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My Election Day Endorsements and Suggestions

Psalm 144:1 Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

My Election Day Endorsements and Suggestions

October 17, 2014: 1:39 p.m.   It's Flag Friday and that means it's time for "Tribute To Our Heroes 186: On Your Birthday", titled thus because it's a family member's birthday and I'll be doing just a few blurbs so that I can get going on birthday prep. Sorry, but birthdays are important. So let's get going.

October 17, 2014   Remember the mantra, "Bush lied, troops/people died"? Now, as I've asserted all along, we know that BUSH DID NOT LIE and that the WMDs were there all along but the msm was hiding the TRUTH from you and that the msm LIED, not George W. Bush. Ask yourself why? Why did the msm LIE TO YOU? Is it not their JOBS to "FIND THE TRUTH" and to REPORT THE TRUTH -- without spin? Is that not allegedly the JOB of the msm reporting the TRUTH and telling us without spin what the TRUTH is? Not when you have a lot of progressives in journalism who put their progressive agenda ahead of the TRUTH. Not when the progressive agenda is their religion and they must do all they can to promulgate that religion. Not when the msm chooses politics over integrity. Again, they prove that they CANNOT BE TRUSTED. FIND THE TRUTH for yourself because time after time after time, the msm proves you cannot get it from them.

October 17, 2014   Another Fast & Furious gun used in a crime against American. thevileone and eric holder have more blood on their hands. When will they be arrested for aiding and abetting before the fact?

October 17, 2014   EboMa:   thevileone's new "Ebola Czar" has no medical background. Yeah. That shows how much he cares. He puts an ATTORNEY in the position of "Ebola Czar"! Does that make sense to anyone at all? I mean, if thevileone cared would he not put a MD in there, instead of... Lisa Monaco OR Ron Klain, depending on which network you look at. (Speaks VOLUMES about the msm, does it not?) Whoever it is, neither has a medical background and that should tell you what's most important: two attorneys instead of a doctor? Ebola can sue?

October 17, 2014   Michelle Malkin reveals how four PROGRESSIVES took over CO. Read the article and watch the video. Pay attention. I can happen anywhere.

October 17, 2014   CA poverty rate at 23.4% and Washington D.C.'s is 22.4%. Progressive places have a lot higher incidence of poverty than Conservative places. What does that tell you? Progressive policies are bad for you, folks. Progressive policies are bad.

October 17, 2014   Frontpage has this:

The truth about the "myth that only a tiny minority of Muslims worldwide are radical."

October 17, 2014   Satanic group wants to confirm the BIBLE in display. Hmm. Does that make sense to anyone? They worship satan (I refuse to dignify him with a cap.) and USE THE BIBLE to illustrate their display and, in effect, affirm the BIBLE. If they don't want to believe in the Bible, that's okay with me, but why tout it if they don't want to believe in it? Why remind folks that they -- those who worship satan or don't accept Christ as savior -- are doomed to hell and eternal damnation, torment and pain, in a Christmas display when Christmas reminds folks that Christ was born to save them from the same fate as satan's? Hmm. Doesn't sound like an intelligent plan to me, but if that's what they want to do.

October 17, 2014   Excellent article about leaving Islam as a black American:

"Jihad Crow is Jim Crow with an Arab accent and no foreseeable expiration date."

October 17, 2014   Seriously? Seriously?

"[T]he economic doyens of the EU have determined that Italy is no longer in recession due to a new way of measuring economic growth and GDP—one that counts illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution and arms smuggling as part of the mix."
The EU is failing, folks. I predicted it as it was being created. It was doomed from the get-go. Why they've forced its continued existence for this long I will never know.

October 17, 2014   dumborats running from thevileone. They won't admit they've voted for him. How loud is that?

October 17, 2014   Aaaahhhh... public schools. Is your child undergoing "gender sensitivity training" in school? If so, pull your child out of that school and homeschool your child. It's better for your child. It really is. No matter how much governments hate homeschooling.

October 17, 2014   Don't act like animals. I don't understand how anyone can do that. Animals do things like this. It's not their right to decide what song parents sing to their child. The attackers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

October 17, 2014   Hunter Biden, bumbler's son, tested positive for cocaine. Maybe that's why the bumbler has a history of mildness on drug enforcement. Maybe he knew what his son was doing and didn't like the idea of his son going to jail. Just saying it's possible.

October 17, 2014   Let's see how many heads spin: Comparing Hitler to thevileone: Part 1. LOL! I'd love to be a fly on the wall in some homes when they see this. I can hardly wait to read part two.

October 17, 2014   Wow. Got more done than I expected, but it's time to go get ready for birthday fun. So, GOD Bless America. Pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini. Pray for Conservative wins in November. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Pray for revival in America and that there would be thousands upon thousands brought to Christ and that America will turn back to GOD, instead of their backs on GOD. Until next time, See ya'!

October 16, 2014: 3:17 p.m.   Sorry I missed so many days. That cut on my hand got infected and since it's on the heel of my palm, it was not something I could type with. My bracelet rubbing against the cut was causing some pretty intense owies, so typing was out of the question. My apologies. I missed posting my Minion Monday: Hank Discovers Sherlock Holmes pic on Columbus Day. It's fun doing Hank pics, but it's a lot of thinking when it comes to ideas. Hope you enjoy them. Now on with the regular blurbs.

October 16, 2014   EboMa:   thevileone should admit ebola is airborne:

"We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks."
But thevileone has decided to IGNORE the truth. He hasn't an iota of concern for you, your loved ones, or anyone on earth besides himself. He should be increasing the quarantine time, but he's not. He should be making sure that the money given to the CDC and NIH went to the proper places, but no. He allowed the National Institute of Health head, Dr. Francis Collins, to spend TAXPAYER DOLLARS
"funneling a major stream of funding to a company with ties to a Democratic donor—and away from a company that was developing a treatment now being used on Ebola patients."
Yeah. He cares. He cares so much (*sarcasm*) the Canadians are calling it "surreal". Considering his actions surreal is an understatement, IMHO. His whole admistration is into surrealism. At least one military member is taking possible exposure seriously; a lot more seriously than thevileone and his administration, that's for certain! Especially when you take into consideration the fact that all he wants to do is to monitor the SPREAD of ebola, instead of stopping it. What a moron. Finding another way to help him destroy America: thevileone, America's worst enemy and biggest natural disaster.

October 16, 2014   JW sues to get more info from "most transparent" administration. Transparency and opaqueness must have exchanged definitions because this is not transparency to most folks. In thevileone's administration transparency is prosecuted, penalized and jailed. (Sweet!) Although his administration has a memorandum about transparency. When is it going to kick in, that's what I wanna' know.

October 16, 2014   O! No FOOD!:   School lunches so skimpy! Remember, it's National School Lunch week.

October 16, 2014   clintOOn/google in cahoots?

October 16, 2014   Illegal immigrants: D68 Enterovirus linked to illegals. So now we have enterovirus, ebola, chikungunya, and yellow fever in L.A. The CDC isn't going to do squat to stop all of this and it's going to be bad as bad can be if "We, The People" don't do stuff to stop it.

October 16, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   The website isn't going to tell anyone cost increases until AFTER the election. Secrecy is fun. For instance, did you know that there are seven different ways to raise the rates of this piece of crap? Did you know that there's allegedly dental care under this farce? Even pediatric dental care? Congress lied (get this) TO GET HEALTH CARE COVERAGE.

October 16, 2014   Good.

October 16, 2014   Parents liable for what kids put on Facebook. That's according to a court. I think it's WRONG, but the court says that's the way it is right now.

October 16, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   In England Muslim RAPE GANGS are rampaging through the country and England is too cowardly to do anything about it. Glad I'm not a British citizen. Muhammad and sex slaves: yep, that's Islam. Why is a religion so oriented around sex? Is that what Islam is supposed to be: sex, sex and more sex? Even ketchup kerry gets in on the sexual theme. Why is that? Why is a religion so much about sex?

October 16, 2014   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools. It's sex, drugs and loss of control. If it's not the teachers behaving badly, it's the students. Don't ya' love it? Homeschool your kids, folks. Homeschool your kids.

October 16, 2014   secondamendment   Free Speech and the 2nd Amendment on college campus. Let's stand with those who stand for the 2nd Amendment. How to protect the 2nd Amendment from the Feds? Then there's the hypocrites like this guy. No one should own a gun except him? Then there's the school idiots who think that they need to punish kids who point crayons.

October 16, 2014   I'll close with this for today: Men's brains wired to want sex over food. That's no surprise. So with that I'll say GOD Bless America, Pray for our troops and for Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him, pray for GOD to stop thevileone in his tracks, pray for Conservatives to win in November, and for a revival to spread across this land like wildfire. Until next time, See ya'!

October 10, 2014: 3:12 p.m.   Hand's still sore -- maybe moreso today than yesterday -- so I'll play it by hand as to how many blurbs I do today. But let's start with my Flag Friday "Tribute To Our Heroes 185: Thank You For Your LIFE!" I appreciate your service very much and I can never thank you enough.

October 10, 2014   thevileone's admin hiding the TRUTH from Judicial Watch. They say "It's classified". Riiiggghhhhttt. In other words they're trying to hide the truth from everyone so that they don't have to answer to us. That's totally unconstitutional because they are SUPPOSED to answer to us. An administration that doesn't want to answer to the people is an administration that has too much to hide.

October 10, 2014   Don't listen to thevileone when he talks about ebola. He's not just wrong on the avoidance info he gives out, he's dangerous! If you want to stay healthy and you think it's possible someone is in your area who may have ebola, leave the area. Avoid contact and avoid touching things they've touched. Wash your hands, your clothing ASAP, and your hands again. Use chlorinated water (tap water has chlorine), and soap. Don't think that just because you've not heard about someone that it isn't possible. It's possible. You just don't yet know that the still, small voice that you are hearing tickle your soul is GOD telling you to listen, leave and wash. Better safe than sorry is always better than sorry.

October 10, 2014   Common Crap Core:   TS Gold is coming and it's aimed at YOUR CHILD! It's aligned with Common Crap Core and it's BAD all the way around, through and every other way. Now why on earth would any leading "Conservatives" support this crap? The article linked takes a look. I'm hoping that Steve Crisafulli comes to his senses after reading through the information at the link I sent him and that his ill-informed support for it will soon wane. I agree: the Constitution is the answer to CCC. When you look at the Constitution there is NO power in the Constitution for the federal government to have a place in public education. Nothing. For people to say that CCC is "state" power, is a crock of crud. Nationwide, parents are frustrated with it and children don't like it. Why the government isn't listening to us is because thevileone doesn't care. What he wants is to make people stupid so that they will be incapable of thinking for themselves and incapable of rebelling against totalitarian governments in the future the dumborats and progressives want to bring about. A ridiculous result of speaking out against it? Teachers are being disciplined and their FREE SPEECH RIGHTS denied. Yep. That's Common Crap Core for you. No Free Speech. Say anything against it, you're in big trouble. How can anyone support that?

October 10, 2014   envirowheel Winter is coming and I've predicted a harsh, cold, early winter. So far, 100% correct: and it's not even technically yet winter! Remember, with the temps dropping all across the Norhtern Hemisphere you're going to be using your heater this winter as much as you've used your air conditioner during the summer. Just wanted to remind you to set aside extra money to pay that bill because, if you recall, thevileone ordered higher energy prices so that they could help with the alleged "global warming" problem. Get your wallet ready. It's going to be a tough winter. Start saving and shopping for Christmas now.

October 10, 2014   Davis: Lower than snake poop.

October 10, 2014   DH[IN]S morale at all time low. Sounds like they need to wipe the slate clean (do away with) and start over. Why not? It would probably be best for America.

October 10, 2014   Funny Florida laws. Thought you might like a giggle about now.

October 10, 2014   Meatless Monday comes to FL schools. Meatless Monday? Really? But protein is important to growing bodies and the ability to focus in school. Children are going to suffer: grades will come down and children will come home hungry. It's ridiculous to go meatless. GOD said "take and eat" and refusing to do so is disobedience.

October 10, 2014   thevileone gives "slightly more sophisticated" speeches? Speechwriters are amazing, aren't they?

October 10, 2014   scotus blocks WI voter id requirement. I have lost all respect for the scotus. How can they block something that is necessary for our Republic to maintain integrity in our elections? How on earth can they think that's bad? Did john roberts go all squishy again? What do they have on him?

October 10, 2014   thevileone looks for ways to close Gitmo. He's not looking at how to do it legally, just by Executive Order because, you know, he's all that. Heil!

October 10, 2014   What a swooning kissbutt.

October 10, 2014   Smirk. EPA blows it again.

October 10, 2014   Well, my hubby just got home so I'll close with this reminder that my election endorsement page is available. Check it out. Pray for our troops and for Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone and progressives in their tracks. Pray for a revival in America. Until next time, GOD Bless America and See ya'!

October 9, 2014: 4:21 p.m.   Just a few updates today. I have a cut on my hand that is making typing a bit painful so I'll do a few important things and then do better tomorrow after it heals a bit. Let's start with Hillsdale College's Imprimis article that says that I am correct about Executive Orders being unconstitutional and that being the case, "We, The People" do not have to obey them. The article does not say that we don't have to obey them; that was/is all me. But it does say that EOs are not what our Founding Fathers set up. EOs are things Kings, Dictators, Tyrants, the Pol-Pots of the world use; thus, thevileone's use of EOs to do everything he so desires.

October 9, 2014   Judicial Watch sues Phoenix for records that are connected with the federal entities that were involved in Fast & Furious. Good for JW! I hope they prove that it was thevileone, eric holder, valerie jarrett and all the other losers in this administration who are responsible for so many guns crossing into Mexico and then some of those being used against Americans! Then, I hope that all those responsible are put in jail for the rest of their lives and buried on prison grounds -- without honors.

October 9, 2014   JW confirms 4 ISIS terrorists arerested in TX in last two days. thevileone's lips were moving and he LIED about there being no such thing. JW proved it happened. thevileone is a despicable creature. He doesn't care a whit about your safety, the safety of your children, or the safety of your grandparents. If he did he would close the borders and he would stop all flights from ebola stricken countries. Has he done any of that? No. That's why we now have ebola on American soil and ISIS terrorists here to kill as many as possible. Chaos brings about the 12th Imam and that's what the Islamic leader of America wants: the 12th Imam and Shariah Law here in the USA.

October 9, 2014   thevileone using the courts to cause "confusion" in our elections. It's easier to cheat when there is confusion. Cheating is the only way the dumborats know they can guarantee a win. Remember the Chris McDaniels challenge of the Thad Cochran "win" in Mississippi? He challenged because there were people who cheated via voting in both the Democrat and the Republican primary. It's okay to cross over in MI, but it's NOT okay to vote in both primaries. Thus, those who did so were breaking the law -- a.k.a. cheating. The count took a long time because some Supervisor of Elections offices were uncooperative and fiddle-faddled and made the fact finding effort slow and arduous. Now, it's just being heard by the MI Supreme Court and we'll see what they rule, but I think that McDaniels having found that many fraudulent votes for Cochran should be a fair reason to overturn the election results. Cheating is cheating and it should NEVER be rewarded and being re-elected and given all those taxpayer dollars and Senate perks is a huge reward.

