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August 25, 2014: 2:16 p.m.   GIVE to help CA earthquake victims. Folks are going to be hurting for a while. On top of CA's own disasterous policies and politics they have an earthquake that destroyed homes, roads and office buildings. They need our help. Please give to your fellow Americans.

August 28, 2014: 7:42 p.m.   Late start today because I stayed up all night last night. I started to go to bed but while brushing my teeth a poem started in my head so I grabbed a notepad nearby and started to write it down (Yes, I keep a notepad in the bathroom for reminders and situations like this. You should, too.). Well, that led to me coming back to my office and my computer because the poem was just flowing. It turns out that I used it for my Flag Friday "Tribute To Our Heroes 179: A Thousand Years" pic. I post it now because after writing that poem I didn't get much sleep before getting back up and I don't know if I'l be up at midnight to post it then. Hopefully I'll have been asleep for at lest a little while by then. So, anyways, that's what's up. I had to get some work done around the house and sat down to do updates. Hopefully I won't be sleeping at my computer in five minutes! Let's get started in an effort to prevent that.

August 28, 2014   JW sues CA university to end state tuition grants for illegals. That will save CA taxpayers a LOT of money. It's one thing to say "Okay, you're here and you have to eat until we can send you back to your family." It's another to tax us so that the government (which is allegedly US) can give our money away to provide freebies everything under the sun and more ABSOLUTELY FREE to them! It's wrong to tax law abiding citizens in order to give to people who BROKE OUR LAWS TO GET HERE and TAKE from us! It's not right. It should NOT happen. And if anyone has a problem with me thinking that, too darn bad for them! Considering that CA's welfare system is being extensively defrauded I think that they've got enough troubles.

August 28, 2014   I hope he loses. I hope he loses. I hope he loses. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or comedian.)

August 28, 2014   Smiling.

August 28, 2014   Why is the Do[IN]J giving Bank of America settlement dollars ot leftist groups? You've got four guesses and the first five don't count.

August 28, 2014   IRS's lois lerner erased her Blackberry after asked for files from it. shock. surprise.

August 28, 2014   Putin invades Ukraine and violates Finland's air space. I bet thevileone has no idea what to do. He's so unprepared and that's why Putin is doing what he's doing. Remember, they mock him a lot. You don't mock someone in public if you respect or fear them. thevileone is neither respected nor feared, thus the mocking continues and the people of Ukraine are paying the price.

August 28, 2014   Maybe that's part of why this is happening. I bet the illegal alien amnesty he's planning has something to do with it, too. America doesn't mind people coming to America legally but the illegals coming here and demanding -- and our government mandating -- that we pay for their everything is WRONG. Remember: an "Executive Order" is NOT the LAW. WE DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY EXECUTIVE ORDERS. Those are supposed to be orders to the different departments on how to execute the laws that Congress passes. For him to TELL US to do "X" is NOT THE LAW. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY TO ORDER US AROUND. WE CAN DISOBEY ALL EXECUTIVE ORDERS because they are NOT LAW. Remember that.

August 28, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   CBO says it discourages work. Anything he can do to destroy America is good to him.

August 28, 2014   thevileone's admin SUES MN city for rejecting an Islamic center. Why does he support Islam so much? He sues to help Muslims but I did two searches and I can't find a single incident where he sued to help Christians. Does that not tell you anything?

August 28, 2014   Peace and Tolerance   Muslim men rape nuns. Where are the Muslim women standing up against this violation of women? Where are the Muslim men who think this is wrong and will stand against it? Why is RAPE okay in Islam? Is that what Muhammed would okay? If so, why follow a man who thinks that it's okay to rape women? Is that a man worthy of following? Is the god who would condone that worthy of following? Remember, Islam is bringing its violence to America. So we shall have to be prepared to stand up to them and prevent their lawlessness and violence from gaining a foothold here. That's why I support this bill!

August 28, 2014   Is autism related to vaccines? New study seems to indicate so. If the vaccine is linked to autism the people who covered it up should be in serious trouble.

August 28, 2014   I'm still having difficulties with being able to go to Breitbart and The Blaze without IE crashing. I have no idea why it's happening but I believe they both use WordPress as their platform (as opposed to HTML) and I may have to download something to help with the inability of IE to deal with Cascading Style Sheets right now. I just wanna' go to the sites, have them work properly and not freeze up and be able to link back to their pages. Is that too much to ask? BTW, it's not just my computer. My husband's computer is doing it, too, and it actually started having difficulties before mine did. Can I slap both sites? So, anyways, I will stop there for tonight to prevent me from getting frustrated because I'd love to do some links to those sites but can't. A note: I probably won't be doing updates tomorrow because we have plans for the day. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed and other prisoners, and pray that GOD will stop thevileone. See ya'!

August 27, 2014: 3:44 p.m.   I have to admit that I'm mostly very satisfied with the results of yesterday's elections. I posted the link again just in case you hadn't seen them. I was very happy to see so many of those I liked succeed. Again, Congratulations to them all! Now, on with the updates.

August 27, 2014   msthevileone's lunches are being rebelled against. What a wonderful lesson in FREEDOM for our youth! They are figuring out that the GOVERNMENT should NOT tell them what to eat because what they eat is part of their personal choice and it's part of FREEDOM! I'm so proud of those kids who are rebelling against the food tyrant!

August 27, 2014   Professor bans "Bless you!" I think he's taking things a little too far. It doesn't interrupt class for someone to say "Bless you!" after a sneeze. It's called being kind and curteous. For a professor to ban "Bless you!" but not "Gesundheit" for the same alleged reason is just religious discrimination. ACLJ should give that bigotted professor a call.

August 27, 2014   IMF Chief under investigation. thevileone condoned her getting the position. I wonder if that should tell us anything?

August 27, 2014   Malkin has reason to slame them. When someone is a doormat who enables those who use them as doormats it's just a matter of putting their politics ahead of their own self-respect. Sacrifice yourself to be walked on and used so that the PC ideals can be pushed forward. That's just stupid. But, some folks are more than willing to do it because the powers that be (harry reid, specifically, in this case) want to walk on them and that's just hunky-dorey with them. Some folks have as much self-esteem as a piece of belly button lint. I am not one of those.

August 27, 2014   hillclintOOn:   Her policies destabilized much of the world. Yeah. She was an excellent S.o.S. So good, in fact, that the whole world is now using that distress signal: S.O.S.! S.O.S. because they're in big trouble thanks to thevileone and hillclintOOn. She's TOTALLY incompetent. That "hug summit" must have "taken" because she and thevileone are raising funds together. Tell me something. Why would the dumborats set a primary calendar that would help her? Every time she opens her mouth people dislike her more. Every time she opens her mouth she sticks her grimy foot into it. Remember her "dead broke" comment? Yeah. That helped. It made people look into the facts and find out that while in the White House the clintOOns were always campaigning and receiving money from foreign nationaals (which is totally illegal) and did other things illegally. Now, we see that they are worth almost $80 Million and I wonder how all of that came about. Think about the long list of inexplicable deaths surrounding them and the list of wrongs his tape recordings in which he admitted... What? Must you read the book to find out since Kenneth Starr didn't have access to them. Then there's the scandals: Whitewater, Filegate, accepting money from foreign nationals, etc., etc., etc. This is what hillclintOOn has to face if she decides to run in 2016. What will she do to fend of the idea of her own reputation preceding her? After all, with all of those mysterious deaths surrounding her has thevileone learned from her? (Show me a man's friends and I'll show you the man?) Just asking.

August 27, 2014   Muslim "activists" demand U.S. law enforcement changes their training. Sounds to me like Shariah Law is the next step. After all, Dearborn, MI, is already there so what's to prevent Islam from doing so to the rest of us? WE ARE! That's what. We do NOT kowtow to others demanding that our proven, historic CHRISTIAN FOUNDING be changed from Christianity to Islam. WE SHALL NOT CONFORM! I shall NEVER give in to Islam, to Shariah, to the followers of death. NEVER!

August 27, 2014   What is behind this oddity? I wonder what's actually going on there? Has thevileone found a fall man, or is he the next guy to find a mysterious end? Keep an eye on this. Now that the story has seen the light of day there's going to be a price to pay.

August 27, 2014   Pray for Israel as Iran now threatens them, too. How are they to survive, except that GOD intervene? He will intervene, you know. GOD loves Israel and it was He who put Israel together with his own hands. He drew the outline of it. He gave it to Moses and the children of Israel. Those who pray for Israel will be blessed. So pray for Israel and be blessed.

August 27, 2014   Russia hacked our banks. I thought thevileone had promised to be "more flexible" and that the promise would prevent putin from doing stuff like this. Oh, well. So much for "friends"; with "friends" like that, who needs enemies?

August 27, 2014   Uh.... I'm spechless. What can be said?

August 27, 2014   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools. Some may scoff at my posting these stories, but consider how you would feel if it were YOUR child these teachers had preyed upon. Then scoff at my postings. Considering how many times it happens -- and happens, and happens, and happens, and happens, and happens -- one would think that parents would at least be hesitant to send their children to ANY public school nowadays. But the schools are full and the students pay the price. I think it's horrible that this happens so often and that the UNIONS do what they can to protect predatory teachers and get them severance packages! Not a good thing. This is NOT what our taxpayer dollars should be used for, but it's the way liberals/lefties/progressives do things. We should refuse to pay ALL school-related taxes until our school board kicks the unions out and make our teachers take responsibility for TEACHING and for their own actions. By "teaching" I mean stuff teach them enough to be able to answer questions like this: an 1895 test for 8th grade; or the sample questions given by David Barton of the 1700-1800s tests; or a high school admission test from 1885. How about teaching our students THAT instead of "If it feels good, do it!", or "There is no GOD."? How about TEACHING?! Would that be so hard?

August 27, 2014   The Hamas attack against Israel has reached a peace agreement. I don't trust Hamas as far as I could throw them. Remember a few days ago they had a "cease fire" agreement that lasted only long enough for them to kidnap an Israeli soldier: ninety minutes? Remember the three Israeli teens Hamas kidnapped and killed? That's what started this thing. Now there's allegedly reached a "peace" agreement. I'm guessing this will only last long enough for their arsenal, down from 10,000 to 2,000 rockets, to be replenished. Keep an eye on that.

August 27, 2014   Started late so I'm ending early. Hubby's home. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for America and our troops, pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and all Christian hostages/prisoners, pray that GOD will stop thevileone, and I'll See ya'!

August 26, 2014: 10:33 p.m.: Primary Election Day:   Well, the results are in and those I endorsed did pretty well. I'm not taking credit for their wins, I'm just saying that I chose a lot of the right people (I believe). Within my endorsements I'm going to put the names of those I recommended in heather. I offer my CONGRATULATIONS to those who won. ALSO, I want to congratulate ANDY ZIEGLER on his win. If I had remembered to check that election I would have recommended him, too, because I've been familiar with his name for years and think he's pretty good. So, I'll put some color on some names then we'll go from there.

August 26, 2014   thevileone   He's trying to go around Congress again. Considering that we have laws that cover treaties and all of that, if he does this he is TOTALLY breaking the law and that makes his actions HIGH CRIMES and that WE DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY HIM. It's that simple. It's ANOTHER IMPEACHABLE offense. This Nobel Peace Prize "winner" is considering a war against jihadists in Syria and his bombing of Libya should have gotten him a bonus Nobel Peace Prize because, you know, one good farce deserves another, right? Of course you know he LIED about the IRS e-mails and you know that no one is going to pay a price for LYING to Congress, to the American people, or to any courts they may or may not face. Speaking of truth, thevileone couldn't even begin to spell the word. If his heart is beating he's lying. You know that's the truth.

August 26, 2014   Wanna' put your money where your mouth is? Check out this APP! While you're at it, there's also 2nd Vote that I told you about yesterday. Putting your money where your mouth is works to support the organizations, businesses and people YOU AGREE WITH. If you disagree with a company's politics, why shop there? Why grace them with your presence? Why do so? They'll spend YOUR money on what THEY like to support. So why give them money? Find out where you're spending your money and use that info for your own favorite things -- purchased from a business that won't just give it lip service

August 26, 2014   It has been a long and busy day. I've been running, running, running all day and I'm exhausted. Until next time, See ya'!

August 25, 2014: 2:18 p.m.   It's Monday and you know what that means. Start your week with a smile. "Minion Monday: Hank Likes It!" Hank's girlfriend wanted them to have more in common. So Hank let her dye his hair. She seemed nonplussed.

August 25, 2014   thevileone:   Remember when thevileone went to Martha's Vineyard on your dime then returned home for whatever reason, was said to have put together some Executive Orders and then headed back to Martha's Vineyard on your dime? I wanna' know why those EOs are NOT listed for the public to read. What's he hiding and what's he up to? Fox reports that it's anti-gun EOs:

"The president's executive order banning the reimportation of 'military weapons' really only affects old M-1 Garand 30-06 rifles. These rifles have been used in the Civilian Marksmanship Program program and are mainly purchased by collectors. At one time they were 'military weapons' but they were used in World War II and the Korean War.


"Regarding the second executive order, the only 'corporate' registration is for Class III (machine guns) weapons. Again, the [thevileone's] administration doesn't provide examples of people using a corporation to register handguns or semi-automatic rifles as a way to bypass criminal background checks."
Read the entire article. You need to know this. No wonder he doesn't have those listed. He's after your guns, folks. It's just another step on "The Road To Serfdom". Remember that one line in the story that lets you DISOBEY those (and ALL EOs):
"As with many actions these days by the [thevileone's] administration, the president doesn't have the authority to rewrite the current rules. Changing these rules for corporations requires congressional action. [my bolding]"
Remember, thevileone LIES CONSTANTLY and he lied about guns and gun purchases for at least two weeks before writing new EOs about them. What's next? Targeting semi-auto handguns like mine? If so, we've got a fight on our hands, and we SHALL WIN. Then, he has ordered a review of the militarization of police services. He's probably unhappy that it's not happening quickly enough for him to order them around sooner. After all, once they accept U.S. military equipment are they not beholden to obey him? He gave them stuff, they accepted it, and as with Common Crap core, that means they must obey. Right? They say people are disconnecting from him, not liking how he's doing things, but that doesn't prevent him from being a DICTATOR. After all, dictators rule by (usually deadly) force and they're not exactly loved: feared, yes, but not loved. That's what thevileone is doing: he's DICTATING our lives, the law and America's demise. He's also orchestrating a LAND GRAB in the west. Be ready for TRUE DICTATORSHIP if thevileone gets his way.

August 25, 2014   Did you know that Charlie Crist (D) "circumvented" the rules to give Titanic Director, James Cameron, $20 million. And he wants to be Governor again? Want more of this? (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement: Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or circumventing.)

August 25, 2014   Burger King considers move to Canada because of the tax rates in America. thevileone said he'd create more jobs -- remember his promised "laser focus" on creating jobs? -- apparently he's working on doing so for other countries. It's one more company gone to other countries and how many jobs gone with them? Thanks for nothing, thevileone!

August 25, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Remember, there is a FL organization that fights Common Crap Core. Stay informed on this stuff and check in with that organization and read all of the Common Core postings at Did you know that Bobby Jindal (Gov. LA) has a press release about his stance against CC? Look at the places FL is listed. I like that. One of the architects of CC is again in trouble. Did you know that there's an APP to find out which businesses support CC? It's called 2nd VOTE and I'm getting it and I put a link to it on My Links page. What a great idea!

August 25, 2014   Lowering expectations? It's de rigeur for thevileone's admin. Who could help BUT lower expectatioins after watching him for five minutes (or should that be seconds)? He's supposed to be the smartest man on earth, but would the smartest man on earth have said this:

Right. He's a smart one. (*sarcasm*)

August 25, 2014   I'll close on that note. REMEMBER TO VOTE TOMORROW, GOD Bless America, Pray for our troops, Pastor Saeed Abedini and the Christians held throughout the world, pray for the journalists held as political prisoners, pray for America, and pray that GOD will prevent thevileone from doing any more damage to America. Until next time, See ya'!

August 22, 2014: 8:33 p.m.   I had a strange day today. Averted a minor catastrophe for my son, which kept me up most of the morning and since I usually go to bed in the morning, that messed up my sleep schedule. So I slept during part of the day, woke up to check on the situation then was too tired to stay awake so I got more sleep. Minor catastrophe averted, son is happy, I'm no rested and it's too late to do much in the way of updates, so I'll do just this: my latest article: '[thevileone]: Ameria's Lucifer". I did use thevileone's real name for the article at Girls Just Wanna' Have Guns, but I refuse to use it here. So enjoy reading it, have a great night and an excellent weekend. If something grabs my attention, of course, I'll post it. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini (and the guy in N. Korea being held prisoner for leaving a Bible in a hotel room) and I'll See ya'!

August 22, 2014: 2:14 p.m.   It's Friday and that means it's time for Flag Friday and my "Tribute To Our Heroes 178: When Their Leader is Wrong"! Thank you for your service and GOD Bless you all!

August 22, 2014   When thevileone's admin makes big banks pay, who will wind up footing the bill? thevileone's admin is punishing the innocent in this one and they're trying to make all banks fail. "Operation Chaos" is what thevileone is doing and he's trying to make America fail so that he can bring about the destruction of America and usher in the 12th Imam. Well, GOD's got his hand over America and more people are praying for America now than probably ever before and thevileone WILL NOT SUCCEED because GOD is more powerful than thevileone and GOD is watching over us, protecting us and still blessing America because GOD is GOOD!

August 21, 2014: 12:51 p.m.   Are you voting for "their" candidate, or YOUR candidate? It's something to consider. I do not think that Thad Altman is the best candidate. Remember he was on the BOCC from 1984-1992 for D5? No thanks. I endorsed his opponent, Monique Miller. (Paid political advertisement. (Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, committee, campaing, or RPOF-crush.)

August 21, 2014   I can't tell you how GLAD I am that the TSA is being sued by JW. The sexual assaults and ridiculousness need to stop. It's horrible what the TSA has done to little children, to elderly women, to celebrities even and I'm praying that the lawsuit will result in the TSA's infringement of our personal rights being halted posthaste!

August 21, 2014   Peace and tolerance:   ISIS is heartless and thevileone won't do much about it. He cares so much about what ISIS is like and what they're doing that he appointed the do-nothing, holder, to investigate the murder of James Foley and he went straight from "condoling" the family to playing golf. Yeah. He gives two flips and a double bogey. The truth is that ISIS is targeting Americans and to see thevileone go play golf and "yuck it up" (quoting Rush) within moments after the speech reminds me very much of billyboyclintOOn at Ron Brown's memorial and his fake tears:

ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups are recruiting Europeans and Americans as well as targeting them. That's dangerous because they know the ins and outs of our lives better than Middle Easterners. They know how to be more inconspicuous, how to fit into our society and that puts us off our guard. Off our guard is NOT a good place to be right now. Stay vigilant. Stay alert. Remember that you can't trust everyone (especially not our government).

August 21, 2014   Their blood is on thevileone's hands. The worst part of it? thevileone doesn't care that he has American blood on his hands. He doesn't care because it's American blood. That's what he doesn't care about. If it were Muslim blood he'd care a LOT more! Remember, he sued a trucking company for firing Muslim drivers, provided weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood and his immigration rules favor Muslims over Christians. If thevileone cared about Americans more than he cares about Muslims, he'd care about the blood shed by "dreamers" he brought in to help him destroy America.

August 21, 2014   Colleges are favoring Muslims, too. If you want to send your kid to some of the colleges out there be prepared for them to start hating Israel and favoring Islam. It's a dangerous game the colleges are playing in their effort to be PC: dangerous and STUPID. They really haven't a clue what they're opening the future of their campuses up to. In the next ten to twenty years if PC still rules campuses, there will be no mixed gender classes, females will have to wear either burkas or neck to toe coverage (long sleeves, long pants or skirts, no tight-fitting clothes), and that's IF females are allowed a college education at all. Is that what colleges think will happen? Probably not. But being an ignorant educator does not mean that you are not responsible for your won ignorance nor for the results of your ignorance. Colleges need to change or face this kind of future: it's their choice.

August 21, 2014   Ahhhhh.... public school. That's just weird to have kids re-enact the Michael Brown shooting: especially if they didn't use the TRUTH to do so. Then there's the lunch rooms being rearranged. Plus there's another school's treatment of the Pledge of Allegiance. Sigh... Can we just homeschool them and make things better for our kids that way?

August 21, 2014   I'm against the 1/2¢ sales tax in Orange County. As the story says,

"Most of the money is not going into the current school system, he said, but will be spent on new school construction – which benefits developers, not school children, Guetzloe noted.

