always a refreshing change of pace from the normal hollyweirdo stupidity. In Washington state and Illinois gun rights are under attack. If those states are not careful people will be moving to TX to get freedom as our Founding Fathers intended it and then where will the nincompoop states be without a tax base? In Chicago, they're blaming "weak" gun laws for the violence over the Fourth of July weekend (11 dead and 60 wounded). Sounds to me like it is a lack of enforcement instead of a lack of laws. It doesn't matter how many laws are on the books if the cops won't enforce them. Look at it this way: If there's a stop sign at the end of your street but no one actually stops there is the stop sign doing any good, or being enforced? No. So post a cop nearby and start enforcing that stop sign and people will start obeying that stop sign. It's easy enough. Same thing with gang shootings in Chicago: start enforcing the existing laws and there will be fewer shootings. The problem is that all the violence allows the authorities and dumborats to have a reason to push for more anti-gun laws and that's the whole point of allowing all of these shootings and deaths. It's not about saving lives to them; it's about their anti-gun agenda. If a few more people die what's that to them?

July 7, 2014   School nutrition groups are now fighting msthevileone's lunch program. They want the children to eat instead of puke.

July 7, 2014   Palestinians (Islamics) bombarding Israel. Israel struck back and now it's looking like it may be a hard row to hoe. Let's watch this and PRAY for ISRAEL's peace and safety. I STAND WITH ISRAEL.

July 7, 2014   Tyical clintOOn.

July 7, 2014   Presbyterians step further away from GOD and His ways. They've gotten so far away from a truly Biblically based religion that they can now be said to be just a new age gathering of like minded liberals who don't believe in the Bible nor in the GOD of the Bible. Presbyterians who want to have a relationship with GOD should find another place to worship because He's not welcome there.

July 7, 2014   I support Joan Rivers and her Free Speech rights. I also think it's hysterical!

July 7, 2014   England has NO Free Speech rights. Preach the gospel on the street? You're shut down or arrested. Say something negative against Islam? You're arrested. It's ridiculous and it's WRONG. Did you know they had a statute against "insults"? Yeah. Freedom is NOT allowed in England and that's what the progressives want in America. Be careful, America. We do NOT want to lose our First Amendment rights.

July 7, 2014   CBO says the federal highway fund is going bust. That's thanks, in part, to vehicles that get better gas mileage -- including the "hybrids" and electric cars. Folks not buying gas means no gas taxes. Awww... too bad.

July 7, 2014   CBO's estimate $15 MILLION for "Foreign Service officers [to] receive additional training on religious freedom". Of course, that's just a piddly amount to them (read the link) but I wonder why they'd teach Foreign Service officers about religious freedoms when we are basically losing ours here in America? Why is it only in foreign countries that theveileon's admin teaches that religious freedom is important? Gives one pause, yes?

July 7, 2014   Did you know about this program? I had no idea it was going on.

"Sadly, on June 24th, the US House passed HR 1281, a bill that nationalizes newborn genetic screening without consent".
Did you know about this? If you have a child the government will take your child's DNA and map your child's genetics and track your child throughout his/her lifetime -- without your knowledge or consent? Did you know about that?

July 7, 2014   Common Crap Core:   NJ votes Thursday whether to at least slow it down. Maybe they'll even trash it altogether. We'll see. It's predicted that next year, WI will have a big battle over it. There are a lot of states already dropping this thing or considering do so:

"[F]our Republican controlled states — Indiana, Louisiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma — to announce that they were dropping them from their public schools. Several other states, including Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio and Missiouri have faced pressure to do the same."
They don't mention that Rhode Island groups are wanting to opt out. Folks, this is part of why Common Crap Core is WRONG for our children. It dumbs them down instead of educating them.

July 7, 2014   I'll close with this today: a parade float draws controversy. Personally, I ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY AGREE WITH IT! Good stuff! Brave folks! Until next time, See ya'!

July 4, 2014: 1:28 a.m.: INDEPENDENCE DAY!   It's Independence Day and I wanted to do my posting for today's "Tribute To Our Heroes 171: Founders' Dream Follow Through". GOD Bless Our Heroes and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

July 3, 2014: 2:47 p.m.   Know-Nothing-Knox insubordinate. Question: Is he filing a legal brief in support of the EDC so that he can hide something he has done, or for some other reason? What is his motivation? After all, the BOCC voted unanimously to order the EDC to turn over records to Scott Ellis (which the EDC, as far as I know, still has not done) and Knox complied with that. Why this and why now?

"'The Commission voted August 20, 2013 to demand all legally permissible documents be turned over,' Infantini said. 'Yet, 11 months later our County Attorney prepares his own agenda item overruling the decision of the County Commissioners and the judge, in an effort to prevent the release of documents. Mr. Knox has not responded to my request as to who initiated this agenda item. He should not be initiating it himself. This is like an act of insubordination - doing the opposite of what you are instructed to do.'"
So what is knox up to? Why is he supporting keeping secrets when Florida -- and Brevard County -- have Sunshine laws? What is he hiding?

July 3, 2014   Unemployment numbers nationwide are NOT good news. In fact, there are 92,120,000 adults not working or even looking for work anymore.

July 3, 2014   You can thank thevileone for your Independence Day celebrations costing more. Thank thevileone also for higher gas prices. It's not just our prices that he's messing up. He's also killing the dollar worldwide. That's future trouble for America. So glad he doesn't get a third term -- at least not legally. With his attitude and his Magic Pen, who knows?

July 3, 2014   Bombs that can be implanted into people but not detected may be our next big security risk at airports and elsewhere. With violence escalating in Israel, Americans becoming jihadis and wanting to go fight for Islam so that the Caliphate can be established, and a Seattle Muslim executing two homosexual men where is anyone stopping Islam? They do have a plan to take over the world. Last month was the worst Islamic violence moth since 9/11 So what is the world doing in response? Who do you trust with your security? Are you ready to stand?

July 3, 2014   Islam is claiming Jesus is Muslim. WRONG! Jesus is no more Muslim than am I. Check out my Compare GOD to Allah chart to see the TRUTH. Jesus is mentioned in the Koran, but in the Bible, the book actually about Jesus Christ, His Life and His followers, Jesus never mentions Islam, nor being an adherant to it. So Islam is lying about Jesus being Muslim.

July 3, 2014   I am going to stop for now. My hubby is home and I just found out an acquaintance died a few days ago. Until next time, have a wonderful Independence Day (I'll do my Flag Friday Tribute To Our Heroes but I don't know about updates) and I'll See ya'!

July 2, 2014: 3:15 p.m.   Didn't do updates yesterday because after my appointment my hubby and I went down to Bass Pro in Palm Bay and bought some stuff, then we went to a few places I had never been before. My hubby belongs to a fishing club and he took me to three of the places where he and his club fishing buddy launch the boat and check in. One of them was very interesting and I want to go back there, so we're thinking of doing that sometime soon. We didn't get back until late and I thought I'd be going to bed quickly because I didn't get much sleep: too bad my brain disagreed. I couldn't really focus enough to do much in the way of updates, but neither could I sleep. So instead I watched videos of one of my favorite groups, the a capella group, Pentatonix! Five very talented young people there, that's a given, but their music just amazes me. They also competed in season three of "The Sing Off", but I didn't watch it while it was actually happening in 2011 because I don't usually watch nbc. I did find it via the group's PTX Official website and I've been addicted to their amazing vocal music ever since. Went to bed about eight this morning, got up at noon. I'm not too big on sleep.

July 2, 2014: 1:14 a.m.   I must do this one NOW: NY court strikes down CYBERBULLYING law in favor of FREE SPEECH! Another court ruling in FAVOR of FREEDOM! Hurray for AMERICA! Hurray for the courts coming back to their senses! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Free Speech RULES!

July 2, 2014   Uh... BK is really doing this? Why?

July 2, 2014   This could have some amazing results if it pans out. GOD provides our every need, and this is definitely a need.

July 2, 2014   thevileone sues a company that is requiring employees to speak in English. thevileone: What's so special about America, and illegals more important than our troops. Yep. That's our prezidunce.

July 2, 2014   Going to Grandma's house this weekend? Be ready to pay more for gas. But that's okay with thevileone. He's all for it. Apparently these numbers will be changing soon enough. Thanks, thevileone! (*sarcasm*)

July 2, 2014   Illegal Immigration:   Woops! thevileone's tyranny is showing again! Threatening doctors to keep quiet or face prosecution for telling the TRUTH about illegal immigrants and the diseases they're bringing into our country is right up thevileone's alley. See, Free Speech - First Amendment protected - is NOT what thevileone wants for others, just for himself. Tyrants want that. He's not a "Constitutional Professor/Scholar" unless it's to know exactly which part of it he's breaking at the moment. He's putting our Border Patrol agents' health at risk, and as the illegal aliens get transported around the country and into OUR area, thevileone's putting YOU at risk, too. Do you really want your child to face the measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues these illegals are bring with them? No? Awww... too bad. thevileone does. Why does part of me believe that this plan was part of a deal between bonehead boehner and thevileone sometime early last year when bonehead was sucking up to thevileone so much? It takes a while to plan the logistics to get all of this done, and then to get the employees in place to carry out the logistical portion. We know this administration advertised for "escorts" for children in JANUARY of this year. So the logistics were planned, the escorts found and then the plan was executed five or so weeks ago. That's suspicious to me. Remember when Marco Rubio was pushing for amensty? He and bonehead were doing this at the same time, and the rest of the "Gang of Eight" crowd have a lot to answer for in this debacle. They supported him in all of this. My question: Did this illegal alien influx get orchestrated last spring between the "Gang of Eight", bonehead boehner and thevileone while they were all pretending to get along and why did they need these illegals to be here? Were the "Gang of Eight" members -- Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-IL), Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY[4]) -- needing them here for some particular reason, and if so, what was that reason? Elections are in November. Just enough time to pass blanket amnesty and immediate citizenship AFTER the PARENTS of these children are given it by thevileone.

"Amnesty advocates have been calling on President Barack Obama to not only stop deportations but also expand the Deferred Action program that he enacted through executive action to also include the parents of the children of illegal immigrants. [my bolding]"
Seems to me that this debacle was a long time in the making and that thevileone had a "Gang" of help and they did it on the sly in the spring of 2013. Anyone have any doubts?

July 2, 2014   Say what? Crazy.

July 2, 2014   envirowheel   Poor, poor polar bears. They won't have anywhere to swim if this keeps up! All kidding aside, a CO judge rejects mine proposal because fo "Climate Change". We don't need PC idiots on the bench. We need people who take emperical evidence into account, instead of the discredited tool of the left's lunacy. If the people want to find out the TRUTH of the "Global Warming/Climate Change" hoax doing a little research and being willing to FIND THE TRUTH and accept it when it is proven fact instead of emotional conjecture, then things will change. Even a government agency is quietly changing their website to make it line up with the TRUE history of the warmest day on record (in the 1930s, not 2012 as it used to say). They've perpetuated the LIE for long enough. thevileone is using it but even if it were true (which it isn't), it would BENEFIT America's farmland, not be bad for us! It's all about CONTROL, folks. They use it to CONTROL YOU and nothing more.

July 2, 2014   Poll: thevileone the worst prezidunce in 70 years. I said he's the "WORST POTUS EVER" back in March 2009. Nice that folks are realizing that I was right five years ago and still am today. (Humble, aren't I?)

July 2, 2014   I'll close with that. My hubby's home and I want to spend some time with him. So, GOD Bless You, one and all. Until next time, See ya'! (Yes, that's still in honor of/pushing Vince to get his website back up and running!)

June 30, 2014:

Pulling NO punches! Way to go, Megyn!

June 30, 2014: 5:18 p.m.   Let's start this glorious day with my Minion Monday: HankVader says, "Frank, I am Your Father!" Can you guess which movie Hank watched this weekend?

June 30, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   SCOTUS sides with Hobby Lobby!!!!! That's what makes it a glorious day! It's another defeat for thevileone! Excellent! Although there are still several bad news items about thevileone's healthcareTAX. For instance, in MA, all patients are being asked new questions. Although, I have been asked those questions before, maybe it's a bit more probing now. Did you know that this thing helped crash the economy? It did. Shock. Surprise. Add to that there is a doctor shortage that is getting worse. I don't mean short docs (5' or below), I mean that there aren't enough doctors because of thevileone's healthcareTAX. They're getting out of "doctoring" because they don't want to deal with this piece of garbagio [sic: a little "Italian" language thrown in there]. Costs for this thing are skyrocketing. Have you subscribed? Is your wallet empty? Are you surprised? The individual mandate is going to be born by just a few while the rest of us ride scott free? I don't think so. thevileone could NEVER let that happen! Every promise he's ever made about someone getting something for free has always resulted in a problem for the person receiving the "free" whatever. Well, that is, unless you count Muslim countries and organizations. They truly do get things free -- FREE TO THEM, but NOT TO US. We pay while they play and kill. Isn't that thevileone's agenda in a nutshell?

June 30, 2014   In another ruling, the SCOTUS did another thing CORRECTLY!!! WoW! Isn't that AMAZING? What's gotten into them: BRAINS?

June 30, 2014   Even after the recent SCOTUS knockdown of thevileone's "Executive Actions" thevileone still vows to use "Executive Orders" all summer long. What he means is "Executive TYRRANY", or "Executive BYPASS OF CONGRESS", or even "Executive RULE". It's not in the Constitution that he can do anything he so desires, but it's in his HEART to IGNORE the U.S. Constitution that he is allegedly a scholar of and to do anything and everything he so desires. He's not a president, he's a prezidunce and he's an acting TYRANT.

June 30, 2014   Illegal Immigration: thevileone "gives up on" immigration reform. Yeah. Right. Okay. Everyone who believes he's giving up on immigration reform (read: AMNESTY and IMMEDIATE CITIZENSHIP WITH VOTING RIGHTS), stand on your head, spit in your left ear while tap dancing on the top ceiling of the Empire State Building from the ground floor lobby. What? No takers?

June 30, 2014   See me smile? It couldn't be a more appropriate poll outcome. It is so very well deserved.

June 30, 2014   Will their "Whistle Blower" status be granted? Or will thevileone make them pay for exposing another of his administration's failings? My bet: thevileone will make them pay one way or another.

June 30, 2014   envirowheel   "Global Warming" just took a quiet hit. July 1936 reinstated as "hottest month on record" and that's just too bad for the Hamsters. A more recent "hottest month" is more conducive to selling the LIE that is "Global Warming". The only way "Global Warming" is happening is if I put my globe next to the oven and turn the oven on a high temperature. Then, maybe, GW is happening. Otherwise, it's a farce. So why NASA is launching a "Global Warming" satellite tomorrow I have no idea. But, waste our money thevileone must, and this is just another way to do so. There are organizations and business that hope to profit from alleged GW and if you look at who is behind the businesses and studies that support the alleged GW, you'll understand why the money gets the results desired: Michael "Doomberg", philanthropist Thomas Steyer, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson fund something and of course it's going to be pro-"Global Warming". (More like "Global WOrming"). Would you expect anything else?

June 30, 2014   msm gives a Commie a grand send-off with mentioning the "Commie" part. What? Did you expect them to tell the TRUTH? Nah.

June 30, 2014   Another dumborat scumbag indicted on child sex charges. When dumborats took away "Right and Wrong" from the American ideal, they did so for their own benefit. They didn't want to face charges like this guy, they just wanted to get away with it. They like the idea of NOT facing prosecution instead of being held accountable. What happens here? Do they teach it at college?

June 30, 2014   Well, DUH!!! bonehead boehner is good at stating the obvious.

June 30, 2014   File Under "Stupid Is..."   If you don't like spiders, don't get close enough to them to light a fire to the stack of clothes one is hiding in. At the very least you can be seriously hurt, or the spider can bite you. At the very most, you can burn down your appartment/house and injure others. If you want to get rid of a spider that you don't want to get close to, do as I do. I get the vacuum cleaner out and use the extension wand and stay away from the spider but suck it right into the vacuum and it never bothers me again. Problem solved without fire.

June 30, 2014   Unveiling Saba Ahmed? I think she was a "plant" at the seminar. But that's just IMHO; maybe she was there "by chance" or because she was truly curious about the seminar. Briggite Gabriel's first observation to her was very revealing, though. As I read the article, I must conclude that she was indeed there by design. To Ms Ahmed, I would ask another question: If there are truly peaceful Muslims, why do they give to their mosques which give money to terrorist organizations like the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, I.S.I.S.[L.], etc.? If someone truly believes in and wants peace they do what they can to prevent terrorist organizations that will ENSURE WAR get NONE of their money. If that means not giving to their mosques or Muslim organizations besides their mosques, then that's what they'll do. Otherwise, they are supporting TERRORISM with their tithes and they're not really anti-war, anti-terrorism, nor PRO-PEACE. Being a "moderate Muslim" can never be a reality as long as they choose to give to terrorism.

June 30, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Bodies of three teens kidnapped in Israel found. I wonder how Saba Ahmed thinks that contributes to the "moderate" portion of Islam? Or how about the bride and groom decapitated by the bride's family? Peace, tolerance and moderation? Boko Haram is still killing people as are ISIS warriors who are destroying Iraq and declaring a "Caliphate". Well, when does the 12th Imam rise from the well? After all, that is what is taught about him. When does that happen?

June 30, 2014   secondamendment   Amen and Amen! Ya' know, I like CO Sheriffs. They're fighting the good fight. College scared: "What if..."

"[U]niversity in Virginia Beach has defended its choice to deny a student's request for a club about the Second Amendment because it might try to change school policy on concealed carry."
Shaking in their Louboutins. Remember three things about the Second Amendment, folks:
     1) It says the right of THE PEOPLE, not THE MILITIA. It says YOU have the RIGHT to "keep and bear", not keep and STORE, not look at, not only if you're serving in the reserves. YOU have the RIGHT to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. YOU.
     2) The left and the U.N. do NOT WANT you to exercise that right. The U.N. is NOT your friend when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. And,
     3) If you DO NOT EXERCISE THAT RIGHT, YOU WILL LOSE IT and then you'll be at the mercy of the government, terrorists, or criminals who want to hurt you, take away your things, or even KILL you and take over your country.

Those are the three truths you need to remember. Now, go out there and get your concealed carry permit and then practice at the range regularly and CARRY your weapon with you. It's YOUR RIGHT and when it comes to RIGHTS, USE IT OR LOSE IT! (That oughtta' get some knickers in a twist!)

June 30, 2014   I'll close for today on that note. Tomorrow I'll be busy until late in the day so I may or may not do an update tomorrow. Part of the decision is when I'll be home and the other part is what the weather is doing. So, until next time, See ya'!

June 27, 2014: 5:56 p.m.   Just in case anyone missed it: Scott Walker, Gov. of IL, was NEVER TARGET OF INVESTIGATION by the Special Prosecutor. The lefties are making it all up.

"'At the time the investigation was halted, Governor Walker was not a target of the investigation. At no time has he been served with a subpoena.'"
So the lefties telling you that Walker was the subject of a Special Prosecutor investigation were all LYING. shock. surprise. Don't progressives ever tire of their "leaders" getting caught LYING and making THEM look bad via association? Guess not since they're not insisting they stop. Shame, isn't it?

June 27, 2014: 3:41 p.m.   Missed yesterday because by the time I got home from lunch with friends and shopping afterward, the storm was upon us and I don't like to turn my computer on during storms with a lot of lightning. I did do a Flag Friday pic early this morning, though and it is "Tribute To Our Heroes 170: Because I Appreciate Your Service". Thank you for your service and for all you -- and your family -- have given for us. I can never say it enough.

June 27, 2014   thevileone is using YOUR taxpayer dollars to PAY Palestinians to KILL Jews. Those payments are on a sliding scale: kill more Jews, get more money. That includes if you kill children. The Palestinians PAY their people to do so and some of that money is given them by thevileone. Never mind that it's AGAINST OUR LAWS for him to do so. Never mind that it's morally WRONG to do so. Never mind that it negates his "Christian" testimony (NO REAL CHRISTIAN would want nor help Jews be slaughtered). This is not just WRONG, it's probably an impeachable offense because he's "giving aid and comfort to our enemies". Palestinians are Islamic terrorists and he's giving them OUR money. Impeach the bass-tart!

