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Chart: Compare GOD to Allah.

April 10, 2014   BOING! LOL! Reality hits home.

April 11, 2014   Rush Limbaugh's Cancer Cure-a-thon: Give to help find a cure for blood cancers. It could save millions of lives.

April 7, 2014   This is scary. We do NOT need this. Federal agencies getting "police" powers? Not a good thing. That's why they were buying all that ammo; so that the new police agencies could use them against us? Not a good thing.

March 26, 2014: 2:11 p.m.   Vote for "Rush Revere & The Brave Pilgrims" Rush Limbaugh's children's book about our Founding. It's a good book, and, yes, I have it.

April 14, 2014: 2:45 p.m.   Spent the weekend watching birds with my hubby. On Saturday we went to Fort De Soto on the west coast with my brother-in-law who got my hubby into this hobby-becoming-an-obsession. Bro-in-law has been into birdwatching for at least four years so he has more experience than us. He looked at our cameras on the way over and made some setting suggestions for getting better pics of birds because birds jump around a LOT and are very difficult to get a a good picture of them because of their jumpiness. Setting the camera's shutter speed a little higher made it easier to get the bird in focus, but not easier to get the bird! It was a fun visit and we left the house at 7 a.m., got back about 9 p.m. That's a long day in the heat! Yesterday hubby and I went to a place bro-in-law suggested, Mead Gardens in Winter Park, FL. Another hot day in the heat for over five hours and we got some good pics, some of which I will post some to my Flickr account later, and we met someone there whom we had seen the previous day at Fort De Soto. We talked cameras and lenses and found out that you can rent lenses! Never knew about that. I guess there's very little nowadays that you can't rent in one way or another. So anyways, let's start the day with my usual week starting offering: it's "Minion Monday: Hank's 2 Month Anniversary"! Start the week with a smile!

April 14, 2014   Did you know that thevileone has proposed 442 new TAXES since taking office? Yep. 442 new taxes; which reminds me. Have you filed your 2013 income taxes yet? They're waiting! I'm glad we filed early and don't have to worry about it tonight. We're stress free tonight! WooHoo!

April 14, 2014   Speaking of taxes, the IRS targeting of Conervative groups has been in Conservative news again. Too bad the msm has chosen to ignore it and not tell you the truth about it. How they can call themselves "news" networks, I have no idea. What they need to change their names to is more like "blood" networks. That old saying "If it bleeds it leads" makes everything about people being hurt or killed more important than what is happening to everything you will be impacted by. News is MORE than blood and death. That affects relatively few people unless it's things like the 9/11 attacks, the Boston Marathon Bombing (one year ago; hard to believe it's been that long), or something massive. When a mother kills seven of the babies she gave birth to and then put their bodies in the garage, that's more important to cover than the fact that thevileone is trying to do a UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRY. Have you heard about that elsewhere? No? Let's make sure that spreads! The msm certainly won't do it.

April 14, 2014   thevileone and his family have been abusing YOUR money in their travel spending. shock. surprise. They live like a king, queen, a queen mum and two princesses on our dollar while we scrimp and save to get money to pay the orthodontist. We wait to buy new tires so we can afford band camp for the kid, while thevileone and his family eat Kobe Beef on our dime. We postpone any vacations except those we drive so that we can afford to fix the roof, update our kitchens, or pay the hospital bill for the appendictomy Junior needed; thevileone and his family party hearty at unprecidented costs. Is this what America should be?

April 14, 2014   Michelle Malkin nails it!

"Auntie Zeituni is an enduring symbol of all that is wrong with this country’s immigration “policy” — or rather, its complete lack of a coherent, enforceable system of laws and rules that puts the national interest first. She was a beneficiary of the welfare state run amok, enabled by bipartisan fecklessness. To the bitter end, she bit the hand that fed her with predictable ingratitude and metastatic entitlement."
The fact that those in "high and mighty" places get special treatment for their illegally here relatives is disgusting to me because we are NOT a country of special privilege. We are allegedly a country of EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW. When thevileone's relatives get special treatment we have nothing that makes this AMERICA; we have a dictatorship, tyranny, or a monarchy.

April 14, 2014   thevileone's eric holder blocks mergers by REPUBLICAN CEO's and that's just one more way thevileone targets more Conservatie people than those who agree with him 100%. It's another sign of thevileone's trying to divide America and to play favorites. He does whatever it takes, folks. It's a real shame, although eric holder and thevileone don't feel ashamed at all.

April 14, 2014   As CA goes, so goes America? Maybe it's time that folks start waking up and seeing the truths that have been in front of their eyes for years? Let us pray.

April 14, 2014   Oh. Gag. We don't need this.

April 14, 2014   I don't know about this. I just don't have an urgency in my spirit that the blood moons are going to be a big thing. I have learned to NOT believe in the signs that men can find and that only GOD knows when what is going to happen. It's not that easy to figure it out. That's soothsaying and we aren't supposed to do that. We should, instead, look to the Lord who knows all things and sees all men and knows their hearts and His sign will be all that we need. Remember two years ago when it was said that on May 21, 2012 the Lord would return? Yeah. Didn't happen. This is going to be another one of those. Men search the sciptures and skies for signs and make connections that are not actually connected. It's like saying that because flour is a component of most cakes it means that GOD wants us to eat cake. Sounds good to me, but it's not a real connection, is it? Or like some claim, "Marijuana is a plant made by GOD, so it's a sign that we should smoke and eat pot." Right. And arsenic is something made by GOD in the same way so we should eat arsenic? The four blood moons will come and go and we shall be here. This does NOT mean that you are safe forever. It means that every moment that passes you are closer to the time of tribulation, to the rapture, to the final judgment. For all we know the blood moon will come tonight and go tomorrow and we will be facing the end times tomorrow afternoon (beside taxes, I mean). It's entirely possible that the Lord will return BEFORE this evening and the blood moons will be a sign for those left behind. It's possible that it will be another thousand years before the Lord returns. Whichever the truth is, are you ready? If it's fifteen months, fifteen years, fifteen centuries, or fifteen seconds from right now as you read this. Are you ready? Here's how to be ready.

April 14, 2014   Personally, I think the guys who did this were cowards. But I'm just a feminist at heart: I WANT women to live.

April 14, 2014   secondamendment   NY's deadline for registering semi-auto handguns looms. Taxes and registering your semi-auto handgun: what a great day in NY! (*Sarcasm, of course*) On the good news side of our Second Amendment MO is expanding their Castle Doctrine. Yay! Too bad a former scotUS justice hasn't a clue what it's about. That's scary! A scotUS justice without the slightest idea? Imagine what's going on there now with the likes of sotomayor, and ginsberg on the court! Ouch! Remember, that if someone does a mass shooting, they usually went around the law to get the gun. Those who are the crazies who do that sort of thing don't worry about the law; they just want to fulfill their evil fantasies and hurt as many as possible. It's not a legal matter that will prevent them; it's someone else as capable of pulling a handy trigger as possible. BTW, why aren't there gun control advocates screaming about 35 shootings in 36 hours in Chicago? Black on black crime isn't worth getting upset about, is that it? Consider:

"Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy [is] claiming that it is law-abiding gun owners that are the problem in Chicago. He so hates Illinois’s new concealed carry law that he hinted he is ordering his cops to shoot concealed carry license holders on sight without giving them time to inform officers of their situation."
Now that's what I call a constitutionally literate, sensible, Second Amendment stance -- SARCASM INTENDED!

April 14, 2014   On that sarcastic note, I'll close for the day. Remember to file your taxes before midnight tomorrow if you haven't done so already. If you're getting a refund, be sure to file. After all, IT'S YOUR MONEY! Don't let the feds keep it a moment longer than necessary! Until next time, See ya'!

April 11, 2014: 12:53 p.m.   Another study says stormwater is NOT the cause of Indian River Lagoon problems. This information has been out there since 2013 so why did the BOCC NOT take that into account when they voted to raise our taxes to "protect the Lagoon"?! Frustrating that manatees, tortoises and Scrub Jays get more protection from the government (the Farty-Four and the Feds!) and have more alleged "rights" in those idiots' eyes than we HUMANS who can VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Irritates me.

April 11, 2014   Did you know about the Sensa ruling? They've been making false claims, according to the feds. So, if you used Sensa and lost weight on it, (according to the feds) it was just psychosematic. You could have done it without the "help" (that wasn't helping). I intended to post this a long time ago, but forgot. Sorry.

April 11, 2014   The National Science Foundation wants $83 MILLION more of YOUR money.

"Long rocked by scandal, fraud and waste the federal agency that funds science and research in the United States is playing the China card to persuade Congress to approve an $83 million increase to its already excessive $7.2 billion annual budget."
Don't ya' love the feds and the games they play to waste more taxpayer dollars? Can I slap them all?

April 11, 2014   Nevada ranch becoming ground zero for property rights stand. It's this administration's belief that he has all the power and whatever HE does to US, we just have to take. They're such thugs that they've even brought thugs in from out of state to help intimidate Mr. Bundy. Well, two can play at that game and the State of NV needs to stand by Cliven Bundy! If they don't they will soon find out the feds play for keeps.

April 11, 2014   cbs didn't want Sharyl Attkisson to investigate thevileone. I disagree: It wasn't the "investigate" part they feared. It was the fact that they couldn't make her shut up after she got to the truth. I think it's because she wouldn't cover things up, brush them under the rug, etc., that they feared. It wasn't Attkisson knowing the facts herself; it was her SHARING them that they hated.

April 11, 2014   Another dumborat lies. shock. surprise. She said she'd stick around. But that was eleven days ago. That's a long, long time in the lawmakers' world. Now she's resigning after doing nothing and she thinks she's going to be famous for doing nothing. Naturally.

April 11, 2014   TSA misconduct: AGAIN.

April 11, 2014   Even George Will is fed up with "this abusive government". It's about time!

April 11, 2014   Dirty tricks politics in NE. Let's pray that the MOST CONSERVATIVE, TRUE CHRISTIAN will win this, no matter which candidate it is.

April 11, 2014   LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! dumborat's racism backfires on him. Too funny!

April 11, 2014   Let's hope this happens soon. If the House won't pass it, let's hope the Base Commander will!

April 11, 2014   See? hillclintoon is NOT universally loved. There's still hope that even if she gets the nomination that she won't win. Cancelling appearances because a BENGHAZI Mom is going to be there also speaks to her COWARDICE.

April 11, 2014   thevileone's lips are moving about Israel. Another millisecond, another lie.

April 11, 2014   Brandeis has double standards, (as do Yale, Duke and Auburn, as well as other colleges). Sending your kids to college exposes them to a lot of crap. I think it's best to send your young adult to a local college where he/she can get a degree but not be on campus 24/7. Coming home and giving you the ability to correct the crap your child was taught during the day is the only way to balance it. If your child wants to go to college again later, when they're well-founded in the faith, well established in his/her political beliefs and well versed in defending their principles, that is the time to do so. But at eighteen or thereabouts? No. Don't let them be brainwashed.

April 11, 2014   In August 2013 I wrote about the evils of legalizing marijuana then chose to respond to the comments I received. Today, a lot of my articles' assertions are proven correct. Again.

April 11, 2014   You need to know what's headed at America because we didn't take a stand against people NOT assimilating. The great melting pot is no longer a melting pot, but a salad bar: a special section for this, for that, and for the other. People get to choose which section they go into, but they don't get to go outside that section. That's not what we were intended to be.

April 11, 2014   It's Flag Friday! "Tribute To Our Heroes 159: Exit 32" is up and waiting for you. Remember, next week I'll be gone at least two days. Which weekdays those days will be I don't yet know. But if it's going to be Monday, I'll sign on long enough to let you know. Until next time, See ya'!

April 10, 2014: 3:03 p.m.   It's gone! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! The Atlas V that went up this afternoon at 1:48 p.m. was my hubby's rocket. He worked long, hard hours getting that thing launched and it's good to have it gone. I'll see my hubby again! Hurray! So glad it's gone. We're going to take some time next week to go somewhere and relax during which time I'll be doing no updates. When that is right now, I am uncertain. His schedule is dependent upon how long it takes to get other things wrapped up, people sent home and what kind of paperwork he needs to do, but it's going to be a few days next week, okay? For now, I'm sooooooooooooo glad it's a successful launch, things (as far as I know) are working properly and that it means he can take some of the comp time for his long, long hours. Happy Camper!

April 10, 2014   U.S. a.g., eric "temper tantrum" holder is showing his haughtiness. He is NOT to be held to any standard but his own! How dare anyone question that standard or his authority?! Typical crybaby. He wants authority, he should also accept the accountability to hold that authority.

April 10, 2014   $7,921,638.66 on ONE thevileone 2013 family trip. Enjoying that peanut butter and jelly yet? Remember: your healthcare costs are going up, as are your food costs, your clothing prices are going up and what you pay for electricity is soaring. And he spends almost $8 MILLION of YOUR MONEY on HIS family vacation. Must be nice being a dictator.

April 10, 2014   This is creepy. If a mâitre d' wants to find info on you to "be nice" to you, I think it's just as likely that he can find info that can allow him to find an excuse to cancel your reservation, too. If he finds out you're the "wrong sort" of person he can call you and make an excuse, "We're overbooked and the person we expected to cancel has just shown up, so I'm sorry, but your table is not available." (That's an example; not the mâitre d's words.) Is this America? I don't think the restaurant is one I'd like to go to -- even if I could afford it. I value my privacy more than a good steak.

April 10, 2014   Feminazis make no sense. It's epidemic for them to not make sense (note the article below the top one on this link: amazing). They support thevileone, who is the the real chauvinist, and they voted for him twice. But they blame the Conservatives and republirats for a "gender gap"? They need to check the mirror!

April 10, 2014   Woopsie- doodle! This is not good.

April 10, 2014   So What Has Lois "Lerned"?   The House panel has voted to hold her in contempt, she colluded with dumborat, Elijah Cummings Congressman from MD, and she could (SHOULD) be arrested because she violated all kinds of laws in sharing the info and in targeting Conservative groups. Her office is not intended to be a political agenda agency but the dumborats have turned it into nothing but a tyrannical, political, party-serving government bully. So what has Lois "Lerned"? She is learning that thevileone and eric holder will stand behind her and that she has nothing to fear in refering her case to the DO[IN]J since eric holder thinks he and thevileone are the victims here! Can someone give them a reality check, please?

April 10, 2014   This is another case of BAD COP. Law enforcement agencies need to educate their employees on the U.S. Constitution, on civil rights, on property rights and on the historic facts of the area they are working. What are these cops doing obeying the orders given to them? Why are they not reporting to the location and STANDING WITH THE BUNDY FAMILY? That's the right thing to do: Stand with the FAMILY not obey the government! The Constitution is being so violated in this situaation! It's WRONG! These cops are WRONG! This situation -- the Bureau of Land Management putting a TURTLE ahead of a U.S. Citizen's Constitutional RIGHTS -- could be the start of the coming revolution against the dictatorship that is thevileone's administration and against progressive policies in general. Let us HOPE so!

April 10, 2014   bonehead boehner angry that thevileone is making him look bad for supporting thevileone! boo. hoo.

April 10, 2014   While my condolences and prayers go out to the victims and their families of the PA stabbing at a high school, one must ask why and was he being treated with any sort of drugs? It's got to be looked into whether these violent episodes are being caused by drugs that are supposed to be helping and are instead hurting.

April 10, 2014   Brandon Darby makes a VERY GOOD CASE AGAINST AMNESTY. We need to make the immigration LAWS back INTO LAWS. We need to enforce what is already on the books, not make AmeXica, but to welcome LEGAL IMMIGRANTS into the country because they love AmeriCa enough to come here the right way instead of defeating the LEGAL immigrants' efforts to do the RIGHT thing. If we give blanket amnesty (again) we're giving the wrong message, rewarding breaking the law (which only encourages more lawlesness) and we're putting America's future in jeopardy. This is a bad idea and always has been. Enforce the borders. It's the right thing to do.

April 10, 2014   FL District 19 folks need to read this. If you know someone who lives there, send them the Breitbart link. (Just in case: Paid plitical advertisement. Paid for and approved by moi, Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaigns, candidates, committees, political parties, or creeps.)

April 10, 2014   I'll close with this one: Family Dollar's closing 370 stores so why build a SECOND store in PSJ? Maybe they've tried to expand too quickly? Maybe they're just silly? Maybe they're clueless? Buy land, build stores and close them at the same time? Does that make sense to anyone? Until next time, See ya'!

April 9, 2014: 12:49 p.m.   Sorry about no updates yesterday. I sat down at my computer almost as soon as I finished my morning prayers and started writing. I didn't write updates, but a short story that I got the idea for from a dream I had. I wrote until almost 8 p.m. and it is a good story. What I'm going to do with it, I have no idea but it was fun writing it. Later today, if the weather holds, I'm hoping to go out and check out some of the new lenses I purchased over the weekend. Yep. I talked to a lady while I was out birdwatching with my hubby last Wednesday and I asked her about her "bazooka" lens (some of those lenses are huge). We talked about the different brands of lenses and then about the cameras. She had a camera that was a step above mine and she was looking to sell it because she was leaving the brand because they're not going to be making DSLRs anymore (those of you who follow tech blogs will know to which I refer). Sigh. I asked her what she had and she had the camera mentioned and some lenses and she'd be willing to sell them all as a bundle, or individually. I gave her my e-mail address and she contacted me a day or two later. Saturday we went and I bought the bundle: camera, three lenses she had with her (plus one she's mailing later along with other accessories), a battery charger, three batteries, two 4GB memory cards and a 2x converter! Now my hubby has my original DSLR and I'm using the one I bought on Saturday (the step up) and we're both using the lenses! There's only one duplicate lens between the lenses I already had and those I bought Saturday and that's okay because it's a good lens to have a duplicate of. Am I a happy camper? Oh yeah! So, with that in mind, I'm thinking I'm going to keep the blurbs I do to the very picky and important and I'll just do a few and then tomorrow I'll try to do a regular update. Let's get started.