"'Not one penny goes 'to the kids' as their political propaganda suggests. Not one penny goes to the teachers or the classrooms. They should rename their effort 'Dollars for Developers,' Guetzloe said.'"
If they want to give money to the kids in the classroom, it should be written into the ballot wording. Instead, it's more focused on the THINGS of schools, not the KIDS using those things. If a developer wants to come in and put a mega development in place, let him. But make him pay for the land the school will be on, the design and construction of that school and make sure that the right to do so includes handing that land and building over to the County as soon as it gets cleared to be used by the inspectors. That would prevent the need for the half-cent sales tax and it makes fiscal sense. The developer benefits, the county benefits, the children benefit, the development benefits in having a school in it and the taxpayers benefit. It's a five way WIN!

August 21, 2014   I have a harsh question. Why is Michael Brown's family using his death to gain their fame? As I wrote in "A Dozen Departures", people run to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Instead of being ashamed that their son was a thief they're sainting him ("Gentle Giant"?) and making life miserable for others as part of what I call the "My family member was a good person no matter what he/she did!" practice. I never met Jeffrey Dahmer but I bet his family didn't think he was a saint after he was proven to have killed all those people. Same idea: if your family member has done something wrong would you try to get fame from it, or would you try to just let the truth be the truth? Where is the shame in our society? Michael Brown beat a cop after shoplifting and pushing the shopkeeper around! Where is his parent's shame when it comes to their son's behavior? And when do they book on the O Show (does she have a show?), Ellen, Maury, etc.?

August 21, 2014   More voices equal more freedom! I don't worship Beck by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I barely trust him in some things and have written critically about him in the past. However, that doesn't prevent me from agreeing with Beck that the more voices we have the better America is and that the ComCast/TimeWarner Cable merger would be bad for America. Think of it this way: How many of you have tried to get DSL or other over the phone lines internet service for your home or small business? How many of you found (as did I) that the ONLY option available to you is ATT? Where I live I have no other option. Nothing else is available to me because ATT bought everything else up. In my recent transactions with ATT their representative LIED to me about what service I was going to be getting, about what price I was going to be paying, about what speed internet I would have and about the installation I would receive. I was told I would be receiving 40mbps at $41.50 monthly. I was scheduled for that installation as witnessed by the installers (plural) who came out to install my new U-verse service (I was told that was my only option, too, since they're putting everyone onto that service). The installers were confused because they were instructed to install the 45mbps service lines (two lines) and they brought with them the highest speed modem and installed new wires and a new connection box in my house. When the outside installer went to the junction box at the corner of Fay and Homestead, she found that the office had only turned on 6mbps service to my house. She couldn't do the second line because it wouldn't do any good to have it. They were so confused that they checked the work order and found that yes, they were supposed to do the double lines, but that the service turned on was only the lower speed. When I called to talk to customer service about that, I asked to speek to Customer Retention because they are the people who can allegedly help you the most. After an hour on the phone with the Customer Retention specialist (a Mrs. "S" -- not her full name), and informing her that ATT's representative LIED to me and that I had ATT for a class action lawsuit because their representative had:

  1. Used bait and switch -- promised one thing but had her company deliver another

  2. Committed a breach of contract -- her promise for her employer to deliver one thing but her making sure I received another was a breach of oral contract

  3. False advertising -- by advertising to me that I would get a particular price for a particular service which she knew she was not going to do
When I contacted the Customer Retention people Mrs. S was not very helpful. In fact, it took about an hour to get any sort of compromise with her at all. She mentioned the fact that I had to pay a $7 monthly equipment rental fee that I knew nothing about because the person who LIED TO ME in the first place, first initial "H", never told me about it. Well, Mrs. S made certain promises after me telling her that ATT's representative broke the law in at least THREE WAYS and that there could be a class action lawsuit. BUT, when I told her that she needed to put the contract she proposed to enter into with me IN WRITING IN AN E-MAIL, all she sent me was:
"Mrs. McKinney the only email I would be able to send would be the email confirmation after the changes are made."
My proof is in the work order, the equpment they sent out, etc., and the fact that after I spoke to Mrs. S, she refused to send me a detailing of the things ATT was telling me would be our contract, but she would tell me that she can't send me any other kind of e-mail except the one that tells me she can't send me anything. If she had not agreed to sending me a CONTRACT AGREEMENT STATEMENT VIA E-MAIL, then why would she have sent me an e-mail at all? Add to that, I have printed out the ORIGINAL numbers Mrs. S entered into my account information. I was allegedly going to pay $25.50 monthly but that lasted only two days (thank goodness I printed it out). Now they've billed me for $41.50 and I'm still not getting the 40mbps I was promised by H, the original sales person at ATT. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WITH MONOPOLIES! They get to lie to, cheat and mistreat their customers in whichever way they so desire because they have their customers over a barrel: there's nowhere else to go. That's why I support Beck's effort to prevent the merging of ComCast/TimeWarner. The more OPTIONS the people have the BETTER the people are treated!

August 21, 2014   Another reason to hate unions. They're not about the "little guy". They're about the POWER and the union heads like that power! They like rubbing elbows with the prezidunce and giving him all that union money to do with as he pleases. That's what unions are about, not helping the working man or woman.

August 21, 2014   Duplicate registrations for voting? Nah. Voter fraud doesn't happen! It's so very, very rare... (*sarcasm, of course*)

August 21, 2014   I'll go for now. Until next time for Flag Friday, GOD Bless America (and keep us safe), pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini, and I'll See ya'!

August 20, 2014: 3:19 p.m.   Aaaaahhhh... public schools. They try to take GOD out of schools, but it's totally UNconstitutional to do so. The Supreme Court has ruled that students have RELIGIOUS rights in public schools and the teacher who suspended the student needs to be FIRED. Atheists do NOT RULE THE WORLD! More people -- a LOT MORE -- are CHRISTIANS than atheists and just because the atheists make more noise that doesn't mean that they are the majority. It means that they're just more against GOD. Nothing new there. Nothing new in what happened to a student who was suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur with a gun. Where is there ANY common sense (not taught in Common Crap Core) in public school teachers and administrators nowadays? All they seem to want to do is have sex with the students! Teachers all over the country are having sex with students. Since when was it okay for predatory creatures to teach our children? Is that okay with anyone? If we put them into classrooms with hungry lions would they be any safer? Adding insult to injury, your taxes pay the perps' pensions! Yeah. They get to keep their pensions after being caught. So your taxpayer dollars are going to pay for a perp's retirement. Gotta' love it! (*sarcasm*)

August 20, 2014   Common Crap Core   People are souring on this crud. Excellent! It's about time! It seems that this thing leads to a decline in ability instead of an increase. Unfortunately, Louisiana's judge hasn't soured -- yet. At least in Indiana, they've gotten rid of it! Hurray for Indiana! That's sooooo good for the students! When it comes to Common Crap Core, a prize-winning mathematician says it doesn't add up. No kidding. Anyone with eyes to see can tell you that. To see more of the BAD, HORRIBLE TRUTH about this thing, check out the TRUTH at There are two ladies who post there who have been the lead investigators into this thing for years and have been sounding the alarm bells since the beginning. They've been on Beck's show and a Fox show or two and they are the BEST resource for the TRUTH.

August 20, 2014   thevileone:   He cares so much! The American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS was so important to thevileone that he rushed out to play golf after playing like he cared. Wow. Heartfelt, wasn't it? If Bush had done the same thing he would have been excoriated. thevileone? Nah. He's allowed. Did you know he's hiding the truth about how insecure his healthcare website is? He refuses to cooperate and let people know that if they actually use his website, their info is open to theft pretty easily. Are you sure you wanna' sign up? Did all the envirowhackos out there know that thevileone is opening more of Gulf of Mexico up to oil drilling? This after trying to blame the oil companies (and saying the company has been corrupt "for years") for the Deepwater Horizon incident. What happened to thevileone caring about the environment and what about his new commitment to stopping "global warming"? All those oil wells will be contributing to "global warming" because they're bringing up the fossil fuels that will be used to pollute our planet? What about that? Is he not to be held responsible for his own decisions? You know what's funny about thevileone's administration, though? His top advisors have been leaving him and going to FIGHT the unions that helped get him cheated into office!(Poor, poor unions! [*sarcasm]) What's that about?

August 20, 2014   I've been telling my hubby the same thing for three weeks. Watching nature -- when the birds migrate, what the ants and bugs are doing, how soon the cat's winter coat starts filling in -- will tell you what to expect. The migration of the northern birds has started at least a few weeks early. Cerulean Warblers are down here already and that's at least two weeks early, which means they started weeks prior. It's going to be a cold, cold winter up north. Canada and the northern states will be so hard hit that there will be power outages frowm downed lines and people may freeze. Stock up now on winter woolens and on things that you'll need to stay warm. Even here in Florida we'll get our coats out of storage, dust them off and wear them with sweaters! It's gonna' be a cold one.

August 20, 2014   Perry grand juror dumborat party delegate. So the dumborat prosecutor who brough the charges went to a grand jury that had a democrat activist as a member; and the member broke the rules in speaking to the public. Isn't that a clue as to how valid the charges are? Even a fellow dumborat, Allen Dershowitz, decries the indictment! He's not alone, because other dumborats think it's a JOKE, too. Dumborats like to slit their own throats and the prosecutor who brought the charges has done just that. Others will now look at him as a joke, a political firebrand who doesn't know when to pull the trigger and when to hold back. He's ruined his career and all he's going to be able to do afterward is get a job as a lobbyist for the dumborat party. He's lost every other opportunity via his own stupidity.

August 20, 2014   You know that "gentle giant" some folks in Ferguson have been touting? Not so much. He beat the cop before the cop shot him. Read more about Ferguson's troubled times here. What's happening there is race pimping via eric holder and this administration. How much you wanna' bet they try to spread the violence? Another chance to create chaos and usher in the 12th Imam.

August 20, 2014   I'll end with this today because I can. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini (and other political prisoners), the other American journalist ISIS is threatening to kill, and until next time, See ya'!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

August 19, 2014   Comm. Trudie Infantini explains how the Farty-Four want to RAISE YOUR TAXES. I don't want higher taxes. I want LOWER taxes. Who in Brevard besides the very rich can afford to pay higher taxes? I don't think those who are struggling now to make it will be able to handle higher taxes and they'll have to move out of the area in order to survive. It's ridiculous to even consider raising taxes at this time, but the Farty-Four are really not caring what YOU want and what is good for YOUR family. They just want to have more to spend -- allegedly ON YOU. Shouldn't YOU be the one deciding where to spend what money you do have now instead of the Farty-Four raising your taxes and taking MORE OF YOUR MONEY and choosing where to spend YOUR money? I think YOU should decide. Agree? If you agree, write to the Farty-Four and tell them that it STINKS that they want to take more of your hard earned money away from you so that THEY can spend it and you don't support that idea at all!

August 26, 2014: 10:33 p.m.: Primary Election Day:   Well, the results are in and those I endorsed did pretty well. I'm not taking credit for their wins, I'm just saying that I chose a lot of the right people (I believe). Within my endorsements I'm going to put the names of those I recommended in heather. I offer my CONGRATULATIONS to those who won. ALSO, I want to congratulate ANDY ZIEGLER on his win. If I had remembered to check that election I would have recommended him, too, because I've been familiar with his name for years and think he's pretty good. So, I'll put some color on some names then we'll go from there.

The following few paragraphs above the line are my endorsements for the August 26th Primary Election. This is a paid (as in I pay for my internet service) political (they are candidates) advertisement (as in someone besides myself may be reading this). Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or complainer. Read and tear your hair out or read and agree; it's a free America -- for a little while longer.

August 19, 2014   ENDORSEMENTS:   Early voting started yesterday and I'm still working on my recommendations. I completely forgot about early voting this year or I would have had my recommendations up already. My sincerest apologies. I can tell you that I recommend (bolding means endorsement): Misty Belford for D1 School Board; George Paulk for Group 13 Circuit Judge (he has Scott Ellis's endorsement and that's golden to me!); and Wayne Justice for Port Commissioner; Rick Scott for Governor gets my endorsement because he's pro-Second Amendment and pro-life over Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder and Yinka Abosede Adeshina.

For the race for County Judge, Group 5, between Oscar Hotusing and Benjamin Garagozlo, I chose Benjamin Garagozlo simply because when I looked into Oscar Hotusing, I was sadly disappointed. I didn't expect to find something like that. But, it happened. And, yes, Hotusing was found guilty. I found nothing like that with Garagozlo. A judge should be above reproach, or as close to it as possible. I don't find that in Hotusing.

For the race for County Judge, Group 3, between Michelle Vitt Baker and Minerva A. Simpson, I found that Baker's last campaign was dirty and she was publicly reprimanded for it. Good for the reprimand; bad for her reputation. Shows how much she enjoys the power if she'll stoop that low. Don't like that in a judge. She knows the rules (or at least she's supposed to) so she should play by them (If she has good judgment!). So I looked into Minerva A. Simpson. I found NO disciplinary actions or other bad news about her; thus, my endorsement.

For Circuit Judge 18th Circuit, Group 14, I checked the names and if the name Robin Lemonidis sounds familiar to you it's because she's the attorney who represented the shooter in the "loud music playing" case. I can find no disciplinary actions for either candidate so I'll go on my impressions of them. I'll go with endorsing Brooke Deretany Goldfarb becasue she was featured in an article and she acknowledges that human trafficking is a problem still and she's involved in fighting that. The human trafficking problem affects children (girls mostly, but boys as well) as young as infants. This problem needs to stop and I support a different organization that helps do just that. ADDITIONAL INFO: The Lemonidis campaign is getting some additional help in this from "Florida Citizens for Qualified Judges, Inc." a PAC her former law partners established. One of the founding members is John R. Kancilia (from her own website):

"In March 1996, Robin and co-counsel, Phyllis Riewe, obtained an acquittal of an innocent man charged with 2nd degree murder, on a case they took pro bono for a young 19 year old boy who had been wrongfully accused. Shortly thereafter, Robin formed a partnership with three lawyers in April 1996, which became O’Brien, Riemenschneider, Kancilia and Lemonidis. While with the partnership, Robin argued before the Florida Supreme Court in October 1999, and served on the local Judicial Nominating Committee, from 1998 until 2000. [my bolding]"
So she's having help in the dirty campaigning. Take that into consideration when you're voting.

For Circuit Judge, 18th Circuit, Group 19, you may find this video interview interesting. I think Susan Stacy wipes the floor with the other two. I didn't like Donna M. Goerner's reason for going into law: so she would know the law and not be taken advantage of, because it speaks of victimhood and a distrust of the system she seeks to serve. How can you distrust a system but want to be IN that same system? I don't like that. Nor do I like that the male candidate's wife did this. It's one thing to support your husband, it's another to get others involved in slamming your husband's opponent. Then there's the "gift" controversy from 2012's elections. Doesn't ring quite as above board as I'd like it to be; their argument is lame at best.

Lastly, there's the Circuit Judge 18th Circuit, Group 23 between Maurice Arcadier, Nancy Maloney and John Moser, I found that I wasn't impressed with the way Arcadier allegedly responded to law enforcement "invoked his possible judgeship"? Really? If true, that doesn't bode well for the way he'll handle his personal life if he gets elected. If true, there's an attitude of "I'm special" and superiority represented by those words: "invoked his possible judgeship". The article further states that Arcadier said, "'If I take the bench, this won't…'" which, to me, is even worse! So he's out. I checked Nancy Maloney and John Moser and neither of them had any disciplinary actions (disciplinary actions are a first disqualifier for me) against them with the FL Bar. I looked into their qualifications and their personal background and I like the fact that John Moser served his country valiantly. He gets my endorsement.

For County Commission D4 race, I've got to go with this guy, Curt Smith and for County Commission D2 I endorse Michael Hartman. He's a CPA (like Comm. Infantini) and I like what he said on Bill Mick Live.

My thanks to Brevard Times for their coverage of this Primary Election. I forgot that Thad Altman and Monique Miller were running for D16 State Senate until I saw it there. We're in D13 for the FL Senate, so I missed that one. Between the two of them, I have gone to both websites and I like Monique Miller. Learn more about her here. As for Altman? Meh.

ALSO: There are ballot initiatives to vote on IN NOVEMBER. Educate yourself NOW and you won't be caught out. Don't let the advertisements fool you. Do your own research. Educate yourself. Pray about it. Do what it takes to vote for the best future for FLORIDA and your children here. That's what a vote should be about. That's the right way to do it.

So that's it with the endorsements. Vote as you see fit, but that's who I would vote for. I can't vote for all of them because I'm NPA, but I will vote for the non-partisan ones and do more endorsements before early voting for the General Election in November. (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaigns, committees, or candidates. No one had anything to do with my endorsements besides myself. I think for myself. So stick that in your pipe -- regular pipe, not crack pipe -- and smoke it.)

August 19, 2014: 3:50 p.m.   If the page loaded a little faster today it's because I sent the older stuff to Page Deux and I'm hoping that will help. Let's get started filling it up again!

August 19, 2014   China is flexing its aggressive bent. They've sent their troops across the border with India a few times recently and that's not good. That's hinting that they're ready to do something that will lead to war. India won't just lie down and let China walk in. This is what could lead to a really bad place. Add to that: Russia is testing missiles. Question for you: if thevileone were not in office, but let's say Romney had won, would they be doing this? No? Speaks volumes, n'est-ce pas?

August 19, 2014   I've not commented on the Michael Brown story yet because I know that whenever something like this happens the TRUTH takes a while to come out. It seems like now it's coming out because medical records show that Michael Brown attacked the cop. The cop, according to witnesses, didn't shoot Michael Brown and according to one report, a dozen witnesses confirm the cop's version of events. The shooting was not unprovoked. Michael Brown and his buddy had already assaulted the cop. The cop was trying to keep them from fleeing and when ordered to stop Michael Brown turned and rushed the cop, resulting in the officer taking steps to defend himself. With a swollen face and fractured eye socket it's no wonder the shots all went to the left side of Brown's body. Add to the unrest from ill-informed, emotional residents you have people coming in from across the nation to stir up trouble. That's not the way it should work. The TRUTH should matter to everyone; not just to those who are outside the situation. If the guy was willing to beat a cop -- while he was high on marijuana -- and after shoplifting and pushing the shopkeeper around, what else was he willing to do? One must ask the questions that are hard and uncomfortable to get the right answers. If all we ask are the "nice" questions all we get are the "nice" answers. I don't do PC and that's what PC does: fits the mold and makes it fit in "nicely". TRUTH is better than "nice".

August 19, 2014   Did the Republican Party of Florida set Gov. Scott up? It seems they wanted to embarrass him and chose someone to appear with Scott in a commercial that would come back to bite Scott. Note that the article also mentions an ethics complaint filed against Scott three years ago? The final rulings for the Florida Ethics Commission are here and there is NOTHING there AGAINST Rick Scott. The filing of an ethics complaint means NOTHING as far as wrongdoing! Don't be fooled by that! Anyone can file an ethics complaint for almost any reason. Witness the proof and the fact that if it's BASELESS or , ruled legally insufficient Rick Scott would have gotten a letter similar to that in the last link. I see nothing in the Ethics Commmission's records page that indicates an ethics complaint whose findings went AGAINST Rick Scott. NOTHING. Am I saying he's perfect and innocent as a lamb? No, but neither does that mean that he's as bad as some would have you believe. (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, committee, party, or ethics complaint!)

August 19, 2014   I had a short break there in the middle of the previous posting. I can't believe how confused my computer became when the batteries in my mouse died! The whole thing locked up; Internet Explorer would do NOTHING, I had to tab through to an exit point, reboot the machine after replacing my batteries and then bring everything up again. How a mouse's batteries can be so important to the well-being of my computer is frustrating. It was like my computer said "Oh! What do I do? Someone cut my tail off! Ow! Ow! Ow! I'm so confused!" Praise the Lord that I had some replacement batteries or I would have found a brick wall somewhere to throw this thing against. I love computers. I hate computers. Batteries? I think I hate them, too!

August 19, 2014   I'll close for now. Supper's ready (steak from the grill) and I'm hungry and my hubby's been home for a while now. So until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for the safety of our troops (and for Pastor Saeed Abedini), and I'll See ya'!

August 18, 2014: 2:07 a.m.   I had to post my "Minion Monday: Hank and Girlfriend Take in the Last Rays of Sun" because I think it's funny. Good Monday morning, everyone! See you later for updates!

August 18, 2014: 3:15 p.m.   thevileone's admin is at it again. They've cut 500 Majors from the Army and now they're cutting 8,000 senior enlisted Navy personnel. I want you to note how USA Today slanted the story, too:

"But there is a big upside to the process: Clearing out senior enlisted who have engaged in misconduct or whose performance has slipped noticeably makes way for hot running sailors to move up."
The way they frame it makes every senior enlisted person a person who has participated in misconduct or whose performance "has slipped". What they're doing in reality, is clearing out those who pose the biggest threat to leading opposition to illegal, immoral orders that may endanger our freedom. thevileone is making it impossible for anyone in the military to have the courage or leadership to oppose him. Why would that be? Hmmm?