June 27, 2014   Judicial Watch requesting IRS email court hearing. They're tired of being jerked around, too. It's time to hold thevileone accountable. It's time to make him start living under the same laws he demands we live under. If we cannot hold him accountable TO US, then he is more than a prezidunce, he has become a dictator/tyrant because he has no accountability. Is that what you want?

June 27, 2014   More Executive Orders (read: TYRANNY) in FAVOR OF illegal immigrants. thevileone is creating the downfall of America, and making it AmeXica in order to get more votes. This is the math they have done to make sure it worked in their favor come November. They had to have a certain number of "new voters" (illegals will be given blanket citizenship with a wave of his Magic Pen, MARK MY WORDS) and the dumborats will sweep to power and then there will be no stopping them. As I told you before, thevileone had a hand in making this massive influx happen and now they're finding proof. BTW, notice in Rush's comments about the bonehead lawsuit that he echoes my June 25 comment about the bonehead lawsuit? How good am I?

June 27, 2014   I want you to know for certain that thevileone does NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS. How do I know that? His actions speak volumes. Include in those actions this amnesty push. Now, our Border Patrol agents are testing positive for some of the diseases that the illegals are bringing with them across the border. If he doesn't care about the Border Patrol and their families, what makes you think thevileone will care about you and your progeny? Add to that the fact that his policies are increasing energy costs as well as the cost of food for our families, healthcare (even thevileone's healthcareTAX), in fact, his policies have crushed our economy. Does that bother him, or any of his sycophants? Nope. America can be ruined as long as they're happy. That's what counts.

June 27, 2014   Remember, Mexico still has :Most Favored Nation" status with America even though their military has crossed our borders and FIRED ON our Border Patrol Agents! IMHO, that alone should break that MFN standard and reduce them to rubble. We should close our southern border, erect fences as high as the eye can see, deport every illgal we find (no matter age, gender, etc.) and we should close them out of our lives. Let Mexico stand, sink or whatever on their own dime.

June 27, 2014   hillclintOOn no longer flavor of the month. (*smirk. giggle.*)

June 27, 2014   thevileone's policies are hurting lefties, too. (*giggle. smirk*) (Turning it around prevents it from being redundant, right?)

June 27, 2014   Malkin nails thevileone again. I love her. She is so spot-on!

June 27, 2014   Mississippi's Republican primary still under a cloud because there were some things happening there that should NOT have been happening. Seperation of Church and State? Nah. Not when it comes to the establishment (read: PROGRESSIVE) republirats getting their kiss-butt candidate re-elected. They did every underhanded thing they could to make sure Cochran "won" (it's not really a VICTORY if you have to CHEAT TO WIN) the primary. They've found OVER 1,000 examples of ILLEGAL VOTES in JUST ONE COUNTY and the republirats are just ho-humming it. Let's hope and pray that McDaniel sticks to his guns and finds enough illegal votes and challenges the Cochran "victory" in court. The Cochran cheated victory can then be overturned and that election will be given back to INTEGRITY. If we cannot TRUST our elections to be done completely on the up and up, then we cannot trust our elections. Without the ability to trust our elections why bother having them? Why not just go with the old feudal system: he who has the ability to kill, destroy and intimidate enough people will be the one who rules? That's what the dumborats and republirats are after: POWER. Why not take it down to the nitty-gritty past way and get it over with instead of persisting with a charage of election integrity? IF McDaniels caves in this I will be severely disappointed. BTW, you can help finance the effort to restore election integrity by donating to help with this investigation into voter fraud and help McDaniel find out how badly the voter fraud was and help him challenge it in court. That's the right thing for him to do: stand up for our election integrity. Caving only feeds the fraud beast. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, candidate, or republirat progressive kiss-butt!)

June 27, 2014   Study: ALL employment growth since 2000 went to immigrants. Americans? Nah. They don't need no stinkin' jobs. Let them go hungry. They have enough already. (*snark*)

June 27, 2014   Another lefty caught in hypocrisy. shock. surprise. He's a progressive dumborat, of course.

June 27, 2014   Internet freedom helps protect American interests. Oh. So that's why handed control of the internet over to someone else. Everything makes sense when looked at in the light of thevileone hating America. It all adds up.

June 27, 2014   thevileone can dish it out but he's such a baby that he sure can't take it. If he were any more of a crybaby he'd have to wear diapers. He's an embarrassment to anyone with an ounce of courage. Can you imagine being in the military and facing death under this ninny's orders? Wipe his nose with his bib, he's crying again.

June 27, 2014   Well, hubby's home and I'm going to go spend time with him. GOD BLESS AMERICA (PLEASE!), and until next time, See ya'!

June 25, 2014: 8:25 p.m.   Late start today because I've got other things happening sometimes. Let's start with some GOOD news for a change. SCOTUS strikes down warrantless cell phone searches AND data tracking. The SCOTUS did something so right that they have temporarilly earned back their caps. I am quite in shock that they've done something right. But they've done a few things right lately. The EPA ruling was half right and they've got other important decisions upcoming. Let's hope john roberts keeps his spine intact.

June 25, 2014   Some of the IRS e-mails have been found. They show that it wasn't just those of us in "fly-over country" who were targeted. They went after at least one GOP Senator, too. Now all we have to do is wait until we can find the e-mails that PROVE that thevileone told the IRS to target TEA Party people and other conservatives. Not that it will make a difference to some because they'll keep kissing his backside anyways. thevileone's buddy is heading the IRS so is it any wonder that this is happening? Someone tell hime the answer is "Yes!"

June 25, 2014   The VA "red flags" some patients for delayed treatment. Isn't that just what we pay them for: to DELAY TREATMENT for our HEROES? Disgusting.

June 25, 2014   thevileone's admin does this.

June 25, 2014   Catching up... After all, in October of 2013 I said the same thing with different words.

June 25, 2014   clintOOns trying to stay popular. Awww... too bad. Let's just say it's not working too well. People are waking up to the truth about them and it's about time!

June 25, 2014   Despicable wass-schultz.

June 25, 2014   envirowheel   thevileone mocks those like me. He's using the environment to help him DESTROY AMERICA. That's the only interest he has in it.

June 25, 2014   bonehead files lawsuit over thevileone's executive orders. Why do I not trust this? Why does this seem like little more than a show and that thevileone will emerge unscathed, untouched and uncaring about what bonehead does.

June 25, 2014   Working on battery power and my battery is running out so I'll close for now. Until late tomorrow (I have a lunch engagement so it'll be after that). Until next time, See ya'!

June 24, 2014: 6:38 p.m.   I'll start with Oh my, oh my, oh my. Got ear plugs?

June 24, 2014   First the Redskins, now the Cleveland Indians. Soon they'll have to remove colors from the crayola box because they're racist. What's next: renaming the colors? No more "black" that crayola is now to be called "Lack of Color"? Get real, folks. Nowhere is there a guarantee against being offended. And since when did we become a nation of WIMPS? Get over it. Grow up. Get a pair. Whatever. Stop being such a baby.

June 24, 2014   Peace and Tolerance: Boko Haram resorts to kidnapping more people. That's how peace does things, ya' know? Kidnapping is sooo peaceful. (*sarcasm*) If that's not peaceful enough, they released a Christian woman then re-arrested her when she tried to leave their country. Sorry. I see no "tolerance" there. Speaking of Islamic extremism, one of thevileone's DH[IN]S advisors says America is an ISLAMIC country. Did you know that thevileone's administration believes that? IF he were a Christian would he be speaking out against that statement RIGHT NOW? After all, they're planning to ATTACK AMERICA again so why would thevileone NOT be speaking out against all this? He's not going to do anything right because he is not interested in doing the right thing. In that link is an opinion piece accusing thevileone of a War Crime via not fulfilling the mission G.W. Bush (43) started. I couldn't agree more. More Muslims AND Americans DIED because of thevileone. He should go to prison for the rest of his life -- and then be buried there when he dies!

June 24, 2014   IRS Chief is a LIAR. He's a defiant, snarky punk who needs tp spend some time in jail for LYING to Congress and maybe that would deflate his artificially puffed up chest. They've already admitted to wrongdoing in one case but they're trying to keep it at one so that they don't have to comply with anything they don't want to. For the "most transparent administration ever" thevileone sure has a lot of opaque. If this is "transparency" I am SOOO GLAD we don't have windshields that are of the same transparency! Even bill maher is tired of thevileone's lies. Other lefties are tired of his lying, too. thevileone doesn't know how to tell the truth. Well, yes he probably does, but he CHOOSES to NOT tell the truth. There's probably NOTHING he WON'T lie about. If asked what his name is he will probably soon enough start saying "Bob Smith" or something similar. If the truth ever passesd his lips, he'd have to get them amputated.

June 24, 2014   What is Mexico's government doing about this? Why are they NOT acting to STOP this? Some of thoe illegals coming into America WENT THROUGH Mexico. Why have they done nothing to prevent it. I thought they were our friends. If they don't help us, how can they be our friends?

June 24, 2014   FL Veteran fighting HOA over American flag in yard. I hate Home Owners' Associations. They're like Nazi organizations to my way of thinking. It's MY property and why should my NEIGHBOR have more say over MY property than I? To me, an HOA should have three duties: Be a "GOOD WILL" ambassador between the local property owners, be a social organization that organizes the local Christmas party and 4th of July picnic, and to be a good draw to encourage others to want to live in the neighborhood. They may also encourage membership in the local PTA so that they can be active in improving the local schools. Otherwise, HOAs should be quiet, leave folks alone and stay the heck out of everyone else's business!

June 24, 2014   This is what thevileone thinks of our HEROES. Our troops are subject to murderers and pervs, and that's just a START! That's how much thevileone is concerned about our veterans. That's another reason I call him "thevileone". He is VILE.

June 24, 2014   I agree with Phil Robertson. I also agree with Mike Rowe. They're both correct. Don't like it, too darn bad.

June 24, 2014   With that little "up your nose", I'll close for the day. Until next time, See ya'!

June 23, 2014: 1:58 p.m.   It's Monday and there's bad news: "Minion Monday: Hank Has the Flu". It's not serious, but he's not feeling well.

June 23, 2014   envirowheel   More "fiddling" with the data means that the Hamsters are LYING again. When they choose to LIE to you, they are trying to CONTROL you. It's not about anything that is allegedly happening. In fact, America has been COOLING for years. (What? Did you expect Hamsters to tell you the TRUTH?)

"NOAA’s US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) has been “adjusting” its record by replacing real temperatures with data “fabricated” by computer models."
Good news is that the scotUS has taken a step in the right direction. No regulations of "green house gas emissions" for thevileone. LOL! Recall, if you will, thevileone's "Executive Order" (AKA Dictator's Rule) about green house gasses? And then there's his rules about heavy trucks and how their fuel standards should be modified. Remember his 2012 EO that limits green house gasses for power plants? Cost of coal going up? That's why. He's such an evil person. Now he's warning about the intensity of hurricanes while we've been experiencing an eight year lull in hurricane frequency and intensity and there's no "Global Warming". It's all about CONTROL. There are scientists who DISAGREE about "Global Warming" being real and they are speaking out. But to those who are in the PC crowd, or the low-information voter crowd, it's something they take as the gospel truth. Must be sad to be so easily led and so stupid. Even the U.S. government is saying that temps are dropping.
"[T]he warm changes have generally been decreasing while cool changes have grown."
If it's gotten to OBVIOUS that even thevileone's administration has to admit that, then it's time for the Hamsters to get off their wheels of "global warming" alarmism and to start living a life without fear. My goodness, it's hard to make a Hamster see reality!

June 23, 2014   Illegals bombarding our borders "will get citizenship" according to bumbling biden. I think it's time for the illegals to STOP being bussed, flown and transported around America to spread them into the RED states and to make the next election a dumborat victory due to illegals voting. Well, not "illegals" anymore after thevileone gives them blanket citizenship with a swipe of his Magic Pen. I betcha' a buck-and-a-half that before thevileone advertised for "escorts" in Jan. 2014 for these chldren he also used our money for the illegals entering now (check the Health & Human Services program, the Department of Homeland Security program, Department of Housing and Urban Development, etc.). Then check the 2013 budget section titled "Investing In Our Future". Then tell me thevileone had nothing to do with this influx of CHILDREN into America. If you believe he had nothing to do with it, I've got some disgronified globulamite crystals to sell you for a really good price!

June 23, 2014   thevileone lets them go and they go elsewhere to get arrested.

June 23, 2014   IRS e-mails still out there. What the IRS is trying to cover up is thevileone's involvement in the targeting of TEA Party folks. The TRUTH will eventually come out. When it does, there will be hades to pay and thevileone will make someone pay hard. It's always the least culpable who pays, in his administration, but someone will be fired, retired early with full benefits, whatever. Will thevileone be held responsible? Nah. Never happen.

June 23, 2014   charlie rangel may have difficulty getting re-elected. I hope his opponent wins; not the dumborat opponent, who could be just as bad. But if his republirat opponent wins, that could be a good thing. I hope it happens.

June 23, 2014   Saddam Hussein DID HAVE WMDs. Now the truth comes out that YES, HE DID HAVE CHEMICAL WEAPONS. But the msm won't tell you the truth about it. Check CBS's report says:

"The news came amid reports that ISIS had seized a major Saddam Hussein-era chemical weapons facility in al-Muthanna, north of Baghdad. Ward notes, however, that it is extremely unlikely ISIS will be able to do anything with the chemical materials left at the facility, which are believed to have been sealed under concrete or rendered unusable by international forces about a decade ago."
They admit that there WAS a chemical weapons manufacturing facility, but they won't admit that Saddam Hussein actually MANUFACTURED chemical weapons with the facility. They don't answer the obvious question of why he would have a chemical weapons facility if not to USE it to make chemical weapons, they just say it's "extremely unlikely" anything could be done with the leftovers. I'd also like to know what those folks in the State Dept. who said Hussein had - and USED - chemical weapons and how they feel about the msm and lefties who said that the war in Iraq was "based on politics" and not on real information? Then will people remember that thevileone also said Syria had not used chemical weapons? Don't those State Dept. employees who made the assertion all those years ago that Saddam Hussein DID INDEED HAVE CHEMICAL WEAPONS deserve an apology from the msm and this administration - and hillclintOOn - and a few others? It wasn't just George W. Bush who got lambasted for the assertion, it was their reports, their intel that was called into question. Where is the apology TO THEM?

June 23, 2014   thevileone goes un-swooned over. I bet he hated that. poor baby.

June 23, 2014   The DEATH and JOB LOSS prezidunce. That's how thevileone should now be viewed.

June 23, 2014   thevileone PROVES, yet again, he is NOT a Christian. YOU NEED TO READ THAT ARTICLE.

June 23, 2014   Insurgents threaten Israel. I STAND WITH ISRAEL. If the insurgents attack Israel, Israel has the DUTY to defend itself and its people. If Israel decides to drop a MOAB on them, that's fine with me. They have the RIGHT and DUTY to defend themselves, to fight back, to do what they need to do to repel the aggressors. I STAND WITH ISRAEL!

June 23, 2014   And here comes the afternoon storm. I shall close for now. BTW, I didn't get to go to do the bird watching we wanted to do on Friday, but we did go down for a day trip on Saturday. We went to Juno Dunes Park in search of a rare sighting of a Bananaquit that was spotted there. Never saw him, but we then headed to the Okeechobee Lake area and looked around there (nothing new and wonderful there). It was a long ride -- a lot of it in the rain -- and we didn't get home until just before midnight. Spending time with my hubby is always good, but riding for that long in the pouring rain was not. Until next time, See ya'!

June 20, 2014: 3:06 a.m.   I wanted to let you know that I won't be doing much of an update today because I'll do a few links here and then nothing until Minion Monday. My hubby and I are going out of town this weekend; maybe until Sunday, definitely Friday and Saturday. We'll see how it goes. So, I'll post my "Tribute To Our Heroes 169: Honoring" Flag Friday pic in memory of those who have served. Then I'll let you know (if you didn't already) that Justina Pelletier FINALLY gets to go HOME! That's SUCH GOOD NEWS! And, finally, harry reid says his side "doesn't have any billionaires". Uh, if you scroll down a bit here, you'll see 167 names of dumborat billionaires. Proves once again that harry reid is losing it. Anyways, that's the stuff I wanted you to see. Until next time (Monday), See ya'!

June 19, 2014: 8:51 a.m.   Gay gene? Not really. The researcher himself uses terms like,

"'When people say there's a gay gene, it's an oversimplification,' Sanders said. 'There's more than one gene, and genetics is not the whole story. Whatever gene contributes to sexual orientation, you can think of it as much as contributing to heterosexuality as much as you can think of it contributing to homosexuality. It contributes to a variation in the trait.' [my bolding]"
He also uses terms like, "influenced by" (as opposed to determines), "affected" (as opposed to "caused"), "some impact" (as opposed to "decided"), "played a role in" (as opposed to "ensured"), "contribute to" (instead of "made"). The announcement also included the following:
"The gene or genes in the Xq28 region that influence sexual orientation have a limited and variable impact. Not all of the gay men in Bailey's study inherited the same Xq28 region. The genes were neither sufficient, nor necessary, to make any of the men gay. [my bolding]"
and the truth of their fears is revealed in this sentence:
"The flawed thinking behind a genetic test for sexual orientation is clear from studies of twins, which show that the identical twin of a gay man, who carries an exact replica of his brother's DNA, is more likely to be straight than gay. [my bolding]"
They're worried about a genetic test that would allow for testing while the baby is in the womb and the gay children being aborted (although, for liberals I thought abortion was a good thing; why not in this instance?). Read the article. That's what they fear. They CANNOT PROVE that homosexuality is CAUSED BY GENETICS. They cannot. But they WANT TO IMPLY that homosexuality is caused by genes so that they don't have to say that -- like lying, pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations, stealing, murder, etc. -- homosexual sexual activity is a sin. Being TEMPTED to have homosexual sexual activity is NOT a sin: that's the "I feel homosexual" part of it. It's not the FEELING that's a sin. It's what you do in your brain in that regard, and what you do with your body that are sins. You can't always help/prevent your feelings: you CAN ALWAYS take responsibility for and determine what ACTIONS you do. If you participate in homosexual sexual activities, that is sin. Being tempted to do so is from satan and you can't always help that the thought entered your mind. What you should do is decide that you will not DWELL there. As the old saying goes, you can't prevent a bird from flying over your head, but you can prevent him from landing and building a nest there and staying for the summer! Think of it like this: Is there something you saw in a movie that scared, depressed, or grossed you out that you -- by an act of your will -- have decided to NOT think of or bring to mind of your own volition? Same thing with homosexual thoughts. You can CHOOSE to not let those thoughts dwell in your mind, and you can CHOOSE to not participate in homosexual sexual activity. It's your BODY and YOU CONTROL IT. Choose to NOT participate. CHOOSE to stay chaste, or better yet, ask GOD to help you deal with the temptation and to take away all of the sexual temptation that is being thrown at you. He LOVES you and He will help. There is NO GENETIC DETERMINER for homosexuality. GOD made our genes and we are a reflection of Him and He does not CREATE sin. He LOVES you and would never create you as an abomination. You are NOT an abomination: YOU are GOD'S BELOVED. HE LOVES YOU. Accept His LOVE and accept His help.

June 19, 2014   thevileone does what it takes to hide the TRUTH. IRS e-mails "lost" and hard drives "destroyed"? How convenient. Is there not ONE HONEST person within this administration who will do the RIGHT thing? Not if thevileone and eric withholder had anything to do with their hiring.

June 19, 2014   Propagandist for jihad terrorists: Southern Poverty Law Center. Shock. Surprise.

June 19, 2014   bowe bergdahl is a traitor. He shouldn't be here in America. He should be at Gitmo. Well, on second thought he should be here in Leavenworth. Gitmo's too good for him.