April 9, 2014   I don't think this will amount to anything considering that U.S. attorney-general-failure, eric "sarcasm-and-threats" holder doesn't give a crap about the truth and about right and wrong, or about the U.S. Constitution. If he did care he'd have done something abuot it a long time ago. He'd have done something about Fast and . If he cared about the U.S. Constitution, he would have done something about the NSA spying, etc. He's not a U.S. attorney general. He's an enabler of thevileone and thevileone's power grab and DICTATORSHIP. (BTW, here's the "asparagus" explanation.)

April 9, 2014   Breitbart proves the point. Andrew Breitbart would have LOVED that!

April 9, 2014   TN wants to BAN the United Nations from MONITORING TN ELECTIONS! I think that's a GREAT IDEA! I also think Florida should follow suit! Contact your Florida House of Representatives member and your Florida State Senators and tell them to do the same!

April 9, 2014   Let's all pray that alan "loud mouthed clown" grayson gets defeated this November. He's a disgrace to his district and to Florida as a whole. I think he's nothing but a desperate wannabe in the political world who gets laughed at behind his back because he is so uncouth and boorish. (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, committee, political party or milli-brained clown.)

April 9, 2014   Pray for the Bundy family and for America since that's who is threatening the Bundys. This is NOT the America I grew up in. This is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and it SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING HERE! This is more like Russia, China, or Cuba.

April 9, 2014   theivleone's lips were moving again.

April 9, 2014   Child sex trafficking is being fought not just by Glenn Beck's friends but also by Orphan's Promise. Whichever you choose, help save these children. I give. Won't you give, too?

April 9, 2014   Got FREEDOM?

April 9, 2014   Missile defense: Are we defending ourselves?

April 9, 2014   Your internet freedom is in jeopardy. That's thanks to thevileone, of course. How many ways can he destroy freedom? Let him count the ways...

April 9, 2014   I'll close with that for now. Until next time, See ya'!

April 7, 2014: 11:10 a.m.   It's Monday and you know what that means: Minion Monday: Hank Gets Punked for April Fool's Day. Hank's girlfriend (name withheld upon request) had a big April Fool's Day surprise for Hank. He was totally taken in by it!

April 7, 2014   EDC has to turn over the reoords within 30 days. Scott Ellis has -- AGAIN -- safeguarded Brevard County residents and he's watching out for US while the Farty-Four won't do the right thing in any way, shape, or form. I'm thankful for Ellis's efforts. he really does know his stuff and he really is good for Brevard.

April 7, 2014   While he was Goveernor of Florida, I supported Jeb because he was Conservative. Now I think Jeb Bush would be a HUGE mistake for Republicans and America. He's a strong supporter of Common [Crap] Core and he's a supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens and for open borders. He doesn't want America to be a soverign nation, which means he's a "One World-er" and that means he is a danger to OUR freedom. He would be a HUGE mistake. Let's learn from the mistake already in the RED House and not put another mistake in there again. Let's learn to turn away from the progressives and to embrace the U.S. Constitution as the Founding Fathers meant it (not as the scotUS and others have "read" it) and let us vote FOR America instead of against her. (Just in case it's needed -- although, he's not a candidate yet, so it's probably not legally required -- Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, party, or illegal alien.)

April 7, 2014   Not again. Been there, done that gave away the t-shirt. He's not going to stand up and fight and be a Conservative firebrand so I don't want him. I want someone akin to Scott Ellis who will take the fight to them and make sure they toe the line. I don't want a milquetoast (dipped in milk and soggy), "nice guy" who wouldn't be able to melt sugar in his mouth if his life depended upon it. I want someone who is as Conservative as I -- or moreso (good luck on that one) -- and who will stand tall, talk the talk and walk the walk, go toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye with the progressives and Hamsters, the big government idiots and I my candidate will NOT blink. I want him to look them in the face and tell the truth without fail and to know, believe in, trust and follow the FOUNDING PRINCIPLES of this great nation! I want someone who is going to be Ted Cruz (inelligible due to the "natural born citizen" clause), Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Rush Limbaubh all rolled up into one. I want someone who is giong to believe in GOD and not be ashamed; who is willing and able to pray spontaneously in public, to believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and ME) and will look to HIM for guidance, and will lead the nation according to that guidance. That's what I want in a president. The exact OPPOSITE of what we now have.

April 7, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   republirats expand this thing! bonehead boehner is such a LOSER! He's a crying coward and he's wrong in every way, shape, or form. And, yes, just as I said on April 1st, they LIED about the number of enrollees.. So is anyone surprised? If his lips are moving... Scaring folks is always good, don't you think? Being scared of having to pay the penalty is what made those folks who did sign up for this thing do so. They didn't want it because they liked it, thought it a good idea, or were excited about having to pay higher premiums, and have larger deductibles. They didn't want to be in trouble with the government. Isn't it nice to scare a nation? It's so nice to cancel insurance programs FOR CHILDREN, too, n'est-ce pas? This thing's so wunnerful they're signing up prisoners for it. That's so special. There are some of us (probably a LOT of us) who believe this thing is doomed to FAIL because socialized medicine has FAILED everywhere else it has been tried. Why not learn from the mistakes of others instead of putting America through the same pain as the socialized medicine countries have already entered and are struggling to deal with? Learning from the mistakes of others (and NOT joining them in the mistake and not repeating their mistake) is the smart thing to do. Proves the dumborats (and now some republirats) are not smart. Want to meet other folks who are NOT in favor of this thing? Check out this Facebook page. and the Florida chapter of the 10th Amendment Center (H/T PM).

April 7, 2014   thevileone is still paying WOMEN LESS than he pays men. Another thing he says he cares about (equal pay for equal work, etc.) but is proven to be LYING about. Awww... His lips are so out of control and they betray him often. He really does need to get control of them. That way he wouldn't be the PROVEN LIAR that he is. 2013 Liar of the Year is what he is and he's going for a double!

April 7, 2014   What's up with all the OK earthquakes? The USGS has a map of recent American earthquakes and OK is very active. What's up with that?

April 7, 2014   secondamendment   Aaaaaaaahhhhh..... public schools. I think it's time our STUDENTS be taught that there is NOTHING wrong with guns. The people who use the gun are bad, not the gun itself. When will people wake up to that? The Second Amendment lost a warrior today. My condolences to his family. It's a sad day. Do you know how many folks could defend themselves in case of emergency if they have a gun? Did you know that KS is trying to nullify federal gun control laws? I like that. BTW, MO is, too. LOVE THAT! Wish FL would follow their lead.

April 7, 2014   charles rangel is an embarrassment to America. He needs to be in prison.

April 7, 2014   No "progressive" groups were targeted by the IRS and there won't be anything done about it as long as there's a dumborat in office. Better to hide the transgressions of all instead of telling the truth. It's easier that way.

April 7, 2014   Homosexual mafia? The clintoons and thevileone said similar things as the Mozilla CEO who was fired for saying the same things. Now, there's a Catholic nun underfire for the same thing: FREE SPEECH. Or does "Free Speech" no longer exist? One thing is for certain: the scotUS is NOT standing up for the First Amendment. I think the homosexual mafia is very well organized and very vocal, but they're not the majority. Why are the rest of us so scared of the minority -- ANY sort of minority -- be it homosexuals, anti-gun pushers, pro-baby-killers, etc.? Why are WE who are CORRECT in our beliefs, politics and stances made to be afraid of those who are WRONG? We need to stand up and say,

"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

April 7, 2014   I'll close on that note. I hope you have a great day and until next time, See ya'!

April 4, 2014: 3:22 p.m.   envirowheel   The BOCC raised our TAXES AGAIN. So did it surprise anyone? When our county commies don't listen to anyone EXCEPT the Hamsters and you KNOW that you can count on that being the case although Brevard County is mostly Republican and people vote Republican so why do four of five BOCC members (Commisioner Infantini always the reliable, Conservative, intelligent, fiscally responsible one) ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS vote AGAINST the MAJORITY of the population of Brevard County? Why is it so predictable for the Farty-Four to vote with the Hamsters, for higher taxes, for fees and fines, and against common sense and fiscal responsibility? Why, in this time of higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher medical prices (thanks to thevileone's healthcareTAX), higher cost of everything would they choose to be SUPID and SOOOO PREDICTABLE in their vote that most of the Conservatives I know chose to save the gas, do something else with the time and avoid the frustration of talking to the wall of High-And-Mighty-Hamster-Lovers that is the BOCC of Breard County today? What they did NOT tell you is that WE, the regular homeowner/resident of Brevard County will pay the tax at least twice, maybe THREE TIMES because we'll not only PAY for our own HOMES, but we'll also pay for the increased costs the businesses will have to pay for their roofs and parking lots (of course the cost will be passed on to us), and if the BOCC did the usual, expected thing, they exempt all government buildings from the requirement so that WE end up paying their fair share, too. So we'll be screwed as many as three times with this one. Thanks, tiddlywinks and other Hamsters for making sure we pay higher taxes again! Remember, they're still pushing for at LEAST 1/2˘ sales tax for schools, the Fire Dept. is still wanting a tax increase, the cost of having our garbage picked up still faces an increase, we're being taxed to benefit businesses in North Brevard (T-ville, especially) and we're not promised those tax starting points won't be even higher. Considering all of this I think the Hamsters and the Farty-Four did us no favors in their oh-so-predictable vote in FAVOR of the increased taxes. I think they need to be recalled post-haste! We need to FIRE THEIR BUTTS!

April 4, 2014   Did you know that we haven't been protecting our nukes? Isn't that a good thing to do: have lax security on our nuclear weapon stockpile? Makes all kinds of sense to me. (*sarcasm*)

April 4, 2014   Underground railroad from Mexico to USA. Just what we need; amnesty and an underground railroad to make sure everyone can get here -- and bring whatever they want -- who wishes to come. Sweet! (*sarcasm*, of course)

April 4, 2014   $6 BILLION of YOUR money the State Dept. has lost. It's not missing. It's in the hands of the Muslim Brohood. That's what Benghazi was all about: getting rid of the witnesses.

April 4, 2014   With ketchup kerry in charge, is it any wonder the Middle East is in a mess? He has a hard time tying his own shoes. How anyone thought he'd be a good diplomat is beyond me.

April 4, 2014   Even the presumptive to-be can't list her own "accomplishments" while SoS. Maybe because there weren't any? Well, there was BENGHAZI. She and thevileone did that.

April 4, 2014   Common Crap Core (CCC):   bill gates not happy with Michelle Malkin. Oh, boohoo. Why is he so determined to make our children STUPID? Ask yourself what he gains from it? Will his computer programs be used in their CCC education, in new robots that will "aid" in their future education? What is he gaining from this? Why is he suddenly so interested in participating with the world when just a few years ago he was a bit of a recluse? Now he's all over everywhere and he's trying to take over your children's education. Why? Follow the money. Follow the money. In other CCC news, if confusing math work is NOT part of CCC, why is it appearing EVERYWHERE CCC is? Hmmmm? Just a "koinkidink" (coincidence) that confusing, goofy math processes are being taught at the same time and under the same headings as CCC? Really? A "koinkidink"? Wow. "Koinkidinks" are funny like that, aren't they? Remember, you have the right to opt out of the exams but if you're going to expose your children to the curriculum, what's the difference? Why expose them to this crap at all? Just homeschool them! There are 100 state bills to try to slow, delay, or stop CCC, which tells you the extent to which this thing is NOT trusted after people look into it! Considering the experiences of people with children already in it, it's no wonder it's not a popular program! This thing is unppopular because it's a piece of CRAP! Homeschool your kids instead of subjecting them to this mess. It really will destroy their brains instead of teaching them anything good. It creates a brainwashed servant class. That's the goal!

April 4, 2014   No volcanic eruption at Yellowstone, scientists say. Yesterday there was a story that it would be erupting, perhaps soon, because bison were allegedly running OUT of the park. Problem with that is that the bison were running INTO the park. I can understand people believing it because of all of the recent earthquakes: 64 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or above in the last 24 hours! That's a lot of earthquakes! Let's just hope the scientists are correct!

April 4, 2014   Some Congress members think they're underpaid! Excuse me while I'm laughing myself silly! Let me guess: they want a pay increase AND more benefits?

April 4, 2014   Lefties don't like FREE SPEECH unless you're agreeing with them, you MUST BE PUNISHED for thinking differently, wanting something else, believing something else. YOU MUST CONFORM!!!

April 4, 2014   secondamendment   FL sends "Warning Shot" bill to governor. We need to get rid of military "Gun Free Zones". Our military members are all trained at least a little in weapons. Increase the training for everyone, make them take weapons training every six months to a year and make an effort to qualify those who are "gifted" at target shooting for a sharp shooter designation and use them as necessary. Allow the military to carry their issued weapons on base; or they could carry their personal weapons. Whichever: leaving them sitting targets in a military base makes absolutely no sense. You know, if MO keeps this up, it may be an option to TX. Nullifying federal gun laws? LOVE IT!

April 4, 2014   Look at the REAL unemployment numbers since thevileone took office. They've NEVER been below last month's 12.6 and spent 28 MONTHS IN THE OVER 16% area. That's how bad thevileone is for America!

April 4, 2014   I'll close today with the usual Friday's "Flag Friday" posting "Tribute To Our Heroes 158: Because It's Never Too Late". GOD Bless you and thank you for your service! Until next time, See ya'!

April 3, 2014: 1:31 p.m.   Some of you are so very, very disappointed to see this. Awww... Too bad. You fell for my April Fools Day joke. Wah. Others (including those who clicked on the link figured out that I was just pulling an April Fools Day joke on everyone. I hope it gave the lefties a moment (or 24 hours) of joy and elation. That's what I was going for. Today they're back crying in their beer. Wah. Now, on with at least a few blurbs because I am going to be (barring unforeseen circumstances) down in Viera for the Stormwater TAX INCREASE meeting today at 5 p.m. Are you going to attend or do you think that the TAX increase is a foredrawn conclusion and the three-muck-a-teers (fisher, nelson, bolin) will vote for a tax increase no matter what and that maybe there will be a fourth vote (anderson) for it if the other three vote for it? The only person I can count on to vote AGAINST this is Trudie Infantini and she's been a reliable lower taxes person all along. That's why the left hates her so much: she doen't go along with their higher taxes desires. As I said, Wah.

April 3, 2014   My condolences -- again -- to Fort Hood. I hope we don't allow this to happen again. If a military base is undefended via no one being armed except the military police then the military is just as vulnerable as any elementary school. This should NOT happen. Let's allow our military members who carry weapons. Let's give them refresher courses, IF they do not already have a concealed carry permit as a civilian, and allow them to open carry. It's better than having all the crazies go postal on base.

April 3, 2014   No limit to individual contributions, scotUS says. Wanna' give $5 or $5,000,000 to a candidate? Go for it! Free Speech is a good thing and political contributions are a form of Free Speech. Which means the right is going to have to exercise that right as much as -- if not MORE THAN -- the left or we're doomed!

April 3, 2014   Malkin nails it in great style. She's got a great sense of humor and her sarcasm is so sharp and on point that it can split a hair. LOVE IT!

April 3, 2014   secondamendment   The fired piers morgan wants you to give up your guns. Or, if you don't own a gun, he wants ME to give up mine. Ain't gonna' happen. It ain't gonna' happen. It seems that, in KY, if you want to carry you're going to have to replace the I won't sign it governor dumborat. Why even bother having a legislature if the governor is going to be an obstructionist? Or will these bills become law whether the governor signs them or not, as do federal laws after so many days? In NJ they have a problem with the "need based" permit rule. It was already challenged and changed in CA, so why is NJ hanging onto it? In FL, they have a "muddled water" situation to clear up. The "right to keep and bear arms" may have been a little misconstrued or was it a bit of "personal opinion" thrown in there? It reminds me of the article "In Whose Hands Is YOUR Freedom" I wrote in April 2013. In RI they're still hoping to gain support for their 2nd Amendment. Let's hope that the new Speaker of the RI House will help with that!

April 3, 2014   Noah's ark DID float research says. Technically, it didn't say it "did" because that would imply acknowledgement of the truth of the biblical story.

April 3, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Yep. The 7 million number was a lie. shock. surprise. Even some on the left are predicting what will be the first to go. BILLIONS of YOUR dollars were spent to advertise this thing that none of us wanted in the first place. Why advertise it to us when we never wanted it anyways?

April 3, 2014   I'll close for now. Have something to do. Until next time, See ya'!

April 1, 2014: 4:11 p.m.   Late start due to a project I had to get completed. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed doing this project. You'll see the results of the project within the next few days. I think you'll like it. I'll do just a few blurbs for today considering my late start and the fact that my hubby may want to go out birdwatching when he gets home (or he may want to work on taxes --ugh-- to get our refund back sooner). Whichever, I think I'll try to keep it short today. So let's get started.

April 1, 2014   Illegal Aliens:   Court: "local police departments aren’t obligated to comply with federal immigration detainers". Requests? I suppose it's like thevileone's healthcareTAX, if they like the illgeal they can keep the illegal? Catholic Bishops push for amnesty because it'll get them more folks in the pews? More folks equals more in the offering? (Slightly cynical. Priests should be preaching, supporting and pushing for obedience of the law ["Render unto Caesar that which is Caecar's...") instead of pusshing for people to be able to BREAK the laws. Wrong is wrong even if it gets more people in the pews. At least there is some good news regarding illegal immigration: KS and AZ won their fight to require proof of citizenship BEFORE people get to vote. That's a good thing!

April 1, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Folks are CHOOSING to pay the pentalty instead of joining the program. It's better than having some felon know all of your personal info, or having your info stolen from the website. I don't blame them. I think it's the smartest move. After all, 75% of the people on this thing are going to PAY MORE. They'll probably lose their doctor, lose their hospital and their medicine, but pay more. So why bother signing up for it? They say that they've reached their 7 million enrollees goal. I think they are counting dead people they signed up for it, and my hubby thinks that they're counting all the folks who tried to sign up, got kicked from the website and when they logged back in they were counted again. Whichever, there's no way they've reached that 7 million goal without some sort of LIE about it. Considering their record of lies about enrollment how can anyone think anything else? Did you know that this thing is ruining lives in at least five different ways? mitch mcconnell says this thing's a "disaster" but he supports it anyways. He has got to go.