August 18, 2014   thevileone's stupidity:   thevileone keeps training Libyans as pilots and nuclear scientists:

"Less than two years after four Americans got massacred in a terrorist attack on the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya the Obama administration is disregarding congressional opposition to lift a decades-old ban on Libyans attending flight schools and training as nuclear scientists in the United States."
Who cares that it's a bad idea and dangerous to the rest of the world. thevileone knows best. (*sarcasm*) Remember thevileone's healthcareTAX's disastrous rollout? Those responsible for it got huge bonuses and other perks. Yep. That's what thevileone thinks of our taxpayer dollars: use them not to protect us, but to reward those who are WASTING OUR MONEY. So that's what is important to him. Proof is in the bonus. thevileone writes new Executive Orders as he tries to wiggle out from under his own actions (blaming Bush), and western states fear that thevileone may do a huge land grab. Well, he has to have somewhere to put all those illegals -- or to give them "their" country back (Would you put it past him?) You wanna' know how stupid he is? He denied ammo to Israel while they're still under attack. He's enabling the bully, which (to me) makes him a bully, too. (Magic Word!) Oh, and those of you who think you can trust him because he's "One of us"? His plan hurts you the most. He's NOT on your side. He's on the side of chaos and bringing about the 12th Imam. That's his goal. Never think he'll do anything to help you that won't promote his ultimate goal. Chaos is required for the 12th Imam, so he creates chaos. He does everything for that one specific goal. Never count on him for anything else.

August 18, 2014   Sheriff Arpaio may have found the person responsible for FORGING thevileone's birth certificate. I wish that the TRUTH would come out about this. It's been shown that the birth certificate is a fraud. So when does thevileone get kicked into PRISON and out of the taxpayer's pockets?

August 18, 2014   I love this. It's good. Very, very good!

August 18, 2014   Come on, Scotland! Vote for INDEPENDENCE! No more queen to bow and scrape to; no "royal family" to support via your taxes. I think every country should go Representative Republic as did America all those years ago. But learn from our mistakes: define what a "natural born citizen" is within your constitution so that no posers can be put into office without making it abundantly obvious. After all, why would anyone who was "natural born" have a problem with that?

August 18, 2014   Do you ever long for the days of paper? Paper medical files are a lot more difficult to hack via the internet. The correct people are the only ones who see it and it's not as scary as the things that are happening now with electronic files. Sigh... Oh, for the good ol' days.

August 18, 2014   secondamendment   "Buy guns"? But I thought all guns were bad! If they're that bad, why is a cop suggesting -- ordering -- folks to buy guns?

August 18, 2014   Well, I'm going to stop for now. Until next time, GOD Bless America, Pray for our Troops and I'll See ya'!

August 15, 2014: 10:18 p.m.   FINALLY! Someone else sees the light and states the obvious: Allen West says thevileone is an "Islamist"! I've said so since September of 2010! Why don't people listen to me when I tell the the TRUTH years prior to the more famous? People need to learn that I know these people as well as Rush "knows every square inch of his glorious naked body"!

August 15, 2014: 3:15 p.m.   It's Friday and that means it's time for my Flag Friday pic: "Tribute To Our Heroes 177: Running Late". Hope you like it. I have some good news for me: my hubby came home early today to be with me. I have some bad news for you: my hubby came home early today to be with me. So I won't be doing updates today. I may come home and do some this evening after he goes to bed, but don't hold your breath. We're thinking about doing some more bird watching tomorrow. Word is the Cerulean Warblers are making their way south already and that's on both of our "must see" lists. So until Monday (probably; barring something earth shattering -- in which case I'll just be saying "Good luck!"), GOD Bless America, pray for the safety, health and protection of our troops and I'll See ya'!

August 14, 2014: 1:47 p.m.   I don't really feel like doing updates today so I'll just do a few that I think are important. As I visit other sites I may have to change that idea, so don't be upset if I do more than I currently plan. Okay? BTW, does it feel like Friday to anyone else? I want tomorrow to be Saturday, maybe that's why today feels like Friday. Anyways, let's get started.

August 14, 2014   Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini as ISIS is threatening to kill him. Please keep him lifted up and pray for his healing after Islam's horrible torture of him.

August 14, 2014   thevileone:   He's on vacation, but he MUST find a way to spend more of our money. That's why he's returning to D.C. for whatever reason. He'll make some sort of statement in an official setting and he'll have his photo op and then he'll wing his way back to his vacation -- on our dime, of course. Him caring about wasting our money is akin to saying that he and hillclintOOn get along. Or like saying that hillclintOOn and her hubbybubby are not racists. (Right.) thevileone cares about nothing but himself, spending taxpayer dollars on HIMSELF and how he can destroy America. He may also care about letting more Christians DIE, Islam to keep on killing and letting race riots happen, but mostly he cares golf. Now, that's a good prezidunce.

August 14, 2014   Aaaaahhh... public schools. Having special needs children dig through the trash for recyclables? Nah. That's not demeaning to the students. That's nothing. (*STRONG SARCASM*) What on earth were they thinking? (Or were they thinking at all?)

August 14, 2014   Well, I guess that's it for now. My Internet Explorer just crashed big time and it is refusing to come back up. That prevents me from doing more updates for now. I'll see if I can get this fixed and maybe then I may come back and do more. We'll see. Until next time, whenever that may be, GOD Bless America, pray for the safety and health of our troops and I'll See ya'!

August 14, 2014: 2:45 p.m.   Fixed it! So let's start back up with secondamendment   MD judge limits the Second Amendment. What part of "shall not be infringed" do judges not understand?? How can they not understand something written so eloquently and simply? Guns save lives. Why is that apparently unclear to lefties? But lefties are just plain stupid. BTW, did you know that FL has filed an amicus curiae brief against the SAFE act? Good! Our State Attorney General, Pam Bondi, is pro-Second Amendment and I'm very happy about that!

August 14, 2014   Illegal Alien Invasion:   Border patrol told to "let as many people go as possible". That's from thevileone's orders. Does that not tell you something? Sheriffs are being told to treat illegals as they would any other CITIZEN. Excuse me? They're ILLEGALS and they came here ILLEGALLY, breaking our laws to be here and they're to be treated as CITIZENS? Does anyone besides myself see a problem with that? Now they tell us there are more coming and your child's school will be impacted by this influx. That's why so many parents are listening to me and homeschooling their kids! That's a good thing and it's what's best for their children. It may be safer for spouses, too, considering what this teacher stands accused of. (Oh, my goodness!) It's safer for kids who don't want black eyes (say what?). Or maybe it's just safer because you don't want your kids having sex with their teachers. Whatever your reason, don't dismiss the idea of homeschooling your children as a great alternative to public or private schools.

August 14, 2014   Well I got the Internet Explorer working in time to do a few updates and then the storm comes through. Not that I mind the storm, but better safe than sorry, so I shall go for the day. Until next time, GOD bless America, pray for our troops (and Pastor Saeed Abedini) and I'll See ya'!

August 13, 2014: 12:51 p.m.   Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! That's right. I'm cheering because a DEMOCRAT -- a PRO-GUN, PRO-Second Amendment Democrat -- won his primary. I think that's great because folks like bloombergermeister and other anti-First Amendment types were pumping loads of money into defeating the pro-gun Sheriff Clarke and I LOVE to see anti-gun folks LOSE! A Sheriff with common sense and a deep appreciation of the U.S. Constitution is a good Sheriff. That's why I'm glad he won. Let's see how he does in the November general election since he has only an Independent (who is an admitted SOCIALIST) to run against and no Republican challenger. I think the Republicans are comfortable with a pro-gun, pro-Constitution Sheriff and not running someone against him is a smart thing to do. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Good Luck to Sheriff Clarke in November!

August 13, 2014   thevileone LIED about not having lobbyists influence his decision making. shock. surprise.

August 13, 2014   Study shows Americans have little influence in U.S. policy. In other words, D.C. is NOT listening to US. They needed a study to show that? You can look around and see that. You can remember thevileone's healthcareTAX was passed although more than half of us were agaisnt it. They stopped listening as soon as thevileone was sworn in. They started following their messIah (notice it's a mess the "I" creates and he says "AH!" in this instance) and stopped listening to us. It's no longer a government "of the people, for the people and by the people" it's a government of "forget the people"!

August 13, 2014   People buying guns to protect themselves in Ferguson, MO, and surrounding areas. People have the right to defend themselves and if people are going to be looting and rioting then the common sense thing to do is to find a way to defend ones family, property and self. When people takes it upon themselves to decide that an incident gives them the right to riot and loot then they're just looking for an excuse to hurt people and break things -- including breaking the law. Now they're planning (planning!) a similar riot in L.A. Is that not incredible? "Oh, all of us are getting together next Tuesday to riot. Be there at nine and we'll light this town up!" Excuse me? Where are the conspiracy to commit a crime charges? Where are the charges for inciting to riot? Where are any charges for doing the wrong thing? Why should the buisness owners and taxpayer always be handed the bill for the wrongdoing of those participants? Why not hand THEM the bill? Make those who paricipate pay! They make those who call in false reports that require police responses pay the bill, why not do the smae with riots?

August 13, 2014   Maybe you should take to wearing hats, too. Why is google going to be SPYING ON US as we're out and about? Why is that legal? Why should they have that capability without a citizen's group taking them to court to stop it? Where is my right to privacy? What if someone who is stalking a hollyweird star hacks that satellite and focuses on following that star and uses it to help them kill a hollyweird elite? What if they used it to stalk a little girl in your neighborhood and the girl was killed because of their hijacking of the satellite? What will it take to make this go away? Where is our alleged "right to privacy" when it comes to how much google is SPYING ON US all the time? And how long after google gets that video will they hand it over to the government without subpoenas for the government's use? This is wrong, folks. Wrong in every way and we should oppose it.

August 13, 2014   Illegal Alien Invasion:   Homosexual illegals want special deportation protections. They're special. They should not be deported because they're homosexual. That makes them "targets" at home and they'll be persecuted there so they should be given special circumstances here and not forced to return home. Right. Like thevileone was going to send anyone home? Get real. They just want it known with whom they have sex; they're looking to hook up, not keep from getting deported. They're forming their underground homosexual community via publicity. They left theirs back home and they're just forming another here. Here in FL, most employment gains went to immigrants. So they'll have to have a green card to be able to work here? Right. What about their healthcare being lost because they don't have correct documents?

"Some 310,000 people with inconsistencies in their citizenship and immigration materials might lose their federal marketplace health coverage Sept. 30 unless they provide proper supporting documents by Sept. 5, the Obama administration announced Tuesday."
Right. I betcha' they're going to be "forgiven" that, too. There's a great question being posed at Frontpage Magazie by Walter Williams (I love that man!), when this whole illegal alien thing blows up in their faces, what will those who support the open border say to deny their involvement in supporting it?

August 13, 2014   Remember, thevileone is on vacation on YOUR dime while we skip the jelly on our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we scrape together dimes to buy gas. Reality is going out to eat will cost you more, as will ten other things.

August 13, 2014   Inviting fraud? That's the modus operandi for this administration.

August 13, 2014   This is why tornadoes "like" trailer parks. Isn't this a question we've all wondered about? Glad to supply an answer.

August 13, 2014   "Twenty-five years from now, in 2039, federal debt held by the public would exceed 100 percent of GDP, CBO projects. Moreover, debt would be on an upward path relative to the size of the economy, a trend that could not be sustained indefinitely." This is how much thevileone cares about your future. "[E]xceed 100%". What will your taxes be to cover that?

August 13, 2014   On that cheerful note I'll leave you for today. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops, and I'll See ya'!

August 12, 2014: 12:49 p.m.   thevileone's buddies turning on him? Reporters have started writing stories that aren't all that flattering to thevileone. They're starting to tell some of the truth about him. It's amazing that the truth is coming out; especially that it's coming from his usual kiss-ups. Finally, the chips are falling where they SHOULD fall and thevileone should be held responsible for his policies' failures, for his wrong-doing, his lawlessness and every bit of the illegal alien invasion and all of the illnesses being brought across our borders.

August 12, 2014   Republicans support Sheriff David Clarke in WI. I heard him interviewed on Beck this morning and I support him, too! He sounded like a good man with common sense and who supports our Second Amendment rights. That's what a Sheriff should do!

August 12, 2014   Releasing 600+ illegal alien CRIMINALS BROKE THE LAW. So what's new? thevileone's admin breaks the law and someone actually thinks that's enough of a singular incident to actually investigate it and report it? What's wrong with these folks, thinking that thevileone breaking he law is worth reporting? How dare they. (*sarcasm*)

August 12, 2014   Standing up for hillclintOOn is trying to help her get elected. Just as the television series "Madam Secretary" is a campaign ad for hillclintOOn (with a MUCH better secretary than hillclintOOn EVER was in reality), and she's allegedly ready for office, electing hillclintOOn would be difficult, at best. So let's hope that she's not "likeable enough" to get elected. She's not good for America and with all of her scandals she really should be considered a non-entity when it comes to presidential potentials.

August 12, 2014   Marizela is still missing. Michelle Malkin's cousin is still out there somewhere. Keep her and her loved ones in your prayers.

August 12, 2014   Local Politics:   County Commission D4 candidate info. Remember that D4 Republican candidates Richard Charbonneau and Greg Jones financially benefit directly or indirectly from the government aid that the EDC (think Mitch Needelman, Rose Harr, etc.) and they support the EDC. The candidates who do not support this crap are Republicans Curt Smith, Frank Zilatis; and (NPA) Randall Victor "Vic" Brungart. So read up on the candidates and make sure you vote according to what is BEST for your children's futures. That's the American way. That's what a lot of folks have forgotten in their rush to the government teat. And just to make it simple candidates for FL Senate District 16. With some additional food for thught on that race. Monique Miller's website and his website. Note: I haven't liked Altman since he was a snide whippersnapper in the BOCC. His attitude sucked and, IMHO, was one of superiority in everything he did. I am going to look into Miller's background and see if I can support her. If so, she's got my endorsement. (Paid Political Advertisement: Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or development council.)

August 12, 2014   The truth is coming out. The msm hides the bad stuff the dumborats do and showcases anything they think is negative on the republirat side. Anyone surprised?

August 12, 2014   thevileone thinks YOU should PAY FOR illegals' education. They shouldn't have to contribute at all. They can take all they want and WE have to give it, but them contribute? Puhlease!

Never trust a rino/progressive. They LIE, they LIE, they LIE.

August 12, 2014   thevileone is an IDIOT! Letting Libyans get FLIGHT TRAINING HERE? FLIGHT TRAINING? REALLY? thevileone is a MORON!

August 12, 2014   Speaking of idiots... She is also one. As is (*cough*) franken. (*gag! I said his name! Wash my mouth out with soap, garlic, something!*)

August 12, 2014   When homosexuals FORCE anyone to do business with them the homosexuals are FORCING people to give up their religious beliefs. That's not First Amendment kosher. It's wrong in so many ways. If America is a truly FREE country then our delineated FREEDOM to observe our religious beliefs as we see them is not to be trumped by who someone likes to have sexual relations with. Your sexual proclivities do not TRUMP my First Amendment right to my religious views and to practice those views as I see fit. If I do not wish to condone your sexual proclivities I should not be FORCED to do so. I have no business knowing what you like to do sexually, so why do you want to tell me and then make me pay the price for you telling me? Duh! You like to do certain sexual acts. I don't need to know those acts. Why tell anyone what you like to do? Should all heterosexuals wear t-shirts that say "Heterosexual and Proud of it" or "Heterosexuals are people, too", or "Heterosexuals do it GOD's way"? (*tweek tweek*) If homosexuals want "special rights" (which is what they demand since they demand that religious rights be TRUMPED by their desire to do something sexually with a person of the same gender) then they should go to France, Norway, England. Here, in America, we have the FIRST AMENDMENT and that should not kowtow to ANYONE's sexual proclivities. Your orgasm does not trump my GOD.

August 12, 2014   On that pithy little phrase I shall close for the day. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and See ya'!

August 11, 2014: 6:25 p.m.   James O'Keefe shows just how unsecured our border is. Crossing our southern border -- twice -- dressed as Osama bin Laden and no one stops him. It's not that our agents don't want to protect us. It is that they are ordered not to protect us. They're busy babysitting and trying to stay alive after violent gang members and sick people come across. The latest border patrol agent to die was shot in front of his family by illlegals. The agents have as much of a problem with the things thevileone is doing as you and I. The problem is they're on the front line and not allowed to fight back. Pray for their safety and for the impeachment or arrest of thevileone. GOD is our only hope since we cannot trust the House, Senate, or law enforcement to do it. Fast and pray for America.

August 11, 2014   Why is this acceptable to a portion of our society? If something happens that they like (a victory for their football or basketball team, for instance) or if something bad happens, it's "Let's go out and break things and take whatever we want!" time. Why? Something bad happens does not mean that it's okay for you to do something bad, too. It means that there is a way to handle the situation legally, peacefully and morally. One bad does not equal more bad. It means find a way to make good come out of it, not find a way to make more bad come from it. How many people have to be stolen from, hurt, or killed to equal that one teen's life? How many more people have to pay the price besides the one responsible? Let's also remember that the circumstances of the teen's death are still under investigation and there's nothing that looting and rioting will prove, solve, or help. It just makes that portion of society look worse. Why not learn from past riots where nothing was acomplished except more people having criminal records and NOT riot for everything? After rioting for so much -- sports victories or losses, perceived crimes against a specific race, because the Easter Bunny didn't leave you your facorite candy -- does it not lessen the impact of the riot in the first place?

August 11, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Hamas executes its own. Islam is totally and completely heartless. What else do you call a religion that teaches children to murder? Children shouldn't be taught to kill. They should have childhoods full of laughter, joy and learning how to be good adults, not murderers. Islam kills babies -- including their own -- and anyone who does not agree with them, convert to their religion, or pay them. Is Islam about life or death? If you look at the evidence, it's a religion of death, not life. That's so very sad. The GOD of Christianity loves them and does not want them dead. He wants them to have joy and love and LIFE, not death. The GOD of Christianity loves their children and wants them to live, too! Why does Islam teach its adherents to kill their own children if it's a religion of peace? Shouldn't that peace also be available to their children? But, no; Islam is a religion of death, hatred, single-minded murderousness. Christians worldwide pray for the souls of the Islamic people. I do. I pray that they will have their souls touched and that their eyes will be opened and their darkness wiped away by GOD's love and the Light of Christ's sacrifice for THEM as well as for everyone else. GOD -- the GOD of Christianity LOVES MUSLIMS: not their actions, but the people. I just wish they would love themselves enough to accept GOD's love instead of Islam's hate. Ask a Muslim if allah loves them and the only answer they can give (if they're being honest) is that he loves their deeds, but not them. Even being a martyr does not guarantee heaven for a Muslim. Accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior will get them to heaven, guaranteed. Dying for -- or killing your children for -- allah will not. The same GOD who loves Muslims loves all agnostics and atheists, too. The GOD of Christianity LOVES YOU and everyone else. He created us all. Ask GOD to make Himself real to you and He will. Allow yourself to open your eyes and heart and GOD will come in!

August 11, 2014   msthevileone's lunch progrm being dropped. There's a revolt against it because the kids won't eat the crud she promotes. If they're worried about kids going hungry during school hours shouldn't they serve a lunch they're willing to swallow instead of trash? They should stop regulating school bake sales and start making it possible for children to have a modicum of FREEDOM in school instead of total and absolute adherence to thevileone's Hitler-like control.

August 11, 2014   thevileone's admin can't do anything right. They love to waste YOUR money (and mine!) and they love to claim transparency while being totally opaque, impenetrable, dirty and thick (totally "dirty" as in corrupt and "thick" as in dumb). thevileone is "smart" is a big fat lie.

August 11, 2014   Why did taxpayers pay so much for hillclintOOn's book tour? I want a REFUND!

August 11, 2014   Another whopper from thevileone. He would know the truth if... You know the rest.

August 11, 2014   thevileone is poison to candidates and a lot of them are distancing themselves from him. Too bad (or should that be "hopefully"?) it won't do them any good to stay close or distance themselves. Either way, it looks like Conservatives are winning. See me smile?

August 11, 2014   Condolences to the family of Robin Williams. I liked him as an actor when he was young. Lately he went way left and I stopped watching anything he was in. Poor man had his own demons and they cost him his life. Sad day for those who loved him.

August 11, 2014   I know that's not a lot of blurbs today, but I'm stopping for now. It's almost nine and my hubby's home, so until next time, GOD Bless America and See ya'!

August 11, 2014: 8:11 a.m.   Up all night again; again working on my latest offering, but this time getting it posted to Grumpy is publishing it in two-fers, two subjects at a time because it's such a long piece. They are doing it that way, but Girls Just Wanna' Have published the whole tamale. So if you don't want to read it on my site you have two other options.

August 11, 2014   Also, it's "Minion Monday: Hank Tries Gardening" and he's trying to grow something -- but he refused to use seeds. You'll have to check it out to find out how he expects to grow anything without using seeds (or a plant) and we'll watch together to see what comes up!

