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Psalm 144:1 "Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:"

March 27, 2015: 2:03 p.m.   It's Flag Friday and that means it's time for "Tribute To Our Heroes 210: Pops and Shadow-Boo". I thank you for your service and for all you've done for the cause of freedom. I thank your families for their sacrifice, too. I can never say "Thank you!" enough. GOD Bless you all!

March 27, 2015   Did you know that some of the Fathers of modern sciences -- Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, Matthew Fontaine Maury -- were devoted Christians? They loved the Lord and used the Bible as a research tool. Don't believe it? Read the article.

March 27, 2015   bowe bergdahl's defense: I was going to come back. Right. Considering what he wrote to his parents in e-mails, I seriously doubt that. He wrote:

"'The horror that is America is disgusting.'"
Why on earth would he RETURN to serve an America that was "disgusting" to him? No. He deserted: pure, plain and simple.

March 27, 2015   BTW, harry reid is retiring. Don't get too thrilled. You'll still be paying for his retirement for years to come, not to mention living under the un-American laws he helped put into place (themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX, for instance). Yeah! He's retiring. Boo he was there in the first place.

March 27, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   The website for this garbage still isn't safe. People don't think it's been good for them, either. The republiRATS in the Senate just passed a "budget" for the 2016 fiscal year that allegedly dismantles this piece of crud. Let's see if it actually happens. Note that they have the courage to do so ONLY in the hast few months of themuslimvileone's last few months in office? So courageous. Some folks are forecasting themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX's doom because of the possible scotus ruling, but moreso because of the premium increases and the lack of younger folks enrolling. There's also the fact that middle-to-high income people are NOT enrolling and they needed that to keep it going. Let's see if the scotus will take the WORDS of the law into account in their ruling. Given the first ruling on this garbage, I wonder what the odds are.

March 27, 2015   hillclintOOn issues "list of words you can't use" in describing her. Free speech, anyone? Those words:

"'polarizing,' 'calculating,' 'disingenuous,' 'insincere,' 'ambitious,' 'inevitable,' 'entitled,' 'over-confident,' 'secretive,' 'will do anything to win,' 'represents the past,' and 'out of touch.'"
Rush Limbaugh added a few and yesterday had a caller yesterday who decided to add a few, too. I wonder what it is that clintOOn is trying to accomplish by showing people that she ABHORS FREE SPEECH and ANYONE who says anything negative about her is a "sexist" because she is beyond reproach, beyond comment and beyond ridicule. Superiority complex, anyone?

March 27, 2015   Well, my hubby came home early today so I'm going to go spend some time with him. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 26, 2015: 2:12 p.m.   Missed yesterday because my youngest son surprised us with a visit (he usually calls first) and we spent the day visiting with him. We laughed and talked and I was not going to put updates ahead of his surprise visit, so I apologize for missing yesterday, but I am not sorry I made the choice. For now, let's get started.

March 26, 2015   Senate honors teddy "Chappaquiddick" kennedy.

"[In] 1969 Kennedy drove his car into a pond in Chappaquiddick, east of Martha’s Vineyard after a night of partying. The senator escaped the accident unscathed while his mistress, 28-year-old Democratic campaign worker Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned in the car. Kennedy had an expired license and had been drinking at the party yet he only got a slap on the hand, a two-month suspended jail sentence. The tragedy at Chappaquiddick became known as the most brilliant cover-up ever achieved in a nation where investigative procedures are well developed. Two decades after the horrific event more light was shed on the cover-up when the foreman of the grand jury that investigated the accident confessed that the panel was pressured by a judge and a prosecutor not to pursue the case. The foreman said the jury was manipulated and blocked from doing its job."
Progressives honor progressives; murderers or not.

March 26, 2015   The Mississippi lynching that wasn't. It looks like suicide, not murder. The cry of "bigotry" and "racism" is always the first reaction of progressives because it's so useful and effective. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they havne't the capability.

March 26, 2015   As expected: themuslimvileone stood up for deserter. Bowe Bergdahl went AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) and left his post and deserted his assignment, making his brothers in arms go out and try to find/rescue him, just in case he'd been taken by force. themuslimvileone praised Bergdahl (of course) even though Bergdahl's actions cost SIX SOLDIERS THEIR LIVES. That's why themuslimvileone praised Bergdahl: he was going to join the other side and he helped kill Americans via his desertion. Both of which make themuslimvileone happy with Bergdahl.

Marth 26, 2015   themuslimvileone betrays Israel as he allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons. That isn't a threat to America at all, now is it? Betraying one of our strongest, best allies and giving nuclear weapons to Iran, who has recently said "Death to America!" Sounds like a solid plan to me. (*sarcasm*)

March 26, 2015   Special ops training alarms civilians. Understandably so. Consider: They're going to be operating among civilian populations. They're covering ten states: including Florida. I don't usually go to InfoWars as a source, so I waited until it was going to be in another source. It's in the Stars and Stripes so that's pretty official.

"Although similar drills have been carried out domestically in the past, such exercises are increasingly being conducted among civilian populations, suggesting an attempt to acclimate and condition the public to a persistent military presence."
What do you think of this operation? Doesn't it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over?

March 26, 2015   Our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of the GermanWings murders. The Co-Pilot intentionally downed that plane and killed all those innocent people. They did nothing to him but he chose to kill them. He is a murderer.

March 26, 2015   Congressional bill equals fewer submarines to help protect America and our allies. Congress is doing us no favors. Making America weaker is themuslimvileone's goals but it shouldn't be Congress's goal.

March 26, 2015   KS passed a pro-life bill barring dismemberment of babies in the womb! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Good for Kansas! On the other hand, disgustingly, NY passes bill allowing poisoning babies in the womb. That's so wrong. It's heartless and it's evil. Even more evil? The NYT is trying to get Margaret Sanger on the $20 bill. That's revolting.

March 26, 2015   Aaaaahhh... public schools:   Permission slips for OREOS in public schools? Eating cookies after using them to demonstrate geographical truths needs parental permission. Strange but true. Did teachers also need written permission to assault students? Or for sexually assaulting children? Sexual assault of students is happening way too often now. It's happening everywhere in American schools. It's happening more often than we'd like to admit. Just as bad is when teachers get involved in child pornography. How can anyone trust their children to public schools considering all of this? Homeschool your children, folks. It's best for them. Find a homeschool curriculum that you approve of, use it with an umbrella school situation and your child will have the proper education without the risks.

March 26, 2015   Drug Enforcement Agency agents had "sex parties" in Colombia. You paid for this. Isn't that special?

March 26, 2015   Hispanics realizing open borders not so good. It's about time!

March 26, 2015   EVEN msnbc doesn't believe this admin? Really? No. Can't be. They love this administration, how can they not believe it? Amazing.

March 26, 2015   DH[IN]S won't remove official who did "favors". Shock. Surprise.

March 26, 2015   Another "Shock. Surprise."? bonehead boehner just caved again. Wow. Is there some sort of "caving" record he's trying to break?

March 26, 2015   envirowheel   dumboRAT says "global warming" will force women into prostitution. Trading sex for food is going to happen because they choose to do so. It's not because of the LIE of "global warming". It's because someone chooses to do so. Using this kind of RIDICULOUS scare tactic is harming her reputation more than doing any good for humanity and the CONTROL issue of "global warming".

March 26, 2015   Scott Walker disappoints. It's just a shame that he can't get his brain around the idea of making a commitment to ONE stance and not a situational choice. It's not something I support. (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, candidate or flip-flopper.)

March 26, 2015   Stop taxing wealth: M.I.T. student's economic truths rebut long-standing theory. It's not the 1%'s wealth that should be taxed, but the rest of us should be less taxed to allow us to buy real estate because that's where wealth is in America right now.

March 26, 2015   Well, I'll stop there for now. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 24, 2015: 4:20 p.m.   Late start today and the first thing I clicked on made me stop for a little while. Unfortunately, my click went to a place that had a false page in it and that false page told me that I had a possible virus in my computer and that I needed to call the number shown in order to get tech support. IF this ever happens to you, DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER and especially if you do call, do not agree to send them any money. It's a scam. "But," you argue, "my computer is locked up and it won't leave the page and the warning is there and...." Who do you think locked your computer up and made it not leave that page? It's the people at the number listed who put a LOOP into the programming so that your browser won't leave that page. If you want to get out of it without losing any money, much time, and with a minimum of frustration, here's what you do:

  1. As soon as you see that page pop up, disconnect your computer from the internet. Do that immediately.

  2. When you are certain your computer is in "airplane mode" and disconnected from the internet, close the pages that popped up. This may take a few tries, but after the third or fourth click your computer will realize that you are not online and it will close.

  3. If you haven't taken the precaution of having your security program up before you go online, bring it up now and do at least a quick scan for viruses, worms, etc.

  4. Go to your "Internet Settings" section and delete all cookies and other files related to your internet. Set your computer to delete all files after each online session. Leave your settings that way.

  5. Once the scan is finished, you've deleted your internet files for that session and you've changed your settings, leave your security program up and reconnect to the internet.

Remember, put your computer into airplane mode immediately. This breaks their link to your computer and they have no more control over your computer. Their loop will not work after the second or third ty to close that page because you're not online. Changing your computer settings to delete all internet files and doing so BEFORE you get back online prevents the page from popping back up. Then you can continue your browsing as you see fit. Try to NOT go back to the page that had the "Tech problem" warning again. Right now they're targeting Breitbart and a few other Conservative sites. I wonder if that's part of their strategy? There are other sites that are popping up that page. Whatever you do, don't believe their claims. They can't scan a terabyte of your computer's hard drive (or even 500GB) that quickly. Don't call the number. Take the steps above and you'll be fine. (NOTE: I am not a certified computer person. This is what works for me. If you have any doubts, please contact a trained, certified computer person to get your computer cleared.)

March 24, 2015   Breitbart Link:   Standing O for hillclintOOn... If anyone thinks we have an unbiased press this story really should remove your delusions.

March 24, 2015   Our troops will stay in Afghanistan longer. Of course they will. He's trying to get as many of our troops killed as possible. themuslimvileone wants our troops killed by Islam. It's just as I thought it would be. Unfortunately.

March 24, 2015   DH[IN]S released 165,900 ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS as of April 26, 2014. That's almost a year ago, just think what the number is now! Tell me something. If they really cared about your safety would they be doing this? If they don't care about your safety then how on earth can we trust them to stop something bad from happening? It hasn't been another 9/11 type attack, but there have been enough individual attacks and bad things happening to Americans that it's time to hold themuslimvileone responsible for what he HASN'T prevented; as well as for what he has been an ACCESSORY TO before and after the fact!

March 24, 2015   LOL! Love Doug Powers' spin on this and on this. He's on. He's on!

March 24, 2015 &nbs Ground beef hits new high price. I know. We bought ground beef Sunday to make hamburgers on the grill. They were delicious. Imagine you're eating ground beef every now and then while also paying for themuslimvileone's Kobe Beef and Lobster meals. Don'tcha' love it?

March 24, 2015   New wave of illegal alien children already started. Why is it that it's okay for all of these illegals to ILLEGALLY cross our border and to come here and take from us all these benefits that we have to pay for and we're the bad guys for saying "Stop! We can't afford it anymore!"? Why is that?

March 24, 2015   I want to know how much money george soros made off of Greece's demise. I want to know how many millions he made in his dealings to help bring this about. The evil man is all about his money, power and influence. How much did he make via ruining other people's lives?

March 24, 2015   In NYC Big Brother is watching day care centers. They're not happy with the amount of exercise two-year-olds are getting and they're forcing changes, by gosh and by golly!

March 24, 2015   themuslimvileone can't make friends with Israel. That's because Islam hates Israel. His true colors are showing through.

March 24, 2015   Sen. Ted Cruz answered that question very well. He answered so well, I bet others will be following his lead on that answer.

March 24, 2015   Shock! Surprise! themuslimvileone's admin did favors for dumboRATS. I know. It's such a shocking thing. Whoever would hae suspected that? (*sarcasm: major sarcasm*) In fact, the admin has decreased deportations by 40+% in past five months. Sounds safe to me. (*sarcasm*)

March 24, 2015   Typical leftie reporting turns out so wrong. Despite the article's main focus of saying that there are hate groups,

"the count of 'hate groups' declined by 17 percent between 2013 and 2014, bringing it to the lowest level since 2005."
So the leftie report tries to push the idea of hate groups while reporting (late in the story, of course)

March 24, 2015 &nbs I'm going to close with that for now. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 23, 2015: 1:04 p.m.   It's Monday and you know what that means. It's time for "Minion Monday: Hank Gets Hit Back" in which Hank decided to try a punching bag at the Sports Authority in Merritt Square Mall. It wasn't a good idea.

March 23, 2015   Ted Cruz announces presidential bid. Okay. We have a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE in the race and you know that was my hope. I don't know what will happen, but how much you wanna' bet that, suddenly, the Vattel definition of "natural born citizen" will matter to the lefties/progressives/libs?

March 23, 2015   Speaking of presidential contenders, Doug Powers made me laugh with his post. Too good.

March 23, 2015   envirowheel   Hamsters want America to emulate Europe: including France? Paris's air is so polluted that they're banning half of the driving in Paris. Yeah. Let's emulate Europe. First, let's take a look at the latest scare tactic: "global warming" slowing circulation of oceans with "potentially dire circumstances". Ooooohhhh... Be afraid. Be very afraid. Until you find out that the "global warming" is nothing more than the "Great Pumpkin" alarmists will continue to cry foul anytime they don't get their own way. Remember: "global warming" is nothing more than a commie trick to try to control YOU and everything you do. Don't believe it? Check out all of the EPA laws and regulations that were setup to try to keep you from using the things you want to use, do what you want to do, etc., in order to protect the planet. In fact, the federal government classified MILK as an "oil" and that made milk spills be treated as "hazardous material" and the clean up had to be done the same way. Don't forget: that's just the Federal stuff. Add to that the state laws, the county laws, the city laws and you have a bunch of "No! You can'ts!" to live with. It's not about the planet. The planet has proven over and over and over again that it can take care of itself. It cleans its own atmosphere. Oil constantly bubbles up from the earht's crust deep in the ocean's floor and the earth takes care of its own clean up of that, but regulations had to be written because man sometimes has an accident. We're still paying one way or another for that accident and that taxpayer cost won't go away for a long time because it's a tax and D.C. loves taxes. I say let the free market work as it should and let's see what happens. Using government controls to make sure that you do what the government thinks you should is about as good as being in prison: all of us wake up at the same time, shower and change clothes at the same time, eat the same things and work where they want us to work. Hamsterism is about nothing more than CONTROL; with them in charge.

March 23, 2015   Sen. Dick Durbin is a racist. He proved it in writing. But, he's a leftie so it's acceptable to the progressives if a leftie/progressive/liberal is racist. That's allowed.

March 23, 2015   Netanyahu has "absolute majority of 61 votes". See me smile? Oh, yeah. What was bad about the election was the fact that OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS WERE USED TO TRY TO OUST NETANYAHU:

"'There was money moving that included taxpayer U.S. dollars, through non-profit organizations.'"
I SUPPORT Netanyahu so why were my taxpayer dollars used to try to defeat someone I support? It's wrong for themuslimvileone to interfere with free elections in other countries. When one "world leader" takes it upon himself to try to defeat another world leader in a free and open election it's just wrong. I don't care who is doing the interfering. It's wrong.

March 23, 2015   Cell phones making children "mentally ill". It's not the cell phones it's public schools, society's stupidity in teaching them that abortion is okay because a baby is "just a mass of tissue" and that there are no emotional, physical or mental ramifications of killing your baby. It's the left's eternal preaching that sexual activity at any age is okay because "they're just going to do it anyways" and if they want to have intercourse at age nine, sixteen or two, that's okay, just use birth control or get an abortion if a child is conceived. When society teaches you that "global warming" is your fault and that if you would do what they tell you to do then maybe you can play a part in saving the whales, polar bears, dolphins, birds, tortoises, etc., how much guilt, pressure, responsibility should that eight-year-old be able to handle after shouldering the responsibility of saving the entire planet? Considering that our planet does not exist by itself should that child also be held responsible for using a non-green product just in case the atmosphere can't hold that product and it escape into the vacuum of space? Polluting the solar system, the galaxy, the universe; what a lot of malarkey to place on our children's shoulders! We tell them to kill babies, but don't be a "bully" (heaven forbid anyone get teased because of bedhead!). We tell them that drugs are okay - until they get addicted then we put them in treatment to get them off of the drugs we wanted legalized! We tell them that drinking and smoking are bad, bad, bad! Don't they dare do that! But that it's okay to be on ADD/ADHD drugs. We tell them that the Left cares and wants them to be all that they can be, then tell them that they can't think that way, can't believe that truth, can't want to do X for a living because, well, it's just not right with the Left. We tell them that the GOD of Christianity is dead but that allah and other things are okay to worship, follow, obey, believe in; or that they don't have to believe in anything at all. We teach them that sharing everything they're doing, everywhere they're going and everything they want is okay because it may lead to fame and fortune. Then society blames the child when a pedphile finds that info and stalks them until they get that child. It's not the cell phone.

March 23, 2015   The Heritage Foundation's 2015 Index of U.S. Military Strength is available for you to read. Be sure to read the Executive Summary and consider what you're reading. It's not too scary, but it is a realistic look and it won't necessarily make you smile.

March 23, 2015   My computer is acting up and I'm getting frustrated with it. So, I'm going to close for now. Sorry about the short update list today. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 20, 2015: 9:36 a.m.   "Tribute To Our Heroes 209: The Diamond" is my Flag Friday picture for today. I was late posting it because I was distracted. I realized after going to the bank, Merritt Square Mall and Orlando International Airport that somewhere along the way yesterday the diamond from my engagement ring had broken off, prongs and all. Apparently I had hit it against something earlier and the gold soldering had been cracked. It finally gave way yesterday while I was out and about. I was very distracted by it. You can read about it at the link. If anyone out there finds a marquise cut, near colorless SI1 3/4 carat diamond in gold prongs lying somewhere on the floor or ground out there, please return it to me. Thank you.

March 20, 2015   hillclintOOn needs to go to prison. She's breaking all the rules, several laws and doing things that are not just questionable, but illegal. Why is she granted to much leeway? From where did she get her special privileges status? I want to go buy Cracker Jacks with the same privileges! That way I could break any law, rule, or regulation I want and not have any consequences to face here on earth. Notice that "on earth" part. She will pay a price. But it may be up to GOD to make it happen because there's not a legislator, law enforcement office, or judge here on earth that seems to give a crap that she's breaking every law she can. The same thing with themuslimvileone is happening. Why do dumboRATS get such special privileges?

March 20, 2015   Employers don't have to hire AMERICANS first. That's the LIE of H-1B:

"[T]his American worker-first provision, vociferously opposed by Big Business and Big Government, expired in 2011. The refusal of the vast majority of politicians and the White House to embrace these protections for all U.S. workers tells you everything you need to know about H-1B’s big, fat lies."
Of course the RED House (with a commie/marxist/socialist/LIAR in there, it's no longer the White House) refuses to protect U.S. workers! The occupant hates America and Americans, why would he protect us?

March 20, 2015   Petraeus says Iran bigger threat than ISIS/ISIL. That's with whom themuslimvileone is trying to make a nuclear deal: Iran. Isn't it special that our prezidunce is working so hard to provide nuclear weapons to our enemies? He's signing treaties, going around the Senate and Congress, and usurping their powers, ignoring their constitutional "advise and consent" oversight and just making sure that Iran -- the "bigger threat" -- gets the weapon needed to destroy as much of the world as they desire. Smart man. (*SUPER SARCASM*)

Ya' know, this is as good a place as any to remind people that the Bible says that GOD will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. I think that themuslimvileone is taking it upon his shoulders to curse Israel. That's a problem. I also believe that GOD sees how themuslimvileone is doing this against the wishes of America and that GOD will punish themuslimvileone (curse him, if you will) and not hold America -- the people of America -- accountable for the dictatorial choices of themuslimvileone. Let us pray so, at least.

March 20, 2015   Google uses same tactics dumboRATS use (all the time) and they get an anti-trust case against them? Yep. Only dumboRAT politicians are allowed to use underhanded techniques and do things that prevent competition. It's not allowed to compete against dumboRATS. Don't get me wrong: I don't like Google much either. But full disclosure means I admit to having two Android devices which are Google items. I like Android; don't like Google. I don't use their search engine, but I do use my Android devices. I just think that the law should be applied equally to ALL people, not just to certain people.

March 20, 2015   Hahahahahahahaha! Too good!

March 20, 2015   themuslimvileone lectures Netanyahu? Amazing. themuslimvileone's ego knows no bounds, does it?

March 20, 2015   30,558 MORE VIOLENT ILLEGALS RELEASED by themuslimvileone. Wasn't it just yesterday they were bragging about re-capturing 5% of the illegals they released? Today we find out that they released over 30,500 (with a total of OVER 167,500) released? Really? How can anyone trust this administration when that's the standard?

March 20, 2015   I ask you this question. Which is a greater threat to America: ISIS/ISIL, or themuslimvileone and his agenda? I say the latter because he will help the former as proven by his obsession with getting Iran the nuclear weapon, by his support of the Muslim BroHood, by his support of Islam in general, by his failure to listen to anything contrary to what he wants , and by his proven hatred of America and our laws.

March 20, 2015   Someone agrees: themuslimvileone responsible for Ferguson lawlessness. I said that themuslimvileone has blood on his hands because of the two officers shot there and themuslimvileone and his administration egging people on, supporting rioters and generally keeping things stirred up over A LIE. "Hands up, don't shoot!" NEVER HAPPENED. Even eric holder's group said so! Remember, eric holder's DOJ is staffed with Marxists and black radicals so if they can look at the evidence and say it never happened, then why does themuslimvileone keep promoting the violence? What's the agenda? Keeping racial tensions high. Using race to seperate us. Using whatever he can to help him in his goal of destroying America.

March 20, 2015   U.S. Air Force Academy removed "so help me GOD" from oath? Yep. I wouldn't allow a son or daughter of mine to go there unless and until they put it back. I can't imagine trusting someone who put their oath under the "so help me ME" category. I couldn't trust that person. After all, that the oath themuslimvileone and the clintOOns believe in. I don't trust them further than I could throw them.

March 20, 2015   jebby-bebby refuses to rule out TAX HIKES. We don't want jebby-bebby, do we? He is for all the WRONG stuff now. I don't know what happened to him when he left the FL Governor's office, but he went all wonky and is so wrong for what America needs right now. I can't imagine him being prezidunce after themuslimvileone. It would NOT get better, that's for certain. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927)

March 20, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   ISIS/ISIL kills 137; injure 345 in Yemen. They will force conversion (even between the sects of Islam) onto their captives (ask the girls Boko Haram kidnapped) and they will kill those who refuse to convert. Very tolerant and peaceful.

March 20, 2015   mcCONnell "tries" to "thwart" themuslimvileone's war on coal. He'll try until themuslimvileone calls him into the Red House and offers him... What? Or threatens to... What? mcCONnell is a con man. He tries to look as though he's doing things to stand up for America, then he caves and gives in and benefits from it somehow. Watch for him to be getting a little something-something from themuslimvileone if he caves here, or right before he caves. Whichever: he will cave.

March 20, 2015   Irony, anyone?

March 20, 2015   I'll close with that little bit of irony. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 19, 2015: 12:17 p.m.   themuslimvileone thinks he rules the WORLD. When he doesn't get his own way, the person/people who stopped him must pay the price! For Israel, themuslimvileone is threatening sanctions against them while pushing up the Iran nuclear deal. All this petulance and childish payback because Netanyahu won an election in his own country (with themuslimvileone's people there trying to defeat him -- thus handing themuslimvileone his own defeat on a silver platter -- what an embarrassment!). Meanwhile, Iran wants to do a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on AMERICA and themuslimvileone wants to give them the nukes to do so! Ego is a problem with themuslimvileone and the problem is only getting bigger with each year he's golfing, vacationing and eating Kobe Beef and lobster at our expense! What will he do to destroy America in the next six months? Watch your backs, folks. Look out for sharp objects hurled by themuslimvileone in your direction.

March 19, 2015   DH[IN]S brags of arresting 13 illegals themuslimvileone ordered freed. Yep. They were in custody, were ordered freed by themuslimvileone committed another crime (or two or more) and were captured again, so they brag about it. Bragging about another person being made a victim by this administration and the agency responsible for allowing that via following themuslimvileone's orders catching that person after the fact? That's just lame. If they had done their job in the first place and kept the illegal in custody and returned him to his home country, another person would not have been victimized by the illegal. It's that simple.

March 19, 2015   Common Crap Core:   Teaching our children that there is no "right" and "wrong".

"In summary, our public schools teach students that all claims are either facts or opinions and that all value and moral claims fall into the latter camp. The punchline: there are no moral facts. And if there are no moral facts, then there are no moral truths."
Common Core: Teaching our children that right and wrong don't matter. Just what every parent wants, right? Read the whole article linked above. Then find out how schools are now checking social media to find out who is cheating. Can they really be surprised? That link is probably part of the reason why Bobby Jindal (R-Gov. LA), is considering ditching Common Crap Core. He's not alone. AZ is still looking at ditching it, too, as are several other states. In some places, there is a movement to allow parents to "opt out" of Common Crap Core for their children. Their kids would get a better education, that's for certain! In Aiken County, SC, they've thrown Common Crap Core out entirely and revamped the education goals, ideas and proceses in order to make school better for their children. The whole State of SC got rid of Common Crap Core, but Aiken went another step further. They'll be glad they did. Jobs will come to their children instead of their children struggling to find a job. In Louisiana, thousands turned out to protest CCC testing. Re-read the pull quote for the first link in this blurb then answer me this question: If there is no "right" and "wrong" how can there BE a test in CCC? Is there a way to "grade" something when there is no "right" and no "wrong"? If Johnny should get an A because he filled in all of the blanks then isn't that worthy of an A? Who cares if he got every question, technically, wrong? If there's no such thing, how can there be a TEST? DUH! CCC: too stupid to die its own death.

March 19, 2015   Huma Abedin's (anthony "sexting addict" weiner's poor wife) e-mails being requested and they're looking into her Special Government Employee (SGE) designation as well. She worked for a "political intelligence and corporate advisory firm" while also working for the State Dept. I don't understand how the clintOOns have always been treated as though they were "special". I don't understand why they were given special privileges and are still getting thos privileges extended to them, left, right, center, front, back, up, down and sideways. Why are they -- and half of the people associated with them -- NOT in jail?