April 1, 2014   You know, my hubby's home and I'm fed up. I'm so tired of this stuff that I just can't take it anymore. Between thevileone, dumborats and the GOP (Grand Ol' Progressives), I just wanna' throw my hands up and scream. I quit.

March 31, 2014: 11:09 p.m.   I missed this earlier: Court says EDC IS SUBJECT to SUNSHINE LAWS. Hurray! I want to know where EVERY PENNY of my taxpayer dollars are going because that equals accountability. For the EDC to get my money and NOT tell me where and how they spend it, is WRONG in every way, shape and form. I'm glad Scott Ellis won re-election! He's doing a LOT for our rights and our protection!

March 31, 2014: 12:21 p.m.   I hope everyone had a great weekend. I enjoyed my weekend. I went to a fishing "tournament" that was held for my hubby's office for kids to be able to come out and learn to fish and spend time with parents whose hours are sometimes exceptionally long. There were no "winners" in the "Adult" section, but I did catch more fish than my husband (my 7 to his 5); three panfish, two reds, two trout and a huge black drum. It was great fun. That was Saturday morning. Afterward we went to one of my favorite shopping stops, a thrift store I frequent, and found some books and miscellaneous there. Came home the long way, saw some birds and took pics while the tornado warning was upon us. Relaxed and went to bed early (for me). Sunday was some light yardwork (pulling dandelions) while hubby and son did some of the heavier duty stuff and, of course, I took my Minion Monday: Hank-zan Swings On Vine pic. I really enjoyed doing this one. Now, let's get started with today's updates.

March 31, 2014   68,000 CRIMINAL IlLEGAL ALIENS RELEASED by thevileone. America, land of the freed criminal under thevileone's administration.

March 31, 2014   YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS paid for this? Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

March 31, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Republican couple get VOTER registration from CA program PRE-MARKED with [dumborat].

"A local couple in La Mesa, California were shocked to receive completed voter registration forms from Covered California with their party registration listed as 'Democrat' after they enrolled in Obamacare."
So they're defrauding the elections again? Shock. Surprise. BTW, you do remember, don't you that today is the LAST day to register for this crap? Until, that is, thevileone's Magic Pen goes into its SuperHero action and illegally decrees another extension of the "law". Remember, if you tried to sign up before and encountered difficulties, thevileone has already extended the deadline for you until NEXT Monday. So NEXT Monday we'll get another Magic Pen action? Allegedly, thevileone's healthcareTAX was supposed to ensure coverage for all those uninsured Americans out there? Yeah, we're all paying the price because (even the experts agree) only about 1.7% of the actual UNinsured have signed up for The Big LIE. Ya' know, I thought that part of the reason to implement a new "national" healthcare plan was to lower premiums but this thing raises premiums for most folks. Oh. Sorry. I forgot the 2013 LIAR OF THE YEAR probably should have won it 2007 THROUGH 2013 and probably should win it this year, too. The TRUTH is that this thing cuts choices, not premiums and that anyone who enrolls is bound to be shocked by it sooner or later. Whether in premium costs skyrocketing, or they're ripping off the young adults signing up, this thing is NOT cheaper than the other options. Too bad that was just another promise of thevileone. So what if either 6 or 7 million sign up for this piece of crap? Then what? Then it will be breaking even? Ever heard of attrition? If so, then what? Will it be taking from the young so that you can rob them to pay the old? Come on! It's AMERICA we're talking about! That's not the way we're supposed to work. Hopefully, the failure of the Oregon program will effect the rest of the program so that it ALL fails entirely and we can go back to the open market and improve what was there. We could allow people to shop across state lines for insurance and we could allow the open market to set the prices of procedures without government interference! That would all be good!

March 31, 2014   Common Crap Core:   NH chooses to keep it, and it's going to be a HUGE election issue, but do you know the TRUTH about it? Watch the video on the link. Your ideas about this thing may change. Common Crap Core is so bad that if you read all of the stories here you'll grab you childrean and run screaming from any school that has implemented it. In OH, they have an "opt-out" for the testing done and they retaliate if you choose to opt-out. Common Crap Core is a piece of dung wrapped in a pile of poop, covered with excerment and presented in a gilded package of petrified BM. I think I've figured out what they're doing here, though.

  1. They're making a "servant class" as England and other monarchies need. This ensures someone to make their beds, wash their clothes and fix their meals for them. That's what the leftie elites are doing here.

  2. They're dumbing down the future so that they will be able to control the future via the msm and any lie they wish to tell. Teaching children to NOT think is easy; taking advantage of them later is going to be even easier!

  3. Creating a huge disparity between those children who are in the states that are in the Common Crap Core system and those children who are in states that have chosen to NOT participate in Common Crap Core. This is going to be a problem for "their side" in the future because not everyone will be as easily manipulated as those who are in the Common Crap Core road to destruction. What will they have to do to "solve" the problem?

But that's just what I think. How about you? Do you like Commmon Crap Core? Or do you think it needs to go down the trash can with the rest of the garbage some schools are putting out?

March 31, 2014   secondamendment   Detroit cops support homeowners defending themselves and in TX that's what one did. The Second Amendment is a good thing, folks, even though lefties in CO think otherwise. The word "infringed" within the Second Amendment is imperative and we cannot do without it. What is it that the left does NOT get about that word, "infringed". Do you understand that?

March 31, 2014   Hey, I have an idea. Let's don't and say we did. Please! Please! Please!

March 31, 2014   Well, I'm going to close with that for now. I feel a big of a headache coming on and if I get offline and do other things it will go away. I've also got other things to do and I want to get them done. Enjoy the Minion Monday pic! Until next time, See ya'!

March 29, 2014: 9:29 p.m.   Did Commie Fisher have a secret agenda while making TAXPAYERS PAY for the Miracle City Mall redo?

"In the same month as the J C Penney representatives presented their grievance to Commissioner Fisher about the Miracle City Mall [possible asbestos issue], Commissioner Fisher meets a developer whose name is Allen Goins. This proves to be an important meeting due to the fact that Allen Goins later obtains an option to purchase the Miracle City Mall in November 2012, for approximately $6 million."
What's going on behind the scenes here that we don't know the full story on? I'll try to keep you posted. (HT: Ms Barbara)

March 28, 2014: 2:58 p.m.   It's Flag Friday! For today's posting, check out "Tribute To Our Heroes 157: A Star for Stripes" because I can never thank you enough for your service!

March 28, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   It's not very popular although the RED House says it's "a very popular thing". If they have to LIE to you they are hiding something from you, they think you're too stupid to figure it out themselves, and they think that they can pull the wool over your eyes even further. Are you going to let them get away with that? As we've seen, it's not very popular AND it's too expensive. Even if you can afford the monthly premiums, you can't afford the deductibles. You may be paying only $64 a month but when you go see a doctor and get a prescription, your deductible is $10,000 so it's like you're not covered at all until you reach that $10,000 deductible. How often do you spend enough to reach that mark in a single year? This piece of crapis so bad that it's driving harry reid crazy. (It's not as if he had far to go to get there.) Do you know how much the program cost us so far?

""'From a regulatory perspective, the law has imposed more than $27.2 billion in total private sector costs, $8 billion in unfunded state burdens, and more than 159 million paperwork hours on local governments and affected entities.'"
That's just the start! Read the link. There are more costs: at least $13.5 BILLION worth of additional costs of one sort or another. With the inflation that is coming, double that. This is what you, your children, your grandchildren, etc., etc., etc., are saddled with thanks to the dumborats. They're now trying to get hollyweird to push this crap, too. Isn't that special? This thing is so bad that even the godfather is abandoning it. "If you like your doctor" he said you could keep it, but did he include a dentist? Then there's the bonehead boehner betrayal boondoggle. This is the last straw for my tolerance with bonehead. He has gone too far using this tactic and he's now as despicable to me as thevileone. Remember: THIS THING IS NOT A LAW BECAUSE thevileone CHANGES IT ON A WHIM. Challenge it in court and thevileone's own actions will take this thing down!

March 28, 2014   Lesbians charged with starving their adopted children. A ND mom starved her son to death. In AZ, a mom and dad starved their 9 month-old to within days of death. I have one question for these people: Where is your soul? There must not be one in any of these people because if they had one they could never do this to a child. They harmed children and GOD does not like that. It's going to be a dark day of judgment if they don't turn their lives over to Jesus Christ to be forgiven of their sins -- and make no mistake, what they've done is a sin -- they have a sad, dark future. It's hard to consider someone worth saving when they do this, but GOD LOVES US ALL: even people who do this kind of thing.

March 28, 2014   msthevileone cost Aamerica how much? They're never going to tell us the full amount because some of the costs are "secret". Remember how many trips they went on in 2013 at YOUR expense? They're going to Martha's Vineyard this summer. How much you want to bet they'll have another vacation between now and their late summer Martha's Vineyard trip? Must be nice to be a dictator. You can do anything you want and WE pay for it. Sweet!

March 28, 2014   Israelis being denied entrance into America despite his alleged support of Israel. He's such a LIAR.

March 28, 2014   secondamendment   dumborat, Yee's indictment to make gun control "more difficult"? Let's hope so! After all, if someone is so staunchly "anti-gun" as his speeches would leave folks to believe, can be into gun running, it would lead one to believe that it's as much of a LIE as thevileone's preziduncy. Here's a shocker: The Atlantic says the NRA won in the gun control argument. Do you realize that Gabby Giffords' husband is saying that lying enough to make folks believe the left is winning on gun control is A VICTORY? It's still a LIE, but that doesn't matter. As long as folks BELIEVE the left is winning, that is what matters. (*Twilight Zone music*) Reality bites when you're losing and desperate. (Remember, he's a former astronaut!) Let's face facts: Americans feel safer with guns in the house. That's all there is to it. When people raise their children to be animals instead of caring humans, when the "Knockout Game" is something that is practiced nationwide, and when the left is trying everything they can (including -- especially? -- LYING), then it's a good thing to have a gun. If only to exercise your Second Amendment rights you need to own a gun. The good news?

  1. Even law enforcement is fighting back AGAINST the gun grabbers!

  2. States are fighting back, too.

  3. Yes, that IS PLURAL: STATES.

  4. GA, in fact, is joining the guns in church crowd.

  5. Remember? ID has fought back, too. (See me smile?)

Those of us who support and PRACTICE the Second Amendment, as Ted Nugent puts it, be like Rosa Parks and to quote her, "never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right." And supporting the U.S. Constitution is right. Remember: the Feds will take away your rights any way they can even via rewriting the mental health rules to limit YOUR rights. Do you recall that I warned about this at Girls Just Wanna' Have Guns: "Gun Control Laws: Judge, Jury and Executioner of Rights?" (Part 1) and Part II. You may wish to re-read those posts after you read the "even via rewriting the mental health rules to limit YOUR rights." link. You'll see how prescient I was.

March 28, 2014   Our Heroes are committing suicide at alarming rates. We need to let them know that we support, love and honor them and that we want them to be live. We can help them through. We can help them, not to "get over" this but to be a support system for them, to help them deal with the things they saw, the losses they survived, the heartbreak they live with. We can help them. We do honor them. We do LOVE them and want them to live. Along those lines, I repost the link to my "Tribute To Our Heroes 157: A Star for Stripes" because I want them to live.

March 28, 2014   I'll close for now. Have a good weekend! Until next time, See ya'!

March 27, 2014: 1:51 p.m.   thevileone is GIVING RUSSIA OUR WEAPONS while giving lip service to standing against them. Remember the message to Putin:

Source: RT

So he's being "more flexible" by giving our enemy our weapons to use against us? Is that how he rolls? Now he's out there "sanctioning" them left, right and center as if that's going to have any impact on Putin at all; while at the same time GIVING THEM OUR WEAPONS to later use against us. I've said it from the get-go; thevileone HATES AMERICA and is doing EVERYTHING he can to destroy America. Yes, that includes giving our enemies our weapons. U.S. Constitution:

"Article II

"Section. 4.

"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. [my bolding]"

"Article III

"Section. 3.

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. [my bolding]"
It's TIME.

March 27, 2014   With the weapons thevileone is giving to Putin will Russia go for the North Pole after it gets the Ukraine? It's going to take even the parts of the Ukraine that don't want to be back in the USSR. Putin doesn't care what they want and, like thevileone, he doesn't have to care. Putin, like thevileone, is a law unto himself, answerable to no one. Question for you: With all of the Russian troops heading into the Ukraine, why is everyone sending money to the Ukraine when they know it will wind up in the hands of Putin? Does that make sense to anyone? Think, people! When Russian invades the Ukraine Putin will wind up with the money! See today's first post! That's what is going on here!

March 27, 2014   Abortion KILLS WOMEN a well as BABIES. It's not just the baby who dies in some abortions. Since there is no real requirement for reporting deaths due to complications from abortions the number reported is probably much lower than reality. If a doctor perforates a woman's uterus and she bleeds out, that's not reported as a botched abortion, but as something else:

"The cause of her death was hemorrhaging, a perforated uterus, and delay."
Then there are the babies who survived the abortion and are left to die, or just murdered and the barbarism of that practice should haunt everyone who participates in it or hears about it. That should not happen in a civilized society (nor should burning dead babies to heat a hospital!) and we should all make every effort to protect babies as soon as a child is conceived. A baby is a gift from GOD. Destroying that gift is to tell GOD "No thanks. I know best. You were wrong." I think that is a really stupid thing to say and abortion an inhuman thing to do.

March 27, 2014   Dumborats Being Investigated On Parade: CA State Senator, Leeland Yee, inicted on arms trafficking (although he's allegedly a staunch anti-gun person). Charlotte, NC's Mayor Patrick DeAngelo Cannon is under investigation and has resigned allegedly due to "public corruption by accepting bribes". The RI House Speaker, Gordon Fox, who resigned his Speakership after the FBI raided his home and office. Include State Assemblyman William Scarborough (D-St. Albans) in the list of FBI home and office raids on dumborat legislators. Rob Andrews from NJ will step down as the investigation into his actions is ongoing. Also under indictment is State Sen., LeAnna Washington (D) from PA whose trial starts soon. And probably the worst of all as far as being a despicable act: IL Rep. Keith Farnham under investigation for alleged child porn. All dumborats. All being investigated, under indictment, or going to trial already. Rush says that it's the dumborats cleaning house now so that it won't happen just prior to the election. If that be the case, they KNEW this stuff was going on and did nothing until they thought it may intefere with them keeping the Senate if any of this broke immediately prior to the election. If Rush i right, that's just typical dumborat CYA. They're getting rid of the least of these; throwing them under the bus as a "Look! We've cleaned our house out!" but they don't take harry reid, pelosipig, etc., the BIGGEST RATS stay and are in charge. What I say, contrary to Rush's view (and I don't totally disagree with Rush; he and I could both be correct here), is that I HOPE that it's a sign that someone within the FBI has started a quiet revolution against thevileone and his regime and his party's corruption. It's possible that they're starting with the small fish so that the big fish will get scared and mess up. It's possible the FBI is tired of being kept under the thumb and used as a party tool, thus the push back starts now and they're pushing back hard. So, you see, Rush and I could both be correct. It's not until the elections and beyond that we will find out if it's a combination of Rush and I, just Rush, or just I. We'll see.

March 27, 2014   Smirk. Like he would know anything at all about FREEDOM?! RRrriiiigggghhhhhtttt...

March 27, 2014   Why is the Border Patrol releasing illegals INTO TX, instead of sending them back to Mexico? Oh, yeah. AmeXica. Votes and healthcareTAX participants that WE'LL pay for by the foot. Isn't that special?

March 27, 2014   Autism on the rise: is it because of vaccinations or does it start in the womb? What is causing it: maternal diet of mercury in vaccines? What do you think?

March 27, 2014   Watch to see how CT's jobless numbers increase. They've decided to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 and it's going to mean that a lot of people will lose their jobs.

March 27, 2014   Colleges are doing some students a grave disservice. To give this paper an "A-" is not just wrong, it's a LIE to the student, teaches him NOTHING except that it's okay to be nothing but an athlete without a fully functioning intellect and that his teachers don't really care about his brain, but just care about his athletic abilities and nothing more. That's not a proper function for a college. Colleges are supposed to TEACH and improve their students' ability to learn, think, analyze, be curious and satisfy that curiosity with truth. It's not supposed to teach them nothing but the coach will help you be STUPID!

March 27, 2014   She's criticizing someone she used to praise? In the past, she has praised thevileone. Maybe her eyes have been opened?

March 27, 2014   Support the Palin candidate, Julianne Ortman over Senate Clown, al franken, all day every day. If you can't give to her financially, pray for her victory. franken is an embarrassment. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any and all campaigns, parties, committees, or clowns.)

March 27, 2014   SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? A recycled container full of seeds from a garden they cannot eat out of because of its sewage sludge content? (Or is thevileone giving a secret message to the Pope via those seeds?) Great gift for the Pontiff. (*sarcasm*)

March 27, 2014   I'll close on that smelly note. So until next time, See ya'!

March 26, 2014: 10:05 a.m.   Missed yesterday because my friend and I met at the gun range and shot about 150 rounds and then went to lunch. After a liesurely lunch I dropped by a favorite haunt and found some good art supplies for cheap. Then I came home and tried to start doing updates, but my hubby came home and wanted to tell me about his day while relaxing in the back yard. So I shut my computer down and did no updates. Then my Mom called, and we always talk for a long time; then it was supper time and after supper hubby and I talked about our future plans. Then it was time for bed. Sorry about no updates, but life happened.

March 26, 2014   Pelletier to stay in state custody! OUTRAGEOUS! This is a travesty. The people of the State of Massachusetts should immediately RECALL THIS JUDGE and fire every DCF employee! The agency is out of control and if you look at their record, they're also incompetent! As far as I'm concerned, the judge in this case was incompetent, too. Is this going to be what happens everywhere in America in the future?