August 11, 2014   The candidates who support the EDC are NOT the candidates I support. I think that the EDC gets enough of our money to need to answer to US and that transparency is imperative! If they don't want to be TOTALLY and actually transparent (not using thevileone's version of "transparency") then they need to GO AWAY, be DISBANDED, go KAPUT! If they refuse to tell US how they're spending the money we could be spending on the things we want to spend our money on, then they have no right to exist as an organization! Candidates who support the EDC's hiding the truth are candidates I cannot trust: period. (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, committee, campaign, or EDC[ommission]!

August 11, 2014   ISIS uses terror to capture territory. I think ISIS is such a horrible thing -- cruel to the point of heartless and soulless, incapable fo feeling anything remotely close to compassion, pity, or empathy; choosing evil instead of good, darkness over light, ruling via pain and death instead of helping and righteousness -- that if they stay in power, they will be the death of millions (as opposed to thousands as they currently are) and they will be the death of ANY peace in the Middle East because they will divide the Middle East, nation against nation, and tribe against tribe in every nation. There will be so much death and destruction that those who are left alive will be few and they'll be so afraid that it will be impossible to unite with them due to lack of trust of anyone. It's a bad thing ISIS is doing, but when ISIS is finished with this particular run-through, they'll find something else to cut out of the population or another reason to be offended by "X" and they'll keep chopping hands off, heads off, etc. ISIS is a bad thing and if they aren't soon stopped it will be even worse over there..

August 11, 2014   The Gaza truce lasted how long? Sounds like thevileone was ivolved in it!

August 11, 2014   Well, it's getting late and I need to get some sleep. I've been up since yesterday. So until next time, GOD Bless America and I'll See ya'!

August 8, 2014: 7:14 a.m.   I've been working on an article for a few weeks now and it's finally -- finally! -- finished! In my word processing program it's just into the twenty-first page, so you can see that it's a long read. Thus, I've made it easy for you to read it in chunks. You'll see what I mean when you get there. The title: "A Dozen Departures: Twelve Things Progressives Have Taken Out of Society That Need to Return". I think you'll like it. Why not write to me and tell me what you think? It could get interesting. Remember, I reserve the right to publish anything you send, so think carefully prior to contacting me. I've got to get some sleep. I've been up all night working on this. Until later, See ya'!

August 8, 2014: 1:34 a.m.   It's Flag Friday and my "Tribute To Our Heroes 176: Once Rebel Son" is available for your perusal. Thank you for your service and thank you for all you've done for America!

August 8, 2014: 3:17 p.m.   Thought I'd leave my Flag Friday link at the top and start down here because our troops deserve to be at the top. Let's get started.

August 8, 2014   This is what started the current Hamas/Israel war. It was NOT Israel's doing but I'm sure they would have finished it -- and still may have to if Hamas starts up again. Hamas had three teenage boys murdered and those boys were Israeli (one had dual citizenship: Israeli and American, so they killed an American too!). Is there any reason to doubt as to Hamas's intentions: the total destruction of Israel and all of its Jewish inhabitants?

August 8, 2014   Inside the mind of a wacko. This woman is nutso!

August 8, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   Sheriff says they'r ecrossing in "military fatigues". They're coming over ready to start war on us? They're admitting they are going to do so! Thanks, thevileone! Just what we needed: war within our borders on top of everything else. Don't forget, all those children have to go to school somewhere and the schools they'll be going to are the same ones your children attend. The schools your children attend you pay taxes to support. So higher taxes are coming your way. Thanks, thevileone! All these illegals -- child or adult -- are going to be bad for America's way of life but it's going to be worse if thevileone's other plans are allowed to go forth. Allegedly, if they have a lawyer they'll probably get to stay. Otherwise, they'll be hidden and let loose and say anyways? BTW, guess who gets the privilege of paying for those lawyers? You got it. WE do. Isn't that special?

August 8, 2014   ISIS says flag of allah will fly over Red House. For all we know, it flies inside the Red House daily.

August 8, 2014   thevileone is bombing Iraq. Now Islam will have another reason to attack Israel or America. Remember, crossing our southern border are not just folks from Central America. Muslims are crossing our border there, too. They fly to somewhere in South America then catch a ride to Central America and hoof it into America from Mexico. And they bring their beliefs with them. What irks me a lot about this is that those who have crossed from Mexico are the ones out taxpayer dollars are paying to give them health care, food, shelter, etc. Not only are they coming here to kill us but they're taking full advantage of thevileone's desire to create havoc and bring about the 12th Imam on OUR dime! That's irritating.

August 8, 2014   Ebola spread in USA: "inevitable". That's what thevileone has done to America. The CDC has issued the "highest" alert response with this ebola outbreak. Sounds like they're concerned about it. So why would thevileone want to bring that into America? You have three guesses and the first four don't count.

August 8, 2014   ketchup kerry is an idiot. End hunger in Africa by barring farm land? Really? Does he even know how to blow his own nose without using a cannon? He blew his own brains out years ago witness his own statements. No one capable of thinking can say to end hunger by barring farm land! Hello! Earth to ketchup kerry! Incredibly stupid man.

August 8, 2014   Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Another Judicial Watch/True The Vote VICTORY that will lead to greater election integrity in Indiana. We need this kind of thing to happen all across this great land! We NEED election integrity! It is imperative that we can trust our elections to be fraud-free!

August 8, 2014   More "TRANSPARENCY":   First it was lois lerner and the IRS e-mails. Now they're trying to find e-mails related to thevileone's healthcareTAX that have suddenly gone missing. They're saying that over 20 people have "lost or destroyed" e-mails that are required by law to be kept. A little hidey-seeky going on here as with the lerner gang's e-mails? I think maybe it's time for a law enforcement officer with integrity to step in and arrest everyone in thevileone's administration: INCLUDING thevileone!

August 8, 2014   Well my hubby just came home so I'll close with a question for ya'. What's he gonna' serve; Oscar Meyer? (My bad.) Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and for America. See ya'!

August 8, 2014   I also had to note that thevileone has less honor than cop referencing him because the cop at least had the grace to apologize and resign after his trampling of the U.S. Constitution. thevileone will never do so, although he really, really should!

August 8, 2014   More lefty hypocrisy. msthevileone changes school lunches and has an "eating healthy" program and tries to control what everyone from our soldiers to school children eat then she says that "No one cares what they eat!"? If that be the case let's shut her program down! That would be a GREAT THING!

August 8, 2014   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools ... and sex. I mean, sex ed. Well, in this instance, sex ed pertaining to bondage and kinky stuff. In a 9th grade sex ed book: sex toys, S & M, etc. Why? What does the school system have to gain by teaching your children that kind of crap? Perversion does not have to be taught: it comes naturally. Ask Sodom and Gommorah if you need proof of that. Perversion is easy; it's being good that is difficult:

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
"Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
It's easy to be wicked and it's hard to be good. That's the Word of GOD: I'm just in agreement with it. Kids don't need to be taught how to be twisted and evil. But that seems to be a lot of what happens in public schools. Really, folks, what are they teaching our kids? Sex, drugs and rock and roll?

August 8, 2014   I'm going to stop there. I saw those things and had to post. Until next time, GOD Bless you all, pray for our troops and See ya'!

August 7, 2014: 2:00 p.m.   Sorry about having to leave early yesterday but my Mom called and I love talking to my Mom so I focused on her. Priorities, ya' know, must be family because -- while I love you all -- Mom is more important than updates. She's doing fine, by the way. Her hip is hurting her a little at times, mostly when she's been on her feet all day, but she is still going strong and she still has more energy than any two-year-old I've ever seen. Wish I had inherited that. I have mental energy (I just imagine I have energy -- LOL!) but I don't have physical, get up and go energy the way she does. She's 77 and still amazing. So, let's get started.

August 7, 2014   Our government is "missing" $619 BILLION -- AT LEAST! How does a "transparent" government do that? They "failed to report it", that's how. They spent that much without letting "We, The People" know. This administration really had a field day spending every penny they don't yet have that your kids and grandkids are going to be paying off. Isn't that what you really wanted? Debt, debt and more debt. Wunnerful, wunnerful. (*sarcasm*)

August 7, 2014   Texas law enforcement reportedly indicted for embezzling $5.6 million in Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) funds, still listed as "Top Cop" in three different agencies in that area. What is wrong with an indicted felon serving as the "top cop"? After all, as a even cops say that if thevileone (my word, not theirs) can disregard the Constitution why can't they? It's an attitude from the top down. If thevileone is the CEO of America, then it's a corporate attitude and the cops are carrying that same attitude as the CEO. (thevileone is the "Executive Branch" of the government, thus he is the Chief Executive Officer: CEO of America.) They're just following his lead, doing what they see him doing. What's wrong with that? If it tramples on YOUR rights, what's wrong with that? If thevileone can do it, so can they! It's another reason we need to stop him: so that his evil doesn't transfer to those below him. Evil has a tendency to spread and these cops are proof.

August 7, 2014   Russia doesn't fear thevileone nor do they respect him. Which leads to problems for America and the rest of the world. They see him as gutless, weak and willing to let them have their own way with us and with the rest of the world. Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" and the wall came down months later. They knew Reagan meant business and that he wasn't a lily-livered sissy who rides a girl's bike in mom jeans and a helmet. (Such a manly man!) Yeah. Russia is waiting for the promised "more flexibility" after his reelection and what he's going to do for them to allow them to be the ruler of the world as the resulting chaos brings about the alleged 12th Imam (in thevileone's beliefs). That's what's up, folks. A sissy tries to bring about the alleged 12th Imam. If I were the 12th Imam I would never answer that call. Who wants to be associated with a sissy?

August 7, 2014   thevileone's evil trickles down. See? Trickle down does work -- in more than just the economy.

August 7, 2014   Hawaii gets a rock and a roll then it's in for two storms. Sounds like it's going to be a rough ride over there for a while. Keep them in your prayers.

August 7, 2014   Atheists just can't stand others having freedom. They don't like it when people pray. Atheists are cowards. They're afraid of prayer and of GOD and of religious freeom in general. If they weren't afraid of it, why try so often to silence it? They're despicable.

August 7, 2014   CDC thinks the ebola outbreak is dangerous. Which probably means that you need to take it seriously, too. Remember that if someone has flu symptoms they can be contagious. Also remember that Canada's government fact sheet says

"infections can occur through contact with infected body fluids due to the reuse of unsterilized syringes, needles, or other medical equipment contaminated with these fluids (1, 2). Humans may be infected by handling sick or dead non-human primates and are also at risk when handling the bodies of deceased humans in preparation for funerals, suggesting possible transmission through aerosol droplets (2, 6, 28). In the laboratory, infection through small-particle aerosols has been demonstrated in primates, and airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected"


"INCUBATION PERIOD: Two to 21 days, more often 4 - 9 days.

"COMMUNICABILITY: Communicable as long as blood, secretions, organs, or semen contain the virus. Ebola virus has been isolated from semen 61 days after the onset of illness, and transmission through semen has occurred 7 weeks after clinical recovery."
So now you know that the thing is suspected to be airborne. If that be the case, there is no such thing as someone who cannot be exposed to it. Remember, thevileone brought two ebola patients to America. Those patients are not the only ones who have been exposed. The people who went to get them, treated them while on the ride back and those who are treating them now have all been exposed. thevileone brought death to America in more ways than racial divides.

August 7, 2014   William Binney's NSA info will blow your mind! Don't think that this is benign, folks! thevileone's spying on us is a deadly cancer to America and to ALL freedoms that were delineated in the U.S. Constitution and it's NOT something to release without a battle! Stand up! Do the RIGHT thing for the future of America AND for yourself and your progeny! Don't think this is a little thing. It is NOT!

August 7, 2014   I'm going to sign off for now. I received my new cell phone and I want to work on getting it activated and set up and the storm is out there rumbling away. I will do my Flag Friday posting about midnight, as usual, and until next time, GOD Bless America and See ya'!

August 6, 2014: 4:39 p.m.   Had a great time at lunch with my friend. We decided we were sisters from another mother because we're so much alike. We met at Ossorio's and it was my friend's first time there (she lives west of Orlando) and I do believe we'll be going back in the future because she loved everything about Ossorio's. Had a great time now on with a few blurbs.

August 6, 2014   Lefty Hypocrisy On Parade:   reichchchchchchch paid $242,613 to teach ONE course but he has a track record of condemning "income inequality". Then there's the pelosipig's invoking Jesus to try to keep illegals here but being pro-baby-killing when it comes to abortion. Who Would Jesus Kill? Then there's always -- always -- thevileone saying Congress is "mean" as he tries to get dumborats elected this November. I suppose he was "nice" when he:

I could go on with that list for thevileone but that's enough for now. When it comes to hypocrisy, the lefties win it hands down, in spades! It's ridiculous how hypocritical they are and how they try to hid their hypocrisy by doing the "squirrel" routine: I'm not a hypcorite... Look over there! The worst part of it is that the left's main voter block is more apt than not to fall for it. The L.I.V.s (Low Information Voters) out there are so ill-informed that there was a jimmy kimmel "Lie Witness" video that will show you just how stupid they are. Must be sad to be so stupid. Remember: these are the people who VOTE. Doesn't that make you wanna' scream in terror?

August 6, 2014   It's all about thevileone. The world revolves around him. The sun rises and sets on him. The world could not rotate on its axis without him. That's what he believes.

August 6, 2014   I can't believe I'm going to write this. In some ways I agree with msthevileone. When it comes to certain things, yes, women are smarter than men. We're wired differently and we understand relationships better than men. We can watch a couple across the room and know that they are headed toward divorce. We see the signs of a person in emotional pain and we pick up on it faster; but we also know when someone's faking it to try to manipulate others. So, yes, in that way and a few others, women are smarter than men. But there are ways that men are smarter than women, too. How, I can't think of right now but there's gotta be something! (*big grin*)

August 6, 2014   My momma's on the phone so I'm gonna' go. Until next time, GOD Bless You and See ya'!

August 5, 2014: 8:20 p.m.   I had to do this one because it's so good! Chris McDaniel says he has enough proof HE WON! Going to court to fix the VOTER FRAUD done to keep Thad Cochran in office. Now why on earth would someone cheat in an election? (*SARCASM*)

August 5, 2014: 8:38 p.m.   What you need to read to understand how thevileone's EOs are breaking the law big time.

August 5, 2014: 4:05 p.m.   Just a few blurbs today because I got a late start and my hubby will be home soon. As soon as he's home, I'm signing off, so let's start with a great article by Dr. Thomas Sowell "Is Thinking Now Obsolete?" It's a great question. Pay attention to the evening news and you'll see people interviewed who say "I feel..." whatever, or who can barely put two sentences together to form a complete thought. It's amazing how stupid some people look (via editing, selective publication, or if it's just them, I don't know) and they should be ashamed to be on television and appearing so stupid. But, that's another thing that's gone in today's society: shame. I've got something coming out on that in a day or two. I've been working on an article and now it's about twenty-one pages! So, I'll finish it either tonight or tomorrow evening and post it before the end of the week. Until then, read Thomas Sowell. He's a very intelligent man and he knows how to write!

August 5, 2014   Ebola:   There have been six more tested in NY and the one susected case in OH is NOT ebola. That's a good thing. It's not an easy disease to beat and the two they brought back in that special plane were very blessed that the medication is working so far. Let us pray that if it is totally effective and safe that more of the medication can be made pretty quickly and maybe we can save lives in Africa. We'll have to see how all of that goes. Maybe we have enough to start treating any Americans who may have it here. I don't know. Whichever, I hope this medicine is effective, safe without long term effects, and can be manufactured at low cost. That would be a wonderful blessing for America and for Africa.

August 5, 2014   Illegal Immigrants:   DO[IN]J report: Almost 50% of federal crimes near Mexican border. That means that quite a few of the illegals crossing over are breaking our laws as they come into America. I thought they were coming here to improve their own lives, not to commit crime and take away from those who already earned the things they own. To have an illegal alien come into America and think that just because they're here they have the right to everything from free food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare and everything you have as well! If they want to be accepted here they need to start acting as though they want to be melted into the great melting pot, not just start destroying it. If they're going to come over don't rape, murder and steal on the way! Can you imagine how much damage can be done by 770 illegal crossings in 24 hours if they're raping and murdering as they get here? Come on! They came here for a reason and that reason wasn't just to create havoc. If they want to be able to stay that means they have to follow the rules of being here. One of those rules is "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". If we're going to be paying for everything you have for quite a while (even if that means sending you home to your Momma) don't murder us. Common sense tells people with brains that it is wrong to do so! Ya' know, if they do come here and rape, steal and murder, they're doing nothing more than following the example of the lawless prezidunce who brought them here. If he can be lawless, so can they, right?

August 5, 2014   Corporations need to "show up" in Africa? Why? So they can prove what? So their people can get ebola and die, too? What does thevileone want from corporations besides kissing his butt?

August 5, 2014   Russian gangs are after YOUR identity. They also want to raid your bank accounts. Don't tell me that Putin knows nothing about this. I don't believe it for a heartbeat. He's all for it. I bet he takes a portion to finance more weapons to use against America and our allies. Ever think of getting some sort of anti-identification theft protection? May be the time to start thinking about it, or at least looking into it.

August 5, 2014   Oh, how fitting! Party-changer, crist, a Mega-Hypocrite Award winner.

August 5, 2014   Your taxpayer dollars (well, yours, your children's, grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's: $2,007,358,200,000 in benefits and entitlements in fiscal year 2013. That includes people like lois lerner who received full retirement and full pension after targeting Conservatives and calling them foul names and all of that mess. It also includes paying $23 billion over 10 years (2007 numbers) for illegal immigrants. That's not including thevileone's vacations nor his golf and fundraiser travel! Must be nice being king.

August 5, 2014   My hubby is home so I'm going to go spend time with him. It will be a late posting tomorrow, too, because I have a lunch date with a friend (and maybe her hubby will be there, too), so I'll do that and some errands then come home and do updates. Until next time, GOD Bless America and See ya'!

August 4, 2014: 4:29 p.m.   Today's Monday and it's a sad Monday because Hank Misses the Girls and he was incosolable yesterday. He cried and cried. It was so sad. I'm thinking I'll send him home to visit the girls next month and if he comes back, he comes back. If he doesn't, it was nice having him here. We'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted. For now, on with the blurbs.

August 4, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   People from countries with Ebola virus crossing into America after they fly to South America, then get transport to Mexico and walk across the border with the others breaking our immigration laws to come here. If Ebola kills hundreds -- or more -- of Americans, it's thevileone's fault. There's already someone in NYC being tested for Ebola. Every border death that has happened since he advertised for people to come here from Central American countries is on thevileone's hands. Now, he's hoping that Americans will die, too? He's something else (what -- besides an America-hater -- I haven't figured out yet). thevileone is closing some former military facilities used to house illegals so where are they going to go after the closed military bases are emptied? They're going into our neighborhoods, that's where. It doesn't matter what diseases they may carry; what gangs they're part of; or where they came from. They're coming to a school with your children and grandchildren in them; a neighborhood you live in; a store you shop in. Oooohhweee! Something to look forward to! (*SARCASM*) Let us all hope that people remember that come November. It won't be just a Dem/Rep thing. It's affecting YOUR CHILDREN and YOU and the safety and health of everyone you know.

August 4, 2014   Whatever happened to FREE SPEECH in America? This guy has First Amendment rights. Do I agree with what he was doing? Actually, I think he could have found a different place to burn the Quran, but I believe that in America he was the right to do so. People's right to burn the American flag has been upheld several times in court, so why was he charged at all after burning a Quran? Is that not as much a Free Speech right as burning a flag? Is it diffeerent because the burned items belong to a religion, instead of a country; or is it that they belong to a CERTAIN religion in Dearborn, Michigan -- the most Muslim-controlled city in America? Burning a Bible has been done, but if someone burns a Bible and punches someone trying to stop him, no charges are pressed. Where are our standards? Are they Shariah-oriented? If not, why the difference?

August 4, 2014   dumborat trying to TAX YOUR sugar intake. dumborats are losing it. They're just so eaten up (get the pun?) with controlling you that they are going nutso with the idea of TAXING EVERYTHING YOU DO. It's disgusting. Whatever happened to FREEDOM?

August 4, 2014   envirowheel   LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Right. Atom Ant to the Rescue! Hamsters think humans are all to blame and nothing positive can come from us being here. Question for you. If that's the way they really feel, why do they have children, vehicles, any electrical appliances at all, eat anything at all (after all plants are good for the envoronment, as are animals; why eat them?), or even breathe? Carbon dioxide is exhaled by humans. Do they try to prevent themselves from exhaling? "Global warming" is so prevalent in their iddy-bitty heads that they blame it for people's mortgages being "under water". Ooops! I guess too many mortgage icebergs melted and the mortgage water level rose. Hamsters are so silly. It's amazing they can get out of bed in the morning. Did you know that even NASA is now admitting that "global warming" may be on "VACATION"? Choice of wording there is NASA's, not mine: "vacation". Sounds like it packed its bags and went to Hawaii, or something. I thought NASA was full of smart people. How wrong was I? Some Hamsters are so set on blaming "global warming" for EVERYTHING that they're saying it even makes people angry. "Global warming" doesn't make people angry. It's the stupid Hamsters who support the idea and AGENDA of "global warming" that angers folks. Since "global warming" is a hoax that is continually pushed by every leftist under the (non-responsible) sun, we've had all kinds of nonsense written about it. When people go along with STUPIDITY (i.e. "global warming") in order to get along, fit in, be accepted by someone -- anyone -- and be "liked", then that's a personality flaw, an insecurity problem, not a scientific fact. And that's the reason I call them "Hamsters"; because they're on that wheel that goes around and around and they can't get off of it because if they do they won't be "liked" anymore. Insecurity is a cruel taskmaster and they really should break that yoke and get off the Hamster wheel.