March 19, 2015   I have to go run errands that can't be delayed. So, I will go for now. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 18, 2015: 1:24 p.m.   HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! Netanyahu STAYS! themuslimvileone LOSES! Remember, he sent advisors to Israel to help DEFEAT Netanyahu. So Netanyahu's victory is themuslimvileone's DEFEAT. HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY!

March 18, 2015   Cheekbone Cherokee, lizzy warren, would NOT be good for America and if she runs for the dumboRAT nomination, I think she'll fail. After all, it's hillclintOOn's turn and it's not fair to take her turn away. So if you wanna' see a grown woman cry crocodile tears, the dumboRATS have just nominated bank-hater, ancestry-lying warren. It could be an interesting show to watch.

March 18, 2015   State Dept. treats high-muckety-mucks different than they treat the "worker bees". The "normal people" have to sign the OF-109 or they don't get their retirement pay, any of their 401K money and they may be investigated as to why they are not signing that form. The high-muckety-mucks? Nah. It's a foramlity that can be overlooked. That's not right.

March 18, 2015   JW sues to get contracting and consulting records for Jonathan Gruber. They have to sue this administration because this "most transparent" administration refuses to give anyone any information without costing the American taxpayer mega-bucks first. After all, every lawsuit that the administration makes happen through refusal to comply with FOIA requests costs "We, The People" becuase it's taxpayer dollars that pay for the employee time to defend the administration's refusal to comply, who go to court (another thing we pay the employees of) and stand before the judge (we pay) and argue that the administration doesn't have to comply which is a waste of time because the administration usually DOES have to comply, but themuslimvileone chooses to cost American taxpayers more money by wasting it via noncompliance. It's not as if this administration is trying to hide something good they've done, it's because they've done something BAD that they try to hide it. Every time they have to fork over documents those documents prove wrongdoing of some sort or another to one degree or another; IF they're not so heavily redacted that everything's redacted except the letterhead.

March 18, 2015   We don't need jebby-bebby. He's not good for America. He supports Common Crap Core and amnesty, and I don't think he'd be right for us after themuslimvileone. I really don't. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or Common Crap Core supporter.)

March 18, 2015   Illegal Alien Invasion:   They're "eligible" for $1.3 TRILLION of "retirement benefits"? Say WHAT?! How?

"The lifetime costs of Social Security and Medicare benefits of illegal immigrant beneficiaries of [themuslimvileone]’s executive amnesty would be well over a trillion dollars, according to Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector’s prepared testimony for a House panel obtained in advance by Breitbart News."
Remember: that comes OUT OF YOUR POCKET. Also remember that some of those illegals are not Hispanic but they're Islamic terrorists who crossed our borders with the Central Americans who were invited by themuslimvileone. Those terrorists will be "entitled" to their "retirement benefits" as well. Is that what you want? Even worse, the only Sheriff with the gonads to stand up for the safety of our families, Sheriff Joe Arapaio, faces jail time for disobeying a court order that he stop arresting those suspected of being illegal aliens because he was allegedly "racially profiling" them. it's not "racial profiling" if you are judging them by other things besides the color of their skin. It's not racial profiling if you have other things you've taken into evidence to make that stop. So now Sheriff Joe may have to face prosecution persecution because of the fact that he's trying to stop people from breaking our existing immigration laws. I support Sheriff Joe. If you want to support Sheriff Joe, you can give to his legal defense fund here.

March 18, 2015   It looks like there's a big fire in my area. I see smoke billowing in to the air and it's dark, heavy smoke. It may be from a fire in Fay Lake Wilderness Park, or somewhere close. Hmmm... I don't see anything about a prescribed burn today. It may not have been posted. I don't know. All I know is that it is dark, dark smoke and it doesn't look that far away. I bet Brevard Fire is already there.

March 18, 2015   Christianity Today defends abortionist? That's disgusting. I can't imagine why on earth they would do such a thing. I really can't. GOD does not approve of killing babies. They've done nothing wrong. I can't imagine defending them. I really can't. Abortionists -- baby murderers -- seem so heartless and soulless to me. I really can't imagine reaching into a mother's womb, grabbing an arm of her baby, pulling it off the baby and continuing on in that manner until the baby is literally torn apart, piece by piece, and having to put all of the pieces together on the little table beside you so that you can be certain you got all of the parts out. If you don't get all of the parts out the mother can have complications besides the usual complications (a D & E: Dilation and Evacuation). There are many other types of abortion out there but they all result in the same thing: a dead baby and guilt, and for the mother, many possible bad side effects. Why any "Christian" magazine would endorse Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned [Abortion]hood), is anathema to me.

March 18, 2015   Stop calling him the "Commander-In-Chief" when it comes to foreign policy, he is NOT. That's the point of this must read article by Alan M. Dershowitz. Check it out!

March 18, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   IRS blames it for their shoddy customer service. Okay. We'll believe that; at least in part. The rest of it is because of the leadership -- or lack thereof. This garbage is making people look for alternatives to it that fits better with their beliefs. I don't blame them. When themuslimvileone gave all kinds of people "outs" on this thing, and dumboRATS are still trying to get more special considerations within it, it seems to me that it's not a law at all; it's Silly Putty® that gets pulled and pushed and shaped into whatever themuslimvileone and his allies want it to be, whenever they want. Laws are static: they do not change on whims. There is a process to go through to change them. With this piece of garbage, it's been ignored, changed on a whim by one man, given special rights, given special privileges, and all because "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it." Silly putty "laws" and special treatment do not good policy make.

March 18, 2015   themuslimvileone had a hand in the Net "Neutrality" vote. Who is shocked? No one.

March 18, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Islamic terrorists target Western tourists in Tunisia. They're so brave, those terrorists, that when they want to really "get out of Dodge", they dress in drag to evade capture. Brave souls. Meanwhile, themuslimvileone whitewashes Iranian terrorism. He does that while trying to make sure that Iran gets nuclear weapons. He's trying to ensure that a country that hates -- HATES -- America and Israel goes nuclear. Isn't that special?

March 18, 2015   IRS WANTS to target political groups and go on elaborate conferences on YOUR dime. They like breaking the law and spending YOUR taxpayer dollars. Isn't that what you want from the TAX COLLECTORS? Don't you think they should be able to do that? After all, they are the government and they do have the power, don't ya' know? Corruption is the IRS.

March 18, 2015   Presbyterian (USA) votes to redefine marriage to include homosexuals. Considering what the Bible says about homosexuality, I don't consider churches -- places that are supposed to teach about the BIBLE -- Christian churches when they go down that road. A church can't go so far down the road of wrong and still consider itself right with GOD. It's wrong to condone what GOD condemned. GOD LOVES the person who is professing homosexuality, but He does NOT condone the behavior that person is choosing to participate in. Just like a heterosexual who is in a heterosexual premarital sexual relationship, that person is doing wrong as well. GOD LOVES BOTH, but he condemns BOTH sins. Okay? Homosexual sin is as bad as premarital heterosexual sexual relationships and vice versa. Sin is sin. But we are not to condone sin. Voting to condone sin is just wrong. Sin is sin. Do not condone it, especially if you're a church professing Jesus Christ!

March 18, 2015   I'll stop there for now. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Christians worldwide to be kept safe. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 17, 2015: 2:48 p.m.   Missed yesterday -- and posting Minion Monday -- due to the things I had to do. Airport, dental appointment for a family member, etc., etc., etc., kept me jumping. So I'll start today with "Minion Monday: Hank Makes His Easter Outfit". I told him the story of how was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life and was beaten, whipped, mocked, crucified on a cross and died, but came back to life after three days and did that all for us so that we may have eternal life through Him and that is what we celebrate, remember and honor at Easter. We celebrate the day He rose and returned to GOD in heaven and later returned and was seen by over five hundred people. That's what Easter is all about; not the ham, potatoes, Easter egg hunt, bunnies and duckies, or anything else. It's all about Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of GOD, living a sinless life and paying the price for OUR sins on the cross so that we don't have to pay for our own sins, but can be forgiven through Jesus if we accept the free gift of His sacrifice. If you want to accept that free gift, say a simple prayer,

"Lord GOD Almighty, I acknowledge that I have sinned against you and I ask you to forgive my sins, to wash me clean and cast my sins as far away from your memory as the east is from the west and remember them no more. Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart, mind, body and soul and to be in me as I am in you. Make me a new creation in You. Thank you, Lord, that I am now the righteousness of GOD in You, Jesus, that you took my sin and gave me your righteousness. Thank you, Jesus, that there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus and that I don't have to feel guilty anymore, I don't have to llisten to condemnation from anyone, and that in Christ, I have your favor. Thank you, Jesus, that you are my Savior and I pray that you help me to learn of you and to grow in you. Thank you, Jesus, that I will now have eternal life in You, Lord, and that I won't spend eternity in in Hades but with You, Lord, and with Your Father, the Lord GOD Almighty. I am so thankful, Lord. For it's in Your Name I pray, Lord. Amen!"
Say that prayer -- mean it in your heart, mind, body and soul and you will be born again, become a child of GOD and a brother or sister to Christ Jesus. You see, everyone lives for eternity. The choice is where you spend eternity. You can spend it in heaven with Jesus, with those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior and with GOD, through praying that prayer, or you can spend it in hades, where you won't like your eternity. In heaven, is love, peace, joy, worship, praise, food, drink, many rooms, no more death, no more tears, etc. It's all YOUR choice. GOD doesn't choose for you. He LOVES YOU and sent His Son to die in your place. If that's not enough proof of His love for you, what is? What would it take for you to feel as though GOD has done enough to prove His love for you? Would there be anything good enough to prove GOD's love for you? Or are you just deteremined to spend eternity seperated from GOD -- the worst part of hell? It's your choice. It's your future.
"But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Hank is in the midst of making his choice. What shall be yours?

March 17, 2015   I admit to hoping and praying that Bibi Netanyahu WINS. I think he is best for Israel, for the stability of the region (we've seen what happens when weakness is in a position of power via themuslimvileone), for America and our relationship with Israel and for the world as a whole. Talk about a heavy weight upon one's shoulders, it's the person who leads Israel who has it. I can't imagine the horrors for the citizens -- especially the Jews -- of having a weak leader in Israel. I don't think that it would be good for anyone.

March 17, 2015   envirowheel   Earth is overpopulated? We've allegedly "exceeded four of the nine limits for hospitable life" on earth. Really? Is that what GOD says? Does GOD say that we have over-warmed our planet, or that too many species have gone extinct? Does He say that there is a limit to earth's ability to sustain us, or does He say that

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."?
Don't believe the "Earth resilience strategist" (what?). Believe in the Lord GOD Almighty who MADE this earth and who promised to supply our needs. That "Earth resilience strategist" who apparently decided that he knows better than GOD. GOD didn't say it's over. Don't believe it until you hear it from Him.

March 17, 2015   envirowheel   Want the federal government -- the Environmental Protection Agency -- to monitor your water use in a hotel? That's what's being proposed. They want to find out how much water you use in a hotel so they can teach you how to do better, "correct" your wasteful ways and make sure you are put on the list of offenders and potential people to arrest for harming the environment. I'm sure you voted for that, right?

March 17, 2015   Al Qaeda terrorist a government source? Yeow!

"His name is Adnan G. El Shukrijumah (also known as “Javier Robles”) and for years he appeared on the FBI’s most wanted list. In December JW reported that, despite being sought by the FBI, Shukrijumah crossed back and forth into the United States from Mexico to meet fellow militant Islamists in Texas. In fact, he piloted an aircraft into the Cielo Dorado airfield in Anthony, New Mexico, according to JW’s law enforcement sources. In early December Shukrijumah was killed by the Pakistan Army in an intelligence-borne operation in South Waziristan."
That's just wrong. The part that drops my jaw is that our government knew he was a bad, bad man, but that he was allowed to travel freely within America, allowed to come and go as he wished. That makes me feel so safe! (*sarcasm*)

March 17, 2015   algore should run for prezidunce? So he can again be defeated? Okay. We can remind folks of all the LIES he has told . We can remind folks of all of the "errors" in his book and of his exaggerations. Okay. So he runs for prezidunce. He's not going to win.

March 17, 2015   ketchup kerry blows a gasket. He was reacting to the letter from the 47 Senators to Iran over the treaty themuslimvileone is trying to get done. kerry called the letter "interference" and "unconstitutional". He basically goes on to say that the Iranian leader is trustworthy. He's not just wrong, he's stupid. What else can you call it?

March 17, 2015   Cheney admits themuslimvileone is "playing the race card". Stating the obvious.

March 17, 2015   The federal budget in pictures. You won't like it.

March 17, 2015   Uhhhh.... No. hillclintOOn asking supporters to give her campaign workers room and board. They don't know anything about those campaign workers, so why should they open their homes, expose their children to strangers (some stranger than others, I'm sure) and allow those people to have access to their lives? Imagine what would happen if six months later the campaign worker was exposed as a blackmailer because that campaign worker found out the person who opened their home to them had gone into the master bedroom while the family was gone and found something kinky there? Would that be worth getting hillclintOOn elected? Or what if the campaign worker was found to be a pedophile and used the hillclintOOn campaign to get access to another victim? What then? I wouldn't do it.

March 17, 2015   Federal clerks giving erroneous info. They're lying to the public. Notice that it's FEDERAL clerks, which means themuslimvileone's admin. Why does this not surprise me?

March 17, 2015   "Race Baiting and Ferguson" reminds us that if it weren't for george "evil man" soros, themuslimvileone and eric holder the two cops in Ferguson would not have been shot. themuslimvileone is an awful human being because of what he's done to America and to race relations here. I hate what he's done. He really has done America a grave disservice.

March 17, 2015   bonehead boehner tries to show a spine. Too bad he's got nothing. hillclintOOn's e-mail server will be brought out of her house only under federal court order via Judical Watch and not before.

March 17, 2015   Feds WASTE $25 BILLION in wrongful payouts in 2014 ALONE. Add all of that to the rest of themuslimvileone's administration's rule (I mean the years of his preziduncy) and how much money has his admin WASTED? Want to pay your income taxes this year?

March 17, 2015   themuslimvileone's omissions are a threat to U.S. safety. It's not as if he wants America safe anyways, so why is anyone surprised?

March 17, 2015   Puerto Rico may pass vote law that could allow all people residing in Puerto Rico to vote. Currently, only citizens get to vote, but they may allow even undocumented aliens to vote in their elections for their leadership. What you may not realize (I know I didn't know it) is that Puerto Ricans have the right to vote in U.S. PRIMARIES but not in the general elections. They're not a state yet, and the last three votes they had on it were either unclear (most recent) or definitely NO. Now, there's a push on for Puerto Rico residents to be able to vote in the American General Elections -- WITHOUT them becoming part of the United STATES of America, which is clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The residents there MUST BE PART OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in order to vote. A "territory" does not a State make. Will that stop themuslimvileone if he so decides to make it happen? I doubt it. He'll do anything to keep his power and they'll just add 3 million votes for the dumborats is the thought. Isn't that wunnerful?

March 17, 2015   Well, I'll close for now. Sorry about missing yesterday. It was a crazy day. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 13, 2015: 12:01 a.m.: Friday the 13th, Oh, no!:   Sorry. Had to do it. Just wanted to post my Flag Friday pic for today. It's "Tribute To Our Heroes 208: By The Numbers". Thank you very much for your service! I can never say "Thank you!" enough!

March 13, 2015: 12:16 p.m.   hillclintOOn LIED about only unclassified e-mails being sent. Okay. We know this administration LIES all the time, so what's new about it? We know that hillclintOOn has a LONG history of LYING. Look at Filegate, Travelgate, the list goes on and on and on. Now we have e-mailgate. So this admin and its cronies LIE. dumborats have been doing so for a very long time. Why would anyone be surprised by this? The RULE is: If their lips are moving they're lying. Or they're committing PERJURY. Usually, both.

March 13, 2015   Speaking of LIARS in this administration, valerie jarrett claims 59 months of job growth under this administration. What's she smoking? The U6 unemployment rate has not shown growth for 59 momths and in order to have all that "job growth" do those jobs not require EMPLOYEES? No U6 drastic decrease equals NO job growth -- especially not 59 months' worth. IF there is "job growth" it's because of the federal government creating 73% of the new jobs and:

"[T]he labor participation rate plummets to a thirty year low — which means we have fewer taxpayers — we’re not only increasing the number of taxpayer-funded jobs, but the government is using the creation of these jobs to juice the employment numbers in a way that makes it look as though the job situation is actually improving."
That was in 2012, do the math. There are twelve months in every year, in 2012 the labor rate was at a thirty year low, so that fifty-nine (59) months of job growth would take the timeline back to almost FIVE YEARS AGO -- 2010. But in 2012 (well within the alleged 59 month job growth), the labor participation rate was at a THIRTY YEAR LOW. jarrett needs remedial math, or she's just -- here's that word again -- LYING.

March 13, 2015   ketchup kerry LIES about ISIS casualty numbers. He is in this administration, so what else would you expect?

March 13, 2015   themuslimvileone's "budget":

"According to CBO’s current baseline projections, under current law, the federal deficit will be $486 billion in 2015 and the cumulative deficit over the 2016–2025 period will total $7.2 trillion. The deficit is projected to be 2.7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015, to decline to 2.4 percent of GDP in 2016 and remain at about that level for the next two years, and then to increase relative to the size of the economy, reaching 3.8 percent of GDP in 2025. Federal debt held by the public, which amounted to 74 percent of GDP at the end of 2014, is projected to reach 77 percent of GDP in 2025; it was less than 50 percent of GDP in every year between 1957 and 2008."
Honestly, it's so bad it looks like something done by the PSJ4T folks during the incorporation battle! It's set-up to try to make him look good but -- if the upcoming presidents stick to his budget -- to make them look bad. What a way to safeguard an already failed legacy! It includes:
  • "A reduction in funding for military operations and related activities in Afghanistan and elsewhere that are designated as overseas contingency operations. Following the rules specified in law, CBO’s baseline incorporates the assumption that in each year through 2025, funding for such operations will equal the amount provided in 2015—$74 billion—with modest increases to keep pace with inflation. By comparison, the President’s budget includes a request for $58 billion for those operations in 2016, a placeholder amount of $27 billion in each year from 2017 through 2021, and nothing thereafter. Consequently, estimated outlays for overseas contingency operations under the President’s proposal are $532 billion less over the 2016–2025 period than those in CBO’s baseline.

  • "An increase in income tax receipts from limiting the extent to which taxpayers can reduce their tax liability through certain deductions and exclusions. The President proposes to cap the reduction in tax liability resulting from certain deductions and exclusions at 28 percent of the amount of those deductions and exclusions. That change would increase revenues by $526 billion over the next decade, JCT estimates.

  • "Reductions in spending for Medicare. Taken together, the proposed changes to Medicare in the President’s budget (excluding those related to repealing the automatic enforcement procedures known as sequestration) would decrease federal spending by $240 billion over the 10-year projection period. The President’s proposal to increase payment rates for physicians (which, under current law, are scheduled to be lowered in 2015) would boost outlays by $6 billion in 2015 and by $168 billion between 2016 and 2025. However, the President’s other proposals affecting Medicare would reduce outlays by $408 billion. [my bolding]"
So he's cutting the funding for the military in Afghanistan, INCREASING OUR TAXES via eliminating donations (probably to charitable organizations -- YOUR TITHE TO YOUR CHURCH and other similar items) and CUTTING MEDICARE. With themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX pushing more and more people onto Medicare, what will happen to those folks pushed into Medicare when his budget kicks in? "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance" LIED themuslimvileone. Now the next big lie is "If you like your Medicare you can keep your Medicare"?

March 13, 2015   republiRAT acts like dumboRAT. It happens.

March 13, 2015   Gold not looking so good right now. I never got onto the "Buy GOLD!" bandwagon because I don't believe that I'm going to need it. I don't think that, in a crisis, gold will have the kind of wunnerful results some seem to think it will have. I don't think that it would retain its value anymore than anything else because it would be a bartering product like everything else, but who wants a chunk of gold when they've got a MRE, a tent, a whatever? I said then and I say now, if you're going to buy gold for the "emergency" situation, for the crash, the economic disasters forecast, buy wearable gold! Buy something that you can barter with so that the guy can give the wife an anniversary present that she can be happy with. A bar of gold you can't do much with; same with a coin. But a gold bracelet, ring, earrings, etc., she can wear that and be happy with it. If you're going to buy gold, make it something your wife can wear. That's good for today, tomorrow and the disaster if it ever happens.

March 13, 2015   Pope says his papacy will be short. Good. Who needs a pope who says you don't need to believe in GOD to get to heaven?

March 13, 2015   billybob clintOOn gets MILLIONS of YOUR dollars. Don't ya' love subsidizing the Sex-Addict-in-Cheat?

March 13, 2015   FL House panel passes waiting period before killing baby. A waiting period in which the abortion seeker would have to consult a physician who would tell her the TRUTH about the baby's development and any pain the baby could feel at that stage of development is a GOOD thing. I SUPPORT THIS BILL. You should, too. Contact your FL House member and tell them to support HB 633 then do the same for your State Senator. It won't be on a ballot we can vote on, but just in case: Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, candidate or baby-killer.

March 13, 2015   The IDIOT alan grayson wants to replace Rubio. I'm not a huge Rubio fan, you know that, but alan grayson being my Senator? I could not take that. Let's NOT let this happen. It would be a humiliation for Florida to have him as Senator and it would be a disgrace to all Conservatives who live here and allowed it to happen. This would be an embarrassing disaster for Florida that we would regret for DECADES to come. Let's not do this. Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, candidate or total, absolute moron.

March 13, 2015   NRA investigating Grover Norquist's ties to Muslim Brohood. Good. They need to find the truth. I left the NRA years ago when they chose to not stand up for a Conservative Second Amendment supporting legislator because it "wasn't their focus" to stand for people but for the thing. That thing being the laws that govern us and the rules we live by. My reaction was wondering who they thought MADE those rules. But, I digress. It's about time the NRA starts looking at with whom they associate and the TRUTH of who they support and the facts surrounding their supporters. The NRA needs to realize that EVERY Conservative organization is open to infiltration by the progressives and that if they do not guard their organization there will be a takeover of that organization and it will be changed into exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to be, what its history proved it to be and what the membership wanted it to be prior to its being taken over by the left. The NRA has been ignoring that TRUTH for years. Now, maybe, they MAY BE realizing the need for caution and protecting what they've built. Let us hope so.

March 13, 2015   Some reversals are GOOD. Like this one.

March 13, 2015   Veteran's Admin. just as bad as ever despite budget increases and promises from themuslimvileone. If he cared about our vets he would do some overhauling of the leadership and put competent people in there instead of just his cronies.

March 13, 2015   I agree: Kagan and Ginsburg should recuse themselves. They've publicly stated a bias in the "homosexual marriage" case and that precludes any presumption of impartiality. Thus, they should recuse.

March 13, 2015   These governors should be kicked out of office immediately. Why? Because they're absolute idiots.

March 13, 2015   Wow. He's messed up. I say "He" because that's what GOD made him. His DNA will show gender: MALE. Why should I lie about it?

March 13, 2015   Well, that's enough for now. I may be a bit late in posting Monday. I have all kinds of things happening Monday so we'll see when/IF I get updates done. I will post my Minion Monday pic around midnight Sunday, so look for that, but otherwise, I may or may not get updates done. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 12, 2015: 2:54 p.m.   themuslimvileone, george soros and eric holder have the blood of these two cops on their hands. eric holder for "finding" that the Ferguson PD is racist (by whose standards, he didn't say). themuslimvileone for supporting the protests and for not standing for the rule of law. And george "evil man" soros for funding thirty (30!) protest groups in Ferguson. Therefore, I hold george "evil man" soros, eric holder and themuslimvileone responsible for the shooting of those two Ferguson cops. The three of them should be arrested immediately, charged with inciting to riot and accessory before the fact to attempted murder. Get the right jury and they'll be found guilty. It's not going to happen, but it SHOULD.

March 12, 2015   Enjoying that mac and cheese? Let's hope so because you're going to be eating it for a while longer. After all, when themuslimvileone and his family want to go on vacation, we all know that we pay a LOT of money for their vacations and they like to go on a LOT of vacations so we just keep paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying and paying... You get the picture -- and the bill!

March 12, 2015   Don't be scammed by fake IRS calls! Pay attention and realize that if the IRS is going to get money from you, they're going to do so in person, with proper I.D. and with an office to call you into because they don't like getting off their duffs to come and get you. They'll send an official notice and you can call the IRS to confirm the notice and all of that. NEVER use a phone number they provide if you suspsect a scam. Look the numbers up yourself, or contact your local IRS office and take the paperwork or your notes form a phone caall to the local office. NEVER give the caller your debit or credit card number, any information about your checking account or any personal information. IF they are truly from the IRS they'll already have all of the personal info they need and if they're from the IRS they'll be doing an audit of you BEFORE demanding any payments. Do not fall for the scam and if you do get a phone call from these sheisters (and creeps), take notes of what they are saying and notify the local law enforcement office and your local IRS office as soon as possible.

March 12, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   It's still a nightmare. If there were any such thing as competency within the current administration, they'd take it out and throw it away thinking it was a foreign object, a space rock, or the smallest piece of garbage they have ever encountered and trashed. themuslimvileone's whole preziduncy has been a nightmare of wrongdoing, financial suicide (for America, while he's been raking in millions from ...?), and wrong-headed policies that lead to Ferguson police being shot with the support, aid and comfort of themuslimvileone, eric holder and george "evil man" soros. Now, the scotus ordered lower court to take another look at Notre Dame case against this piece of garbage. Since the Hobby Lobby case came down and kinda' reversed the first look the lower court had taken at it, it's time to look again. The people will struggle to figure out the tax implications of this crud. I can understand people struggling with it. It hasn't been easy to deal with. Some folks will have to repay the subsidy they received and others may now get a subsidy (to pay back next tax season?). It's a red hot mess and it should have never been done. Let us pray the scotus does the right thing and does away with it altogether.

March 12, 2015   secondamend   themuslimvileone LIES about guns and veggies. Well, surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Is there anything he doesn't lie about? He earned three Pinocchios for this one.

March 12, 2015   USPS collecting vehicle license plates and facial recognition data. Why? I don't know. I'd like to know why, wouldn't you? Did you know that the USPS was collecting data on who you send mail to?