October 9, 2014   I don't trust this "assault" on pelosipig. They do this to make themselves seem more "centrist" as though they're more Conservative than they are. Trust me, they've used this tactic for YEARS. Don't trust a dumborat.

October 9, 2014   WARNING: NSFS (Not Safe For Stomachs): I warned ya'.

October 9, 2014   Ebola in America: Don't trust a word thevileone's admin says. Use your own best judgment. If someone seems ill, avoid them. Carry antibacterial gel and wipes and alcohol wipes with you and wash your hands as soon as you touch something that you're not certain of. Wipe down the buggy you use at the grocery store, throw the wipe away. Be careful to wash your hands after you shake hands -- IF you shake hands -- and be sure to BE paranoid about it. Better paranoid than to have ebola without the vaccine available here in America since they sent it all to other countries -- at thevileone's request. Speaks volumes, that, does it not? Ebola is now in Australia, Spain, Macedonia, America, and who knows how many other countries. Why did the U.N. not make the stricken countries stop flights from leaving while they could contain this plague? Now we have 4,000 American troops over there being exposed to it. What if one of them gets it and doesn't realize it while they're on the way back? Are they going to use the CDC's non-existent quarantine regulations that thevileone banned in 2010 to prevent those 4,000 U.S. soldiers from bringing it back to their loved ones? Remember, the effective medication is NO LONGER HERE. What will they do to prevent 4,000 cases from coming back to America? What about the safety of their children and spouses? What will they do for those soldiers and for their health and the health of their families when they return? thevileone is using this as a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON AGAINST AMERICA. He needs to be drawn and quartered for this stunt. ONE ADDITION: Remember plastic coffins found in GA years ago? (2002, to be exact.) Yeah. Now he has reason to use them.

October 9, 2014   No kidding. Show of hands: who is surprised?

October 9, 2014   envirowheel   Hurricane season weakest since 1983. This season there's more snow on the ground in America than ever recorded. Remember, snow fell in Alaska and Wyoming on LABOR DAY? Then NASA has found that the Antartic sea ice is biggest since 1979. Well, pooh. Now they've found that the deep ocean is NOT storing the heat of the alleged "global warming" that Hamsters all swear is happening. Darn it! There's just no evidence of actual "global warming", now is there? Poor, poor Hamsters. They'll still try to enfoce their stupidity on everyone and try to make us act as though the ocean's levels are rising (with as much ice as NASA has found, how can it be rising since the ice isn't melting?). The fact is that according to NOAA's map, the sea levels around America have risen -- LESS THAN HALF AN INCH per year in most places and when you average the rising and falling sea levels around America and the world it all levels out to NOTHING. They say that the water around Florida's peninsula has risen 0-3mm (0.0394 inch) a year. Even if it's 3mm, that's less than half an inch and if it's the 0, then there's NO rise. Take that and look at Alaska's sea level DROP of 15-12mm annually (down 5-4 feet in a century) and you have how much sea level RISE? Come on, people! THINK! This is NOT a real life sea level rise that is any danger to ANYONE. Even if the sea level rose worldwide 20mm in a year, that's LESS THAN AN INCH! Is that such a danger? The worst place the sea is allegedly rising is in the Philippines and in the Gulf of Thailand. My prediction is that because of this sea level difference near Manila and Thailand the next HUGE earthquake will be over there. I think that all that pressure on the ocean floor from the weight of the water must make a change. Now look at Vietnam's coast. It's down there. The earth likes balance and an earthquake will bring that balance. Second choice: the Baltic Sea. Watch and see if I'm not correct.

October 9, 2014   I think I'll close with that. I've had to correct a lot of typos today because of my hand placement on the keyboard. Sorry if I missed a few. So, I'll go. Pray for our troops and for Pastor Saeed Abedini. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks and make America more resilient than george soros thinks. Pray that TRUE CONSERVATIVES (maybe only fiscal Conservatives, but TRUE FISCAL CONSERVATIVES instead of RINOS) win every election next month. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that GOD will bring Islam to Christ. They need His light. GOD Bless America and GOD Bless YOU! Until next time, See ya'!

October 8, 2014: 10:48 a.m.   Missed yesterday. Sorry about that. I worked for hours and hours on the page I will be soon posting about the elections in November. My research is taking a long time because there's a lot to look up. We have many things to vote on and many people to vote for/against (whichever your mindset at the time for a particular candidate), so my research is extensive. Doing so messed up my schedule because I worked on it for so long that my brain kept going and going and going and I couldn't make myself go to sleep. I finally got to sleep about two in the afternoon, but that doesn't mean that I could have put together a cohesive sentence for the last six or so hours of that awake time. So, anyways, here I am today. I'll try to put together a few cohesive sentences now. Let's get started.

October 6, 2014   Remember, they want to legalize "medical marijuana" in Florida? Not a good idea. It's very addictive and if you believe in second-hand smoke health problems, what's going to happen to the second-hand smoke people who are exposed to marijuana smoke? What if folks are careless and smoke it in the same room as their children, or even other adults? Will it be their addiction because of second-hand smoke? It also means that CO was "reckless to legalize marijuana" and their governor was correct.

October 8, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Finally waking up: Democrats realizing that this thing hurts them more than helps them. Now, even Wal-Mart is cutting healthcare coverage under this plan. I think that's funny because they endorsed it and they supported it. Now they're finding out that it isn't going to be all that was promised and they are having to make hard choices to keep folks employed they have to cut some employee coverage. Well, that's what happens when you support stupid. Do you know that the guy who produced anti-healthcareTAX movie is being audited by the IRS? Shock. Surprise. (NOT!) No matter how you look at it (unless it's through kiss-his-backside-thevileone-loving-glasses), this things is a DISASTER. As it was meant to be. It can't be successful when 33% of insurers are considering EXITING the business because of this piece of crap dictatorship. When the administration is dictating ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES that must be done to make something work then that thing is doomed to fail; just as designed. This piece of garbage still hurts business growth and people are paying for it in more ways than they realized they'd be paying for it. Despite what progressives say (LIE), the cost of thevileone's healthcareTAX is a total failure. Close this subject with this irony of ironies: in lawsuit, HHS charged with not enforcing this garbage. Now whodathunkthat?

October 8, 2014   Confidence in thevileone's economic plans down. Confidence in anything thevileone does is down. People are starting to wake up to the fact that he's a failure; a flunkie; a fool. It's no shock to those of us who have a clue.

October 8, 2014   Twitter: privacy? What privacy?:

"pressing for the ability to be more candid in its twice-a-year transparency reports than the government has been willing to permit."
They want to give the government MORE info than the government requires and "has been willing to permit"? Really? Do you want Twitter selling you out without the government asking them to do so? Twitter is willing. They're SUING to make the government TAKE your info. Is that what you want?

October 8, 2014   $31.5 MILLION MORE to food stamp recipients. They need their fruits and veggies, ya' know. Whether they eat them or not, they need that extra $31.5 MILLION in TAXPAYER dollars. While you eat your peanut butter and bread sandiwches (because you can't afford the jelly anymore), they get YOUR money to buy veggies. Isn't that special?

October 8, 2014   LOL! Oh, wah.

October 8, 2014   google reading your bills? Yep.

October 8, 2014   Hawaii drops plan to name park after thevileone. Awww... too bad. (*sarcasm*)

October 8, 2014   America's first ebola patient has died. When he came over he was already infected and he didn't care if those he loved over here would get it. Now he's exposed a lot of other folks and lost his battle with it anyways. What a legacy to leave.

October 8, 2014   Woah! 110 MILLION in USA have STDs? People! Control yourselves! You're not animals!

October 8, 2014   dumborat wants AMERICAN TAXPAYERS TO FUND HAMAS! That's how stupid some dumborats are. How absurd his desire is. How can anyone want that?

October 8, 2014   Study: Life after death may exist. Well, DUH! The Bible tells us that our souls live forever after our bodies die: in heaven with GOD and in the presence of PURE LOVE, or in hell and in eternal torment it's up to us to choose. But the Bible tells us we shall all live after death, where that may be is up to us.

October 8, 2014   Women in groud combat troops (front lines) not good for combat. For the most part, women are just good as men at most things. I am just a good a shot as most men, better than some-to-many. However, just because I can hit any target I aim at that doesn't mean that I could be effective on the front lines. I don't do well in the heat (I have a history of getting heat stroke, passing out, heat exhaustion, etc.), and I don't do well carrying heavy loads for long periods and the gear that would have to go with me would be heavy and make me even hotter. This is not a discriminatory statement: it is a statement of fact. Period. Women were made by GOD, IMHO, to be able to do things that men cannot do. We have different physical abilities and we have different personality characteristics. Yes, we are strong emotionally, but men (IMHO) are more geared toward the massive amounts of killing that is required in a real combat position. Women are cops, too, but a cop shooting someone is quite rare in comparison to the act of war where shooting to kill is the norm. Women are the nurturers of the human soul, of the growing children, of those in pain. We are made that way. GOD made Adam to do the hard stuff; Eve to do the easy stuff. Remember, we think differently, we see things differently, our brains function differently (and there's a picture of that). If you have a problem with the reality that men and women are different, that's too bad. The truth is the truth is the truth. When GOD made us, He made us different. I think that difference is what helps glue us together when we marry and if we don't resent that difference, and work within that difference, then it's a better marriage for it. I think that women should be restricted -- yes, RESTRICTED -- to being support personnel behind the lines, not on the front lines of war. I think that if there's a reason to put a female on the front lines, it makes some men try to protect the girl rather than focus on killing the enemy and keeping himself safe. That's wrong: putting a distraction on your own side. War is horrible and making it more difficult for our own side is not a good thing. Keep women in support positions, don't put them on the front lines. Call me a sexist if you so desire. I don't care what you think of me. I think women are special and need to be treated as such.

October 8, 2014   American barbarians on the rise. I've been saying so for years.

October 8, 2014   "Serious crimes" found in clintOOn probe. Well, DUH! Whitewater was a series of "serious crimes" and if anyone thinks the clintOOns had nothing to do with it, I think they're drinking way too much clintOOn Kool-Aid. Read Ann Coulter's "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" and you'll see how bad it was. They got away with everything because the leftist media covered the clintOOns' backsides!

October 8, 2014   ISIS members crossed our southern border? Would it surprise you?

October 8, 2014   I'll stop for now. Remember that I'll be posting my election research as soon as I complete it. GOD Bless America and our troops. Pray for our country and that GOD would keep us safe, our troops safe, and Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him safe. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone and george soros in their tracks and that TRUE CONSERVATIVES will be elected in November all across this great land. Until next time, See ya'!

October 6, 2014: 4:24 p.m.   Minion Monday: Hank Returns! Thought you'd like to know that Hank is back after his visit to Gru, Lucy and the girls. He had a good time, his heart was healed by being with his fellow Minions, and of course laughing with and spending time with the girls. He is glad to be back, though, because he really likes our family and he says the Florida weather is a bonus. I don't consider the weather here a bonus, but different strokes. So, I'll keep you informed about what is happening with Hank. Hope you're as glad to see his return as am I.

October 6, 2014   msthevileone gets her lunch handed to her, so to speak Another school board is rebelling! I LOVE the lunch program she designed because it is teaching children -- and school boards -- more about FREEDOM than anything else the progressives have done! I LOVE that the children are rebelling and fighting back and MAKING the school boards change the program.. I LOVE that people are realizing that it's THEIR OWN CHOICE what they eat, not the government's! It's a GREAT LESSON IN THE BASIC FREEDOMS THAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON and that's a GREAT LESSON! If they had tried hard to make a program that could teach our youth about FREEDOM they couldn't have done a better program than the school lunch program (check that link to find out how much this thing costs, too!) People are seeing what their children are eating for lunch (or should that be what they're NOT eating for lunch?) and that it's NOT msthevileone's girls who are eating her menu (click on the arrows at the right to see what her girls are eating) people are realizing that it's a lunch menu of the haves (msthevileone HAS) and the have-nots (that's you). Compare what your kids ate for lunch today to what the Sidwell Friends (the school the daughters go to) ate:

"October 6, 2014
"Blended Broccoli Soup
"BLT Chop Salad
"Vintner's Salad
"Philly Cheese Steaks
"Roasted Portobello, Pepper & Cheddar Pane Ciabatta
"Roasted Spaghetti Squash
"Corn Chips

"October 6, 2014
"Snack: Cream Cheese & Graham Crackers
"Classic Caesar Salad
"Cheese Tortellini
"Garden Fresh Marinara
"Pesto Cream Sauce
"Steamed Bright Broccoli
"Red Grapes"
So, which menu do you prefer: what your kids ate today, or what thevileone's girls ate today? Yeah. I thought so. The haves and the have nots. msthevileone is just making it more and more evident and taking CONTROL and YOUR PARENTAL CHOICES AWAY FROM YOU.

October 6, 2014   Islamic terrorist involved in El Paso, TX, drug ring. Shocked? No. I didn't think so.

October 6, 2014   Ooopsie! Considering what Islamic countries have been doing/going through lately I don't really like the idea of any Islamic country having any kind of nuclear capabilities. I don't want them to have nuclear power nor nuclear weapons. Until they can make their people abide by a standard of behavior that includes valuing humamn life, not throwing acid on women, not doing genital mutilation of girls, not using their children as bombs, not beheading someone who disagrees with their religion and refuses to convert to it, etc., etc., etc., they don't need nuclear weapons. When they can learn to be humans and to respect human life and the value of human life, they don't need to have nuclear weapons. I can, of course, make the same argument against PROGRESSIVES in America and throughout the world.

October 6, 2014   thevileone issued a statement about the OK beheading by the Muslim convert. You won't like it; unless, of course, you hate America. He sent the following to the Muslim mosque the beheader attended:

"'Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,' President [thevileone] said."
See? Told you.

October 6, 2014   OH school being used as terrorist front? They're importing "foreign workers" and are under investigation by the FBI and other agencies; not that an FBI investigation will do anything at all with thevileone as their overseer, but it's good to know that they're at least pretending to care about terrorists coming into the country as "teachers" at an Ohio school (and probably other schools). We'll see what happens and if the FBI actually makes any difference here. Even money says "Nope."

October 6, 2014   Marburg virus now on the loose. First thevileone allowed ebola to come to America, up to 100 cases suspected or confirmed, so what will he do to stop Marburg? Probably nothing. He doesn't care. It's another step toward destroying America. What further proof do you need? Love your children? You should want thevileone out of office along with EVERY dumborat out there who supports him. Remember, it was thevileone who changed the quarantine rules for people entering the country from other places that had serious illnesses rampaging through them.

October 6, 2014   scotus is full of cowards.

October 6, 2014   FBI warns of terrorist attack in U.S.A. Pay attention. If you have the chance to stop something from happening it's MUCH better than dealing with the consequences of inaction. Of course, thevileone is partially to blame for it. Just as he planned.

October 6, 2014   Doh! Answer me this riddle: Does desperation lead to stupidity, or does stupidity lead to desperation? Whichever: it's the norm for progressives.