August 4, 2014   thevileone's admin shows its pettiness.

August 4, 2014   LOL! Another reason to hate unions: they're full of short-sighted leaders! As the tea leaves were definitely readable in 2008, it serves the guy right for endorsing thevileone. Full disclosure: I have a family member who dabbles in coal sales and things related to coal mining. He did not endorse thevileone (to the best of my knowledge) and I'm sure he doesn't like what thevileone is doing to the coal industry. To see how thevileone is doing things to destroy America is sad. To see those who supported thevileone's election wake up and smell the burnt coffee is funny as all get out. As the worm turns, the worm turned on them! Awww... too bad.

August 4, 2014   The msm supports thevileone's continuing efforts to destroy America so I wonder how they feel about their stories being "monitored" by the FBI and rated on positivity or negativity toward the FBI -- and probably thevileone as well. Does the "Fourth Estate" enjoy the idea of them being answerable to this administration? If they don't mind it with this administration, what about the next Conservative administration (if ever there is one)? Will they mind being answerable to a Conservative? Will they like it when the next step (and there will be a next step, mark my words) is controlling what they write? Will they like it when they have to run all stories past the Red House press office before publishing it so that it meets the Red House's positivity requirements? Will they enjoy being a part of thevileone's propaganda machine and nothing more? That's what's coming. Is that what they want? Press freedom, anyone? Or do they get what they wanted; an empirical tyrant who controls everything and everyone -- even those who supported him and everything he has ever done?

August 4, 2014   pelosipig can't take criticism of ANY sort. Not even factual criticisms that stem from research into the Congressional record will be permitted. She must go and wag her finger and yell and scold. Poor, poor pelosipig. She's just so sensitive!

August 4, 2014   secondamendment   Picture book teaches kids why Mom and Dad carry a gun. Of course, the lefties don't like it. What would anyone expect besides lefties doing the totally expected: criticizing the trivial to try to get a point...

"Children's book publisher Elizabeth Laws, meanwhile, took to Twitter to say that it was the first time in 25 years that 'a children's book leaves me speechless'. 'Would love to deconstruct everything wrong with this. #1, Open Carry isn't a verb,' she wrote. 'Bad enough that her parents pack heat, but who made a teen wear a granny blouse? Or tease her hair? #badparenting.'"
To quote someone we all know:
"people that [sic] have their full faculties do not use words that attack the person, only the argument for their philosophy."
Lefties don't like guns or the ability to defend oneself -- unless, of course, you're: or any number of lefties. Thank the Lord that instead of the lefties, the Second Amendment is winning in so many ways that even when lefties think they've won, they've lost. Trouble is, they are so bass-ackwards that they have rallies to encourage women to become victims. Someone tries to do something to me I'm going to be able to defend myself. Women who are anti-gun are going to be victims. Why would a so-called women's group demand that women be incapable of defending themselves? I can't understand that at all. As someone with a concealed carry permit, I SUPPORT the "National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013". It would allow me, as a FL licensed concealed carry permit holder, to carry my weapon in any state in the U.S.A. except where state residents are not allowed to carry: banks, bars, federal government buildings, hospitals, etc. I'd be able to go to Virginia and legally carry. I'd be able to go to Texas and carry; all fifty states (as thevileone says in all "57 states") would be open for me to carry. If you want to be able to protect yourself, you should be able to do so in more than just your state of residence. History shows that carrying is the better choice and that if you're the crime victim you are a lot closer than a cop. A cop may be there in a minute, but you could be dead by then if the perpetrator is determined to make you so. Don't be a victim. Take care of yourself and disappoint the lefties. Ruin their day. It's fun!

August 4, 2014   Some lefties think ABORTION -- baby-killing-- is FUNNY. How sick is that? On a scale of one to ten, an eleven. It's over the top. Ask the baby being torn apart -- arm from its body, leg from its body, head squished and removed from its neck -- if it's funny. (NSFW or Children:) Look at the truth of what abortion is (VERY graphic) then see if you can laugh about it. Is that funny? Lefties think that's something to laugh about? That's sicker than sick: it's disgusting that they can even THINK of laughing about it. It's a LIFE or DEATH situation for the BABY; an innocent human being whose only crime is to be something the mother doesn't want. Like a pair of shoes, it can be discarded and the only way to do so is to kill it. Human life is precious! Laughing about killing a baby is sick. Remember, abortions devastate the MOTHER as well as kill a child. Abortion is not "pro-family" and never can be. It's murdering a baby. That's not pro-family. It may be legally -- but only due to PC -- allowable but that does NOT make it right. Remember: those who practice and push abortion won't tell you the truth, not even about some sexual practices, but the TRUTH is ABORTION KILLS A HUMAN BABY. Is that what you want to live with the rest of your life? Love lives. Let your baby love you. Let your baby live.

August 4, 2014   I'll close on that note. Until next time, GOD Bless You and Keep Our Troops safe. See ya'!

August 1, 2014: 6:38 p.m.   Missed yesterday due to having other things to do. Today I'm late because I had to meet my hubby at the tire place so that we could buy new tires for his truck and we went looking for birds while waiting and then shoppping and to eat. We just got home and here I am. I did post the Flag Friday picture early this morning and it's "Tribute To Our Heroes 175: When Weary, Weak". I hope you like it. Now on with a few blurbs for today's update. Hopefully, next week I'll hae more time for blurbs. I enjoy my website and I enjoy doing blurbs and finding the TRUTH about what the progressives/lefties are doing to America. The Bible says "Then ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Without TRUTH we cannot have freedom. Without TRUTH we are enslaved by the LIES. Without TRUTH we live in darkness and the darkness is never good for us. If we want to live free and in the light, we must know the TRUTH! That's why I do my website. Because the TRUTH matters. Now, on with more TRUTH.

August 1, 2014   Speaking of the TRUTH, watch the TRUTH about the Hamas/Israel war. It's NOT Israel who is the one at fault here. Hamas puts weapons inside of schools, hospitals, people's homes. Hamas is evil. In Gaza, even Muslims curse Hamas. Did you know, that Israel is STILL providing Gaza residents TONS of food, medical supplies, etc., even while Hamas attacks Israel? Did you not know about that? It's the TRUTH! Did you know that the lefties/progressives still hate Israel and anything America does for Israel even though Hamas is the one who started the war. Like the Hamas attack and kidnapping 90 minutes into a "cease fire" that they asked for and that was supposed to last three days. Hamas doesn't want peace; they want Israel GONE. Read Hamas's Charter and you'll see in the Prelude to it:

"Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors."
In the Introduction you find:
" This is the Charter of the Islamic Resistance (Hamas) which will reveal its face, unveil its identity, state its position, clarify its purpose, discuss its hopes, call for support to its cause and reinforcement, and for joining its ranks. For our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave, so much so that it will need all the loyal efforts we can wield, to be followed by further steps and reinforced by successive battalions from the multifarious Arab and Islamic world, until the enemies are defeated and Allah’s victory prevails."
This is why Hamas attacks Israel all the time. It's in their Charter! Later in the charter in Article Seven we see this:
"The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim)."
In Article Thirteen:
"There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility. The Palestinian people are too noble to have their future, their right and their destiny submitted to a vain game. As the hadith has it: 'The people of Syria are Allah’s whip on this land; He takes revenge by their intermediary from whoever he wished among his worshipers. The Hypocrites among them are forbidden from vanquishing the true believers, and they will die in anxiety and sorrow.'"
Then in Article Fifteen:
"When our enemies usurp some Islamic lands, Jihad becomes a duty binding on all Muslims. In order to face the usurpation of Palestine by the Jews, we have no escape from raising the banner of Jihad."
In Article Twenty:
"Our enemy pursues the style of collective punishment of usurping people’s countries and properties, of pursuing them into their exiles and places of assembly. It has resorted to breaking bones, opening fire on women and children and the old, with or without reason, and to setting up detention camps where thousands upon thousands are interned in inhuman conditions. In addition, it destroys houses, renders children orphans and issues oppressive judgements against thousands of young people who spend the best years of their youth in the darkness of prisons. The Nazism of the Jews does not skip women and children, it scares everyone."
In Article Twenty-Eight:
"The other Arab and Islamic states are required, at the very least, to facilitate the movement of the Jihad fighters from and to them. We cannot fail to remind every Muslim that when the Jews occupied Holy Jerusalem in 1967 and stood at the doorstep of the Blessed Aqsa Mosque, they shouted with joy: 'Muhammad is dead, he left daughters behind.' Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims."
In Article Thirty-Two:
"Within the circle of the conflict with world Zionism, the Hamas regards itself the spearhead and the avant-garde. It joins its efforts to all those who are active on the Palestinian scene, but more steps need to be taken by the Arab and Islamic peoples and Islamic associations throughout the Arab and Islamic world in order to make possible the next round with the Jews, the merchants of war."
Do you see why Hamas attacks Irael? Hamas attacks Israel because its CHARTER says it is THEIR PURPOSE. They are not for PEACE; they are for WAR. They have nothing else they WANT to do but kill Jews. Who can read their Charter and think otherwise? The TRUTH is what matters and the TRUTH is in their Charter! That's exactly what they want to do! Yet, the U.N. attacks Israel for "not sharing" the Iron Dome technology with Hamas. The U.N. is full of idiots.

August 1, 2014   thevileone has a LOT to answer for. All these dead bodies are at thevileone's hands! EVERY dead body of the CHILDREN who didn't make it should be laid at thevileone's feet because HE DID THIS. Every death that the illegals are responsible for thevileone made that hapen. He has killed all those children and he's trying to bring Ebola to America so that he can kill US too. He's a Muslim. No doubt about it. After all, what religion are most of those children? Islamic? Nope. Catholic. He doesn't care about those kids because they're the "infidels", let them die!

August 1, 2014   By the time thevileone gets finished with America there won't be anything here worth having for China's long range missiles that can now reach us to be wasted on. While China can now reach us without leaving their own shores our military is shrinking. Isn't that wunnerful?

August 1, 2014   The CIA's been spying on the Senate (I'm sure on thevileone's orders) and we have proof that Lois Lerner targeted Conservatives (same as yesterday's link), and the fact that the DO[IN]J was involved in COLLUSION with Lerner and you have PROOF of TYRANNY also. Isn't that nice? We have a MURDEROUS TYRANT in the Red House. Sweet! (*sarcasm: Major Sarcasm*)

August 1, 2014   11,472,000 Americans out of the workforce since thevileone took office. If the Chinese want us they'll have the diseases that the illegal immigrants are bringing in to deal with, an American workforce that hasn't been working since 2009, and thevileone's healthcare system that isn't working. Yeah. That's what they need with all of their financial problems. With all of that, will they actually want to add more to their plate?

August 1, 2014   I'm going to stop with a positive -- or at least fun -- item. Check out Flippy Cat's falling dominoes videos. Careful though. They're addictive! Until next time, GOD Bless America and See ya'!

August 1, 2014: 9:07 p.m.   Additional note: The DO[IN]J (eric holder) ordered to hand over Fast & Furious documents. The TRUTH is about to come out. Good for the TRUTH and good for the future.

July 30, 2014: 3:21 p.m.   IRS e-mails prove Lerner targeted and denigrated Conservatives. So now which lie will she use? They won't resort to lies now that they've been proven guilty. They'll just say, "Whatever! We're the ones in power. Get over it. You don't have the right to do anything about it. We won." They'll be putting their noses in the air and looking down them at us and telling us to mind our own business. That's what will happen. They don't care about right and wrong. They care about POWER and only that.

July 30, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   Amnesty via EO an "impeachable offense"? Krauthammer thinks so, but that if Republicans did so they'd lose the election. Remember, it's not just chldren crossing our border. It's adults who have rented children to be able to come here and then what happens to the child? Does the renter stay with the child and ensure that child's safety, well-being? No! Not always. The child is a tool to be able to get into America and stay. That's not good enough to make the renter stay with and care for that child. That renter, under thevileone's plan, will soon have work visas, healthcare, education benefits, housing, food stamps, etc., all provided by YOU. thevileone's goals are so bad that even a few dumborats are balking at cooperating with or endorsing his plan. It won't stop him. His goal is the destruction of America and creatig chaos to enable the return of the 12th Imam. A lack of support will not stop him. He should be stopped, but no one has the courage to stand against him. No law enforcement officer will arrest him for his lawlessness. Show me a member of the House or Senate who has actually done something to stop him: contacted a judge to have an arrest warrant issued, or something similar. No one is opposing him. Why? Where is the Secret Service agent who will arrest this lawless, destructive liar? Where is America's hero?

July 30, 2014   DH[IN]S seizing vehicles that don't meet EPA regs. Yep. That'll keep our homeland secure. Sure it will. Idiots. If that's the kind of orders they'll obey, be prepared to read about DHS agenst opening fire on Americans for such infinitesimally small reasons as to be ridiculous. This is the DH[IN]S agents' proving grounds. If they'll do this without question, they'll follow other orders that lead to true danger for freedom. Start talking to those who work for the government -- any government -- about what they would do "if" because they need to decide how far they're willing to obey now before they have to make a snap decision later. They need to set their mind on their stopping point because if they don't there may not be one. BTW, did you know that the "Seperation of Church and State" the left always screams so loud and clear is apparently not applicable to the DH[IN]S when it comes to passing out Bibles to illegals who crossed our border? Yep. The Catholic Bishops paid for them but the DH[IN]S distributed them. Now, if there's a seperation clause in the U.S. Constitution and they're giving the illegals OUR GOD GIVEN rights delineated and guaranteed U.S. Constitution, why is the DH[IN]S doing this? Just asking, folks. Just asking. Also, the DH[IN]S is giving Jewish Institutions $12 MILLION taxpayer dollars to step up their security processes. Sorry, but I don't get why American taxpayer dollars should go to that. As I said earlier, how about Seperation of Church and State? Or, forgive the question, is this one of thevileone's buddie's getting a contract somewhere?

July 30, 2014   Ebola is spreading worldwide. An American doctor got it and died. People are spreading it because they don't realize they have it and they travel while they've got it. It's a very, very dangerous and deadly virus with no known cure. Be careful out there, folks.

July 30, 2014   envirowheel   Record summer lows this summer still don't stop the Hamsters on their wheels. They just can't let it go. It's their power source; a way to control YOU. You know, Hamsters are willing to shut down whole towns in order to save "Gaia" (Mother Earth) because she is more important than the people liviing in those towns. They worship her; you don't. You're bad. Meanwhile, the Red House report on their version of "climate change" is being quietly swept under the rug. Isn't that special?

July 30, 2014   secondamendment   Bloomberg anti-gun ad backfires. LOL! Good! He's an idiot. Meanwhile, the Brady Campaign came out with a wacko report that prompted this "news story". It's wacko because they use 1997 as a source for a 2013 scorecard:

"4) Philip J. Cook & Jens Ludwig, Guns in America:
"National Survey on Private Ownership and Use
"of Firearms, U.S. Department of Justice, National
"Institute of Justice Research in Brief 6-7 (May
If you have to go that far back to get info for a "scorecard" sixteen years later you must be looking to skew the data and thus the RESULTS. It's not about Americans being able to protect themselves anymore. It's all about them being as anti-gun as possible and doing what it takes to get more people on that bandwagon, which is usually BAD for your safety. For instance, the gun laws in Chicago are strict but they lead the nation in "gun violence". (I hate that term. I've never seen a gun be violent. It sits there until it's picked up by a person and that person is violent and used the gun to do something bad. The gund did NOTHING but what the PERSON MADE it do. Stupid term.) Gun control idiots keep getting dumber and dumber. For instance, (NSWF OR CHILDREN) women who protest gun rights TOPLESS! (Say what?! Yep.) Don't go to that link with your children or hubby in the room. The only reason I linked to it is to prove they did so, just in case I was called a liar for just telling about it. Amazing how wacko some people get when it comes to my right to defend myself. Thanks to a recent ruling doctors in FL aren't supposed to be asking you about guns during appointments. It used to be that they were supposed to ask you if there was a gun in the home, if anyone owns a gun. Now, that's not legal to do in FL. Happy camper!

July 30, 2014   thevileone does NOT care about the lives of Christians. They're being beheaded in the Middle East and all he can say is "Ho hum. Not interested. Islam can do whatever it must to bring about the 12th Imam. Not a problem." If he cared, he'd be doing something. See him doing anything? No? He's too busy fundraising and vacationing. He's spent $44,351,777.12 as of March of this year in travel expenses. Why would he work? He wants Kobe Beef and lobster at our expense, why work when you can golf away your time as prezidunce? Remember, he's going back to Martha's Vineyard for 16 days in August. Why would you work when you can do that on someone else's dime?

July 30, 2014   JW forces clintOOns to fess up. They have a lot of money they "earned" via speaking fees that would legally be considered a "conflict of interest" if they obeyed the law. Too bad the clintOOns, like thevileone, don't have to obey the law. They're special. To wit:

"'These documents are a bombshell and show how the Clintons turned the State Department into a racket to line their own pockets,' said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. 'How the Obama State Department waived hundreds of ethical conflicts that allowed the Clintons and their businesses to accept money from foreign entities and corporations seeking influence boggles the mind. That former President Clinton trotted the globe collecting huge speaking fees while his wife presided over U.S. foreign policy is an outrage. No wonder it took a court order to get these documents. One can’t imagine what foreign policy issues were mishandled as top State Department officials spent so much time facilitating the Clinton money machine.'"
So that's why hillclintOOn quietly accepted the role of Sec. of State: she could send billyboy all over the place and get paid to have him out of her hair. I'm sure she liked that.

July 30, 2014   I'll close on that thought-provoking link. Until next time, GOD Bless America and I'll See ya'!

July 29, 2014: 3:11 p.m.   This disgusts me. thevileone saying that Muslims "built the very fabric of our nation" is kissing the backsides of those who have sworn to kill us. Considering what Muslims did to America on 9/11, what they have been doing and contintue to do Christians worldwide for a very long time and what they are currently doing to Israel I don't see how anyone who (rarely) professes he's a "Christian" (although I don't consider what he sat under in the "Reverend" Wright's church as Christianity) can "celebrate" Islam at all. It's just not right. It's evil.

July 29, 2014   In CO Christians are required to break their own religious beliefs. The Colorado government is making sure that his Christian beliefs are stamped out and he's ordered to submit quarterly "compliance" reports to see if he's obeying the government and going against his own religious convictions instead of standing up for his own First Amendment rights. The baker was even ordered to "reeducate" their employees! Communism! The Colorado government has gone completely Communist in this and the bakery owner afflicted [sic] here is fighting back. The Colorado "Civil Rights Commission" has no right to impede the baker's religious freedom right and order him to bake cakes for homosexuals. They have no authority there and I would totally give them the finger and a stick in the eye and defy them absolutely and completely while appealing their ruling and while suing them for trampling on my First Amendment rights! You must realize that this First Amendment infringement is important TO YOU here in FL as well. Also realize that it's a one way street because, according to the ACLU who is representing the homosexuals in the case,

"Spencer’s ruling said Phillips’ constitutional rights are secondary, because otherwise the 'cost to society' isn’t considered. He granted homosexuals a special standard.

"But the ACLU, which is representing the duo, said the same standard should not be used in other circumstances, such as asking a Muslim baker to make a cake criticizing his faith or asking a black cake maker to make a cake for the KKK. [my bolding]"
Note that the ruling gave "homosexuals a special standard [my bolding]. It's ONLY Christians who are supposed to kowtow and kiss the king's ring and disavow their own beliefs and toe the PC line of accepting homosexuality. If the baker had been a Muslim -- for whom homosexuality is so wrong that they STONE homosexuals -- would this have gone any further than the couple turning around and walking out of the bakery?

July 29, 2014   IRS targeting still an ongoing battle to get the TRUTH. There's a plan to motion for the arrest of Lois Lerner from Congressman Steve Stockman. She lied to Congress and didn't cooperate with handing over information. Lois Lerner's hard drive was NOT "destroyed", just scratched and her lies are multitudinous and for that she needs to be held accountable. So, let's hold her accountable but also eric holder for not cooperating with the investigation and thevileone, too, for being the liar in chief. Let's take the whole admin down and start over. It would be better for America and the world.