"Our discovery of this camera program comes just months after the U.S. Postal Service was forced to reveal (during a Congressional hearing) that it was videotaping and storing the address and return information from billions of pieces of mail at its distribution centers. [my bolding]"
Why are they doing that? To establish a trail of guilt via association. If you sent someone or an organization who was later "guilty" of something or another then they can associate you with that person or organization and come after you, too. That's the only reason I can think of for the government to be recording to whom you are sending (and from whom you are receiving) mail. Don't you love how much themuslimvileone is SPYING ON YOU?

March 12, 2015   As suspected, themuslimvileone is george "evil man" soros's puppet when it comes to Net "Neutrality" and all that is denied in it to freedom loving Americans. Anyone surprised? george soros is against freedom for anyone except himself, his friends and a few usefule idiots who will bow and scrape in order to be part of those who stay in power after they destroy America. Net "Neutrality's" rule book is 313 pages of george soros's evil plans to take away your voice. The rules are NOT "neutral". Title II allows [the FCC] to take measures such as setting retail rates and even mandating that providers lease (or “unbundle”) portions of their networks to competitors. So the federal government is going to be telling companies how much to charge you for internet service? Don't ya' love it? Read the whole thing: Net "Neutrality" rules.

March 12, 2015   Congressman supporting unborn babies faces persecution from anti-baby groups and his fellow GOPers. How ridiculous is that?

March 12, 2015   Secret Service has a black eye of its own making. Oh, my. Competence rules in themuslimvileone's administration at every level.

March 12, 2015   I've been doing a project and have another in mind so I'm going to stop for today. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 11, 2015: 7:41 p.m.   You can't trust the A.P. They stage pictures, change the TRUTH into a LIE and call things what they are not. A Hamas jihadi commander became a "Hamas policeman". That's a flat out lie. If you can't trust the Associated Press they should go out of business. They're the ones providing stories to places like the Washington Post, Florida Toady [sic], etc. Now, every time you see an AP story, why not just skip it since you know it's going to be full of lies and deceptions anyways?

March 11, 2015: 1:39 p.m.   I saw a bird in my backyard yesterday that I haven't a clue as to what it is. I've looked through my Stokes book and can't figure it out. Are you any good at figuring out birds? This beginning birder would appreciate it if you could tell me "What is this bird?" I'm stumped.

March 11, 2015   hillclintOOn e-mails:   She didn't do herself any favors that's for certain. All she's done is play the "I was baking cookies for my daughter" card and she's failing at it. People don't believe her and she's being mocked even by the msm. She is her own worst enemy. It only gets worse for her. After all, she did leak Israel's plans to stop Iran's nuclear weapons build-up from her personal e-mail account. If that's not doing the wrong thing, what is? Was it "classified info"? Maybe not to her, but to Israel it probably was. Also in that link, Col. (Ret.) Allen B. West gives you the chapter and verse of the law hillclintOOn broke. It is:

"18 U.S. Code § 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally Current through Pub. L. 113-296, except 113-287, 113-291, 113-295. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)"
Yep. She did break the laws. She is in a heap of trouble. Or at least, she should be. Now, the AP is suing her over the e-mails, and Judicial Watch filed suit a few days ago, link somewhere below. If the AP is looking closer I wonder if the worm is turning. She also used "unauthorized" ipad and iphone even though she was warned not to. Sounds to me like even themuslimvileone can't control her. Oh, well. Isn't that just what we need? Now, they're trying to find out if themuslimvileone has a private e-mail account that he's been using to conduct government business. I think it's possible -- probable -- that he does. After all, themuslimvileone has no laws he must obey, nothing is beyond him and he answers to no one. Why not break yet another law?

March 11, 2015   A cool little change of pace for a moment. Wow. That's like creating Star Trek DS9's Odo. Very cool.

March 11, 2015   Utah's death sentence "firing squad" possiblity. Sounds to me like they mean business. Be good out there!

March 11, 2015   Pray for the familes, friends and co-workers of the Marines and soldiers lost in this crash. My heart goes out to all of them.

March 11, 2015   What? Really? Is he serious? "Christian" college's president says

"[H]e finds it 'sad that people use religion and idolatry of the Bible to demoralize same-gender-loving people.' [my italics]"
He's the president of American Baptist College in Nashville, Tennessee and he thinks that people who believe in and follow the Bible -- those who practice what it teaches -- are using "idolatry of the Bible"? Really? Is he that PC or just stupid? The Bible tells us how GOD feels about homosexuality. If we are "made in the image and likeness of GOD" then following His Word is a good idea. That president should be fired immediately.

March 11, 2015   Military chaplain "best of best" now battles for his job. Wht happened? That seems to be the universal question:

"A Navy chaplain is under threat of potentially losing his career following a round of complaints from sailors over the faith-based counseling that he reportedly provided, with officers claiming that he spoke out against homosexuality and sex outside of marriage, among other issues."
He touched one of the lefts' holy grails and counselled against it. Tsk. Tsk. That's just not allowed anymore. You're not allowed to say "No." to homosexuality.

March 11, 2015   ketchup kerry says Congres can't change deal with Iran. I don't think he's read the U.S. Constitution lately. I showed you yesterday that Article II Section 2 gives the Senate the right to "veto":

"He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: [my bolding]"
So where does ketchup kerry get off telling them they can't do that? He's so wrong. Now, there's a movement to have those Senators arrested just because they stood up for their CONSTITUTIONALLY ASSIGNED DUTIES and the Senators have done the right thing but themuslimvileone's sycophants are kissing his backside to keep him smiling and his golf game good.

March 11, 2015   Lefties like deleting e-mails and they don't seem to have a problem hiding the truth via doing so. The laws that say not to do that? Who cares? They're lefties. They don't have to obey the law.

March 11, 2015   secondamend   ATF says "never mind" about bullet ban. Hurray! That's one to chalk up for the good guys! Hurray!

March 11, 2015   Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Mother Jones is losing it.

"'Why You Should Stop Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner,' the venerable leftist publication bleated. 'Dogmatic adherence to mealtimes is anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick.'"
I don't know if I should be hearing Twilight Zone music or Rush's update theme, "They're coming to take me away, haha!" Either way, Mother Jones is a long way from reality.

March 11, 2015   Al Sharpton burns his records instead of deleting his e-mails like hillclintOOn. It's so convenient that the fires just happened to destroy the records, isn't it? It lacks even the slightest hint of truth.

March 11, 2015   Gambling your taxpayer dollars seems to be so common nowadays that it's almost a yawn line. That's just wrong! You work hard for your money. Why is it that the federal government -- themuslimvileone -- seems to think that your hard work is NOT for you to spend the resulting payment of, but for themuslimvileone to spend -- and gamble -- as he so desires. Why do any of us bother anymore?

March 11, 2015   If themuslimvileone is not gambling your money, he's giving it to illegals. Don't ya' love that? They'll receive social security credit for coming in and breaking our laws by entering illegally, they'll get tax refund money, and they'll get social security credit for working illegally here in America. Isn't that wunnerful, wunnerful?

March 11, 2015   No more police ticket quotas in Waldo, FL. I wonder if they have those around here? What thinks you? BTW, the speed traps will continue, so watch your speedometer when you go through Waldo.

March 11, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   "Every Muslim who is honest would say, I would like to see America become a Muslim country". Not going to happen. Not going to happen. The Jihad against Israel being taken to another level. There was a recent ISIS killing that featured French militants killing a man. One of those murderers was a teenager. How can anyone teach their child to kill? How heartless is that? ISIS is also destroying history. How tolerant. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I think that it's possible that Islam does not want to learn from history because history teaches that they LOSE. It teaches that people don't want to be put under their thumb and that people who love FREEDOM FIGHT BACK!

March 11, 2015   Aaaaaahhh... public schools:   Teacher arrested, charged with assaulting student. That's not okay. It's never okay. What's worse, though, is the teacher who has sexually assaulted three of his students! Who are school systems hiring nowadays and WHY? There are way too many stories of teachers having sex with their students. Sexually explicit poetry being read to students in class (NSFW OR CHILDREN) to buying drugs on school property public schools are getting worse and more dangerous for your children. Homeschool your kids, folks. It's safer and better for them.

March 11, 2015   I'll close for today. Pray for America and for the Spirit of the One True GOD to sweep across this land and start a great revival and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 10, 2015: 8:58 a.m.   hillclintOOn e-mail:   Faccebook comments go negative on hillclintOOn. Like Facebook comments matter? If it was a week before the election maybe I'd be impressed. Right now, twenty-one months out? Who cares? Maybe Her Ego-ness does, but really? Yes, she's allegedly going to announce next month, but if this scandal doesn't prevent her announcement why would it affect her running? She's using the same playbook as themuslimvileone, saying she wants to bring everyone together. Oooohhhh. We've heard all that before and it was a LIE then, too. She no more wants to bring everyone together than did the current LIAR In Cheat. Let us see what the future holds because there are more scandals in the wings waiting to be brought to the fore, and then there's themuslimvileone claiming he didn't know until he saw it on the news. Riiiigggghhhhht. She could be facing criminal charges but what are the chances the republiRATS will have the spines to do anything of the sort? If cowards like bonehead boehner, mitch mcCONnell, etc., have any say in the matter, this, too, shall go unpunished. dumboRATS are dictators because republiRATs don't have the spines to prevent them from being so.

March 10, 2015   JW sues the Dept. of Homeland [IN]Security for their records of the illegal aliens who are confirmed criminals (aren't all of them criminals due to the fact that they BROKE THE LAW coming across our borders ILLEGALLY?) but themuslimvileone released them into America anyways. Good for JW. At least Conservatives have outside organizations like Judicial Watch who have the SPINES to stand up for America. I'm so thankful to have them. Without them there would be nothing happening to the lefties/progressives/libs who break the law left, right and center.

March 10, 2015   secondamend   50+ Senators condemn ATF plan to ban certain bullets. The letter is here and it will SHOCK you because mitch mcCONnell, Orin Hatch and Lamar Alexander signed it. (Did you hit your head when you fainted? Sorry about that. Now, get up off the floor and keep reading my site.) They say the Second Amendment is at risk. Well, DUH!

March 10, 2015   6.5 MILLION Social Security numbers for people over 112 years old. In the whole world, there are only thirty-five (35) people that old and older. In America, we have six and-a-half million (MILLION!) SSNs still active and available for FRAUD for people over 112 years-old. It's ridiculous.

"Between the years 2006 and 2011, some 70,000 of these outdated SSNs were used to procure $3.1 billion in earnings. One specific SSN turned up 613 times on different wage reports, according to the IOG."
So how much of your taxpayer dollars whent to pay for SS fraud? My bet is A LOT!

March 10, 2015   Scientists using organs from aborted babies. They're not just using the organs, they're transplanting the organs into RATS. That's sick.

March 10, 2015   bumbler biden wants to give $1 BILLION to Central America. We're in debt to the tune of $18+ TRILLION and he wants to give a BILLION DOLLARS away? No. Let Central America figure it out on their own. Let's keep American money in America for a while. We need to focus here at home before we start doing big givewaways.

March 10, 2015   Rahm hurting. Even Jesse Jackson has dumped him. Ouch!

March 10, 2015   Since when did themuslimvileone have "moral authority"? In order to have ANY "moral authority" you have to start with HAVING MORALS and themuslimvileone HAS NONE! So what "authority" could he ever have had?

March 10, 2015   Icebergs wash up on Cape Cod. So cool. (No pun intended.) I wanna' go!

March 10, 2015   hillclintOOn and jebbybebby seen as "Old News"? Good. They are not what America needs right now. We can do -- and SHOULD DO -- much better.

March 10, 2015   Media bias, anyone? New York Daily News' front page labels repulicans "Traitors". The republicans wrote a letter to Iran telling the leadership there that without their approval the deal with themuslimvileone is off because the Senate has final say over treaties, per the U.S. Constitution Aritcle II Section 2:

"He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments. [my bolding]"
The Senate has the final say. That's the U.S. Constitution. For the New York Daily News to call them TRAITORS because they choose to NOT SUPPORT themuslimvileone allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons is ridiculous. They're acting constitutionally and correctly. How on earth is that treason?

March 10, 2015   U.S. military looking for treatments for our troops. It's good that they're planning to help as many severely wounded as possible even with amazing new treatments. Who would have thought twenty years ago that a full face transplant would have been possible?

March 10, 2015   republiRATS asking scotus to condone gay marriage. So what if they're going against their Party Platform? That doesn't matter. It's all about PC.

March 10, 2015   Hypocrisy, anyone? Gabby Giffords' hubby FAILED background check that he wants gun purchasers to have to go through. Her hubby also fudged the truth in the video he made of the incident. Shock. Surprise.

March 10, 2015   Twilight Zone: "woman's voice" helped save daughter. Problem is, the Mom was already dead in the car but the cops say they heard a woman's voice calling them for help. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

March 10, 2015   Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) may vote to condone "homosexual marriage". Why bother calling your organization a "Christian" organization if you're not going to follow the Christian Bible that Christians believe is the Word of GOD? Why bother? I strongly suggest that Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) -- if they do vote to go homosexual -- start calling themselves Presbyterian Church, "Homosexual Marriage" Condoning, U.S.A. That way people can choose whether to go to that church before being surprised by the lack of biblical accuracy in the teachings. BTW, why is it that the majority of Protestant religions become "homosexual marriage" endorsing entities? The Protestant religions (all churches who still "believe in the Holy Catholic Church") (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican, Episcopal, Methodists (and some include Wesleyan but their profession does not include the "Holy Catholic Church") have branches that endorsed -- or are considering endorsing -- "Homosexual Marriage". Is there something about Protestantism that makes it happen?

March 10, 2015   Good News! Young women are waking up to the LIES of abortion supporters. A baby is not a "fetus" it's a BABY. A baby is not a "lump of tissue", it's a BABY. A baby is not a "leach" it's a BABY.

"The abortion lobby knows it is in trouble. A few years ago, when NARAL president Nancy Keenan stepped down from her position, she was shocked at the youth of the March for Life participants, saying, 'There are so many of them, and they are so young.' She should have seen the March this year. The number of young men and women was overwhelming."
Good! Praise the Lord! People are waking up to the LIES and are finding the TRUTH themselves. They look online and find the video, Silent Scream (NSFW or CHILDREN). Babies' lives matter. They have done nothing wrong. They had nothing to do with their own conception, so if they were conceived via rape or incest, it's NOT THEIR FAULT so why punish (sentence them to death) them for being conceived? They are not the one who did the bad thing, why should they pay the price? If your Dad raped someone should YOU be put in prison for it? No? Then why punish a baby for its father's rape of the mother? The mother has gone through enough, why should she be encouraged to go through the pain, horror, regret, depression, etc. that are the side effects of abortion?

March 10, 2015   I'll close for now. Pray for America and a great revival to sweep across this land and that GOD will forgive our sins and that He will heal our land. Pray for our troops and their safety and healing. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected our next president. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing, and for his family. Pray for Israel's protection and success. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please. Thank you for reading and GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 9, 2015: 3:28 p.m.   It's Monday! You know that I gotta' give you a smile to start your week. So, I give you Minion Monday: Hank Learns French. Hank, Frank, Rank and George are going to France in April. I can't really say what they're going to do there, but I hope they have a great time. He has promised to bring me a souvenir. We'll see what happens.

March 9, 2015   clintOOns: pay to play? Would it surprise anyone? Haven't billyboy and hillclintOOn always loved money? Every ounce of their beings loves money, wants money, worships wealth. Remember when they were accepting illegal donations while in the White House? Yeah. Or, how about when, a year before they left the White House, they started stealing the antiques from the White House? They didn't have the RIGHT to take those things, they belonged to the PEOPLE OF AMERICA, but they took them so that they could LOOK RICH without having to PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES. Tell me you don't suspect that some of those missing e-mails don't prove hillclintOOn did something wrong/illegal. If she were not planning on having something to hide in the first place -- her fundraising activities, her personal relationships, her activities as Secretary of State, whatever -- why buy a server, have it installed into your own home, register it and the domain name under a fraudulent name, use aliases for your e-mail addresses, not speak of it publicly, provide e-mail addresses to only a few close advisers who also had an e-mail there, and why not deliver all of the e-mails requested when the FOIA requests came in? If she was planning on TRANSPARENCY, why go through all of that effort? She not only hid things from the public and the government, but she PLANNED TO DO SO ALL ALONG! The server purchase and installation into her house proves that! If you're NOT PLANNING to HIDE things, then why buy a server? Why not just use what is available as others before and after her have done? Her activities PROVE HER GUILT. There is NO DOUBT about that. She should be arrested immediately, charged with many things -- obstruction, breaking the records laws, whatever else they can -- and tried for her crimes. I am sure if the facts were used and she wasn't given special treatment, she would go to prison for at least a few years, maybe more depending upon what they find on her server. BTW, they can also subpoena the e-mails from all of the people she corresponded with, from the administration, from the servers used by them, and they can subpoena any cached items that the other servers out there have. The info is out there. The question is, are the clintOOns no longer "hands-off" enough to allow that to happen, or are they still "special" to the lefties/progressives/libs? Will they stand by her come hades or high water, or will this be the final straw on the camel's back? Remember, she didn't realize BENGHAZI was going to happen when she set this up, but it really did help her cover her own tracks so very well when it did happen!

March 9, 2015   JW sends new FOIA requests to clintOOn for e-mails. I wonder when the server is going to be taken into "protective custody" to protect hillclintOOn from being held accountable for anything? Once themuslimvileone's admin gets ahold of that thing, it's gone. It disappears and no one can ever get their mitts on anything that's on it, legal or illegal activities and all records of them, gone. Would themuslimvileone help hillclintOOn like that? Watch and see. It's a fifty-fifty proposition without hillclintOOn using blackmail on themuslimvileone, thratenting to disclose the dirt she has on him (yes, that's the way she works; finding dirt on people and using it to get her way). What does she have on themislimvileone is the question?

March 9, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   CBO: premiums spike, but not as high as expected. Right. Until next time they look at the numbers when it will be doubled. Things change from the CBO. To paraphrase the Wizard of Oz, "Numbers come and go so quickly around here!"

March 9, 2015   mcCONnell wants to raise debt limit. I want mcCONnell outta' here! He really should have been defeated in the last election. What were Kentuckians thinking? What did he promise people -- lie to them about -- to get their votes? Aren't they tired of his RINOism yet? If I were a Kentuckian I'd have voted for the other guy just to say "In your face, mcCONnell!"

March 9, 2015   More Middle Eastern countries fear themuslimvileone's acquiescense to Iran's nuke desires. Rightly so. Their populations will be most at risk for annhiliation from Iran's bombs. After all, when people with a desire to kill everyone who is not exactly like them (Sunni Muslim, instead of Shiite Muslim), the folks first to go will be probably not be Israel (although I could be wrong) it will be the other sects within Islam. They've already used chemical weapons against other Muslims, not just recently, there has been a "systematic" use of chemical weapons in Syria. Sounds to me like they hate each other more than they hate the "infidels". What an amazing organization.

March 9, 2015   A good reason to have your concealed carry permit. If they're going to start something here on our soil, WE'RE going to finish it! We will not let Islam threaten our safety again. If they start their terrorism here, we'll stand up to them and we'll stop as many attacks as humanly possible. If the administration won't WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL. America is America and we shall not be overthrown! We will not roll over and we will NOT be made to kowtow to the likes of idiots with bombs, swords, guns, whatever, and the call, "Allahu Akbar!" on their lips! Try something and an armed civilian will take you out!

March 9, 2015   Good cops. I love seeing cops do stuff like this. This is good community relations. I bet those cops felt really good for the rest of the day after helping that guy get something to eat.

March 9, 2015   Well, I'm gonna' stop there for today. My computer must have started up with a hiccup today because it's been a fight to get it to cooperate with doing updates. So, pray for America and a great revival to sweep across this land and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal this land. Pray for our troops and their safety and that GOD will put His hand over each of them. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's healing and release. Pray that GOD will stop themuslimvileone in his tracks. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected in 2016. Pray for Israel and her protection. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please! GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 6, 2015: 12:22 a.m.   It's Flag Friday (just barely). You know that means that it's time for a "Tribute To Our Heroes 207: A Single 'Hello!'" Thank you for your service! I can never say it enough!

March 6 2015: 10:22 a.m.   I found a very interesting series of articles about so called "dark money" at The first article was of particular interest (although all were interesting and educational) because of the incorporation battle here in PSJ a dozen years ago. That article, ‘Invalid’ dark money rules threaten grassroots politics, is well worth a read. The other articles, available here, are also worth a read. If you've ever considered getting involved in any ballot issue, supporting any candidate, or getting involved in any other kind of political issue you need to read these articles. They tell us how the left is using rules set up to control the government have been turned around to control us. Some politicians are sneaky that way.

March 6, 2015   Facebook punishes free political speech -- of a 12 year-old! Facebook kisses themuslimvileone's butt is the lesson learned. You see, all children -- especially black children -- should be loving and wanting to be themuslimvileone by now. The fact that the "offender" is a black Conservative male is so offensive to the left that they probably made waves until Facebook caved to the pressure. Free speech is not allowed in the black community if you're going to say anything negative about themuslimvileone, and to do so at such a young age proving that you are capable of thinking for yourself and of having differing opinions than some of those surrounding you is anathema to the left. It makes no sense to them. How dare that young black man have something to say besides praise for themuslimvileone who is doing his utmost to make all people "equal" and to make "them" pay for what "the man" has done to the black people? How dare that young black man not bow and kiss the backside of themuslimvileone? Put that young man back into his place and punish him until he daren't speak out again! Teach him a lesson! That's the attitude of the left. That's the attitude of Facebook. If it weren't why would he be locked out? Free speech in America only applies to the left/progressive/liberal side. If a Conservative wants free speech the first words out of his mouth had better be, "I was wrong." Well, lefties/progressives/liberals, I've got two words for you, "FREE SPEECH". Well, I'll add another two, "Too bad."

March 6, 2015   U6 unemployment rate: 11%. Why is it that I seriously doubt that lower unemployment rate number? (Do you realize that there are now 92,898,000 Americans NOT in the work force?) I suspect that the number will be revised -- UP, of course -- in a few months. That's after themuslimvileone's poll numbers are good enough to keep the republiRATS afraid of his numbers. You see, the higher themuslimvileone's poll numbers the more afraid bonehead boehner and mitch mcCONnell are of him. So the unemployment numbers have to stay low long enough for themuslimvileone's approval poll numbers to go up so that the spineless republiRATS will cave to his every whim. Want proof? Low poll numbers equals shadow of a spine in bonehead. His poll numbers are currently higher than the lowest numbers seen for him and even though people see themuslimvileone as unpatriotic and dishonest the republiRATS still fear those numbers and fear making the people who allegedly gave him those numbers angry at Congress. Thus, they kowtow and kiss butt and do whatever they can to be nice to the man who is destroying America. Spines: everyone in a leadership position in the House or Senate needs one. If not that, then maybe we could put them in a full body cast and they'd be held upright instead of being the quivering bowls of half-melted Jell-O® they are currently.

March 6, 2015   hillclintOOn e-mails:   She's still counting on her cohorts in the msm to bail her out. They're looking for one of two things: a way to prove she's innocent of any and all wrongdoing, or a way to say she's guilty as sin but not look like they believe it personally. That way, they can kiss her backside and still be invited to the parties and stay on her "friends" list. For the msm it's a win/win situation if they play this correctly. hillclintOOn is such a hypocrite that she uses a private server and private e-mail while she banned her employees from using private e-mails. For those of you who may not understand how this works (my readers are incredibly intelligent, so there aren't many), let me explain. A "server" is a big bank of hard drives in a rack all connected up and stored in a room and that's where all websites, e-mails and anything else set up for that particular server is kept. You know those pesky IP numbers: 123.456.78.9 is what they look like, and that's like the street address for the server that stores the stuff for say, "" is stored. So her server, registered as being at her house, is breaking State Dept. rules and keeping secrets from the United States as a whole; including themuslimvileone's administration! What if she was planning to throw him under the bus (no, not literally -- yet) in one of the scandals she knows is upcoming? Wouldn't he have liked to have known about that? So far, she's played loyal little soldier, but will that last, and shouldn't he want to know if it won't? That info could be in those e-mails. This administration should allow her no cover because they have no idea what it is she's covering. Not that I'm any fan of this administration (as you know by now), but it's something they really should think about. Or, they can pay the prices for them covering for her; and it could be multiple prices. Let us hope.

March 6, 2015   Illegal Immigrant Invasion:   themuslimvileone pushes for amnesty by THIS MONDAY. I pray that the judge rules against this. Pray for that judge to do the CONSTITIONAL thing and deny themuslimvileone's request. Also, he wants to give them CITIZENS' RIGHTS which includes the RIGHT TO VOTE. Pray.

March 6, 2015   War on women: 56,023,000 women NOT in work force. themuslimvileone's administration has been "warring on women" for a long time. Their wages are still lower in his administration than a man's pay. In fact, women earn 23% LESS than men who work for themuslimvileone. Yep. themuslimvileone hates women. Otherwise, he'd have allowed hillclintOOn to win the nomination, would NOT support Islam and their burka-enforcing, raping ways, would not encourage his wifeypoo to make a fool of herself with her lack of "nutrition program". He's not involved in his daughter's college search. He hasn't a leg to stand on when it comes to the alleged "war on women" by Conservatives. It's a farce and he knows it. Problem is, his LIES are his truth. There is no other way to understand him.

March 6, 2015   Lie down with dogs, get up with protection?

March 6, 2015   I left the Republican Party in 2008 because I saw that they were going down the drain and I wasn't going to go with them. Now, they've proven the drain was a flush. Turn the vent fan on.

March 6, 2015   clintOOns profited off of Haitians' suffering. billybob clintOOn allegedly headed some of the relief effort but was a failure. So much so that:

"'Mr. Clinton is persona non grata in much of the country due to the dismal results of his involvement.'"
BTW, hillclintOOn's brother profited off of a "rare" deal and is now raking it in. Sounds to me like they're up to their normal ways. As long as they get to walk away with money in their pockets, freebies of some sort or real monetary benefit, they're in!

March 6, 2015   Coming up: more forced abortions on Chinese women. I think that's an abomination. It's just wrong to kill a baby. It's wrong.

March 6, 2015   Don't let your kids go to college in CA. They teach vehement hatred of America, apparently. The students' actions prove it.

March 6, 2015   Twenty men in Afghanistan try to understand how women feel. They donned burqas and walked through the streets. Hm. Twenty. It's better than none (and very brave since they could probably face the death penalty for wearing women's clothing: and a burqa is just that), but wouldn't it have been nice to have seen thousands wanting to help their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends, aunts, etc.? Wouldn't it have meant something if the number had been much, much bigger? Twenty? Brave but ineffectual.