March 26, 2014   Report destroys claim that thevileone is the "Deporter in Chief". Yet another TRUTH put to thevileone's LIES. Is anyone surprised?

March 26, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   kagan, sotomayor: "pay the penalty". That's what they think of the idea of freedom of religion in the First Amendment: don't like it? Pay for the RIGHT TO NOT LIKE IT! Another extension? Not a LAW. It cannot be a law in America if ONE person can change it on a whim. It doesn't fit the legal definition of a "law":

"A body of rules of conduct of binding legal force and effect, prescribed, recognized, and enforced by controlling authority.


"The highest law in the United States is the U.S. Constitution. No state or federal law may contradict any provision in the Constitution. In a sense the federal Constitution is a collection of inviolable statutes. It can be altered only by amendment. Amendments pass after they are approved by two-thirds of both houses of Congress or after petition by two-thirds of the state legislatures. Amendments are then ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures or by conventions in three-fourths of the states. Upon ratification, the amendment becomes part of the Constitution. [my bolding]"
That's why the scotUS case about Hobby Lobby are so important. It's necesary to undo thevileone's healthcareTAX. If allowed to stand it's against the U.S. Constitution in many ways. That's why we must pray for john roberts and that he'll have a spine and stand up to whatever they are using against him! If you like your healthcare insurance you can keep it? What if they decide that you have the "wrong" insurance? They'll penalize you up to 18 times WORSE than if you have NO insurance. Got FREEDOM?

March 26, 2014   Smirk. I like thi.

March 26, 2014   Russia seizes fifty-one Ukrainian ships. This is not a good thing, here, folks. We need to stay informed about this one.

March 26, 2014   CAIR kills television show? "Peace and tolerance" and sexual harrassment? Sweet! (*sarcasm*)

March 26, 2014   msthevileone still in China. Wish they'd keep her and her barking momma!

March 26, 2014   I endorse this, agree with this, applaud the authoer of this article. This article is so spot-on it's almost ridiculous. The Grand Ol' Progressives (GOP) have broken their promise and betrayed you, me and America! But the dumborats have done worse.

March 26, 2014   secondamendment   dumborat state senator says "Go f*** yourself" when someone quoted the Second Amendment to him after a talk about gun control. Wow. Got class? In WV, the Governor eliminated CITY gun ordinances. Realize, please, PLEASE, that COMMON CORE teaches that the Second Amendment is DIFFERENT than it actually is. They're trying to take away our children's understanding of what the Second Amendment is, what it means to their freedoms, nor why it's important to them. All this while the dumborats are encouraged to "come out against" the Second Amendment. Coming "out against" our Second Amendment right is coming out against US, against "We, The People", against what is right. The Second Amendment is what keep tyrants allegedly at bay. Putting an end to the Second Amendment is not a good idea and THE TREND must be stopped!

March 26, 2014   Google glass IS used to spy on folks. It's not an innocent product; it's NOT meant to be innocuous.

March 26, 2014   reid had to return $17,000 worth of "gifts" allegedly given to his granddaughter. So good to see the right thing being forced upon a dumborat. I'm sure it wouldn't have been done if no fuss had been made.

March 26, 2014   It sure is sad when dumborats use MARIJUANA to try to get their voters out. You use what tools you have, I suppose, but do you really want potheads to be deciding America's future? Really?

March 26, 2014   Common Crap Core:   Expert says "Return to 2006 English Language Arts Standards". I agree. Remember the link above about the workbook from Common Crap Core and the 2nd Amendment? If that's what they're teaching the children, they're doing them a grave disservice and harming America's future. But since when did that matter? Common Crap Core is NOT about giving children a high quality education. It's about dumbing them down (witness some of the work for it) and about teaching them that the U.S. Constitution is NOT what it was traditionally believed to be, but instead it is what THEY SAY it is and that they have no real Secondn Amendment rights. If they can be that blatantly ANTI-CONSTITUIONAL what else can they teach AGAINST in Common Crap Core? Will they teach that YOU, THE PARENT, are NOT the final arbiter of their lives while they are minors, but instead that the STATE, SCHOOL, OR THEIR TEACHERS ARE? What else will they brainwaste (it's not brain washing, it's brain WASTING to subject your children to Common Crap Core) your child with if they'll take away the U.S. Constitution?

March 26, 2014   While I am glad that Michelle Malkin's Mother-In-Law is feeling better, I cannot agree with Malkin's stance supporting "medical" marijuana. I've told you previously that there is nothing except anecdotal evidence that there is any benefit at all. I've shown you that the organizations for the specific illnesses say NOT to use marijuana as a treatment for it. I'm sorry but I believe there are other things that are more appropriate, more effective, more medically sound and more moral. Yes. MORAL. Hate that? Too bad.

March 26, 2014   On that rebellious note, I shall close for today. Until next time, See ya'!

March 24, 2014: 11:56 a.m.   In England, some hospitals have been burning aborted babies to heat hospitals. That's horrible. That's heartless. That's so very, very wrong. Aborting a child is murder and you've done enough wrong in just killing an innocent baby who has done no wrong. To put that baby (whole or in pieces) into a "waste-to-energy" furnace and use that innocent baby's body for heat is akin to "Soylent Green is PEOPLE!" England is headed there. Is that where America is bound to follow? BTW, did you know that the U.S. attorney general' wife co-owns an abortion clinic and the doctor there is going to prison for Medicaid fraud? How much did eric holder know and when did he know it? Same question for his wife: when and how much? I think that should be investigated.

March 24, 2014: 3:02 p.m.   It's time to remind you of what I said in March of 2009 in "Already a LOSER!", a blog I wrote sixty days into thevileone's preziduncy. This may surprise you.

March 24, 2014   Malaysia flight MH370 assumed crashed into Indian Ocean. I don't know anyone who was on that airplane but I do pray for the family and friends of the passengers and crew of that plane. Also, I send condolences to Washington State mudslide victims' families. Our prayers cover you and our heart are with you.

March 24, 2014   In China, free speech, and "questioning and criticism" of political leaders is crucial for msthevileone:

"'When it comes to expressing yourself freely, and worshipping as you choose, and having open access to information - we believe those are universal rights that are the birthright of every person on this planet,' Mrs Obama told an audience of around 200 students."
While here, in America, her husband doesn't seem to think that US speaking out against him is a good thing. So it's a one way street for thevileones: In China only is free speech for the unelected an important idea? Yep.

March 24, 2014   Can you believe I agree with the Vatican Chief Justice? (Or does he agree with me?) thevileone's policies progressively "more hostile" toward Christians. If someone living in Italy can see it, why can't people here see it? I've said it time after time after time: It is evident that thevileone is NOT a Christian because if he were a Christian he wouldn't be hostile toward Christianity. It's as simple as that.

March 24, 2014   Is anyone surprised that thevileone is the "most well traveled, expensive" president EVER? He' a Dictator-King who is all about living the high life while he can. Remember msthevileone's birthday party when they had to pay the tab? They told people to EAT BEFORE THEY CAME TO THE PARTY. When they're spending our money they live high on the hog. That's the difference: they'll spend OUR money so that they can save THEIR OWN. That's quite selfish of them, is it not? He' going to more countries than he can count Remember this?

Yeah. Imagine him counting how many countries he has been to in his five years as prezidunce. SMH.

March 24, 2014   DH[IN]S's "security exercise" targets online dissent against thevileone. Allegedly, they're targeting only one "group called 'Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny,'", but considering that most of us who speak out against thevileone could be targeted under the same idea -- if not actual membership -- then anyone who speaks out against thevileone could be targeted. Sounds to me like thevileone is trying to silence opposition ahead of his big forthcoming announcements. What big announcements? I don't know but could it be a THIRD TERM? Or maybe it's that he's instigating the demise of the "free press"/ clause in the First Amendment, and that he's destroying freedom on the internet by handing over registration control to China (even after they hacked into our military databases)? Or will he announce that he's going to veto the ENFORCE Act, thereby declaring that he DOES NOT BELIEVE HE MUST ABIDE BY the U.S. Constitution? Whichever -- or is it ALL of the above -- it is (or they are), America is in for a bumpy ride in the next two years. Either we stand up and BE AMERICA, or we stay seated with our mouths closed, our hands in our laps and do nothing and allow this DICTATORSHIP. It's up to us. What shall it be?

March 24, 2014   hollyweird actor, kevin spacey, is a hypocrite. Don't worry, though, he's not alone.

March 24, 2014   Awwww.... too bad. Too, too bad... Sarcasm is fun.

March 24, 2014   Remember I told you that Twitter was going to die? It's losing $1,000 every minute, and only 11% of its 2012 sign-ups are still using it. That's a big drop. They've also had to remove Twitter #music because, basically, no one is using it. Music is popular; the Twitter app wasn't. Even The Motley Fool sees three big problems with Twitter, but they are still "rosy" about it. In the face of all of this, Twitter is trying to make it more user friendly. Removing the hashtags (#) and the "at" (@) signs? How can that make it better? Don't know what they're thinking there, but I don't know if it will help. The "social media" scene is so fluent and volitile that seeing the user numbers drop so drastically may indicate that the time for this particular "social media" event is over. It's like hula hoops and bobby socks: it had its time and it may be time to move on.

March 24, 2014   Women's Studies Prof to be charged with battery on female teen. What does that professor teach: Hatred & Hypocrisy 101?

March 24, 2014   Is this "pot stirring" or just making a point? Turns out the "racial messages" were a hoax. So when the black owner of the board the racial messages were written -- by HIMSELF -- was he trying to teach a lesson, or just trying to get someone else in trouble? If the latter, that's despicable. If the former, what has he now learned?

March 24, 2014   secondamendment   Law Enforcement Assoc. urging Sheriffs to NOT enforce gun control laws. I like that. Problem is, there are going to be some who will not listen to these folks. Remember my article for GJWHG: "In Whose Hands Is Your Freedom"? I addressed the question of whether your RIGHT to "keep and bear arms" is in the hands of the local law enforcement officers or is it in YOUR hands? Some Sheriffs say they won't enforce UNconstitutional laws, but in the next breath they ay that it's up to the COURTS to decide what is constitutional. Thus, some Sheriffs say that they will do as the COURTS decide they should. Isn't that what you want: a Sheriff who will take your guns away if someone rules AGAINST the U.S. Constitution:

"Amendment II

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. [my bolding]"
Is that not what would be happening if the Sheriffs obey the courts and whatever law is passed down from the Magic Pen or elsewhere, our Second Amendment right to "keep and bear arms" infringed? Let us NOT rely on others for our freedom. WE MUST STAND as Idaho has. Thanks to women in FL, there are more people to do so! (I am one!)

March 24, 2014   I think I shall close for today. I do have a sticky "S" key on my keyboard that I have to figure out how to fix. If you see a missing "s" from today's posting, that's why. I had to smack the key to get it to take and it was irritating. So, to make it less irritating, I'll close with my usual post for this day of the week: "Minion Monday: Hank's Girlfriend Practices for Masseuse Test". Hope you like it. Until next time, See ya'!

March 21, 2014: 10:58 p.m.   Drudge was telling the TAX TRUTH! Small businesses DO have to PAY THE HEALTHCARETAX NOW! So if you own a small business, you may want to figure out thevileone's healthcareTAX!

March 21, 2014: 12:18 p.m.   envirowheel   Hamsterism is something from which you CAN recover. It's not always a lifetime ailment. If hamsterism is a recoverable malady, then the carbon market's collapse may not hurt that many people. After all, fewer hamsters mean fewer people buying carbon market goods, right? There are some who will never, ever give up Hamsterism and to them there is always doom and gloom for as long as humans live. For others, finding the TRUTH will be their salvation. So do you think thevileone's website for "climate change data" will tell the TRUTH about alleged "climate change" considering that thevileone IS the 2013 Liar of the Year? Is he capable of telling the truth? I seriously doubt it.

March 21, 2014   In China on our dime, msthevileone won't talk about Human Rights but will instead focus on "education". Will that focus include food education, telling the Chi-coms what and how much to eat and how much to exercise? She does so to us, why not to them? msthevileone, her mom and daughters are traveling on our dime, so why don't they do as we want them to while they're there? I think it would be only fair if they'd be forced by LAW to convey the message the people wanted conveyed to any country they visited while they were traveling at our expense. For instance, while in China they could talk to the leaders about forced abortions and why they should be stopped. Or she could cover their political prisons and their brutality. She could talk about China's weapons against America and what they plan to do with them. She could talk about things of substance. Things that matter to America. But, no. She's a coward and she won't get controversial because Commies treat each other with kid gloves.

March 21, 2014   Common Crap Core:   They're trying to figure out how to sell this crap. People who are researching it and finding the TRUTH about it are not liking what they see. So the supporters/pushers (yes, like drugs) are trying to figure out what the best marketing scheme would be for it to become a success. Want to see why Common Core is Crap? Check out a parent's comments on a math problem. So tell me, why would Bill Gates spend $2.3 BILLION of his own money on Common Core if he's getting nothing out of it? What will he benefit if/when it gets passed? Follow the money. It may be crude, but it always tells the truth.

March 21, 2014   Got freedom?   Are you sure? thevileone's meeting with tech company presidents to talk about spying on you. I wonder if they'll figure out how to do it better, sneakier, with fewer leaks about the fact that it's still happening, or if they'll just talk about which lies to tell to cover it up better?

March 21, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   pelosipig is soooo desparate to make it look good. If it weren't such a lie it would be funny. How can anyone tell us that this thing is a success? It's all based upon supposition, desires for it to be a success, and "hope and change". It's not proven. It's just a dream. Remember, no matter what they promised even the architects of this crap admit you're going to lose your coverage. No one likes this thing and it stinks to high heaven but it's still being pushed as though it's the best thing since sliced bread. They're "fundamentally transforming America" (or should that be "transFORCING" America?) and they'll do whatever it takes to get that done, but does that intrinsically mean that it's a "good thing"? No. It means people will be working less in order to get this crap, no matter the promises it's a mess, and it messes up Medicare and Medicaid programs already existing. It's BAD ALL THE WAY AROUND, THROUGH, and every way possible. REMEMBER: It CANNOT be a law if ONE person can change it 37 TIMES SO FAR! IF this is AMERICA and he's allegedly the president the U.S. Constitution limits his powers to specific things and changing a law via Magic Pen is NOT one of those powers! Either the Congress and the Senate passed a bill as presented and signed "as is" and THAT is the law, or thevileone is a DICTATOR who can change whatever he so desires about America without regard to the U.S. Constitution, the law of the land, the House and Senate, or any other constraints. It's one of two things: This is the LAW of the land which can only be changed via ruling of the scotUS, or by vote of the House and Senate. There is nothing in our Constitution that allows for thevileone to do it via Executive Order. IF this is NOT the law, then why are we worried about whether he is chanign it or no? It's as simple as that: IS IT A LAW?

March 21, 2014   For what will they use this? Will they load it with bombs and sail it into our ports? Will they try to get up cloe and personal to a cruise ship? Will they use it as a prop in their next progaganda movie? You tell me.

March 21, 2014   thevileone drops the "H" in his foundation's name. Awww... No more "Hussein". Too bad. He can drop it. That doesn't mean the rest us shall. Isn't that right, Hussein, old boy?

March 21, 2014   THIS is what's going to turn public opinion about cops around. This kind of action -- instead of the usual "bad cop" story commented on here -- is what will turn public opinion into TRUSTING cops again. I love this because it shows a cop doing the right thing and being HUMAN instead of just an authority figure. It's the right thing for a cop to do.

March 21, 2014   Will dumborats run hillclintoon or bumbler? Both are losers for the country, so it's not as if it matters.

March 21, 2014   Another example of biased reporting. In a Gallup Poll, they asked respondents what the best thing would be about her presidency if she were elected? They SPUN it that the top responses were that she would be the first woman president; then "experience", a change from the previous TWO administrations (that includes thevileone's admin), and that she'd have a dumborat agenda (baby killing, higher taxes, commie goals, bigger government, no gun for citizens, CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL). What they DON'T put an emphasis on is that the MOST COMMON RESPONSES were:

"Nothing      27%
"No Opinion     22%"
NOTHING or NO OPINION; 49% of the respondents said that. Either number is BIGGER than 18% for "first woman", 9% for "experience" and 5% on "best choice". Why weren't the negative numbers focused on, instead of the alleged positives? Bias, anyone?

March 21, 2014   I hope Rush Limbaugh wins this! IMHO, he's getting more kids to read the TRUTH than any previous book except the Bible. He should win but will PC get in the way of his victory? We'll see how fair this thing will be.

March 21, 2014   Speaking of Rush, he gave his first homework assignment and this is it: READ THIS. Thought I'd make your homework easy for you.

March 21, 2014   So if you'll excuse me now, I'll go do my homework. Until next time, See ya'!

March 20, 2014: 12:57 p.m.   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   It's not giving you healthcare it's taking away your options. That's what pelosipig says is a "winner". If that's a winner in dumborats' eyes, I'd hate to see a loser. Even a guy who voted twice for thevileone says his abuse of power is "frightening". It's not only "frightening" but the "facts" surrounding thevileone's healthcareTAX -- its enrollment, who is signing up, etc. -- are probably skewed:

"I called the toll-free support number and asked why the website had denied me tax credits. The pleasant-sounding young man who answered took a quick look at my income information and agreed that it looked like I should be eligible. Then he started asking how I had answered the multiple questions the application process requires. When he asked whether I had indicated I currently have health insurance, I said I had … because I do have health insurance.

"'Ah,' he said, 'that may be the problem.'

"Wait, I said, are you telling me that to qualify for tax credits -- the only reason to sign up on the Obamacare website, as compared to buying directly from the insurance company -- that I can't already have health insurance?