June 19, 2014   America now the 101st "most peaceful" nation. Excuse me? We were attacked by terrorists and fought back. That's bad? And we have a prezidunce who was prematurely awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (in his case it should have been the "Nobel 'PIECE' Prize" because he is a piece of work, isn't he?) and who proves that he doesn't know the meaning of the word. Peace to him is a gimmick. It's a "Hope" of "Change" that he no more wants to deliver on than he wants to leave the Red House when he's supposed to in 2016.

June 19, 2014   thevileone has decided he doesn't need Congress's permission or even to inform them about his decision on Iraq. He's the prezidunce and he doesn't need anyone's permission. He's the Dictator-In-Chief and he doesn't have to have anyone's approval! That's what he thinks, but that's not the law. Law-shmaw. He doesn't have to abide by that.

June 19, 2014   hillclintOOn's choices were ALL BAD. But will her book admit that? No. She's got no sense of what she has done and the question becomes do we want ANOTHER prezidunce who has no clue? I don't.

June 19, 2014   Touchè! hillclintOOn asked to sign her book to "Chris Stevens" and asked, "What difference does it make?" when she balked. Kudos to Matt for having the chutzpah to do it! Watch the video. It's good!

June 19, 2014   Nielsen ratings tampered with? Woopsie. That's why I don't listen to Nielsen ratings, polls, etc. I trust GOD and my own instincts. Oh, and sometimes I trust my hubby's instincts (*wink*). Since when should we worry about ratings, anyways? Ratings are a measurement of how many people are watching/listening, "sheeple". But I go my own way and if I like something/someone -- whether or not it is/they are "popular" -- I listen to them or watch them. I don't go along with the crowd. For instance, there's not a single sitcom I watch on any of the big networks. I couldn't even tell you 99% of the names of the sitcoms. I know there's one called "Big Bang" something, but that's because someone I know mentioned it. Personally, I started watching the commercials for the show (I've never seen the actual show) and I think it's probably one of the dumbest shows on earth if the commercials are accurate. I hear it's pretty popular though. Why, heaven knows.

June 19, 2014   Portecting American interests in having Freedom on the Internet. You need to read this and know what's happening.

June 19, 2014   Marine tries to convince V.A. that he's NOT DEAD. If the V.A.'s not messing up our vets' healthcare, they're messing up their deaths. Is there ANYTHING this administration CANNOT SCREW UP?

June 19, 2014   Is your thyroid healthy? If you have symptoms of thyroid problems, read "Thyroid Healthy" and find out how to help yourself.

June 19, 2014   Al Jazeera shutting down... in Egypt. In America, it's still here. Tells us which is more gullible to its propaganda, yes?

June 19, 2014   Well, I guess I'll stop here for now. Until next time, See ya'!

June 18, 2014: 3:43 p.m.   enviorwheel   algore doubles triples down. The problem is, the stuff he says may not be accurately reflecting the TRUTH of what is happening regarding energy. He doesn't tell you that it's the policies of the EU countries that are having the negative impact on energy companies:

"Mr Birol said the EU will lose a quarter of its electricity over the next decade as old power stations are shut down, cutting 150 gigawatts of supply. Yet the deformed structure of EU energy pricing has left utilities in such deep crisis that they cannot finance new projects. 'Wholesale power prices are 20pc [percent] below recovery costs so there is no appetite to invest. Europe needs to look at the design of its energy market very closely,' he said."
The problem is that the EU is believing the Hamsterism of the left:
"While coal is abundant, it is the dirtiest fuel without carbon capture and storage (CCS), a technology yet to flourish. The IEA said failure to wean the world off coal would make it impossible to meet CO2 targets and hold global warming to a rise of two degrees Celsius by 2100."
If they continue down the path they are currently on, their countries will not only be bankrupt, their countries will be downgraded to third world countries in order to "save the environment". They like solar panels, but solar panels produce their own problems and those problems are not taken into account when solar panels are being pushed as the world's saviors. Then there's the rest of the bad news about "alternative" energy sources: how they hurt other parts of the "environment". For instance, wind farms are killing birds, and solar panels are killing birds and other animals. So we save the planet to have it bereft of animals? On what, then do people live? Oh! That's the goal. We all go VEGAN. What the solar enthusiasts don't tell you is that manufacturing solar panels includes the use of TOXIC CHEMICALS and that means POLLUTION and damage to their beloved environment:
"[I]n the future, we’ll also eventually need cheaper, non-toxic, and abundant solar materials to help make solar panels an even more important power source. [my bolding]"
Isn't that special? They say they're all for "Green" this and "Green" that, but PUSH a TOXIC process to go GREEN! Hypocrisy, anyone? (BTW, "global warming"? REALLY?)

June 18, 2014   thevileone has the patent office steal SIX trademarks. It opens up the Washington Redskins® trademarks to the use of anyone who wishes to use it. I hope the Redskins owner sues thevileone for everything they can get. thevileone did something absolutely and totally UNconstitutional and he should be held accountable. It's not something that every Native American has a problem with. In fact, some support the Redskins name. Just ask yourself this: If the Redskins football team has to change their name, how about Sioux Falls, ND; Cherokee, WY, etc.? There is a whole list of places that would need to change their names. And that's just the start! How about the schools that use Native American mascots, etc.? I went to a school whose mascot was a Native American "Indian" and I know of a junior high who had a mascot that was a "Brave". Is that going to have to change? How many high schools have that kind of mascot? Even here in FL, we have the Florida State Seminoles and there are other colleges with similarly named mascots. Will all of them have to change their names? How about those who are NOT "Native American" names, just other names that could be one day considered "offensive"? Names like the local restaurant, "The Black Tulip": Is that an offensive name because it has the word "black" in it? Or how about "China Garden" is that offensive? Or maybe we should just bar names of THINGS altogether so that there could no longer be an "American Airlines" or an "Italian Fisherman", or maybe the whole of the naming process should just be banned? Maybe instead of having a United States of America, England, France, Mexico, we should just use "Country A", "Country B" designations or "Country #1", "Country #2" designations? But then who decides who is "#1" and is that discriminatory? I mean, after all, who would want to live in "Country #2" with its associated potty humor? How far shall we push this nonsense? How "sensitive" do we have to be to ensure NO ONE is EVER "offended" by anything? The U.S. Constitution, if you read it, never says anything about anyone having the right to NOT BE OFFENDED. Nor does the Bill of Rights say anything about anyone not being offended when it comes to their feelings hurt. If the law must take into consideration everyone's feelings we shall NEVER have FREEDOM AGAIN! Let's stop this baby-sitting and start being FREE AGAIN, using our LANGUAGE as a means to use the words available to communicate properly and ignore the snivellers out there and get on with adult conversations!

June 18, 2014   Our veterans deserve better than this. The VA is so full of people who hate the military that they are doing everything they can to ensure the death of our veterans. If that's how this administration "helps" our veterans, who needs them? Then take into account that thevileone is treating illegal aliens BETTER than our heroes and you add insult to injury and it's mud kicked into the faces of our veterans, and done so intentionally by this administration. That's despicable.

June 18, 2014   Unfortunately, this will never happen. At least, it won't happen unless and until thevileone upsets enough dumborats in the House and Senate to provoke them to act because republirats are certainly too cowardly to do so!

June 18, 2014   Insert comment here.

June 18, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   It's already costing us BILLIONS and some facilities and orgs are no longer accepting patients because of this piece of crud. As those who accept thevileone's healthcareTAX program, their advertising costs are going to be passed on to YOU, either as a patient, or as a taxpayer, or both. What's the TRUE COST of this thing per state? Check out the map in the link and your eyeballs will bug out.

"While most states are experiencing very significant increases to their citizens’ average premium payments, nine states face astonishing average increases of more than 80 percent!"
Can you say, "Ouch!"? You know, thevileone's healthcareTAX has NEVER BEEN ABOUT BETTER HEALTH CARE! It has ALWAYS been about giving money to his supporters and about bankrupting America. That's the goal! Destroying America has always been what it's about. thevileone cares not a whit for anyone besides himself (witness the vacations he takes while Muslims take over Baghdad again, the economy tanks, Russia invades the Ukraine, the "government shutdown" was going on and last, but certainly not least, in Jan. of this year folks tried to figure out if they had healthcare coverage. Admit it. If he gave a crap about anyone but himself would any of those vacations happened?

June 18, 2014   Border-schmorder: thevileone handing over child illegals to illegal family members already here. So if they can find the illegals who are already here in order to give them custody of one of their minor relatives who recently came over unaccompanied by an adult relative, why couldn't thevileone have found that relative PRIOR to the child coming here and deported the relative before the "Ariel Air Lift" ever happened? Should "Ariel" be given a free pass because she made it half an inch into our country prior to being picked up by thevileone's folks and transporting her to NYC, for instance, or any number of other places YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS are being used to send her? Come on, America! Wake up!

June 18, 2014   thevileone is now going for our oceans. He must CONTROL EVERYTHING! If he can't control it now, he'll find a way later!! Bwaahahahahahahahahahahaaa! He's rotten to the core.

June 18, 2014   Is there NOTHING thevileone WON'T use to SPY on YOU?! Now it's the Postal Service! For Pete's Sake! Why does he want all of this info? My guess: so that he can detect those of us who are going to stand in oppostion to his dictatorship and he can silence us before we being to oppose him. He will take another term in office if only for the reason that he knows it's not supposed to happen and the RULES do NOT apply to HIM! He shall be god! (At least in his own pea brain.)

June 18, 2014   Aaaaahhhh... public schools. Blocking Conservative websites? Hey, Communists do stuff like that, why not the public schools? And if they're not censuring the student's research, there's always a chair to hit students with. Hey, whatever's handy, right? (*sarcasm*) Or they can get on Facebook and use the N-word. Remember, special needs students are not immune to being targets of bad teachers. Or, they could just be using your kids for kiddie porn. That's not a problem, now is it? (*sarcasm*)

June 18, 2014   I'll close on that. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and until next time, See ya'!

June 17, 2014: 3:01 p.m.   thevileone CREATES AMEXICA. Another way to make sure he can stay in power and continue his destruction of AmeRica. You do realize, don't you, that YOU are paying for them to find a way to STAY here? They're secretly using U.S. military bases to house these folks: including Ft. Hood of Nidal Hassan's terrorist attack (insult to injury). All the while, they are bringing in diseases and violent gang members. Of course, all the lefties are LYING about what they're doing. Don't forget: YOU will wind up paying the price for all of this: you, your children and their children. It's going to be tax increase after tax increase, more and more regulations to abide by and the things that are give to those who are here ILLEGALLY will be not given to you. They'll have special privileges because the government -- the one YOU are paying for -- will be giving them the things they don't earn by the sweat of their brows, but have via the sweat of YOURS.

June 17, 2014: 4:20 p.m.   Help Nebraska tornado victims. Be sure to use the drop down menu to choose "Disaster Relief".

June 17, 2014   IRS:   More LIES: We LOST them. and computer experts are saying "Didn't happen". It didn't happen because there are back-ups of the back-ups of the back-ups. Redundancy is the requirement of the government and of most businesses. To say that all of those back-ups lost the SAME e-mails at the SAME time from the SAME people is like asking us to believe that the earth's shape is a star instead of a sphere. Look in the mirror and see what eye color is looking back at you then deny it and say it's pink with purple polkadots. Convince yourself of it because it's just as easy to believe as it is to believe that the IRS e-mails were all lost.

June 17, 2014   Price of food skyrocketing. Are you a meat-eater? I am. I know my money isn't going as far as it used to. Let's not forget that there was a harsh winter and other situations that made the price of wheat increase. That makes the price of bread, cereals, etc., go up. The cost of produce is going Up, UP, UP! Let us not forget that thevileone's policies add to increased food prices (supply and demand) and to the cost of cooking your food. You have a LOT to thank thevileone for. Not only has he made sure you pay more for food, but then he's making sure you pay for the food of illegal aliens, as well. Isn't that special?

June 17, 2014   El-KaBOMB! hillclintOOn book bombs! Aawwwww... too bad. (*sarcasm*) Is she losing her appeal? Is she losing her destiny to rule? Is she losing her fan base? Yes. Yes. Yes! There are reasons some think she won't run, but she's got a HUGE ego, and they seem to forget that. I think it's possible that she will try it on. She'll start a campaign, but she won't get far enough to stay at it. People realize that there is a difference between thevileone and hillclintOOn, but there's not a big enough difference for them to want hillclintOOn. Don't forget, she'll slam the "rich" but she's RICH, too, no matter how much she tries to hide it. She's as big a LIAR as her hubby and thevileone, so why go from one LIAR to another? Why go from evil to evil? Do we want someone in the office who will treat others like this? I don't. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or LYING ex-FLOTUS.)

June 17, 2014   House budget cuts IRS and halts enforcement of thevileone's healthcareTAX. Will that make a hill of beans' worth of difference in either case? I seriously doubt it. Remember, thevileone still has his "Magic Pen" and the rules don't apply to him.

June 17, 2014   Gas to hit SIX YEAR HIGH. Can you afford to pay more? You're paying more for everything else, includiing "tranny grannies", so why not more for gas? After all, he doesn't have to pay for gas right now (WE BUY IT FOR HIM), so why should he care what YOU pay?

June 17, 2014   So convenient, this capture. When the polls go so low, he has to do something to make his polls go up. Rush is right, the suspect will do that; AFTER he is COACHED by this administraiton to do it.

June 17, 2014   They want to aim at the USA next. If they do, I'll be the first to shoot back.

June 17, 2014   GM recalls total MORE than cars SOLD in the last FIVE YEARS! Ouch.

June 17, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Remember: we DO NOT NEED jeb bush. Even homeschoolers know it's a HORRIBLE thing. Politicians are running on opposition to this crud. I don't blame them; as long as they're actually opposed to the whole thing, instead of just using it as a foot in the door. The count of bills against it is up to 340. That's a lot of paper, talk and taxpayer dollars to pay for it all. Why not just listen to the people in the first place? Why not just do what the constituency wants you to? Isn't that what our REPRESENTATIVES are supposed to do: REPRESENT US, instead of run us over with what will benefit THEM? There's a difference between REPRESENTATION and TYRRANY. Let us not forget which is which.

June 17, 2014   Residents of Jersey Shore town should tell gov to take a flying leap.

June 17, 2014   secondamendent   U.N. holding "gun conference". I betcha' if they want to take our guns thevileone will say a resounding "Yes!" Meanwhile, the scotUS rules against gun rights; again. Ever see a dumbocrat apologize foe a gun control law he signed? Miracles happen.

June 17, 2014   I think I'll close with that for now. Until next time, have a great evening and, See ya'!

June 16, 2014: 10:00 p.m.   Well, busy, busy day today. Got up and went to my dental appointment, then to run errands with my hubby, who came home early because he has the water pump out of his vehicle and was using mine. After errands we went birdwatching until almost 8:00 p.m. because for Father's Day my hubby got a new, more powerful lens for his camera! Then we stopped at the grocery store and inally sat down at my computer and -- finally -- our telephone lines have been fixed by the phone company and we had internet service since it went out about twenty-seven hours ago. As far as I know, I couldn't have done updates sooner if I'd tried. So, I'll just give you my "Minion Monday: Hank Makes a Father's Day Gift". I'll look around a little and see if I want to post anything else, but right now, that's all that's scheduled. Until next time, See ya'!

June 16, 2014: 10:28 p.m.   Okay. I gotta' comment on the Pope's hypocrisy -- again. He wants the "rich" and bankers to get some "ethics"? Pot calling the kettle?

Can you see ANY HYPOCRISY there? I see a LOT! Sorry, but I had to comment on the Pope's words and attitudes. Sounds a lot like thevileone's to me.

June 14, 2014: 12:55 a.m.   hillclintOOn "dead broke"? When they left the White House in 2000 they claimed $150,796 in DEDUCTIONS! Dead broke? I would love to be that dead broke!

June 13, 2014: 1:01 p.m.   "Tribute To Our Heroes: America: Tattered, Torn" is my Flag Friday Tribute To Our Heroes this week. I hope you'll read it, pass it on and think about it.

June 13, 2014   That's rich.   thevileone says that Iraq must include everyone in their governmental decisions. Uh, maybe he should take his own advice? Maybe he should listen to the Conservatives and not just the progressives/liberals/Marxists? Maybe he should consider OUR point of view, thoughts, ideals, plans, finances instead of ignoring not just the U.S. Constitution, but also the laws that have been written since then (sometimes even his own laws -- thevileone's healthcareTAX)? Maybe he should consider US instead of just how much he hates America and how much he wants to destroy us. What thinks you?

June 13, 2014   Eeeeeewwwwwwwwe..... Get it?

June 13, 2014   thevileone surrounds himself with evil people. He especially likes women who break the law so he can throw them under the bus later. He likes throwing women under the bus. Remember how he did so with Sebelius, Lerner, et al? Yeah. He's a misogynist. But he's just fine with men who break the law, too. He doesn't throw them under the bus as often, but he will do so if it's convenient to him.

June 13, 2014   JW still trying to get to the TRUTH about BENGHAZI. I wish them luck. Getting ANY TRUTH from thevileone's administration is like pulling an elephant's tusks without anesthesia. He lies about EVERYTHING and he LIES BIG and all the time. Wasn't that what we wanted in a prezidunce? No? Well, that's what happens when we allow our voting process to be corrupted by cheating.

June 13, 2014   Border Patrol beomes Babysitter Patrol.

June 13, 2014   thevileone preps for "mass civil unrest". He asks universities to study how the MILITARY should best respond. Will they fire on Americans? Start NOW talking to every military member you know, befriending them, making them know that YOU and your friends and family are not THEIR enemies. Remind them that in firing on fellow Americans, they are obeying an ILLEGAL order and that they are betraying America because "WE, THE PEOPLE" ARE the government, not thevileone. Remind them that WE are their bosses, NOT thevileone. Remind them that WE pay them, not thevileone. Remind them that in firing upon US, they're firing upon their family, friends and loved ones as well as the country's future. thevilone is NOT America's future, he is its demise. Remind them of this NOW and let US prepare them for what could someday become "mass civil unrest" -- ESPECIALLY, if thevileone refuses to leave office in 2017.

June 13, 2014   bumbler did it again. He's a barrel of laughs, isn't he? Too bad they're all nervous twitters.

June 13, 2014   Ask yourself why google is collecting so much of your data and what they're going to do with it? Ask yourself why they want so much info on you and how they could use it against you in the future. It's difficult to even want to keep ANY google products. I have two: a tablet I bought four or more years ago and a cell phone. I'm considering dumping both because of crap like this.

June 13, 2014   Thanks to Gov. Scott and our legislators Florida is going even more PRO-LIFE! HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! Babies should not be murdered for the convenience of the mom. It's not right and it's not fair. Killing a baby is WRONG, not matter what. Even in cases of rape, killing the baby punishes the BABY for something the baby had nothing to do with. The baby didn't rape his/her mom so why kill the baby? The baby can be given up for adoption but don't kill the child for something the child did NOT do. Good for FLORIDA for protecting the innocent!

June 13, 2014   bowe bergdahl is back in America. We know he is a deserter and why he deserted and that he declared against America, so why is he not returning to America in handcuffs, going straight to PRISON and awaiting a military tribunal to face court martial and spending the rest of his life in Leavenworth? Why is he being treated so sweetly? Where is the JUSTICE to those who DIED looking for his deserter's backside? Why isn't he under guard and shackled?

June 13, 2014   Who is sabotaging our power plants and why are they doing so? It's not going to take an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) like the tiny tyrant wants to use. Take out 750 power plants of the 3,000+ we have and the grid will be overtaxed and shut itself down. Doing practice steps like this attack will teach them how to do it and the orchestrated attack will accomplish what they want. Question: See stepped up protection around power plants? No? Why not?

June 13, 2014   Another second passes and another lie passes through thevileone's lips. This time he's joined by the "Cheekbone Cherokee", elizabeth warren (another grand liar).