March 6, 2015   How did 100,000 illegals get amnesty docs EARLY? That's what a TX Attorney General wants to know. I agree with him. I want to know that, too. Oh, sorry. It's just themuslimvileone exercising his "Executive Orders" (read DICTATORIAL POWERS) again. Excuse moi!

March 6, 2015   envirowheel   As a birder, I'm glad to see an bird "extinct" since 1941 is back! I've been telling my hubby that this kind of thing happens all the time. We think something is gone, but it's not because it is just somewhere we don't see it, not "extinct", but hiding. How many species are there in the remotest parts of the earth that we haven't seen in years but it's still there? Who knows? The fact is that some "extinctions" are not "extinctions"; it's timing. We have not been at the right place at the right time to see what we've been looking for. That's why there are not as many "extinctions" as many Hamsters say. Along those same lines, scientists "vastly underestimated" the number of fish in the oceans. Trust science much lately?

March 6, 2015   I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This is what we have in charge nowadays? Really?

March 6, 2015   I'm going to close with that for now. Pray for a revival to sweep across this great land. Pray for our troops. Pray for Israel's peace aand protection. Pray for GOD to forgive America's sins. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept the Lord as their Savior. Pray for GOD to stop themuslimvileone in his tracks. Pray for a STRONG CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected in 2016. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing; and pray for others like him. Pray for each other and for me! Until next time, GOD Bless America and You! See ya'!

March 5, 2015: 11:58 a.m.   What does this say about the woman's priorities: pastor's wife works at abortion clinic. Sounds to me like the Almighty to her is the dollar bill: babies' lives in exchange for. How disgusting is that? Maybe that church should reconsider who they've hired to lead them. After all, he was the person dropping her off there! (BTW, their son works there, too.) Cashing in on babies' deaths. How godly. (*SARCASM*)

March 5, 2015   ONE new amnesty compound to cost us at least $484 MILLION. If they want to come to America, they should be forced to do it legally, obeying all of the requirements of the EXISTING LAW, and not costing us a boatload of money. My ancestors came over legally and when they did, they had to struggle with the rest of the immigrants. That's the right way to do it. themuslimvileone is doing things to destroy America and using emigrants to do so. When their eyes are opened to this fact, I wonder if their dreams of an American lifestyle will be dashed because they've been brought over and lied to and because they are here their dream is gone. What will they do then? Will they head back home, blame the current administration (those that are allegedly after themuslimvileone), or will they protest and destroy things and hurt people, furthering the destruction of America? Your guess is as good as mine there.

March 5, 2015   hillclintOOn e-mails:   The House issues subpoenas for them, as does Judicial Watch and there's a tweet that she tweeted she wants them released. In her own words. What's surprising is that no one is believing that lie. Not even those on her side. Well, there are those who still kiss her backside. Of course, themuslimvileone didn't know anything about this. There have been others who have suffered the consequences of this sort of action. Will hillclintOOn face the same consequences and be fired, also? Or will she get the special treatment the left has always lavished upon the clintOOns? Considering the reactions so far, I'm thinking she'll at least get a slap on the hand. A tiny slap, but at least a slap.

March 5, 2015   clintOOn Foundation paid women 63¢ for each dollar they paid men and the top eight positions were filled by men. Yep. She's sooooooo pro-woman that she paid women 72¢ on the dollar to her female Senate Staffers, and her foundation's paying women even less. That's a very pro-woman woman, is it not?

March 5, 2015   NO!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! We don't need algore to run as the dumboRAT... Well, maybe we should encourage that. After all, he did invent the internet:

Source: David Caprice's YouTube Channel

And we know that the government just took it over, so maybe algore will fix that. Maybe we need him to be the dumboRAT candidate because he and Tipper were the inspiration for "Love Story". And we know that he lies as easily as themuslimvileone and the clintOOns. We know that he's all about the now proven wrong 97.4% of the time. We know he's dumb as a box of rocks. Sorry. Didn't mean to insult the rocks. So maybe if he runs, the shoo-in of the opposition would be written on the walls before any votes were cast. Sounds like a plan to me.

March 5, 2015   I wish I lived up north right now. I'm so jealous. I do pray for the folks up there who are having difficulties because of the snow, though. There are power outages, highway closings, planes having difficulties and it's generally miserable for some. I hope for their sakes that things get better for them and that all those in difficulties now will get through it safe and sound. Me? I'd be out there playing in it all day long. I wish.

March 5, 2015   Lynch in limbo. Well, lah-ti-dah. We know she had a hand in the HSBC sweetheart deal and that she is "soft" on political corruption (who better for themuslimvileone to answer to then?). So I'm glad the vote has been delayed. Maybe it'll be delayed so long she'll say "Never mind!" (Pipe dream, I know.)

March 5, 2015   themuslimvileone's admin kicking prayer and pastors out of Capitol. That's Christian prayers and Christian pastors. Islamic prayers and Imams will be allowed, no doubt.

March 5, 2015   Lake Worth, FL, city government harassing Christian church. Fort Worth, FL's city government is acting like a communist government and it has already forced some of the local churches to PAY for a "business license" and is sending city employees to SPY on one particular church! Where are the surrounding areas' churches protesting and participating in helping Fort Worth's churches? Where is the outcry!? Get ANGRY about this! This is WRONG! If you're a Christian, Write to the City Council and tell them what you think of their Marxist Nazi actions!

March 5, 2015   Sending your child to college, or considering going yourself? Here's a list of the 10 MOST Anti-Semitic colleges in America. Do NOT go to those colleges. Anti-semitism is WRONG and it's not acceptable in any college to any degree.

March 5, 2015   NR asks the NYT, "If gays are offended to Christians have rights?" The National Review's article is very good and should be read.

March 5, 2015   See? I told you so.

March 5, 2015   Well, I'm going to stop for now. I've been working on crocheting my Mom a present and I need to work on that and do a few other things. I don't see all that much else to comment on today. Not that there isn't more out there, just that I don't feel like doing more right now. So, I'll go. Pray for America and a revival. Pray for GOD's forgiveness of our sins. Pray for our troops and their quick return and safety. Pray that the lefties will be held accountable for their wrongdoing -- including themuslimvileone and hillclintOOn. Pray for Israel's safety and success. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Pray for peace. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for each other and for me, please. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

March 4, 2015: 10:56 a.m.   themuslimvileone:   He's warning Prime Minister Netanyahu not to talk about the Iran details. "Don't let people know how bad I am, how incompetent! Don't you dare! I'll pout!" is basically what he's saying. Netanyahu, as a world leader, is allowed to talk about whatever he darn well pleases as long as it doesn't involve national security or something he has already agreed to NOT reveal. How dare themuslimvileone tell the Prime Minister of another nation to NOT talk about anything? How presumptuous. How superior. How typical. Can you tell how much themuslimvileone loves Israel by the way he reacted to Netanyahu's speech? If that doesn't speak volumes, how about the fact that he threatened to shoot down Israeli jets? I think it's amazing that themuslimvileone is endangering the whole world by enabling Iran to get nuclear weapons. His plan not only endangers Israel, but in endangers everyone else in the world who will eventually be threatened by Iran as they try to establish the caliphate. themuslimvileone's actions speak louder than his words.

March 4, 2015   Read the TRUTH about a PC complaint. It's not "racism" at all. The TRUTH is totally different than the PC scare-mongers want you to believe.

March 4, 2015   hillclintOOn used a private e-mail and private server while she was Secretary of State. That's not only illegal, it's a security risk, an end run around the ability for others to "FIND THE TRUTH!" and it's making even some on her side say that maybe she shouldn't run for president:

"Because she doesn't seem ready for 2016. Like a blast of wintry air in July, the worst of 1990s-style politics is intruding on what needs to be a new millennium campaign: Transparent, inspirational, innovative, and beyond ethical reproach."
Um. "[T]he worst of 1990s-style politics"? Her hubby was, as the story points out, in office 1993 to 2001. So the "worst of" is her hubby. Sorry, but I have been wondering why it has taken so long for the lefties/progressives/libs to come to that conclusion: billyboyclintOOn was the "worst". Note that I said "was". We now have in office someone even worse than billyboyclintOOn. That's pretty bad. Look at the succession of dumboRAT presidents, from the 1960s until now, we've had:
  1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy who had Marilyn Monroe and others as mistresses and others (setting the stage for billyboyclintOOn) and got us into the Vietnam War

  2. Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) who started the "war on poverty" and the "Great Society" effort, launching a never-ending dependency on the government teat that ensnares and retains families in poverty to this day, and was a huge racist.

  3. Jimmy Carter whose presidency was a total failure from waiting in long lines to get gas in your car to the hostages taken by Iran, the Olympic boycott and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he was a disaster.

  4. Bill Clinto[O]n and all his scandals: the little blue dress (Monica "Cigar" Lewinski, as well as others), Vince Fostergate, Travelgate, Filegate, and the list goes on and on and on. His was a very corrupt administration, taking money from foreign countries (in the White House), and his wife's failure to get her healthcare reform made into law. He was so bad he was impeached but not convicted (dumboRATS refused to vote in favor of it, supporting the "hard dog to keep on the porch"), and he and/or his people vandalized the White House on their way out.

  5. themuslimvileone: The worst of the worst in the last fifty years, he is a failure by his own standards, has done everything he could to destroy our economy, he has helped republiRATS take over BOTH the House and Senate just by being the de facto leader of the dumboRAT party. He has tried his best to destroy America. He has denied the U.S. military the vote (while blaming the GOP), cut spending on the military, and made the world more dangerous. He has failed Christians while embracing Islam and all it wants to do to bring about their own world dominance.
Look at that list! Look at it! It goes from bad to worse, even worse, and then the worst of the worst! What will the dumboRATS put in office next if given the chance? Will it be Putin? Will it be george soros? Will it be George Clooney? Will it be hillclintOOn, or elizabeth "Cheekbone Cherokee" warren? Whoever it is, that person SHALL CONTINUE the historic trend that has been by now the well established pattern of the dumboRAT party: Elect someone even worse than the previous dumboRAT. Then watch the world go to hades in the proverbial handbasket. Is that what you want? If not, vote for a TRUE CONSERVATIVE, not a RINO, NOT a lying dumboRAT: A TRUE (CHRISTIAN, preferably) CONSERVATIVE. That's who should be the next president. That's the only one who can save us from the disaster that has been themuslimvileone's administration's consequences. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or commie-dumboRAT.)

March 4, 2015   secondamend   Police say "bullet ban" not needed. Does that matter to themuslimvileone? Nope. It's a first step in taking away your Second Amendment rights. It's not his first attempt, nor his U.N. attempt, nor will it be his last attempt. He hates you having the right to defend yourself. He wants you defenseless so that he can control every aspect of your life and there would be nothing you could do about it.

March 4, 2015   NYC schools to close for Muslim holidays. How is that right? We are a Christian nation, founded on Christian principles, by Christian men: acknowledged as such until the last forty years. Now NYC schools are going to be closing for Muslim holidays? Why?

March 4, 2015   bonehead boehner isn't good for republiRATS. He ignores what the majority of them want and support and gets things done by going to the dumboRATS to get their votes. He's a RINO and a fraud. He needs to be dethroned. He needs to go.

March 4, 2015   This breaks my heart. I love koala bears and to see that the Australian government had 700 of them killed is just insane, IMHO. Why didn't they offer those koalas to zoos around the world? In America there aren't many zoos with koalas so why not send the koalas to zoos? It would have been a MUCH better solution than to kill 700 of them. That's so sad.

March 4, 2015   Air Marshalls leaving in droves. They don't like the pressure, they don't like being exposed to public scrutiny (and their sexual exploits being revealed) and they are leaving passengers vulnerable. That's not a good thing.

March 4, 2015   I have to stop here. There's a fraudulent pop-up saying there's a problem and it's not going away. I have to fix that. Pray for America, Israel, our troops, revival, peace, and freedom. Pray for each other and me, please. GOD Bless America and YOU! See ya'!

March 3, 2015: 9:38 a.m.   Missed yesterday due to my son coming over and spending the day with me. Had a great time, learned a new craft (well, the basic steps to it; not mastered yet) and talked and laughed and laughed some more. That's why I missed the updates: busy with family. Family will always come first here. That's just the way GOD made me. So, let's start the day today with what I didn't get to post yesterday: "Minion Monday: Hank Celebrates Dr. Seuss's Birthday". Hank has been a fan of Dr. Seuess since he moved in (almost) and he was very excited about celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday yesterday. He even bought a new hat for it.

March 3, 2015   themuslimvileone's admin is just tryting to make things worse. They're throwing gasoline on a fire and claiming innocence. If they weren't trying to irritate the Israel/America situation then why on earth would they be doing this? Also, why is themuslimvileone not standing with Israel? He hates Israel because he is a Muslim. That's the answer. He's not a friend of Israel. He's an enemy of Israel.

March 3, 2015   LOL! LOL! LOL! Good for him! Bad for the clintOOns, but good for the artist. Get the truth in there and let the chips fall where they may. On another clintOOn track, hillclintOOn may have violated federal rules while she was Secretary of State and not kept her e-mail in the Sunshine (shock. surprise.). In fact, some outright say she broke the law (shock. surprise.). It's been a clintOOn trademarke since they came to power: they don't have to obey the laws. Those are for someone else. The laws are for the little people. The clintOOns are above that.

March 3, 2015   Was the childhood home of Christ found? If so, that lends more credibility to the Bible and that's a good thing. But for me, I see it as just that: acheological evidence of His existence. If they try to make it a "holy" site, that's wrong. Jesus Christ is not there. He's alive in heaven and sitting at the right hand of His Father, the Lord GOD Almighty. To be honest with you, I've never understood the thrill of going to Israel and of seeing the alleged places where Jesus trod. I've just never gotten excited about it. They're finding now that the Temple Mount is probably NOT where the First and Second Temples were built. So archeology is changing the face of traditional beliefs of where things were in Israel. I wonder what archeological changes they're making over in The Holy Land Experience due to modern archeological evidence that changes traditional belief? Should be interesting to watch all of this develop. Just remember, folks, don't think of places as being holy because the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His resurrection made us Holy if we believe in and acept His death and resurrection for us. His sinless life, death on the cross, and resurrection made your heart as holy as anything here on earth has ever been: including the Ark of the Covenant. Accept His sacrifice for you and become the the righteousness of GOD in Christ. YOU can be righteousness, holy in His sight, because He is Holy and Christ in you makes you holy, too. "Ask and ye shall receive" and that's all it takes. Ask Jesus into your heart and give Him your life and you will be as He is in heaven.

March 3, 2015   Higher taxes? It's what themuslimvileone wants to do to you. He want to do it "unilaterally": that means without Congress, i.e.: Illegally. That means that it would be another DICTATORIAL rule, not a LEGALLY BINDING LAW that WE would have to obey. If he's breaking the law when he "creates a law" it CANNOT be a LAW. That's like making up the rules for a soccer game as you go along, no matter what the existing rules are. You make them up as you go along and make sure that, because of the new rules you're making up, you win, then it's not a fair game, it's not a real soccer game (because a soccer game is played by a certain set of rules) and it's not a real WIN because the REAL rules were not followed. So if themuslimvileone can break the rules in creating rules, then we don't have to abide by the fake rules he's trying to force upon us. It's not as if he can enforce something that's an ILLEGAL "law". It's the same with the Net "Neutrality" rules: they're illegal as well, as is themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX, and it's all stuff we don't have to obey because it's ILLEGAL. What's fair for the goose.

March 3, 2015   bonehead boehner caves and passes amnesty bill. Show of hands: Who is surprised? No hands? None? Everyone who reads this site knew he would cave? I thought so. I've taught you well. (*wink*)

March 3, 2015   Spring Break: msthevileone to Japan and Cambodia ON YOUR DIME. While themuslimvileone thinks about raising your taxes again (the internet will be severely taxed via Net "Neutrality", his wifey-wife goes on a junket, spending as much of your money as she can. BTW, it was first reported that the girls would go with her, but if not with her, what seperate trip will they be taking on YOUR dime? BTW, Sasha and Malia will be in the Bahamas ON YOUR DIME while their mother is in Japan and Cambodia and their father probably golfing somewhere with his buds. The family that plays together stays together? Don't ya' love paying for their vacations while you are still trying to pay for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? What will your Spring break look like? A blow up pool in the back yard and hotdogs (who can afford hamburger anymore?) on the grill? Just make believe it's the Bahamas and you're surrounded by taxpayer paid for Secret Service agents. Just imagine that you're in a five star hotel. Also, just imagine that you can order room service and you have a spa treatment any time you want. Oh, and since their parents will be in other places, their GRANDMA will be with the girls. So you'll be paying for her, too. Isn't that special?

March 3, 2015   What a hypocrite.

March 3, 2015   CAIR to sue FBI. SMH.

March 3, 2015   How presumptuous to think that man should know what should or should not exist. GOD creates the universe, not man. How can man even begin to think that they can judge what should not exist? Ego, anyone?

March 3, 2015   Feds can't fire employees who watch 6 hours of porn during work hours. YOU are paying for that. You pay for the employee's salary, benefits, the chair he/she sits on, the computer they watch the porn on, the electricity to run that computer, the internet connection; everything. But that employee "can't" be fired. Why do we tolerate that? Why are we not refusing to pay our taxes while we know that this kind of waste and crap are going on? Where is our spine?

March 3, 2015   Republican introduces bill revoking ATF power to regulate ammo. themuslimvileone takes "unilateral" actions, so what difference does a bill make? After all, the rule of law doesn't matter to themuslimvileone and he is the prezidunce, the DICTATOR-In-CHEAT. He's the one with the power. He's the one with the ego. He can do whatever he wants. He's the ONE. All Hail and OBEY!

March 3, 2015   hillclintOOn's friends? Senior republiRATS. Isn't that wunnerful? Don't ya' just love that? When/If she runs in 2016 she'll have republiRATS to thank if she wins. Even the surprising supporter,

"[C]onservative journalist Christopher Ruddy, a former leader of the anti-Hillary brigades. He recently pledged to donate $1 million to the Clinton Global Initiative."
Say what?! I don't really call that "Conservative". He's a fraud!

March 3, 2015 The recent treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu by themuslimvileone and his press sycophants is an abomination. Rush puts it into perspective very well. I love Rush.

March 3, 2015   Remember those "shovel ready jobs" themuslimvileone promised? The CBO says not so much:

"The decline in real public spending (adjusted using infrastructure-specific price indexes) on transportation and water infrastructure between 2003 and 2014 occurred almost exclusively within the category of capital purchases, which fell by 23 percent during those years. The construction and rehabilitation of highways, in particular, declined over the period. By contrast, real public spending for the operation and maintenance of infrastructure continued its historical tendency to grow, rising by about 6 percent over that period, primarily because of increases at the state and local level. [my bolding]"
Yeah. He lied. The U6 unemployment rate comes out soon. Who wants to lay even money it won't be under eleven percent?

March 3, 2015   I'm listening to Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech and I'm distracted so I'll go. Pray for Israel and for her protection, for peace for her and for her people. Pray for America's protection and guidance and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for our troops' safety and their quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's healing and quick release. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray that Islam, atheists and N. Korea accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for each other and me. Until next time, GOD Bless America and Israel, and YOU! See ya'!

February 27, 2015: 1:16 p.m.   It's Flag Friday. You know that means we start with my "Tribute To Our Heroes 206: Are There Flags Enough?" Thank you for your service. You have done what I could not do. I can never say "Thank you!" enough!

February 27, 2015   Why is it always the Conservatives' "fault" according to the lefties? Why is it that lefties can never, ever, ever take responsibility for their own actions? hillclintOOn? Not responsible for BENGHAZI, and "at this point in time what does it matter?" themuslimvileone? He only learned about anything that his administration does via watching the evening news. He had nothing to do with anything; he's as innocent as a newborn lamb. Baaa. Lois Lerner's e-mails? Nope. Lost. Not their fault. It's something they had no control over because their hard drives crashed -- all at the same time, destroying all of the same info. Awww... too bad. Not their fault. Lefties are never to blame. They know nothing... Well, maybe that part is true in a sense.

February 27, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Aawww... poor jihadis needed jobs. Oh. Sorry. They didn't. They joined ISIS even though they had lives of privilege. It's ISLAM that teaches this hatred of humanity and teaches them to kill, destroy, rape, maim, behead. Islam teaches them this, not the need for a job. It's so sad to know that anyone can think that beheading anyone who is not of their particular religion -- and that their ONLY "crime" -- is the right thing to do. When was the last time you saw a Christian behead a Muslim because they were Muslim? If Islam ever heard of the "Golden Rule", they certainly ignore it. We know that bin Laden operated that way and that he had ties with Iran. The same Iran themuslimvileone is allowing to develop NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Yep. Peace and tolerance and the nuclear bomb. Bright future ahead. Thanks so much, themuslimvileone! The more you learn about Islam, the more you'll understand their desire to kill you. And, no doubt about it. If you do not convert they do want to kill you. It's their law.

February 27, 2015   BENGHAZI:   hillclintOOn knew the truth? Her top advisors did, that for certain. Tell me that NONE of them told her. Can you imagine the badgering they'd have received the next day if they had NOT told her? You want that screaming in your face for an hour? No. She knew. And then she LIED about it:

"[I]t is inescapable that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly lied when she planted the false story about ‘inflammatory material being posted on the Internet.’"
Well, shock. surprise.

February 27, 2015   Illegal Alien Invasion:   Oops. Scratch that. It's "Americans-in-waiting", according to themuslimvileone. They're not "illegals", they're "Americans-in-waiting", kinda' like "Ladies In Waiting" for the Queen of England. They're law-breakers being given aid (at our expense) and encouragement by a lawless tyrant, so of course he's going to call them something else. After all, when you hate America and are trying to destroy her it is always your goal to seem as patriotic as possible and calling your cohorts "Americans-in-waiting" sounds a lot more patriotic than "illegal aliens" to whom you are giving the moon at citizens' expense.

February 27, 2015   jebby-bebby should be saying "Ouch!" Laura Ingraham rips into "coronation" of alleged front runner. I agree with her. jebby-bebby need not be the Republican nominee. Go for someone with a TRUE CONSERVATIVE stance, not with now falsified credentials. His Conservative credentials died when he left the FL Governor's office. After that, he became a "moderate" (read: PROGRESSIVE) and is now supporting everything he can to make himself accept by folks like hillclintOOn, themuslimvileone, rosie o'donnell. If that is who he wants support from, why is anyone on the right actually paying him a moment's worth of attention or giving him an atom's worth of credibility? Don't support jebby-bebby. He's not what America needs right now. He's more of what we've got. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or coronation.)

February 27, 2015   Another failure by mcCONnell.

February 27, 2015   msthevileone pats herself on the back. She claims credit where none is due, but that's the way things are. As long as themuslimvileone is prezidunce, she'll take credit for whatever she so desires and the progressive papers will swoon and agree. Fact is, she eats lobster and kobe beef while her school lunch program is crap. What the heck is she patting herself on the back for: starving everyone's children except her own. I hope she doesn't break her own arm with that self-congratulatory pat-a-pat-pat. Considering how much she's tooting her own horn one would think she'd at least sprain her shoulder!

February 27, 2015   Snow in all 50 states? That's sad for the rest of them:

Source: ObamaGaffe Youtube Channel

February 27, 2015   This is insane. Commemorating Trayvon Martin? Why? He beat someone up and paid the price for it. That's to be "commemorated" because...? Because he made the first move? Because he got the first hit in? Because he was "brave enough" to face the unknown and found out too late it was a foolish thing to do? He died because of his aggression, foolishness and his choices. He died because he was too cool to just go to his grandma's house and be satisfied that he got there safely. He died because he didn't go there and notify authorities to deal with George Zimmerman instead of confronting him. Why commemorate that? Why not use it as an object lesson of what NOT to do instead of teaching children that he's someone to look up to and emulate?

February 27, 2015   Net "Neutrality" is NOT what progressives/lefties/libs promised you it was. It was a power grab to stop people like myself from having any influence on the thoughts and beliefs of others; even moreso against sites like,,, etc. It's about shutting up those of us who do not kowtow to and agree with the lefties. If the RepubliRATS do NOT defund the FCC they're doing America a grave disservice.

February 27, 2015   I'll stop there. Please continue to Pray for America and that GOD will forgive our sins and heal our land. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE president to be elected in 2016. Pray for our troops. Pray for our police and firefighters. Pray for our Border Patrol Agents and that GOD protect them from both illegals and themuslimvileone. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for the protection of Christians around the world. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini, his quick release and total healing. Pray for Israel, her protection and her success. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me, please. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 26, 2015: 1:13 p.m.   themuslimvileone and dumboRATS TOOK OVER the internet. Kiss internet freedom goodbye.

February 26, 2015: 12:50 p.m.   secondamend   Rush Limbaugh is talking about something that I missed today. themuslimvileone is banning bullets for the AR-15 via Executive Order. The ATF oreder is eye popping. Keep an eye on this, folks. It has started.

February 26, 2015   Illegal alien invasion:   Heartbreaking testimony of father of victim of convicted illegal alien released at themuslimvileone's orders. King themuslimvileone is breaking our laws to give illegals everything. From telling Christian groups to refer pregnant illegals to abortion services to allowing our Border Patrol Agents to suffer the consequences of themuslimvileone's actions, America is paying the price for themuslimvileone's lawlessness. Where is the ONE person who will stand up and ARREST him? Where? He's breaking the laws all day, every day. Where is the ONE person who will stand up and ARREST HIM?

February 26, 2015: 8:16 a.m.   This administration is full of sick, twisted, evil, sexually deviant people. Proof of that is the Senior State Dept. official arrested for trying to arrange a meeting with the person he thought was a teenage girl. What's worse is that this kind of activity within the State Dept. has been known to be going on for years without any law enforcement community doing anything about it. Well, that's not quite true. What they did do about it is to harrass the whistleblower who was trying to stop the deviants within the State Dept. to the point of putting a lien on his father's house. His father had nothing to do with the son's actions (except that I'm sure he supported his son doing the right thing) and yet the State Dept. put a lien on his house when the son has no part in that house's ownership. Now that's harrassment! That's what we have in positions of power in themuslimvileone's administration: sexual perverts, pedophiles, liars, whoever will kiss themuslimvileone's backside and do his evil bidding. That's who he surrounds himself with. Just as his puppet-master, george soros, has done. Watch the video of what's going on in the State Dept. Then tell me this isn't an evil administration. I dare you.