"He replied that was correct."
So you're being LIED TO AGAIN. Even while they're signing you up they can't tell you the truth. Isn't that special? So now that we know they LIE about everything in, about, around, through, over, under (the sun), between the lines of thevileone's healthcareTAX, what will they do to get Sen. Johnson's lawsuit against it dropped? Will they simply LIE, or will they do the john roberts thing and find something he's ashamed of and use it to blackmail him into dropping the suit? If he drops it and gives a flimsy excuse, they've got something on him. Trust me, that's how these thugs work. All of this while they spend $17 MILLION OF YOUR MONEY TO ADVERTISE THIS CRAP. $17 MILlION MONTHLY! That's OUR MONEY! And they're using it to advertise the LIES that are this program. No wonder America is going broke. BTW, if you Mom calls to nag you into signing up, tell her a polite "No, thanks!" They're trying to push mothers into nagging their children into signing up? Really? Interfering in the parent/child relationship in order to push their LYING CONTROL-ORIENTED NON-LAW? Isn't that wunnerful of them? They're telling your Mom what to do. If I were you, I'd jump in and PROTECT MY MOTHER FROM GOVERNMENTAL BULLYING. But, maybe governmental bullying of mothers is what dumborats want?

March 20, 2014   secondamendment   The Second Amendment: is it an invitation to GOVERNMENTAL violence AGAINST US? Is it something that makes the government so afraid for its supremacy that they would kill us instead of letting us have our Second Amendment rights? It's something to think about: with this administration especially! In VA, first VETO goes against gun owners. The Second Amendment is being eroded slowly, slowly, slowly, drip by drip by drip. At least in ID one County Commissioner has it right. Let's help more like him get elected and turn this drip of erosion into a tidal wave of the RETURN of our Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights! Remember, in NH the dumborats are trying to create a "gun control commission" to try to control their citizens' Second Amendment rights. That's totally UN-American, but it is dumborats so is anyone surprised? But in GA, they're headed the right direction. I like having guns in church. What better way to do it: GOD and guns? We "bitter" clingers are still bitter, according to the left. So that's why we do it this way. Of course they're wrong, but since when did the truth matter to the left? In CA, for example, the 2nd Amendment is in grave danger. The court has alrady ruled that restricting concealed carry is unconstitutional but since when does that matter to the CA government? They're trying to make folks PROVE that they have "CAUSE" to NEED a concealed carry permit before it can be issued. That's a crock. Where in the Second Amendment does it say anythng about "proof" of need? Anyone? In FL, on the other hand, we have it good! The FL legislature is trying to EXPAND the 2nd Amendment! I love that, too!

March 20, 2014   Puuuuhhhhlllleeeaasssseee!

"A Homeland Security initiative to put fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border could discriminate against minorities, according to an [thevileone]-appointed federal judge who’s ruled that the congressionally-approved project may have a 'disparate impact on lower-income minority communities.' [my bolding]"
It's just another lame excuse to help thevileone turn AmeriCa into AmeXica; i.e. more votes for dumborats. Amnesty supporters LIE to the American people in order to gain support for their amnesty push. Silicon Valley is just trying to use foreign workers to save money because Americans have priced themselves way out of employers' comfort zones. It's like this: high college tuition costs lead folks who get their degrees to ask for high wages when they graduate so that they can pay off that college debt. When the employer wants to save money in order to keep costs down for the consumer, they want to hire foreign workers with similar credentials who will work for a lower wage. A lower waged, foreign worker means the company has to support immigration. More immigration means more competition for the same high end job, which means supply and demand can force down wages: the more people you have wanting the job the less you need pay because you can take your pick of folks who will take the job for $50K instead of $75K. (It's better than being unemployed, right?) So now we have more foreign workers, getting paid less, or American workers being forced to accept less, and that means less money flowing into the economy and that hurts America. Is that what the ultimate goal is? Is thevileone behind this? Let us not forget that people get fired if the wages go too high. High wages mean more foreign workers (and let us not forget about moving companies -- thus, jobs -- off-shore) and lower wages means keeping jobs but also keeping demands for high wages. Higher wages will get folks fired and that means more unemployed. It's not like companies are trying to pay folks pennies a day: no one in America is working for that if they're working above the table. I'm saying that companies have to be able to make money in order to afford the taxes they have to pay, the benefits package they give you, the payment on the company's properties (are they buying the building and land, or is it a fleet of vehicles, or something else?), some sort of savings for the future of the company in case a tornado strikes the building, for insurance for the company, for some sort of pay for the company's owners/investors, etc., etc., etc. All I'm saying is that Americans are being taught to price themselves so far out of the market (a $10.10 minimum wage for first time hires? Really?) that they will wind up without a job for their whole lives if they don't learn to start adjusting their own self-worth to meet the market. Anyone who refuses to meet the market is going to lose out and the market may have to choose "second best" in order to afford what's out there, but it's the "first best's" fault for pricing themselves so high. For instance: A high school basketball coach who is considered the best out there can price him/her-self at $100,000 or at $200,000 or at $5 Million; which price is more likely to get a job for the coach? If you chose the $100,000 you are correct. If the second best is pricing him/her-self at $50,000 does that not make the second best coach more likely to be hired by a wider range of schools, all able to afford that price? This is the same thing: our college grads are pricing themselves out of the market.

March 20, 2014   234. 234 standardized tests between Kindergarten and HS graduation. And they still "graduate" students who are illiterate in reading, writing, arithematic, American and world history, science, basic logic and critical thinking. So what in the Sam Hill are these tests "proving"? I've tutored a kid going INTO FOURTH GRADE who couldn't read basic words: cat, dog, house, mother, sky. I taught him in less than twelve hours how to read. I've tutored a high school girl who had no reading comprehension whatsoever. She could read quickly, but she could not understand what the sentence said that she just read at break-neck speed. She had no clue because they didn't teach her a basic vocabulary. I've tutored a middle school girl who was still having trouble with every subject; and had done so for years, but was in middle school! Those two girls' mother pulled them from tutoring due to financial difficulties before I could help them. What are the schools teaching? My boys could read and understand college level books when they were in the sixth grade! I cannot say that for most of the kids coming out of our public schools! Let us also recall that their priorities are messed up!

March 20, 2014   preziduncial priorities totally messed up: msthevileone is in China -- at OUR expense. thevileone focuses on his March Madness bracket. When msthevileone returns from China, the whole family will go to Martha's Vineyard to relax and play at YOUR cost. Priorities. Priorities. Isn't it wunnerful being so grand?

March 20, 2014   Free Speech takes a huge hit. We need to be vigilant with our freedom. If we don't stand up for it we WILL lose it.

March 20, 2014   She's telling the TRUTH about BENGHAZI and other things on her website Check it out. Keep an eye on it. She's fearless.

March 20, 2014   Judge reduces child RAPIST'S sentence to a slap on the wrist. Over 100 sex acts starting when his little relative was SIX-YEARS-OLD and the judge gives him a slap on the wrist. Where is justice for that little girl? Where is morality? Where is right and wrong? What happened here: did the judge enjoy the case too much and do this as a "thank you" to the RAPIST? What is wrong with that judge? Or is it just that this is how much our children are now valued in America by some folks? They're nothing more than sexual playthings for adults to use and abuse and if that means they have to suffer to provide for adults' sexual pleasure, so be it? Our children are SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE than to be treated like they don't matter as this judge's change in sentencing shows. BTW, why does it NOT SURPRISE ME that he was appointed to the bench in 1989 by a dumborat governor?

March 20, 2014   If the NSA doesn't want its water use to be known, what else are they hiding froom us? There's no telling, really. They don't like to tell us anything even though they WORK FOR US instead of working AGAINST US. Can't we FIRE our EMPLOYEES?

March 20, 2014   I'll close with that. Until next time, See ya'!

March 19, 2014: 6:45 a.m.   Early start today because of yesterday's short posts and I have an appointment this afternoon, so let's get to it.

March 19, 2014   envirowheel   thevileone going all Hamster-y. Don't ya' love the description of how he's going to do it: "numbers, maps and even gaming-type simulations."? Yeah! He's all into that! Gaming-type simulations. Oooohhh... Joy sticks for everyone! (BTW, Note the paper of origin in that article? See it covered here?) Now there's disagreement over the TTIP thing. You need to be aware of this because:

"Negotiators from the EU and US have been meeting in Brussels this week to push forward their great fusion of two of the world’s largest economies. There is almost no aspect of life on either side of the Atlantic that will not be impacted by the partnership, including the way we protect our environment from economic activity. [my bolding]"
Keep an eye on it because, although they say thevileone's goals may be failing, and teachers in Europe say it will harm education in Europe, that does NOT mean that it could ever be good for us. Hamsters like CONTROL and that's all the Hamsterism thought train ("train" because they're all hooked together in group-think) is: CONTROL of YOU.

March 19, 2014   You need to watch some of these videos. This woman's life proves GOD's existence, IMHO. When you feed over 300 with food for eight, that's GOD.

March 19, 2014   Maylasia flight MH370 still puzzling mystery. I don't have the slightest clue what happened to that flight, but I will pray for the people who boarded it and their family members until we know one way or the other. Please join me in that.

March 19, 2014   Have the Grand Ol' Progressives (GOP) grown a spine? No way! They're going to start holding thevileone's feet to the proverbial fire and hold him to obedience of the law? Really? Join me in saying, "I'll believe it when I see it"? Skepticism does not begin to express my reaction. bonehead boehner, john mccain't, mitch mcconnell actually do something? Rrrriigghhhtttt.

March 19, 2014   Considering yesterday's study results, the RED House's Pastry Chef was right to resign. Don't demonize butter and sugar, enjoy them!

March 19, 2014   Common Crap Core:   AZ has a battle within the (R) party about it. Apparently some are for it and some are against it, but those who are for it are probably not paying attention. Even a Ph.D. can't do KINDERGARTEN work using this crappy system! Doesn't that tell anyone anything? It's tragic that children are being hurt by this crap and the states and teacher unions don't seem to care. Is it laziness or just apathy?

March 19, 2014   thevileone's trying to HIDE THE TRUTH and bury it as deep as he can and not have to answer to us at all. His dictatorial attitude sickens me. He answers to US, not vice versa, but we are the ones being held accountable TO HIM. That's not America. That's not America.

March 19, 2014   thevileone's healthcaretax:   It needed young folks, but didn't get it. That gives me hope for the younger generations. At least they're smart enough to say no to this thing. Remember, the scotUS is still considering the "anti-conscience" mandate and it will be that ruling that decides if companies founded upon Christian principles will have to disregard those principles and just obey the Dictator In Cheat. What will they rule: with thevileone because of what he has on john roberts, or for the U.S. Constitution as they are supposed to? Remember, this thing will be bad for the health care work force and its pushers are being racist. Isn't that special? (*sarcasm*) They're racists and liars but does that make a difference?

March 19, 2014   [thevileone's] $4 TRILLION Budget is it the left's last hurrah? I HOPE SO! Especially that "last" part.

March 19, 2014   That's all I can find that interests me right now. Maybe later there will be more posted, but it's 8:30-ish in the morning and I wonder how many columnists have had the chance to write their columns for the day. Maybe after they wake up, get their first cup of coffee and do their morning ablutions they'll post something I can use. We'll see. BTW, what is it about coffee that allegedly wakes people up? I've been drinking coffee most mornings for about six months now and I don't see a difference at all. I don't get kept awake by it, nor does it help me wake up in the morning. So what's the big deal about a cup of joe in the morning? I just like the flavor, but the caffiene is not having an impact on me. Why is that? Until next time, See ya'!

March 18, 2014: 9:48 p.m.   Hahahahha! Look! When I'm right, I'm right. People should listen to common sense and not to stupid rules about what they should or should not eat. Because now a study says I AM RIGHT, again! Remember, what I said on the 17th? I didn't know at that time that a new study would back me up! It will be as you believe it to be with you. If you believe you will die of a cholesterol induced heart attack, you will do so! If you believe that no amount of cholesterol will hurt you, it will be as you believe. Remember that. Also, remember that "A joyful heart doeth good like medicine." So stay happy, relaxed and goofy and you'll live a long, long life!

March 18, 2014: 8:18 p.m.   Probably just a few updates today. I've had a little computer trouble and don't want to get too frustrated with this process.

March 18, 2014   Let's hope a TRUE Conservative wins IL. It would be good for the state and it would be a great thing to get rid of union influence in IL politics. I think unions, as a whole, should go away, so does this surprise anyone?

March 18, 2014   thevileone lets an Islamic terrorist whine in public. thevileone wants people to feel sorry for terrorists. I refuse to cooperate with that.

March 18, 2014   NSA recorded EVERY call from a foreign nation. I guess it's because they don't have a U.S. Constitution...? Or is it just because thevileone told them to do so? Are they following orders, or a suspect? Are they following "Der Leader" or alleged leads? You've got four guesses and the first five don't count.

March 18, 2014   ketchup kerry to Kremlin...

March 18 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   $407K bill that's supposed to be covered by this thing. Sounds to me like it's all wonky. Okay: raise hands if you're surprised. No hands? No surprise. No surprise and no compassion in this thing. Cancer? It's a pre-existing condition and most often we hear about it not being covered. What? Another lie? No hands raised? How about raising your hands if you're surprised that it benefits INSURANCE COMPANIES more than paying doctors and helping patients? Surprised there? Just remember: "A lie is the handle that fits all wrong-doing." (Pastor Gene Grace said it when I first heard it.) That includes the lie about childhood obesity numbers declinig. (It's not necessarily a healthcareTAX item, but it is related -- in both the lie and the general subject of health -- so I thought I'd put it in.) thevileone says he won't deport relatives of illegals of those who enroll. Is this what thevileone thinks is important? Is his healthcareTAX a tool to change America into Amexica so that dumborats will control Amexica forever?

Yeah. That's what he wants. Amexica run by dumborats. Wet dreams of dumborats. All at your expense. Don't ya' love lying dumborats now?

March 18, 2014   Yeah! And I hope I win! That would be so sweet!

March 18, 2014   Between what Sandy Berger stuffed down his britches and "secret" clintoon tapes (wasn't Richard Nixon impeached because of secret tapes?), how much of the eight years of clintoon is left... besides cigars, that is?

March 18, 2014   secondamendment   This pub will go out of business if they don't change their ways. Being anti-gun puts a Surgeon General's appointment on hold so what makes the pub think that they'll get away with their little contretemps? The pub will have a surprising awakening.

March 18, 2014   Well, I'll stop for now. I have an appointment tomorrow so I'll try to get updates done before I go. If not, it may be another short day. Until next time, GOD Bless and until next time, See ya'!

March 17, 2014: 5:11 p.m.: St. Patrick's Day!   Start with a smile: It's "Minion Monday: Hank Goes Bird Watching With Surprising Results!" I laughed when I saw this one in the camera. I thought it'd be cute, but it just made me giggle. I love it! (And, yes, he has on green binoculars, so he's wearing the green for St. Patrick's Day!)

March 17, 2014   Speaking of laughing: Putin IS. Who can blame him? He knows thevileone has no teeth and his bark doesn't even threaten. He's a 78 lb. wimp who wouldn't be able to throw a punch hard enough to kill a mosquito, much less do any harm to Putin's Russia. This is the problem with electing leftist Commies: weak leaders lead to confrontation, not peace. Remember, that link's "prankster" was giving signals of "being more flexible" and now he's trying to sound tough? Puhlease!

I wonder if ACORN knew that his lies and beliefs would put Russia into the position of saying “Russia is the only country capable of turning the U.S. into radioactive dust.” Did anyone in Brevard know that it would be like that? I did. Weakness is an invitatin to tyrants and world domination freaks. That's Putin all over the place. Where is our strength? It's in our PEOPLE; not in our leadership. WE must stand strong. IF Putin's afraid of anything in America it's the number of folks who have armed themselves since thevileone took office and the numbers of guns we own and the amount of ammo we have. That's the only thing preventing Putin from putting boots on OUR SOIL. It's "We, The People" who are keeping America safe, not thevileone's wimpiness.

March 17, 2014   Poison? I think that's a common theme amongst dumborat "leaders". They are poison. People are tired of being lied to but the leaders don't listen, don't learn, don't understand that TRUTH MATTERS. TRUTH MATTERS to Americans who want to be able to live in freedom and to have a brighter future today than yesterday, and a brighter future for their progeny than for themselves. Trouble is, dumborats don't get it. They think that the brightest times for America are past: and if they have anything to say about it, they WILL be!

March 17, 2014   Tax revenues hit all time high in first five months of 2014. Are you eating better, getting better services when you go to a federal building, or use a federal "service"? Are your welfare checks that much bigger, or are they smaller because they've raised your taxes, too? Are you getting something good out of it or is thevileone's wasting of your taxpayer dollars making your hard labor for all but naught? If you aren't seeing a great benefit to higher taxes, then why are we putting up with this?

March 17, 2014   This guy has it right. Let's support him! This guy isn't caving to the EPA's stupid demands and that's what ALL of us should do!

March 17, 2014   National Guard reservist linked to Al Q plot? That's what happens when our military goes Islamic. When our military goes Islamic to whom do they owe their first allegiance? Will it be US, or their god? Which, and do you want to face the consequences of that?

March 17, 2014   Count me skeptical. How can you claim that something came from the "Big Bang" when you 1) weren't there to witness it? 2) Don't know for certain that it wasn't something more recent that created it? and 3) May have had nothing to do with THE "Big Bang" but may have been a seperate event whose waves are just now being detected? I'm skeptical of this one. It doesn't feel right.

March 17, 2014   Study: Omega 3 not as healthy as we were told. Here's my theory on food and eating: Eat what you like, just not to excess. If you believe it will hurt you or be bad for you, then it will be. If, on the other hand, you don't think it will be bad for you, then it can't hurt you. Chocolate, for instance, has many health benefits but they used to say not to eat it. Indulge, but don't over-indulge. Don't fall for the skinny-girl is best crap. We've even found that being overweight is even not as bad as previously thought. Don't listen to others; listen to your body. If your body isn't complaining, don't let the voices of other folks discourage you.

March 17, 2014   secondamendment   Standing up to registration fever folks in NY burn their registration forms! Hurray! Good for them! Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are good. In the hands of bad folks, they're taken away and used against them. Always a good thing. In the meantime, thevileone's BATFE is using intimidation tactics to try to thug folks into complying. This is thevileone's America. Have a Second Amendment right? You do. They are trying to take it away.