October 6, 2014   Illegals being released from jails and prisons. Seems to me that illegals have more rights than those of us born here whose parents were born here: i.e. "natural born citizens". Maybe we should renounce our citizenship and go live in Mexico for a few weeks then cross the border claiming refugee status? Now, take the influx of illegals that have been brought into this country by thevileone and look ahead to what America will be like in 2050 (part 1). Is this what you want?

October 6, 2014   Aaaaahhhh... public schools. More teacher/student sex going on than reading, writing, history & math. They do whatever they can to seduce students and they even plan it between the TEACHERS! A threesome with two teachers and one student? That's wrong in so MANY, MANY ways! Even the principal knows it's going on sometimes and does nothing about it! It's not just one student a teacher can target, sometimes the teacher has sex with multiple students, (one at a time this time). It's not just female teachers, male teachers do it, too. Then there's the drugs some teachers use, sell, whatever. If they're teachers, shouldn't they set a good example? Drunk driving and drug posession are NOT good examples. Homeschool your kids, folks. It's best for them.

October 6, 2014   Check out the chart. It will make your jaw drop. This is a PRO-thevileone site, and look at the numbers. Very telling. BTW, ignore their pro-thevileone jobs numbers. Fact is the unemployment rate is 11.8% NOT the 5.9% the pro-thevileone's are pushing.

October 6, 2014   I suppose I'll stop there for now. GOD Bless America and send a revival. Pray for the safety of our troops and for their quick return, and for Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Christians in prisons worldwide. Pray that GOD will protect America from our enemies -- within America (thevileone, reid, pelosipig, holder, soros, ayers, etc.) and outside America -- and that TRUE Conservatives will win in November. Until next time, See ya'!

October 3, 2014: 1:05 a.m.   Thought I'd do a quick link to my Flag Friday pic because I wanted to make sure it was posted. I thank you for your service and I think you are a blessing! Thus, "Tribute To Our Heroes 184: GOD Blessed America With You!"

October 3, 2014: 1:02 p.m.   thevileone "fires up" activists for illegals. He's telling them,

"'The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number,' said Obama 'Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!'"
The problem is that he's talking about ILLEGAL immigrants who have NO RIGHT TO VOTE! If he's going to let them vote then we may as well become Mexico NORTH. He's trying to change America into AmeXica and that's not his job! He's supposed to be president of the United States of America and he's supposed to uphold and defend our U.S. Constitution. He's not doing that, but that's what he's SUPPOSED to be doing! Instead, he's doing his level best to DESTROY America and to create havoc so that the 12th Imam can be ushered in. He's no more a Christian than is satan.

October 3, 2014   The ACTUAL unemployment rate is 11.8% for Sep. 2014 not the 5.9% being reported. The numbers have been revised UP, as they were just before the 2012 election, and in Oct. 2010, too. It's an electin ploy this administration uses: make things look as rosy as possible when it comes to jobs and the economy right before the election so that they'll stay in office then tell the truth a few days after the election results are finalized. That's how they keep from being thrown out. Revise the numbers. Lie to the people long enough to get them to keep you in office. Don't worry about the TRUTH. Just revise. Just LIE. Just stay in POWER.

October 3, 2014   I'm glad someone's using thevileone's words against him. Now all we need is to use his words against him in a court of law and in IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS. If the U.S. Constitution was consulted, was checked at all, was used as evidence against him, both cases would be a slam dunk indictment against thevileone!

October 3, 2014   msthevileone on the campaign trail for dumborats. When will they abandon that sinking ship? It really is going down.

October 3, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Judge rules against the ACA, but it's not all good news:

"'The court holds that the IRS rule is arbitrary, capricious, and abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.706(2)(A), in excess of summary jurisdiction, authority or limitation, or short of statutory right, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 706(2)(C), or otherwise is an invalidation of the ACA [Affordable Care Act], and is hereby vacated. The court's order of vacatur is stayed, however, pending resolution of any appeal from this order.'"
The good news is that the judge knows the laws and ruled that the IRS rule is "arbitrary, capricious and abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with the law". The bad news is "The court's order of vacatur is stayed, however, pending resolution of any appeal". He's strong on the law and right and wrong, but weak on standing up for his rulings. Too bad. It could have been really good news for the people of OK. Please, Lord, let this be the first step toward dismantling totally and completely the ACA (thevileone's healthcareTAX).

October 3, 2014   Malkin's column very good: as usual. This kind of lottery is not good for America.

October 3, 2014   Ebola is dangerous but precautions are lacking. SMH. How many dead do they want before they'll start taking this seriously?

October 3, 2014   Peace and tolerance:   OK terrorist who beheaded coworker attended radical mosque. That's where he learned about beheading those who didn't accept his religion of "tolerance" and "peace". That's where he learned that submission at any cost to the other guy is how it's supposed to be. Learn about Islam and its plans for conquering America. Don't be lulled into complacence via lies.

October 3, 2014   I stand with the people of Hong Kong who want FREEDOM! They really do need our support.

October 3, 2014   EPA/Army Corps of Engineers trying to take more of OUR RIGHTS away. It's all about POWER for this administration. We need to do away with this administration and return FREEDOM to the PEOPLE!

October 3, 2014   Well, my hubby's home from work early because he was gone all week to CA. So I'm going to spend some time with him and I'll see you again on Monday. GOD Bless America. Pray for our troops and for Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Christians in prison worldwide. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

October 2, 2014: 2:01 p.m.   Not many updates today because I have an errand to run. I will say, however, that you must be careful about who you vote for in the Primary Elections! I urged you to do a write-in for Michael Hartman, but that, it turns out, would be an illegal thing to do. If you don't vote for him in the Primaries, you can't vote for him later. He's out of the running and no matter what you find out after the Primaries about the remaining candidate in your party, you can't go back and choose someone else to vote for. If it comes out that the remaining candidate in your party -- or in any other party you would consider voting for -- is a turkey, you're stuck. You either vote for the turkey or you vote for someone outside of your party. (That's probably how so many idiot dumborats get elected: think alan grayson.) Here's the official word:


"The write-in choice only appears on races where a candidate has qualified as an official write-in candidate. If the race does not have a write-in choice, this means nobody qualified as a write-in candidate.

"The only legal votes for a write-in candidate are those cast for a qualified write-in, on races where the write-in option is available. This means if a voter writes a name for the D2 County Commission race, which has no write-in candidate, it would not count as a legal vote.

"On Election Night, we report the total number of votes each “regular” candidate receives, and the total votes cast for the write-in option. Beginning the next day, we breakout the write-in ballots into 2 group, qualified vs. non-qualified write-ins. Our 1st Unoffical Results, which are reported on November 8th 2014, include the total number of write-in votes broken down by qualified vs. nonqualified write-ins.

"Once the write-ins are separated into qualified, vs. non-qualified, the winner is determined by who received the most votes. Only qualified write-in votes are used for determining the winner of a race.

"I realize this is a lot of information, and can be difficult to clarify in an email. If you have any further questions, I would be happy to speak with you directly. My contact information is below.


"Tim Bobanic
"Chief Deputy – Information Systems"
Yep. Your PRIMARY VOTE is SO VERY, VERY IMPORTANT. Do your research. FIND THE TRUTH for yourself, or write to me and remind me that it's time to do research PRIOR to anyone voting in the Primaries. It's too important to just throw your vote away. The Republicans are now stuck with Jim Barfield as their candidate. How many of them will vote for the turkey in order to vote for the Party? It's not worth it. I'll talk to Jack Smink some more and see if it's going to be worth anyone's while to vote for him. I may even talk to the Libertarian. I don't hold with the Libertarian Party's platform (they want to legalize drugs and prostitution to mention two things I disagree with) and I really have a problem with voting for a Libertarian because of their platform. HOWEVER, if I'm going to vote for the least of the evils, it may be... No. I can't do that. Jim Barfield is a RINO. I cannot support him. The Libertarian I cannot support. Supporting prostitution -- the denigration of people to becoming nothing but sex objects like a sex toy you'd buy at an "adult" store -- is immoral. People are more valuable than prostitution makes them. Libertarians supporting the denigration of humans into sex toys is a disgusting thing for a party as a whole to do. Their defense is that it's a "victimless" crime: a choice the two parties involved make of their own free wills. Ask the women, children and men who are in prostitution if they felt like they had a choice, if they did it because they like the work. I'll bet you that 98% will tell you no, and what do Libertarians do with the pimps who beat the women when they don't make enough money nightly? Is that a "victimless" crime, too? Libertarians use the guise of "victimless" to cover the fact that they don't want to enforce the existing laws and make the effort to protect the people who feel trapped into this sort of activity. If they don't have to enforce the laws they can spend more time getting high, I suppose. I'm not 100% comfortable doing so, but just in my talk with Jack Smink so far, he seems like a reasonable, intelligent person who is willing to listen and agree to disagree without getting all up in your face. Therefore, I endorse Jack Smink for D2 County Commmission. Check out his website. Part of his website says:
"It is my implementation of these two principles that I believe will empower me to make good, sound decisions, impacting our community with a productive balance of minimum taxes, smaller government, economic and cultural development while strengthening our citizen’s rights."
That sounds like someone we can work with. He is a bit of a tree-hugger, but it doesn't seem like he's a Hamster yet. Keep him on your speed dial and talk to him frequently if he gets elected. This is the only way to make sure he knows what YOU want him to do. Make sure HE represents YOU. Otherwise, Brevard will suffer and we'll lose more jobs, more homeowners and any future our children may have otherwise had here. (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, or coward.)

October 2, 2014   TX ebola patient exposed at least 100 people. Did you know that thevileone dumped the quarantine laws back in 2010? He is responsible for any ebola deaths that happen here in America. Their blood will be on his hands. How many deaths is this Nobel Peace Prize winner responsible for? Thousands.

October 2, 2014   msthevileone says Senate control rests on "a few hundred votes". So let's take those "few hundred" and let's convince them to vote Republican: CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, not RINO. Even if thevileone is never impeached as he SHOULD be, at the very least controlling the House and Senate would be better for our country and for our future. IF, that is, the control is more Conservative than bonehead boehner and mitch mcconnell are. Those two need to be replaced with staplers because the staplers would have more courage and higher IQs!

October 2, 2014   *Twilight Zone music*.

October 2, 2014   Secret Service Director resigns. Good. Now if we could get her BOSS to resign, that would be even better!

October 2, 2014   GSA official FINALLLY charged: 4 yrs later.

"The lavish event, held by the GSA for its employees, featured luxury accommodations for staff and their loved ones, fine cuisine, wild parties and expensive gifts. Adding insult to injury, dozens of agency workers were awarded cash bonuses for arranging the outlandish Sin City celebration. Details if this atrocity were featured in a GSA Inspector General report published a few years after the exorbitant 2010 bash."
That Las Vegas party only cost the taxpayers $1 MILLION but what's a MILLION dollars when you've got all the taxpayer dollars you want to spend? Drop in the bucket to this administration. After all, Kobe Beef and lobster dinners at our expense are de rigueur for them.

October 2, 2014   Aaaahhhh... public schools. This incident makes me uncomfortable. I don't care what nationality the guy is, what color his skin is, what religion he is. If you go onto school property and ask questions about how many COPS are on campus, how close the closest POLICE STATION is, and questions like that, it raises red flags to me. IF the guy was asking about if it's a good school, if the teachers were thought to be good teachers, if the curriculum was rigorous and worthwhile, then I would not be concerned. It would sound like he was trying to choose a school for his children. Questions about cops on campus and the location of the nearest police station? That bothers me.

October 2, 2014   Well, I must go get ready to run my errand. I'm taking someone with me (You'll find out who on Monday... hint, hint.) and I'll let you know now that I plan on posting soon about the other issues that will appear on the ballot. Then, I plan on moving it all to one page so that you don't have to search for the info. I may even post the Primary election info below the stuff for November's election just so no one can say I've changed my mind, or whatever. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Christians in prisons worldwide. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone and george soros in their tracks. Pray that TRUE CONSERVATIVES (fiscal and/or social) be elected this November. Until next time, See ya'!

October 1, 2014: 11:36 p.m.   My apologies for missing several days. I found out Saturday that a close friend -- we had decided we were "sisters from another mother" because we were so much alike -- died last week. It was a shock for everyone. When we had lunch August 6, 2014 at Ossorio's and planned on getting together again in September. It was she who loved to go to the gun range with me and I was teaching her how to shoot better. Now she's gone and I will miss her very much. That's why I did no updates for Monday and Tuesday. I was still so surprised by her loss and I still miss her like crazy, but the surprise is giving way to acceptance and I will see her again in heaven. I wonder if they have a shooting range in heaven...?


October 1, 2014   Amendment 1: LAND GRAB. Oh, sorry. The correct title is "Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative". The important part of the tax initiative:

"would dedicate 33 percent of net revenue from the existing excise tax on documents to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund.[1] [my bolding]"
Thirty-three percent? Do you want to have even more land taken off of the tax rolls and put onto YOUR backs to do the upkeep, and to pay for while being told that you can't go there and use that land, or that you can only do certain things there? Do you really want more "hands off" land that you will ultimately pay for forever and you will be unable to use a lot of it for anything? I've been doing some birding in the last year. When I go birding with my hubby, I see how much land is already owned by the different government levels within this state (and a few other states). I also see that to go into a little-bitty park in some cases costs four or five dollars just to go in and go down a road that is less than a half-mile long and turn around and come back out because there's NOTHING there to see, do, or otherwise be considered worth the entrance fee. Yet, this little park is on the taxpayer's back to do the upkeep for the rest of their lives and they have NOTHING they can do there but maybe a picnic, use the potty, if they can get to the river/creek/lake they may be able to fish, and a little Frisbee throwing may be done but the park I'm thinking of was so small that it's questionable about that. It was absurd that we had to pay to get into that little thing, and that the taxpayers are paying for such a waste of money. Do we really want to vote to do that? The State of Florida already has 29.2% of their lands owned by the federal or state government. (And that does NOT include county and city governments!) Do we really want to dedicate 33% of excise taxes toward buying MORE land? In 2014 ALONE, the State of Florida spent $17,893,765 buying 23,120 ACRES of land in Florida. Do we want to spend MORE on land purchases? Really? The Florida Budget has a break down of what is what and the tax mentioned, the documentary stamp tax is available starting on page 72 and you'll see that the State of Florida is receiving approximately $2,069,400,000 (yes, that's BILLION) for fiscal year 2014-2015. We are already spending $94,800,000 of that money on Land Acquisition. They DO NOT NEED ANYMORE of OUR MONEY. Almost $95 MILLION is enough. Don't you think? VOTE NO on Amendment 1. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, PAC, or tree hugger.)

Vote NO on Amendment 2. Read the wording of Amendment 2. Find out for yourself. You've seen my links that prove that almost EVERY medical condition that "medical marijuana" is allegedly good for is actually NOT RECOMMENDED by the advocacy group for that medical condition. IF the advocacy group for that particular medical condition is saying "DON'T DO MARIJUANA" for that condition, why on earth is someone else coming along and saying "'Medical' marijuana is needed"? If you have glaucoma and you've done the research as has the Glaucoma Research Foundation, if the Glaucoma Research Foundation is NOT -- for MEDICAL REASONS -- recommending "medical" marijuana, then why should someone else come along and tell you to use it for glaucoma, why listen to those who are ill-informed? There IS NO MEDICAL CONDITION for which the ADVOCACY GROUP for that condition actually recommends the use of "medical marijuana". Period. So why on earth listen to those advocating for it? (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, PAC, or loopy drug user.)