February 26, 2015   Want to talk evil? How about themuslimvileone promising "consequences" if disobeyed. All hail themuslimvileone, He Who MUST Be Obeyed! Worship and Bow, Scrape and Fear! Obey or be disciplined, have even your father's house liened by themuslimvileone's administration! Obey! Obey! Obey!

February 26, 2015   The architect of themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX can't keep a job. He keeps getting fired, "let go", or whatever, from his employment. After he overbilled the different states that used him as a "consultant", who can blame them for firing him? He's so bad that even themuslimvileone and pelosipig denied knowing him after he helped put themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX together. If I had a bleeding heart I'd feel kinda', a little sorry for the guy. I don't.

February 26, 2015   More Administration Evil: If nothing else PROVES themuslimvileone is NOT a Christian, it's his administration's attitude and treatment of Israel and her representatives. They do everything they can to denigrate all of Israel's leaders and to deny as much credit, help and credibility to Israel's representatives as possible. Those are NOT the actions of a Christian: of a Muslim, yes. That's exactly what a Muslim would do: treat Israel's leadership with disdain.

February 26, 2015   More Administration Evil:   IRS's Lois Lerner got $129,000 in BONUSES while targeting Conservative organizations and individuals for IRS special attention, denial of non-profit status, etc. That's illegal and it's WRONG, but since when did themuslimvileone's administration care about doing what's right?

February 26, 2015   More Administration Evil:   YOUR taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions for illegal immigrants. Not only that, but the taxes you will be paying will be going to illegals as TAX BENEFITS. In the FIRST year they're here, they could get more than $35 THOUSAND of YOUR money. Will they be helping you out in the same way? Where will you be getting $35K from this administration in ONE YEAR? YOU'RE A CITIZEN! If they're not willing to give you the same amount, then why would we pay taxes at ALL? Boycott paying taxes this year. It's good for America.

February 26, 2015   More Administration Evil:   Foreign governments gave MILLIONS to clintOOn foundation while she was at State Dept. Sounds to me like there's a conflict of interest there, but since when does right and wrong matter to either the clintOOns or themuslimvileone? Since when?

February 26, 2015   This is the sort of ridiculousness themuslimvileone's admin has brought about. Really? scotus and "Red Fish Blue Fish"? Really? SMH.

February 26, 2015   People are STANDING FOR FREEDOM! This is a good -- GREAT -- sign. Let us hope that it starts with them and spreads throughout America and FREEDOM will return because Americas is standing! Let us support them, and then stand when it is our turn!

February 26, 2015   Fordham Institute NOT Conservative. So says Breitbart author, Dr. Susan Berry. Her evidence is strong. Don't be surprised. A lot of "Conservative" organizations are actually just lies set in place by the lefties who know that lying is useful to get their own way. Look at our prezidunce to know how true that statement is.

February 26, 2015   Some may disagree with me, but Trump is NOT what we need. Yes, he may (allegedly) know how to run a business and make some money. That, to me, does not qualify him to run a country and to return FREEDOM to America. I don't think I want him as president. I just don't like the guy, nor do I think I trust him. Ego has a price for the rest of us, as I believe this prezidunce has taught those of us willing to learn the lesson. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or ego.)

February 26, 2015   secondamend   New bill gives AG power to block gun sales to "suspected" terrorists. Um. Who defines who is a "suspected" terrorist? Well...

"Sales could be blocked to anyone known to be involved in terrorist activities, or anyone who is 'appropriately suspected.' That term is used throughout the bill but is never defined, and would likely be a cause for alarm by defenders of the Second Amendment who might worry about giving the attorney general too much discretion in deciding who is 'appropriately suspected' of terrorism."
So when does that definition get inserted and by whom? Does eric holder or his presumed replacement Loretta Lynch get to define that term? If so, will they place you or I on that list? Or will it be people like the ISIS members streaming across our southern border? Do NOT support this bill. This bill has been introduced at least three times before. Once in 2009, 2011 and again in 2013. Does that tell you something? It tells me that even the dumboRAT controlled Senate at least THREE TIMES BEFORE didn't like this bill well enough to pass it! That's why The Blaze story tells us that terrorists were successful 93% of the time! Get Senate info on it here. Then do yourself a favor and tell the Senate "NO!"

February 26, 2015   Heads up! Leprosy is on the rise IN FLORIDA! Don't touch armadillos. You may think they're cute, but they carry leprosy. If one needs help, call professionals to deal with it. Don't try to do it yourself.

February 26, 2015   I'll close with that for now. Pray for America, for GOD to forgive our sins and to fill our land with His love, guidance and a strong desire to serve Him. Pray that GOD will protect us from terrorists, those who wish to do us harm, from ourselves and from those who come here to do wrong and to take without being willing to give. Pray that GOD will protect us from those who want to do us harm. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini, his release and healing, and for his family. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Israel and their protection. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and for me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 25, 2015: 11:19 a.m.   Common Crap Core:   Until the appeal, Missouri Education Watchdog has won against Common Crap Core! Hurray! Good for them! I wish that it would not be appealed, but the chances of that are slim to nil. If you're a teacher, though, be careful what you post AGAINST it. Free speech? Not in Common Crap Core. Proponents of this piece of garbage will do anything to paint those of us who do NOT support it as irrational. For CCC supporters, if you disagree with them, you can't think straight. Right. I get it. In fact the "researchers" admit that

"[R]esearchers hypothesize that advocates are smart and informed and opponents are not."
BTW, that "hypothesiz[ing]" was done PRIOR to the research being done. In other words, CCC SUPPORTERS -- and the reserchers they hire to do the "research" -- set out to prove that they are smart and those who do not support CCC are stupid and got the results they set out to get. Shock. Surprise.

February 25, 2015   Your taxpayer dollars have been used to pay federal employees to do their jobs, but they've instead been watching pornography so much that there is consideration being given to a new law that would make it illegal for federal employees to get paid for watching porn. I'm sorry. I don't understand why that's not a given instead of making it into a law. Where has America gone?

February 25, 2015   Blame the Conservatives. That's what the progressives always do: Blame Bush, Rush, Neo-Cons, etc., whoever is not them. If you aren't "them", then you do not fit in. You may as well face it, you are to blame.

February 25, 2015   FCC Chair REFUSES to appear before Congress before the internet vote. Don't ya' love his independent spirit? (NOT!) Now, even some who supported Net "Neutrality" at first are finding problems with it. The FCC has finally published a Fact Sheet on Net "Neutrality". But it doesn't tell us everything they want to do, nor what rules there will be. I do believe that my website could be negatively impacted by the alleged "neutrality" of this freedom destroying power grab. How many others will be detrimentally impacted? We don't know, but I'm betting on Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Heritage Foundation, Girls Just Wanna' Have Guns, The NRA's website, and other CONSERVATIVE sites being censored, removed, blocked, throttled, etc., whatever themuslimvileone can get away with. We'll see and we'll sue, if need be. Remember, the lefties are the only ones pushing for this, including hillclintOOn, so there MUST BE something in it for them. What, we don't know yet, unless it's silencing their opponents.

February 25, 2015   envirowheel   Okay. I've heard a lot of weird things from the Hamsters, but whipped cream tops them all. I almost feel sorry for those folks. Almost. A new study (peer reviewed, no less!) proved that "they will realise how little evidence for alarm there is." Problem is the Hamsters use this as their religion. One "top climate scientist" admits it is his "religion"! I told you as much on February 10, 2015 and now it's being admitted. As Rush says, "Don't doubt me." (*wink, wink*)

February 25, 2015   themuslimvileone's Illegal Immigrant Plan:   Need a job? Want your child to have a job? Don't count on getting one, thanks to themuslimvileone bringing in millions of illegal immigrants. I do believe he is the one who orchestrated this whole thing. I don't have proof, but mark my words, it will be proven. themuslimvileone did this. Your children -- or you -- in five years will have only a 25% chance of getting a job in Ameria in 2020.

February 25, 2015   mcCONnell caved again. DHS bill will be approved -- with themuslimvileone's amnesty. How anyone can believe a WORD -- a SYLLABLE -- that escapes his lips, I have no idea. He's a coward and a spineless jellyfish and I can't imagine why on earth Kentucky residents voted for him. I really don't understand it. They've seen him kiss the backside of themuslimvileone for six years and last election they put him back to do some more kissing. He's not just a caver, he's a progressive. Why would Kentucky do that?

February 25, 2015   Then themuslimvileone is extending work permits to the spouses of the illegals, which will bring more into America. themuslimvileone is doing everything he can to destroy America. I wish he'd never been born.

February 25, 2015   Well, shock. What happened to eric "Racist" holder? Does he not want to pursue something he couldn't finish before he leaves office? No charges? Amazing.

February 25, 2015   Iran playing war games using U.S. ship models. themuslimvileone hasn't commented on this? Oh. That's right. If he did he'd say "Good for them! Let them bomb us. It's their right and we deserve it." Or, he'd say, "Allahu Akbar!"

February 25, 2015   CATO president: "Rand Paul will be next president". I don't think so, but on this issue I don't think that all of the players are here yet. I think it's possible that there will be a "sleeper" who has not yet announced and who would be very popular with one side or the other and that person will be able to take the win. IF Rand Paul became the next president, I'm not sure that I could fully support him. Yes, Rand Paul is pro-life, he has fought this administration left, right and center, and he's a Second Amendment supporter, but I need to find more out about him than I currently know before I could support him. Right now, I don't have a favorite Conservative candidate. It's probably going to take a lot more prayer and a lot more research before I can focus on a favorite.

February 25, 2015   Canadian authorities find tunnel say it's not illegal to dig a tunnel. Well, this is true, but considering that the tunnel diggers don't OWN that property they were digging on, they were digging the tunnel near a venue for an upcoming event, and that Canadian authorities know how drug cartels build tunnels from Mexico to America and what they use those tunnels for, I think Canada may want to rethink their thinking here.

February 25, 2015   Well, gotta' go. Got a surprise call and I'm going to go out and about. Pray for a revival to sweep across this land. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for legislators to get a spine and to fight FOR America, instead of AGAINST America. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's quick release and total healing. Pray for GOD to protect this land and us from themuslimvileone's evil. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray that the FCC's internet control and rules will not stand. Pray for Israel and for GOD's protection over them. Pray for peace. Pray for each other and me. GOD Bless America and take her out of themuslimvileone's and progressives' hands. Until next time, See ya'!

February 24, 2015: 9:54 a.m.   Common Crap Core:   New bill by Lamar Alexander (R[INO] TN) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) makes it a permanent part of education in America. Its basic description:

"To strengthen the Federal education research system to make research and evaluations more timely and relevant to State and local needs in order to increase student achievement."
You know all that data gathering Common Crap Core is set up to do? This would strengthen and further disseminate the info to more entities, allow more people to gather data and to basically make your children not just students, but also battery packs full of information on what kinds of products the family uses, how often they go to which restaurants, what kinds of recreational activities they participate in, the last time they went to the dentist, what they purchase online from which companies, etc., etc., etc. Don't think it's going to do all of that? You thought you'd be able to keep your doctor too, didn't you? Wake up and smell the burnt coffee. That is exactly what this is set up to do. The federal government will probably charge different companies a fee to do the "research" so that they can make money off of your children -- ostensibly, of course, for the betterment of education. After all, if your family goes to play putt-putt golf twice a month and your child is a little tired the next day at school how can that not affect education? Okay, don't believe that? How about those who may want to push a new "educational system" in which your child gets to school, takes a pill, puts on headphones and goes to sleep and "learns" that way? After all that would be in the interest of education and with education goals, would it not? Would that be acceptable as an "educational research" project that you'd think possible under this bill? Or would it just be that they're trying to let people find out if your child learns best via tactile, verbal, or visual learning? What kinds of tests will be conducted on your child to get that information? Also, ask yourself if you'll have ANY say in the information they "gather" from YOUR minor child (with or without your consent?) and over HOW it is gathered? Read the bill. Ask yourself why they need a "SEC. 176. COMMISSIONER FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION RESEARCH" or that they spend
"5 ‘‘(1) for fiscal year 2016, $54,000,000;
"16 ‘‘(2) for fiscal year 2017, $55,242,000;
"17 ‘‘(3) for fiscal year 2018, $56,512,566;
"18 ‘‘(4) for fiscal year 2019, $57,812,355;
"19 ‘‘(5) for fiscal year 2020, $59,142,039; and
"20 ‘‘(6) for fiscal year 2021, $66,922,118.’’."
Fifty-four million to sixty-six million for "research" on Special Education? What are they going to be doing to those special needs children that will cost that much? Ask yourself that question! If you don't like the answer to that, then ask yourself why they're gathering information on our children at all. Are your children going to school to get an education, or to be lab rats? Thanks for the heads up, GrumpyElder, and Missouri Education Watchdog. Those folks at Missouri Education Watchdog do AMAZING work. They're on this!

February 24, 2015   hillclintOOn "re-re-re-branding" herself with the help of a Cocoa-Cola exec. Let's hope this is the ex-Coke exec who okayed the "New Coke" that was such a flop thirty years ago. (Darn! I'm old!) She's now back at it and I want you to pay attention to how she looks. She's been in Canada for a few months and she's not been heard of or seen in weeks. Let's see what she did while she was there (besides raising more foreign money), and if she still puts on those prismatic glasses used to treat traumatic brain injury. Remember when Karl Rove (no friend of Conservatives) got slammed for telling the truth about them?

February 24, 2015   Her big mouth is going to get her in trouble. Admitting the TRUTH about dumboRATS never goes unpunished. The blocking of the DHS bill is a power play that tells the republiRATS that it doesn't matter that they won in a landslide in the 2014 elections, the dumboRATS are still in control. That's all they're doing. They don't care about the border and protecting America. They care about staying in power for as long as possible and will do whatever it takes to do so. If that means blocking bills, lying to the public, cheating, so be it. My question is, will that tendency to have to stay in power at any and all costs lead to an actual THIRD TERM for themuslimvileone? If a Congressman can introduce a bill for it, you know there's a certain amount of support for it. I'd have to leave the country until his Dictatorship/Tyranny/Despotism was over. Then I'd come back and help pick up the pieces.

February 24, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Kidnapping 90 Christians is today's Islamic "peace". Tomorrow's must be 100 or they're going backwards? Well, maybe they'll start having the kids they're recruiting to get more children to go with them. Or maybe they'll just behead someone else? Let's face it people: not absolutely every Muslim is going to try to behead our neighbors or ourselves. I admit that. However, there are so many who have done things that would make the normal human being cringe at the very thought of and who would do it again and again and again, that it makes those who the RIGHT thing so very welcome and their actions so extraordinary that it's difficult to see the rest of Islam behaving as they are. My question is, what price will those who participated in doing the right thing pay, and when? Keep an eye on that, folks.

February 24, 2015   Now, Mexican drug cartels are mimicking the Islamic terrorists. After all, if the greatest, most powerful, most helpful country on earth won't make a real effort to wipe out Islamic terrorism, why should the Mexican drug cartels NO mimic ISIS? They've got the blueprint on how to get away with it, why not follow that blueprint? All they've got to do if caught and charged (doubtful they'll even be charged) is claim that it's their religion and themuslimvileone will let them go. They're not claiming Christianity, so letting them go is okay.

February 24, 2015   I'm frustrated with the whole Net "Neutrality" lie. I know that there are idiots out there who support it, but they're believing the LIES this administration is FAMOUS for telling about everything it does. If themuslimvileone -- who is behind this crap -- says anything you can count on it being UNTRUE. You can count on everything coming out of his mouth, from his pen, heard over his phone being a LIE. He won LIE OF THE YEAR which makes him the LIAR OF THE YEAR. Why would ANYONE believe an acknowledged, AWARDED LIAR? If this piece of garbage is so wunnerful, wunnerful, why are they HIDING the full text until AFTER THE VOTE? (Affordable Care Act, anyone?) Net "Neutrality" is BAD. That's all it is. It's bad for FREE SPEECH. It's bad for America. Don't believe me? Believe FEC and FCC commissioners! It's BAD! Sign the petition to STOP THE TAKE OVER of the INTERNET. Don't let this piece of garbage be inacted.

February 24, 2015   I'll go for now before I get grumpy. Pray, folks. Pray, fast, pray some more. themuslimvileone is doing everything he can to destroy America, freedom, your rights and everything else he can get his hands on. Pray.

February 23, 2015: 8:57 a.m.   In case you missed it: "Minion Monday: Hank Goes on an Airboat Ride" with grateful thanks to Kissimmee Swamp Tours.

February 23, 2015   themuslimvileone -- of course -- won't cooperate with investigation. I think that themuslimvileone is hiding all of the illegal stuff he set in place. His whole administration should be jailed for breaking the law -- especially themuslimvileone! The IRS scandal is not the only investigation he's refusing to cooperate with. In themuslimvileone's mind HE IS the law and what HE says goes and if HE does it, then it must be okay. That's why he doesn't cooperate with any effort to find the TRUTH. HE IS the truth in his own mind. Although there are those who don't let him get away with it. Judicial watch forces themuslimvileone to give up the TRUTH, although it's the truth redacted, it's still more than he wanted to admit. Also, John Bolton says themuslimvileone "worse than Neville Chamberlain". He's right, of course. But that's nothing compared to what Rudy Giuliani said about themuslimvileone! Go, Giuliani! Yes, he's a "moderate" (finger-licking, wind-judging politician), but he's got this one absolutely correct!

February 23, 2015   Be careful when you shop. Or, if you work at a mall, keep your eyes open and stay alert.

February 23, 2015   envirowheel   ketchup kerry warns: there is no "Planet B". He's glad there isn't because if there were, we'd be sending this whole administration there!

February 23, 2015   Ladies, are you ready? Ready for hillclintOOn paying you 73¢ on the dollar compared to what she pays men? War on women? She's waging it. She's so desperate for money she's gotten very _itchy about it. (Check the link before you jump on me.) Of course, if you're a dog, raising money via dogs must come naturally. Seems to me the hillclintOOn campaign has gone to the animals. She's selling dog things, enlisting a quack for medical info and if she's looking for a new image for her 2016 campaign branding, I suggest that she ignore her rebranding advisors and just brand herself as a Dodo Bird. That's as close to reality as she's going to get.

February 23, 2015   DHS ignoring court order, rushing amnesty through as fast as possible. Lawless prezidunce equals TYRANT. NO ONE in America is above the law. No one. So why is themuslimvileone's administration acting as though it is? Every law enforcement agency in America -- especially the federal agencies -- should be breaking down administration doors and arresting 90% of this administration (janitors exempt). So why is that not happening?

February 23, 2015   Amen and Amen! Read this! I agree with it. It's about time someone else said what I've said for years and what this brave kid is saying. I bet at least one of his parents is in the military.

February 23, 2015   Again? French again surrender. This time admitting they can't prevent Islamic terrorists from attacking France and French citizens (subjects? victims?). Is there a white flag France doesn't know how to wave? Why not just change France's name to "poulet"?

February 23, 2015   Ellison an apologist for jihad? He and themuslimvileone. Really. Do you see a difference between them?

February 23, 2015   Israel has another threat: Iran. themuslimvileone is enabling Iran to go nuclear. Israel is within easy reach of Iran. Pray for Israel's safety, protection and that GOD's hand would be with them. Pray that Iran's nuclear weapons malfunction with each launch and never get off the ground.

February 23, 2015   WATCH OUT, AMERICA! themuslimvileone is about to say "If you like your retirement, you can keep your retirement. Sound familiar? Watch out. Stay vigilant. He's coming for your 401K and other retirement savings!

February 23, 2015   Todd Palin honors American Sniper hero, Chirs Kyle. Rightly so.

February 23, 2015   DumboRAT Senator sat on V.A. report for months and that report-sitting led to the deaths of three military veterans. She should be headed to prison for about five years, but she'll get off with a hand slap. Three heroes; that's all. How much do they count, after all? To dumboRATS, less than nothing.

February 23, 2015   Common Crap Core:   SD to vote tomorrow on eliminating it! I hope they all vote to eliminate it from SD. That would be really good for the children there. After all, it leads to special needs children being left behind. They're looking at ditching it in KS, Mississippi and Montana, too. In AK, they're reinstating cursive writing (discontinued in Common Crap Core) and they're asking a legitimate question:

"'Why should it take nine hours and 45 minutes for a third grader, to determine how they're progressing, and only 3 hours and a half to get into law school.' Hendren said."
That's amazing, is it not? Those tests are being questioned by many and Common Crap Core LOWERS THE BAR for education, instead of raising it. When will people wake up to the TRUTH about this thing? When?

February 23, 2015   I'll close for now. Remember to pray for America and for a revival to sweep across this land. Pray for America's safety and that people will open their eyes. Pray for our troops, their safety and a quick return. Pray for Islam, N. Korea and atheists to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for peace throughout the world and for Israel's protection. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini, his quick release and his total healing. Pray for the women and chidlren of Islam and for their protection. Pray for Christians worldwide and their safety. Pray that themuslimvileone will be stopped in his tracks. Pray for each other and for me. Until next time, GOD Bless America and YOU! See ya'!

February 22, 2015: 11:09 a.m.   It's a bit early, but I want to go to bed early tonight (Yes, miracles happen!) so I thought I'd post my "Minion Monday: Hank Goes on an Airboat Ride" pic now. It's thanks so the kind folks at Kissimmee Swamp Tours that I got this pic and I sincerely appreciate their kindness. If ever you're in Kenansville near Overstreet Road, go to the end of that road and take an airboat ride with them. They're nice folks.

February 20, 2015: 8:48 a.m.   Friday is here. A weekend's worth of plans to do and fun to have. It also means it's Flag Friday! "Tribute To Our Heroes 205: Tributes" is my way of saying "Thank you for your service!" this week. I can never say it enough.

February 20, 2015: 3:42 p.m.   BTW (an insert), I forgot to tell you that I heard back from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company regarding my opinion on their "Fifty Shades of Greay" commercial. Their response to my e-mail:

"Dear Linda,

"Thank you for taking the time to e-mail us your feedback regarding our new Fifty Shades Bear. Please know our intention for this item was certainly not to offend anyone.

"We appreciate your thoughts and have forwarded your comments to our marketing department. We also welcome you to write again or call us at 1-800-988-8277 any time with additional comments or concerns.

"Best Regards,
"Customer Service Representative
"The Vermont Teddy Bear Company"
That was on February 13, 2015. I haven't heard anything from them since. It wasn't their intention "to offend"? Really? They take a Teddy Bear and associate it with kinky sex and that's not offensive? When they take a child's favorite toy and associate it with sleaze and they don't expect people -- especially parents -- to be offended? Who is in their marketing department that is so tone deaf? Amazing.

February 20, 2015   wassey-schultz for sale? She is accused of offering to change her anti-pot vote in exchange for a dumborat to take back his criticism of her. For a little flattery she'll change her vote? That's pretty telling. It speaks not only of her ego, but also of her oath. Where does her "representation" of her constituency start and her desire for flattery end? Which has priority? Apparently, her ego.

February 20, 2015   Problems that wouldn't be around if themuslimvileone were NOT prezidunce:   England had to scramble jets to intercept Russian bombers. Russia would be quieter if we had a strong, Conservative president, but with themuslimvileone this is what we get. We wouldn't have themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX. We'd still be able to keep our insurance if we liked our insurance and if we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor. The anti-semitic sentiment wouldn't be rearing its ugly head so strongly. There will, unfortunately, always be anti-semitic sentiment in some people: always. Anti-semitism existed under Ronald Reagan, but it wasn't showing its disgustingly ugly head as often, nor as strongly as its showing under themuslimvileone because Reagan was big time PRO-ISRAEL. When you have hatred at the top, setting the examle, the evil people will follow. That's what's happening with themuslimvileone and anti-semitism's ugliness. We wouldn't have La Raza vowing Latino votes for politicians who stand with ILLEGAL aliens. Or maybe on that we would still have the same actions, but it wouldn't be kowtowed to, nor would ILLEGALS be brought here en masse by our prezidunce to "fundamentally transform" America. Then there's freedom's death as the government spies on American citizens without search cause, warrants, nor the right to do so. Oh, well. It's themuslimvileone. Who needs a warrant. Tyrants don't use those. They just do whatever they want. We wouldn't have a prezidunce who doesn't love America. I happen to agree with Juliani; themuslimvileone does NOT love America. He wouldn't want to "fundamentally change" America if he loved her. High-muckety-muck dumborats don't love America. They love what they plan to change her into. That's what they love. They love the idea of the power to change America into something of their own image. America is a Christian country, founded by Christian men on Christian principles and asking GOD for his guidance, protection and provision. That's recorded in the official records, in their personal writings, in our founding documents; it's irrefutable (by those who are willing to research the truth and admit it once found). America and the world would be totally different if we had elected a strong, Christian Conservative to be our president. Don't you miss Ronald Reagan and his eight years of the Berlin wall coming down, Russia knowing that we were strong, Islam not being as bad as it now is, a robust economy and America was respected as a world leader. Now, we are not a leader, just an apology waiting to happen. It's disgusting how far themuslimvileone has made America fall. "Fundamentally transforming" America was his goal. He has accomplished that goal, and, unfortunately, Rush Limbaugh's "I hope [he] fails" statement did not come true.

February 20, 2015   Giggle. Smirk. Snort. Awwww... too good.

February 20, 2015   clintOOn's CLUELESSNESS will be her demise. She's accepting donations from foreign countries for her family's "foundation" (which kinda' mixes in with her campaign funds) and that's raising questions about the legality and ethics of the foreign donations. It's a shame that people don't see her as a continuation of themuslimvileone's efforts instead of as "someone whose time has come". Will we ever have a female president? I don't know. However, if ever we do, let it NOT be clintOOn, (nor the "Cheekbone Cherokee": perhaps Carly Fiorina?), but a woman who LOVES AMERICA as she was created by the Founding Fathers, who actually will uphold the U.S. Constitution, be a strong leader who will stand toe to toe, eye to eye with the Russian leader (whoever that may be at the time), the liars who represent foreign countries (whether they be Middle Eastern countries, Brazil, Cuba, or wherever/whomever) and NOT BLINK. Let us not continue the destruction of America. Let us not continue down the dunce path of themuslimvileone. If we are to elect a female president, let her be Sarah Palin's equal in love of country. Ronald Reagan's equal in diplomacy. George Washington's equal in humility. Thomas Jefferson's equal in intelligence. That's who should be the first female president: not clintOOn. Definitely not clintOOn. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or clintOOn.)