March 17, 2014   envirowheel   U.N. Hamster report predicts "violent conflict", etc. Another study says "industrialized nations" to blame so of course we'll be paying taxes to third world countries, if they have their way. Of course, the lefties are not happy with those of us who deny it. In fact, at least one college professor wants we deniers to be imprisoned. If you don't believe the way they do you MUST GO TO JAIL! It's a CRIME to think for yourself! That's thought police stuff, guys. Is that where colleges are headed? If ONE professor thinks this way, trust me, there are more in agreement who just haven't said anything about it publicly yet. Why do you send your kids to college: to learn to think, or to learn to think like THEY DO?

March 17, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Many Americans choosing to opt out. Good. That's as it should be. Keep your freedom. Make your own healthcare decisions. While 35% of Americans will be eligible for Medicaid under this piece of crap, it doesn't mean that you won't have something to take care of yourself. You will. It just means that as they sell it to you, they'll tell you that you won't have to pay a dime. It's another LIE the 2013 Liar of the Year tells you as he sells you garbage. It's got to be garbage or they wouldn't have to be changing the way it works all the time. Even its "tax CREDITS" are bad for you and when you enroll in this piece of garbage you'll regret it sooner or later. It isn't preventing "big companies" from making "big money" off of YOUR health insurance, so it's not taking the money out of medicine. Tell me, if this thing was all so wunnerful, wunnerful, wouldn't they be able to sell it with something that has more class than twerking? If it was all that popular and hot, wouldn't it sell itself, or be sold via word of mouth? After all, look at what Duck Dynasty did with its growth and how popular they are, simply because people started talking about the show and telling others about it. That's telling people that there are a lot of folks out there who think the same way, live the same way, believe the same way. If thevileone's healthcareTAX were as popular as Duck Dynasty we couldn't keep people from signing up as soon as it was available. As it is, we have had open enrollment since last year and they're still struggling to get five million PAID enrollees? Isn't that very telling?

March 17, 2014   A powerful PRO-LIFE message. It's LIFE that matters; not someone else's definition of "Quality of Life". Give your child LIFE, help him or her grow up, then let him/her figure out what his/her life is going to be. It's not your decision. It's theirs.

March 17, 2014   May GOD have mercy on his soul and I hope that the church he led to protest our military members' funerals and all the other outrages he committed will never be repeated by his ex-congregation.

March 17, 2014   I'll close with this for today. I think the guy's trying to say that thevileone is still a lazy, immature, self-centered, insecure, conceited, pot-head who wouldn't know the truth if it kissed him on the lips, slipped him the tongue and grabbed his crotch all at the same time. That's what I think he's saying, but I may be wrong. Until next time, See ya'!

March 14, 2014: 2:07 p.m.   Sorry about missing yesterday. As I removed something from the microwave yesterday morning it twisted in the cloth napkin I had used to prevent burning my fingers and the contents of the bowl splashed out and some landed on my right forearm. I had a first degree burn from my elbow to my wrist on the tender side of my arm. Ouch. Immediately, I put cold water on it, then iced it for forty-five minutes and then put pure aloe vera gel on it. The redness want away but the ouch was still there and sitting at the computer typing was not something I really wanted to do with that burn. I could use my mouse beause it didn't entail my arm sitting on a computer surface (mine is textured) since I use my mouse on my leg, thus my arm didn't touch anything hard (yes, yes, I know: as in my arm want from the arm of the chair to the mouse and my forearm was in midair). So I sat at my computer but instead of typing, I clicked and clicked because I remembered that was having a free weekend and I thought I'd look to see if there was anything I could find. My Mom's side of the family has been a mystery to us since her dad didn't talk about his childhood much. They knew he was orphaned early (at age three), but not much else. In the past when I've looked (not recently) I found nothing. This time, I found relatives I didn't know we had who had posted their research to and my grandpa's family is now fleshed out (so to speak) and I now know about family members I didn't know we had! In order to find out more I even joined them for a month. I called my Mom and told her and she almost cried. It was very cool finding the information and I sent it to my Mom, my Mom's sister and my sister. Mom and her sister, until yesterday, thought their progeny were the last of the line in their family name. Now they know that they had cousins they never knew existed. That was a good way to spend an afternoon of being unable to type! Today, my arm is better and I can type, so let's get to it!

March 14, 2014   lois lerner broke the law and Judicial Watch knows it, as does Congress. Will Congress press charges? No. They're dumborats and cowards for the most part. When will the law matter again? Only if and when a Conservative is in the now-RED House and the House and Senate are full of Conservatives as well. That's when doing the right thing (not the thing that will keep them in power, the RIGHT thing) will matter again. I think we need to make that happen. Agree?

March 14, 2014   Millions of Americans aren't working. Sometimes it's because they cannot find a job although they're looking. Sometimes it's because they're happy being on the "take money out of your neighbors' pockets to get what you want" plan A.K.A. "welfare" or "government assistance". Sometimes it's because they are trying to get a job that is occupied by illegal aliens and an American citizen would cost the employer more than a pay under the table guy. (Although, in the long run the illegal can cost the employer willing to hire him/her more than an American citizen in the long run if you take future trouble with the law if discovered.) Sometimes, it's because they're trying to get into a government job and government employees cost more than private sector employees so that opening has a lot of competition for it. Don't worry about them, though. No matter the reason they're unemployed, there's still the "take money from your neighbor's pocket extension plan". And, as usual, the dumborats prolonged it. Sweet, huh? BTW, While there are more millionaires in America than ever before, the info doesn't disclose what industry that growth is happening. I wonder if it's the "green" industry where thevileone has given so many taxpayer dollars away? Just asking.

March 14, 2014   Aaaahhh.... public schools. OK is still struggling with what to do (or not do) about Common Crap Core. Common sense should tell them to stay away from it, but there must be a lot of folks out there without common sense. Do you think that schools should teach sex ed in a different way? I thought they were doing enough damage as it is. Did you know that Common Crap Core will FEDERALIZE education? With the exception of NASA, any time you put the feds in charge of anything it's screwed up. That's all there is to it.

March 14, 2014   I covered the other day the fact that lefties are now trying to ban the word "bossy" when it's used on women. I like Malkin's take on that idea. How can anyone not like her writing? Question for you: If "bossy" is supposed to be banned, why is thevileone allowed to use it to push his healthcareTAX? Hmmmm?

March 14, 2014   Remember when thevileone LIED about deportation numbers? With "complete amnesty" being pushed by republirat donors it seems to me like they support thevileone's lying, and his Magic Pen. Don't worry. Those republirat donors are just supporting the dumborats and their demands. Why those republirats are keeping their membership in the (R) club, I have no idea. It's obvious that they aren't (R)'s so why fake it? Or is it an Operation Chaos type thing?

March 14, 2014   Where do I sign up? I WANT THIS!

March 14, 2014   Why do I doubt this will result in ANY real legal action? A hillclintoon adviser who is being investigated? So what's new and when do the investigators get killed?

March 14, 2014   I hope this goes from Matthew Vadum's pen to REALITY. What's funny, though, is that dumborat leaders want to do the Jolly (WINNER) / Sunk Sink thing again. Rematch? Like losing? Considering the fact that they outspent Jolly by a huge amount and that they had high recognition names come endorse the Sink, and that she was the assumed winner even before the opposition was decided, sounds to me like they should leave well enough alone. If Sink sinks again would she not be considered a certain loser, someone no one wanted anything to do with? Would that not be too big an indicator of her disfavor with folks? But, I'll let the dumborats choose their own demise.

March 14, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Bribery being used to get folks to sign up. This thing is nothing to sing about, but they're using music, too. It's probably bad and off-key, but they're trying. A dumborat strategist tells them "Stop being so **** defensive" about this thing and start telling folks it's worth standing up and fighting for. Sounds to me like they know they are in trouble with this horrible death-focused program and they don't want to admit supporting it. They're names are on the rolls as having voted for it. They can't deny that part. Rush says they should say, "This is not what I voted for. This law's been changed 30 times since the one I voted for." I say let the dumborats sink their own ships. Let them figure out how to do things that will be detrimental to their own cause. No skin off our noses.

March 14, 2014   I support Caroline Glick's plan to bring peace to Israel and its neighbors. Watch the video. It's a good plan. I stand with Israel.

March 14, 2014   I'll close today with my "Tribute To Our Heroes 155: On Wings of Dreams". Remember to thank a military member -- past or present -- for our FREEDOM (what's left of it) and to remember that there are those who paid the price for it. GOD Bless our military. Until next time, See ya'!

March 13, 2014: 4:47 a.m.   I stayed up all night working on it, but it's done. The Stop The Stormwater Fee! page is complete. Read it. Share it. Send it to others. Write to your County Commissioners about it. Do whatever it takes. Just stop this ridiculousness. Attend the meeting if nothing else. Info at the top of the Stormwater page. BTW, I start with the fact that a FEDERAL JUDGE has already ruled that "stormwater is not a pollutant" nor is it something the EPA can regulate. If they can't regulate a NON-POLLUTANT, HOW ON EARTH CAN BREVARD COUNTY DO SO?

March 12, 2014: 9:33 p.m.   Got a notice today from the County that they were going to implement a Stormwater Utility Fee. (Do you know how happy I am about that?) I'll be doing some research into the other places that have actually done the same thing already and I will put some info together. I'll post a link to the info where you can find it. The meeting date for the first hearing is Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in Viera at the Government Center in Bldg. C in the BOCC meeting room, First Floor. BE THERE to fight this thing. We can't afford more taxes and we can't give in to the blackmail that is environmental wackoism.

March 12, 2014: 3:12 p.m.   College professor allegedly assaults minor. The minor was participating in a pro-life display and the professor allegedly had other views and took one of the pro-life displays. When confronted by a sixteen-year-old pro-lifer female, the professor allegedly scratched, pushed, etc., the girl. If the allegations are true they're shocking; especially considering the fact that the professor accused is a professor of (get this) "black cultural studies, pornography and sex work" in the Feminist Studies Department. A feminist who attacks a young woman? Oxy-moron, anyone?

March 12, 2014   DO[IN]J sues to stop FL from purging dead people, etc., from voter rolls. According to a WESH 2 report, the findings their reporter came up with include:

"In that short time, more than 100 people registered to vote in those two areas were proven to be ineligible by the reporter. A Cape Coral woman, eligible to vote in elections, was tracked down through jury excusal forms that verify she’s not a U.S. citizen. A Naples woman, who is not a U.S. citizen either, voted six times in 11 years without being detected by authorities. A Jamaican man is also registered to vote though he’s not eligible. The reporter obtained his 2007 voter registration form, which shows the Jamaican man claims to be a U.S. citizen. Problem is, no one bothers checking to see if applicants are being truthful."
Remember, the DO[IN]J (eric holder) is SUING FLORIDA to PREVENT them from removing illegal voters, dead people, etc., from its voter registration rolls. Why? Because those illegals help dumborats win elections. Dead people can't vote, but liars who are being told to go vote in that dead person's name will do so and they steal elections this way. That's why thevileone's administration is SUING FLORIDA. If they can keep those names on there they can continue to steal elections. Want elections to be honest, to have integrity? Then we must stop vote fraud.

March 12, 2014   Do you really know who is helping thevileone do his evil deeds? Read about john podesta and find out who is helping make decisions that affect you, your children, your business, your future, your taxes, etc. Oh, and you may wish to read the article because it contains the truth about someone else, too: someone who is being named as a dumborat front runner for 2016. Got you curious? Good. Go read it.

March 12, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Michelle Malkin's family's health insurance saga continues: thanks to thevileone. It's been a mess thanks to thevileone's executive orders and pen-ready presidential delays. The health insurance companies don't know what to do nor when to do it. thevileone keeps changing the "law" (it can't be a law if a single man can change it on his whim) so that no one knows what's what nor when it's what. That's the problem with having a dictator: you never know what he's going to do and how it will affect your life. The truth is, it is NEGATIVELY affecting people's lives. Do you realize that dumborats spent $3.2 MILLION in OR alone advertising this failure and they're doing things on the sly that could mean that if your healthcare insurance was cancelled you could opt out altogether! Is that a good thing? Wait for the Magic Pen to get ahold of it. Of those who have "signed up", there are still about 1,100,000 who haven't paid their premiums. So are they actually "signed up" or have they changed their minds and decided to not pay the price? Sounds to me like a lot of buyers regret. BTW, does this tell you how serious thevileone is about the healthcareTAX? Did you know that HHS says they don't have the statutory AUTHORITY to do as thevileone is doing? Oh. I suppose that means that only thevileone can use that Magic Pen and do as he pleases. Let's not forget who is helping push this crap. Yeah. Their partners tell you a lot about what the priorities are, don't they?

March 12, 2014   Bitcoin is doomed. Sounds to me like it's a good thing a lot of people did not get involved. Curiosity made me look, but the whole thing was so... "iffy". I don't know who did buy these things, but I'm glad I didn't.

March 12, 2014   Rrrriiiiggghhhhttt.... thevileone should be mocked, too.

March 12, 2014   Folks are gearing up for something that will never happen. That's what I think is not going to happen, at least. If the clintoons had that much political clout still their weight could have saved the sunk Sink. It didn't. There are WAYYY too many scandals surrounding her. She is seen as a shrill, shallow, power-mad, shrew who screams:


We have her history. We have seen how she does things and what happens to those around her. We've seen how she votes and we've seen how she targets those who oppose her and her goals. Do we really want to go through all that crap after thevileone's finished with us? Can we go from worst to hades? Is that what America needs? If hillclintoon got into the (continuing) RED House, that's what America would get.

March 12, 2014   The IRS liars are being exposed. lois lerner should be in jail momentarilly. Too bad her co-conspirator, thevileone, won't be in the cell beside her.

March 12, 2014   dumborats live in a fantasy world. Sorry, that's old news, but it bears repeating.

March 12, 2014   I'll close with this for today: Rush's second book is #1 on! I have yet to order it, but I will! I hope it stays at #1 for many weeks as did his first children's book. Until next time, See ya'!

March 11, 2014: 9:05 p.m.   HURRAY! Another dumborat LOSS! Alex Sink SANK! Excellent!

March 11, 2014: 9:17 p.m.   I've been saying this for over TEN YEARS! Neurologist says there is NO SUCH THING AS ADHD! I say it's a matter of lack of discipline, giving your child too many choices (twenty toys compared to five leads to a lot of jumping from one to the other to the other and not learning how to settle down and play) and lack of teaching your child how to focus. He says it's diet and lack of iron in the blood. Read the article if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. You need to know this.

March 11, 2014   Senate for Sale? That's what the RNC says harry reid did. shock. surprise.

March 11, 2014   secondamendment   Amen and Amen!

March 11, 2014   I totally disagree with this idea. I refuse to pay for something I had nothing to do with. If they want money let them go back 240 years and get it from that time!

March 11, 2014   E-mails PROVE thevileone disrespected WWII veterans. Tells you EXACTLY what he thinks of our veterans and our military in general: they're nothing but PAWNS to be used to manipulate others. That's all they are. Nothing more. Disgraceful, immoral punk.

March 11, 2014   On that note, I shall close again tonight. Hurray for David Jolly's WIN over the Sank Sink! That's excellent! Until next time, See ya'!

March 11, 2014: 1:27 p.m.   envirowheel   Virgin airlines emits 7.1 MILLION metric tons of CO2 annually but showing his hypocrisy, he wants those who are NOT HAMSTERS to "get out of [his] way". He's going green? He's going to kiss the feet of the false god, Mother Earth, and hate the rest of us who choose to worship something besides the dirt we walk on? He can have at that worship, but that doesn't mean I have to go along with it; nor that I have to agree with him. Hamsters get on that wheel and just run and run and run until they're so ditzy that they can't stop, don't they?

March 11, 2014   Speaking of hypocrites, alan "clown" grayson, is one. He's an embarrassment to humanity and to FL. Did you know about the new anti-grayson website, "No Guts Just Nuts"? Love!

March 11, 2014   DiFi says "No spy". She doesn't want to be spied on, the Congress to be spied on, or anything else to do with her to be spied on, but she'll allow the rest of us to be spied on. Typical progressive.

March 11, 2014   This is WRONG: Convicted felons should NOT be PAID with TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!! Oh, but he's a dumborat who, after being convicted, went on indefinite leave and is still getting paid his State Senate pay. BTW, which state do you think is stupid enough to do this? You got it: Califoria!

March 11, 2014   Pray for a David Jolly win! We don't need his opponent. Help David Jolly win! (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee, commission, party, or anything else. It's just little ol' moi.)

March 11, 2014   msthevileone wants to "ban" another word? Oh, and she's helping the Girl Scouts pus the ban for the word "bossy". Is that what you want your daughter to do? Got Free Speech?

March 11, 2014   bill gates is doing some very wacky things. Why on earth would he want a huge database of all of the students' records? Why would he want to do that, support that, implement that? Could computer sales have anything to do with it? Got PRIVACY?

March 11, 2014   Our electric grid is "inherently vulnerable" to sabatoge. Without electricity how are people going to react to a terrorist event while the electricity is out? Where will they get their info? How will emergency services be able to communicate and handle things? How about the hospitals and their back-up power supplies? Will they be ready? This is not a good thing, folks. Remember, PSJ is between two power plants that supply power for a lot of folks. What will happen if they choose to attack the FPL station and the Reliant Power Plant?

March 11, 2014   What has happened to this airplane? I've restrained from commenting because I didn't know what to say about it. Was it down, did it land safely elsewhere and we'd know in a few hours, did it crash into the water, was it hijacked? We still have no answers; just a bigger, and growing, mystery. I don't know what happened to those passengers and if this is a terrorist plot, who all was involved. I pray that the innocent are safe and will be returned to their loved ones, alive and well, soon. Keep them in your prayers.

March 11, 2014   I'm sorry, Paul Ryan, but did you really expect anything else?

March 11, 2014   China halts "shadow banking"? Did you know they participated in "shadow banking"? No? Nor did I. What does it mean that they're stopping it and is it temporary? Will it effect you and I? What will it do to the interest rate (if anything)? The story really doesn't answer the questions, but we know that our economies are tied together and whence goes China...