Amendment 3 allows the current Governor to fill judicial vacancies. My gut reaction to this one is a resounding "No!" Think of sotomayor, bader-ginsberg, and the other libs on the scotus bench. Do we really need a dumborat governor doing that to us? I don't think so. Then there's the fact that there are liars who will support a bad progressive judge in an election because they want the influence that the progressive judge would give them via the progressive judge's rulings. So either way we may be messed over. My research tells me that the progressive League of Women Voters is AGAINST 3 so that makes me want to support it. Our U.S. Constitution gives the President the power to appoint judges, so our Founding Fathers apparently liked the idea. Progressives hate the idea but I bet they'd support the idea if bader-ginsberg or sotomayor died the day before thevileone left office and he quickly appointed hillclintOOn to the scotus. So, either way we could be having bad judges, but I'll go with the Founding Fathers on this one and say, "VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 3" because it's an idea our Founding Fathers favored. I may live to regret it, but there's no guarantees either way that we'll have only Constitutional judges on our benches, so I'll go with what they believed. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, PAC, or progressive woman voter.)

October 1, 2014   Judicial Watch proves FBI kept in touch with terrorist. Not to spy on Al Qaeda, or for any good purpose, but because they're all that. The FBI seems to have the attitude that the 9/11 Commission was obsessed with pinning the 9/11 attack on innocent men, women and children on Islamic terrorists. Amazing.

October 1, 2014   Ebola in America. Children were exposed and if they have it, they've exposed others and the list goes on. This is not a good thing. Add to ebola enterovirus and Chikungunya (spread via mosquitoes), and the CDC saying that illegal immigrant children could be spreading a virus and you've got one messed up health situation in America. I wonder if thevileone will ever take responsibility? Sorry. Rhetorical question.

October 1, 2014   thevileone's admin: Looking for a chance to charge discrimination. shock. surprise.

October 1, 2014   Malkin has a point. Don't relax just yet. It's not a good thing to trust this admin or anything they say, and the "vetting" process for training Muslims is about as well done as a colander at holding water. Who knows what they were trying to get training for and what kind of access they had to what info over here? Is Islam planning another 9/11 or some other attack? Don't relax yet.

October 1, 2014   Is the Secret Service really interested in protecting thevileone? Or are they so sick of him that they've started obeying his orders when it comes to his personal security? Just asking. Just asking.

October 1, 2014   thevileone is so very INconsiderate. He eats avocado with goat cheese and bell pepper, crisped halibut with basmati rice and mango crème brulee while the Prime Minister of India drinks a bowl of hot water because they scheduled the meeting for suppertime. So very INconsiderate of thevileone. He should have been more aware and he should have scheduled the meeting at a different time of day. He's a toad.

October 1, 2014   I'll close for now. GOD Bless America. Pray for our troops and for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him, and pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

September 26, 2014: 3:37 p.m.   Tribute To Our Heroes 183: As Seen From Space is my Flag Friday offering and thanks to those who have served. I can never thank you enough.

September 26, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   If this is the "peace and tolerance" of Islam, allah can keep it. I don't think the rest of the world needs any part in it. Of course, that's not what thevileone thinks. He likes Islam; most Muslims do. I bet he endorses beheadings, too.

September 26, 2014   wassy-schultz at it again. If she had a brain to play with...

September 26, 2014   I bet thevileone planned for this to happen. This way he can put the blame for the illegals being able to stay on the COURTS instead of admitting it was all him.

September 26, 2014   Eight Seminole County schools evacuated after bomb threats. Fals alarms, all, but it's unnerving to the parents and kids.

September 26, 2014   The "fly-over country" libs, yes, but the high muckety-muck libs? They'll never give up on thevileone. They've staked lives, fortunes and lack of honor on him. There's no way in hades the george soros-types, the george looney-types, or the kiss-ups won't give up on him. They still believe that he hasn't had the right chance, that the conservtives are robbing him of his opportunities. They still believe. They're just frustrated that he's being robbed.

September 26, 2014   clintOOn foundation supports killing babies. Rapists do that because they don't want to have to support a child if it is conceived through the rape they've just committed. We all know that billyboy is pretty much an expert on the subject.

September 26, 2014   I'm going to stop there because I don't want the barfield info to get too low on the page right now. I want you to see that, to think about it and to share it with others. So, GOD Bless America and keep her safe from thevileone and others like him. Pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini (and the other Christians in prison) and pray for TRUE CONSERVATIVES to win this November. Until next time, See ya'!

September 26, 2014: 2:17 a.m.   Thought you'd like to keep an eye on candidate dollars so I got a link for you: Candidate Contributions and Expenditures. Take a look at who is giving money to whom. It's a good thing to watch that.

September 25, 2014: 2:31 p.m.   I will start today with something from Scott Ellis. Apparently he sees the same things in D2 Rep. candidate, Jim Barfield, as do I.

"Thursday we received a full dose of the Matt Reed rooster crowing the far right was done in Brevard. While Mr. Reed and the Florida Today were taking credit for numerous races where no such candidates existed, the two real races in play on Election Day were the County Commission races. In these races we had clear distinctions of Establishment and Non-establishment candidates, and a few more in between for good measure.

"The Election results were a split, but Mr. Reed conveniently failed to note how the split for the Florida Today and the Establishment was achieved.

"I missed any Florida Today mention of the sneaky and cowardly tactics used to deceptively win the District 2 race.

"District 2 turned on the most dishonest and dangerous mail piece I've known. The mailer does the hit on Michael Hartman, yet appears to also be a positive piece for Chuck Sheridan. The common assumption is the piece was mailed by Sheridan. Not so. The piece came from the Barfield camp, and was designed to divert any backlash to Sheridan and away from the 'innocent' Barfield.

"In 30 years of closely following elections I have never seen a piece like this.

"We're used to candidates knocking each other and 'groups' knocking candidates, but this crossed the line by 'spoofing' itself as one candidate slamming another. In the future any third party can send any piece pretending to be any candidate, the design at heart being to elect the shadowy candidate who is seemingly 'above the fray'.

"Man up when you hit someone and don't pretend to be somebody else. Most telling the treasurer of the Electioneering Group used for the spoofed identity piece is a recent graduate of 'Leadership Brevard'. I suppose this is what we expect of our future leaders and how they are being trained?

"Given the lack of ethics of Mr. Barfield, hiding behind the disguise of one candidate to make a hit on a third candidate, I can see we don't have much to look forward to over the next four years.

"Congratulations, Matt Reed, on your new breed of leaders."
That's a letter Scott Ellis (Yes, the Clerk of Court Scott Ellis) sent to FL Toady [sic] (but he didn't spell it "Toady" as do I). They didn't publish this in its entirety, but they did publish a condensed version. I'll publish the whole thing. This letter tells me that the folks in D2 should do a write-in vote for Michael Hartman and defeat the underhanded techniques of Barfield and his camp. Don't let deception win. Do a write-in for Michael Hartman and teach the liars and deceivers a lesson! (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, committee, campaign, Clerk of Courts, or newspaper commentator.)

Speaking of liars and deceivers, I sent jim barfield an e-mail two days ago and have yet to hear back from him. The e-mail:

"Mr. Barfield,

"I have been looking at the D2 County Commission candidates since my preferred candidate was defeated in the primaries. Now I have to figure out to whom I should lend my support. I have spoken to one of your opponents but he and I shall need to speak again because he had a schedule to keep and all of my questions were not answered.

"I have three questions I would like you to answer before I even begin to consider you as a preferred candidate:

"1) If you’re a Republican, why are you accepting money from Democrats like Tony Sasso, Vincent Lamb, William Hillberg, etc.

"2) Will you tell ME (and the rest of the voters in Brevard County prior to the election) the “Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” about the EDC’s dealings with BlueWare while you were the Treasurer for the EDC and any other additional information you may have about that debacle?

"3) How we can trust you considering the first two questions?

"Thank you for your time.

"Linda McKinney
"Space Coast Conservative"
I will publish any responses I receive from him. IF I hear from him at all. Actually, I expect a threat of a lawsuit, but that's par for the course for RINOs and progressives in this county. (Just in case: Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, committee, campaign, Clerk of Courts, or newspaper commentator.)

September 25, 2014   Don't let the front door hit you on the backside when you leave! Or do. I don't care. eric holder is GONE! PARTY!! PARTY!! PARTY!! WoooHooo! Another one bites the dust. The best part? The contempt of Congress charge will PROCEED even though holder has stepped down. Excellent! Gowdy and his committee are doing the RIGHT thing! Goody! Gowdy! Gowdy! Happy Camper! On top of that, Judicial Watch has had another victory over holder and he has been ordered to stop delaying and turn over FAST & FURIOUS documents no later than October 22, 2014! I bet his headaches have just begun. PREDICTION: A blanket pardon for holder from thevileone is in the works and will be delivered upon demand.

September 25, 2014   Putin proposing property seizure possibility. They're looking for trouble. Trust me, they'll find it one way or another.

September 25, 2014   Possible attacks on subways in NY and Paris? ISIS is making some noise about it. Problem: thevileone says ISIS/ISIL is "not Islamic", so if they're not Islamic, then why are they using Islamic tactics? Since the end of WWII and the defeat of Hitler and Japan what other group/religion uses the kinds of terrorist tactics that Islam does? There is no one else besides ISLAM that uses terror as a weapon of war. Moral fighters use the rules of war, attacking only those in uniform, military targets only, and do so without targeting civilians. That's not how ISLAM fights. ISLAM is morally bankrupt, heartless, evil and as bad as it comes when it comes to FORCING people to do as ISLAM demands. ISLAM demands TOTAL SUBMISSION. ISLAM demands CONVERSION. ISLAM demands POWER AND CONTROL. ISLAM is NOTHING more than a RELIGION OF SATAN and POWER. ISLAM IS EVIL.

September 25, 2014   dumborat crybaby: but most dumborats are.

September 25, 2014   I LOVE msthevileone's school lunch program. It has done more to teach children how to think for themselves, stand up for what they want, about the liberties lefties try to take away and about freedom of CHOICE -- choice in what you want for lunch -- than anything we could have taught them with multi-million dollar programs. I LOVE msthevileone's school lunch program because THE KIDS have been rebelling against government control over their food choices and lives. More and more often, the program is being dropped because the kids have rebelled against it and they've found out about what happens when the government is involved in the minute details of people's lives. That's a good thing!

September 25, 2014   thevileone's IRS targeted organizations that were "'educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.'" The "constitutional professor" doesn't want you to understand the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights because if you do, you'll also understand how thevileone is BREAKING BOTH. He wants you ignorant and defeated. He wants to be able to take away your rights and keep you in the dark so that he doesn't have to worry about you fighting back. That's how lefties work: keep you ignorant and you won't fight back. That's why they're doing Common Crap Core, too: Your ignorance is their bliss for those who are trying to make you their slaves.

September 25, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Pusher of CCC "standards" CHANGES HER MIND. Now, she's totally against it. Better late than never, I suppose. Now, the pushers are pushing Catholic schools to accept CCC "standards". In TN, it's losing support among teachers. And if you want to talk about bullies, look at CCC! Believe it or not, there are some Dems. against this crud. One of them may become NY Senate Education Chair. I wonder if that means that NY can kiss CCC goodbye. Wouldn't that be great for NY kids?

September 25, 2014   12 out of 12 studies CONFIRM LINK BETWEEN ABORTION AND BREAST CANCER. How many abortions you have all but dictates whether you will have breast cancer. Twelve out of twelve studies. There is NO DOUBT that there is a link between abortions and breast cancer. No doubt. Your body may have a price to pay, but you don't have to pay an eternal price. If you've had an abortion, GOD STILL LOVES YOU and wants to forgive you. Your baby is in heaven (or babies if you've had multiple abortions) and GOD loves your child/children. GOD will FORGIVE you if you ask Him to forgive you. He LOVES YOU and wants to forgive you. PLEASE, ask His forgiveness and ask Him to help you forgive yourself. Seek help and counseling from a Christian counselor and know that you don't need to live in guilt, fear, self-condemnation and your own unforgiveness of yourself. GOD LOVES YOU. Don't live outside of that love any longer. Go to Him and ask Him for His forgiveness and to come into your life and into your heart and to heal your heart and soul. He already has your baby/babies in His arms. He wants to hold and comfort you, too.

September 25, 2014   I think I'll stop on that note for now. I want to leave that as the last thought for some. GOD Bless America. Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him. Pray for our troops and their safety. Pray that thevileone will be stopped in his tracks. Pray that TRUE CONSERVATIVES will win in November. Until next time, See ya'!

September 24, 2014: 6:21 p.m.   FOX chief backs hillclintOOn. No wonder FOX has gone to hades in a hand basket with that kind of leaders. I think their backing is going to be for naught. I think hillclitOOn's health issues are going to prevent her from running -- or at least from completing her run. I'm not saying she'll die, nor that I want her dead. I am saying that she's still wearing those glasses that means she has her brain problem still and that doesn't bode well for a president. If she has another episode there's no telling what the results will be. Does she want to be back in the Red House so badly that she'll endanger her health for it? Life, or preziduncy.... Hmmmm... Tough choice for some.

September 24, 2014   Putin pushing his limits again. He has no respect for the rights and freedom of other countries, other people. He wants it all. He is as evil as thevileone and he needs to be brought back under control. Too bad thevileone is so flexible since the election. It's costing people their lives and their freedom!

September 24, 2014   Aaaaahhhhh.... public schools. If they're not threatening to kill them with robots, they're having sex with their students. They seem to like doing that. Or if they're not having sex with the students or threatening to kill them with robots, there's always the drugs they deal and the date rape drug recipe. (Say what?!) Yes, there are some good teachers out there, but you gotta' be aware of the bad ones who pose a real threat to your children. Homeschool your children, folks. It's best for them.

September 24, 2014   Just a little bit of government intrusion here. Just a little.

September 24, 2014   thevileone controls what is reported about him. Whatever happened to a free press and the U.S. Constitution:

"Amendment I
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. [my bolding]"
I guess thevileone doesn't believe in the U.S. Constitution, does he?

September 24, 2014   Judicial Watch was correct, of course:

"The agency created by President Obama to warrantlessly collect the private financial information of millions of Americans fails to adequately protect the data and must boost security, according to a federal audit conducted with Judicial Watch’s assistance."
Don't ya' love it? (*sarcasm*)

September 24, 2014   Well, my hubby just came home and I've got a sinus headache. All this rain is making my sinuses go nuts. So I'm going to stop for the day. Sorry it's so short. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and for Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him, and pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Also, pray that the candidates of GOD's choice will win in November. We need His help with that! Until next time, See ya'!