July 29, 2014   hillclintOOn admits she has "millions". But wait. She was saying she was "dead broke" until she was called on it. Typical of the liberal/progressive elites, she lies without hesitation and as a matter of course. It's routine for her and she expects us to believe and swallow every lie. It's our duty to believe it. It's her RIGHT to believed whenever she lies and no matter how outrageous the lie is. We must believe! We must believe! We must believe!

July 29, 2014   bonehead boehner isn't going to try for impeachment. shock. surprise.

July 29, 2014   Blood test that could detect ALL types of cancer. That would be really good. A simple blood test could save a bunch of lives, get treatment started early and make it easier to fight the cancer with aggressive early treatment. Let us pray that this is real and that it is very, very successful!

July 29, 2014   D.C. Police Chief orders officers to obey court ruling allowing them to carry their weapons outside their houses or businesses. It's all good.

July 29, 2014   If you don't read the article, at least check out the graphics in this Malkin blurb. Too good!

July 29, 2014   Thanks in part to thevileone electricity costs are at all-time high. Then there's the fact that the FPL plant's replacement increased our rates thanks to the efforts of local environmentalists. We have enough to pay for -- and thanks to thevileone getting more daily (border crossers) and more debt via executive order -- and this is not helping.

July 29, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Republicans shouldn't worry about the implications of the court ruling. They should just do what is RIGHT, GOOD, CORRECT and let the chips fall where they may. But with this latest ruling (check the link on healthcareTAX), it's not a good thing and we've still got a long row to hoe. Remember how much the insurance companies supported this crud? Now we know why. I knew a long time ago why, but it's the proof that I was lacking. Follow the money. Now that we've got all of those illegal aliens here, maybe the insurance companies can use some of that cash to cover them. It's better than us paying out the nose for it, agree? Did you know that thevileone's admin is still intervening to make sure people fall in line? Yeah. They've got to CONTROL everything. That's what it is all about: always have been and always will be.

July 29, 2014   Well, the storms are returning and my hubby's home, so I shall go for now. Until next time, GOD Bless America and See ya'!

July 28, 2014: 2:52 p.m.   It's Monday and "Minion Monday: Hank and His Girl's First Dance" is available to make you smile!

July 28, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   thevileone will take care of the gangsters crossing our borders? That's what the gangsters think. They were told that he'd give them medical care, free education, etc. What about the bill to do all of that? We get to pay that. Those of us who work hard, pay our bills, don't cheat on our taxes, etc., we get to foot the bill for everything thevileone does. Isn't that what you want? The gangsters are coming here and recruiting others to help them kill Americans, terrorize communities, sell drugs, pimp girls and generally create chaos. thevileone's saul alinsky "Rules for Radicals" tactics are working. He'll do whatever it takes to destroy America and bring chaos into the world so that the 12th Imam can come and rule the world with Shariah Law. That's what thevileone wants and is working toward. If it weren't what he wanted, why is he not listening to the 77% of us who don't want this illegal influx? Our poor border patrol agents are hog-tied by thevileone's rules as well as by environmental rules. What is the problem with keeping our borders strong and defended? It won't help thevileone achieve his goal of Muslim world domination.

July 25, 2014   Israel:   If thevileone didn't want to help bring about the 12th Imam, why is he blaming Israel for Hamas's actions? Also, Hamas is using children for human shields as they attack Israel and illegally cross their borders, so why is that something that thevileone doesn't disagree with? Why is he defending Hamas when Hamas is the aggressor? thevileone actually THREATENED ISRAEL because they criticized ketchup kerry's laughable "diplomacy". Now, all around the world Jews are being persecuted. It's sick and it's wrong. The Jewish people are GOD's own and He made a vow to them thousands of years ago that they would be His forever. GOD blesses those who pray for Israel and who help Israel. For America to NOT do that -- and to, instead, blame Israel -- is wrong. Am I saying Israel is right in all she does? No. Absolutely not. But in every situation we are told to pray for Israel, and in this particular fracas, Hamas is the aggressor, so why stand with the aggressor? That's not the American norm but under thevileone it is what we are doing! That's very telling, is it not?

July 28, 2014   Let's not do this. We've already seen how someone with NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER (thevileone) runs things, and although I do believe Ingraham would be Billions of times better than thevileone, we still don't need someone with no exeperience whatsoever. thevileone, if nothing else, has given us a good enough example of what inexperience does to a nation. I would love to see Allen West run. (BTW, while you're there, check out the article he wrote this morning.) I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

July 28, 2014   China still poses a threat to America, its not just Islam or Russia. There are people and countries that would love to see America destroyed. One of them is in the Red House.

July 28, 2014   LOL! Albright is always wrong. Sec. of State under billybob clintOOn, she endorsed thevileone and endorseS [sic -- for emphasis] hillclintOOn. So many folks are waking up to the fact that thevileone is a failure. Sad that they were incapable of looking beyond his skin color for two elections. When you look to externals like skin color instead of internals like principles, ideas and beliefs (the things he did to get elected and the people he hung around with should have told them something). Why lefties and squishy-squashy, namby-pamby republirats who endorsed thevileone (see list here) without looking deeper, I have no idea, but they did. thevileone should never have been elected, but with the endorsementes he received and the ACORN cheating and the New Black Panther voter intimidation that happened, thevileone was a cheat-in, not an elected president. He has never been a valid president and never shall be. Now, he's using "executive orders" to help destroy America. All of his "Magic Pen" to be a TYRANT and DICTATOR instead of allowing Congress to make the laws thevileone just makes it up as he goes along.

July 28, 2014   Sarah Palin Channel! How about that? If you want to subscribe, it's $9.95 a month, or $99.95 annually. It's up to you but check it out because she has a countdown counter of how many days, hours, miutes and seconds are left in thevileone's administration. I like that. Can I set that clock forward, please?

July 28, 2014   The Tiny Tyrant is rattling his sabre again. He's threatening a nuclear bomb on the Red House. I don't want to set the clock forward like that, but it would be okay with me if he resigned. The Tiny Tyrant should have a visit from thevileone. They'd probably get along just fine. Problem is that thevileone would probably pick up a few tactics on controling people while there. We don't want that, do we?

July 28, 2014   "Jesus, Today's Church and Inequality": YOU NEED to read this! Frontpage did a great thing here. I am very glad to see someone else taking on the erroneous teachings of the liberal left on what Jesus allegedly taught, believed and wanted us to follow. It's about time.

July 28, 2014   If this year's election is so important to the left, it should be TWICE as important to us! I'll be looking into all of the current candidates this week, so keep an eye out for my upcoming list of candidates that I would prefer. I can't say that I outright endorse some of them because I'm sure that in some races it's going to be the lesser of the evils, but that means it's still an evil. I don't like voting for evil, even if it is a "less than". So, you'll have to hold your nose and vote in some of these races, I' sure, but it's what we are offered. If there's a place to do a write-in on some of these, it may be something to consider. But doing a write-in is sometimes "throwing away your vote" by others' standards. By my standards, it's keeping your principles and having a standard.

July 28, 2014   Marijuana legalization is a bad idea. I can't think of ONE good thing about it besides the fact that it's been "decriminalized" and that means fewer people in our prisons. Well, the problem with that illogic is that we can "decriminalize" a whole lot of things -- murder, rape, pedophilia -- and then the prisons would be even less crowded but that doesn't make those actions any less wrong! Marijuana use for "medicinal" purposes I have shown you that every medical reason has been negated by the very organizations that are the primary support organizations for that particular malady. Cataracts? They don't support it. Epilepsy? Nope. None of the medical maladies that are allegedly helped by medical marijuana have an endorsement for the drug's use for that malady. None. So what is the push about? USE. There are people who want to use it. Don't tell me it's not addictive, studies have proven it IS addictive and that people who use marijuana do go into harder drugs or become alcholics, especially if they start using it at an early age. Marijuana is a gateway drug and if giving people permission to use it leads to more FATAL car accidents then why is it considered a "good" thing? Don't people have to LIVE in order to need medical or recreational marijuana? IF the answer is "Yes" then why legalize something that leads to more deaths? Common sense dictates otherwise.

July 28, 2014   I'm going to stop here, folks. My hubby is home and my computer's running really slow for some reason. BTW, is anyone else having difficulties with The Blaze and with Breitbart? I've been not using them much lately because they've been crashing my Internet Explorer after about ten minutes on the sites. It's too frustrating to go there except when I use my iPad, and even then the pictures don't usually show up at The Blaze and Breitbart is slow. What's up with that? Do you have the same problem? If so, let me know because I would like to know if there's a fix to it if it's just my computer. If there's more than just me, then it's probably the sites' problem. So, until next time, GOD Bless You and See ya'!

July 25, 2014: 11:55 a.m.   It's Flag Friday and I have internet service still, so let's start with my "Tribute To Our Heroes 174: In Her Hands". GOD Bless all who served. I can never thank them enough

July 25, 2014   thevileone approves drilling for oil off the east coast. And I know at least a few local environmentalist wackos are so upset. Oh, wah.

July 25, 2014   Malkin reports on the Delphi workers messed over by thevileone. They're getting closer to getting back the pension thevileone stole from them. Hurray.

July 25, 2014   thevileone helps terrorist, so we should impeach him. Proof:

"administration officials were well aware of the group’s declared intention to turn its Syrian sanctuary into a springboard from which it would send men and material back..."
My goodness what must people see with their own eyes to believe that thevileone is EVIL?

July 25, 2014   Another GOOD reason to hate HOAs. If they guy wants to build furniture for needy veterans, why are they not supporting him and helping it get delivered instead of being hard nosed knot-heads and trying to make him stop? What morons.

July 25, 2014   Al Q. wants to bring America to a digital halt on 9/11. Allegedly they're targeting our electronic infrastructure -- water treatment facilities that are run with computers, computers used by governments, etc. -- and they want to destroy America that way. Well, that's what we expeceted. At least it's not thevileone doing it this time.

July 25, 2014   Personal interest mention: The White Pass & Yukon Route train derailed near Skagway. Several years ago my family and I went on the trip of a lifetime to Alaska. We stayed two days in Vancouver, BC, before we boarded Celebrity Cruise Lines' Summit and hubby and I entered our Royal Suite and the boys their adjoining Concierge Class Suite and there we stayed for two weeks during the repositioning cruise that went north from Vancouver to the Inside Passage then stopped at Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Skagway, and Hubbard Glacier, going north and south through the Inside Passage. Then we went to Victoria BC, where we met with a Flickr friend, and then toAstoria, OR, and in CA, to San Francisco, Catalina Island and finally to San Diego where we stayed for four days before flying home. It was a wonderful vacation and my son has some great photos of the trip. One of the things we did was go on that train. It was interesting, relaxing and I took a video of it to send to my Mom. She go to see the whole vacation, not just the train ride. I will never forget that trip. It was wonderful. Thoughts and prayers to those injured in the derailment.

July 25, 2014   I stand with Israel and rumor has it Hamas's morale is collapsing and they're running from Israeli commandos. GOOD! If they're going to start something Israel has the right -- the duty -- to finish it. Attacking Israel, I believe Hamas is finding out yet again, is never a good idea.

July 25, 2014   Ignoring Issa; another bad idea. Issa doesn't strike me as the kind of person who will tolerate having this administration thumb their collective noses at him. I'd love to see him have several of them arrested. Can you imagine eric holder's and thevileone's reactions? I would love to see a hidden camera video of that! Please, Lord, let this happen!

July 25, 2014   msthevileone pushing genetically modified foods. A lot of folks don't think that's a good thing. GMOs are thought to be a health risk to people who eat them. And if it's not the food grown from genetically modified seeds, it's the chickens that we eat and what the chickens eat goes into us and msthevileone is PUSHING that. She "cares" about your children?

July 25, 2014   thevileone's approval rating: 39%. Those who want to impeach him: 33%. From the same article there's this:

"A plurality of Americans — 45 percent — believe [thevileone] has gone too far in expanding his presidential powers."
I think thevileone is having a bad day. Awww.... poor baby.

July 25, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Muslim jihadist holds up buckets full of heads. What? That's not tolerance? Why not? At least he wasn't a Christian who witnessed to them. That would have been INtolerance! (*sarcasm*) And then there's Nigerian Muslims who killed 75 with two bombs. I bet they were tolerant, too. BTW, if you're going to use civilians as shields, including apartment complexes, hospitals and mosques don't let Israel see you launch a missile from there. Remember, folks, thy did this to themselves.

July 25, 2014   Detroit's PETA offers to pay water bills of those who will go Vegan. Question they may not have thought about: How are they going to verify that the folks went vegan? Are they going to have monitors for them? Are they going to... uh... collect their bowel movements... ick.... and see if the people whose water bills they are paying are sticking to the vegan agreement? How are they going to verify it? I don't think they've thought that one through. Of course, being vegan, I suppose that their brains aren't functioning as well without animal proteins. Because, science shows, "Is plant protein as good as animal protein? The simple answer is no." That means that those of us who still enjoy a good steak from the barbeque, or a nice hamburger, or a bit of bacon are smarter than vegans. Anecdotally, that's been proven time and time again! (*smirk*)

July 25, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   So much for reading the hanging chads and trying to supernaturally ascribe "intent". We know that pelosipig said:

Well, that says that they didn't have INTENT to do subsidies in the FEDERAL marketplace because you can't INTEND to do something when you don't know if it's ALREADY DONE! They didn't READ the bill. They didn't know whether taxpayer subsidies for those who subscribed at the federal website was already covered or if it was not covered. Then there's the architect of the bill who denied it being the intent back in 2012! To wit:

"What’s important to remember politically about this is if you're a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don't get their tax credits—but your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill."
So, not only did pelosipig admit they had no idea what was in it, but passed it anyways, but the guy who helped put it together admits that the federal level marketplace is NOT A SUBSIDY RECEIVING ENTITY. All those folks who signed up under the federal marketplace and got a tax subsidy? Guess what? You LOSE America WINS! Remember, the IRS is supposed to be part of the administration of this mess? How on earth are they going to do that? Would a tea party member get a death panel faster than someone who supports thevileone? Considering recent events, I think so. This isn't going to work, folks. If the SCOTUS gets ahold of it, let us pray that john roberts sees the writing on the wall and borrows a spine long enough to vote for AMERICA instead of for thevileone's wishes.

July 25, 2014   I'll stop there for now. I'd like to get a small project done today, so until next time, GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 24, 2014: 1:10 p.m.   Well, that was unexpected! I did my updates on Thursday and shut it down and a little while later our phone line went dead. Since we use a high speed DSL we have a router and a phone line to do so and when our phone line still wasn't working on Tuesday I got fed up and called ATT. They came out yesterday and worked on my phone line and moved my line to a closer junction box and tested things and ran a new kind of line in my attic, etc. It turns out the person who did the "sale" and scheduling for this was not absolutely truthful with me (shock) and the installer's team had to check back with ATT's computer because the sales person did something wonky and had the interior of my house wired for a whole lot faster but had the exterior box the same; but the lines going to the house were only for a slower speed. So the installation team was confused and she lied to me and the whole thing as frustrating for all of us. So, I'll be on the phone with ATT later today and trying to get them to fix what the sales person lied about. For now, though, my internet is again available and I'll apologize for missing my Flag Friday posting of my "Tribute To Our Heroes 173: When Wind Blown" and I thank you again for your service. Then here's the link to the Minion Monday pic that I couldn't post on Monday. Thanks for your patience with me and let's get started.

July 24, 2014   Cuomo to find out how many homosexuals, bi-sexuals, etc., in NY state. Allegedly so that he can provide better healthcare for them. In Germany when Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews he first told them to register as a Jew. Then they had to start wearing arm bands (as did Christians, etc.). Then they were rounded up into "safe zones" -- or what he told them was a safe zone -- and he fenced the area off. Then he put them all into cattle cars and sent them to the death camps. Cuomo wants you to self-identify as being of a specific sexual orientation? What business is it of his or anyone's? Why tell the government something that isn't their business? Why volunteer to be government labeled? Don't get me wrong: if homosexuals want to trust the government with that info, that's their choice. Thinking twice about it may be a better idea though. Speaking of homosexuality, actor who chose to quit instead of acting homosexual sexual encounter is going to be excoriated by hollyweird. I think he did the right thing. If he doesn't want to kiss a guy, he has the right to not have to do so. The fact that others are telling him he just ruined his own career tells us how much influence in hollyweird the homosexual agenda has. Elsewhere, a CO judge struck down the voter approved BAN ON homosexual "marriage". Then there's the whole Michael Sam and Tony Dungy thing. Why is it only Christians who are targeted for criticism over anything they say? Tony Dungy said nothing wrong. He didn't want a circus following a player of his. So what? If the player was -- instead of homosexual -- two-headed and always had the media around him because of that and Dungy had said the same thing would Dungy have been excoriated because of that? After all, two-headed people are minorities, too. Then consider the differences between how Michael Sam and Tim Tebow are treated. Yeah. There's a big benefit in being homosexual in some circles. Did you know, for instance, that if your competing on an otherwise level playing field in a government contract bid, but the other business in the bidding is owned by a homosexual that the homosexual is probably going to win due to preferences given to minority owned businesses? Yep. Same is true for ethnicity, gender, etc. You're playing against a liberal stacked deck.

July 24, 2014   I agree with Howard Stern on this. Israel has the right to exist and has a right to defend its country. Howard Stern is correct that Israel is our ally; although thevileone is not theirs. Israel is doing what it can to compromise but no matter what they give up, no matter how much land they hand over, they are still criticized for not giving up more. Christians are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we will be blessed if we support Israel. thevileone is doing everything he can to ensure Israel's demise because that's what george soros wants. We all know that supports thevileone with HUGE donations to multiple organizations whose money goes to help thevileone destroy America. With backers like george soros who could help but try to destroy America since both thevileone and soros want to do so? Shared goals and a lot of money lead to hard times for the rest of us.

July 24, 2014   I'm glad I stopped watching TMZ. They are a bunch of foul-mouthed, cooler-than-thou, self-aggrandizing, hollyweird-worshipping sycophants without a brain between them (although I do give Harvey some credit for making money off of every half-ounce of hollyweird stupidity and non-news). I watched TMZ for a while because it was funny and then something happened to the language limits on television and radio and now there seems to be few words barred and TMZ started going for all of the foul language they could use. That's when I said no. That didn't work for me. Stories about a starlet's mocha macchioto? Fine. Something about a star's tennis shoes, or running into a sign? Okay. Start using foul language while focusing in someones private parts? No. Bash Sarah Palin? They're outta' here and never to darken my television again. TMZ? Strike three.

July 24, 2014   Someone else who has reached "Strike Three" status with me: Rand Paul says he disagrees with VOTER ID LAWS. Say what? Voter ID laws will make our elections more honest and help us to prevent fraud! To say that he disagrees with that begs the question is he wanting to use the same tactics that dumborats use in order to steal elections? What is wrong with him? Does he want power so much that he'll allow cheating and kiss the backside of the loudest mouths in order to get the power? If that be the case can ANYONE trust him if he gets that power? Think about who is in office now and the tactics he used to get there. Is that what you want again, but with a different letter after his name? What is wrong with Rand Paul? He wants it too badly, that's what. He's willing to do what it takes, just as the current Red House occupier has done.

July 24, 2014   Hanoi jane sees no irony in calling Murdoch bid "unconscionable". The things she did in Vietnam are what's "unconscionable", not Rupert Murdoch owning Time-Warner. Maybe she's just hating the idea of her ex's property getting in to the hands of a more conservative owner. I don't know. All I do know is that fonda has no right to call anything anyone else does "unconscionable".

July 24, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   NY circuit court overturns taxpayer subsidies. Rush tells us what could happen next and it's possible that this could be really, really good; or it could be no big deal. We'll see what's next since it could wind up with the SCOTUS. Which means justice john roberts would have his hands all over it again. Can we trust him to go with the U.S. Constitution and consider the fact that most of us did NOT WANT this piece of garbage and that the House admitted that they hadn't read it before they passed it? After all, pelosipig got up and said that they had to pass it to know what was in it (paraphrased). Is that going to lead the SCOTUS to take into account "intent"? If so, are they reading hanging chads since they'd have to be imputing intent to those who did not read it and thus had no idea what was in it? OR, is it the fact that they didn't read it that will allow the SCOTUS to assume that it wss the intent of Congress to do so? It can be either way. We may see whether roberts has a spine this time. Did you know that thevileone thinks you're either stuipd or that...

"'Most folks don’t have the time to sort out all the intricacies of Obamacare or Benghazi or this or that'"
So which is it? Do you think that HE has the time? After all, he must go play another round of golf and get ready for another vacation, and have lunch and fundraise with the hollyweird elites, when does HE have the time to understand all of the "intricacies" involved? Think about his words. Is he actually trying to call you stupid? I think so. BTW, notice that thevileone is now referring to it as his named care again? Remember in January of this year when even thevileone stopped calling it by his name? Yeah. Liars turn on the tip of a needle and don't need a dime to turn on. This thing needs to go away. It's fraught with fraud. It may be that insurers are trying to limit HIV patients' access via high co-payments. It's not just HIV/AIDS people being effected, though. An app for deciding who will get cancer treatment is helping oncologists decide who is going to get treatment and gets to live and who won't. Death panels, anyone? BTW, did you know that this thing is SOO BAD that even in Africa they're saying it's a "Signature Achievement of Unaccountable Bureaucracy"! I can't help but smile when I see the truth.