June 13, 2014   thevileone's TRIBUTE TO OUR TROOPS:   He's using military bases as dumpging grounds for illegals. The VA sacrificed our vets for SOLAR PANELS. So very caring. He's considering sending them to yet another war. (Nobel Peace Prize winner?) Let's not forget that he traded a TRAITOR for TERRORISTS, ignoring the fact that that TRAITOR cost at least SIX American soldiers' lives. Yeah. He cares. (*sarcasm*)

June 13, 2014   Tragic jail death of mother of seven makes me think that instead of jailing a parent for their children's truancy, why not just hold the children back until they actually attend school in a satisfactory basis to be able to achieve the education needed to graduate and actually become a contributing member of society? Don't let a child graduate while still illiterate and incapable of doing basic math skills. I've seen people working at fast food joints who have no clue what to do without the cash register telling them what change to give. If I give someone $7.03 for a $6.78 bill, they look at me as though I'm from Mars, instead of just handing me back a quarter. It's so astonishing to see how many people don't know how to do that sort of math. Don't even get me started on their inability to read and comprehend what they're reading. If a child is incapable of doing the basics of reading, writing (legibly and well; proper grammar and punctuation included) and arithematic, then keep the child in school until they're thirty if necessary to teach them those basic skills. But after they're twenty-one make them start paying tuition. Also, if they don't attend school after age fifteen put them in jail instead of their parents. That may open a few eyes, too.

June 13, 2014   hillclintOOn is a coward and won't answer questions. She got a few that were too tough for her recently and now she is just saying "No!" What a coward. Want another coward for prezidunce? I don't.

June 13, 2014   Dangerous gang members may be crossing border with the flood of children. I would lay even money on that one. They're opportunists and this is a golden opportunity given to them by thevileone. I'll bet you one more thing. I'll bet you that if the TRUTH ever comes out about this massive illegal immigration thing it will be PROVEN that thevileone and his administration were responsible for it happening, for the advertising that is going on in Central and South America and that they intended it to happen so that all those illegals will be given OUR taxpayer dollars to be able to live here until they can be given blanket citizenship and immediately gain LEGAL VOTER STATUS and they can vote this November and in 2016 for thevileone to stay in office. He will continue his own version of the Mariel Boatlift until just prior to the 2016 election and he'll give them blanket citizenship and voting rights. Boom. Third term.

June 13, 2014   With that thoroughly disgusting thought I'll close for today. Until Monday, See ya'!

June 12, 2014: 1:57 p.m.   A gentle reminder: Father's Day is this Sunday. Have you done your shopping yet? I ordered my hubby his Father's Day gift last night. I had to talk him into letting me get it for him, but it's on its way. I don't know if we're going to count the new barbeque grill/smoker as part of his Father's Day goodies or not, but I do know that the ribs we made on them Tuesday night were SOOOO good. Yummy! If you haven't done your Father's Day shopping yet, you may want to do that soon.

June 12, 2014   secondamendment   12. Twelve people showed up to protest open carry in Target stores. Personally, I'm no fan of Target stores, but I admit that I do like and support that particular policy. As for the "gun violence" the lefties decry, I like this guy's FACT-LADEN article that addresses many of the issues people bring up and want to use to take away our Second Amendment rights. In it he states,

"We do not read in the news media about the people who threatened violence but were helped. Prevention is invisible to the public when it succeeds. In fact, there have been many successful cases, and we have likely prevented far more shootings than have occurred."
Think about that. Read the article it's very good. It's not new rules and regulations (even sneaky ones) that will make a difference in shootings. It's teaching people that HUMAN LIFE MATTERS that people are important and that if their life matters, so does someone else's. Even their enemies have value as human beings. Use words, not bullets, not fists, not knives, etc. Words get your point across but they don't kill people. Teach people that they matter and that their opponents' lives matter and that it's not within their rights to take another person's life and maybe then you'll see a greater drop (it's already decreased a lot in the last twenty years) in "gun violence". As it is, mothers abort their babies, OR raise them without valuing them and ignore them, basically, for their whole lives. Those children grow up feeling like they don't matter and if they don't matter then no one else matters because they were probably raised the same way. I've seen cases of this kind of child rearing and it saddens me to no end. When I saw it within my own family I turned my relative in (three times) to the proper authorities. She and her hubby had to go to parenting classes. It has made a difference, I'm told, but I don't see them anymore so I can't say. Value your children and they will value others. That will help with the way things are dealt with in their lives. And don't fall for the left's habit of classifying everything they can as a "school shooting". They're calssifying 74 shootings even NEAR a school as a "school shooting", just as they read the "hanging chads" years ago when they read people's minds about how they were intending to vote. A "school shooting" has a particular definition and facts associated with it. To change those facts and the definition to enlarge the number is specious at best.

June 12, 2014   Yeah. Right. LIAR.

And thevileone says "the world is less violent than it has ever been." Has his arm healed from when it broke as he patted himself on his own back yet? The liar.

June 12, 2014   Is it your RIGHT to know if the feds are spying on you? The feds are trying to prevent the local cops from telling us how much the feds are doing so. Question: to whom do the local cops owe allegiance? In my opinion, their allegiance should be to US, not to the feds. We are their neighbors, go to the same church they attend, shop at the same shops and pay the same taxes. We should be their FIRST priority because WE PAY THEIR SALARIES. They should be obligated to tell us what the feds are doing that we do not know about. It's their DUTY to tell us, their employers, what is going on.

June 12, 2014   The storm is getting too close. I'm going to shut it down and unplug for now. Until next time, See ya'!

June 11, 2014: 7:58 a.m.   I may as well get this done since I can't get my brain to slow down enough for me to even think of going to bed. Yes, I've been up since yesterday. I've never liked sleep, and today it's just one of those things I guess I don't feel like doing. So, let's get started.

June 11, 2014   Say what?!! I don't think I can believe that. If he's telling the truth he needs to be checked for sociopathic tendencies.

June 11, 2014   Cantor can't. He was defeated in the primary by a TEA Party candidate. (As my sons would say, "Gaheet!" [= "Giggle!"]) Kiss it bye-bye, Cantor. If you were a TRUE Conservative you'd still be in there. But no. You had to go the wrong way. Now if only we could do the same thing to lindsey grahamnasty (he won in his primary: darn it!), di-fi, barbara boxed-her, pelosipig, reid, boehnder, etc. That would be SOOOOOOO nice. At least we did get Tim Scott a win in SC. That's good, is it not? I don't know much about him, but I think he's a Conservative, yes?

June 11, 2014   secondandment   What Bud Hedinger didn't tell you about the 74 school shootings. The TRUTH matters and the budman didn't tell you the truth. Read about your Second Amendment rights in the Second Amendment Primer and you'll never be helpless again. Stand up for your rights. Stand up or kiss them goodbye.

June 11, 2014   Here's another "Gaheet!" hillclintoon's book trashed by critics. Finally have the courage to tell the truth about them, huh? Spines returning, or just tired of kissing clintoon backside?

June 11, 2014   I'm amazed she's not home yet. Justina Pelletier has been kidnapped by the State of Massachusetts and the fact that she has been in State custody for this long should speak VOLUMES about the State of the Union and FREEDOM here. Her being still in State custody absolutely disgusts me. Send her home to be with her family!

June 11, 2014   google head attends MARXIST meeting. Aw, that ain't nothing. Our prezidunce is one, the person he backed to be IMF Cheif, LaGarde, gave the keynote speech. thevileone hangs with george soros who is a known bad guy. So, what's new about google chief being one? Or maybe that's why they all work so well together when it comes to spying on us? Just a thought.

June 11, 2014   DC considers "fitness tax" while elsewhere in TaxLand, folks look at putting a "Fat Tax" on "junk food". How many stories have we heard in the last five years about junk food diets on which someone lost weight? Diets like the Twinkie Diet? So if they can lose weight on junk food, who is to say what IS junk food and why should we tax it when it can be said to be a diet food after those folks lost weight on it? Hmmmm? Either of those things is a FREEDOM TAX, not a tax on anything else.

June 11, 2014   You pay for this fraudulent activity. Shouldn't we be more outraged? After all, the money given to the government for those food stamps was supposed to be used to feed people who legally qualify for the assistance, not to help them RIP the rest of us off! We should be outraged; or perhaps it's just happened so often we've lost our ability to be outraged by the now-petty things and save it for those things that thevileone does that are just so totally outrageous that it makes our teeth hurt.

June 11, 2014   VERY GOOD POINT!

June 11, 2014   Uncle STEAL is taking more land. Not only is thevileone's admin stealing the land from a farmer, but they're taking 1/3 of his land and THEY'RE MAKING HIM PAY FOR IT ANYWAYS! That's not just wrong, it's outlandish! It's criminal! It's insane!

June 11, 2014   thevileone LIED, Americans DIED. He's now a murderer how many times over?

June 11, 2014   This is what happens when thevileone gives aide and comfort to the enemy. Our other enemies want their terrorists back, too. Isn't that what being a spineless worm makes happen?

June 11, 2014   Dr. Walter E. Williams on the "White Privilege" conference that a lot of teachers and administrators (and some guilt-riddled students) attended. If this is what they waste their time on, it's no wonder they prefer Common Crap Core to help them dumb down your children and allow them to teach them this crap.

June 11, 2014   Brevard is #1! Brevard is #1! Brevard... Oh. It's in FORECLOSURES. And the BOCC just voted how many new or higher taxes, fines and fees on us? Isn't that special?

June 11, 2014   Info on "All Aboard Florida" may raise your taxes even more. Can you afford it?

June 11, 2014   Tell me why cops need anti-mine vehicles? Anyone? This is NOT a good sign, people.

June 11, 2014   I'm finally getting sleepy and it's almost 9:30 a.m., so I'll go see if I can get some sleep. Until then, I'll say a prayer for you and don't lose hope The kind of hope that ocunts always comes fro GOD. Until next time, See ya'!

June 10, 2014: 4:19 p.m.   hillclintOOn: Her book's already deeply discounted. Speaks volumes. Speaking of volumes, my prediction: there will be a second book forthcoming if she "decides" to run. It will be along the lines of "her" first ghost-written book, "It Takes A Village" and it will be a policy book that will include the typical liberal/leftist lies: "War On Women" (have you ever noticed that the acronym for that is "WOW"? Just noticing.), "Global Warming" (Hamsterism), Rich Don't Pay Enough of Their Fair Share!, etc. In other words, it's going to be the usual tripe. Meanwhile, her lying has already started being revealed. Of course, she refuses to take responsibility for ANY of her own actions. She in typical liberal mode: Lie, lie, and lie again. That's what the left does. It's their modus operand; almost their raison d'etre. I used to attend a church whose pastor was fond of saying about wrongdoing, "a lie is the handle that fits them all".

June 10, 2014   thevileone's jarrett in secret meetings with activists for 6y6yyrtyrtyrtyyytrytryyillegal immigrants. So what is she promising them in exhcange for what action? If they vote for dumborats they'll be able to stay? She'll get them all green cards and voter registration cards with false SSNs if they vote for the dumborat in whatever neighborhood she transports them to? What marching orders did thevileone give her in order to totally destroy the integrity of our elections this time? After all they've cheated in the past so what's to stop them from using illegals to cheat again THIS November? Fix the election, fix the problem. After all, the ends justify the means, right?

June 10, 2014   thevileone: the buck never gets HERE. I think it's despicable and COWARDLY that thevileone never takes nor accepts responsibility for anything he does. It's always someone else's fault. It's always "Not me!" He's such a baby. Two-year-olds do that, not mature adults. Will he ever man up? Or will he just try to prove he's SOMEBODY via sending others into harm's way? He's good at sending others to do his dirty work. He's good at geting our brave soldiers killed. But he's still a COWARD. And he still broke the law.

June 10, 2014   Did thevileone's admin leak info on others? Would it surprise anyone? As I said, the ends justify the means.

June 10, 2014   It's happening just as thevileone wanted. That's why he released the five WORST terrorists he could. Not because that was the deal, but because it would help destabilize the region and more of our people would DIE. Yep. More activity in Taliban/Al Qaeda circles means more DEAD AMERICANS. That's what he wants.

June 10, 2014   Deepest sympathies. Pray for their families and for the loved ones of ALL of our troops who have been killed in Afghanistan and/or Iraq: all 1964 of them.

June 10, 2014   Strep can lead to PANS. Scary stuff. Watch for changes in your child's behavior if they've had strep.

June 10 2014   Blaming the right is a media pattern. Fact is, leftists are FAR MORE VIOLENT than the right. Too bad the msm won't do a thing to tell that TRUTH.

June 10, 2014   AAaaaaaahhhhh...... public schools... LOL! LOL! LOL! Can we PLEASE at least teach children the BASICS? Maybe, just maybe, teacher tenure being "unconstitutional" will help make teachers actually DO SOMETHING other than skate. Or, rather than kidnapping students. Or texting students at 3 a.m. and visiting the girl's house after the parents got upset about it. Or if the teacher was a total racist... (IF the allegations are true.) Or there's always the teacher who rapes a student. That's, unfortunately, becoming more and more prevalent. Or maybe it's just a handful of students a teacher has sex with and that makes it okay. Maybe that's part of the reason there are school shootings? If the teachers teach that there is no right and wrong, then why shouldn't the students follow their lead? Homeschool your kids, folks. It's safer that way.

June 10, 2014   Taxes next year going to be a bear. It's all about HOPING you can CHANGE what is going to be your taxes and you're not going to like it.

June 10, 2014   secondamendment thevileone WANTS YOUR GUNS. He'll do WHATEVER it takes to get them. He's not a president, he is a DICTATOR. And he likes it that way. thevileone thinks

"'Right now it’s not even possible to get even the mildest restrictions through Congress and we should be ashamed of that.'"
We should be ashamed for sticking up for our Second Amendment rights? That's what he thinks of the U.S. Constitution. That's a DICTATOR's terminology. That's a CONTROLLER'S terminology. That's what he thinks of YOUR rights. Apparently, thevileone thinks
"You simply cannot praise Australia’s gun-laws without praising the country’s mass confiscation program."
So when thevileone has a chance, he'll take it. Hold fast to your guns. Hold fast to the Second Amendment. Don't let either of them be taken away!

June 10, 2014   Miss USA recommends self-defense for women. Feminazis are outraged, of course. I don't watch the Miss USA or any other "beauty" competition (It's a scholarship program! Rrriiiggghhhhhttt.... Swimsuits and boob jobs add to "scholarship"). I think they're a waste of women's time and it only encourages women to try to meet unrealistic standards of "beauty" and allows men to objectify women's bodies more via the swimsuit competition. It's a crock to consider it a "scholarship program", IMHO. If pageants were actually "scholarship programs" then why are there so many stupid answers to easy questions? I'm not even close to a Feminazi, but I think "beauty pageants" are a crock. If any woman really wants to go to college, don't go to a beauty pageant to get there. There are much better scholarship programs. I know some of the women I respect have gone the pageant route (Sarah Palin, Terry Meeuwsen, etc.), but I don't think that they got where they are because they were in a beauty pageant. I think they got where they are because of their brains, not their looks.

June 10, 2014   The 2014 "budget" is scary. If you can call this a "budget", that is. I call it more of a "bodget".

June 10, 2014   Well, my internet connection is acting up and I've been offline for the last ninety minutes or so and got back online just to say "Good night, sleep tight, don't let thevileone's bugs bite." Until next time, See ya'!

June 9, 2014: 7:54 p.m.   Hopefully life will cooperate now and I can do my updates on a more regular basis this week and in the future. For now, I'll start with "Minion Monday: Hank Knits a Gift for His Girl". I love my Minion!

June 9, 2014   thevileone has betrayed America. He's done it since his first day in office, so why the big fuss now? Maybe folks are getting tired of it? Or Maybe his decisions are fially irritating people? Senators are getting tired of it. Ya' know, he's gotten so bad even the msm is tired of thevileone's actions. But that won't last. They'll be back to kissing his backside soon enough. After all, it is an election year. Sheriffs are tired of it. Border patrol agents are getting fired for revealing it. All while thevileone says "MY government [my caps]". His ego is getting the best of him and although he's confident that it will never happen that others will have the courage to impeach him, there may be someone out there with the courage to prosecute him. At least, that's Ben Shapiro's suggestion. I honestly don't care if he's impeached first or prosecuted first, either way, thevileone would be outta' there and the Red House (as in Marxist/Communist/Socialist) would be back to being the White House again and America would start becoming America again!

June 9, 2014   The V.A. is in worse shape than many thought. If thevileone gave a hoot about our troops (our HEROES) this would not be happening. Truth is, he doesn't give a hoot and if he did he doesn't have the slightest clue as to how to fix it, nor who to get to do the fixing for him. He's totally clueless.

June 9, 2014   Your banking info is being shared. Is that any of the government's business? If not, then why is thevileone ensuring it happens? Hmmmm?

June 9, 2014   If you were "dead broke" would you be allowed to buy multi-million dollar houses? clintoons must be "special".

June 9, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   ERs filling up with patients because of this piece of crud. While low income Americans were promised the sun, the moon adn the stars if this thing got made into law, the truth is the exact opposite. So thevileone LIED again? shock. surprise. Editor: "End, Don't Mend" this thing. No one can tell us how much it's going to cost and that's another good reason to end it. But, for thevileone, it's one in a myriad of scandals with him. Truth is, if you look at it one way, thevileone's healthcareTAX is being dismantled by thevileone himself.

June 9, 2014   I've gotta' go now. I'll start my updates earlier tomorrow. Until next time, See ya'!

D-Day, 70th Anniversary: June 6, 2014: 1:50 p.m.   Thank you for your service. My "Tribute To Our Heroes 167: Between Two Pillars" is for you and about you. GOD Bless you for your service. I think Viking River Cruises' short piece about Normandy is very good and it may lift your heart a little. Of course, some WWII vets have difficulties with thevileone's policies and rightly so. I can't imagine how you must feel when you go to the VA and receive the kind of postponing, disrespect, and blasè attitudes that this administration has toward you. So I give you a tribute with my photos and I hope you like them. Please also visit Let Freedom Ring where a WWII veteran is making movies about his fellow veterans. It's important to know that you are not alone. Again, and always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

June 6, 2014   Heaven forbid! Been there, done that, got the BENGHAZI to prove it didn't work!

June 6, 2014   I agree: let the people in his platoon testify as to what they saw happen. Let the relatives of those who died looking for him testify as to how the loss of their loved one affected their lives. Let susan rice continue to tell the administration's LIES (does ANYONE in this administration even know how to spell the word, "TRUTH"?). Then show the jury the "secret documents" that show that bergdahl became an Islamic extremist and declared "jihad" against America. And ask harry reid "What difference does it make?" (I'll remind you that it made SIX Americans DIED looking for him when they thought he was salvageable.) I agree that, yes, bergdahl is someone's child but so were those SIX who died trying to save the traitor's butt! What about their lives? Do they not matter? Not to thevileone. Now, we have to worry about the NEXT "someone's child" the Taliban will have. thevileone encouraged them to kidnap and hold hostage our troops. Now they can demand anyone and anything and thevileone will just hand it over. He thinks he'll have cover now. Mark my words: thevileone did this exchange in order to give himself coverage for his own desires and deeds. Now he thinks he has a reason to release Gitmo Taliban members, to give the Taliban money and weapons, to start making Americans adhere to Shariah Law. Mark my words.

June 6, 2014   Let's stop wasteful energy subsidies. We'll have to wait until after this administration is dead and gone ("dead" because I wouldn't be shocked if he made an "emergency" situation and declared a national emergency and declared himself Dictator For Life at the same time), but let's stop. We're Taxed Enough Already and don't need to pay extras to the energy companies.

June 6, 2014   Sorry to have to do this, but I must go now. I missed yesterday because I went to an estate sale conducted by a friend of an acquaintance's estate. Mr. K (not his full name, of course) died in Sep. or Oct. of last year and the first day of the estate sale was yesterday. I bought some books he had and a koala bear and I'll have a nice memory of he and his wife (who died about six years ago?) every time I see that koala or read the books. From there I did some shopping and came home. On the way home, another friend called and asked if we could go last night to the movie she wanted to see. I said yes and we met about two hours later in T-ville to see the movie. Afterward we talked in the parking lot for about an hour and I came home. It was a busy day and today I have to go pick my hubby up from the airport and that's why I must leave you now. I will do better next week -- unless life happens and interferes with my plans! Until next time, then, See ya'!