Feruary 20, 2015   Cool. (Get it?)

February 20, 2015   Is anyone in themuslimvileone's admin competent? I don't think you can name one competent person in his administration. No one he has brought in is qualified for the post they're filling. No one he has brought in cares about the U.S. Constitution or existing laws. No one he has brought in wants America to be a great nation, world leader, nor united. They all want to "fundamentally transform" America into a communist-Shariah-Law-compliant-Imam-run-mega-Muslim nation. Is that what you want? That's what ACORNing someone into office gets you: destruction.

February 20, 2015   Nutrition guidelines change AGAIN. Now eggs and coffee are good for you, but bacon is bad. Meanwhile, there are several ideas (and a long history) as to what is "healthy eating", but even Harvard's healthy eating (the link provided) is based upon "healthy" whole grains, allegedly "healthy" oils and fruits and veggies that will help you "stay healthy". Eat what you like because "science" finds one thing one day and two days later "science" will tell us the exact opposite about the same food. Don't worry about what the "scientists" say. You were made in the image and likness of GOD and GOD eats the fatty portions in sacrifices, Jesus was prophesied in Isaiah 7:15 to eat "butter and honey" (KJV) (not recommended in today's diet), we are told to "kill and eat" even the things considered "unclean" previously because they were cleansed by the blood of Christ. We are created by GOD and I honestly don't believe that He would create something in HIS image that couldn't withstand a bit of transfat. Get real.

February 20, 2015   BENGHAZI:   JW forces themuslimvileone to release documents. themuslimvileone didn't want these papers released. They fought hard to prevent it. But JW is tenacious and made it happen. True, they're heavily redacted, but at least they made it happen. It's another bite out of the armor of the opaqueness of this admin.

February 20, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Children show the difference between Islam and Christianity so clearly that if it's not something you can see for yourself, (NSFW OR CHILDREN) here's the difference. Need anyone say more?

February 20, 2015   Naive girls are still "joining ISIS". What they don't realize is that the freedom they were used to in England isn't going to be afforded to them in ISIS. ISIS arrests women whose eyes are showing too much. Do they really think they're going to go from England's relative freedom (I say "relative" because a monarchy is not freedom and because as Islamic women in England they are even less free than the average British subject), to ISIS's complete control over women? From England's shopping to a life of sand and forced marriage, sexual relations and beheading if they decide it wasn't what they thought it would be? Naive little girls should educate themselves before they go out on an adventure that could very well lead to their deaths. Pray for them.

February 20, 2015   I'll stop there for now. Hope you have a great weekend and that your loved ones up north are safe and warm. Pray for a revival to sweep across this great land and that people will turn their hearts over to the One True GOD, the GOD of Christianity. Pray for our troops and that they will stay safe, return home unharmed mentally and physically, and that their families will be fine. Pray for a HONEST, strong, Christian, Conservative candidate that we can all get behind and support and vote for against whatever/whoever the dumborats are going to throw at us in 2016. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing, for his family and for others like him. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for each other and for me. Until next time, GOD Bless America and YOU! See ya'!

February 19, 2015: 12:35 p.m.   I saw a additional few things that I had to post, so let's start with HSBC is a "criminal organization" according to the whistleblower who found the evidence and is slowing proposed new A.G., Loretta Lynch's, nomination due to her involvement in helping cover it up. Her "sweetheart" deal may have prevented people from going to prison for money laundering, allowed the illegal activities to continue, disallowed the IRS from collecting taxes on the money that should have been taxed, and other things. How deeply she's involved is being covered up by eric holder. Let's hope that the Senate Judiciary Committee will get to the bottom of this thing and that HSBC employees will be made to pay for what they have done, that Lynch will not be confirmed, and that eric holder will finally be made to obey the law. This is the most lawless administration ever!

February 19, 2015   Even Chicago Trib. doesn't want themuslimvileone to take over the internet. That's pretty telling, but I doubt it will make any difference. themuslimvileone and his sycophants have their marching orders and they say to kill the inernet and free speech in America. Thanks, george soros!

February 19, 2015   This is a shocker! Newsmax and the clintOOns? I think I'm going to stop visiting there now.

February 19, 2015   IN to stop flushing aborted babies. I know, it's gross. But that's what happened. Gross, huh?

February 19, 2015   Now back to our regularly scheduled updtes..

February 19, 2015: 8:06 a.m.   Weekly Standard states the obvious:

"And though he had positioned himself as a champion of national unity, Obama has been a divisive force on racial, economic, and political concerns."
Well, DUH! If his lips were moving... (*palm/forehead*)

February 19, 2015   Fox defends itself against racist eric holder. He should have never been confirmed. Instead, he should have been investigated for any wrongdoing he'd already done and faced any consequences of the investigation. If he is this bad in such a highly visible office, what did he do in obscurity?

February 19, 2015   This is absurd:

"In an effort to “diversify American agriculture” the Obama administration has embarked on a multi-million-dollar spending spree and this month proudly announced the creation of a new Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy Research Center."
He's bringing racism to the government and to farming. It's ridiculous. This should not stand. In his world, he will "take from" in order to "give to". This means that American citizens whose families have owned acreage for years and years will suddenly be told to give it up and that land will go to a "socially disadvantaged farmer". That "socially disadvantaged farmer" may or may not have farming experience, but if they're "socially disadvantaged" (read illegal immigrants, "the poor in America", racially qualified, etc.), they get that land no matter whose name has been on the title deed for generations. Look for it. This is how he operates and the republiRATS have been too lilly-livered to stop him. Stand up, America. Stand against this TYRANT.

February 19, 2015   This for prezidunce? Stupido rubio caves again. No spine, no dime. No support for America, no support from me. Do NOT vote for stupido rubio. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or caver.)

February 19, 2015   If he doesn't say it, it can't be true, right? He's just that powerful in his own imagination. He creates "reality". He creates destinies. He is The Creator (*here he does a maniacal laugh*)!

February 19, 2015   GOP is full of "double-crossing traitors". For the first time in a long time, I agree with Ann Coulter. She went off the rails there for a while and I disagreed with a lot of her ideas, who she supported in the elections, and all of that. She's one of those "If we don't go GOP the third party candidate won't have a chance of winning, so we'll be losers in the end" people. I hate that. It's so wrong-headed. If you DO support the third party candidate instead of being namby-pamby and sticking with the "old tried and true", the third party candidate will win. All it takes is getting the voters to vote for that person. For someone to say "tried and true", "tried and true", "only tried and true will do!" is such a crock. If we all voted for what and WHO was BEST FOR AMERICA we would win with third party candidates. So people need to get off their (R) or (D) addiction, we'd could have real "hope" and "change" for America. Maybe the GOP should realize that the TEA Party is not effective in doing that, but that "We, The People" still ARE.

February 19, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   More LIES from themuslimvileone's admin. They touted an 11.4 Million membership but...

"Needless to say, 5.4 million is not as impressive as 11.4 million. And it means that the White House is being deceptive when it claims that there are 11.4 million sign-ups 'thanks to the Affordable Care Act.'"
Lips moving? Yep. Did you know that in AZ, some of their legislators have a spine? They've voted to block state funding for this crud. Good for them! BTW, are you expecting a tax refund? With themuslimvileone around don't bet on it. He has his ways. If you belong to a healthcare co-op, it may be put out of business by this piece of garbage. Rural areas are suffering under this load (of what, I shant say). Remember when this thing was at the scotus? Chief "justice" john roberts betrayed America and the U.S. Constitution. They're working on him and hoping he'll do so again. Do you trust him? Fasting and prayer work miracles; that's how much I trust him. We all know that this thing is an empirical failure, but will that matter to john roberts?

February 19, 2015   You need to read Dr. Thomas Sowell today. Read it because you need to think of it this way. themuslimvileone is DANGEROUS.

February 19, 2015   envirowheel   Record cold temps unseen since before 1900 in some cities. I'm enjoying the cold weather here and wish, wish, wish for snow. It would totally freak people out and it would close everything, but it would be sooooo good. Sigh. I like snow.

February 19, 2015   Net "neutrality" will "f*** everything up" says Mark Cuban. I don't agree with the language, but I do agree with the TRUTH he speaks. Remember, if this net "neutrality" was so wunnerful, why are they HIDING it from us? Hmmm? If you have something wonderful to share with people -- something that may help you get out of the doghouse with everyone -- you don't hide it! You tout it, talk about it, prove it to be the wonderful thing you're spewing it to be. Ask yourself these two things: 1) Are his lips moving? and 2) Did I love the results of "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it?" They hid the healthcareTAX truths from those who didn't go pursue it, those who didn't educate themselves. Does anyone really think that something NO ONE can get ahold of until AFTER it has been passed is going to be better for us than something we got to see ahead of time (healthcareTAX)and is rotten to the core? Hmmm?

February 19, 2015   themuslimvileone won't back Egypt's fight against ISIS. He doesn't like to see Muslims kill Muslims. Muslims killing Christians, that's okay. Heck. He won't even mention the fact that it's Muslims killing Christians. He'll just ignore that. He condemns the act but not the people doing the act, nor their obvious religious intolerance and hate crimes. No. Just go ahead and target Christians. That's okay. He won't condemn that. Fruit.

February 19, 2015   This is WRONG. You don't withhold info from your allies on something that is so important to their future. It's just wrong.

February 19, 2015   Really? Really?

February 19, 2015   Aaaaahhhhhh.... public schools:   Where to start today? How about the AL teacher charged with sending nude pics to a 12 year-old girl? That's disgusting, but (unfortunately) not that uncommon nowadays. And the teachers charged with sex with students? One, two, three, four, five. Then there are the other bad apples who drink at school, snort cocaine at school, have child pornography or send "racy texts" to students. You want to know the sad part? That's the results from just the first two pages of a Bing news serch for "teacher arrested". There are more bad things going on in public schools than these atrocities. Homeschool your kids, folks. It's best for them.

February 19, 2015   Proposed search warrant changes could lead to BAD things. But it's just going to allow the government to hack any facility -- including YOUR HOME, YOUR OFFICE, whatever -- for any reason. Sounds like a grand idea to me (*SARCASM*). Got Freedom?

February 19, 2015   I'll close with that for today. Pray for a revival in this land and that GOD would pour out his Holy Spirit on us and return us to sanity. Pray for our troops, their protection and for their families. Pray for Islam, atheists and North Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray that GOD will protect the women and children of Islam. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and his quick release and total healing. Pray for a TRUE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE to be elected president in 2016 (if we have elections). Pray for our law enforcement officers to be fully and totally grounded in TRUTH and THE LAW and that they don't step over the line in any way, shape, or form, and that they are kept safe and given wisdom. Pray for those in the House and Senate (federal and your state) to be guided by GOD and incapable of resisting His lead. Pray for each other and for me, please. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 18, 2015: 9:33 a.m.   Missed yesterday because my son asked me if we could go up to New Smyrna and pick up an antique he wanted to purchase but didn't have a vehicle big enough to get home. We left early, visited three antique shops there, purchased the two items he went for (one was his friend's item), then we talked about what next and decided to go to Daytona Beach and visit an antique shop we like up there. I couldn't believe that I found nothing to purchase, but it was still fun browsing. We ate a late lunch then headed home and talked and laughed a lot the whole day. I really enjoy spending time with my sons, individually or together, and it's a joy to do so. When we got home I had things to do here, so I didn't get around to a updates. So, let's get started today.

February 18, 2015   $2.5 MILLION of your money spent on themuslimvileone and his family's Valentine's Day vacations. Peanut butter and jelly is soooooo good, aren't they?

February 18, 2015   The TRUTH about Islam/ISIS via "The Atlantic" Wow. When did they start caring about the truth? Maybe all the "peace and tolerance" got them thinking? Maybe reality bit them? Maybe there's a writer and an editor there who is interested in the TRUTH on this issue?

February 18, 2015   themuslimvileone letting ISIS into America via the Mexican border. Illegals don't have to have photo ID, they get a free pass. They don't have to have anything that proves who they say they are, they just come in and get immediate medical coverage, food stamps, education, housing, etc., etc., etc., at OUR expense. If that includes jihadis, so be it. themuslimvileone doesn't care if people who want to destroy America and our way of life. He supports that ideology and he wants that to happen. That's why he's quadrupling the number of Syrian refugees allowed into America, without I.D. Will they be Syrians who want to come here and make America their beloved home and assimilate into our culture, language, standards, traditions, beliefs? Or will they come here and start killing and trying to force Americans into Islam? I welcome immigrants who come here LEGALLY and do it the RIGHT way. Illegals who want to come here and break the law by coming in illegally, by committing acts of violence, "civil disobedience" (protesting America), get food stamps and other benefits and want to do no work except going to the welfare office to get more, or who want to establish a drug operation I don't want here, don't think should be allowed in or allowed to stay when found, and I don't think that the hard working American CITIZENS should have to tolerate or support. If anyone wants to come to America, they should do so LEGALLY, the right way. Otherwise, they're stealing from America and from those who made the effort to do it right and that's not a good way to start here.

February 18, 2015   themuslimvileone orders Border Patrol to release drunk drivers. He cares about your safety, doesn't he?

February 18, 2015   "mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money." That's what themuslimvileone wants to do to stop ISIS/Islam from killing more people: throw more of OUR money at them. If we send them lots and lots of OUR money they'll be nice to us. They'll stop trying to kill us. They'll settle down and stop raping little girls and stop beheading Christians. Right? That's themuslimvileone's plan to take another step toward destroying America. Bankrupt us so that we cannot afford to do more to defend ourselves. Bankrupt America via giving Islam/ISIS OUR money. There's a law in Islam called Jizya in which those who refuse to convert are allowed to live if they pay Islam for the right to do so. It's a form of blackmail, but it's legal in Islam. This is what themuslimvileone is doing in giving them more of OUR money. The problem is, we've refused to pay since the time of Thomas Jefferson. themuslimvileone is trying to take us back to the time of the Barbary Wars.

February 18, 2015   Judge in TX says NO to themuslimvileone's illegal amnesty. The problem is that themuslimvileone doesn't CARE about the judge's decision. themuslimvileone's ego says that HE has the POWER, not a silly little Texas judge and themuslimvileone can do whatever he wants. He is DICTATOR, after all. Why should a DICTATOR have to pay any attention whatsoever to anything a silly little Texas judge says? Hmmmpph. It's like dusting the dandruff off his shoulders, that's how much attention themuslimvileone will pay to that ruling. Also, what does it matter that illegals he released are committing crimes? He doesn't care about that, either. It doesn't affect him. He hasn't been robbed, raped, or injured. He doesn't care.

February 18, 2015   Aaaaaahhhhh.... public schools:   Student reprimanded for saying "GOD Bless America". Isn't that what should happen to a student who has FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? No? Well, shock, surprise! It happened in Florida. That school is as ignorant as a CNN anchor. They can look it up and find out what the truth is, but the TRUTH rarely matters to those who hate GOD.

February 18, 2015   Wallbuilders' David Barton puts the TRUTH to themuslimvileone's lies. The only one on his "high horse" in America is themsulimvileone and his narcissistic superiority complex. If he were to face a mirror and have to admit the truth, there'd be nothing left of him but dust. He's an expensive walking ego and nothing more. Problem is, we are paying the price for his ego!

February 18, 2015   N. Korea tests sub-launch missile. Hmmm. Why does this not bode well in my opinion? Perhaps it's because themuslimvileone hasn't done squat to stop them:

"Regarding North Korea’s nuclear program, Mr. Obama hasn’t acted at all. Pyongyang has had six years to advance its nuclear program and ballistic-missile efforts. In recent months U.S. and South Korean commanders have voiced fears that North Korea is near to miniaturizing its weapons and mounting them on ICBMs capable of reaching the U.S. West Coast."
So is CA going to fall off the map via earthquakes as some have thought for many a year, or is N. Korea going to get her first?

February 18, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   NE woman loses health insurance 3 times under it. Wow. Isn't that some sort of record? That, and the amount spent on the actual websites ($5 BILLION). That's insane! They had more problems with that website over the weekend and, thus, extended the deadline again. This thing is going to be even more reviled when people do their taxes this year. When they find out they have to pay the penalty, or that they've got to pay back at least part of their subsidy, people are not going to be happy. I wish we had elections on April 16th, the day after the April 15th tax deadline. That would be the right time to have elections. Let's hope that the scotus makes the right decision and guts this thing. We need to get rid of this mess A.S.A.P. It needs to go.

February 18, 2015   My advice to Richard Dawkins (atheist): Be very careful what you say against GOD. Galatians 6:7 says:

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
Richard Dawkins just seriously mocked GOD and his actions invite others to do so as well. If I believed that GOD used lightning bolts to deal with this sort of thing, I'd be advising Dawkins to duck. Since I don't believe that GOD does that, I will say that Dawkins' demons have him bamboozled and it may be too late before he realizes so, but he will face the reality some day. He may be frying in hades before reality finally kicks him in the backside, but he'll get there. Sad to think that by then it will be too late. There are no atheists in hell. Once there, they all believe.

February 18, 2015   clintOOn again accepting foreign monies. Let's forget the fact that it's ILLEGAL and that her hubby did it for both his preziduncial campaigns. Let's forget the fact that her health issues are too serious for her to be under that kind of stress for four (much less eight!) years. Let's just think about this: Do you want another four or eight years of themuslimvileone's policies? Do you like peanut butter and jelly? Do you remember how expensive the previous clintOOn administration was? Can you look at the numbers for just ONE trip and think that another clintOOn administration would be a good thing? Look at the number of trips she took (accomplishing nothing) and there's nothing I can find on how much all that travel cost American taxpayers. I have been looking, but I can't find any totals (althoug I did find that she's still billing the taxpayers for her expenses). Why? Where is the promised transparency? (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or corrupticon.)

February 18, 2015   I'll close with that for now. Sign the petition to STOP NET "NEUTRALITY". Then pray for America to experience a revival and to turn back to the GOD of Christianity. Pray for our troops. Pray for Islam, atheists and North Korea to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for each other and me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 16, 2015: 10:40 a.m.: President's Day!:   My hubby took the day as a flex holiday and we're headed out to go to a new place to look for birds. So, I'll post my Minion Monday: Hank Sleeps Out pic for you to enjoy and share with the children who like Minions and I'll run out and see some birdies. We'll see what was can see. Have a good President's Day and remember why we honor those presidents: Washington and Lincoln were GREAT presidents, unlike themuslimvileone we have currently occupying the Red House. See you tomorrow!

February 13, 2015: 3:38 a.m.   It's going to be a beautiful Friday the 13th, so let's start it off right with my Flag Friday offering: "Tribute To Our Heroes 204: Valentine's Heart". Thank you for your service! I can never say it enough. I sincerely appreciate it.

February 13, 2015: 1:55 p.m.   Because of this disgusting sales tactic, I just sent the following to Vermont Teddy Bear Company:

"Vermont Teddy Bear,

"I just again heard your current "50 Shades of Grey" related commercial on Rush Limbaugh's show. I can't tell you how disgusting I think it is. I also can't believe a Teddy Bear company that has CHILDREN as part of its customer base would do a commercial based on sexual sleaze. I find that astonishing!

"I have never purchased a Teddy Bear from your company because I am a Koala Bear fan, and now I shall never do so. It's sad to see a company that should be family friendly stoop to such a disgusting tactic to sell a CHILD'S FAVORITE CHILDHOOD TOY.

"Whoever sold you on the idea of sleaze for Valentine's Day did you a grave disservice. You should be ashamed."
If you agree, tell them that you're disgusted, too.

February 13, 2015: 11:11 a.m.   Krauthammer is right. themuslimvileone doesn't get it on anything. Well, anything except his ego.) Not on free speech and business choices, on immigration's damage to America (or maybe tht's his goal?), or on anything that matters to AMERICAN CITIZENS. His focus is to damage American citizens and our future as much as humanly possible without bombing us, lining us up in front of firing squads, or whatever else would be deemed mass murder. As long as he can hurt our future as much as possible, he's fine with that. After all, bonehead boehner and mcCONnell have both said they wouldn't do anything to stop him, so what is it that's going to even slightly hinder his progressive march toward a "Post-American World" as was his reading material while he was running for president in 2008? Think back to before themuslimvileone. The world was more peaceful, there was no ISIS, America was respected by most (if not all) of the world, and Putin wasn't even thinking of flexing his ego-filled muscles. Now, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has turned the world upside down with his actions and attitudes. It's a disgrace and as themuslimvileone has proven himself the worst potus ever.

February 13, 2015   secondamend   Five states are considering gun laws. Texas is considering allowing guns on college campuses and in libraries. Without legally owned and carried guns in any given location the public in those locations is a sitting duck. The people there have no way to defend themselves. Even if you have mace, you won't be able to defend yourself against a lunatic with an illegally owned gun. The right to defend your life and the lives of others is a good thing. That right being limited by gun laws that say that I can't carry in specific locations makes everyone there less safe and everyone less free. In Idaho, they've decided to NOT enforce future federal gun control laws. Sigh. Sounds good to me. (If you could see the grin on my face...) I wish FL would follow suit. I like most of Nebraska's gun laws, too. No concealed carry permit required? Concealed carry permits, to me, equal registration. They're not taking the serial number of the gun, but they are accumulating the names and addresses of the people interested in -- and most own -- handguns. That's a very slight difference and it's so frustrating that in FL we have to have a permit to protect ourselves in public. You can buy a gun from a retailer without a permit as long as you're willing to wait the required three days, but you have to keep that gun within your "castle" -- in FL, home or vehicle -- in order to be legal with it. You dare to take that gun into a mall with you, or into a restaurant and you're in violation of the law and (although you just intended to use it for self-defense, not for crime) you can go to prison. Permits are a way of the government saying, "We know who you are and we're watching you." It's a form of "guilty until proven innocent". Criminals don't have that until AFTER they commit a crime. Why should I, as a law-abiding citizen, have the same stigma attached to me before I even have a traffic ticket much less have had to use my gun to defend myself?

February 13, 2015   Shirley MacLaine is in the Twilight Zone. She's stupid. Her book is stupid. Her ideas cry out "Pay attention to me!" She's tried everything she can to stay relevant, but every time she comes out with a new book she goes deeper into self-imposed stupidity and obscurity. Why do some egoes need so much?

February 13, 2015   JW: prezidunce violating law again? I don't know why that's considered news anymore. He does it all the time.

February 13, 2015   It's true: gov. dependency kills jobs. San Fran hasn't learned that yet. Well, it is San Fran.

February 13, 2015   More brian williams lies revealed. He claims he was "embedded with Seal Team Six" and did some truth stretching about meeting Pope John Paul II. He's like themuslimvileone: If his lips are moving, he's lying.

February 13, 2015   I heard about this young lady's death and something told me to not comment on it; until now. The TRUTH about Kayla Mueller tells you why themuslimvileone praised her so highly. Fruit.

February 13, 2015   themuslimvileone tries to hide the truth of history when he spoke about the Crusades. The truth is, the Crusades were justified. After all,

"For centuries Islamic armies had been conquering Christian lands generally and the Holy Land specifically. And the invasion into Europe was well underway by the time Urban II issued a call for the first holy war in 1095."
Ignoring historic fact no more justifies themuslimvileone's support of and defense of Islam than anything being done by Islam today. Fruit.

February 13, 2015   SMH. DHS in charge of the internet? Really? DHS is also in charge of border security (we all know how well that's working), airport security (we all know how bad that is), etc. The interenet is going to be just like that except that it will target Conservative websites just like the IRS did. We all know the history of this administration. To see that play out on the internet is going to be very painful. Free speech? Use it while you have it. BTW, DO NOT FALL FOR THE PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL/LEFTIST organization's website, Save the IT's FOR themuslimvileone's law. Instead, This "Net Neutrality" thing is NOT NEUTRAL. It's a way to CONTROL what is posted and to silence opposition, just as Hitler did with the radio programming that opposed him, the newspapers that opposed him and anyone who opposed him. This is Hitler in spades. There are also technical difficulties to doing this garbage that would make the internet garbage as well:

"'Networks just plain don’t work worth s--t if you literally treat every packet exactly the same as every other packet,' said one engineer, who asked not to be named. Cisco’s Baker put it more delicately, saying that equal treatment for all packets 'would be setting the industry back 20 years.'"
But that's what themuslimvileone wants. A twenty year set-back would enable the government to take everything it wants from the internet and get your information much easier than if we keep going forward. Don't believe the idea that 85% of Republicans support Net Neutrality. The people who answered that poll probably didn't understand what was being done to the internet, but liked the deceitful, misleading title of the Hitleresque law. The fact is it's a technical nightmare, a boon to those who wish to take Conservative sites off the internet and, "there is something perverse about a regulatory approach that precludes experimentation in the name of 'innovation.'" That's what "Net Neutrality" does. It's NOT GOOD. Don't believe the LIE that it will make the internet better. It will NOT. And those who support it are trying to destroy America, too:
"Even while its founders and conferences call for revolution, the overthrow of the capitalist system, and the socialization of America, Free Press has been regularly granted audiences not only with members of Congress, but with those overseeing media policy at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). For example, when Julius Genachowski, who worked as a prominent leader in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, became chairman of the FCC (on June 29, 2009), he promptly appointed Free Press spokeswoman Jen Howard to be his press secretary. By late September, three months into his new job, Genachowski announced his plan to push for net neutrality."
Net "Neutrality" is a LIE. Do NOT fall for it.

February 13, 2015   On that sweetness and light I'll close for today. FIND THE TRUTH, folks. Don't listen to the lies and think you're informed. Dig in. Do the research yourselves. If you find something that proves me wrong, let me know so that I can correct myself, change my mind, be informed. I doubt you will, but the TRUTH matters to me and if there is something that I can learn from, I'm open to that. For Net "Neutrality" (a LIE), good luck on proving me wrong. Remember to Pray for America: Christian revival is what we need, forgiveness of our sins and GOD's almighty hand to protect and guide us. Pray for our troops' safety and quick return. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini to be released and healed. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to come to Christ and for the women and children of Islam to be protected from the dangers of the wickedness of its men. Pray for Christians in Islamic countries. Pray for peace in Israel and for its protection. Pray for courage, guidance, wisdom and protection for each other, yourselves, your loved ones and me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time (Monday), See ya'!