September 23, 2014: 3:48 p.m.   I hope you've taken the few minutes it takes to watch the video above about feminism. It's all about CONTROL, folks. It's not about "equal pay for equal work". That's a load of.... Well, you know. It's all about CONTROL. That's all the lefties want. They don't care about women because if they did, they would not ENCOURAGE out of wedlock babies which is one of the biggest factors leading to poverty for the mother and child than almost anything else. They don't care about abortions (the women being aborted or the women having abortions) and the devastation -- emotional, mental, spiritual, sometimes physical -- brought on from having abortions. They don't care about the latchkey kids from moms working outside the home instead of focusing on their families and staying home to raise the children and give the children security, solid foundations (emotional, moral, educational, etc.), or they would encourage women to do just that: stay home instead of focusing on their careers and finding their "fulfillment" elsewhere. When lefties say they care about something always look at the way they treat that something and if they use it for CONTROLLING OTHERS, then it's not that they care about that, it's that it's a pressure point they've built upon for years and they can use it to make others jump through hoops. For instance, how big a carbon footprint just ONE of algore's luxury homes will leave. Yeah. He cares about what he's preaching. The fact is, he sold Current TV to Al Jazeera and pocketed the money of those he supposedly preaches against. Against, that is, until and unless it can financially benefity him. Proof is in the pudding, folks. If they cared about it instead of using it to CONTROL you, their ACTIONS would FOLLOW THEIR WORDS.

September 23, 2014   envirowheel   Speaking of Hamsters, thevileone is using the environment to CONTROL you again. He is trying to make sure he uses everything he can to DESTROY AMERICA. It's not that he gives a flip about the climate because if he did would he travel as much as he has? Consider the carbon footprint he's leaving via AF1, seperate trips for he and his wifeypoo (and sometimes the girls), how many times the dog travelled in a seperate plane, etc., not to count all of the pre-visit folks going over there, the security detail, the transportation of all of the security detail's vehicles and all of the driving they have to do while on that vacation, and the trip back for all of those folks. Does he really give a flip? No. He's using the issue to CONTROL us and nothing more.

September 23, 2014   Pray for the people of Africa. They have a long road ahead of them and if they are to survive they need medical help and prayers.

September 23, 2014   eric holder: Prime example of CONTROL.

September 23, 2014   YOU PAID $700,000 for thevileone to drink beer, play pool and fundraise. Don't ya' love their version of America? Elitists get to do whatever they want at YOUR expense. That's their version of America: they play, we pay! Ah... progressives. When they're in control they're in CONTROL!

September 23, 2014   Took a little break to talk to the unconventional D2 candidate for County Commissioner, Jack Smink for a while. He and I are going to get together and talk sometime in the near future and that way I can see who he is and what he stands for. So far he sounds like a reasonable man. We'll see how things go and I'll keep you informed.

September 23, 2014   thevileone:   Stupid is as stupid does. Delivering an U.N. speech about the need for "green" policies worldwide, he shows his sincerity via using styrofoam? (*smirk*) Did you know that his July trips cost you $1,159,823.50? That's just July! Must be nice living high on the hog off of OUR dimes.

September 23, 2014   Lesson learned from Sen. Ted Cruz's IDC heckling and departure: the title of an organization does NOT always TELL THE TRUTH about that organization. The "In Defense of Christians" is a front group for people who hate Israel and lies to get money from Christians. That's why I always, always, always tell you to do your own research and to "FIND THE TRUTH!" because if you just go by titles -- like the all-pervasive (R) behind RINO candidates' (and at times even dumborats who changed party affiliations to get votes -- think Charlie Crist) names nowadays -- you can be misled and you can be put into an untenable situation. If he'd have paid attention to the facts about who was behind the group I do believe he would have said a resounding but polite, "No, thank you!" to the invitation to speak at such an organization's summit. I know I would have!

September 23, 2014   Been there. Done that. Literally have the t-shirt. Let's not do that again.

September 23, 2014   Women, don't be this stupid. Really. Don't be that stupid. Oh, and if you are, don't publish it! Criminutly!

September 23, 2014   Illegal Aliens On Parade:   More are on their way. Of course, they'll get here and, of course, YOUR taxpayer dollars will pay for their room and board.

September 23, 2014   Well, I shall go for now. Hubby's home. Didn't get as much done today as I had hoped, but talking with Mr. Smink took up some of my update time. Again, I'll keep you posted on how that goes. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops -- especially those in the Middle East -- and for Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him. Pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

September 22, 2014: 2:30 p.m.   Hope you had a great weekend. Hubby and I went birding on Sunday and found a new (for us) species for our list. Hurrah. I like birding but sometimes it's frustrating because birds don't cooperate. Just because they're reported to be in a certain area that doesn't mean that their wings don't work. They've frustrated us more often than not, but it's still fun to go try. Yes, we get to see other areas of the state that we hadn't seen before, and sometimes we get to see a bird that wasn't on our radar but is new for our list, but that doesn't mean that the Ruff we went to find not being there wasn't frustrating: especially when you're rather new to birding and still unsure as to how to figure which of those little sandpiper/plover/whatever birds is which. Going birding with an experienced birder is better in that you can look to them to help with identifying a bird you don't recognize and they know where to look for certain species. It also can lead to you finding more birds, but there's no guarantee that an experienced birder equals birds that are cooperative and appear where they were reported or that they'll let you see them. Then there's the frustration of finding out just how much of our state is owned by a layer of government and off the taxpayer rolls because WE already purchased the land, but WE still have to pay to go onto that land WE own, or that WE can't touch it at all because the GOVERNMENT says we can't use land WE own. That's VERY frustrating. It irks me to no end that WE own land and the GOVERNMENT (which is supposed to be "WE, The People") tells us WE can't touch it. Can we change that? Let us try!

September 22, 2014   Swiss government says vegan diet bad for kids. It's bad for adults, too, but no one will admit that because it's not PC. "Veganism is wonderful!" some folks say. Nope. I will never believe that because if it were good for us I don't think that GOD would have commanded his priests to eat part of the meat of the sacrifices. Would GOD command His people to eat something that was bad for them? No. He loves us and He loved them. He would never say to eat something that was considered holy although it's bad for you and will do bad things to your body, would he? Common sense and any remote knowledge of GOD's Word tells you that that way of thinking is antipode to GOD's Word. Veganism hasn't been recommended by GOD since the fall, which He knew would happen and prepared steak for.

September 22, 2014   hillclintOOn's past comes back to haunt her in writing. Her love of Saul Alinsky is on parade. Remember, Saul Alinsky is thevileone's guide (with george soros) in how to destroy America and a clintOOn preziduncy would just mean more of the same destruction. Well, that and more of her "hard dog to keep on the porch" philanderer. It would also mean that we have another totally unqualified progressive who hates America to continue the destruction of America in the Red House. That's not a good thing for your children and any future you hope they'll have; unless, of course, you want them to live in a Marxist dictatorship.

September 22, 2014   McKinney, TX best place to live. Just because of the name of the town I used this. Figure it out.

September 22, 2014   DH[IN]S faces high level of employee turnover. They've also got a morale problem. I would say "I wonder why", but no one would believe me. Maybe starting to stand against thevileone and doing what's right will help with the morale problem. I don't know. I do know that they've been doing the wrong thing for so long that if the department fell apart altogether it wouldn't bother me. One less government "security" agency to contend with intruding into our privacy is a good thing, IMHO.

September 22, 2014   "Refugees" are a security risk to ALL countries. Anyone can make claims that meet the "standards" (what "standards"?) of needing refugee status. The problem is that anyone can also LIE about what's happening in their own country and why they need "refugee" status. If we checked things out on 99% of those claiming "refugee" status, I'd say a good 90% (if not more) of those would be denied and turned back. If your progeny's safety is of any concern to you, I would encourage you to sign the petition to CLOSE the border and find out who is IN our country before we allow more possible terrorists and others who aim to harm our children, harm our country, harm our economy, etc., into our country. If we don't know who is here how can we consider ANYTHING or ANYONE secure? Are your children safe under this administration? NO! Absolutely not. His open border has endangered us all and he's GLAD of it because it will help destroy America; who cares what it does to your children? Not he.

September 22, 2014   Ruh-roh.

September 22, 2014   Desperate woman turns to destructive man. She's expecting anything besides total destruction for her country with his history of destroying countries? Stupid is as stupid does.

September 22, 2014   Hollyweird is trying to get hillclintOOn elected via the TV show "Madam Secretary". It's not going to work because the character is so much BETTER than hillclintOOn that it makes the real clintOOn look BAD. The show's character is strong, decisive, pro-America, is willing to stand up to power (as opposed to the real clintOOn's kiss-up to power), and has something the real clintOOn has no idea of: integrity. The show's juxtaposition with reality is going to do more harm than good, but Hollyweird doesn't think in real terms. They believe that they can put something out there and it's suddenly the truth. Remember the after effects of the movie "Avatar"? Yeah. The TV show "Madam Secretary" is going to have a similar effect.

September 22, 2014   envirowheel   The stupid and gullable on parade. Anyone who knows how to USE their brain (as opposed to just taking it out and playing with it in the dirt) knows that it's getting colder, not warmer and that global warming is a hoax. It's not even about the environment, really. It's about CONTROL. If they can CONTROL you in another way -- what you drive, how many gallons of water your toilet uses per flush, or how many gallons of water your washing machine uses per load, how much electricity your light bulbs use, etc. -- they can make you incrementally accept THEIR TOTAL CONTROL over YOU. That's what the "global warming" lie is all about: CONTROL.

September 22, 2014   RINOs seen "moving" toward "center". It's not "moving" toward the "center", it's moving LEFT and that means that they have no core values and don't care about what's the RIGHT thing to do. They just want to be eleced. That means they'll sell you out in a heartbeat after being elected if it means they'll be able to have more power, keep the power they have, or get influence with a new group/person/agenda. Don't elect RINOs (BTW, Did you know D2 RINO, Jim Barfield was/is an EDC Board member? Remember what's going on with the EDC here in Brevard? Also remember that local LEFTIES are donating to his campaign and that should tell you a LOT!). They're sell outs from the get go. (BTW, can you imagine a RINO Party? Their campaign slogans would have to be things like, "We're only elephants on the outside!", "We want power at any cost!", "Make believe we want what's best for you!", or "Elephants can remember, but we only act like we do!", "America! We'll cave!", "Gray on the outside, RED on the inside!") Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or covert commie.

September 22, 2014   ISIS isn't the only threat. Well, DUH! Over there, they think that the CIA and ISIS are working together. If that is the truth, then thevileone ordered it and it proves that he's lawless and should be held accountable for the deaths there -- including the beheadings ISIS has been doing. If thevileone has done this, he's not fit to be prezdunce, or hold any position other than PRISONER in a federal penitentiary.

September 22, 2014   " an attempt to evade the responsibilities of the new requirements of Florida's Sunshine Law..." The Farty-Four and the EDC at it again.

September 22, 2014   Inland port still in the works. Sigh. More to moan about for certain folks. I don't think it's a good idea, but for other reasons. For me it's a security reason. How many times have we seen stories of stowaways in containers in America and elsewhere. I have a problem with that; especially considering that we have the space program so close and a lot of highly dangerous chemicals stored around us because of that program. Then there's the fact that Tampa is also a port city and Orlando and Disney, Universal, Sea World, LegoLand, etc., as convenient targets and what terrorists shipped in via cargo container could do to our state. No. I don't like a lot of cargo ships coming here. It's got NOTHING to do with the environment and everything to do with security.

September 22, 2014   I'll stop there for today. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops, pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and others like him, and pray that GOD stops thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

September 19, 2014: 9:33 a.m.   Flag Friday:   "Tribute To Our Heroes 182: The Twenty-Four". I post to say "Thank you!" because I can never say it enough. Thank you for your service!

September 19, 2014   I stayed up all night and I worked on a scarf for which I have been collecting yarns for the last few months. I really like the way it's coming together. I made it very long so that I can wrap it around a few times since it's not going to be wide (at least that's the way I see it in my head; what I actually make it into may change). I think it's really pretty and it was definitely worth the work and the lack of sleep but now my fingers are tired (especially my "threading" hand [my left]) and typing for a little while may stretch them out again. So I'll do just a few updates today and I'll then go to bed. So let's get started.

September 19, 2014   So sad. Scotland chose to stay in the U.K. Choosing to bow the knee and pay the taxes to support the "royal" family makes no sense to me. I don't understand wanting that.

September 19, 2014   Did you know that thevileone is such a bad prezidunce that 1/4 of Americans are fine with secession? Leaving the union because of thevileone's lawless administration and his elitism, golf and luxury vacations at our expense while he does all kinds of "Executive Orders" to control us is now being seriously considered as an option. I'd love to see the movement take off and hit 70% and see what thevileone would do. My guess: remember all those militarized police? Yeah. He'd have no problem with that.

September 19, 2014   Enterovirus is making kids across the nation sick. Read about the symptoms and make sure you go to your doctor for treatment. Don't want this thing getting to other children, or making someone with a compromised immune system getting it. Take care of yourself and wash your hands a lot and all of that. Okay?

September 19, 2014   Why $15 hourly wage is BAD for fast food workers. You get paid $15 hourly and people stop buying fast food because the cost of your pay raise will be passed on to the consumer. People stop buying fast food, what happens to your job? The boss keeps you on and just eats the losses? No. You get $15 hourly for about three weeks then you get fired because the boss has to fire some people to keep the overhead cost lower and he can keep the place open for a few more weeks. Too bad your co-workers got the $15 hourly wage, too, and as the doors close for the last time two weeks later, your friends are out of work, too. But you got your $15 hourly for at least three weeks. Was it worth it? Yes, I've worked fast food. My first two jobs were fast food. Trust me, I never dreamed of getting even $5 hourly while I was working fast food because the minimum wage back then was a lot less than that ($2.30 hourly) and I had my own place, my own car, bought my own food, gas, clothes and paid my own rent. You want to tell me how hard things are? Been there. Done that. You're making a whole lot more. Shut up.

September 19, 2014   msthevileone's hypocrisy is on parade again. shock. surprise.

September 19, 2014   FAST & FURIOUS:   thevileone REFUSES to release the documents, filing another motion in court to prevent it. They can play this game all day to keep thevileone's wicked, horrible, anti-American, traitorous secrets. If thevileone is not held accountable by our court system then he has made himself immune from accountability in the courts; therefore making himself DICTATOR who is above the law and who answers to no one except himself. Is this AMERICA? Is this what you want?

September 19, 2014   thevileone's vast military experience (*sarcasm*) makes him take on Pentagon. Reality: He has no experience in the military but he is a dictator so he thinks he can make a better plan. Reality: His ego is bigger than the solar system so naturally he thinks he knows best when it comes to fighting a war. After all, don't all "community organizers" know how to properly execute a war?

September 19, 2014   Putin and thevileone seem to be mirror images of each other. Putin brags: thevileone brags. Putin uses the military as his personal tool: thevileone uses the military as his personal tool (sometimes even to hold an umbrella for him). Putin thinks he's GOD: thevileone thinks he's GOD. Mirror images.