March 11, 2014   Aaaaahhhh... public schools... Cussing out your student... An ex-teacher getting 25 year sentence for child porn... Showing your students YOUR OWN PORN... Possibly assaulting a student... And finding a legal loophole to allow them to have sex with students. Now, don't you WANT to send your child to public schools? Homeschool your kids, folks. It's safer!

March 11, 2014   No surprise here. thevileone PRESSURED the IRS to target Tea Party groups. E-mails show it's true. shock. surprise.

March 11, 2014   I have a nephew who is a cop. Even with a cop in the family, because of crap like this, I no longer trust cops. San Diego has another case that makes me cringe. There are way too many stories out there that make me think that cops cannot be trusted. I used to think that most of them were on the up and up and we could trust them implicitly. Now? I think it's possible that there are too many cops that think the badge makes them all-powerful and able to decide for themselves what your rights are or are not. That scares me. Any cop who thinks that because they have the badge that they have the unquestionable right to do with you and to you as they wish is not a cop but is a danger to our freedom and to our civil rights. If cops reading this have a problem with what I'm saying then the answer is to make sure that you, your coworkers, your employees, your bosses do NOT think "BADGE=POWER & AUTHORITY". Remember, "We, The People" have the power and the authority because WE PAY YOUR WAGES and YOU WORK FOR US and for you to try to override OUR RIGHTS because it makes you feel in control by taking away OUR CONTROL over our own bodies, our futures, our freedom, is wrong. You, Sir/Madam, are a BAD COP. Turn in your badge if your badge makes you feel like you have the right to try to run roughshod over MY RIGHTS. Nothing you have gives you the right to trample my rights. NOTHING. If I have NOT given you CAUSE -- TRUE CAUSE -- then you need to restrain YOURSELF and make sure that you keep MY Constitutional rights in mind!

March 11, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   This is a good thing. People need to know what the truth is regarding the total cost of thevileone's healthcareTAX. It's good to do show them. Another good thing? Judicial Watch is still on the case! I love Judicial Watch!

March 11, 2014 &nbssp thevileone is making it easier for Syrians to enter America while making it harder for Israelis to enter America. Remember, even our own State Departments lists Syria as a sponsor of terrorism but lists Israel's "cooperation in fighting terrorism." thevileone shows his true stripes again.

March 11, 2014   I'll close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

March 10, 2014: 12:08 p.m.   Guess what. It's Minion Monday in which Hank says "Hi-Dee-Ho, Neighbor!". Check it out.

March 10, 2014   State trying to create nullification law against federal gun enforcements. Florida, are you paying attention?

March 10, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Unions sad because this thing could DROP WAGES BY $5 HOURLY. Less pay for union workers mean unions will be losing members because pay is one of the big reasons people join unions. They believe that the union makes them get more for their efforts, even if they put very little effort forth (remember postal workers paid to not work?). Yeah. Is that why people join unions: less effort for higher pay? Teachers have a union. They have more days off and more "teacher work days" than ever before. But they get higher pay. The same holds true of postal workers (as illustrated previously), auto workers (robotic assembly lines really made their jobs easier), government workers (federal and state; some county and city workers, too), health care workers, etc., etc. Unions mean more POWER for the bosses, not better anything for the workers. If the workers really benefitted from it, wouldn't they drive as nice a car as the union bosses? In the meantime, if you have questions about thevileone's healthcareTAX, he'll be answering your questions about it on The "Liar of the Year" will be answering questions regarding his "Lie of the Year". Sounds like something I'd want to participate in if I did NOT want the TRUTH. Agree? Talk about chutzpah. Republirats are building a database of people who have LOST their insurance because of the "Lie of the Year". They'll probably be getting a few of them to do commercials for the (R) candidate in their states; or at the very least getting republirat ads for their local elections, just in case they can be pulled into that party. I wouldn't be surprised at all if dumborats left in droves. After all, this program is a total disaster in every way. So try to avoid it if you can because there are other options besides this skunk out there.

March 10, 2014   Lefties are so racist. They claim that the only reason we don't like thevileone is because of his skin tone. WRONG. If we only dislike him because of his skin tone, then why do we LOVE Allen West? Same skin tone, so why do we love him if we hate someone else because of his skin tone? We love Dr. Ben Carson and he's the same skin tone as thevileone, so how can skin tone be the deciding factor? We love Dr. Thomas Sowell (especially his sense of humor and intelligence) and he's the same skin tone as thevileone. How is it racist? We love scotUS Justice, Clarence Thomas, so how is that racist when he's the same skin tone as thevileone? We are NOT racist. If anything it's vice versa; the vileone is the racist. Conservatives don't dislike folks based upon their skintone. We don't like folks because of their beliefs and if they try to destroy America or change her into something she is NOT and was never meant to be. Period.

March 10, 2014   When will hollyweird learn that GOD is not mocked and SNL will reap what it sows? I predict that in about a year SNL will be no more. Their last desperate gasp will be to spit in the faces of Conservatives in every conceivable way in the last episode and they will not leave gracefully, but angrily, tauntingly, despicably. They will shout and rage and shake their fists that their voices were silenced becuase they were speaking "truth to power" or some such nonsense. The truth is, they are making their beds and shall lie in them.

March 10, 2014   CA has 6.9 earthquake plus aftershocks. Sounds to me like things are a bit shaky in America right now. We've had earthquakes in our area, there have been a few small quakes in the midwest, up north and always in CA. What's going on around America that they are being so shaken up? What does it portend?

March 10, 2014   secondamendment   Remember:

We "bitter clingers" are at it again. Taking guns to church? I bet those in our Founding Fathers' time did it. It's a good thing.

March 10, 2014   JW: "Stand Up for the U.S. Constitution" I agree. We need to ALL do that!

March 10, 2014   envirowheel   dumborat Hamsters plan all night "talk" on Hamsterism. It won't help. "Global Warming" is a LIE and they should get over it, but they can't. It's their RELIGION of choice (that, and abortion).

March 10, 2014   shock. surprise. Louis Farrakhan defrauds the government. Wow. I could be bowled over with about 20,000,000,000,000 tons of steel. I'm so very surprised. (*sarcasm*)

March 10, 2014   Children are being taught to be animals? It sure seems so considering the horrific things they are doing nowadays.

March 10, 2014   thevileone's rejection of Israel is a DANGER for us. GOD chose Israel and Israel's friend is GOD's friend. Israel's enemy is GOD's enemy. What is thevileone thinking? He's thinking he hates America and wants to destroy her and all of her allies; starting with Israel. Muslims have hated Israel for a very long time and this is no different.

March 10, 2014   Study states the OBVIOUS.

March 10, 2014   Worst Congress ever? No. I'd say that when pelosipig was the Speaker of the Horse House it was even worse.

March 10, 2014   I'll close today with some recommended reading for you. I have been reading the Joseph Prince books "Destined To Reign", "Unmerited Favor", and "The Power of Right Believing". I read them in the wrong order (read them as listed here because that's the order they were written in) and read "The Power of Right Believing" first, then went to "Destined to Reign" and am now reading "Unmerited Favor" and I don't recommend you read them in that order. I recommend starting at the beginning and going from there. It's a lot easier to get your mind around what he's saying, which is a lot different from the traditional teachings I was taught when I became a Christian. Read them in the right order and you'll be able to wrap your mind around the new stuff a lot better. Until next time, See ya'!

March 8, 2014: 1:18 a.m.   I've been waiting for someone to explain something to me for about a month now. You see, there was an awards dinner last month given by the League of Women Voters who gave out "Women of Action" awards. One particular award winner was awarded because:

"'Rupe,' Collins said, 'has fought for clean water, clean air and our Indian River Lagoon for many years.' She is president of the Partnership for a Sustainable Future, a coalition of diverse groups working to establish and maintain an economically and environmentally sustainable future for Brevard.'"
WRONG. You can't be president of something that no longer legally exists. The Partnership for a Sustainable Future was administratively dissolved by the State in September 2013:
""Detail by Entity Name
"Florida Non Profit Corporation

"Filing Information

"Document Number N95000004721
"FEI/EIN Number 593433237
"Date Filed 10/06/1995
"State FL
"Event Date Filed 09/27/2013

"Event Effective Date NONE

"Principal Address

"COCOA, FL 32927
"Changed: 03/01/2009
"Mailing Address
"COCOA, FL 32927
"Changed: 03/01/2009
"Registered Agent Name & Address
"COCOA, FL 32927

"Name Changed: 03/01/2009
"Address Changed: 03/01/2009 [my bolding"
So she was awarded for something that she let die? Very action-y. Remember the old saying, "Actions speak louder than words"? Yeah.

March 7, 2014: 12:44 p.m.   It's Flag Friday! Just thought I'd let you know.

March 7, 2014   What if America never existed? A good question for Flag Friday.

March 7, 2014   CPAC is a farce; mitch mcconnell and donald trump as speakers? Really? That's what passes as "Conservative" in the "Conservative Political Action Committee"? Unless they had several of their speakers there as illustrations of what is NOT Conservative, then they should be a non-entity in true Conservative circles. Then there's the laugh of the whole gathering: this pic of mcconnell with a gun. Really? According to The Madison Project and The Political Guide website, mitch mcconnell's gun record is more ANTI-Second Amendment than pro. And he carries a gun onto the stage with him at CPAC and they fall for it? CPAC is a farce.

March 7, 2014   Another day, another VACATION AT YOUR EXPENSE. Must be nice being Dictator who can do anything he wants at your expense while you eat mac and cheese for the last two years. BTW, his vacation place: Key Largo, FL. Ugh. Maybe we should hit him up for some of our money back? This vacation comes immediately following a party at the RED House given at OUR EXPENSE. During the party he couldn't even spell "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" correctly. What an expensive idiot.

March 7, 2014   Don't worry, though: bumbler is also vacationing at OUR EXPENSE. He can't be out-vacationed by thevileone, now can he? After all, he is second in command and he gets as many vacation days as the top dog. Right? Remember: YOU ARE PAYING FOR THAT.

March 7, 2014   envirowheel   ABC and CBS EXCLUDE scientists who do NOT believe in "global warming" for over 1,300 days in their reporting. shock. surprise. If it doesn't fit their agenda, it doesn't get reported. Pushing Hamsterism (their religion of choice) is soo much more important than the truth. Hamsterism should be declared a legal religion instead of just letting it be sold as science. After all, they collect tithes and offerings, and how often do they witness to people, push their beliefs, offer others the chance to join them in their beliefs? That's the same as any legally recognized religion pushing their beliefs. So why is Envoronmentalism (A.K.A. Hamsterism) not declared a religion? The reason: It's a way to CONTROL others via Hamsterism, not just a "live and let live" belief.

March 7, 2014   Malkin TOTALLY SCHOOLS wassy-schultz! Another Malkin Masterful Slap Down! Excellent!

March 7, 2014   Facebook makes meeting face to face more difficult? I figured out that the "social media" sites were not for me after a few months on them. They just weren't something I enjoyed. Facebook was boring. Twitter was useless and tedious to use in discussions (although in ONE situation I did get to spend five hours witnessing Jesus Christ and GOD's LOVE to a Muslim; their god does not love them). To me, the so-called "social media" sites are for other people because I just don't think they're worth my time.

March 7, 2014   msnbc pushes UN-credentialed BABY-KILLERS as HEROES. msnbc is the lamest excuse for a waste of time and money on television there is. To make heroes of people who perform abortions (kill babies) without having the proper admitting credentials to a local hospital. If they don't have admition credentials they cannot send a woman in an emergency situation after or during an abortion to a local hospital under his or her own name. In other words, they wouldn't be the admitting doctor and their patient would be put on the shoulders of a doctor with privileges. That's all the law did that is closing all but six abortion clinics (baby killing centers) in Texas. But madcow can't have the truth stand in the way of the pro-BABY-KILLING agenda. Truth? Who cares as long as they can kill another baby?

March 7, 2014   Bitcoin has fallen apart and the alleged "father" of isn't answering questions. Question: If he wasn't behind it, and Bitcoin says

"The Bitcoin Foundation, an advocacy group promoting the adoption of the digital currency, said '... We have seen zero conclusive evidence that the identified person is the designer of Bitcoin.'"
then who is behind Bitcoin? I can think of only one person who is devious enough, rich enough, evil enough, to try to undo the worlds' currencies with a digital currency and who would get people involved then yank the rug out from under the whole thing and he's a huge backer of thevileone. Did george soros have anything to do with Bitcoin? After all, his writings support the idea of, if not Bitcoin specifically. Who else is that evil?

March 7, 2014   Stupido rubio silent on immigration? He has realized the error of his ways and he is trying to distance himself from his error. Too late. Doesn't he realize Elephants Can Remember? (LOL! Had to do it!)

March 7, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Vegas casino union workers may strike because they'll lose their coverage under this thing. Well, join the rest of America. They expected special treatment because they were thevileone's buddies, but they weren't given the promised exemption. Waaah. Did you know they're still trying to cover up the truth about this piece of garbage? Yeah. Making excuses and covering up is one of the very few strengths of this administraion. If they're not collecting the data, someone else is and found that Latinos are being left out. They've released some info on how they're financing thevileone's healthcareTAX but the numbers don't reveal much and are a bit confused. Shocked? Want another shocker? It's not the UNinsured who are signing up for this thing. Why anyone is doing so, I have no idea, but it's their choice. They'll regret it, mark my words.

March 7, 2014   Got privacy?

March 7, 2014   If you have to put a disclaimer on the film

("'The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the Book of Genesis.'")
denying that it's a faithful reproduction of the story, then it's not a BIBLE story. It's something less than. Why spend money on something less than the TRUTH OF THE BIBLE? If you're going to learn about Noah, read the BIBLE instead of going to a movie that apparently needs to be defended by its creators. The True Creator of the Noah story did not need to defend it, so why settle for a half-ahemed substitute? Remember, it's an "art show" not "the essence, values and integrity of" the TRUE Noah story that is in the Bible.

March 7, 2014   Oh, my word. Too funny.

March 7, 2014   I'll close with that one. Until next time, See ya'!

March 6, 2014: 10:59 a.m.   USSR being reconstructed. thevileone's Nobel Peace Prize did him no good in trying to prevent it, did it? He saw a country be invaded and his Nobel Peace Prize didn't help him do anything about it. He's so gifted and talented at bringing about peace that the prize just sat on the shelf and didn't help at all. Why, oh, why did Putin NOT listen to the Nobel Peace Prize winner? Wasn't he impressed with the Nobel Peace Prize? Was Putin not at all concerned that the Nobel Peace Prize winner would be upset? Oh, the Nobel Peace Prize! Why was it not respected? (*sarcasm, of course*)

March 6, 2014   I hope the people of Scottsdale, AZ, band together and RECALL their mayor. What he did was so totally disrespectful and heartless. What about the family of the fallen cop? Can you imagine their reaction to his denial of a moment of silence? His mother's heart must have broken when she heard about that.

March 6, 2014   The Pope admits theft. Stealing a cross from a dead man? Dropping the "F-bomb"? Saying you don't have to believe in GOD to get to heaven? Is this what the Cardinals thought BEST represented today's Catholic beliefs and the direction they wanted the Church to go? Really? That's sad.

March 6, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   It's "inevitable" that you'll pay for illegals to get this crud. Well, at least there's a bill to make the fine for NOT signing up $00.00. Someone's trying to do the right thing. Not sure thevileone will let that one go without VETO, but at least they're trying (or putting on a good show of it). Talking about "good show of it"... IF the "navigators" are doing GOD'S work, what is satan's? Considering that it's making us a "nation of men, not laws" how can that be doing GOD'S work? Especially considering that it's hurting 33% of Americans. Is that GOD'S work? It's also hurting hospitals. Is that GOD'S work? At least people are realizing that it's not worth the trouble, pain, and upheaval it's causing. Speaking of admitting something: the RED House has quietly admitted this thing is having a negative effect on work hours. So he lied then admitted the lie. Anyone see a paattern here from the LIAR OF THE YEAR? Now, even those who were uninsured are realizing this is NOT a good thing. (Well, knock my socks off!) By the way, if you've had home healthcare for your elderly loved one, kiss it goodbye. thevileone didn't think they needed it so his healthcareTAX got rid of it. Don't bother helping the elderly. In thevileone's eyes, they're not worth it. (How much do you want to bet his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, would still get it if needed?) Although reid calls them "Lies! All lies!" people are hurt by this plan. Just remember: voting in 2016 for hillclintoon won't be any better since hillclintoon thinks thevileone's healthcareTAX is "too important" to turn back. Excuse me? It's hurting hospitals, businesses, people with pre-existing conditions, the elderly and everyone else and it's "too important" to turn back? Really? Is that what you want to be president after thevileone? Is that what dumborats really want?

March 6, 2014   Just saw this story and it made me realize:

Anthony Weiner Nikolas Sarkozy

Separated at birth? (They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike...?) (Apologies to the old Patty Duke Show theme.)

March 6, 2014   Staples kicks out anti-gun kooks on Staples property. I like that. Thank you, Staples. Now if you'll stick to that stance, I'll continue shopping there. Appreciate it.

March 6, 2014   dumborats' actions prove claims of color-blindness the falsehood it is. They see color in everything. Ask eric holder. When dumborats say that they're for one skin tone and that makes them wunnerful wunnerful, that in and of itself tells you that it's the skin tone that matters. When it comes to the Senate not approving the cop killer-supporter that's just the idea of supporting law and order (e.i. cops) being more important than approving someone who supports killing cops. It doesn't always boil down to skin tone, ethnicity, nationality, etc.: usually it's just the facts of the case -- MINUS skin tone.

March 6, 2014   Cruz: Abolish the I.R.S. YES!!! Love it!!!