February 12, 2015: 10:17 a.m.   Starting with super cool: new info on the universe and galaxies. Look at the second to the last picture on that link. That picture reminded me of how our brain works and synapses fire? Look at the image at the 36 second mark. Does that not remind you of the "Laniakea" with the surrounding superclusters of the bigger picture of the universe? "Science" is usually something I am getting very leery about trusting: thanks, "global warming" and food and exercise "science". When it comes to astronomy, though, I am usually awed by the pictures and some of the things they find out reconfirm to me that we are here by design. Take that picture of the bigger universe and ask yourself if that looks almost as if we reside in the mind of GOD Himself. Awesome, yes?

February 12, 2015   Spending up: deficit up. Even though record taxes collected. We cannot continue at this pace and expect anything good to come of it. If this were proportionally adjusted to be a single family's personal spending, everything they had at this morning would be reposessed by the banks this afternoon. It's not sustainable. It's dangerous. Too bad the House, Senate and scotus all lack the spine to do anything about it. I never realized we elected so many COWARDS until this administration. It's sickening.

February 12, 2015   Anti-terrorism program spends 25 years "at risk" due to a failure to budget to fund it properly. There's a whole list of things like that. Among them: "Medicare, the Department of Defense (DOD) Supply Chain Management, DOD Weapon Systems Acquisition, Department of Energy’s Contract Management for the National Nuclear Security Administration, Enforcement of Tax Laws and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Acquisition Management." Notice the "DOD" items? Isn't that reassuring? Feel safe yet?

February 12, 2015   FBI screws up on terror bomber suspect.

"The narco-terror ringleader who planned the 2009 bombing of Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios and the iconic Sears Tower has been released from jail, his newfound freedom facilitated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."
As I asked above, feel safe yet?

February 12, 2015   Neville Chamberlain in the Red House? themuslimvileone is today's equivalent, but worse (IMHO).

February 12, 2015   Press digging into college days of Scott Walker. Do you think it would have been a different outcome in 2008 if they'd done the same thorough investigation into the early life of themuslimvileone? After all, we STILL don't know much about his college days except that there are very few people who remember seeing him in college and that he was allegedly the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. We all know that's way too much info on a single candidate to dig up and publish and the press probably went too far in finding that. Maybe we should spank them all now? (Recognize the sarcasm?)

February 12, 2015   Is themuslimvileone's admin trying to silence opposition to a third term? Regulating the internet and websites that oppose their progressive/leftist/liberal ideas is their goal. Why would they want to regulate something if it weren't a threat to their goals? They want to be elected without opposition. They want to rule us without opposition. They want to take all of our money and property away without opposition. They want to CONTROL us without our opposition. They want to CONTROL what we eat (msthevileone's lunch program?), what we read (children are punished for bringing Bibles to school), what we listen to (talk radio Conservatives are targeted for removal from the radio all the time), what we think and feel (hate speech and crimes; political correctness; universities putting together lists of words students cannot use; etc.), where we get our healthcare (and insurance for it), etc., etc., etc. I think that it's quite possible that themuslimvileone is going to go for a third term because he's taking control of EVERY source or opposition he can get his CONTROLLING hands on. Keep an eye out for other signs of law-changing that would make it a certainty.

February 12, 2015   envirowheel   Hamsters love to tamper with the truth. It's sad that the truth does not matter to them. They'd rather lie to everyone and try to use that LIE to CONTROL you than to tell the truth as they should. It's "scientists" like this that give "science" a bad name, bloody nose and black eye. Hamsters need to stop lying. BTW, did you know that vaccines can help fight "global warming"? Yes. That's how kooky the Hamsters have become. Scary, isn't it?

February 12, 2015   This is what happens when you keep spineless jellyfish leadership. It's not that they can't it's that they won't. dumboRATS always -- always -- found a way to get what they wanted, legal or not. The difference is that bonehead boehner and mcCONnell are too spineless and PROGRESSIVE to even try to do what they should do for this country. Kiss-ups to themuslimvileone, both bonehead and mcCONnel should be run out of office on a rail.

February 12, 2015   This is absurd. Illegal aliens to get BACK TAXES: refunds for years they weren't even here, much less years that they paid any taxes to get refunds for! That's YOUR MONEY they're giving to the illegals for NO REASON WHATSOEVER except to BRIBE them to vote for dumboRATS. It's a BRIBE. It's a ridiculous idea that will hurt our economy because those illegals will spend some of it here, but they'll send some of it back home to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, etc. YOUR MONEY is going to them. This administration targets Conservatives via the IRS, but they give those same Conservatives' money to illegal aliens! What? This is all about taking from AMERICANS to give to the illegals so that this administration can BUY VOTES. Which leads me to think that there must be a reason he's trying so hard to BUY VOTES: a third term in the future, perhaps? Of course, it would be a ballot initiative, before the 2016 General Election, if we're lucky. But if not, it would be just an Executive Order of the highest degree. His Royal Majesty, Dictator Extraordinaire, He Who Must Be Worshipped and Obeyed, would just DECREE it. Isn't that loverly [sic]? The IRS can't be trusted. Nor can this administration.

February 12, 2015   Amen and Amen!

February 12, 2015   secondamend   HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! Of course, this will probably get pushed up to the scotus, but from that judge, the ruling is that banning interstate gun sales is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! That means that if I buy a gun from someone in AL, while living in FL, that it's a legal purchase. If I want to buy a gun it's up to me from where I purchase it. "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed [my italics]" is what that judge just upheld. For now, that's the way it is, until the appeal (hopefully, there won't be one). A VICTORY for Second Amendment rights! HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY!

February 12, 2015   I'll close today on a positive note. Pray for a revival to sweep across our country and that GOD will forgive our sins (abortion, extra-marital sex, lying, etc.). Pray for our troops and their safe return. Pray for a TRUE Christian CONSERVATIVE to be elected in 2016 (if there is an election in 2016). Pray for Israel and its protection. Pray for peace. Pray for Islam, N. Korea and atheists to come to Christ and accept the fact that GOD LOVES THEM and sent His Son to die for them. Pray for each other and me. Until next time, GOD Bless America and YOU! See ya'!

February 11, 2015: 9:32 a.m.   envirowheel   Hamster admits: goal is not environment but DESTROYING ECONOMY. The "Free Market" is not acceptable to them. They want Communism/Marxism/Socialism. Capitalism is bad! Change that and it will be a better world. That's what Hamsterism is: an attack on OUR way of life and the attempt to make America into AmeriKa. Good to see someone in the Hamster world finally telling the TRUTH. Never thought that would happen.

February 11, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   The Dictator In Cheat says companies bad for trying to save jobs. Well, he actually said that they're bad for trying to use his TAX as a reason to not provide healthcare insurance to their employees anymore. They're telling their workers to not work more than twenty-five hours weekly. That way they'll be considered part timers and the company won't be legally obliged to provide themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX insurance for their employees. As for Staples, the company he named, they fired back:

"'Unfortunately, the president appears not to have all the facts,' Staples spokesman Kirk Saville said in a statement. 'It's unfortunate that the president is attacking a company that provides more than 85,000 jobs and is a major tax payer.'"
themuslimvileone's lips were moving, so of course he "doesn't have all the facts". Now, even mitch mcCONnell is saying that people are going to "get whacked" by new taxes due to this garbage. Like the money in your wallet (what's left of it, that is)? Kiss it goodbye. Then you need to realize that this garbage is RUINING health insurance altogether:
"Here’s the rarely told secret about health insurance in the Obamacare exchanges: insurers don’t care if heavy users of medical care go to some other plan. Getting rid of high-cost enrollees is actually good for the bottom line."
Getting rid of patients who need a lot of medical attention is good for the profit margin within themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX. Not only that but...
"'[N]arrow networks can necessitate footing bills privately. For others, the constant changes in policy guidelines — annual shifts in what’s covered and what’s not, monthly shifts in which doctors are in and out of network — can produce surprise bills for services they assumed would be covered. For still others, the new fees are so confusing and unsupportable that they just avoid seeing doctors.'"
Isn't that what we were promised by the Liar of the Year? All of that bad news needs company, don't you think? That company is that themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX is raising costs, not lowering them. Promises based upon lies are also lies. That's what you get when you have a soulless, heartless, unprincipled, power-hungry Muslim as prezidunce. What's next? Beheadings in the name of themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX?

February 11, 2015
  mcCONnell mcCANTell. Shock. Surprise.

February 11, 2015   How anyone can LIE like this is beyond me. "Random" act? Really? A Kosher deli and it wasn't an attack on Jews? Really? Unbelieveable.

February 11, 2015   Atheist charged with executing three Muslims. What makes him any better than them? If he disagrees with Islam, talk about it. Explain it. Don't go out and shoot people because that makes you equally as evil as Islam has been. Words work. Words make things change, while shooting, beheading, raping, chopping the hands off of people only makes people think worse of YOU. It makes no sense to do the same things they do. You don't defeat an ideology via becoming that ideology. This atheist needs to be held fully accountable and he needs to be sent to prison for the rest of his life, or because it was murder and not self-defense, sent to the chair. Capital punishment is not the "same as them"-type thing. He has already broken the law and it is a punishment for his own actions, not murder. There's a difference. Murder is murder; capital punishment is a result of his own actions and choices.

February 11, 2015   This is rich. Didn't he just cut and run from Yemen? It wasn't that long ago he was touting it as one of his success stories. What happened to "success"?

February 11, 2015   bumbling biden thinks Congress is "an equal branch of government". Well, DUH! Is that an opening salvo across hillclintOOn's reputation as a third term preziduncial power dictator? Will he actually run against her, or will he try to kiss up to her and get appointed as something special if she gets cheated into office? Whichever, at least he got his thought correct, too bad he didn't make it an U.S. Constitution statement of FACT. SMH.

February 11, 2015   "Smartest man in the world" (ahem) blows it again. If he had a brain in his body his body would chew it up and spit it out and stomp on it. That's how smart he is.

February 11, 2015   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools:   Islam being taught in FL schools. It's not just being taught, the things that are happening actually CONVERTS YOUR CHILD INTO A MUSLIM. All that is necessary to become a Muslim is for anyone to make the statement of belief in Muhammed and allah and that statement is in the school book:

"There is no god but God, Muhammed is God's messenger."
NOTE: The book changes "allah" to God", but it's the same Shahada, profession of faith in allah -- conversion to Islam -- using the sneaky method of replacing "allah" with "God". I think that's abominable. This is happening in FLORIDA, folks! You want your children to be converted by a SCHOOL BOOK? Is that what you want in your child's education? Whatever happened to the constant cry for "Seperation of Church and State"? Why is the Bible being kicked out of schools in Florida while we BUY (with TAXPAYER DOLLARS) textbooks that INDOCTRINATE OUR CHILDREN INTO ISLAM?! Why? Because the Bible is NOT PC and Islam is scary and our legislature is made of a bunch of COWARDS.

February 11, 2015   Say what? Butter is GOOD for you? Wow. Whodathunkit? After all, didn't "science" teach us years ago that butter is BAD for us? How many times have we heard just that? Use cooking oil sprays and it saves calories and cholesterol, and it won't harden in your arteries and kill you. That's what they have been saying for YEARS. Now, "science" says butter is GOOD for us. How can anyone trust "science" when "science" can't get it right for years, is manipulated ("global warming") and "adjusted" ("global warming"), reaches "consensus" ("global warming") instead of using facts, observable results and repeatable truths. Gravity is proven. "Global warming" and butter being bad for you are NOT. Don't listen to the "science" of food. It's all a money-making crock. Remember when they stopped movie theater popcorn from being popped in coconut oil? Now we found out that helps reverse alzheimers and possibly helps with other diseases. So why trust "science"? If it's this wishy-washy, it seems to me that it can't be trusted at all.

February 11, 2015   This is stupid. If a teen wants to get out there and work and make a little cash, what's wrong with that? Helping your neighbor, showing initiative, doing honest labor (as opposed to stealing something, or being in this administration, the House or Senate), is getting punished in NJ? That's just stupid.

February 11, 2015   Not soon enough.

February 11, 2015   dumboRAT controlled cities debate non-citizen voting rights. What will happen is that the dumboRATS will win constantly in those cities, making those cities horrible living areas with many welfare programs, low employment, high crime, mostly government housing and food stamps the predominant currency in grocery stores. Those who don't want to live in that kind of city will relocate and their leaving will make the situation even worse. Unless, of course, the city council writes an ordinance that disallows people in nice houses to leave the city or sell their houses so that, at least, they'll have to keep paying their property tax for the people on welfare. That's what will happen to any city that votes for non-citizen voting rights. The Founding Fathers said CITIZENS have the right to vote. In fact, Federalist #10 talks about electing representatives, it uses exclusively the word CITIZEN. Giving non-citizens the right to vote is totally against what the Founding Fathers set up. Too bad they don't matter anymore.

February 11, 2015   themuslimvileone's admin: Free Speech? What's that? They want to "regulate" blogs now. They want to SHUT YOU (and I) UP. They don't want ridicule, criticism, disagreement. They want lock-step, goose-stepping mindless obedience and praise. That's all they'll allow on the internet once they start regulating it via the 332 page law mentioned above. Is this what you want?

February 11, 2015   Sessions slams themuslimvileone's plan. Bringiing illegal alien's (although "amnestied") to America to be with their parents is a bad idea. Destroying America is themuslimvileone's goal and he's doing everything he can to accomplish that. I wish he had never been ACORNed into office. I wish the truth would come out about how much he cheated, his "community organizing" was just working out a way to cheat as much as possible and it was funded by george soros. That's what I believe. I believe that themuslimvileone is soros's puppet and if it weren't for soros, themuslimvileone would still be a "community organizer". But bill ayers and others introduced the two and it's been "DESTROY AMERICA! FULL STEAM AHEAD!" ever since. It's a fatal union and America is the intended victim. Along with America's death goes your freedom, rights, personal property (the State will take it all; down to your underwear) and any voice you had in the election of the government and running of the country. Those privileges will be reserved for those who are their buddies, the rich and powerful amongst them, that is. The little peons who have been useful idiots, the cogs in the wheels, will be discarded as the dross they are (in the minds of themuslimvileone and his "superior" friends) and America will become a distant memory, a foggy dream, a lingering taste of the honey of liberty that is no more.

February 11, 2015   On that note I shall close for the day. Pray for a revival to sweep across this land and that GOD will have mercy on us and start setting hearts straight and minds aright. Pray for our troops and their quick return and safety. Pray that themuslimvileone will be stopped in his tracks. Pray for America. Pray for peace. Pray for Israel's protection and victory. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's quick release, healing, his family, and for other Christians held prisoner. Pray for Islam, atheists and N. Korea to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for each other and for me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 10, 2015: 2:38 p.m.   Sign the petition to STOP THE TAKE OVER of the INTERNET.

This thing is LAWLESS and WRONG! themuslimvileone's plan to control the internet is worse than thought. As we thought, it's going to be bad. It "opens the door to billions of dollars of new taxes on broadband". It will also

"steadily increase regulation over time."
"be a boon to trial lawyers and will lead to more litigation."
"reduce competition and decrease consumer choice."
"slow broadband speeds for American consumers and the deployment of high-speed broadband."
And it will be worse because it is themuslimvileone. That's not how he sold it. Of course, his lips were moving. I found another Commissioner's opinion that is just as damning of the takeover. In fact, he says,
"[T]he Commission has a broadband vision completely divorced from reality."
I'm trying to find the full text of the actual regulation so I can post it for you to read all 332 pages. They haven't made it easy. As soon as I find it, I'll post it. They have released a Fact Sheet on Net "Neutrality".

The organization "Free Press" is behind "Net Neutrality":

"Even while its founders and conferences call for revolution, the overthrow of the capitalist system, and the socialization of America, Free Press has been regularly granted audiences not only with members of Congress, but with those overseeing media policy at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). For example, when Julius Genachowski, who worked as a prominent leader in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, became chairman of the FCC (on June 29, 2009), he promptly appointed Free Press spokeswoman Jen Howard to be his press secretary. By late September, three months into his new job, Genachowski announced his plan to push for net neutrality. [my bolding]"
Socialization of America? Sounds like someone themuslimvileone wants to follow.

To sign a petition to try to STOP THE TAKE OVER OF THE INTERNET by this administration and its cronies, SIGN THIS PETITION and be a part of saving FREEDOM and FREE SPEECH!

Watch the excellent explanation WHY YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT NET "NEUTRALITY". If you want speeds (or should I say "slows"; it's that bad) as slow as Europe's internet then you should be happy with themuslimvileone's attempt to TAKE OVER the internet. Go sign the petition to STOP THE TAKE OVER of the INTERNET.

I admit that I suspected this, but I didn't know until last night that I was right. It is george soros behind this. He is an evil man.

In an attempt to ensure you understand what Net "Neutrality" really is, I've written a new blog: "The Birthday Party" is an analogy that may help you understand what is really at risk here. Read it and pass it on!

February 10, 2015: 12:37 p.m.   envirowheel   "Science" Hamster blows it big time. (Why is it that every time he talks I hear Twilight Zone music?) We all know by now that "Global Warming" (A.K.A. "Climate Change") is a big fat LIE but to those who choose that particular religion (def. 2) no matter what is acutally happening, the earth is warming and it's all bad and the ocean's levels are getting higher! I'm sorry, but I was taught that hotter temps lead to evaporation, so how can the ocean's levels get higher when more water is evaporating? Yeah, yeah; the polar ice caps are melting, but that includes evaporation, too, does it not? Because when ice turns to water due to heat that same heat can evaporate a higher percentage of the ice turning to water, correct? So how does the ocean's levels rise with all of the evaporation that is going to be taking place? Did they take that into consideration? Then that water has to go somewhere when it gets into the atmosphere, so what's happening to it up there? Is it raining back down on us? According to the EPA, precipitation increased 0.2% per decade (10 years: averaged) since 1901. So in 114 years rain has incresed over land masses (and we all know that rain "seeps" into the aquifer and into the oceans) worldwide just over 2.2%? Put more water in, ocean levels rise, correct? Not according to Hamsters: more rain equals lower sea levels. (Again, Twilight Zone music.) I wonder if "science" takes into account the new land masses being made by volcanic action, etc.? If there's something to be said about increasing ocean levels, should that not be taken into account due to displacement? Has anyone ever heard that taken into account when they talk about the oceans allegedly rising? No? Why not? Because it doesn't fit the narrative. It doesn't fit the whole idea that MAN is to blame. Man didn't make the islands (well, maybe Japan's airport island, but not most of them) so how do those islands figure into the Hamsters' "science" that man is responsible for "global warming", "climate change", or the alleged rise in sea levels? Question: Do Hamsters think, or just scream in fear at everything?

February 10, 2015   themuslimvileone runs. He orders the Yemen embassy abandoned as Islam threatens it. I thought themuslimvileone thinks Islam wasn't a problem. Why run from something that isn't a problem? Admission via action; actions speak louder than words. Of course, he could just be avoiding another BENGHAZI-type scandal. Lose an embassy once, shame on them; twice shame on him?

February 10, 2015   NBC news anchor gets special treatment from D.C. Attorney General. David Gregory committed a "serious gun law violation" but the D.C. A.G. won't issue an arrest warrant:

"D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan subsequently sent a letter, obtained by JW, to NBC saying that his office would not prosecute Gregory, 'despite the clarity of the violation of this important law.' The Attorney General added, 'There is no doubt of the gravity of the illegal conduct in this matter. . . .'"
"[N]o doubt of the gravity" yet he won't issue the warrant? Must be nice to receive special treatment.

February 10, 2015   Nobel Peace Prize winner wants another war. Winning Peace Prize prior to earning it must mean you don't have to live up to its ideals, right?

February 10, 2015   LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! What has that guy been smoking, drinking, injecting, whatever? He's totally delusional!

February 10, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   Claiming that businesses do not support undoing this crap is specious, at best. They use HCA as a good example of a company supporting keeping this garbage. HCA is making huge profits from it, but that doesn't seem to make a difference to Mother Jones who admits that HCA is making money off of it:

"(Of the roughly 134,000 patients with federal exchange-based insurance who visited an HCA facility last year, 62 percent had never been there before. This suggests that the new insurance program was definitely driving business to HCA's hospitals and clinics.)"
It seems to me that the people/companies making money from themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX have more of a vested interest in the scotus ruling in favor of keeping it going. After all, they don't want to lose the money they were making off of it. However, the people who are leaving the program due to the increased cost to them have a vested interest, as well. Also,
"Obamacare hasn’t just failed to expand coverage as projected — it’s caused more people to lose their insurance than its architects intended."
They were told that they'd be able to get low cost coverage and that pre-existing conditions would be covered. Remember the thirty-six times he said this?:
Source: Washington Free Beacon YouTube Channel

It's also not covering as many people as promised since 31 MILLION people are now forecast to be uncovered. It's a piece of garbage that the dumboRAT controlled House and Senate pushed through:

Source: PoliJam YouTube Channel

I think it's time the scotus did the right thing and rule AGAINST keeping themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX in effect. It should be relegated to the trash heap of history as the catastrophic failure that it is.

February 10, 2015   Another appointee of themuslimvileone found to be hypocritical. It's raising some eyebrows and should be investigated.

February 10, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Shariah Law in America? It needs to be stopped now! There is ONE LAW im America: the U.S. Constitution. If this was a Catholic group saying that their religion does not condone abortion and they shouldn't have to pay for abortions via their tax dollars, their First Amendment rights would be trampled all over. Oh. Sorry. That's already being done to all Christians who think it's wrong to pay for abortions out of our taxpayer dollars. But when it comes to Islam, they're special and get special treatment under the same law? Is that America? Why is Islam getting a free pass? Why is Islam getting this administration's support, permission to receive special treatment and states across this land are refusing to stand up to them as well? If Islam were actually a religion of "peace and tolerance" why would it want special treatment? Wouldn't a religion of tolerance tolerate being made to adhere to the same laws as everyone else? We need to return to the LAW OF AMERICA, not the LAW of being a friend/cohort of themuslimvileone!

February 10, 2015   Immigration to "drown" Conservatism? themuslimvileone wants it to happen. As long as the mother can give birth here, they're in and they can help themuslimvileone with his plans. That's what he wants. He wants to create an America where no Conservative will ever have a chance at being elected because of all the illegals who are voting for dumboRATS and the "freebies" government (American citizens/taxpayers) give them. Don't ya' love dictatorships ensuring they can stay in power?

February 10, 2015   His lips were moving.

February 10, 2015   DO try this at home!

February 10, 2015   I'll close with that for now. Pray that GOD will forgive America's sins and send a revival across this land. Pray for our troops. Pray for Israel's protection and blessing, for N. Korea, Islam and atheists to come to Christ. Pray for peace. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's release and healing, and for his family, and for other Christian prisoners worldwide. Pray for the republiRATS to be infused with a spine. Pray for each other and me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 9, 2015: 9:15 a.m.   This week is (as far as I know) going to be quieter than last week so I'll be able to do more updates. BTW, if you ever get the chance to get on a bicycle for the first time in years, ride on mostly-hard packed sand and grass for mile after bumpy mile about three and-a-half hours with two other aging first-time-in-a-long-time bike riders, don't do it. Everything below my shoulders hurts. We made good time and covered more of the Orlando Wetlands than we thought possible, and we saw the Vermilion Flycatcher there, but we are paying the price! Now that I've given you that bit of laughter, I'll move on.

February 9, 2015   It's Minion Monday! Hank is still curious about who absconded with the picture we had taken by the professional photographer on the cruise ship. He's very flattered by the fact that someone liked him (or just his picture) enough to take it, but he's curious who it was.

February 9, 2015   envirowheel   Biggest science scandal ever: Hamsterism. The LIE that is "global warming" is a scandal, but the progressives still endorse it so that they can CONTROL you. Look at the truth in the article:

"When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified. [my italics]"
The TRUTH is coming out! The numbers that "prove" "global warming" (Hamsterism) have been "adjusted" -- tampered with, changed, bumped up, made into a LIE, so that the governments of the world can force you to change your way of doing things, control what you buy, CONTROL companies with tighter, more stringent regulations and teach your children that YOU DON'T CARE because you drive a _____ (fill in the blank with the current target) vehicle, use _____ product, or don't recycle enough. It's all based upon "scientists" (read people with an agenda wishing to CONTROL you) decided to bump the numbers UP so that they can "prove" something that would give them CONTROL. That's NOT science. That's something that should put people in JAIL. But, no. It's "science" so the "sceintists" get away with LYING to you and because they allegedly don't make a profit off of the LIES, they get away with it. Anyone check their investment portfolios? Anyone check their brother-in-law's business profits? Anyone find out if they were or were not profiting from it? They're manipulating the numbers so they're defrauding people. Why are they not in jail?

February 9, 2015   Bonus pay for gov. employees who don't pay their taxes. (BTW, a lot of those folks work for the law-abiding IRS. Sweet, yes?) Question: Will they use their bonuses to pay their taxes or will they continue in their wayward ways? Are they following the example of the friend of themuslimvileone, Al Sharpton, or just following the examples of themuslimvileone's aides? Those closest to him get special treats, don't ya' know? YOU? You have to PAY, PAY, PAY! Equality: exploding under this administration. Another question comes to mind: The IRS has refused to obey the law, their employees are not paying their taxes, and the mainstream media is not reporting on any of that, so are they doing it too, or is themuslimvileone setting the example and encouraging this sort of action for his administration? After all, the apple doesn't fall fare from the tree, does it?

February 9, 2015   Why do CA colleges create such liberals? Don't just look at the housing, the student gathering places, the buildings you are considering sending your child to. Look at the records of the people they turn out and the professors they've hired who will be teaching your children. Otherwise, they'll be mishandling America for years to come and America will be utterly destroyed by what your child becomes.

February 9, 2015   England's health care system auctioning off old folks to care homes. (Disgusting.) I wonder, though. Is this what is headed our way under themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX? Saving money is why the auctions take place. Will this be incorporated into our system in order to save themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX in order to save money? Don't we all want Grandma auctioned off? I'm sure she'd enjoy going to the lowest bidder. They can ignore her and give her generic meds and let bed sores develop all they want as long as it's going to save money, right?

February 9, 2015   How do lefties get back into good graces? "Fallon-ization". Make America laugh (at you or with you?) and you can be accepted back into good graces after any lie, fabrication, or misconduct under the sun. It's just another way the left has found to make sure that their influence on the uninformed, "People" magazine reading public. Keep hollyweirdos in the "good guys" column and people won't look elsewhere for the TRUTH. Hollyweirdos will maintain their influence and that's enough for some uninformed, non-thinking people who vote for whomever their favorite hollyweirdo supports. Sad to think that anyone can vote under those circumstances instead of wanting to inform themselves prior to voting, but it happens.