June 4, 2014: 8:19 p.m.   Had a bit of an unexpected break here. I worked on a few projects around the house and saved us over $100 and that's a good thing! I missed posting a link to my "Minion Monday: Dressed For The Party" pic. Hope you like it. For now, on with the updates!

June 4, 2014   thevileone's LAWLESSNESS:   He brings home a TRAITOR at the cost of at least SIX AMERICAN LIVES. He traded five Taliban members that "could put America in danger"; even according to thevileone. Yet, he's determined to make America a victim of more Islamic terrorists. Trust me. Those Gitmo detainees are not going to have served all that time at Gitmo without making America pay. Even though thevileone himself admits that the detainees he released may be a danger to America, he wants to do it again. If that doesn't open the eyes of EVERY American on the face of the earth, then nothing will. Now, thevileone gave the Taliban something to crow about. That's exactly what he wanted, but no one on the left will admit it. thevileone will go down as a TRAITOR to America and the WORST PRESIDENT EVER. If, that is, the TRUTH is told about him and his outright evil hatred of America. Problem is, more of bergdahl's unit say he was not a hero. That's probably why thevileone wanted to make sure he came home: he's someone else who hates America. thevileone likes that.

June 4, 2014   hillclintoon distancing herself from thevileone's Taliban release. She was totally involved in it from the get-go in 2011, but she's trying to make it seem like she had nothing to do with it. That's why a hillclintoon presiduncy would be a TOTAL DISASTER. Continuing for another four years (2017-2021) the polciies of this administration would absolutely destroy America, and with America, the WORLD. We may as well kiss it all goodbye.

June 4, 2014   Feds seize Sarasota police records. The ACLU was "stunned". Well, Lah-Ti-Dah. The ACLU shouldn't be "stunned" that the feds are not cooperating. After all, the ACLU has supported that sort of action for years, so why be shocked by it? Reality bites, n'est-ce pas, ACLU?

June 4, 2014   Payback? From which: Mexico, or thevileone? After all, wasn't it AZ's Jan Brewer who stood up to thevileone? Now all these illegals are going into AZ? Coincidence?

June 4, 2014   Secret Service wants to track social media SARCASM. Free Speech shutdown coming up! thevileone doesn't like people being sarcastic about him. Aww... pooor baby. wah.

June 4, 2014   Must take a break for a while. Mom's on the phone. Back soon.

June 5, 2014: 12:13 a.m.   Back from Mom's phone call. We spend way too much time talking and laughing when we call. It's fun and goofy and we talk and talk and talk. Did it again. So, I'll do just a few more updates then do more later today.

June 5, 2014   Impeachment if he does it again: so says lindsey grahamnasty of all people! Yeah. Like we're going to believe grahamnasty? Not in a BILLION milleniums!

June 5, 2014   Aaaaahhhhhh... public schools. Swearing and sex toys: that's what it should be about, right? (*sarcasm*) Oh, and of course, condoms for 6th graders. Just what we want to use our taxpayer dollars for: condoms for 6th graders. (*sarcasm again*) Then there's the rapists as teachers... or the special ed teacher who had sex with her student and did other things undisclosed. It's becoming de rigueur in public schools. Teachers having sex with students? It's almost passe. Nowadays, even the school board members are in on it. A child's age doesn't matter to the teacher who wants to get their jollies. It's all about the fact that to them, there seems to be no right and wrong. Teacher seems to equal the right to have sex with whomever -- or do whatever to whomever. It's to the point of ridiculous to even think of sending a child to public schools. I just wonder why it is this way. Why is it the teachers think they'll get away with it? Why is it something the teachers think is okay? What happened to their sense of morality? What happened to right and wrong?

June 5, 2014   Florida residents need to be careful of mosquitoes. They're carrying dengue fever and chikungunya. Click the links for the symptoms. Stay indoors if you can. Wear long sleeves and pants. Use pest repellant. If you develop symptoms, don't hesitate to go to the doctor.

June 5, 2014   Well, I'm finished with updates for this early morning. I'll do a few later today. I have to run down to a friend's sale tomorrow and we'll see if I can come away with a great deal. Until next time, See ya'!

May 30, 2014: 12:10 p.m.   Missed yesterday. Hubby unexpectedly took the day off and we went out and did some scoping out of the local birdwatching places that we found listed online. We made it to five new spots yesterday -- not really to do any birdwatching, but to find out where they are. We did some birdwatching as we went to the MIWR's Black Point Drive (nothing thrilling or new there). Even still, we saw four new to us species yesterday: a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a White Wing Dove, a Norther Rough-winged Swallow and something we haven't been able to identify yet. So it was a nice day spending time with my hubby and driving around northern Brevard and looking for birds. It's good to birdwatch via automobile in this heat. Oh! We did start out going for the first time to check out the Enchanted Forest. I've been there to pick someone up once before; hubby dropped the person off, so he's been there once prior also. We've never before looked gotten out of the car and looked around. We shouldn't have bothered. Anyways, hubby's at work today and I'm here to do some updates so let's get started.

May 30, 2014   My "Tribute To Our Heroes 166: We Don't Go Without You!" is ready for you to see. Check it out and remember to keep our troops in your prayers. My neighbor's daughter is headed to Afghanistan in the next two or three weeks. I feel like I helped raise her and her sister, so please keep Z.I. in your prayers!

May 30, 2014   Planned abortionhood report released by Live Action. Live Action has been investigating planned abortionhood for over six years via undercover ops. The truths revealed about planned abortionhood should make planned abortionhood lose all taxpayer funding forever. I doubt that what should happen will happen, but the report should make a huge difference. Abortion is such a sacred cow to all the lefties and progressive righties that the report may have no lasting impact at all, but at least the truth has been told. What the legislators do with the truth they will themselves be held accountable for.

May 30, 2014   Shinseki resigns. The problem with this is that it's not entirely his fault. He can only do what his boss allowed him to do. If his boss didn't authorize him to provide real, timely and effective treatment to all veterans, with this totalitarian dictatorship, he could not do it even if/though he may have wanted to. When thevileone speaks, his minions must listen. Otherwise it's their heads -- and it's their heads anyways, so whether any of them go against him or not, THEY always pay the price. It's NEVER him. He's the one who is always blameless. He's always innocent, uninformed, angry when he finds out about it and he's going to fix it. Right? That's the picture he always paints of himself. He's got the HOPE that he can CHANGE things. He's changed them, all right: for the worse in every way, shape and form. History will record him as the WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

May 30, 2014   JW sues thevileone's admin:

"Judicial Watch alleges that in 2009 then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and then-deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, on behalf of the Obama administration, both used their position and influence as highly placed federal employees to affect the outcome of federal elections – in direct violation of the Hatch Act, which states that an employee may not 'use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.' Emanuel is now mayor of Chicago and Messina now runs the Obama White House-allied Organizing for America (OFA) and is a political consultant. [my bolding]"
I've said it for years that they cheated in elections. Apparently I'm not alone.

May 30, 2014   Reverse discrimination lawsuit WON.

"Lt. Christopher Barrella, who is white, had accused the village of awarding the police chief’s job to a Hispanic officer with few qualifications and a lower test score."
If the qualifications are the same, make the best choice. If there's a difference, and one is more qualified than the other -- no matter the skintone, nationality, religion, etc. -- choose the BEST QUALIFIED PERSON. Skintone is NOT a qualification! It's an incident of birth. It doesn't matter! If you're going to have a skintone-centric society, you're going to have a bad society. We're more divided now than ever before and that's because this prezidunce and his administration ensures that skintone is the utmost priority for as many decisions as possible. Remember the "New Black Panther" voter intimidation investigation they dropped because they were black? Dropping that investigation was WRONG. People should NOT escape criminal prosecution because of skintone: no matter what that skintone is. If you consider skintone for any decision other than what makeup and clothing you're personally going to wear, then you may wish to reconsider your thoughts on skintone. GOD made all of us and He made us equal and LOVES us all equally. If that's what GOD does, that's what WE should do. Hiring, firing, loving, hating someone because of their skintone is wrong. You should love everyone as GOD loves them -- without seeing their skintone. This administration is not judged by me based upon their skintone, but upon what they have done, are doing and will do to this country and their efforts to destroy America. In destroying America they are affecting me, my Mother, my sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, sons and hubby and any grandchildren I may have. That's why I don't like thevileone. He's destroying anything he can that I love and hold dear. I love America. I love her second only to how much I love GOD. I put America second on my priorities list because if I loved my family first, I could betray America to save a family member. What I know, though, is that in betraying America for one family member I'd be betraying every family member I have as well as my friends and their families, total strangers and their families and any futures they would have had without my betrayal. I put America second on my priority list because I could never betray America and do that to the rest of my family to save one. My sons and hubby know this. I taught my sons the same. It's GOD, America, family, friends, job, the rest of the world: those are our priorities. I don't dislike and distrust this prezidunce because of his skintone. I dislike him because of his deeds, lies and destruction and damaging of all I hold dear except my GOD. thevileone can never damage nor destroy that, but if thevileone could, he would. I hold thevileone in complete and utter disdain because of what he has done.

May 30, 2014   Aaaahhhh..... public schools!   Michelle Malkin'ss TRUTH about data mining our children. Has your child's Body Mass Index (BMI: A.K.A. a measurement of how much fat is in your child's body) been measured at school? Did you ask them to do so? Did you even know it was being done? Did your child receive a "BMI Report Card"? Don't ya' love how the government is tracking every portion of your child's life and what it could mean to YOU? For instance, if your child is, in their opinion, a little too heavy you're a bad parent and your cabinets and refrigerator should be clieaned out of all the junk food. If, on the other hand, your child is too thin for their liking, then you are a bad parent and you are starving your child and not ensuring your child eats enough healty food. You should immediately ask msthevileone about what your child should eat. After all, she has the expertise to know what your child should and should NOT eat, correct? (BTW, if she's so very smart, why didn't she graduate Princeton summa cum laude, instead of just cum laude? There is a .25 grade point difference, or a 10% difference [depending upon which system Princeton used at the time] between the lowest requirements for summa and cum laude, so where's her alleged brilliance?) While we're on the subject of schools, let's not forget about the teacher who made "inapporpriate remarks" and the teacher's aide/coach who was arrested on sex charges. Let's not forget about those two. Too bad it's not just two. In Minneapolis a teacher set up a meeting with a 14 yr. old for sex. He got arrested because the 14 year-old wasn't; it was a cop. Not a cop, but a security guard at school beat a wheelchair bound student. There are more and more reasons to NOT send your child to public school. Homeschool your kids. Put them first. Otherwise, this is what you may subject them to.

May 30, 2014   Blarney carney RESIGNS! The only problem is that the next press secretary will LIE just as much as Blarney. They can only tell the press what thevileone says for them to say. If the boss lies they must lie also and we KNOW that thevileone is a LIAR.

May 30, 2014   The economy is "shrinking" whether or not the msm will tell you the truth about it. Add to that the U6 unemployment rate that's still too high add a lot of travel expenses from thevileone and his family to pay for (and he has more travel on your dime planned), don't forget that, and you've got a hurting America. Does thevileone care about your family's struggle to survive? Retirees, you're losing 30% of your income to TAXES. Some of that used to pay for thevileone's Kobe Beef and lobster dinners, and his traveling high on the hog. Meanwhile, you'd have about $5,000 MORE to spend if it weren't for thevileone and his policies and the dumborats' support. Is that what you want?

May 30, 2014   Riiiiiiggghhhhhttt... (*snicker*)

May 30, 2014   hill clintoon says she's under attack. Cry baby. Man up!

May 30, 2014   More spying: targeting your FINANCIAL information. Why would thevileone need that info? Does that not give you pause?

May 30, 2014   I shall close with that for now. Hubby just got home and I'm going to go. Until next time, See ya'!

May 28, 2014: 3:09 p.m.   One of the projects I started last year is going to be worked on again, thanks to the fact that we figured out how to solder copper sheeting pieces together. We had ordered what we were told was copper-colored solder, but turned out to not be solder, just thin wire. I got ripped off on that internet order. Not happy with it, but it's done now and too late to do anything about it. We experimented Memorial Day afternoon with small pieces of copper scrap that I had kept from cutting the needed pieces. It was interesting to try different techniques and sizes, figuring out how to approach different soldering needs. We got a bit frustrated with some of the things we tried that didn't work, but learned a lot. We also had to move quickly because the solder was melting and sometimes it fell to our feet in small blobs and they were very hot. We learned to keep our feet tucked under. We did learn how to do it, so my project will be moving forward and I won't be trusting anyone for copper solder anymore. For now, on with the updates.

May 28, 2014   thevileone denies he's weak. LIAR. He also doesn't salute the graduating cadets at West Point. As CIC, he's supposed to return a salute. You always saw Bush, Reagan and others doing so. If someone honors you with a salute, as CIC, you should return it. He disrespects the military and you can see it not only in the unreturned salutes, but also in the way he has alloed the VA to handle things for our heroes. He's such a cad.

May 28, 2014   VETERANS PUT ON IGNORE:   A whistleblower in TX says the VA there is run "like a crime syndicate". Read that article and look at the picture associated with the article. When I was there at 3:31 p.m., it showed a lot of veterans with missing limbs. That's something we shall become accustomed to seeing because thevileone didn't keep his 2007 promise:

Source: stopthenewworldorder

Yep. He LIED again. Shock. Surprise. He just said that he would LEAVE 9,800 troops IN AFGHANISTAN. Now, what was he saying you could "take that to the bank"? Yeah: the Bank of Fools to believe anything he says. If he cared about our military veterans, the mistreatment and just plain disregard for their well-being would not be nationwide! If he cared, he'd do something about this instead of just giving it a few mentions. He no more cares about the U.S. military than did clintoon. Making our veterans wait for critical treatment is MURDER. When they need immediate attention and operations to save their lives and all that's done is their name put on a "secret list" to keep the VA from looking bad, that's murder: outright, plain and simple, MURDER. Remember: the buck stops (and STARTS) with thevileone. He's the one responsible. He's the one setting the standards. If he gave a flying flip his staff would. He doesn't so they don't.

May 28, 2014   SMH. Moron.

May 28, 2014   hillary's got chutzpah. Not brains, just chutzpah.

May 28, 2014   The South is going PRO-BABY/PRO-LIFE! Good for the South! They're leading the way toward a more humane, more loving America. Saving babies still in the womb is a GREAT thing! Thank you, Southern lawmakers. You did good!

May 28, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Car bomb kills 38 in mostly Shiite neighborhood. I don't understand that. By association, I am a Southern Baptist (although I disagree with some of their doctrine on the Holy Spirit's place in our lives) but I wouldn't understand if someone who was Freewill Baptist decided to attack me for not being the "right kind" of Baptist. Why can't Sunni and Shiite get along? Is it more about POWER and CONTROL than RELIGION? I think so. They're so CONTROLLING that if you marry someone your family didn't want you to, they STONE YOU TO DEATH. They prevent others from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Power and control is universally their thing. Remember: they want to CONTROL AMERICA, too. Well, if you consider a command to "wipe out America" as control... Otherwise it's just a complete annihiliation, not control. Don't believe they want CONTROL? Check out the dress code restrictions for the female soccer cup fans. If that's not CONTROL, what is?

May 28, 2014   College not teaching American HISTORY, but a modified (read PC) version. Why pay $125,000 for a college education that's going to be filled with LIES? If they're not going to teach you the TRUTH, why bother going? You can study on your own (unless you're trying to be a doctor, or something similar) and learn just as much. You can even get a full college education via LuxVera from Regent University. You'll learn the truth there and you'll get a high quality education.

May 28, 2014   How much ya' wanna' bet the "Magic Pen" will come out to undo this?

May 28, 2014   I've been getting a little surprise almost weekly lately in that a video I put together in 2009 about thevileone's healthcarTAX has been getting hits almost daily lately and sometimes it makes the top ten of my picture views. That surprises me because I didn't do any push to get it seen -- especially not in the four years -- and it's more popular now than when I posted it five years ago. Nice surprise. On that note I'll stop for today. Hubby just came home and I've run out of things that interest me. Until next time, See ya'!

May 27, 2014: 8:56 p.m.   msthevileone hates anyone to disobey. She who must be obeyed hates dissent!

May 27, 2014   secondamendment   rahm emanuel wants to ban all gun sales in most of chi-town. It's not the first time the lefties of thevileone's ilk are trying this kind of anti-Constitution crap. It's just the most recent. Will anyone in Chicago call him on it? No. Now gabby giffords is pushing for national gun control and of course, it's to "protect women". Excuse me, but I'll protect myself thank you very much. I'll protect myself (and others) from those who would do them harm. The problem with disarming those of us who are law abiding citizens is that we can't do anything to help anyone if some wacko nut job starts stabbing or shooting folks. (BTW, why not go for hammer and knife control considering that the Santa Barbara killings started with a hammer and machete?) I wonder if any of those yelling "Gun control! Gun control!" are actually wanting their body guards, the stranger who protects their daughter from a rapist, or the lady who prevents their husband from being killed to actually NOT have a legally owned weapon when the time comes? Do they really want to disarm the person who can help them? If so, how can they be that stupid?

May 27, 2014   thevileone says 9,800 U.S. troops will stay in Afghanistan. thevileone will do whatever he can to hurt more Americans. He'll do whatever he can to ensure more of our troops DIE. He'll do whatever he can to do more damage to America and Americans. thevileone is an awful excuse for a human being and he hates being called on it. He's a despicable thing.

May 27, 2014   What "accoplishments"? What, exactly, is she proud of? BENGHAZI? Is she proud of that? Is she proud of her reaction to it:

Is that what she's PROUD of? Is she proud of leaving the area so destabilized that now there's another threat in the area? Is she proud of the fact that EVERYTHING she touched was a failure? Is she proud of her record of standing by a two-timing horndog (A.K.A. her hubby)? Is she proud of all the deaths surrounding her and her horndog? Is she proud of her scandalous past: Whitewater Travelgate, etc.? Or the scandals while she was SoS? What about those? In her LIFETIME, the ONLY thing I see to be proud of is her DAUGHTER. That's the one thing she has done right.

May 27, 2014   I'll close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

May 27, 2014: 11:14 a.m.   Well, Mom's gone and I'm back to my regular schedule. Mom wears me out. She's in her mid 70s and she can't sit still. She still works (she was here between classes: she teaaches at a Technical College how to be a CNA) and she loves to do things. If she's not going somewhere she feels like she's not accomplishing anything. She's amazing. I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. I hope you took the time to thank someone for their service. I hope you took time to remember that the military in this country have paid the ultimate price -- and their families -- for the freedoms you are supposed to understand and enjoy. Maybe if more people understood how wonderful the Founding Fathers set this country up to be they'd understand why our troops do what they do and why they give all to protect America.