September 19, 2014   dumborat doesn't think republirats will win in November. Why are we not surprised that a dumborat thinks that? After all, dumborats gave us FAST & FURIOUS, BENGHAZI, thevileone's healthcareTAX, an open southern border that is spewing illegals into our country like a broken water main and the dumborats are doing nothing to stop it (in fact, thevileone threatened to sue AZ if they atually did something to prevent folks from coming over. dumborats gave us unemployment as high as 17.1% (U6: Oct., Nov., & Dec., 2009; April 2010), and no lower than 12% since January 2009; and thevileone gave us race riots, lack of transparency, etc., so the dumborats are going to win. Rrrrrrriiiiiiigggghhhhhttttt...

September 19, 2014   Well, I'm nodding off here so I'm going to go to bed. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops, pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and the other Christian prisoners, and pray that thevileone will be stopped. Until next time (Monday, I belleve), See ya'!

September 18, 2014: 3:24 p.m.   It's been six days since I did an update. My Minion Monday is on hold until Hank returns (if he returns), so I didn't post for that. I've been trying to do updates, but the leading of the Holy Spirit made it impossible. I literally sat at my computer for hours, wanting to do updates, but feeling like I shouldn't. Someone apparently needed to see something that was near the top of my site and get the info there. So, here I am, given permission to go ahead with the updates and ready to do so! BTW, I also did some birding with my hubby while being told to withhold updates. My favorite bird that we saw recently was a female Purple Gallinule. As with most female birds, she was quite different from her male counterpart; mostly brown and dull, but she was a cool find. She was at the Viera Wetlands yesterday so if you want to see her, she may still be around.

September 18, 2014   The Farty-Four: Stupid is as stupid does. Giving the EDC another $1.4 MILLION? DUH!

September 18, 2014   Christians in Ukraine being tortured and killed. So is Putin using Muslims to do his dirty work, or are the Muslims using Putin to get the opportunity to hurt, maim and kill more people? Either way, they're both evil and they're doing it all with the blessings and "flexibility" of thevileone. Tell me something. Will we be facing incidents like this on in Australia soon? I bet they didn't expect it there, and we are TOTALLY unprepared for it here. Who will have to die here in America before thevileone stands against Islam instead of making excuses for not being strong against it? Rerouting the military to fight ebola instead of ISIS is not a strong stand against Islamic terrorists. When you are a Muslim, you don't want to fight against Muslims.

September 18, 2014   Scotland is voting today on whether to stay in the United Kingdom (not so united anymore). I've supported the move to independence and freedom from bowing and scraping before a monarchy since the question arose. I think freedom demands that bowing and scraping be OVER with and it may bother the elites that you don't do so anymore but it's what's best for the vast majority of the people. I hope they vote to leave the U.K., but I think it may be close. It may be a 53/47 proposition; I don't know. I have my preferences, but we'll see what the Scottish people think. Either way, I pray that there is no violence no matter what the decision.

September 18, 2014   Smirk. Community outraged over idea of naming school after thevileone, so plan is cancelled. Smirk.

September 18, 2014   dumborats are feeding on each other. They're falling apart because their ideas are so wrong, so bad for America, so vile. The "fly-over country" Democrats (the every day Joe guys and gals, not the "leadership" dumborats) are not happy with what the dumborats have been doing. It's just time for the dumborats to step down and admit they've messed things up royally. Will it happen? Not with their egoes. Even hillclintOOn isn't immune from dumborat feeding frenzy. Good!

September 18, 2014   U.S.A.F. dumps "So Help Me GOD". GRRRRRR... I'm an Air Force brat who married an Air Force brat who served in the Air Force for over twenty years. I have U.S.A.F. so deeply in my family bloodline that even my Great-Aunt E. served as a Women's Air Corps pilot (she was adventurous her whole life). One of my uncles died from a brain tumor while serving in the U.S.A.F., several other uncles also served for at least the minimum, cousins, a sibling and other blood relatives have been in the U.S.A.F. My sisters and I were in the JRAFROTC in school; as were at least two of my brothers-in-law. I used to say that when I bleed I bleed Air Force blue. Now, I'm ashamed of the U.S.A.F. Until they return to "So Help Me GOD", I will not be favorable to them. They've made a grave mistake in kicking the Christian GOD out of the service. Such a shame.

September 18, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   bonehead boehner bends over backwards to help dumborats do anything they want:

"[T]he House passed a continuing resolution that will fund the government after the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, and that will permit funding for Planned Parenthood (the nation's largest abortion provider), the entirety of Obamacare, and an amendment requested by President Barack Obama "'to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition.' [my bolding]"
More baby killing because dumborats wanted it. bonehead boehner should just change parties since his mouth is so firmly stuck to pelosipig's backside that he can't get away from it. This thing is costing people MORE than they thought it would. In fact, a lot of people can't afford the "Affordable Care Act". That's because those who thought it would be cheaper were willfully ignorant. They were ignoring the TRUTH we were telling them and opting for the HOPE of thevileone telling the truth. He couldn't speak the truth if his life depended upon it. For them to trust him to tell the TRUTH is the height of stupidity, but that's what they wanted. They sold it as something that would help immigrants, too. Over 100,000 immigrants are losing their healthcare coverage thanks to this thing. Trusting thevileone is never a smart thing to do. Although, people are waking up to this thing and enrollment is DROPPING, not increasing. (Took them long enough.) No matter how many are (or are not) enrolled in this piece of garbage, the websites are still all messed up and they're a high risk for security problems. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. (*shock. surprise.*) A good thing that is coming about because of this piece of garbage is that it's changing voters' minds and they're more likely to vote for someone who is voting to stop the insurer bailout. The fact that thevileone is using OUR taxpayer dollars to pay for BABY KILLING via thevileone's healthcareTAX is just wrong, but it is the Holy Grail for the dumborats and there's no way they could NOT fund it somehow. They MUST sacrifice babies to the false god of the vote. What cost their power? How many souls are under their thrones awaiting judgment day for their murders? Even with baby killing being funded via thevileone's healthcareTAX, the policies available through this garbage are of lower quality than those before this garbage. In MA, the transition cost from Romneycare to thevileone's healthcareTAX is ENORMOUS. Anything to do with thevileone's healthcareTAX is pricey. We warned ya'. The next enrollment date is approaching and it'll be bad. Bad because
"[T]he Administration is finally getting a grip on enrollees’ eligibility for subsidies, based on income or immigration and citizenship status. That has recently led to bad news for almost half a million Obamacare enrollees, who have been told that they are about to miss the deadline for cleaning up their paperwork. 115,000 will be dropped at the end of September, if they cannot verify their citizenship or immigration status. Another 363,000 will have their subsidies clawed back, because they have not verified their incomes. Many of these will find the full premiums t0o [sic] high to handle, and drop out."
He promised so much and delivered so little. When a liar lies you really should not be surprised.

September 18, 2014   eric holder doesn't punish crime within the Do[IN]J's ranks. This is a lawless administration. They are above, beyond and outside of the law; in their own estimation, at least. When will someone have the courage to arrest them?

September 18, 2014   CO has a "Rocky Mountain Jihad". There's an alleged terrorist training camp in York, SC, too. There are allegedly at least 35 such camps around the USA. I bet those camps are getting bigger considering the possibility of Muslims crossing our southern border. Then there's the U.S. Congressman tries to interfere with TRUTH getting out about border "security". If they weren't afraid of the truth why try to ban Judicial Watch from revealing it? Isn't that special? thevileone is endangering our children even more and golfing and vacationing on our dime all the while. Sweet! (*sarcasm*)

September 18, 2014   envirowheel   Hamstergore is so wrong: AGAIN. He's such a liar. He's using this issue to maintain popularity and control and some grasp on whatever power he can get of it. I seriously doubt he's a true believer because if he were, his investments would be greener, his house would be greener, and his carbon footprint would be MUCH SMALLER. He's using the leftie/progressive losers to stuff his own pockets with their money. Oh, well. If they'll fall for it more power to him as far as paying a price to see him speak. But for him to be telling those demonstrable LIES all the time and to be trying to make us do without, use less energy, feel guilty, or have more rules to live under based upon his LIES, that doesn't sit well with me and I refuse to oblige him. BTW, did you know about this? A progressive greenie who can't keep his pants up, who would believe that?

September 18, 2014   Progressives have to LIE about Rush to make him look bad and try to make advertisers quit advertising with him. How many times will they try this tactic before they give up? The reason they do this is because they know how effective he is at getting people to start thinking and using the "little grey cells" the Good Lord gave them. When they do that, they stop being libs/lefties/progressives and start being Conservatives. Rush is probably the biggest threat to progressivism because he does make people THINK. He makes common sense break through the purple haze of progressivism and when people's brains wake up it's usually rather enjoyable to them and they don't go back to being asleep at the wheel of their lives. No one can control them with the lies anymore. No one can fool them with emotions and no one can make them brain dead zombies again. Progressives hate losing membership.

September 18, 2014   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! What's fair for the goose...

September 18, 2014   On that note of poetic justice, I'll close for now. My hubby's home and supper's cooking so I'll go do other things. I'll be posting my Flag Friday pic later tonight/early tomorrow morning, so expect to see it. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini and the other Christian prisoners, pray that GOD stops thevileone in his tracks and have a great evening. Until next time, See ya'!

September 12, 2014: 9:45 a.m.   It's Flag Friday and my posting for the day is up as "Tribute To Our Heroes 181: A Day of Remembrance". Yesterday I watched a show that broke my heart all over again. "The Cross and The Towers" will do the same to you. Remember that the people in the towers died because of the terrorists' desires to destroy America and force us into following a religion of another's choice. The act itself was heartless and soulless, but the fact that they want to do the same sort of thing to the rest of us, want to force us into their beliefs, is (to me) despicable and contrary in every way to what America stands for: FREEDOM!

September 12, 2014   Surprise. Surprise. It was the threat of severe fines that made Yahoo cooperate with the government, not because they wanted to, but because they were forced into it. When the government is determined, they've got a lot of tools to get it done.

September 12, 2014   Free speech can be a lie, judge rules. Specifically, he was speaking of political ads that used lies, but the judge said it wouldn't be a good thing to have the elections office be the arbitor of "truth". While, in principal, I agree with the idea of a government entity deciding what is "truth", there should be a way to make those running for public office tell the "Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". Truth in election campaigning should be a MUST, a natural thing, but it's not. I think that says a LOT about "We, The People" and what we're willing to accept as our representatives. That's a HORRIBLE reflection of what our electorate has become. Are we that lacking of morals, values, TRUTH and caring about our country and our children's futures?

September 12, 2014   "New" humans by 2050? Such a crock. Evolution doesn't mean that we change our behavior it means our DNA changes. DNA doesn't change because we have robots to do things for us.

September 12, 2014   If Ronald Reagan's admin said something similar, wouldn't the lefties be outraged? This administration is so racist.

September 12, 2014   BENGHAZI: This admin KNEW 3 MONTHS prior that attacks were coming. They did nothing to protect the Ambassador, staff, or security personnel, but they KNEW it was coming. Does that not say it all?

September 12, 2014   $$$$ TAXPAYER $$$$   $761 MILLION to educate illegal alien minors. Enjoy paying taxes for that? Enjoy paying taxes? I hope you do because it's only going to get worse. If that's not bad enough, they wasted $3.2 MILLION to get MONKEYS DRUNK. Isn't that "loverly"?

September 12, 2014   A rhetorical question?

September 12, 2014   bumbling biden is such a farce.

September 12, 2014   Peace and Tolerance:   Islam beheads then mutilates its victims: WHILE LAUGHING. Yeah. Very peaceful and tolerant. Considering that, what is going to happen when thevileone ARMS ISIS? I'm sorry, but common sense doesn't seem to have any place in this administration and it leads to the kind of stupidity that I just linked to. It's not just head-shakingly stupid, it's DANGEROUS. But that's what thevileone likes best about it: it endangers more of America and his goal is to destroy America so he's happy with that. Remember, if Islam gets its way, this is what women have to look forward to. Is that what you want for your daughters?

September 12, 2014   Women "turning on" thevileone? Problem is that libs/lefties/progressives don't really give a flip about whether they like the person and who they are and what they stand for. What matters is the "(D)" behind the name. The fact that they're ridiculously incompetent and award-winning liars makes "no-never-mind" to them. What matters is the "(D)". He'd still get their votes as long as they could give it to him.

September 12, 2014   Here's why you should sign the petition to end the Export/Import Bank. Let's stop this outflow of our money to foreign countries.

September 12, 2014   August's U6 unemployment number: 12%. Personally, I think that's a bit low. So many people have quit even bothering to look for work that I think the number is higher. Then there's the CBO's Budget update as to how the current laws are going to impact us over the next ten years:

Kinda' scary to me; especially slide 13. Look at the amount of "Personal Income Taxes" revenue they get in the next ten years. That's scary!

September 12, 2014   Aaaaahhhh... public schools. Another CONSERVATIVE t-shirt banned. What happened to their First Amendment right? That lack of Free Speech rights extends to fathers, too. Then there's absurd school assignments like this. Compare Bush to Hitler? No agenda there. But at least one teacher tells the truth about public schools. It's much more comparable than the Bush/Hitler thing; especially when you remember "totaliarian" school lunch program! There's also the attitudes against Christians that make concentration camp comparisons more appropriate. There's also the authorities who protect the pervs in the schools. In concentration camps the high-muckety-mucks defended their underlings no matter what. Then there's the tricky ones who get away with it at any cost. Yeah. IMHO, "concentration camp" is more appropriate.

September 12, 2014   Is she scared?

September 12, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   thevileone wants to VETO bill that would allow you to KEEP your present health insurance. Which he promised wouldn't happen, didn't he? He won the 2013 "Lie of the Year" award, didn't he? Now everyone's going to figure out that he was lying. Republicans are voting against this thing again. Better than supporting it!

September 12, 2014   I think I'll stop there for today. GOD Bless America, pray for our troops (even those thevileone is sending into another war), pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Christian prisoners, and pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks, because only He can! Until next time, See ya'!

September 11, 2014: 2:39 a.m.: NEVER FORGET!   This is a Day of Remembrance for all Americans and for other countries around the world who lost people in the 9/11 Islamic Terrorist attacks. My thoughts and prayers to all whose hearts were torn asunder because of a loved one's loss on that day. I was blessed. On that day, my brother-in-law worked in the Pentagon and left the building to attend a meeting elsewhere six minutes prior to the airplane hitting the building. My Aunt S. was scheduled to be in one of the World Trade Center Towers that day but had finished her business the previous day so she planned to spend the day shopping in NYC. Her plans changed after the first plane hit. This is a sad day, but it's also a day that we remember how resilient and how STRONG America is! We, The People, make her strong and We, The People, will continue to do so! We will always remember and we shall never kowtow to terrorism, violence against the innocent, nor to anyone or anything that would force us to do their bidding! We Are AMERICA! And WE SHALL NOT FAIL!

Associated with this day is something so utterly stupid that I have to post the link now because I was surprised by my hubby earlier today and he came home and we went out together until late, then had some family things to deal with as his mother is going through some medical tests, and we made arrangements to do something this weekend. After eating a late supper and doing my nails, it's the first time since arising yesterday that I've had the opportunity to do anything on my website. So I'll share one thing right now: thevileone says ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) "is NOT Islamic [my caps]".