February 9, 2015   themuslimvileone is trying to influence Israel's election outcome. Ego, anyone?

February 9, 2015   I'm beginning to think that Internet Explorer makers have decided that certain Conservative websites are not acceptable. I try to go to Glenn Beck's "" and IE freezes up. I try to go to "" and it freezes up. Today, it started doing it with "". When will "" or "" start freezing? For how long will MICROSOFT allow any Conservative websites at all to be visited by the web browser, Internet Explorer? I'm switching to something else. I'm fed up.

I just switched to Opera and I'm at both "" and "" and neither is crashing. Cooking with gas! Goodbye, IE. No more censhorship via IE locking up! Hurray!

February 9, 2015   themuslimvileone doesn't know much about history? Oh, he knows history well enough. Problem is, he knows Islam better and he doesn't want to tell the truth about Islam and he doesn't want to denigrate Islam in any way, shape, or form. He's all for Islam, so he's just covering up the truth of what Islam is. That's all that happened at the National Prayer Breakfast. His true self showed; his "fruit" is hanging out.

February 9, 2015   More snow in Boston? Grumble. I wanna' go.

February 9, 2015   themuslimvileone endorses WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION. Have a penny, ounce, french fry more than your neighbor, the guy in Gary, Indiana, the illegal alien in CA? themuslimvileone wants you to give that ounce, french fry, penny up so that someone else can have an equal amount. He wants you to not have so that others can have. It doesn't matter how hard you work -- and that they don't -- it matters how much you have gotten via that work. You should not have that much. You are bad for having that much. You must be punished by being forced to give up some of what you have in order to give your stuff to someone else so that they can have the same. It's not right. It's not Constitutional. It's immoral. Fight this.

February 9, 2015   Ben Carson listed as "extremist" by leftist/progressive SPLC. The Southern Poverty Law Center probably lists anyone who visits this site, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Thomas Sowell and SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, too, so he's in good company.

February 9, 2015   themuslimvileone set up a "Report 'em" line for illegals to file complaints. Illegals run into someone who doesn't support their being here, especially a government official or agency? Call the toll free number and tell daddy themuslimvileone on them. He'll spank them and make sure they toe the line. Is this America?

February 9, 2015   msthevileone can't face reality: kids just don't like her lunch program food. How long has this thing been in schools and for how long have we heard complaints about it? Kids don't like the food! She needs to stop changing our children and focus on teaching her hubby how to tell the truth. Oh. Sorry. Forgot for a moment about whom I was writing. She would have to know how to tell the truth before she could teach him to do so. So much for that idea.

February 9, 2015   That's rich.

February 9, 2015   ketchup kerry meets with Iranian counterpart. Why is it that themuslimvileone is trying to STOP a strong supporter of Israel and Israel's freedom and rights (Netanyahu) from being re-elected, but orders ketchup kerry to meet with Iran's (a Muslim country) SoS-equivalent to talk appeasement? They're going to give Iran "permission" to have nuclear weapons while trying to get a softie elected in Israel? Fruit.

February 9, 2015   themuslimvileone LIED about Netanyahu accepting bonehead's invitation? Probably. His lips were moving.

February 9, 2015   What would America be like without DHS? Not surprisingly, about the same.

February 9, 2015   Well, I've been using Opera web browser for about an hour now and I have to say, I'm liking it! I've been to my favorite websites and NOTHING has crashed my web browser, frozen my whole computer or otherwise disrupted my search for the TRUTH. If the truth ever comes out that Microsoft IE has programmed its browser to not work with Conservatie websites I'm sure there will be an uproar. Until then, though, I've removed IE from my Taskbar and my desktop because I REFUSE to use something that CENSORS ME and prevents me from seeing Conservative sites. I wonder if it would act up if I were going to porn sites, or to the HuffPo, or other progressive/liberal/leftist sites. IE does not act up at shopping sites (HSN, Michael's, scrapbooking sites, etc.) which are graphics heavy, so it can't be graphics that make it crash. It doesn't act up at non-Conservatie websites (NYT, FL Toady [sic], etc.) so it can't be news sites that make it crash. It doesn't act up at my photo site ( so it can't be that. It doesn't act up at banking sites, so it can't be security settings. It ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY crashed at CONSERVATIVE sites. Opera has not been doing so. That speaks volumes.

February 9, 2015   Well, with that, I'll close for today. Pray for our nation to experience a great awakening in a revival that sweeps across this land. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks and that the TRUTH will be told about him and all he does. Pray for Islam, North Korea and atheists to come to Christ. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini to be released and healed and for other Christians imprisoned for their beliefs. Pray for peace and for Israel (and that themuslimvileone FAILS in his attempts to defeat Netanyahu's re-election). Pray for each other and me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

February 6, 2015: 12:50 a.m.   "Tribute To Our Heroes 203: Suddenly!" is my Flag Friday offering for today. Thank you for your service. I can never say it enough! GOD Bless you all!

February 6, 2015: 11:59 a.m.   This is the "food" msthevileone wants kids to eat in school? Food? I wouldn't take the time to bury some of that stuff! How msthevileone can credit that crud with kids "getting healthier" is beyond me. How can children in schools be said to be eating healthy food when the cafeterias fail inspection but keep feeding the kids? That's what's happening here in Florida. Raccoons in the kitchen? Really? Not a good thing.

February 6, 2015   Brian Williams is a liar and his bosses don't want to go down with him. He falsified his claim about being shot down in a helicopter. And then he lied in the apology. He is a disgrace to the news industry: so much so that even Tom Brokaw is calling for his ouster. Williams is such a liar that he even lied during his Katrina coverage. When it comes to the progressives/lefties/liberals all they have to offer is stolen valor because they have nothing of themselves to offer. Truth? In the news, what is the truth to news anchors nowadays?

February 6, 2015   Unemployment figures are out. It's not pretty. The U6 rate jumped allegedly just a notch. I say "allegedly" because I think it's being affected by other things.

February 6, 2015   Army hero stripped of Silver Star by themuslimvileone. It's not just wrong: it's evil. It's cowardly to take away a HERO'S medal so that you won't lose face. That's a coward's actions and that's what this administration has done. This administration consistantly mistreats our heroes and it's a shame and an embarrassment:

"Congressman Hunter pointed out in his article that a recent survey conducted by the Military Times revealed only 27 percent of the military felt that their leaders were looking out for the best interests of the troops. Golsteyn’s situation illustrates why this is the case, and is of a piece with the case of Will Swenson, whose Medal of Honor package was “lost” after he bitterly criticized his chain of command over the ROEs, or of Jim Gant, one of the most successful special operators of the last decade, who was nonetheless drummed out of the Army after running afoul of his superiors. [links within paragraph removed]"
Why anyone would stay in the military under these circumstances is beyond me!

February 6, 2015   Again, themuslimvileone's fruits show and are noticed. His fruit is Islamic. His testimony is Islamic. His actions are Islamic. His treatment of Israel is Islamic. If it walks like duck, talks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck... It's a hippopatomus? No. It's a duck. Don't be taken down the garden path by the LIE of themuslimvileone being Christian. His fruit proves otherwise.

February 6, 2015   I have to go. I have an appointment to get to. Pray for revival to sweep across this land. Pray for our troops and their quick and safe return. Pray for peace and for Israel. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks. Pray for TRUTH to return to America. Pray for atheists, North Korea and Islam to come to Christ. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini to be healed and released, and pray for his family. Pray for each other and for me. Until next time, GOD Bless America and YOU! See ya'!

February 5, 2015: 4:02 p.m.   Have you ever had the feeling that something good is coming your way and that your spirit and soul are just excited about it and you feel like just going...


Have you ever felt like that? I feel that way today. Something wonderful comes my way and I'm just thrilled down to my toenails! I'll let you know if I can share what it is. For now, though, I will do a few blurbs while I can sit still.

February 5, 2015   themuslimvileone:   Where is his positive witness for his alleged "Christianity"? He doesn't have one. Where is themuslimvileone's witness? He meets with and supports Hamas and other groups that finance the evil of Islamic terrorism. He admits to having his "Muslim faith". He never says that the death, torture, rape, atrocities are all Islamic terrorism (but he will say that Christianity did wrong: witness?). If you can tell a man by his fruits (Matthew 7:16-20), then what does the fruit of themuslimvileone's life tell you? Have you ever seen him spontaneously pray to the GOD of Christianity with someone? Have you ever seen him quote the Christian Bible in a positive way? He misquotes it to serve his purposes, on more than one occasion he's done so, and I believe it's on purpose. After all, if you can It's the "Holy Quran" but the "scriptures", or the "good book". If he reads the Bible at all, he certainly doesn't understand it. His fruit is either non-existent or rotten. Never eat rotten fruit. Never believe the claims to "Christianity" of someone who lies about the Bible. Never believe the claim of "Christianity" of someone who supports the opposite of what his "Christian" beliefs teach him. Never believe the claimm of someone who "slips" and says "my Muslim faith". After all, if you're not Catholic, do you say "my Catholic faith", etc.? For themuslimvileone to even be at the prayer breakfast is a slap in the face to all Christians there and in America. To have him tell us about the "terrible deeds" allegedly done in the name of Christ, is not just historically inaccurate (they were caused by the Muslim conquests taking so much territory by force), but it's so very, very "rich" for him to accuse others of "distort our religion for their nihilistic ends [my italics]". How idiotic is that?

February 5, 2015   Meant to do more, but every time I get back on my website program I get interrupted by a phone call. I'm giving up on doing updates because of that. I will do the Flag Friday pic later tonight then may miss tomorrow altogether because I have to run errands and probably go with my hubby to see if we can figure out the mechanical problems of my son's roommate. How long that will take, I don't know. What the plan will be after the vehicle check, I don't know. I do know what's going to happen at least before noon, and I may get a few blurbs done then. We'll see. I'll go before I get another call. Pray for America, for our troops, for revival, for Pastor Saeed Abedini, for atheists, N. Korea and Islam to come to Christ, for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks and to have a tongue that refuses to tell a lie. Pray for each other and for me. Sorry I didn't get much done. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time (hopefully soon), See ya'!

February 4, 2015: 12:13 p.m.   Common Crap Core:   Want a reasonable evaluation of this garbage? In the article's evaluation,

"Tom Loveless, a former Harvard professor who is an education policy expert at the Brookings Institution, said the Common Core was 'built on a shaky theory.'"
As for Gov. Scott Walker (WI), he's now proposing defunding it in his state. As he gets closer to election day, he'll be sure to stand harder against it. From what I've read and heard he's been all over the map on this issue. That makes me nervous about him. Want to know the truth about Common Crap Core? Watch the video:

Source: Fox News The Five via WND

The problem is that if they're working with a BASE 10 idea, they FORGET TO MENTION that the student has to know what 9+_ = 10 in order to KNOW that they have to "decompose" 6 into 1+5! What if the kid can only think of 6 as 3+3? Then what's the answer to 9+6=_? Is it correct to say that the child did the math properly if he "decomposes" 6 into 4+2 or 3+3? The way they're teaching it, YES! They did the math correctly! But the child did not come up with a BASE 10. So the child failed there. It gets worse. In Common Core, you have several options such as 6 steps to subtract 2 numbers. Six steps. That's all. They probably could have come up with seventeen, but they had mercy. Six steps. Common Crap Core can force young children into reading before they're ready, which can be very harmful to a child's desire to learn. Not to mention the fact that they're pushing kindergarten children to do geometry! Math is so screwed up in Common Crap Core that they're putting the cart before the horse and teaching the "concept" before the "facts". That's like telling someone to explain the concept of the E=MC2 without teaching them what "E" is, what the "squared" means. It makes no sense. Teach the basics first. Teach the facts first. Yes, that means memorization. But if you don't have the times table memorized when you're an adult and you have to balance your checkbook, how on earth are you going to do so without taking vacation time to do all those steps for each transaction? Can you imagine? They also teach kids in Common Crap Core that husbands cheat on their wives. Is that appropriate? Folks, Common Crap Core is NOT even about teaching kids how to do math in a different way. It's about making them so frustrated with math that they give up and believe themselves to be stupid because they can't figure it out (nor can their parents so they must be stupid, too), and if they give up on math, they're likely to give up on other subjects, too. Add to the Common Crap Core the lower IQs that will be coming out of the public school systems the fact that there is no right and no wrong, no good and no bad, no gender and no sexual act or perversion except adult male/female mutually agreed upon sex within a traditional marriage that is WRONG (outside of wedlock it's okay) and you get a ruling class and a servant class, just as they had in the middle ages and still have in England. It's all about creating a class system that is going to keep most Americans in the uneducated, can't pull themselves up by the bootstraps segment of society so that the people within the ruling class (rich folks, politicians, hollyweird celebs) will have someone to wait on them hand and foot. You see images of the Queen of England's doormen, footmen, waiters, maids, cooks, chauffers, Ladies in Waiting, etc., and that's what those pushing Common Crap Core envision for YOUR children because, as we all know, you're NOT one of them. It's about creating a servant class and those servants will be your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Is that what you want?

February 4, 2015   The end of free speech on the internet? "Net neutrality" rules to be made public soon. Who knows what the rules will be considering the mixed message of the FCC Chair?:

"my proposal includes a general conduct rule that can be used to stop new and novel threats to the internet."
"The proposal I present to the commission will ensure the internet remains open, now and in the future, for all Americans."
So which is it: "a general conduct rule" or "open, now and in the future"? You tell me.

February 4, 2015   Um... What's up with this? It's starting to look like something's up. The question is: What?

February 4, 2015   hillclintOON still living high on the hog. So she's going to run on a campaign of "being one of us"? Right.

February 4, 2015   Let's just do the Keystone Pipeline because it's good for America. That's all it takes: facing the facts is a lesson in reality. Why can't the progressives/lefties understand that Keystone is a good thing!?

February 4, 2015   themuslimvileone loses another staffer. People are leaving his administration in droves. I wonder why? (*sarcasm*)

February 4, 2015   KY gives local choice about union or not? It's a good idea, until you find out that the union's thugs may have an objection to the locals choosing to NOT go union. Then there may be a problem.

February 4, 2015   Cockroaches have personalities? Really? Well, I don't care if they've got the best personality on earth. If I see one, I'm still going to squash it, no matter how many children it has, whether it tries to make me laugh, or if it says "I just wanna' be your friend!" I'm still squashing it. I'll send it on to it's next life (not that I believe in that, but...) and be proud of the day my actions made that cockroach move on to its next itteration.

February 4, 2015   themuslimvileone's healthcareTAX:   House votes to repeal it. Cough. Yeah. Lotta' good that's going to do. There are many reasons to do so, but bonehead boehner knows this thing won't get past the Senate and that it's just a "ShowVote". That's why he's doing it: to make a show of it. He's already had this thing up 54 times in four years, to take up different aspects of it being replaced, or "fixed", but they've only voted SIX TIMES TO REPEAL THE WHOLE THING. The problem is (and I shouldn't have to point this out to anyone) we still have this illegal "law"! The whole thing needs to be IGNORED by "We, The People" because the prezidunce, the House and the Senate are not OUR BOSSES, WE ARE THEIR BOSSES and if WE SAY we won't abide by it, then the law has no effect. Personal nullification is a valid choice here. Since when does the prezidunce have the right to tell me what to BUY? Since when? I am so tired of hearing about the republiRATS and how they're going to save us all and how they never do anything to make it happen, that I refuse to even being to trust any of them in that subject. I don't believe Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, marco rubio, or any other elected official when it comes to this piece of tyrannical garbage-law. I definitely don't trust bonehead. How could anyone trust bonehead? Yeah, he put it on the floor of the House to be voted on. He's done his show. But he knows it's a show vote and that is why it means nothing when it comes to me trusting him. If this thing had a snowball's chance to be passed by the Senate and signed by the prezidunce, if it meant bonehead boehner would catch one ounce of ridicule or miss one Red House event due to him bringing the bill to the floor, he wouldn't touch that thing with a thousand foot pole! It's all show. He's checked that box again.

February 4, 2015   Really? They spent 365,000 TAXPAYER DOLLARS on this? They've come to the (expensive) conclusion that Putin has Asperger's syndrome. Was it worth it to you?

February 4, 2015   Aaaaaahhhhhh.... public schools:   Stealing and pawning school property: principal and teacher. Sweet. Resident taxes were used to pay for the stuff stolen and sold, but the principal and teacher don't seem to care about that. Nor do some teachers care about right and wrong. Student/teacher sex is run of the mill nowadays. Some go so far as to try to kill their spouse to be with the student. One school system had "approximately four in the last six months -- charged with having sexual relationships with his students". That sounds to me like the pedophiles are majoring in education -- educating children in how to have sex with adults! It's so prevalent that it doesn't even surprise us anymore. It still sickens me that teachers look at child pornography. If they look at it at home it's scary to think that they could be teaching children of the same age, is it not?

February 4, 2015   Ebola on the rise in Africa again. Be careful when you travel and if you have people coming to you, be careful there, too. We have a measles outbreak because of the illegal immigrants (if you recall, the lefties denied that they carried diseases). Now, we have to be worried about what's coming next?

February 4, 2015   themuslimvileone proves WRONG again. shock. surprise.

February 4, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Shariah tribunal operating --- in TEXAS?! Yep. Are we "one nation", or two, or more? We don't have one set of laws for some of us, and another set for others. Shariah law is ILLEGAL here because of our Constitution. Why is this being allowed? Are they going to be allowed to stone women soon? That's part of their law. Are they going to face any consequences if they douse a woman in gasoline and set her on fire? Is this what's next for America because of Islam and PC? It's a deadly combination and it could lead to the death of America and freedom. It's not something I'm going to let happen without a fight. Stand up for America. Don't let go!

February 4, 2015   I'll close with that for today. Pray for a revival to sweep across this land and for America to turn back to Christ. Pray for our troops and their safety and quick return. Pray for themuslimvileone to be stopped in his tracks and that NONE of his plans will come to fruition. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini's quick release and total healing, and for his family as well. Pray for Islam and atheists to come to Christ because GOD LOVES THEM, TOO! Christ died for them, too. Pray for North Korea to come to Christ, too. Pray for each other and me. Until next time, GOD Bless America and YOU! See ya'!

February 3, 2015: 6:48 p.m.   Late start due to running errands again. I shipped something to my Mom; she loves cashmere sweaters and I found her a periwinkle cashmere and wool sweater and in the box I sent were two other little things I found for her, too. I love sending my Mom little gifts when she's least expecting them. For Mother's Day, her birthday and Christmas I like to really do something excellent for her. I enjoy spoilling her. While I was out I stopped by the fabric store and got some fabric for recovering our dining room chairs. I found some at Hancock Fabrics for five dollars a yard and I'm thinking of trying to do the recovering myself. My hubby's the one who usually does it, and he's got a routine down for it (we recover our chairs annually, or close to it) but I think I can do it this time. We'll see. So I'm going to do just a few important blurbs today. Tomorrow I'll try to get started earlier in the day, then do the errands I may have to do. We'll see how I can do with that goal. Now, let's get started.

February 3, 2015   Deficit to INCREASE despite record tax intake! It's ridiculous because they're taxing everyone and everything and themuslimvileone is still spending so much -- via Executive Orders or whatever -- that our deficit is still going to go up no matter how much WE pay in taxes. It's giong to be a long time before themuslimvileone's spending is paid off. "According to Table S-1 in the “Summary Tables” appendix to the Obama budget, the deficit was $485 billion in fiscal 2014 and will be $583 billion in fiscal 2015—an increase of $98 billion, or 20.2 percent." It's just another in the long line of things that themuslimvileone has done to destroy America. Some day history will record that themuslimvileone is and was the WORST PRESIDENT EVER. Too bad America has to pay the price for his vileness.

February 3, 2015   I think JW is asking a rhetorical question. Agree?

February 3, 2015   Low unemployment: the BIG LIE. Well, DUH! The U6 number for January hasn't been released yet, but I'm sure that it'll be higher than the 11.2% of December 2014. With the Christmas employees being released, the number is bound to be higher.

February 3, 2015   bonehead boehner needs to go. He's always doing the wrong thing and he's always kissing the backsides of the dumborats. If he were a real leader, he would have accomplished the twelve things he said he was going to. But bonehead boehner is a LIAR just like themuslimvileone.

February 3, 2015   "[B]ecause the immigration program is so popular within the Obama Administration"

"Officials overseeing a federal program that offers an immigration short-cut to wealthy foreign investors have ignored pointed warnings from federal agents and approved visas for some immigrants suspected of having committed fraud, money laundering, and even one applicant with alleged ties to a child porn website"
The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are trying to raise the red flags, but they're being ignored. Don't ya' love it? Our national security is a JOKE to this administration and to some Congressmen:
"Homeland Security expedited the processing of investor visas after Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D) and his staff began prodding the department to move faster."
Isn't that special? He cares about our children and America's security so much! (*sarcasm, of course*)

February 3, 2015   You may want to fill the gas tank up while the price is still in the low two-dollar area. It's going to go back up. How high, who knows?

February 3, 2015   themuslimvileone operating "shadow visa network". He's breaking the law in yet another way. So. Shock. Surprise. Yawn. What's new? America? Nah. Haven't seen her since themuslimvileone took office.

February 3, 2015   michael moore a coward. What's new there, too? Hasn't he always been?

February 3, 2015   Peace and Tolerance:   Christianity under attack: physical attack by Islam. Killing children is so tolerant. That and filming the burning death of the Jordanian pilot and killing those who repent of the slaughters, that's "peaceful and tolerant", too. SO very tolerant. Isn't it time the world acknowledge the TRUTH about all of this? Islam as a religion is VIOLENT and undeniably so. When you do the kinds of things that this organization does in the name of its god, it has to be acknowledged that the organization (it's hard to call it a "religion" when it leads to this kind of behavior) creates monsters. You don't see Lutherans doing this in large numbers.

February 3, 2015   Gotta' go. Hubby's on the phone. Pray for America, our troops, Pastor Saeed Abedini, atheists and Islam to come to Christ, for GOD to forgive our sins, for N. Korea to come to Christ, too. Pray for each other and moi! Until next time, See ya'!

February 1, 2015: 11:50 p.m.   It's time for "Minion Monday: Hank Helps Out" because Hank really does like to try to help. His heart's in the right place.

February 2, 2015: 4:27 p.m.   Phew! I can finally sit down. I have been running errands and going places since I got up this morning (well, after I did my morning ablutions, of course)! It has been a busy, busy morning. So let's get started with something more relaxing.

February 2, 2015   themuslimvileone:   He's an idiot. He hasn't a clue. Well, that is unless it comes to helping Islam do bad things. That, he's good at. A good question to ask right now is, is he trying to kill Pres. Bush (43)? He's releasing Gitmo prisoners who have vowed to kill Pres. Bush, so who will themuslimvileone blame if those he released succeed? He can't blame Bush for Bush's death, or would he find a way? (I think he'd come up with something.) He has messed up so very much, with our allies that he can't even claim many allies anymore. Way to go, themuslimvileone. (*sarcasm*) Did you know that he thinks the Taliban are not terrorists? Let's see... Human Rights groups says they're murdering terrorists. The Taliban itself proves it's a murdering terrorist group. So why is themuslimvileone averse to calling the Taliban terrorists? Because he's a Muslim and Muslims don't negate other Muslim's works for their god.

February 2, 2015   Apple bringing its progressive politics to ruin AZ's conservatism. Sigh. Is nowhere safe?

February 2, 2015   Scott Walker GOP frontrunner? I like how he has defeated the left every time they've tried to oust him from office. I like that he has stood that test over and over again. That's impressive. How he handled the unions in his state: superb! But, he's pro-Common Crap Core and he's so-so on immigration and amnesty. So... Frontrunner? Right now, maybe. Later, I'm hoping for Allen West and...??? (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 39227, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or Common Crap Core supporter.)

February 2, 2015   Did you know your taxpayer dollars pay for Gitmo terrorists to Skype? Yep. Don't ya' love that? It's disgusting.

February 2, 2015   Major concealed carry advances in FL and elsewhere. Hurray! Very good news.

February 2, 2015   themuslimvileone says the IRS should "face justice". Justice? He's got the nerve to talk about justice? How about him facing justice for all the times he's betrayed America, broken his Oath of Office, lied to America, trampled on the U.S. Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. How about bringing him to justice?

February 2, 2015   This administration is out to ruin America any way it can. 5.5 MILLION work permits issued since themuslimvileone took office? Really? That's absurd! How on earth can themuslimvileone claim that we aren't doing enough for immigrants, especially considering how much WE ARE PAYING FOR for those immigrants?! Come on! This is absurd!

February 2, 2015   Why is themuslimvileone messing with Israel's elections? What business is it of his? How egotistical, narcissistic, conceited, superior to have even thought of doing something like that. What gall.

February 2, 2015   TSA using lawsuits to hide the truth. The truth is, they abuse their power and they don't do a good job, and they waste taxpayer dollars a LOT -- especially on suing people to shut them up. It's a pattern we see over and over again in this administration, isn't it?

February 2, 2015   al sharpton isn't a good guy. He's just a scam artist who doesn't pay his taxes. So why isn't he in jail instead of visiting themuslimvileone in the Red House 16 times? BTW, during those visits did themuslimvileone ask al sharpton why he wasn't paying his taxes? Or did he just welcome him with open arms and feed him lobster and Kobe Beef at YOUR expense?

February 2, 2015   "We're all gonna' die of something sometime" says Jocelyn Elders, Surgeon General (with uniform to befit a "general") under billybobclintOOn. Thanks to the next dumborat prezidunce, themuslimvileone, now we have to pay two times the taxes for dying. Isn't that wunnerful, wunnerful? We have themuslimvileone to thank for so much (that's wrong, that is).

February 2, 2015   Say what? Ridiculous.

February 2, 2015   Did you watch the SuperBowl? A lot of people did. I did not. I did, however tell my hubby that the Patriots would win and that the score was going to be 17 to 28, Patriots. I got everything except the Seahawks' score correct. Not bad for someone who knows nothing about the Seahawks or about the Patriots, right?

February 2, 2015   I don't know why I can't remember what my hubby told me about that I wanted to look up and post a link to, but I can't remember. So, I'll close for today. Pray for a revival in this land. Pray for America's protection, peace and forgiveness of our sins. Pray that GOD would stop themuslimvileone in his tracks. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and his family, his release and his healing. Pray for Israel's protection and guidance. Pray for N. Korea, Islam and atheists to accept Jesus as their lord and savior. Pray for each other and me. GOD Bless America and YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

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