July 24, 2014   hillclintOOn can't admit she was WRONG. She says that the "Russian reset" was a success. That's why they have rebels who support Russia shooting down airplanes full of civilians, right?

July 24, 2014   Illegal Alien Invasion:   jeb bush has lost it. He isn't thinking about how this will inevitably effect your children's futures. He's not thinking about America's future. He's thinking about... What? Progressives all think alike, so I'd say he's thinkinig of how best to destroy America just like thevileone. Have you noticed how marco rubio is changing his tune: depending, of course, on who is listening. There's something else to think of when considering the resulting changes in America's culture that will come about if amnesty is given. For one, our relationship with Israel may change because Hispanics don't necessarily feel the same way about Israel as we do. Illegals are very creative when it comes to crossing our border. What next: ultralights? Now thevileone wants to change "illegal aliens" into "refugees". That's one of his favorite tactics: change what something is called or the meaning of the word that should be associated with that thing (remember when thevileone redefined the following words:

There are others that have been defined as well, but we'll stop there. He is at it again. He can also be blamed for the people who are getting injured as they try to cross our borders. He doesn't care about teh children coming over. He just cares about the damage they can do to our system to help destroy America. These kids are being used as weapons against us and it's our government -- particularly our prezidunce -- who is wielding the weapon. Impeach thevileone. He's lying.

July 24, 2014   Planned Abortionhood says S & M is normal. It's telling teenage girls that it's okay to allow men to HIT them! That's not just wrong, it's immoral, despicable and irrefutably will lead to girls accepting being abused by men. What is wrong with the people who are pushing that crap? Are they mentally fit to be working anywhere, much less in a place girls go when they are especially vulnerable? Come on! Get a grip! Stop the insanity and misogyny that is PP!

July 24, 2014   secondamendment   "Four students robbed at gun point on gun free campus"! Nowadays, when you allow guns in your business, business picks up. That tells you something about what's happening in society. We're allowing violent criminals to enter our country illegally but trying to deny U.S. CITIZENS the right to "keep and bear arms"? "We, The People" aren't going to put up with that! Did you know that this admin is prosecuting more legal gun owners than criminals? Does that tell you anything? Beretta leaves MD because fo their anti-gun laws. It's a smart thing to do. I love that DC's anti-gun folks are "losing their minds". That's excellent. Now, I want one of these, too.

July 24, 2014   The Veteran's Administration has become a death trap for our HEROES. They tell a cancer-stricken vet to "get a job" and refuse any treatment for the vet. Incredible.

July 24, 2014   Riiiiggghhhttt... He's an idiot.

July 24, 2014   Speaking of idiots, the Cheekbone Cherokee's 11 Progressive Commandments are as absurd, un-American and anti-free market as any progressive screed ever written. I honestly don't think she came up with these things on her own. She had some help because she's not smart enough to do this on her own. I mean, come on, if you have someone asserting her "Cherokee-ness" because of her cheekbones even though someone has done the geneaology to prove warren is LYING about being Cherokee. (Remember that, instead of being Cherokee, warren's family persecuted Cherokees. BIG difference.)

July 24, 2014   NAACP shuns CONSERVATIVE blacks. Well, shock. surprise!

July 24, 2014   Hubby's home so I'll stop there. Until next time -- and as long as my phone line doesn't go dead again -- GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 17, 2014: 11:49 p.m.   District 2 Republican Candidate forum Aug. 6, 2014. If you're a Republican who lives in District 2 and want to hear from at least some of the candidates for D2 Commissioner you may want to attend. Why it's not held within D2's borders I have no idea, but that's how they did it. Stay informed. Educate yourself. Become familiar with who is running for every office this November. Do NOT vote blind. Do NOT vote for someone just because they're the fist person listed on the ballot in your party. Do NOT vote for someone because you like their smile, voice, or know their dog. Inform yourself. I'll be doing my investigations into the candidates soon and will post the info I find and publish my endorsements. I do not know if there is a candidate in every area that I can endorse. There may be some offices that don't have anyone good enough to endorse. We'll see. Remember, there are some folks who won by default because no one ran against them. This is not what should happen, but it does happen often. This year alone, there have been EIGHTEEN (18) people who have been "elected" without a single vote being cast for them because no one ran against them. Are they good for the job? Who knows? We didn't get a vote in the matter and I don't think that's right. Maybe we should change the law so that every candidate's name is on the ballot and we'll be able to vote "Yes" or "No" on that candidate filling the position. I think that would be a great option! What thinks you? (Additional note: D4 Candidate page links can be found here. Do your research!)

July 17, 2014   IF this plane was shot down, we've entered a new era. I say "IF" because it has not been confirmed as of my writing this. If the plane was shot down who did it: the government of the Ukraine, separatists, or someone trying to prove something? We have no answers yet. But if the plane was shot down and Russia has a part in it, we've entered a new era: an era of Russia trying to show its world supremacy and trying to show America that we have nothing that will keep them from being a world tyrant. If this be the case, the question becomes have they joined forces with China? With a Russia/China alliance there could be big trouble on the horizon. There will be few ways to prevent a huge kerfuffle. Let us wait on the investigation's conclusions before we think "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!" but it could well be that the future has just gotten a bit darker.

July 17, 2014   Israel is still under attack as Hamas continues to violate ceasefire. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" and you will be blessed. Let us hold Jerusalem and all of Israel in our prayers. Hamas has a history of violence against Israel. We need to keep the safety of Israel and its people in our prayers.

July 17, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   YOUR FLORIDA taxpayer dollars to care for illegals immigrant minors. Yep. They're coming to Florida and YOU will have your taxpayer dollars used to care for them. Isn't that what you want? After all, whatever diseases they have come with them, as do their gang affiliations, their attitudes, their families soon to follow. Without jobs to go to, those families will be staying, eating, shopping, being clothed and housed by YOUR taxpayer dollar, too. Thank thevileone for all he's taking from you to give to them. He is so thoughtful and so considerate of what YOU want to do with YOUR money that he'll take it all from you so that others can dow what they want with YOUR money. He deserves your thanks, don't you think?

July 17, 2014   envirowheel   Australia does U-turn on carbon tax: AXES IT! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! As more and more PROOF comes that the Hamsters LIED about "global warming" and used it to CONTROL us, more people -- Australia seems to have the most right now -- are realizing that if the Hamsters LIED then we don't need to follow the Hamsters' lead regarding how to fight what turned out to be a BIG FAT LIE. It's always good to follow the TRUTH instead of a LIE and "global warming" was ALWAYS A LIE. Yep. The worm turns.

July 17, 2014   Good! Cooler temps are always welcome. If Florida became more like... I don't know... Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, I'd be happy!

July 17, 2014   McDaniel's lawyer says they have enough evidence to launch a challenge! Chris McDaniel (Thad Cochran's opponent) has earned my respect for STANDING UP FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY and not allowing an election to go to the person who cheated to get elected. They've already found so much cheating that they can challenge the election results. Think of what it would mean if this ONE guy who believed in election integrity could actually put the cheater off of the "Winner's Seat" and make it real that the cheater was held acountable for cheating and the cheater paid the price via time in jail, or at elast being fined and his win taken away. Can you imagine how that would energize other candidates to stand their ground when cheating is known to have happened? Imagine if George W. Bush had caved when all those Florida recounts and the hanging chads and the fact that the dumborats didn't want to count military absentee ballots? Yeah. Election integrity is VITAL to our Representative Republic. Let's strive to make our elections honest again. Let's stop giving up the fight to have integrity in our elections. It is VITAL that we return integrity and that we can trust that the results were not cheated into being what they otherwise would not have been.

July 17, 2014   Homosexuals and other variants smaller number than previously assumed. Those self-identifying as homosexual, transexual, bisexual, etc., according to CDC survey, are less than 3% of American population. That's a lot lower than most of us were lead to believe. Rush explains why a lot of us think the number is closer to 20% to 30%. He's right. Now, the World Health Organization is recommending preventative HIV drugs. If you are homosexual and want to have sex, take the HIV/AIDS drugs BEFORE you become sexually active. I don't know that it will help considering how "HIV mutations occur naturally all the time in everyone with HIV", I wonder if a preventative is actually going to do any good. I pray that one day they find a cure. Until then, remember that not having sex is better than dying from having sex. Self-control can save your life.

July 17, 2014   thevileone's admin breaks the law again. Yawn. So what's new?

July 17, 2014   secondamendment   Another HURRAY! House passes bill to return gun rights to D.C. That would be really good for D.C. residents and business owners. In Detroit crime has dropped since the citizens got more gun rights. Haha, anti-gunners. But if you own an AK-47, thevileone is after it. He's disguised it as a move against Putin, but it's as much against our rights as against Putin. thevileone is sneaky that way. There's another lawsuit against this administration over gun rights because they've barred interstate commerce. For instance, if you live in OH, but want to buy a gun that's for sale in MT, you couldn't do it thanks to thevileone. I hope thevileone gets his butt handed to him on a platter in this one. In Cleveland, OH, they're planning an open carry rally to protest new limitations. I wish all states would go open carry for gun owners. The wackos would be much more reticent to do stupid stuff if they looked around and saw twenty-three law abiding armed citizens with guns on their hips. Don't ya' think? BTW, need a good giggle? Rolling Stone's list of dangerous guns will do that for you.

July 17, 2014   Aaaahhhh... public school. Another teacher having sex with her student. Or there's always the drug dealing teacher. Of course, we've seen that a lot. Are all public school teachers bad? No. But considering the atmosphere that allows this kind of conduct, that covers it up, that allows those teachers (in some instances) to remain on the payroll it's something that I would not send any child of mine into.

July 17, 2014   If you plan to go to a theme park soon, STAY CLOSE TO YOUR CHILDREN. I mean, real close. Don't let them go to the bathroom alone. Don't let them sit alone. Don't let them ride a ride alone. Better you than the employees who go where they need to go to be around children. This news should terrify everyone who has gone to a theme park recently. It's disgusting that these men worked there, but without prior convictions there's no way to find out until it's too late. So keep close to your kids while you're in the "Happiest Place On Earth" or the happiest place may become a nightmare.

July 17, 2014   I'll close with that. Until next time, GOD Bless You and See ya'!

July 16, 2014: 9:56 p.m.   Late start today due to other obligations. I'll do just a few blurbs then I'll say goodnight. So let's get started.

July 16, 2014   Let's start with the classy statement of msthevileone. Yeah. She's as classy as a pig in a pen.

July 16, 2014   From one flotus (what does that "f" stand for now?) to one of her predecessors: hillclintOOn charges $2,777 PER MINUTE. She has explicit contract demands, too. Can you imagine Laura Bush doing any of these things? I can't.

July 16, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   This is what thevileone is letting into the country. I think this is something thevileone knew would happen and didn't mind sacrificing American lives to get what he wanted. Remember, this is the situation we'll have with thousands of illegals not just one admitted illegal. At least their $50 MILLION resort is nixed. If they're going to stay here why should they have a better house than those of us paying for their room and board? At least they caught this illegal carrying a gun before he murdered anyone. At least. Question: Would they have still arrested him if the serial number had NOT been filed off? After all, he had no concealed weapons permit and he wasn't a legal citizen, so where was his right to "keep and bear arms" since the Constitution only applies to CITIZENS? Would they still have arrested him with the serial number, or would they have said, "Oh, that's okay. We trust you!"? Of course, the dumborats are supporting all of these illegals crossing. There is a backlash against government plan to put all those children wherever the government wants them. People and whole cities are unhappy with the idea of their cities being exposed to whatever is coming their way with those illegals. I don't blame them. Why the dumborats are supporting all of this wrong-doing I don't know. It's having a really bad backlash for them. Who knows? Maybe this will be the best thing to get the dumborats out of office. Looks to me like they just bit themselves in the collective butts. Of course, so did the "Gang of Eight": including the FOUR republirat Senators who supported this crap. Remember those names. Remember those names and what they helped happen to America: RUBIO, GRAHAM, MCCAIN and FLAKE -- ALL republirats. They helped this happen. They compromised last spring, allowed the logistics to get done during summer and fall of 2013 and then helped make sure that America -- and your children's health and futures -- were put in danger. Remember those names.

July 16, 2014   Teacher/youth pastor accused of having and producing child porn. Perverts will go where they need to go in order to be around children. This guy worked at a Christian school. In Pennsylvania a former music teacher is accused of similar charges. In Virginia, a former teacher is in jail charged with soliciting sex from a teen and having child pornography on his computer. Homeschool your kids, folks. Homeschool your kids.

July 16, 2014   It's not just us. There are weirdos in England, too. Of course, England and I are no buddies, so I'll stop there in my commentary. (Bow and scrape, tug the forelock. Not I.)

July 16, 2014   secondamendment   Anti-gun dumborat gets really ridiculous. Now there's a new anti-gun ad out that is brought to you (at least in part) by msnbc. It concludes with "Lean Forward". You know what happens when you lean forward, don't you? Soap. Prison. Yeah. Not good. Did you know that Kansas banned federal anti-gun laws and an anti-gun group is challenging the KS law? Yep. If you have a GOD-given right that is protected by the U.S. Constitution, there's a leftie out there somewhere who wants to take it away. It's what they do. But at least the judiciary seems to be heading down the right track. They sided with a pro-gun open-carry group in TX. Yeehaw!

July 16, 2014   Illegalities in thevileone's admin? NO WAY! (I hope you've come to recognize sarcasm when you see it.) The law does not apply to this admin. They're the ones MAKING the laws, not ABIDING by them. They're above the laws. Those stinkin' laws are for the little people, those of us in flyover country, not for the high and mighty THEM. They're SPECIAL. They don't have to abide by the same laws as you and I. Heck, there are NO laws they have to obey except the LAW OF EXPEDIENCY: whatever it takes to get done what they want done is what the law is and they can do it. Nothing else matters. That's how they roll.

July 16, 2014   Free Speech: Where is FREE SPEECH on college campuses? In the Japan Times is a good article about that. And Abolitionists 4 Life are suing Boise State University over their "Free Speech Zone" policy, too. It's good to see free speech is important to people. We need to protect our rights. Use them or lose them; stand FOR them or fall UNDER them. That's the way it goes. Ask Nebraska what thevileone is doing to free speech there.

July 16, 2014   It's almost midnight and I've bashed two flotuses, bashed thevileone several times, bashed pedophile teachers, bashed anti-free speechers and anti-gun morons. That's not bad for two hours' work. I'll sign off for now and I'll See ya'!

July 15, 2014: 12:24 p.m.   The lefties can't stand religious freedom for Christians. They're trying to take it away. They support it for Muslims, atheists, New Agers -- anything except Christianity -- and they're introducing bills to prevent Christians from following their own religious beliefs. Isn't that special? I think the lefties are walking a dangerous road and they need to watch out for lightning. Even if the SCOTUS doesn't strike them down... No. That's not a threat. It's reality. GOD has a way of righting wrongs without the help of men. Ask Noah.

July 15, 2014   Another waste of taxpayer dollars. Why do we need to find out if there is life outside of our planet? What are we going to do, cover them under thevileone's healthcareTAX, give them transportation and housing to cross our border and live here to vote for dumborats and make sure that they've got diseases that are contagious before they get here so that we'll have people getting sick from that, too? We've got more important things to do with that money and it's not finding E.T.

July 15, 2014   "Tranquility"? Really? LOL! LOL! LOL! Do you think it would do any good to send thevileone a dictionary with the word marked and highlighted? "Tranquility".... Riiiggggghhhhhhttt...

July 15, 2014   Illegal Immigration:   thevileone's actions "threatens foundation of our Constitutional Republic". But that's what thevileone wants. His goal has always been to destroy America. Remember, thevileone is a Cloward and Piven strategist and his reading was called into question because he was reading the book, "The Post-America World" by Fareed Zakaria:

"Zakaria describes with equal prescience a world in which the United States will no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate geopolitics, or overwhelm cultures."
Note the wording: "dominate", "orchestrate" and "overwhelm"? Yeah. Sounds to me like he's anti-American. Otherwise why use those derogatory words? Why make it sound like America is the puppet master pulling all the strings to keep other countries down? He's painting us as a controller, while in reality if other countries leave us alone and don't bother their neighbor we're historically a non-aggressive, supportive, caring, charitable (more charitable than any other nation on earth, in fact) and most friendly and cooperative nation. Why not use that as part of the blurb? Does it serve a purpose? Oh, yeah. Remember, this is part of the bigger picture. thevileone is out to do everything he can to destroy America and if he has to "lose a few" children from Central American countries, so be it. That's how he rolls. Whatever it takes to destroy America.

July 15, 2014   IRS e-mails were sought by Inspector General, lawsuit reveals. The IRS is still furiously trying to keep their actions -- and who ordered those actions -- a secret, but slowly, slowly it is unraveling. Let us pray that the truth can be found and the appropriate people prosecuted (even thevileone).

July 15, 2014   Say it isn't so! thevileone's supporters turn to the "Cheekbone" Cherokee as their next preziduncial candidate? ReallY? That's pretty desperate. She also hates America so I suppose that those who support her do, too. After all, eight years of thevileone and they go for someone who will continue his policies? How dumb are they?

July 15, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   It has missed its target goal by 50%. It looks like bonehead is going ahead with his lawsuit. It will come to nothing, but he may as well put on the show. He thinks it makes him look like he has a spine. How wrong he is. I'm sick and twisted because I think it's fitting justice for someone who supported this piece of garbage to lose their insurance. After all, if you want to hurt the rest of us why should you also not suffer? But I'm terrible. With insurance rates going up people are getting a rude waking up, but that doesn't prevent thevileone's supporters from "ballyhooing" it all around the globe. If you're on thevileone's healthcareTAX, demand for the HIV drugs is huge and it will grow because the World Health Org. says HIV is on the rise in gay men. That's an expensive drug and to have to treat more HIV/AIDS positive patients is going to cost even more, raising insurance premiums even more. Sounds like it's getting more and more expensive to be on this thing. Did you know that "millions of children" could soon lose their coverage?

"Millions of children could lose coverage, and millions more insured via Medicaid or ObamaCare plans could have an even tougher time finding a doctor."
But I thought thevileone's healthcareTAX was supposed to cover children. What happened to that? In Florida, many doctors won't accept thevileone's healthcareTAX. Even a former D-party precinct chairman has started a website that admits that [thevileone's healthcreTAX] Hurts He's now considered a turn coat by some. The truth will out, though, and I applaud the guy for telling the truth.

July 15, 2014   secondamendment   Cleveland, OH, ordinance could be strictest GUN CONTROL law yet. It would create a registry and prevent anyone from buying more than one gun in three months, and prohibit the manufacture of gun replicas (toys?). The Second Amendment says that "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". What doesn't Cleveland understand about "shall not be infringed"? What's so difficult about that? In the upcoming elections, remember that Gov. Rick Scott has enacted 12 PRO-GUN laws in four years and "Crist being less than supportive as 'critically important bills'" while he was governor. Now Crist is running as a dumborat so he's not going to be PRO-gun as a dumborat. He doesn't dare. So, that leads me to say that I endorse Governor Rick Scott for Governor. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, political party, committee, or gun grabber!) In MO, they're asking their voters to "restate" their 2nd Amendment support. The voters shouldn't have to "restate" that. It's in the U.S. Constitution and they have the right. Period. Remember, lefties don't like you if you like the 2nd Amendment. So don't think that the "kind words" they mutter in your ear while trying to get your vote is the truth. They'll lie as much as needed to get/stay into power. Then they'll betray you as quickly as a wink.

July 15, 2014   Here comes the storm. I'll close for now. Until next time, GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 14, 2014, 2:42 p.m.   Let's start with a local issue, because this makes no sense to me. First they vote against things, then they vote for it. Our BOCC's Dimwitted Double Duo really haven't a clue. This EDC thing just keeps getting more and more involved. Scott Ellis is correct in his assertions and our money IS OUR business (WE ARE the government, remember that!). Now outside organizations are filing legal briefs siding with Ellis in order to help remind the courts that they need to keep the EDC accountable for how they are spending OUR money. It's imperative that the EDC be held accountable because they are doing business on behalf of the COUNTY via negotiating with businesses to come into Brevard and whether they will receive tax breaks or have special allowances for their building permits, etc. If that's not working for the County, then what is? Looking at it in the bigger picture, IMHO, anyone who gets County funds on a regular basis for services rendered -- especially when that's their only chartered raison d'etre -- should have to operate completely and absolutely in the Sunshine! When they don't operate in the Sunshine, people wind up breaking the law and the taxpayers end up footing the bill for their wrongdoing thrice over: the cost of the contracts illegally done, the cost of prosecuting the wrong-doers and their imprisonment if sentenced to prison time. If the EDC is not a public entity, then why are they allowed to do the County's business? If they are not accountable to US, then STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY! Let them find a way to make money without dipping into the taxpayers' pockets!