"'Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic,' [thevileone] said, speaking from the state floor of the White House residence. 'No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.'"
He's a fool. He thinks we're going to believe that after we have plenty of evidence (besides 9/11). Check places like Pamela Geller's site, or Jihad Watch, or even Front Page magazine and see if Islam orders the killing of innnocents! Check out the Charter for Hamas's founding. Some of Hezbollah's earliest activities were terroristic. Can anyone call Boko Haram anything but an Islamic terrorist organization! But, no. ISIS/ISIL, in thevileone's estimation, "is not Islamic"? After they do everything the other Islamic organizations have already done and continue to this day to do? A fool and his head are soon parted (with apologies to Thomas Tusser)?

The bad news is that I'm not certain I'll be getting to updates later today, either. I have an event to check in with, an appointment to keep, a "date" with my son (after the appointment), then -- after all of that -- I hope to be able to get some updates done. If not, I'll see you on Flag Friday. If I do get around to them, I hope and pray I have nothing worse to link to than the fact that our prezidunce has proven, yet again, that he's a fool and deserves that "prezidunce" more each and every day! Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops (including the new ones thevileone is sending into yet another war), pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini, the Army soldier in Mexican prison, the pastor in N. Korea, etc., and pray that thevileone will be arrested or that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

September 9, 2014: 10:41 a.m.   Did you know that ISIS terrorists are getting money from somewhere within America? They're transferring money via Arab Bank, which Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is trying to get designated as a Transnational Criminal Organization at the State Dept. Problem is, the State Dept. (ketchup kerry's domain) is under the sway of thevileone and he supports ISIS. Doesn't matter what they do with the money as long as it's bringing about chaos.

September 9, 2014   FREE SPEECH UNDER ATTACK! Read the text of the bill here. They're trying to undo the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision. They're trying to make the union power (and money) the only voice heard in elections. Don't let this happen! Contact your representative and tell them you don't approve of this freedom-restrictive bill and that you like free speech and want it to stay available for us!

September 9, 2014   What will happen during your next cop encounter? People's money is being confiscated and in order to get it back, there's a long battle with law enforcement. Cops today seem to think that it's okay to break the law as long as they have a badge to hide behind. They can't hide behind a badge: they can just claim the right to break the law as long as we don't fight back and their bosses (and local judges) cover their sorry backsides. Wrong is wrong is wrong. A badge does not negate, cover nor change wrong into right. A badge used to mean that the person was very trustworthy, honest, had a lot of integrity and wouldn't even think of breaking the law (for a lot of law enforcement, that is). Now, a badge is as much a sign of "Caution! I'm a cop and I may just break the rules because I'm all that!" as much as a badge of being a good guy. To me, it's an equal division of cops who are good and bad and that means we can't trust any of them because that's not a good enough division to NOT be cautious around any and all cops. But, that's just my personal opinion. I wish I could trust every law enforcement officer I will ever meet; I cannot. Nor can anyone else. More's the pity.

September 9, 2014   thevileone:   He doesn't have a plan that will work because he's got no real desire to win a war, to do it right. His desire is just to kill more Americans. He'll send as many of our troops to war as he can because it means fewer people to oppose him and what he wants to do here at home. He's so lame. He even seeks to say he's better than G.W. Bush again. It's all Bush's fault! BoooooHooooo! His words are empty, vain and mean nothing. They could only mean something if he EVER told the TRUTH. Since that's physically impossible for him to do, then all of his words are empty, vain and mean nothing. The Nobel Peace Prize winner has bombed ISIS in Iraq. Not that he means to bomb them, but his facade of wanting to do the right thing is important to him. After all, he can't just proclaim that he's a Marxist Muslim who has been practicing jihad against America since the day he was sworn into office because that would not go over very well. Now, I'm not the only one calling him a coward. It's about time the truth was spoken by others. BTW, did you know that he's sending American troops to fight Ebola in Africa? What are they going to do? Shoot it? They're being sent over there to be exposed to it and bring it home to kill more Americans. That's the goal. That's thevileone. He's not an American President: he's an American Executioner. He's killing Americans and America. 12th Imam coming up!

September 9, 2014   U.S. Air Marshall in Nigeria attacked with syringe. They flew him home to Houston and he's in the hospital, but what told the attacker that he was a U.S. Air Marshall?

September 9, 2014   hillclintOOn wouldn't be front runner if she were running to be the second woman president, says Chuck Todd. I think her health issues will only get worse and even if she has been running unofficially, she won't finish her run and she'll never be elected again. She's got something more wrong with her than her Communist beliefs, scandals and record number of deaths surrounding her. She's got a snowball's chance in a hot pizza oven. Mmmmm... pizza.

September 9, 2014   Unemployed more likely to shop than look for job. That's according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So if you're unemployed and living on welfare, unemployment, etc., you're having a good time browsing the racks at Macy's? Why? If folks have families to support how can they spend money on Wal-Mart, Macy's or any other frills when a job would be so much better for their families? SMH.

September 9, 2014   Atheist group: sit out Pledge of Allegiance. No, don't sit out the Pledge. Stand up, take your hat off (if you're a guy) and put your right hand over your heart (center chest). That's the right thing to do. It's not GOD you're honoring during the Pledge of Allegiance. He's a mere mention. It's our COUNTRY you're honoring during the Pledge of Allegiance, not GOD. To sit out the Pledge spits on our country, not the GOD whom our Founders honored and mentioned in most of their writings. Atheists don't understand what the Pledge is nor what it stands for.

September 9, 2014   GOOD NEWS!   The abortion rate in America is DECLINING! That's excellent! As women (and girls) learn what a baby actually is in which stage of development they're choosing life more often. A child starts life at conception and that life matters. That life could be the next Albert Einstein, Cocoa Chanel, or Ronald Reagan. Each child matters. It's important that the child get the chance to be born. It matters.

September 9, 2014   Maybe the Department of Education needs an education?

September 9, 2014   The so-called "god" particle could destroy the universe? Question 1) If they're having such a difficult time finding it, how can it be a threat? 2) If they do find it, how on earth can they "contain" or "control" it? 3) If it's really a "god" particle, would it not be something they would not be able to "capture" in the first place? Capturing something this elusive is going to be tricky. Even if they do find its "signature" or some real sign of it, who says that they can do anything with it besides finding it? I think it's one of the goofiest projects ever, but I'm a bit cynical about most things. Trying to find something so that they can disprove the real, One True GOD, is a goofy experiment -- especially when you name the particle you're trying to use to disprove GOD -- after its namesake! It's the goofy who do goofy things, though. It's like aTHEISTs who say they don't believe in GOD, but have "THEIST" as part of their names. Would it not be better to call themselves something like "Couchiests", or "Potatoists", or whatever? Which reminds me. During a discussion with my hubby over a post I used in my updates I told my hubby that I came up with a new name for "Atheism". I'm going to call it "Athei-ology" from then on. They're no longer "atheists"; they're "atheiologists" because they really believe that they don't believe. That's a religion!

September 9, 2014   I hope Scotland opts out. I am all for anyone dumping "royalty" and leaving a concept that was around since before Christ and has led to wars, betrayals, death, dissatisfaction and servitude for those under the failed system that is a monarchy. I hope Scotland opts for freedom and for the right to choose with whom they associate themselves. I hope Scotland leaves the United Kingdom (no longer united) and chooses not to bow and scrape for royalty and chooses not to "bend the knee" to anyone except GOD alone!

September 9, 2014   D.C. politicians should be ashamed of these numbers. They prove that the D.C. politicians are NOT serving us and we've noticed. My, how we've noticed! Good.

September 9, 2014   Aaaahhhhh.... public schools. Lapdancing teachers and all. Teacher/student sex is common place nowadays. Why send your kids to public school if you don't want to teach them about sex at an early age? After all, if the teachers are going to be seducing them, does that not teach them about sex? You could teach them math at home but why do that when a teacher could teach them math and that a teacher seducing students equals good? If they're not having sex with the students, they're selling drugs to them? Sure. Public schools are good for your kids. (*sarcasm*) If they're not selling the drugs to students, they're at least having the drugs delivered there. Sounds to me like some teachers just can't wait to escape from their students either via using drugs or selling drugs on school grounds. Then there's always the horror of finding out that your child's teacher physically abused your son in class. MORE: Shame suit for dress code violation in ORANGE PARK, FL? That's not necessary. Keep the girl in the nurse's office all day, making her do her work, send her home with the other students and make sure she knows the dress code. In TX, schools are doing "Meatless Monday" lunches. Indoctrination. Public school? IMHO, not a good option.

September 9, 2014   Parrish Medical Center ends Health First contract. That leaves 5,000 folks without insurance. Makes me curious so I went and read the August 2014 Board meeting minutes and found out they're cutting pay increases (page 5 item 7); but they're increasing pension pay. So when you don't work for them anymore you get better pay, but while you work for them your pay doesn't go up as much as was previously planned? That makes sense (not). But it's their hospital to run as they see fit. Whatever. More curiosity made me do other searches: A Hospital Stats page for Parrish has info you may need. Then there's and the info there. They've got a problem with blood infections following catheterization and following surgery. Yikes! Be sure to click on all the links to get all of the info there. Make an informed choice. To be balanced about it, Cape Canaveral Hospital is rated, as is Wuesthoff Medical Center. Know before you go.

September 9, 2014   Fast food workers want $15 hourly. I worked fast food as my first job as a teen. I understood then that if I got paid more than the then-minimum wage for a beginner employee, the chain would have to raise its prices. Higher prices mean fewer customers; fewer customers means tough times for the chain and a pay cut for me. It's all related, but the libs/lefties/progressives want to stir the pot and put fast food out of business because they've judged fast food as "unhealthy" and they use too much beef, chicken and electricity. They are bad for the animals and bad for the earth and make food that is bad for us so they must be put out of business. That's the goal: putting the fast food industry out of business (ostensibly) to save the animals. Don't think they're actually doing this for the workers, nor even for the animals. They're doing it for the CONTROL. Most fast food workers are young, ill-informed folks who don't pay attention to the politics of it all, and who couldn't explain the economics of the $15 hourly pay if their lives depended upon it. No, folks. It's not about the hourly rate, it's about CONTROL. Putting fast food out of business is CONTROL. This is the practice arena. If they can do it to fast food, they can do it to other industries: oil change places, then tire places, then auto parts, Wal-Mart, everything up to Macy's (well, maybe not Macy's; they like to shop there too much!). It's CONTROL. They CONTROL you. That's the goal.

September 9, 2014   I'll close for now. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini and the rest of them, and pray that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. See ya'!

September 8, 2014: 2:45 p.m.   It's Monday and that means it's time for Hank! It's rather sad today, though because in this "Minion Monday: Hank Gets Ready To Leave". I will miss him while he's gone.

September 8, 2014   Check out who is still up for election in November. You've got to educate yourself about who is running and what they stand for. Do internet research and FIND THE TRUTH! For instance, a candidate still up for election in November, Jim Barfield (R-ino?), running as a Republican but taking campaign donations from the likes of William Hillberg (whose wife was rupester's website creator and who still has rupester's website still available and her parent directory shows how many times the site's pages were changed. He also accepted donations from Tony Sasso (D) who defeated rupester in 2008, Vincent Lamb, Treasurer of Friends of Ulumay in 2008 (read Tree Hugger), Jerry Sansom, who gives to Democrats, and Jonnie Swann, etc. Sounds to me like Jim Barfield is a R-INO, more than a true R. I will be contacting the other two candidates, the unconventional Jack Smink (NPS), and John Jude McCurry (LPF) (LPF is the Libertarian Party of Florida) whom I disagree with when it comes to legalization of drugs. I don't think that marijuana is "harmless" nor do I think it's a good idea to legalize it. I think that the punishments for marijuana use should be changed to make more of a difference in the first offenders' lives. Have them do things like sit through a visit of family members whose lives have been impacted by their loved one being on drugs, or the victims of the drug users and serve community service time of 100 hours -- in the heat, in chains, in pink if they're guys, neon green for girls. Maybe that would help stop some of that nonsense. (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, candidate or cronie.)

September 8, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Freedom Works has some info that will knock your socks off (remove garters quickly!) and then there's my fallback source Grumpy Opinions' Common Core stack and it will knock you on your backside. So you'll be sockless on your butt. Good time to do some reading. When it comes to this issue, Crist has already "embraced" CC, while Rick Scott is "straddling" the issue. I know Scott is not my idea of a really GREAT choice, but he's better than the opportunistic, party-jumping Crist. The third option, Adrian Wyllie, is also a Libertarian -- drug legalization is a "selling point":

"1. Government should confine itself to protecting individuals from aggression, coercion and deceit. We oppose all laws and regulations that attempt to protect individuals from the consequences of their own behavior. While not necessarily condoning such activities, we advocate the repeal of all laws criminalizing gambling, possession and sale of drugs, and sexual relations between consenting adults. All those presently incarcerated or ever convicted solely for the commission of these victimless crimes should be pardoned and their records expunged.
"2. Voluntary communities may enforce rules that prohibit certain activities to which all members subscribe, such as substance-free dorms."
Yeah. So, no. I don't think I will EVER endorse a Libertarian candidate. I don't think that drug use is a "victimless" crime. When people use drugs they get addicted and they resort to lawlessness to get their drug of choice. Libertarians would subject your family to break-ins, robberies, murders before the drug user would be charged with a crime. Instead of prosecuting people for drug possession, use, or sales, they'd wait for the violence and the property damage to do something. Does that make sense to anyone? I don't care where Wyllie stands on Common Crap Core, he doesn't get my endorsement. Meanwhile, in South Florida, Lee County withdrew from CCC then reinstated it. They should make up their minds. BTW, see what you think of all these "helpful" CCC math videos. Can you do CCC math? (Just in case: Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, candidate or whatever.)

September 8, 2014   O'Keefe "ebola'd up" and walked across U.S./Canada border. Feel safe now?

September 8, 2014   IRS docs reveal more of this admin's disregard for the LAW. The IRS was just following its "dear leader" and using the same tactics they knew he would allow. No harm in doing the same thing the boss uses, right?

September 8, 2014   The animals are out again. They're doing it because they can get away with it. People are afraid to say anything. They're animals and want others to act like animals with them. Study hard, be a law-abiding citizen who tries to make it in life and you're "too white"? That's absurd. This "knock out game" has got to be stopped. It needs to be stopped now.

September 8, 2014   McDonnell guilty of corruption.

September 8, 2014   Food prices going up. Darn. Milk is also on that list and I love milk. I just had a big glass of milk with my breakfast and I don't want to pay even more for it. Darn.

September 8, 2014   Sounds to me like thevileone is trying to stir up trouble. Freezing the assets and bank accounts of folks of Middle Eastern descent only means they'll be here, in America, and angry as all get out. Sweet. (*sarcasm*) What other stupid stuff can thevileone do to put America in danger? He's trying really hard to come at it from all angles!

September 8, 2014   thevileone delaying amnesty in effort to help dumborats in November election. Hopefully it won't make a difference. Hopefully people will be tired of the dumborats and their hatred of America, the racial divisions thevileone has helped foment, and of all of his "Executive Orders". Hopefully, they'll vote for the other guys who LOVE America, all she stands for and for FREEDOM and STRENGTH! Without America's strength, the world faulters and fails. We need America strong again!