May 27, 2014   envirowheel   Pentagon alarmists stand to PROSPER from report. Follow the money because it tells you the truth. The money will tell. The money is always a key factor in a lot of things. In today's America, it's not about America; it's about me, Me, ME! Ask the Pentagon. Also ask the alarmists who are desperate to get people to believe in the LIE. (Also ask why OXFAM is pushing "global warming" in America. Follow THE MONEY!) Follow the money to funding for "scientists" who support the LIE getting more money for "research". Ask about why "science" is for sale to the highest dollar support. Ask if the "science" is real or just bought and paid for. Ask what benefit does thevileone get for closing down coal in America. They're blaming "global warming" on fish "interbreeding" and the decline of certain breeds. Hormones have nothing to do with it? Sorry, Charlie, temps have nothing to do with that: unless it's internal temps (IfyouknowwhatImean). Ask how did anyone measure CO2 levels three million years ago; especially considering that homo sapiens are allegedly a 27,000 year old species? So how on earth would anyone know what the CO2 levels were three million year ago? Oh, that core sample thing? Yeah. You must realize that the CO2 levels are figured out based on speculation, postulating and ice core samples. The oldest ice core sample is allegedly from 1.5 million years ago. So how did they figure the CO2 levels from three million years ago? "Science" figured it out? If they taught basic math the same way "science" is now functioning we'd have 4+4=___ open to the highest fundraiser for the mathematicians! Now that's an idea! Let's do math based on the same kind of "science" that supports the "global warming" lie! Let's sell numbers the same way "science" sells "global warming"! Let's get foundations and non-profits set up around the world to push math for sale. We'll get U.N. support for 5-2=9 instead of 5-2=3 then it will all be true because it's "a consensus"! Why don't we sell math to the highest bidders? We can raise millions! Skyscrapers can be built on the new math system and we can see skyscrapers defy gravity, wind velocities, soil density requirements, weight distribution properties, tensil strength requirements for its component parts, etc., etc., etc. We can make MILLIONS in selling math to the highest bidder and making it a "consensus"! Who votes to make 8+8=54? Let's do this!

May 27, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   The extent of the disaster is astonishing. thevileone has no problem creating disasters. He's very fond of them. It allows him to be in control because if he can use his "Magic Pen" he can do whatever he pleases. Isn't it amazing that no matter how big a disaster this thing is pelosipig still says it's "beautiful"? Don't ya' wonder if she has a brain? People aren't going to their own doctor under this thing (who can find one that's participating instead of retiring?) but they are going to the ER instead so that they will be seen instead of waiting. Did you know that about half of the "enrollees" are REFUSING to pay the premiums? Yeah. They're so happy with it that they refuse to pay for it. Question is, are they refusing to pay for it because the cost is too high (premiums have gone up and they're going to be even higher next year), or because they think they should get it for FREE (read, on YOUR dime)? Remember "free clinics" that used to treat the homeless and others who could not afford medical care? This lousy law is shutting down those clinics. I thought it was supposed to help people, but I suppose it was just another part of the LIE that is thevileone and all he does. Maybe if he'd ever told the TRUTH about this thing -- or about ANYTHING -- more people would support this crap. But, as it is, Americans do NOT support thevileone's healthcareTAX. They never have and never will. Americans want to be in control of their own healthcare and they want to be the one making all of their own medical decisions and think the government should not be a part of that decision. I've said for a long time that thevileone is a racist and hates black people now they're realizing that his healthcare law will hurt black people just as he intended. I said in Sep. 2011 that he hates black people just as much as he hates whites, so it's showing in his wretched law. Whichever way you look at it, no matter what skintone you have, this thing is a farce.

May 27, 2014   iPhones held for ransom? Hackers locked iPhones (worldwide?) and are demanding ransom before they unlock them. I don't have an iPhone, although I did look into getting one recently. Now I'm glad I nixed the idea due to costs. I don't like paying a lot of money for monthly service nor for the phone itself. Not getting an iPhone makes today a better day. Sorry if you're going through this lock thing, though. I know a lot of folks who are very frustrated today. Hopefully the i-people will get a fix done without a ransom -- and quickly!

May 27, 2014   This is "iffy" at best. Naturally, a federal judge appointed by clintoon, sided with thevileone and eric with-holder.

May 27, 2014   This tells you how much thevileone cares about our military veterans. He gives better care to Gitmo detainees than to our veterans. Speaks volumes.

May 27, 2014   FAST & FURIOUS   Do[IN]J admits docs should have been released -- refuses to release them anyways. This is an acting dictatorship and they answer to nobody so why would they release documents they know should have been released? It's not OUR business what THEY do. We don't have the right to know; at least, not in their opinions.

May 27, 2014   thevileone identified CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan. Then tried to walk it back. Remember the Valerie Plame affair in which President George W. Bush, V.P. Dick Cheney and others were dragged through the mud and said to be the leakers? They weren't the leakers but they had to pay the price as though they were. Now, it's been acknowledged that THE RED HOUSE ITSELF (thevileone) has outed the Station Chief in Afghanistan and what happens? Where's the investigation? Where's the special prosecutor? Where's the outrage? Where is the dumboratic outcry and sense of indignation? Oh. Sorry. That's right: it's a dumborat dictator so he gets a free pass. It's not a Constitutional Republic anymore: it's a dictatorship of special privilege and favoritism.

May 27, 2014   Well, yeah.

May 27, 2014   Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. I think that this is another example of wasting taxpayer dollars on frivolous lawsuits and making a nuisance of himself. This guy is really wanting attention. If he wants attention that badly put him in stocks outside the prison and let the public deal with him. Let's see how much he likes attention then.

May 27, 2014   thevileone picks another loser. His whole administration is full of losers, liars, cheats and idiots. Show me a man's friends (or cabinet; or czars) and I'll show you the man.

May 27, 2014   I'll close with that for today because my hubby called and said he had his time for the pay period and will be home early. (HURRAY!) We'll be running errands together and going to get me a present. I already know what the present is and it's GORGEOUS! Happy, Happy, Happy! I love good presents. So, until next time, See ya'!

May 26, 2014: 12:55 a.m.: Memorial Day:   Spent the last week with my Mom here and because of that I've had no time to do updates. Sorry about that. Mom likes to GO, GO, GO! She's always on the run somewhere and she barely sits down for a moment. Doing updates was impossible. I did do a Flag Friday pic, "Tribute To Our Heroes 165: I Wish You" and I've done my "Minion Monday: Memorial Day Salute!". I hope you have remembered to thank a veteran today. They are precious people for having served, sacrificed and done what most of the rest of us could not. Again, I say a big, "Thank you for your service!" to our U.S. military members. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

May 19, 2014: 12:45 p.m.   Mom arrived safely and we've had a great time so far. Hank, of course, was thrilled to meet my Mom. He now understands what a Mom is and because of that he really had a heart for my Mom. He waited on her hand and foot and did everything he could to make sure that she wanted for nothing. It was so sweet! He even made sure Mom ("Grandma" to Hank) got a good night's sleep. He dressed for the occasion as "Hank, The Sleep Tight Fairy" for Minion Monday. In the morning we're going to go do some shopping and -- as usual -- with Mom and I we'll have a great time. Of course, Hank wants to go with us, but we'll have to see if he's getting on Mom's nerves to have someone under foot all the time asking if she needs anything, wants anything, is there anything he can do for her? While it's sweet, it may get tiresome. We'll see if Hank stays home to help with supper, or if he gets to go and help "Grandma" some more. Until next time (whenever that may be), See ya'!

May 16, 2014: 12:30 p.m.   Missed yesterday due to having the flu. I'm feeling better today but not quite up to snuff, and due to the flu I'm so far behind in my getting ready for Mom's visit "To Do" list that I don't have much time to do updates today. So I'll start with my Flag Friday, "Tribute To Our Heroes 164: How Many Ways?" and thanking you for your service to this great country! Now, on with only a few important blurbs.

May 16, 2014   envirowheel   Hamsters COVER UP the truth that conflicts with their views. They do everything they can to maintain CONTROL over you via "climate change" scare tactics:

"Research which heaped doubt on the rate of global warming was deliberately suppressed by scientists because it was 'less than helpful' to their cause, it was claimed last night. In an echo of the infamous 'Climategate' scandal at the University of East Anglia, one of the world’s top academic journals rejected the work of five experts after a reviewer privately denounced it as 'harmful'."
Desperate people do desperate things. SCIENCE is NOT SCIENCE if it's based on a VOTE. Science is FACT, not OPINION. When "scientists" cover up data and results that conflicts with the outcome they WISH to be the TRUTH, then they're NO LONGER SCIENTISTS, they're political hacks with an agenda who do not deserve the title "scientist". It's all about CONTROLING YOU via the "climate change" LIE. It's not about the TRUTH which is what SCIENCE is SUPPOSED to be about. It's about them fitting in with the folks they want to be accepted by (Rush's LCD kicking in there), and the people pushing this LIE using the LIE to CONTROL others. Those Hamsters who push this crud also LIE in their own reports about the findings. Changing the results and "scooting" the data along an axis is NOT SCIENCE, it's AGENDA and there is a BIG DIFFERENCE. Don't let Hamsters CONTROL YOU. Stand up for FREEDOM.

May 16, 2014   Amnesty: Building the dumborat Voter Pool:   thevileone wants to halt deportations via his Magic Pen. While thevileone allegedly has a "commitment" from bonehead boehner to PASS amnesty. Then they walked that statement back. Would anyone be surprised if bonehead had promised to do so? Why did the people of OH give bonehead the victory in the primaries? What were they thinking? They released over 36000 illegal alien criminals who have:

"Criminal illegal aliens released by the Obama administration between 2009 and 2011 went on to be charged with 19 murders, three attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, a House Judiciary Committee report previously documented."
And they want to do more of the same? Does that sound at all like thevileone cares about the SAFETY and SECURITY of your family? No? Didn't think so.

May 16, 2014   If you dare to criticize thevileone sooner or later YOU WILL PAY! Why would anyone want to work in this administration considering thevileone's dictatorial attitude and maltreatment of the underlings?

May 16, 2014   GM fined $35 MILLION allegedly over not responding quickly enough to consumer safety issues. GM didn't play the game according to thevileone's rules. Recall when thevileone "fired" the GM boss? GM's failures were not Wagoner's fault but that doesn't mean anything to thevileone. I bet if you looked long and hard enough you'd find a place where Wagoner criticized thevileone and that's why he's been fired.

May 16, 2014   First Amendment:   Two brothers who believe in GOD and the First Amendment and won't back down are losing business and being criticized for their beliefs and stances. Personally, I SUPPORT THE BENHAME BROTHERS. I think they're absolutely, totally, and completely CORRECT and they have the RIGHT to say what they have said. They have the RIGHT to peaceably assemble outside of abortion clinics and they have the RIGHT to try to save innocent babies' lives. I stand with those who are standing for the FIRST AMENDMENT and the right to SPEAK YOUR OWN MIND. That includes the strange beliefs of Donald Sterling and his REFUSAL to pay the fine. Being FINED for what he SAID? That's NOT FREE SPEECH! That's speech at a cost. That's censorship. It's his RIGHT to hold those views -- whether to get into the pants of what he thinks is a hot younger woman, or if he, indeed, holds those views as his personal beliefs. While I find those ideals abhorrent, he HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE THEM and to SPEAK THEM. He has that right! I also stand with Don Jones, the Miami Dolphins player who reacted negatively to the homosexual kiss of Sam and his boyfriend. Just as Sam and his guypal have a right to be "in love", Jones has the right to say "Horrible" about their sloppy, over-the-top smooch on national television. It's FREE SPEECH, FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTED, but only the kiss is protected by the politically correct and the left. Jones has as much right to his opinion as anyone else. Fining him and re-indoctrinating him (teaching him to think "right" about the sloppy-choppy-smoochy-woochy), is WRONG and it's a VIOLATION of his FREE SPEECH RIGHTS! I stand for the U.S. Constitution and Free Speech and our "right to keep and bear arms" are the MOST important rights in the whole thing! They are now under attack by the left and if we don't stand up -- even with folks like Donald Sterling (philandering horndog that he is) -- we will lose our Free Speech rights faster than they have because we won't have the practice in standing and there won't be anyone left on either side to help us if we do try. Stand up now: even with those who are saying things you don't agree with.

May 16, 2014   JW is on the trail of more corruption within thevileone's administration. Good. We need to find the WHOLE TRUTH about thevileone and we need to IMPEACH thevileone ASAP. They've found out that thevileone is pouring MILLIONS into FAILING black colleges (why are there "black" colleges but not all "white" colleges?) and they're breaking new student loan rules. That's thevileone for you. He makes sure YOU obey the laws -- even as he changes them with a stroke of his Magic Pen -- and he gets away with all lawlessness. That's the TRUE SIGN OF A DICTATORSHIP. He's wasting YOUR money on making federal buildings "energy efficient", too. When will this prezidunce be held accountable? When will, "We, The People", hold him accountable TO US? When?

May 16, 2014   My heartiest, deep-felt "Congratulations!" to Rush Limbaugh for winning the Children's Book "Author of the Year" Award! It's causing lefties apoplexy. They hate it in every way, shape and form, and the fact that Rush won is causing them to go into spasms of hysterics. They're finding any way they can to denigrate his win. It so irritated lefties that they have to try to justify their hatred of Rush's win by intimating that Rush supporters cheated so that Rush would win. I think that's hysterical. I own the book. I read the book. I think it's fun for kids. I'm going to send my copy to my grand-niece so she can read it to her little sister and learn the TRUTH about America's founding instead of just the LIES the public school system will teach her.

May 16, 2014   I'll close with that for today. Remember my Mom will be here this Sunday and for about a week after that so my updates may be put on hold until then (except, of course for the Minion Monday posting so that people can smile). I may have a few days I can do updates, but my Mom doesn't like to sit down for much of anything. She's almost 77 and she's still going strong. She has a list of things we'll do while she's here: fishing, bowling, bird watching, shopping (thrift stores, of course), probably more fishing, learning to use her new camera, and about a thousand other things. If I had half her energy I'd be a whirling dervish. She's amazing. So, check in and we'll see what I have the time to sit down and do. If Mom lets me sit down, that is. Until next time (Minion Monday, at least), See ya'!

May 14, 2014: 11:55 p.m.   Illegals Getting A Free Pass: thevileone promises amnesty push in two to three months. The 36,000 released criminal illegals we found out about yesterday SHOULD be a deterrent for ANYONE to support amnesty. But, no. thevileone and his ilk are all in favor of it because they think it's automatic votes. Only CITIZENS OF AMERICA are SUPPOSED TO BE ALLOWED TO VOTE, so why would AMNESTY give them more votes? Answer: Because they don't follow the law when it comes to voting. They want every illegal alien to vote for them because they know that with all of the wrong they've been doing lately illegals voting for them in massive numbers is the only way they will get re-elected. That's the way the dumborats (and progressive/liberal/leftist rhinos) do things.

May 13, 2014   envirowheel   Only 500 499 days left until "climate chaos"! (*gasp!*) DUCK AND COVER! DUCK AND COVER! Hamster alarmists are just so silly. "Climate Chaos" is the new terminology for scaring the uninformed. It's the name of a new book and it has caught on as a good term to make people fear and obey! They like to link unrelated things to "chimate change", "global warming", "climate chaos", whatever. As long as they have a handle to use to control you, they're happy. Don't fall for it. GOD made "the earth and all that is therein". I don't think we have anything to worry about because He will also supply all your need. All this "climate" stuff? He has in HIS control, not man. We can't do anything to this earth that will damage it enough to disable GOD. GOD is in control of our provisions, not man, not the "climate". We have nothing to worry about. Climate change and all its terminology permutations mean NOTHING when you know that GOD "shall supply ALL your need". Need water? GOD's got that. Need clean air? GOD's got you covered. Need food? GOD provides for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, He'll provide for us, too. (See Luke 12:22-32.) Don't let them scare you with their nonsense. It's all about CONTROL.

May 14, 2014   TEA Party victory in WV! Hurray! Hurray! Even better? Ben Sasse won in NE! That's EXCELLENT! Now let's do that about a hundred more times!

May 14, 2014   Some think hillclintoon WON'T run. I agree. I think her health issues are going to be too serious at the time to allow her the luxury of running. I also think that when she has seen her disapproval numbers after BENGHAZI and all the other crud she's done, she hasn't got a snowball's chance, IMHO.

May 14, 2014   "Average" American? Smart or dumb?

May 14, 2014   Data collecting from EVERY "consumer". I think it's time that this nonsense stop. It's totally unconstitutional and it should have been stopped by the courts but we cannot count on the courts anymore. They're open to CONTROL via the government. Ask john roberts.

May 14, 2014   Aaaahhh... public schools. Don't ya' love it that SCHOOLS are LYING to their students? How do they expect their students to NOT LIE when the school system itself has set the example that it's OKAY TO LIE as long as it fits your agenda and gets you what you want? How? How do children learn non-violence when their teachers are violent? How do you teach children not to steal when the TEACHER is STEALING FROM THE STUDENTS? Stealing not just cash, but prescription meds? How do you teach children to be sexually pure until marriage (and faithful after marriage) when the married teacher seduces them? Or when two of them work in the same school and do the same type of stuff? What kind of example is a teacher who drives to work drunk? WHAT is all of that wrong doing by the teachers your child is supposed to be learning from actually teaching your child? Is that the kind of example you want for your child? Homeschool your child. It's sooooo much better for them!

May 14, 2014   secondamendment   More guns, less crime. I love this magazine, American Handgunner. I turn to the centerfold and that's my porn (LOL!), but I only read it for the articles (*wink, wink*). I have e-mailed John Conner back and forth a few times. I hope he's doing well. I love his sense of humor. They're right: more guns, less crime. Even Grandma is packing heat nowadays. At least, it's more difficult to escape scott-free with a crime. I'm so glad! In public school, a student ordered to turn inside out his gun t-shirt, he chose suspension instead. Free speech takes a stand; even in public schools! If the NRA stands firm, I'll be shocked. I do HOPE that they stand firm, but will they? I haven't had much faith in the NRA for years. I wonder if NJ legislators are going to regret a magazine capacity ban. I don't know if ever they'd need folks to have one, but I think that "shall not be infringed" should include whatever amount of ammo you wish to carry and have loaded. I think Alaskans would agree with me!

May 14, 2014   thevileone is still trying to control the internet. It's not a surprise. We all know how much he wants to CONTROL us.

May 14, 2014   BENGHAZI   It's being treated as a joke by the lefties. Four Americans died and it's being laughed at by them. Disgusting.

May 14, 2014   "Gay marriage" upheld in latest ID court ruling. It's not a "marriage"! When will they get the idea that their unions will never be a "marriage" because a "Marriage" needs one male and one female?

May 14, 2014   I'm going to close on that lovely note. I have things to do to get ready for my Mom's visit this Sunday. Until next time, See ya'!

May 13, 2014: 3:21 p.m.   Just in case you were worried about my giving away my Mom's Mother's Day gift, don't. I called and offered her four choices and she chose the one I expected her to choose. So, it's okay. I didn't give anything away because I'd already told her that it was going to be whichever she chose and when she chose the camera I gave her some details about it so that she would know what it could do in case she didn't think it has enough options. She's loving the idea of it so far. She will be here Sunday and I'm so excited! So let's start the blurbs.

May 13, 2014   Did you give your children the MMR vaccine? Measles are on the rise and if they didn't get the vaccine they may be exposed to it and come down with the disease. I think I had it when I was a kid. I don't recommend anything that makes you itch a lot. It's not fun. My chickenpox and mumps and all of that are probably where I got my hatred of itching. Some folks worry that the MMR vaccine leads to autism, but others think not. Make your own choice for your own child (don't let the government be the parent), but choose wisely. My sons both received the MMR but would I do it now? I don't know. The autism/MMR vaccine possible link was not suspected then. Now? I think I'd research it awfully hard before I made my choice.

May 13, 2014   We have the "right to be forgotten"? It's a ruling in the EU courts that google must take down links if we ask them. I like that ruling.

May 13, 2014   "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [my bolding and caps]" The scotUS has ruled that "under GOD" is NOT establishing a religion. Surprise! The scotUS did something RIGHT! How about that?!

May 13, 2014   envirowheel   NASA uses scare tactics again. Antarctic ice melting "past point of no return"? Really? Remember last year when Hamsters got stuck in antarctic ice? They were there to prove the ice melt. Their ship and two others got stuck in the "disappearing" ice. Yeah. Same ol' LIE told to try to CONTROL you:

"According to Australia's National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), Antarctic sea ice grew by a record amount this April, increasing by a rate of more than 110,000 sq km (42,471 sq miles) per day to a total of nine million sq km (3.5 million sq miles)."
Remember: When they LIE to you, they think you're TOO STUPID to FIND THE TRUTH for yourself, and they use a LIE to CONTROL YOU. Don't let them CONTROL you. Think for yourself. FIND THE TRUTH!