July 14, 2014   Illegal Immigrants:   thevileone did this. He didn't put a gun to their heads and force them into the river, but the promises his advertisements and false info gave the families of those children may as well have shoved those kids into the water. There's now a ten-fold increase (10x more than usual) granting of asylum requests. He's helping them disappear into the system and you're paying the price of their transportation, housing, food, medical care, dental care, etc., etc., etc. Meanwhile, msthevileone tells Latinos that her hubbybubby will continue his tyranny. He don't need no stinking Congress! He's "Der Leaderschmidt" and he can make his own laws! While the Tyrant-In-Chief does whatever he wants -- on OUR DIME -- his attorney general whines "It's racial" when opposition rises. Yeah. This is the same AG who has a policy within the Do[IN]J to NOT PROSECUTE black on white crime. In other words, those whose skin tone is the same as his get a free pass. That's probably because he's as much of a radical as thevileone. They think that crying "Wolf!" (A.K.A. "Racism!") for every little thing will get them a free pass for whatever they want to do. They can discriminate and yell "Racism!" but it's they who are the racists, but because they scream it first, loud and proud, they are listened to and believed. It's all a crock but they use it as a whip against the rational population of the "Intimidated People of America". That's just how they like it. If they can keep folks intimidated with the call of "Racism!" they can CONTROL you. That's what it's all about.

July 14, 2014   Violent gang recruiting minors in illegal alien shelters. Bring them over here so that they can help kill innocent people? Is that what this is about? Is that going to be good for the children? Is that what thevileone had planned? Or did he give a flip what happens to the children as long as it serves his purpose of breaking the system? Cloward and Piven anyone?

July 14, 2014   Con. Darrell Issa should NOT comply with thevileone's request. If Issa caves, he's no friend of yours or mine!

July 14, 2014   thevileone is so bad that even Chicagoans are mad at him. It's so bad that one man used my line that thevileone "will go down as the worst president ever". Well, duh! I only said that five years ago!

July 14, 2014   Judicial Watch beats the IRS in court. Hurray! Now let's see what happens with the IRS investigation. Let's see if thevileone will be cooperative. My guess? I seriously doubt it.

July 14, 2014   Is this in your future? I think thevileone wants it to be so.

July 14, 2014   Food stamps? Check ebay, Facebook, etc. Fraud is prevalent and thevileone doesn't want to stop it because it helps break the system and that helps destroy America.

July 14, 2014   Is this another of thevileone's buds getting overpaid by $9 MILLION? How much you wanna' bet?

July 14, 2014   Another dumborat displays hypocrisy. They're very good at that. Whatever serves their purpose at the time.

July 14, 2014   Yes, another round of golf and soon another vacation. Must be hard to be so overworked.

July 14, 2014   Malkin takes on "Snotty Bloomberg". LOL! Love it!

July 14, 2014   FDA trying to take more choices out of our pantries. When the government steps in and tells us everything we can and cannot do how is that FREEDOM? Government says "You can't eat coconut oil on your popcorn" and we all order popcorn without coconut oil at the movie theaters. The government says we have to buy low flush toilets and -- voila! -- low flush toilets are all we can buy. Light bulbs not pleasing to their royal hineys? We have to buy CFLs. It's ridiculous and it's not FREEDOM!

July 14, 2014   Don't tax the internet. Read the report from the Heritage Foundation. I think you'll agree. Send your representatives a note telling them to NOT tax the internet and to make the ban permanent. The internet is supposed to be an area of FREEDOM and to start taxing it also leads to CONTROLLING it. Is that what you want?

July 14, 2014   thevileone should be standing WITH Israel, instead of stabbing them in the back. thevileone says he's a Christian but his actions speak louder (MUCH LOUDER) than his words. If he were a Christian he would be supporting Israel instead of stabbing them in the back. He's a cad.

July 14, 2014   Is thevileone "slipping mentally"? Is thevileone's mental stability something we should be worried about? I wouldn't doubt it.

July 14, 2014   A different look at Joan Rivers' comedy. I support Joan Rivers because I support FREE SPEECH, First Amendment protected. I think comedy is supposed to be funny and I think that different people find different things funny. Anyone who doesn't like Rivers taking comedic jabs at the high-mighty-rich-powerful thevileones, that's something they need to deal with via changing the channel instead of trying to silence Rivers. Rivers has the RIGHT to say what she wants. It's FREE SPEECH. If someone wants to say that Rush Limbaugh is gay, or that the Texas Cheerleader who likes to hunt, Kendall Jones, should be hunted down and murdered, the Lefties think that's all okay. But let someone criticize their precious people and it's an all out war on the speaker and free speech.

July 14, 2014   Well, my hubby just got home so I'm going to go. Until next time, GOD Bless you and See ya'!

July 14, 2014: 12:52 a.m.   Returned from our time out of town. Had a great time and while we were away I took my Flag Friday picture but didn't link to it because I didn't trust the security of the internet connnection. So, I give you my "Tribute To Our Heroes: On the Beaches" and "Minion Monday: Hank Visits the Aquarium". Yes, Hank went with us. I resume regular updates later today. Until then, See ya'!

July 8, 2014: 7:46 p.m.   No updates to speak of today because I've been getting ready to go out of town for a few days. My hubby and I had to cancel an earlier trip so tomorrow my son will be holding down the fort here and my hubby has put together a trip for us. I say it that way because he is the one who chose where we are going, where to stay, for how long to stay, what to do, made all of the reservations and met my requirements: 1) Not a lot of time in the sun, 2) Bird watching is fine, but we have to do at least one new thing we've never done before, and 3) he was to keep it all a secret from me. He has apparently met those requirements because he has made the reservations, has scheduled three things we've never done (it was going to be four but apparently the company he was trying to do business with on the fourth item was closed for the season) and all I know about it is that we'll still be in Florida and that we leave tomorrow and return Saturday. I also know that we can dress casually for the whole trip. Good. I'm curious about the trip and where we'll be and what we'll be doing, but I am also excited to see what he has come up with. So I've been washing the new clothes we bought yesterday for the trip and I've been doing housework and talking on the phone all day long. It's a family member's birthday and I spent about three hours on the phone with her, and then a friend called and talked for another hour or so. It's been a busy day and it's not over yet, so no updates (except to say that I AGREE!) until Monday, July 13, 2014. Until then, GOD Bless and See ya'!

July 7, 2014: 2:06 p.m.   Wow! That was a fun weekend! We had fireworks going off around our neighborhood from Thursday evening until last night. I think everyone spent some serious dollars on their fireworks this year because they just kept going and going and going! It was great to hear (and see a few) and to know that -- although we have a depressed economy and thevileone is still trying to destroy her -- people are still celebrating America and being American. That's a great thing because it proves we still believe in America and we still celebrate that belief. thevileone cannot take that away from us because we know that he won't be in power forever and we know that we can rebuild and make America great again! Now, on with the blurbs.

July 7, 2014   It's Minion Monday and Hank decides to take up painting. He actualy did a pretty good job.

July 7, 2014   Illegal Aliens   When it comes to finding the truth, have you noticed how Republican lawmakers are being dumborat lawmakers? That's thevileone at work, guys. He knows the dumborats won't tell the truth about what they've seen so they're let in. If the Republicans were let in, they'd tell the truth about what they saw and thevileone's poll numbers would go down even further. thevileone isn't deporting anyone; not even those who came in prior to the January hiring push to escort the current child illegal immigrants. Of course, there are protests breaking out against this invasion of our country that thevileone is orchestrating. But thevileone will bring in riot squads to control U.S. CITIZENS, not to prevent illegals from invading our country. Yeah. thevileone's priorities are straight, aren't they? (*sarcasm*) These illegals are not only coming here without proper immigration papers, but they are bringing tuberculosis scabies and other diseases: some we had already considered "eradicated" in America, but the vileone doesn't care about that. He wants AmeXica and he wants to do everything he can to destroy AmeRica. It's sad that people committed voter fraud to get thevileone elected and now because of that fraud, all of America is suffering. That's what happens when you can't trust that our elections are untampered with. We all suffer from the cheating. How much will our children's and grandchildren's futures be impacted by this influx of illegals and all that it will do to America? Who knows now? We will have to do what we can to get thevileone and his policies out of office in 2016 (if not impeached prior to that) and then overturn everything he has done to destroy us. Let us start praying now for that to happen.

July 7, 2014   thevileone is targeting ordinary citizens to spy on more often than not. Is he watching YOU, me? Who knows. Most of the spying he's doing is illegal, but since when did that matter to thevileone?

July 7, 2014   secondamendment   bloomberg pledges $50 MILLION to help get anti-gun candidates elected this November. Meanwhile, dumborats are putting on their pro-gun face to get re-elected. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) goes unratified by the Senate -- although thevileone SIGNED IT -- and the U.N. is not happy about that. Awwww... too bad. (*sarcasm*) At Virginia Beach University a pro-gun club is NOT allowed. So much for open minds at universities, huh? And let us not forget the oh, so ironic TARGET asking its customers to leave their guns at home. I've never spent a penny at Target because they've given me plenty of reasons to not do so. This is just an additional in a long list of reasons why I'll never spend a penny there (unless, that is, they turn around and like being in America and appreciate the country that gave them their success and the people who shop there are allowed their Constitutional rights). I like that there are a few actors who like the Second Amendment and defend it. That's always a refreshing change of pace from the normal hollyweirdo stupidity. In Washington state and Illinois gun rights are under attack. If those states are not careful people will be moving to TX to get freedom as our Founding Fathers intended it and then where will the nincompoop states be without a tax base? In Chicago, they're blaming "weak" gun laws for the violence over the Fourth of July weekend (11 dead and 60 wounded). Sounds to me like it is a lack of enforcement instead of a lack of laws. It doesn't matter how many laws are on the books if the cops won't enforce them. Look at it this way: If there's a stop sign at the end of your street but no one actually stops there is the stop sign doing any good, or being enforced? No. So post a cop nearby and start enforcing that stop sign and people will start obeying that stop sign. It's easy enough. Same thing with gang shootings in Chicago: start enforcing the existing laws and there will be fewer shootings. The problem is that all the violence allows the authorities and dumborats to have a reason to push for more anti-gun laws and that's the whole point of allowing all of these shootings and deaths. It's not about saving lives to them; it's about their anti-gun agenda. If a few more people die what's that to them?

July 7, 2014   School nutrition groups are now fighting msthevileone's lunch program. They want the children to eat instead of puke.

July 7, 2014   Palestinians (Islamics) bombarding Israel. Israel struck back and now it's looking like it may be a hard row to hoe. Let's watch this and PRAY for ISRAEL's peace and safety. I STAND WITH ISRAEL.

July 7, 2014   Tyical clintOOn.

July 7, 2014   Presbyterians step further away from GOD and His ways. They've gotten so far away from a truly Biblically based religion that they can now be said to be just a new age gathering of like minded liberals who don't believe in the Bible nor in the GOD of the Bible. Presbyterians who want to have a relationship with GOD should find another place to worship because He's not welcome there.

July 7, 2014   I support Joan Rivers and her Free Speech rights. I also think it's hysterical!

July 7, 2014   England has NO Free Speech rights. Preach the gospel on the street? You're shut down or arrested. Say something negative against Islam? You're arrested. It's ridiculous and it's WRONG. Did you know they had a statute against "insults"? Yeah. Freedom is NOT allowed in England and that's what the progressives want in America. Be careful, America. We do NOT want to lose our First Amendment rights.

July 7, 2014   CBO says the federal highway fund is going bust. That's thanks, in part, to vehicles that get better gas mileage -- including the "hybrids" and electric cars. Folks not buying gas means no gas taxes. Awww... too bad.

July 7, 2014   CBO's estimate $15 MILLION for "Foreign Service officers [to] receive additional training on religious freedom". Of course, that's just a piddly amount to them (read the link) but I wonder why they'd teach Foreign Service officers about religious freedoms when we are basically losing ours here in America? Why is it only in foreign countries that theveileon's admin teaches that religious freedom is important? Gives one pause, yes?

July 7, 2014   Did you know about this program? I had no idea it was going on.

"Sadly, on June 24th, the US House passed HR 1281, a bill that nationalizes newborn genetic screening without consent".
Did you know about this? If you have a child the government will take your child's DNA and map your child's genetics and track your child throughout his/her lifetime -- without your knowledge or consent? Did you know about that?

July 7, 2014   Common Crap Core:   NJ votes Thursday whether to at least slow it down. Maybe they'll even trash it altogether. We'll see. It's predicted that next year, WI will have a big battle over it. There are a lot of states already dropping this thing or considering do so:

"[F]our Republican controlled states — Indiana, Louisiana, South Carolina and Oklahoma — to announce that they were dropping them from their public schools. Several other states, including Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio and Missiouri have faced pressure to do the same."
They don't mention that Rhode Island groups are wanting to opt out. Folks, this is part of why Common Crap Core is WRONG for our children. It dumbs them down instead of educating them.

July 7, 2014   I'll close with this today: a parade float draws controversy. Personally, I ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY AGREE WITH IT! Good stuff! Brave folks! Until next time, See ya'!

July 4, 2014: 1:28 a.m.: INDEPENDENCE DAY!   It's Independence Day and I wanted to do my posting for today's "Tribute To Our Heroes 171: Founders' Dream Follow Through". GOD Bless Our Heroes and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

July 3, 2014: 2:47 p.m.   Know-Nothing-Knox insubordinate. Question: Is he filing a legal brief in support of the EDC so that he can hide something he has done, or for some other reason? What is his motivation? After all, the BOCC voted unanimously to order the EDC to turn over records to Scott Ellis (which the EDC, as far as I know, still has not done) and Knox complied with that. Why this and why now?

"'The Commission voted August 20, 2013 to demand all legally permissible documents be turned over,' Infantini said. 'Yet, 11 months later our County Attorney prepares his own agenda item overruling the decision of the County Commissioners and the judge, in an effort to prevent the release of documents. Mr. Knox has not responded to my request as to who initiated this agenda item. He should not be initiating it himself. This is like an act of insubordination - doing the opposite of what you are instructed to do.'"
So what is knox up to? Why is he supporting keeping secrets when Florida -- and Brevard County -- have Sunshine laws? What is he hiding?

July 3, 2014   Unemployment numbers nationwide are NOT good news. In fact, there are 92,120,000 adults not working or even looking for work anymore.

July 3, 2014   You can thank thevileone for your Independence Day celebrations costing more. Thank thevileone also for higher gas prices. It's not just our prices that he's messing up. He's also killing the dollar worldwide. That's future trouble for America. So glad he doesn't get a third term -- at least not legally. With his attitude and his Magic Pen, who knows?

July 3, 2014   Bombs that can be implanted into people but not detected may be our next big security risk at airports and elsewhere. With violence escalating in Israel, Americans becoming jihadis and wanting to go fight for Islam so that the Caliphate can be established, and a Seattle Muslim executing two homosexual men where is anyone stopping Islam? They do have a plan to take over the world. Last month was the worst Islamic violence moth since 9/11 So what is the world doing in response? Who do you trust with your security? Are you ready to stand?

July 3, 2014   Islam is claiming Jesus is Muslim. WRONG! Jesus is no more Muslim than am I. Check out my Compare GOD to Allah chart to see the TRUTH. Jesus is mentioned in the Koran, but in the Bible, the book actually about Jesus Christ, His Life and His followers, Jesus never mentions Islam, nor being an adherant to it. So Islam is lying about Jesus being Muslim.

July 3, 2014   I am going to stop for now. My hubby is home and I just found out an acquaintance died a few days ago. Until next time, have a wonderful Independence Day (I'll do my Flag Friday Tribute To Our Heroes but I don't know about updates) and I'll See ya'!

July 2, 2014: 3:15 p.m.   Didn't do updates yesterday because after my appointment my hubby and I went down to Bass Pro in Palm Bay and bought some stuff, then we went to a few places I had never been before. My hubby belongs to a fishing club and he took me to three of the places where he and his club fishing buddy launch the boat and check in. One of them was very interesting and I want to go back there, so we're thinking of doing that sometime soon. We didn't get back until late and I thought I'd be going to bed quickly because I didn't get much sleep: too bad my brain disagreed. I couldn't really focus enough to do much in the way of updates, but neither could I sleep. So instead I watched videos of one of my favorite groups, the a capella group, Pentatonix! Five very talented young people there, that's a given, but their music just amazes me. They also competed in season three of "The Sing Off", but I didn't watch it while it was actually happening in 2011 because I don't usually watch nbc. I did find it via the group's PTX Official website and I've been addicted to their amazing vocal music ever since. Went to bed about eight this morning, got up at noon. I'm not too big on sleep.

July 2, 2014: 1:14 a.m.   I must do this one NOW: NY court strikes down CYBERBULLYING law in favor of FREE SPEECH! Another court ruling in FAVOR of FREEDOM! Hurray for AMERICA! Hurray for the courts coming back to their senses! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Free Speech RULES!

July 2, 2014   Uh... BK is really doing this? Why?

July 2, 2014   This could have some amazing results if it pans out. GOD provides our every need, and this is definitely a need.

July 2, 2014   thevileone sues a company that is requiring employees to speak in English. thevileone: What's so special about America, and illegals more important than our troops. Yep. That's our prezidunce.

July 2, 2014   Going to Grandma's house this weekend? Be ready to pay more for gas. But that's okay with thevileone. He's all for it. Apparently these numbers will be changing soon enough. Thanks, thevileone! (*sarcasm*)

July 2, 2014   Illegal Immigration:   Woops! thevileone's tyranny is showing again! Threatening doctors to keep quiet or face prosecution for telling the TRUTH about illegal immigrants and the diseases they're bringing into our country is right up thevileone's alley. See, Free Speech - First Amendment protected - is NOT what thevileone wants for others, just for himself. Tyrants want that. He's not a "Constitutional Professor/Scholar" unless it's to know exactly which part of it he's breaking at the moment. He's putting our Border Patrol agents' health at risk, and as the illegal aliens get transported around the country and into OUR area, thevileone's putting YOU at risk, too. Do you really want your child to face the measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues these illegals are bring with them? No? Awww... too bad. thevileone does. Why does part of me believe that this plan was part of a deal between bonehead boehner and thevileone sometime early last year when bonehead was sucking up to thevileone so much? It takes a while to plan the logistics to get all of this done, and then to get the employees in place to carry out the logistical portion. We know this administration advertised for "escorts" for children in JANUARY of this year. So the logistics were planned, the escorts found and then the plan was executed five or so weeks ago. That's suspicious to me. Remember when Marco Rubio was pushing for amensty? He and bonehead were doing this at the same time, and the rest of the "Gang of Eight" crowd have a lot to answer for in this debacle. They supported him in all of this. My question: Did this illegal alien influx get orchestrated last spring between the "Gang of Eight", bonehead boehner and thevileone while they were all pretending to get along and why did they need these illegals to be here? Were the "Gang of Eight" members -- Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-IL), Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY[4]) -- needing them here for some particular reason, and if so, what was that reason? Elections are in November. Just enough time to pass blanket amnesty and immediate citizenship AFTER the PARENTS of these children are given it by thevileone.

"Amnesty advocates have been calling on President Barack Obama to not only stop deportations but also expand the Deferred Action program that he enacted through executive action to also include the parents of the children of illegal immigrants. [my bolding]"
Seems to me that this debacle was a long time in the making and that thevileone had a "Gang" of help and they did it on the sly in the spring of 2013. Anyone have any doubts?

July 2, 2014   Say what? Crazy.

July 2, 2014   envirowheel   Poor, poor polar bears. They won't have anywhere to swim if this keeps up! All kidding aside, a CO judge rejects mine proposal because fo "Climate Change". We don't need PC idiots on the bench. We need people who take emperical evidence into account, instead of the discredited tool of the left's lunacy. If the people want to find out the TRUTH of the "Global Warming/Climate Change" hoax doing a little research and being willing to FIND THE TRUTH and accept it when it is proven fact instead of emotional conjecture, then things will change. Even a government agency is quietly changing their website to make it line up with the TRUE history of the warmest day on record (in the 1930s, not 2012 as it used to say). They've perpetuated the LIE for long enough. thevileone is using it but even if it were true (which it isn't), it would BENEFIT America's farmland, not be bad for us! It's all about CONTROL, folks. They use it to CONTROL YOU and nothing more.

July 2, 2014   Poll: thevileone the worst prezidunce in 70 years. I said he's the "WORST POTUS EVER" back in March 2009. Nice that folks are realizing that I was right five years ago and still am today. (Humble, aren't I?)

July 2, 2014   I'll close with that. My hubby's home and I want to spend some time with him. So, GOD Bless You, one and all. Until next time, See ya'! (Yes, that's still in honor of/pushing Vince to get his website back up and running!)

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