September 8, 2014   Unions: NOT A GOOD THING   As I've always said, they're about money for the high muckety-mucks. They're not about helping the "little guy", the regular union member. They're about big money for the bosses and for the dumborats. They do more than just vote in elections; fraud is a possibility. And wherever they are unions are bullies and could now be subject to anti-bullying laws in Australia. Unions seem to think they're above the law. (Sounds to me like thevileone.) They'll do whatever it takes to get what they want. They even target private citizens and do what they can to destroy them. Unions: Not a good thing.

September 8, 2014   Check out the Heritage Foundation's Index of Culture and Opportunity. You may not like what you see and you can thank thevileone for that.

September 8, 2014   envirowheel 215 months WITHOUT "Global Warming". That's almost 18 years! But that doesn't bother Hamsters. Hamsters like ketchup kerry will use anything to justify "Global Warming": even violating their usual stance of Separation of Church and State! They're also wasting taxpayer dollars to "prepare for" a non-event. They can't prove it's happening -- they just "agree" it is (really scientific, yes?) -- and they make us pay for their delusions of grandeur. Why "delusions of grandeur"? Because if they can control nature they can be gods and that's what they're trying to be. Ooohhh.... they've done something to control nature. They're more powerful than GOD Himself! Wrong. GOD always messes with their heads (note I didn't say brains) and makes things happen in an opposite way they contend it will and they still say they're right. "Consensus" is not science. Consensus is bunk. Science is not a VOTE, nor is it a DEMOCRACY. Science is SCIENCE: obserable TRUTHS and repeatable results. NOTHING in REAL SCIENCE has PROVEN "global warming": NOTHING. But, they continue being dumb as the vacuum of space and they march for their "consensus" and they jump the shark with their amazing stupidity. There's NO "global warming" and some folks have started to admit it's a HOAX and has been from the beginning. Arctic ice has increased 43% in TWO YEARS. The Hamsters said it was shrinking and that we would all be flooded, if not drowned. Even satellite images PROVE the ice has INCREASED in the Arctic. But for Hamsters, that's not enough. It's all about the "CONSENSUS". Voting is NOT SCIENCE. Science is Nocolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton and Lord Monckton are all people who did the work to prove their theories and not look to others for "consensus". "Consensus" is NOT involved in "Global Warming": CONTROLLING US is what it's all about. If they can beat us into submission by using an alleged scientific "consensus" then they have the upper hand and the POWER. That's what the Hamsters want: CONTROL and POWER.

September 8, 2014   How about some good news for a change?

September 8, 2014   Panera Bread asks customers to leave guns at home. Well, DUH! 1) Losing business is a good thing? 2) Getting robbed without anyone there to protect your employees and customers is a good thing? 3) Letting the bad guys know that you're doing stupid is a good thing? 4) Denying me my 2nd Amendment rights is a good thing? 5) Panera Bread is NOT a good thing to me anymore and I WON'T be eating there again until they change that policy. Will you?

September 8, 2014   The Blaze froze my Internet Explorer again so I'm frustrated and going to stop for the day. Until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and Pastor Saeed Abedini as well as all Christian political prisoners and pray that GOD stops thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

September 5, 2014: 11:23 a.m.   Well, it's happening again. I have the opportunity to have a day with my son and I'm taking it! I won't be doing updates until later so until then, enjoy my Flag Friday posting, "Tribute To Our Heroes 180: In My Memory". I thank you all for your service. Until later, GOD Bless America!

September 4, 2014: 1:42 p.m.   Sorry about missing yesterday. I got a call from my hubby saying he was coming home early and to get ready to go out, so I did just that. We got home late and I'm just now getting to the computer for the day. Wanna' see something that will make you laugh and laugh and laugh? This is where I go for a good guffaw. Pay special attention to the one featuring the image with an embryo, a pic of Wal-Mart and a man in a hard hat. The idiots on the guffaw page call the embryo a "single cell" even though the picture shows it has no fewer than FOUR cells. Love how high they can count, don't you? BTW, note that the guffaw source is now SUPPORTING charlie crist? Here's an idea as to why. Note the last four lines:

"Lastly, Crist says he is anti-tax, but consider that he just recently signed a state budget raising, according to the Times/Herald, 'a historic amount of taxes.' Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder. And Charlie Crist’s actions prove him to be anti-family, anti-life, anti-gun, and very much in favor of taxes."
That's why dumborats are supporting crist. (Just in case [since it mentions a candidate]: paid political advertisement: Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent [remember that word] of ANY candidate, campaign, committee, or guffaw-inducer!)

September 4, 2014   thevileone:   thevileone won't tell us where the illegal children went. He is thevileone. What else would anyone expect? Now, his admin is "probling" the Ferguson, MO, P.D. Sounds to me like he's trying to do the racist thing again. What else would anyone expect? It doesn't matter that witness accounts may be.... questionable (at best). What matters is THE AGENDA. Create more racial hatred and create chaos to issue in the 12th Imam. That's the goal. The truth that Michael Brown was NOT shot in the back, and the evidence supports the COP'S testimony. Not that the TRUTH ever mattered to thevileone, but that's thevileone. What else would anyone expect? Ya' know, thevileone is so bad on immigration that even a lib-dumborat blasts him. It is thevileone. What else would anyone expect? And if he wants to accomplish something of real value to America this week, he can order these two terrorists deported and never allowed back into the country! But it is thevileone and I don't really expect him to do anything good for America.

September 4, 2014   Question: Is DWS absolutely insane, totally desperate, or just lower than a snake's belly?

September 4, 2014   NSFW or Children:   I LOVE WHAT THIS GUY DOES! I don't like his language after he closes the door (if you don't want to hear the "F" word, stop the video as soon as he starts closing the door), but I LOVE what he does in standing up for HIS RIGHTS and the U.S. Constitution! That was EXCELLENT!

September 4, 2014   Something else I LOVE: Schools dropping msthevileone's lunch programs like hot potatoes! LOL! They've figured out that what the kids won't eat is not going to be nutritious to anyone. Food uneaten is not nourishment. It's been a known failure for a long time but her failure is not something the msm has covered much. Of course, they want to make sure she looks good to everyone, but that's a failure, too. She burns her own popularity to the ground with each public appearance, each royal decree, each interference in our lives and choices. Her intrusion into our personal freedoms, food choices and nutrition for our loved ones is inexcusable and inappropriate. She has no right, no place and no education to do so. It's absolutely ridiculous that she thought she had a high enough IQ to make it possible for her to boil water, much less decide for us what is good enough for our children to eat. She's nothing more than a busy-body who thinks she knows better than everyone what we should do, while she holds herself seperate from the same ideas and eats whatever she wishes on OUR DIME! She's a mockery of intelligence and her demands should be absolutely discarded, mocked and negated.

September 4, 2014   Red light camera manufacturers think you need to keep getting tickets via camera. I disagree. You should be given the right to confront your accuser as in the Sixth Amendment and if a red light camera can answer questions put to it to tell me what the situation was when I allegedly ran the red light, then, sure!, keep the red light camera. Until the camera can be SWORN IN and answer questions like I would have to, then the red light camera can kiss my backside: twice!

September 4, 2014   How many illegal campaign pesos will hillclintOOn return with? Remember, the clintOOns have a history of accepting illegal contributions. She won't hesitate to accept pesos (or any other form of contribution) if offered. She's all about staying in power at whatever cost to anyone and everyone. With progressives/libs/lefties it's all about THEM having the POWER while the rest of us PAY for their power and for them BEING IN power. Ego; what a "loverly" thing, huh?

September 4, 2014   Well, it's after four in the morning and it's time for me to stop. I will try to see you later today; barring pleasant (better than unpleasant) surprises, that is. So, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and for Christian political prisoners worldwide, and that GOD will stop thevileone in his tracks. Until next time, See ya'!

September 2, 2014: 6:13 p.m.   I just remembered that I didn't post a link yesterday to my "Minion Monday: Hank Gets Distracted and My Son Diverts Disaster" pic. Minion Monday can't go unnoticed, now can it? Sorry about that. Enjoy!

September 2, 2014: 2:16 p.m.   MORE BLOOD ON HIS HANDS:   thevileone is RESPONSIBLE for this man's death as well as James Foley's beheading. thevileone claims that he's had security briefings on ISIS for the last year and considering that ALLEGED briefing status (although he doesn't even ATTEND security briefings) one would think that thevileone would have a strategy on how to deal with this terrorist organization. A year's worth of preparation and you know what the smartest man in the world would have a plan/strategy, right? Not with thevileone. He's so smart that after a year of briefings he HAS NO PLAN. IMHO, he takes waaaayyyyyy toooooooo looonnnnnggggg to make some decisions. It costs American lives, but that's just fine with him. He'll head off to meet with world leaders (he doesn't lead, he makes excuses!) at our expense and then he'll be sure to get some golf in there somewhere. He'll be so tired after his rigorous schedule (rigorous GOLF schedule, that is) that he'll have to be sure to stay on vacation -- proven by his actions. If this is a PRESIDENT, I say "No, thank you." to someone who takes his oath of office so lightly.

September 2, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   You're getting hit with a bigger portion of the bill than they told you. So what's new with that? thevileone tells you one thing and delivers something so totally different that it's a neck-snapping turn of events, but you really shouldn't be surprised by his lies about this thing. After all, the 2013 Liar of the Year has done so about everything related to his healthcareTAX and he's not going to stop. He promised you could keep your insurance but we all know that's a big lie, don't we? (If you don't yet know -- or acknowledge -- that, get out from under the rock you've been hiding under and get some awake time!) If you've made the mistake of signing up for it your taxes are going to be a nightmare. I don't know why anyone would want to sign up for it, but there are some who still believe it's a good thing. Ask Canada, England, etc., about their socialized medical system and you'll find out that thevileone's healthcareTAX is not a good thing. It's a disaster but it helps him destroy America and that's exactly what he wants! The cost of surgery is going up thanks to thevileone's healthcareTAX and they can't even get the websites done properly! If they can't do a website, how can they do healthcare?

September 2, 2014   DH[IN]S loses 6,000 more foreign students. Remember, some of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist hijackers were here on student visas, too. So how many of the latest lost 6,000 are terrorist Islamics? Another question that comes to mind: How much has this administration helped them disappear and how much will it help them harm America?

September 2, 2014   State Dept. won't say whether it has revoked passports of those who went to fight FOR and WITH ISIS. My hunch: they haven't. Other countries have taken steps to do so but I don't see thevileone as worrying about it. IF he were worried about it would he not leave our Southern border open for imminent ATTACK. I think thevileone has a LOT to answer for. I wish someone would arrest his backside and put him in jail for "high crimes and misdemeanors". He is absolutely guilty of it and he needs to be jailed, prosecuted, found guilty and made to pay back every penny he has ever received from the taxpayers (even his vacation rentals and security detail), and he needs to spend the rest of his life in a federal penitentiary -- he and his VP!

September 2, 2014   thevileone's "more flexible" allowing Putin to reconstruct Soviet Union. Remember? He told them to expect it and he's delivering -- in spades!

September 2, 2014   The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, thevileone, sends U.S. troops to Somalia, Chad, back to Iraq, (despite saying he would not do so), to Egypt, Uganda, Nigeria, etc., but he won't send them to help Ukraine. Remember that "more flexible" above? Yep. He's allowing the Soviet Union to be rebuilt. Isn't that wunnerful wunnerful? (*sarcasm*)

September 2, 2014   Hurray for Scotland! I like that they're moving closer and closer to independence from the British Crown. I don't like any form of royalty and the very thought of bowing and bending my knee to a PERSON -- kings and queens are no more than that -- is abhorant to me. Why an accident of birth gives ANYONE the alleged "right" to rule over another person befuddles me. I don't believe in royalty and accidents of birth that allegedly give people the right to demand taxpayer obeisance and support. I believe in FREEDOM! It may also allow the rest of the U.K. to back out of the E.U. Bonus! I don't like the E.U. either. I've predicted its failure since before the vote that created it.

September 2, 2014   bumbler biden puts dirty foot in mouth -- again. If I said "He's dumber than a box of rocks" I'd be insulting the rocks. Can you imagine having him as our next prezidunce? Heaven help us!

September 2, 2014   At least dumborats are good for a hearty laugh. Perhaps nothing else, but a heart haha, yes.

September 2, 2014   Is the FBI obeying thevileone, or just in denial? I think it's the former and it's NOT good for America!

September 2, 2014   Where is "Moderate" Islam? You'll have to read Mr. Greenfield's article to find out. I think Mr. Greenfield is absolutely correct in this article, too.

September 2, 2014   This teacher's arrest is just WRONG. He wrote a futuristic book about a school shooting and he's arrested for it? That's stupid. The guy didn't actually shoot anyone, nor did he have a weapon on campus. He used the issue of school shootings as a book subject. Who contacted the cops about it? The local school board. What happened to Free Speech, First Amendment protected? He should SUE THEIR BUTTS OFF! (Assuming, that is, that he had nothing in the book that would link him to an already committed crime.)

September 2, 2014   Speaking of teachers, Aaaaahhh... public schools. What about this one, too? Then there's another one in TN, and the CA teacher arrested for having child porn. One in IL arrested for sexual assault, and a "celebrated" teacher arrested for multiple felonies (sex with student): all lead me to believe that homeschooling is safer for your kids than public schools. Better safe than sorry, right?

September 2, 2014   Great read about Marxist Feminism's ruination of women.

"'By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!' they resounded."
A shocking quote from the TRUTH of what happened in the forming of the N.O.W. Read the article. Open your eyes. This is what is going on right in front of you. It's the agenda of left to destroy the family and America as a whole. FIND THE TRUTH and find out that feminism isn't about burning bras, marching for equal rights and equal pay. It's about destroying the family and the American male. Read the article.

September 2, 2014   secondamendment   There are allegedly 57,000 2nd Amendment friendly bars and restaurants in America. That doesn't include the 2nd Amendment friendly other businesses: hardware stores, tire stores, etc. So to find a friendly business, check out the website that offers an app to help you find a 2nd Amendment friendly business near you. I'm getting that! Then there' the Friend or Foe website in which you can put in your zip code, tell the site what kind of internet connection speed you have, then click "Save" then "Map" (upper right hand corner tab) and you can see if any local businesses are considered 2nd Amendment friendly -- or unfriendly. In Louisiana, they're having a hunting gun and ammo sales tax holiday next weekend. Does Florida do that? Do you agree that people don't trust thevileone's admin to NOT take away our 2nd Amendment rights? In Alabama, they're thinking of making gun ownership a "fundamental right". Uh.... Sorry, but I thought the 2nd Amendment did that already (and it does), but

"[Federal] measures to control weapons would have to pass the toughest review by state courts."
Hey, FLORIDA, follow their lead!

September 2, 2014   Well my hubby's home and I'm going to stop now and be with him. We're building me a desk (to my design and specs) and it's time to do some sanding, then staining and waxing and then it will be finished. We won't get it all done today, but we're working on it. So until next time, GOD Bless America, pray for our troops and the Christian political prisoners, and pray that He will stop thevileone in his tracks! Until next time, See ya'!

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