May 13, 2014   Tax revenues up, but it's not enough. thevileone has spent so much (with the help of the House and Senate, too) that even the record revenue hasn't made a real dent. I wish I could turn back time and make thevileone become a different person so that he wouldn't hate America and he wouldn't have done all of this destruction to us. I hate what he has done to America and what America's weakness has done to the world.

May 13, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   OVER $5 BILLION and counting for the development and alleged use of the websites for this piece of garbage. Of course, the prices for those who chose to enroll are going UP. shock. surprise.

"The increases range from 0.57 percent, proposed by the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, to 14.2 percent by Group Health Options."
A 14.2% increase: what? You didn't expect it after we told you it would be happening? According to one whistleblower, it's not just the $5 BILLION website costs, it's ridiculous that we're paying folks to sit and DO NOTHING when they're supposed to be reviewing applications for the TAX. But, no. It's the ACORN equivalent that is in charge of this part, so why expect work? It's not just the website and the workers we're WASTING money on. The thing is totally flawed but the dumborats (and some republirats) won't stop supporting it because it's about CONTROL, not health. Remember "If you like your doctor..."? This thing is INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to LIMIT CHOICES and if your doctor wasn't one of the limited choices, too darn bad. And their LIES just keep rolling in. Don't ya' love an administration that wouldn't know the truth if it kissed them on the lips, slipped them the tongue and grabbed their crotches all at the same time? Yes, that's what thevileone does for us: LIES and grabs and grabs and LIES. It's all about CONTROL.

May 13, 2014   36,007 DANGEROUS CRIMINALS thevileone released. It's all because they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and thevileone does NOT CARE about YOUR safety. If he cared about YOUR safety would he have:

"The crimes committed by illegal aliens released from federal custody include homicide, sexual assault, theft, kidnapping and alcohol-related driving convictions. In all, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) freed 36,007 aliens convicted of 88,000 crimes from detention centers throughout the United States, according the breathtaking agency records, which were obtained this month by a nonpartisan research center dedicated to studying immigration issues. [my bolding]"
Remember, your children are in greater danger because thevileone didn't do the RIGHT thing and send the ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS back to Mexico (or wherever), nor did he KEEP THEM IN PRISON. Instead, he just releases them to do whatever they wish to US so that HE and the dumborats can get more votes. They can vote if they're out of prison (at least, they can get away with it), but in prison they're not supposed to. That's the point.

May 13, 2014   LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Toooo GOOOOD!

May 13, 2014   Good! Surprising, but good. Whoever would have expected Harvard to do the right thing?

May 13, 2014   BENGHAZI:   Ted Cruz is right. Trey Gowdy leading the charge to prove it. Shockingly, two dumborats endorse the Select Committee looking into BENGHAZI. Maybe they're more concerned about the four dead Americans than the party who made them dead: as they should be. And back to Cruz, who has ten questions about BENGHAZI. I probably have a few more than ten, but his will do.

May 13, 2014   I am PRO-LIFE.   The VA Governor is not. Typical dumborat is trying to subvert the laws that make baby-killing clinics hold to certain standards. In Kansas, they're DEFUNDING planned kill-your-baby-hood. Hurray for KS! Doing the RIGHT thing is always good! While the dumborats support killing babies all the time, a new study finds that abortion has disastrous affects on your future.

"A new study has concluded that, while largely ignored by the scientific community, abortion is undoubtedly the most consequential issue determining the socioeconomic and demographic composition of the United States."
If you want a brighter future for yourself, DON'T have an abortion. Don't do as the dumborats want you to do and kill your BABY, carry your baby to term and raise him/her yourself or adopt the baby to a relative, to to a couple who can't have children and will be good to your child. It's the most loving choice for your baby and for yourself.

May 13, 2014   Common Crap Core:   This is what they're "teaching" your children. Is this good enough? That's the kind of thing the federal government thinks is good enough for your children. (BTW, If it's not a federal government program why was the federal government pushing it?) There are some teachers out there, like this one, who do NOT support this crud.

May 13, 2014   That's it for today. Until next time, See ya'!

May 12, 2014: 4:12 p.m.   Hello! I hope everyone had as great a Mother's Day as did I. I had french toast made from cinnamon bread for breakfast. We served it with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup. We also had bacon, scrambled eggs and I drank Golden French Toast coffee! Yummm! For supper we had homemade lasagne with green beans and garlic bread and a white cake with raspberry filling for dessert. How many pounds I put on in one day I've been afraid to check! I got really good binoculars to help in my birdwatching, some cut roses and a calla lily plant. To make it even better, I got my Mom something she has been wanting for a few years now and making her life better always makes me happy. So she's going to have a great -- if late -- Mother's Day when she arrives here this Sunday. I'm looking forward to teaching her how to use her new Olympus Pen camera! She has been wanting a DSLR camera for a while now and I am so glad I thought of it for her gift! It is a joy for me to give things to my Mom that make her enjoy her life more, or make her life better for her in some way. I've given her a new oven, dishwasher, countertops, point and shoot cameras, computers, MP3 players, etc., to make her smile. It's one of my greatest pleasures to see my Mom happy. So, that makes my Mother's Day. Hope you had one that was just as wonderful. Just in case you didn't, although the concept of "Mother" was foreign to him because he was born from a test tube, and only knows Gru as his idea of a "Dad", Hank, my minion, did some research and found out what a Mother is and how important she is in a minion's (or child's) life. So here's "Minion Monday: Happy Mother's Day!" Now on with the blurbs.

May 12, 2014   thevileone's admin protecting SOME TERRORISTS and allowing them to enter America!

"[thevileone's] administration appears to have a terrorist 'hands off' list that permits individuals with extremist ties to enter the country, according to internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents obtained by a United States Senator."
Do you really think thevileone gives a flying flip about your safety or the safety of your children? Think again!

May 12, 2014   MERS case in Orlando. That's scary. Inform yourself of what it is and what steps to take to avoid getting it. If you develop symptoms be sure to see your doctor.

May 12, 2014   Bad Cop! No Donut!   Officer threatens arrest for filming him manhandling suspect. It is LEGAL to film cops doing their duties. If they are misbehaving and you are filming that misbehavior it's LEGAL to film that. If the cop has a problem with being filmed doing his wrong behavior then he should STOP BEHAVING BADLY and he won't have a problem. BTW, along the same lines, WHAT? That's nonsense. If it's LEGAL to video a cop, it's also legal to audio him. Come on. Get real.

May 12, 2014   Speaking of cops, did the media spin the FL Sheriff's Association stance Or did they get it right, just put it in different words? Back on May 6, 2014 and May 7, 2014 I posted a link to an article that said that the FL Sheriff's Association would not support your right to take your gun with you in case of an emergency. Well, yes, and no, as it turns out. IF you have a CCW, they'll support your right to take your gun with you. IF you do not have a CCW they want you to have to leave your gun home for the looters to find. Isn't that special? Allow some the right to protect the property that will allow them to protect themselves but others will have to do without that protection in case of an emergency and leave their property behind for those who do not respect the law. The FL Sheriff's Association may have a singular point in this: the law as written may be difficult to enforce. But considering how often the law enforcement officers of America are having difficulties with the fact that it's LEGAL to FILM officers what difference does it make if the law, as written, is a bit confusing to law enforcement? Shouldn't they be the ones making the effort to understand and find a way? After all, it is their job.

May 12, 2014   Common Crap Core   It's weeding out the weenies: the backlash for supporting this thing is growing and claiming its first "victims" -- besides our children, that is. You know they say that this IS NOT a FEDERAL program, so if it's NOT a federal program, how can the FEDERAL DEPT. OF ED erect obstacles to LEAVING it? Answer me that. It all started with thevileone's "Race To The Top" program (question is, which definition of "race" was he using, considering that we know thevileone IS A RACIST (NOTE; I remind you that "thevileone" is my term for the current president of the United States of America. The Western Journalism article actually uses his proper name, which I do not allow on my website, thus the bracketed "thevileone" instead of his proper name::

"But the impending harassment of even the private sector for non-compliance with bogus and probably unconstitutional race-based regulations should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about [thevileone]. To [thevileone], forcing the government to carry out his race-based ideology has always been one of his goals as demonstrated by his own statements and actions throughout his career. He was raised with the message of hate; he married a woman with like views, his most trusted friends share also in this ideology, and he will continue to implement racist bias into his Presidential term and jeopardize our freedom—not as whites, blacks Asians or Hispanics, but as Americans."
This is just another one of those programs. As Rush Limbaugh says, the "lowest common denominator" is what Common Crap Core is about. I don't mean the math equation, I mean the LCD within PEOPLE. How can the make us all equally stupid, or one as dumb as the other so that no one is better than the rest, no one stands out, no one excels? That's what Common Crap Core is all about: lowering expectations to almost non-existent so that it won't matter if one public-schooled child is stupid since they're ALL GOING TO BE STUPID. This will enable the dumborats and liberals/progressives/lefties to LIE to them and not have any opposition because everyone will be too stupid to find out the truth for themselves. That's what Common Crap Core is all about: how low in IQ can you go? You know this thing's gotta' be bad when even CHICAGO teachers OPPOSE it! They're forcing our military bases into it so our soldiers' children will be stupid first. Sweet. (*sarcasm*) Although its supporters mock those of us against it, it's still BAD FOR OUR CHILDREN. Homeschool your kids, folks. It's so much better for them. And, personally, I don't think we should go down this road. No jeb bush. I used to respect him, but he supports Common Crap Core, so no. I don't respect him anymore.

May 12, 2014   Pope: Baptism for "Martians"?! Say what?! (*Twilight Zone music*)

May 12, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Kidnapping little girls and forcing conversion to Islam? If it's a FORCED conversion, it is not a conversion. It is trying to stay alive and nothing more. Using children as a weapon is against the Geneva Convention so why are these terrorists not being hunted down by the U.N. and every country in the world not taking part in finding these girls and freeing them? No matter how much lefties defend Islam, the horrendous acts of Boko Haram are based on Islamic beliefs (even National Geographic calls them "Islamist") and hillclintoon's State Department refused to acknowledge them as a terrorist group. When will the lefties start TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM? Read "The Truth About Muhammed" by Robert Spencer to find out the reality about Islam. It's not even CLOSE to what you've been told. In fact, it's a political weapon more than a religion and "peace and tolerance" have nothing to do with it.

May 12, 2014   BENGHAZI:   Lefties CANNOT admit the TRUTH about BENGHAZI. If it weren't so harmful to the families it would be almost (almost) funny. In fact, the left is so desperate to distance thevileone from any responsibility whatsoever that pelosipig claims two of the families called her and asked that it not be looked into anymore. She said that they told her it was too painful for them to try to find out the truth. Rrrriiiiiggghhhttt. Let's see the NSA turn over the recording of that phone call! On the flip(-ed-out) side, envirowheel   wackos are saying "climate change" made Boko Haram kidnap the girls. (*more Twilight Zone music*)

May 12, 2014   secondamendment   Video debunks gun show MYTHS, i.e., LIES the left uses to scare people about gun shows. The left LIES. Reembmer that. Do you like to eat at Jack-In-The-Box? Don't bring a gun. At least, that's what they'd "prefer". Sorry. Won't be eating at JITB anytime soon. Not only because they don't have them here (as far as I know) but also because I have the right to defend myself no matter where I am and the Second Amendment says that my right "shall not be infringed". JITB can do without my business even if I am in an area where they are. In NJ, lefties are pushing for "smart guns". It will be more expensive to own a gun so only the rich (think rosie o'donnell and her ilk; or their security guards) will be able to afford it. Is that what the Founding Fathers wanted?

May 12, 2014   $20 BILLION for thevileone to fly in updated helicopters. That's YOUR money. Soon you'll have to eat the peanut butter and jelly off a spoon because you won't be able to afford the bread thanks to thevileone's spending for himself and his family.

May 12, 2014   On that wunnerful wunnerful note I'll close for today. Until next time, See ya'!

May 9, 2014: 12:03 p.m.   I'll be taking the rest of Friday. I'll tell you why on Monday. Don't forget this Sunday is Mother's Day so honor your mother with at least a phone call. I will post the Flag Friday pic for this week, "Tribute To Our Heroes 163: The Hurt" Until Monday, then, have a great weekend! See ya'!

May 8, 2014: 4:20 p.m.   This is NOT good. To have no idea what our form of government is currently is NOT a good thing for the Fed Chair. Really, that's a bad sign. More bad news:

"Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, referencing the Congressional Budget Office's long-term budget projections, told the Joint Economic Committee of Congress today that "under current policies the federal government’s deficits 'will rise to unsustainable levels.'"
That's bad, too. To make me feel oh, so much better (*sarcasm*), is the "possibility of a new financial crisis developing in the second half of this year." Aren't you glad we allowed voter fraud to get thevileone into the Red House? (BTW, what to call it: Titanic.)

May 8, 2014   Will lois need Superman to get her out of House arrest? I wouldn't hold my breath, especially since bonehead boehner won his primary against a good man and True Conservative. What is wrong with the people of Ohio? Why would they do something that stupid? I don't know but I do wish that someone like Trey Gowdy was in charge of this committee so that we could get the TRUTH out of lerner. With 10% of TEA Party donors audited by the IRS (Illegally Reviewing Some?) one would think there would be no need for questions, just a hardcore decision to punish those who did the wrong thing; especially the leadership. But, republirat leadership is too wimpy-cowardly-crybaby to be anything but overcooked spaghetti, so (as I said) don't hold your breath.

May 8, 2014   Pssssttt! Israel, don't believe a word she says! She has a record of LYING. shock. surprise.

May 8, 2014   That's rich. The most dysfunctional human alive says that? SMH. Of course, the hollyweirdos swallow every word. I sometimes think that hollyweirdos are just folks who really need other people's applause and approval and will do anything and everything to get it. They're needy wannabes who think they've made it because they've got an award or ninety (of course with at least one award show per day for hollyweird, how can anyone in hollyweird NOT have an award?). Too bad all they are is still needy. I'll add "GULLIBLE" to that, too. There are also a lot of sexual perverts there.

May 8, 2014   The "tolerant" left tolerates EVERYTHING except free speech for Conservatives and Christians. It's the most acceptable form of discrimination on earth to shut a Christian up, to shut down his/her business, to assault them as they hold a sign. It's not only acceptable, it's applauded by the lefties. You're a hero if you do something to a Christian, including infringe upon the Free Speech rights of said Christian. Tolerance for the left is a one way street: WE must tolerate THEM. They don't have to tolerate anything we do for even a millisecond. Must be nice to be in CONTROL.

May 8, 2014   thevileone to pledge equal education for ILLEGALS. Sorry, but where do they get equal rights with AMERICAN CITIZENS? Oh, I forgot. He's a god in his own mind so he can do whatever he wants with his Magic Pen and phone. Bad me.

May 8, 2014   This man is a LEADER on the LEFT:

Sad and pathetic. Okay. Stop laughing now. Go dry your eyes. Does that video not tell you anything? Why would anyone follow that? Oh. That's right. Because he goes out there and he says the "keywords" and supports the right issues. Too bad the left never requires a high IQ their leadership.

May 8, 2014   Woops! Hubby's home and we're going to run an errand together. Until next time, See ya'!

May 7, 2014: 3:43 p.m.   I've been postponing my updates today because I've beent trying to figure out what to get my Momma for Mother's Day. For the first time in many years, I'm stumped. I have ideas, but none of them seem right yet. So I'll keep looking, but right now I'm just floundering. For now let's do updates and you can take a look at some of my bird pics. For the most recent, scroll to the bottom of the page. Now, on with the updates.

May 7, 2014   Ted Cruz lists 76 "lawless" acts of thevileone. I said the same thing in October of last year, "Lawless: This Administration is an Acting Dictatorship". Good to see that folks are catching up.

May 7, 2014   Another way to make more debt, to waste more of YOUR money and to help his voter base: $1.9 MILLION to help people choose more nutritious food. Isn't that why you pay taxes?

May 7, 2014   thevileone's LIES:   Eight million signed up for healthcare? LIE. shock. surprise. And he LIES about "climate change", BENGHAZI, the economy, and about everything else. In fact, it has become clear to those paying attention that thevileone LIES so often it has become a habit. But that's just another excuse, IMHO, to make it "nicer" that the guy who swore on a Bible to be good for America is now destroying her and LIES, LIES, LIES to cover up his utter hatred and blatantly destructive actions against America. A LIE is the handle that fits all sins. Our current prezidunce is proof of a LIAR'S destructive capabilities. NEVER trust a LIAR. NEVER.

May 7, 2014   Okay. That's weird. Considering that things are going down that road already (three people "marrying", homosexuals "marrying", etc.), I can't see a reason to disallow it. After all, who is to say what a "marriage" is? GOD, the One who designed it? Why should He have any say in it? Why should He be the one to decide right and wrong... Oh. Sorry. There is no wrong in the eyes of some.

May 7, 2014   Libs say CENSURE Conservative websites. shock. surprise. Libs do that. If you don't like the TRUTH, shut it up. Shut it down. Make sure your opposition doesn't get to tell the TRUTH about you. That's what will make things all better because if the TRUTH isn't spoken, written or released then they don't have to worry about how it affects them. Easy. Shut 'em up! Shut 'em down! Silence the opposition and make sure that the TRUTH stays hidden. It's easier for the left that way. And we all know we want life to be easy for the left, now don't we?

May 7, 2014   secondamendment   Want to vote for hillclintoon? If so, remember she wants to "rein in" gun ownership. She wants her ilk to have the guns and the authority to use them against US, but she doesn't want US to have the ability to defend ourselves and stand up against her tyranny. That's the left for ya'! On another front, the scotUS blew it big time on concealed carry ruling. You must have a "justifiable need" to carry? Where does it say that in the Second Amendment? It doesn't. Now, in Florida, WE MUST STAND UP for our OWN 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS because the Sheriff's Association will not. It's never been in their hands to decide which freedoms we get to exercise. It's in OUR hands. Never let it go!

May 7, 2014   Snicker. What a loser!

May 7, 2014   huffpo has reason to cry. Trust me, they will.

May 7, 2014   Young adults not working. It's part of the economy thevileone has to take blame for as well as part of the way they were raised.

May 7, 2014   Response to evil woman's abortion video comes to fore. My reaction (besides that she's evil) is that her video doesn't show her six months from now, being haunted by the abortion, depressed, angry at herself for having killed the child GOD gave her (although she'll never admit it), using sex, drugs or alcohol to dull the pain. It doesn't show how she cried into her pillow late into the night. It doesn't show how she will face health problems in the future because of the abortion she had to glorify killing of the most innocent life on earth; a child in the womb. Her video doesn't show how she'll deal with the repurcussions for the rest of her life and that depression is going to be her companion until she deals with the horrible thing she did. Her video doesn't show that she'll need to ask forgiveness from GOD, as well as from herself and her baby's daddy, in order to move on in her life. Her video doesn't show the child -- in pieces -- dead in the dish; a child she could have loved, cuddled, raised and cherished. I have a prediction. She will regret it later, but she won't post a video telling us the TRUTH about that regret unless she accepts the Jesus as her Lord and Savior and then she'll tell the TRUTH about it.

May 7, 2014   Discrimination based upon homeschooling? It's going to be legal discrimination because it's not based upon "sexual preference, gender, race, nationality, religion, etc." It's going to be a lot of "Conservatives need not apply" if this is allowed to stand. In this administration, it will not only stand, but it will be applauded and the scotUS with john roberts on it won't even consider taking it up, nor ever ruling against thevileone's desires. Whatever they have on john roberts, he is now their puppet, which makes the entire allegedly "supreme" court their puppet.

May 7, 2014   Scientists playing with fire. "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!"

May 7, 2014   On that note, I shall stop for now. Until next time, See ya'!

May 6, 2014: 10:56 a.m.   BENGHAZI:   Delusions of advisors helped hide the TRUTH. Now that the TRUTH is coming out about BENGHAZI we need to make sure that the people know about it. We need to get ALL of the TRUTH for the families of the victims. Those four men died because of this administration's having set them up. To allow the murderers to get off scott free would be a slap to the victims' families. Meanwhile, ketchup kerry gives the BENGHAZI information subpoena the finger. He says he won't comply with a subpoena. He's that far above the law. Takes after his boss. Besides, he's too busy spending YOUR taxpayer dollars on globe trotting to answer the House's questions. He's going to be in Mexico. He's not going to change his schedule to comply with a subpoena! Why, it's absurd to think a subpoena is that important. (*sarcasm*) I have a prediction for you. I predict that if someone is going to be blamed for this -- someone besides a republirat -- I predict that the one to be thrown under the bus will be hillclintoon. thevileone has used her before and will do so again in a heartbeat to save his own backside. If anyone takes a fall for this, it will be hillclintoon. Mark my words.

May 6, 2014: 12:58 p.m.   FL Sheriff's Association wants YOU to have to LEAVE YOUR GUNS in case of emergency. If you have to leave them behind the looters can come and get them then you'll be held responsible for doing what the Sheriff tells you to do? What about your Second Amendment rights when it comes to emergencies? Where does the U.S. Constitution say that your Second Amendment rights go away in cases of emergency? Remember when I wrote in April of 2013, "In Whose Hands Is YOUR Freedom?" Yeah. You need to pay attention and be ready to be the one who stands up for your OWN SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

May 6, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Romneycare being swallowed up by thevileone's healthcareTAX. MA is trying to do something -- anything! -- to try to make a failure into an even worse failure. That's what happens when dumborats rule for a long time. In NV approximately 90,000 MORE people will lose their insurance coverage. That's still the truth, still reality for what thevileone has done. Well, that's okay. It's just us: "We, The People" and not them. It's going to cost even more than the last calculation but that doesn't matter. It's still thevileone's healthcareTAX and it's all okay as long as it's whatever he wants. He must be obeyed. The state run marketplaces are still a mess and it's not going well in the states when it comes to paying for it. For instance, in OK, less than half those who signed up have paid their first premium. Tells us something about their true desire to have it, yes? Maybe they haven't paid their premiums because they know that there will be a lack of doctors to the tune of 91,500 by 2020 (so much for "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor."). With that many doctors getting out of the doctoring business why pay the premium for a policy that won't be able to deliver anything? People are waking up and that is a good thing. Problem is, they're paying a high price for that rooster!

May 6, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Assignment: Prove the Holocaust did NOT happen. It's sixteen pages worth of an asignment, so it's not a single line typo. When you spend that much space on something, it's intentional. Isn't this what you want your children to learn: anti-Semitism? The Holocaust DID happen. The victims of the gas chambers and the horrific experiments and starvation are real and there were witnesses within our own liberating Army members who saw the truth with their own eyes and could never forget what they saw, what the prisons did to those people and how many awful things they saw as they went through those death camps. It's too well documented, witnessed and the artifacts, the pictures, the documentation is too abundant and truthful to be a creation of a hoax. I stand with Israel and will never stop doing so. Did you know that a Dad was arrested for speaking out against it and that there's a teacher who is "ashamed" of teaching this crap? It's so bad that good teachers -- yes, there are some good teachers -- are ashamed of it? That's very telling. The teacher should also be ashamed of the data mining Glenn Beck documents in his book, "CONFORM". Data mining includes getting info on what religion you are, how much time you spend working on weekends, how much you make annually, etc., then they sell the info to commercial companies. Think of what kinds of junk mail you'll be getting once the school system little Johnny attends finds out that Dad's a CPA, Mom stays home and loves to do scrapbooking, Susie is involved in softball and ballet and Johnny himself loves animals, NASCAR and plans to be a dentist. Can you imagine the targeted junk mail you'll now receive? That's a big part of this piece of crud: selling the info to make government more money. Isn't that special?

May 6, 2014   The face of EVIL comes in many forms. This is one.

May 6, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Incest? Oh, yeah! That's okay in Shariah Law now! Wanna' "have fun" with your daughter? Totally acceptable. Wanna' find out what's beneath your sister's hajib? Go for it! For men, there are now no stops in Shariah Law. For a man in Shariah Law, if it feels good, do it! Rape your daughter, then kill her for damaging YOUR HONOR. It's all go in Shariah Law. Want that for America? If not, STAND AGAINST IT!

May 6, 2014   How much you wanna' bet that the idiot BOCC members -- all EXCEPT Commissioner Infantini -- will try to do as CA: tax you for every mile you drive? Four of them would vote for it. Let's hope that enough people would actually show up and stand against this tax when it does come here. Otherwise, considering how long this county is and how far some folks must drive to get to and from work daily, there will be folks moving OUT of Brevard County at the earliest possible opportunity and Brevard County will actually be killed by the BOCC. Would it surprise anyone, considering the number of taxes they've already raised (stormwater, anyone?) and how many they still plan on doing so?

May 6, 2014   Of course they did it wrong. What else do you expect? Farm bill had critical mistakes and it's just going to make matters worse. shock. surprise. It's not as if we should EXPECT the House and Senate to do the RIGHT thing, now is it?

May 6, 2014   What happens if N. Korea does collapse? China will swoop in and take over? Or will the people rise up and demand a change of direction as they've dreamt of freedom for so long? I pray the latter.

May 6, 2014   I've given you reasons to NOT legalize "medical marijuana" use and now, The Heritage Foundation, too, says it would be a mistake. See? I was right again.

May 6, 2014   Hubby surprised me and came home for lunch. I guess I'm finished for now. Until next time, See ya'!

May 5, 2014: 5:39 p.m.   Back from Georgia and I believe we got all of the things my Mother-In-Law wanted done completed. We actually did a few other things, too. The only problem was that the other folks who stay with her sometimes love the beds she has; I do not. She has rocks for beds. Big, hard, cement-style boulders in the shape of a mattress and covered with sheets and I can't sleep well on that. I have a memory foam mattress with three inches of gel infusion at the top. I got up Saturday morning with an aching back. I was pulled out of bed by my hubby Sunday morning with my back screaming at me. I had to stretch my back until I could move without agony. I was so glad one of the projects we got finished on Saturday was replacing the shower head in the bathroom we were using. I stepped in there and put it onto the "massage" setting and sighed. Hard beds are the pits. I didn't really want to get out of my bed today, but I did. Then I spent the morning thinking about climbing back in! Thus, the late start. I'm over it and here's a few blurbs.

May 5, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Avoiding penalties? It's more like making sure the truth is suppressed for the first three years of this crud. That way no one can say what a miserable failure it is until it's too late to make it go away. Louisiana is still fighting it and a UConn poll says Americans are still "skeptical" about it, which is putting it mildly, IMHO. If they want to dumb down our children and make them totally government dependent why be so sneaky about it? Why not just come out and tell us so? Remember, if they have to lie to you they're hiding something:

"Many states, now more than a year into Common Core implementation, have discovered the standards and its accompanying curriculum are not what they were promised."
In other words, THEY LIED TO YOU! Wake up! Wake up to the fact that it IS a FEDERAL program, or the feds wouldn't be threatening states that withdraw from it! Would they? That's apparently what NC will face if they opt out of this crud, too. What's shocking to me is that some parents are soooo out of it and disengaged that they don't even know about this thing. That's disgusting and it's bad parenting. Parents should be totally engaged in their child's life, not so disengaged that when the feds try to dumb their child down their only concern is whether the school's free lunch program will still be offered to their child! Let me ask you this: If Common Crap Core is so new, fair and wunnerful-wunnerful, why is it the same-old same-old doing the program? It's not good for your children. I still say "Homeschool your children, folks." It's so much better for them! Is Florida heading toward a LGBT friendly program: AIR? Which will also be involved in some heavy duty data mining on YOUR CHILDREN. (Isn't that special?) (*sarcasm*) I think it would be a GREAT thing if we STOPPED this thing and saved our children and their futures. But, hey, I'm just a Mom, FL resident and VOTER. Floridians face a dark road with this kind of leadership response to our concerns. Is this what you want?

May 5, 2014   envirowheel   The only ones who still push "Global Warming" are those who use it to CONTROL YOU. IF the TRUTH were told to him, he'll still use it to CONTROL YOU. Even science is starting to admit that -- at least in some areas -- COOLING has taken place. So where, exactly, is the "GLOBAL" part of the cooling? Wherever it is, the alarmism is "wicked", so says a Brit. I finally agree with a Brit! Amazing miracle.

May 5, 2014   Voter ID law "discriminates", so says clintoon appointed judge. Wow! That was unforeseen! (*sarcasm*).

May 5, 2014   House to float a bill to end NSA surveillance. Which dumborat or leftie republirat will have the BB gun to shoot that one down? Yeah. I have no hope it will pass. They're enjoying too much the blackmail made possible from the surveillance. US supreme court justice john roberts, anyone?

May 5, 2014   As I said when I started this would be a day of a few blurbs and I think I'm at my limit for today. So, I'll leave you with a smile. It's Minion Monday: Calling Dr. Hank! Have a great evening and until next time, See ya'!

May 2, 2014: 10:19 a.m.   BENGHAZI   Yes, BENGHAZI was two years ago, but that doesn't mean that it isn't important. If you want to know how important it is, ask the mother of one of the people who were murdered by this administration if it's important to know THE TRUTH. This administration can't recognize the truth in any way, shape, or form. For instance, blarney carney is at his usual podium with the usual LIES:

"At his press briefing April 30, Carney took a question about the new documents from ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. 'Jay, I guess you’re aware that Judicial Watch obtained an email from Ben Rhodes to staff members about the Benghazi attack.' Carney disputed Karl’s characterization-'That’s incorrect'—and followed with a jaw-dropping claim. 'The email and the talking points were not about Benghazi. They were about the general situation in the Muslim world where you saw, as you may recall, protests.'"
If you believe that stand on your head, touch your left knee to your right kidney and spit in your own right ear. All of this new info is bringing some republirats to their senses: at least about BENGHAZI. Krauthammer compares the e-mails released to the Nixon tapes. IMHO, a talking, burning bush that's not being consumed could not get some folks to believe that thevileone LIES constantly, including about BENGHAZI. So a U.S. military General says "we didn't even try" it means nothing to some folks unless it means he's just one of the haters. They'll stand by thevileone even though he wasn't even in the Situation Room during the BENGHAZI attacks. He handled it personally, in their opinion. Okay. Have it their way. If he handled it personally, that makes him personally responsible for the four lives lost. Oh, well, that isn't true because he didn't do it. They can't have it both ways. Either he handled it personally and he's personally responsible for FOUR AMERICAN'S DEATHS, or he didn't know about it, wasn't making the decisions and he didn't have responsibility for the deaths, but was just an incompetent, irresponsible prezidunce. Which is it? As expected, and like hillclintoon, pelosipig thinks we should be talking about something else:
"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the emails were a distraction from real issues.

"'Diversion, subterfuge, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi,' Pelosi said, according to CBS News. 'Why aren’t we talking about something else?'"
thevileone's administration is doing the "diversion, subterfuge" and is responsible for FOUR AMERICAN'S DEATHS at "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi". She's just trying to cover up for them! So we have the proof that thevileone LIED about BENGHAZI. When will thevileone be IMPEACHED?

May 2, 2014   Stand against abortion and get hated on. As usual. His twins were aborted without his knowledge or consent. They were part of HIM, too, but his girlfriend got to choose DEATH for them. He had no say. He didn't even know she had killed them; she said it was a miscarriage. Imagine how betrayed he felt when he was told his babies were gone and he helped comfort her over "their" loss -- a loss he thought she shared with him. Instead, she KILLED his children and she accepted that comfort, the special things he did for her to help her cope with the loss SHE CAUSED, and then to find out she KILLED those babies of his? Can you imagine the betrayal? Of COURSE he broke up with her! He probably agrees with MLK's niece: abortion is "black genocide" just as the Planned "Parenthood" (A.K.A. Planned Killerhood) founder, Margret Sange, wanted.

May 2, 2014   Dobson "tears into" thevileone. GOOD! It's about time a prominent Christian SPOKE THE TRUTH about this evil in the RED House and makes sure that history records at least ONCE a Christian speaking the truth to power! I think it's about time! It's time to stop this namby-pamby, candy-coated, chocolate- wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth-I'm-so-sweet Christianity and start standing as Christ did against the money changers in the temple. HE went and MADE HIS OWN cat-o-nine tails and took it into the temple and overthrew the money changers' tables and used the whip on them! THAT'S what CHRIST did! So next time you wear a "WWJD" anything, REMEMBER THE TEMPLE!

May 2, 2014   hillclintoon hates the media. The story asks what she's afraid of. I have an answer: more Botox.

May 2, 2014   Since his swearing in (or should I say "lying in"?) the U6 unemployment number has stayed between 12.3$ and 17.1%. In April the labor force shrank by more than 800,000. So when it comes to America's "booming economy", you may wish to rethink that.

May 2, 2014   I wish America would run out of bad news on this subject: Aaaaahhhh... public schools. It's ridiculous how many bad teacher stories there are out there. Why would anyone send their children to a public school and expose them to this kind of bad behavior? Teachers are supposed to be a good example to the children under their tutelage. Instead, the children are targets for sexual perverts, druggies and violence. It's not just illegal, it's immoral. To send your child into that sort of atmosphere is also wrong. You'll say "One bad apple..." Correct. But considering that there have been so many convictions of teachers lately, I ask you "Where is the ONE part of that saying?" If it were JUST ONE, I'd be fine with public school attendance. Considering the fact that it's not just one, but a seemingly growing number of teachers who are convicted of wrongdoing, why is it acceptable to take the chance? Percentages are increasing, not decreasing. The pressures put on the teachers, the lack of moral right and wrong from the teachers and the students, the lack of the presence of GOD in the schools, all add up to a really bad atmosphere in public schools. If my boys were school age again, I would still homeschool them.

May 2, 2014   Wanna' help tell the TRUTH about hermit gosnell, baby killer?

May 2, 2014   The left's hypocrisy on parade; again. shock. surprise.

May 2, 2014 &nbp On that note I shall close for today. I have to finish packing and getting things gathered up to go to GA. So, take a gander at my "Tribute To Our Heroes 162: When in the Dark and Doubt of Days". Thank you for your service. Until next time, See ya'!

May 1, 2014: National Day Of Prayer   Pray for our nation.

May 1, 2014: 11:02 a.m.   I missed doing updates yesterday because I was out of the house most of the day. Errands to do, etc., as life happens. Tomorrow I may do a few updates and then have to go because I'm heading to GA for the weekend. My mother-in-law has some household repairs that need done and I'll be going up with my hubby and bro-in-law to help with that (and see some birds that I haven't yet seen!). So it's been a busy week again. Today, I'll have to get the updates done later because I'm heading to the movies with my friend who has moved back here from Texas! Hurray! While looking for the movie theater that had the movie we want to see, Heaven Is For Real, I saw that the Cobb Theaters in Merritt Island does not allow concealed carry:

"At Cobb Theatres, we are dedicated to ensuring a quality movie experience for all guests. For this reason, please note our Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the following:


"•No possession of weapons of any kind is permitted on property."
Not liking the idea of being a sitting duck (or that would be a "Sit AND Duck" in a movie theater), I wrote them the following:
"I just read on your website that -- even though I have my CCW permit -- I am not allowed to carry a concealed weapon into your theaters. That's a problem, not for me but for you. If I am not allowed to defend myself from a crazy while I'm in your theater then your theater is a no-go zone for me. I must be allowed to defend myself anywhere I am. You lose my business."
I'll let you know if I hear back from them. That's all I have time for now. Until later today, See ya'!

May 1, 2014: 2:01 p.m.   My friend has been having some health issues and they acted up before we could get together today so she cancelled our get together. I am praying for her health to improve. In the meantime, I can do updates!

May 1, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   GA "Health Freedom Law" to go into effect July 1st. I like that they are taking steps as a state government to protect their freedom and the liberties of their residents. Is Texas, the state that is allegedly one of the "best" at this kind of thing, doing something similar? They have a group pushing it, and they've actually passed something, but what it does to help, I'm not sure. There is a national organization helping states figure out what they can do to avoid participating in and being damaged by this crappy TAX law. I think we should REPEAL NOT REPLACE this piece of donkey dung. Betsy McCaughey wants it repealed and replaced:

"Even Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) speculated Friday that repeal is unlikely because it will be 'difficult to turn the clock back.'"

"Nonsense. Even by the most inflated administration claims, some 8 million people have signed up for exchange plans, out of a nation of 318 million. ObamaCare is repealable, and should be replaced with a plan to cover the uninsured and reduce costs."
The problem with replacing it is that it's still the government deciding the who/what/when/where/how/why of healthcare. It should be something YOU decide when it comes to your doctor, your insurer, which policy you buy, how long you want to push for treatment of any particular ailment (that is, not a death panel's decision), etc. That's called "FREEDOM". We need every influential voice to push for that instead of a government program. BTW, only 67% have allegedly paid their premiums; "allegedly" because it's this administration and who knows what the TRUTH is in this? Something laughable: even CNN is calling thevileone on his lies about this thing. CNN? Really? Yep. Maybe they've read the numbers. It ain't pretty. The only reason this thing was offered in the first place was because he wanted to give folks another way to get a free ride. It's another way to destroy America and that's all he cares about.

May 1, 2014   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools. If this is what they teach in public schools about proper behavior, I'd double my efforts to get folks to homeschool their children. Between that and teachers who have sex with their students, not just one teacher and one student, it's happening all over America. If teachers aren't having sex with the students, some teachers beat their students. Some just do drugs or sexually harass their students, but one is just so fed up with her chosen profession and its commensurate frustrations that she allegedly threatened to bomb her own school. Public schools: safe, secure, friendly. Why not send your children there?

May 1, 2014   Common Crap Core   Rebrand the program and push it, the GOP (Grand Ol' Progressives) say. Sounds to me like a great idea (*sarcasm*) Speaking of schools, did you know that in Colorado the students said the pledge TO ALLAH? Aaaaaahhh.... public schools.

May 1, 2014   I just don't think this will work out for the good. I don't know that genetically mutating human skin cells to create sperm (of all things!) will turn out the way anyone of the creators think it will. I hope that IF a baby or babies are conceived by any of these mutated cells that the baby/babies are not also mutated by it in some way. Also, think what this will do to sperm banks, sperm donors, etc., if they can use skin cells instead of the real thing. BTW, can a woman now be the father of her own baby? We have yet to test that, I suppose.

May 1, 2014   While we're having our National Day of Prayer, Russia was having its May Day parade. May Day celebrates Russia's Lenin wrote of May Day 1900:

"In another six months, the Russian workers will celebrate the first of May of the first year of the new century, and it is time we set to work to make the arrangements for organizing the celebrations in as large a number of centers as possible, and on as imposing a scale as possible, not only by the number that will take part in them, but also by their organized character, by the class-consciousness they will reveal, by the determination that will be shown to commence the irrepressible struggle for the political liberation of the Russian people, and, consequently, for a free opportunity for the class development of the proletariat and its open struggle for Socialism."
So Russia celebrates May Day to celebrate Socialism. No wonder we pray for our country on May 1st: we have a socialist as prezidunce and we need to protect America from thevileone!

May 1, 2014   thevileone USED TO BE FOR net neutrality. He didn't want the government to be in control of, nor involved in controling, the internet. He hasn't taken it over. Instead, he gave it up. Now we have to face censorship from other countrie. Isn't that freedom? That's what thevileone has done.

May 1, 2014   thevileone wasting YOUR money again. He gave $24.5 MILLION to push circumcisions in Swaziland? That's YOUR MONEY! Did you really want to spend it that way, or would you prefer spending it on defending America and helping our vets? I know my preference!

May 1, 2014   As long as he's not "giving aide and comfort to our enemies", i.e., telling them our secrets, I think Snowden DESERVES this award. Without his whistleblowing, we wouldn't know the true extent of the spying America is doing on its own people.

May 1, 2014   I'm sorry, but hubby just got home and I'm going to stop here and spend time with him. He went to work at midnight last night and got home just a few minutes ago so he's been gone a long time. Remember: just a few blurbs tomorrow and then I'll be in GA for the weekend. Until next time, See ya'!

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