March 6, 2014   Texas is down to twenty abortion clinics? For a state as big as Texas, that's a long way to drive for an abortion if yours closed down. GOOD! I'm looking foward to when it's down to SIX, then to two and then to ZERO! Babies are precious. Even in the RARE instance when a baby is conceived during rape, that does NOT make the baby worthless, something to flush down a drain bit by bit. Ask Pam Stenzel: her father was her mother's rapist. Her life has value and she is a good person to have on earth. Remember: when it comes to rape and a child conceived by rape, that two wrongs never make a right and making the child pay with its life for the sins of the father is not right. Abortion kills. Abortion makes the wrong person pay for what someone else has done.

March 6, 2014   thevileone is our "biggest national security problem". No joke.

March 6, 2014   Well, the storm is closer than I thought it would be so I'm going to shut it down. Don't like being online -- or even on my computer -- during a storm. That makes this, Until next time, See ya'!

March 5, 2014: 1:47 p.m.   Sorry for the brevity of yesterday's update. As you know we've been having vehicle issues. My son's car broke down and needs a new clutch. He works and I stay at home so I loaned him my vehicle. That was three weeks or so ago. It has been so frustrating to think of an errand I want to run and be stuck at home unable to do that errand. So ten days ago a neighbor was washing a new vehicle in his driveway when I went to check the mail. We talked about his new (to him) vehicle and what he was going to do with his old vehicle. He said he was selling his old vehicle for $500; it needed a new fan motor and the a.c. needed charged; it had a booboo in the back and the inside was in desperate need of a deep cleaning: otherwise it worked fine and had good brakes and tires. I said we might be interested. When hubby got home he checked it out and said that we would like to buy it. The next day we did just that. We deep cleaned it, replaced the fan motor and went to register the vehicle. The registration and insurance more than DOUBLED the cost of the vehicle! We had to pay $407 for registratio n; $125 for insurance. It's a 2001 Saturn SL (four door sedan) and it cost $407 (that's just until October when we'll have to register it again)! I think the registration price is ABSURD! It's disgusting. Part of that cost was the list of other things we're paying for while registering our vehicles. Did you know you were paying for all of that? Yeah. Sweet, huh? Your license plate/registration fee is partially going to the Juvenile Justice system? Really? Yep. What Juvenile Justice has to do with vehicle registration I have no idea, but there it is. Anyways, all of that to say that my brevity yesterday was due to the fact that I had some errands to run that had been postponed for a while and I was itching to get them done. It feels good to have my transpo back. It's part of FREEDOM.

March 5, 2014   thevileone's admin has no constitutional boundaries when it comes to him getting what he wants and doing things his way. Congress want you to stop doing something? Spy on Congress. thevileone was allegedly a constitutional professor. I guess he studied it so that he would know exactly what to ignore.

March 5, 2014   The DH[IN]S is allowing folks to hire illegals and NOT worrying about enforcing the law. Everyone who is surprised by this, into the pool.

March 5, 2014   Pleading the fifth is the progressive's favorite pasttime. They like to do so because they find it very difficult to defend their own actions. If they don't speak, they don't have to defend. It can be seen as a flacid admission of wrongdoing, but it's not an admission of wrongdoing because they don't say anything but "I plead the Fifth." When progressives "testify" plan on hearing this broken record over and over and over again. Know this, though: When they have been caught doing wrong, and plead the Fifth, it's not because they're afraid of being found guilty of anything. It's an "in your FACE" contempt that makes them use the Fifth, not any guilt on their parts. The ability to feel guilt is not in them. The ends justify the means. Get it however they can; that's the goal. Refusing to answer the questions via the Fifth is another way to rub our noses in their POWER and CONTROL. Let's see if Issa does go with contempt of Congress charges here. I'd love to see it against her and eric holder (and others, I'm sure).

March 5, 2014   LOL! Something hillclintoon has accomplished? Uhhh... We still support her! That's basically what the lefties are saying about hillclintoon. They can't name a single accomplishment but they'll still vote for her because it's her DUE. Is this what America is meant to be: a place where it's someone's DUE? I beg us to be better than that. The Constitution is not set up for "due"; it provides a much better way. Let us go for higher ground than alleged "due".

March 5, 2014   It's been three years... Let us hope and pray that Marizella is still alive and that she will soon be returned to her loving family.

March 5, 2014   When "hate crimes" are being FAKED, it's time for a reality check. When it's this big a "fear factor" thing to worry about the PC crap that the unconstitutional "Hate Crimes" law, it's time to delete the law. It's against the First Amendment in the first place. It tries to legislate speech and FEELINGS (are you not allowed to feel how you feel?). It's impossible to prevent it from being selectively enforced (George Zimmerman was a victim of this law). It's impossible to control feelings in the heat of the moment (that does not make it impossible to control ACTIONS and ACTIONS are what are actually illegal) yet the progressives want YOU to be prosecuted for a FEELING while in the middle of a bad situation. It's also another way to target folks by RACE: making one race the aggressor no matter the situation because the progressives can ASSIGN FEELINGS to whichever situation they desire and to WHOMEVER they desire as long as they are the "right" RACE. Hate crimes are nothing more than another whipping stick and another way to CONTROL you.

March 5, 2014   envirowheel   Guacamole prices being effected by "global warming"? Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Hamsters next claimed that "global warming" was causing the ice cubes in your freezer to freeze, considering that they say that this winter's cold weather is caused by "global warming". They'll try anything to make you believe. If they can't make you believe in a few years, by the time the next preziduncial [sic] elections are up they'll just make it a law that belief in "global warming" is MANDATORY: YOU MUST BELIEVE! If you don't believe in time, re-education is an option.

March 5, 2014   Beware: Sexual perverts are everywhere. I suppose, though, that if a prezidunce, clintoon, can get away with an affair while in office then what's so shocking about a NY State Representative being a sexual perv? After all, we sexualize children as young as five years old, Hollywood stands behind an alleged child rapist, Abercrombie & Fitch uses near nude teens, (and other companies use kids as sex objects to sell their products), so what's so shocking about a NY Representative being a lude jerk? (*sarcasm*)

March 5, 2014   Senate dumborats are covering their ahems. If this were NOT an election year those same dumborats would be voting in FAVOR of the nominee. As the prezidunce himself and hillclintoon both prove, experience doesn't matter for dumborats. What matters is who you know and what your politics are. As long as you're progressive enough, you're fine with them!

March 5, 2014   Possible AIDS vaccine that works? 1) There hasn't been enough testing to prove it is otherwise harmless. 2) There is the possibility of this shot giving people a false sense of invincibility: if they're "protected" by this shot then they won't get it no matter what dangerous acts they participate in. 3) How much pressure will there be on the governments of the world to okay this shot without properly and extensively testing it? If the governments cave without the appropriate testing what harm can be done and who will be held responsible? (Answer: NOT the governments, but the company who created this thing will be made to pay the price.) I HOPE that someday it is proven to be safe and that it will do what they think it will do without doing any other harm. I sincerely hope that it does. There are way too many deaths due to AIDS and it would be a good thing to save those lives.

March 5, 2014   MA "high court" (high on what?) rules "up-skirt" photos NOT ILLEGAL. Excuse me!?!?!? What about common decency? Oh. That's not taken into account in some courts, apparently. Right and wrong? Don't count on them. It's only a moral thing, not a legal thing? What was that court thinking?

March 5, 2014   Folks are getting fed up with their states not doing the right thing. I can't really blame them. Florida is pretty Conservative, and for that I am very glad, but they could do more to protect our FREEDOM, lower our taxes (see list of taxes stuck onto your vehicle registration fees), kick the federal government OUT of OUR business (that's as in "company" business and personal business) and to ensure our property and personal rights are protected. The first best step: OPT OUT OF thevileone's healthcareTAX!

March 5, 2014   Now, THIS IS A GOOD JUDGE! He could tell the truth when he heard it and he had some common sense. It's ridiculous that the attorney for the girl did things this way, but... Wonder how a broke eighteen-year-old paid an attorney his fees? Just asking. After all, the parents wouldn't be the ones paying for that since they wouldn't pay for her college after the way she treated them (and RIGHTLY so). I suppose pro bono is an option.

March 5, 2014   secondamendment   CT: No spherical body parts. They aren't enforcing the law they passed because they are afraid of the people. MOST of those who have "assault weapons" have not obeyed the law and registered those weapons. Now CT lawmakers are afraid of facing the 85% who have NOT obeyed the law. Good for CT gun owners!

March 5, 2014: 8:09 p.m.   Well, that was unexpected. My internet suddenly cut out and I had no way to sign off and say goodbye. So now I wanted to say it: Until next time, See ya'!

March 4, 2014: 3:29 p.m.   Just a few updates today because I have other things to do. I thought I'd start the day with a few beautiful pictures. Check out a frozen Niagra Falls. I love cold weather and I love snow and what happens when it's cold. One of my favorite annual trips I took with friends when I was a young woman was to a frozen falls that was backlit for effect. It was nowhere near Niagra's "Wow!" factor, but it was still beautiful. I hope you enjoy the pics.

March 4, 2014   secondamendment   Colleges push SKEWED poll to help thevileone's GUN CONFISCATION longterm goal. They're trying to set it up that people are in favor of REGISTRATION. From registration comes CONFISCATION. This is the ultimate goal: to leave you DEFENSELESS and incapable of resistance. Do NOT GIVE IN. TAKE A STAND and let the Second Amendment be that stand! And, don't let public schools brainwash your children into being paranoid of guns or even pointing your finger like a gun. Yes. They are THAT determined.

March 4, 2014   thevileone's healthcareTAX:   Another day, another DELAY as thevileone and dumborats try to keep November defeat at bay. Will it help them get victory in November? Don't forget that it's going to hurt small businesses and bails out big businesses (so much for the traditional dumborats thinking big businesses are bad, huh?). In the meantime, more hospital workers getting the ax:

"Obamacare could cost the University of Carolina (UNC) system as much as $47 million per year starting in 2015 — and the universities may cut hours and jobs to comply, Campus Reform has learned."
thevileone's whole goal in EVERYTHING he does is to destroy America. This is just the first step. If you're sick, cannot afford coverage and turn to his stupid, destructive plan to try to get insurance, although your deductibles are sky high you accept that because it's something at least, but when you go to the hospital it's closed down or short staffed and your stay is miserable and things go awry, well, that just the cost of destroying America. Now, imagine that's your SON OR DAUGHTER that it happened to. thevileone wants that. Is that what you want?

March 4, 2014   I'll close with this ridiculousness. Study finds many think HTML is an STD! I find that hysterical. Until next time, and with apologies for being so short today, See ya'!

March 3, 2014: 4:16 p.m.   It's Monday and you know what that means: Minion Monday: Hank Gets Serious! Start the week with a smile.

March 3, 2014   Russia has a spy ship in Cuba, this I've mentioned. They also have been trying to make South America avialable to their ships and planes, too. Considering what they're doing in the Ukraine, the fact that now Russia and China -- two of our biggest enemies -- are now allied against the Crimea and the U.S.A., and the sheer cowardice and weakness of thevileone, it's shaping up to be a very dangerous time. If we had a staunch Conservative in office this would not be happening. Instead of a Ted Cruz type, we have:

Instead of stories like this and this we should have stories that speak about the strength of our president and that the world takes him seriously. Instead of stories of strength and seriousness to match the seriousness of the threat that Russia is making to the peace and safety of the world we are getting stories like this one. Remember, thevileon was so concerned about world safety that he SKIPPED THE LATEST BRIEFING on the Ukraine situation. If he gave a rat's pattuti about any part of the presidency besides the perks (pens, phones, Kobe beef, travel, Hawaiian vacations at OUR expense, partying with celebrities, etc.), he'd have been at that briefing. Instead, he skipped it. What was more important than world security? He was "making phone calls" about it but that's something no one can either confirm or deny with proof of other activity. We just have to take their word for it. Anyone on earth believe it?

March 3, 2014   clintoon documents "slow rolled" for release. "[L]awsuits and threats of lawsuits" make things happen in this administration, but it shold not be that way under the "most transparent presidency" in history. Oh. Sorry. His lips were moving.

March 3, 2014   YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS: $7,396,531 for thevileone's 2013 vacations. That's just in FLIGHT expenses! It doesn't cover hotels, food, security, etc., etc., etc.! Peanut butter and jelly taste good? I hope so. You, your kids and great-great grandchildren are going to be eating it for long enough to even START to pay off the debt thevileone is racking up; in part, with this kind of bill for travel!

March 3, 2014   Vaccinations saving money, but is there a cost? Some parents believe that certain vaccinations cause autism. Some have seen changes in their children that happened within days (if not hours) after the vaccination. There's a lot of controversy surrounding it and there is at least one AMERICAN university study that DOES show a link. That was back in 2008; a study's results released two days ago agree THER IS A LINK. Sounds to me like you need to make your own decision about what's good or bad for your child. If they get the measles, mumps or rubella because they didn't get the vaccine, then you'll have to deal with that. If they get autism from the shot, then that's another thing to deal with. Can't win for losing?

March 3, 2014   envirowheel   If you're NOT A HAMSTER don't buy apple stock. Okeydokey. In the meantime, D.C.'s "green" buildings USE MORE ENERGY than non-green buildings. Wow. Going green really makes a difference, doesn't it? Yeah, taxpayers pay MORE!

March 3, 2014   secondamendment   Business owners should WANT concealed carry permit holders visiting them. The Second Amendment protects more than just the permit holder. Sometimes, more often than not, the Second Amendment protects people around the concealed carry holder, too. Now, the DO[IN]J is going to be doing background checks for concealed carry permits? So much for getting a permit. Considering eric holder's racism I wonder if anyone who is not black will get a permit. A lot of folks want permits but with eric holder involved? Kiss 'em goodbye. You know what? There's going to be a rebellion when it comes to this Second Amendment stuff. People don't like the government taking away their right to protect themselves. They are patient elsewhere, but when it comes to being able to protect their families, property, others and themselves? They will fight back. So to look at the good news surrounding the Second Amendment: Ruger in NC is expanding its doings there. At least there IS some good news about the Second Amendment. With this administration we have to stay vigilant!

March 3, 2014   Aaaahhh... ahhahahahahaaaaa.... public schools. (Okay. My bad.) But some principals are worse! Or even some teachers and what they're accused of doing. Homeschool your kids, folks. It's a heck of a lot SAFER.

March 3, 2014   Biggest threat to Christianity: GOVERNMENT. Especially thevileone's administration. Oh, and the Pope's tongue.

March 3, 2014   RNC shuns Sarah Palin. She's the best thing to happen to the RNC since Ronald Reagan and they can't get past the FACT that she's more popular than they. Jealousy rears its ugly head and she gets dissed all the time. That's another good reason to stay OUT of the republirat party. Their leadership has not grown up as yet and they cry like babies whenever she's right (often) and they're wrong (always). Whiners and losers at the head of the RNC I won't have anything to do with.

March 3, 2014   Justina Pelletier's family can take her back to her original doctor and the gag order on the family has been lifted. Next step: custody of their daughter returns to the parents and the state and Boston Children's Hospital gets the heck out of the Pelletier family's medical (and all other) concerns! This has been a ridiculous situation since the Pelletiers went to Boston Children's Hospital and to see what that family has gone through via the interference of ONE doctor should put the fear of the State into every parent in America. One determined, agenda driven doctor's word and your child is no longer yours? Disgusting.

March 3, 2014   I'll end with that good news. Let us keep Justina and the family in our prayers and pray for our country, too. Freedom is NOT FREE. Remember that FREEDOM includes our children and raising them as we see fit without the interference of government agencies and doctors with agendas! Until next time, See ya'!

March 1, 2014: 3:27 a.m.   envirowheel   I received the local pooper-paper (how apprapo) yesterday. I checked out the usual trash inside and found this quote on page five (5):

"We know there are a lot of issues that have built up against our lagoon. Fertilizer, letting cities dump street sewage in the past, not cleaning out baffle boxes, street drains running straight into the water's edge, septic tanks too close and probably even more issues that haven't been found yet, but we need to look at all the issues. So before we start putting diapers on the manatees, pelicans, Flipper and our fish thinking the Indian River Lagoon water problem will go away, we might want to reconsider."
That's from the usual snit under the heading "Septic Tanks and the Indian River Lagoon" referencing the blurb I wrote on Feb. 13th. I was commenting on a FL Toady [sic] article that said that man was not the polluter of the Indian River Lagoon, it was animals -- including manatees. Well, apparently that didn't sit (enunciate when you say that!) very well with certain folks. Lah-ti-dah. (Perhaps she thinks that "manatees, pelicans, Flipper and our fish" actually step out of the water for a potty break?) I did some research to see if I could find some more info to back up my belief that it was not humans. What I found was the following:

Since we know that sea vegetation CLEANS the water and that the manatee are destroying that sea vegetation and that the manatee population has grown in the last forty years since its "endangered" classification, we can see that the unintended consequence of the environmentalist wackos has led to the pollution of the Indian River Lagoon. So while they whine and scream that they need to "protect" it by their own actions they are the reason it is polluted! If they want to have a sustainable earth as they're always screaming for, demanding, etc., why don't they leave things alone? Sixty years ago when the manatee population was used for food we didn't have this problem. But, no. They had to interfere and blame the resulting pollution on YOU. It's not about our alleged polluting, it's about THEM interfering in the first place!

Then there's the fact that she again speaks out of both sides of her mouth. Consider on one of the pages I wrote about her candidacy and the public record of her writings and speaking on the public record at County, City and board meetings, etc.,

PSJ HOA Newsletter, May 1995, Maureen Rupe writes: "On May 16th, the Brevard County Commission voted unanimously to accept the recommendations of negotiations between our association and Lawyer, Tim Bradley, the Brevard County Attorney, and Florida Dept. of Community Affairs. What this amounts to is monitoring of groundwater in PSJ, installation of an aerobic septic system for new homes, and have a study started by the end of the year. With these, we will be able to basically stop all talk of sewers indefinitely."
Remember how often she and PSJ4T used the threat of Titusville or Cocoa FORCING PSJ to hook up to their sewer systems while they were pushing incorporation? Is she FOR septic tanks or AGAINST them? There's another problem with this as well. The coquina ridge that is under the railroad tracks was said, a long time ago, to protect the lagoon from the houses' septic tanks west of the railroad tracks from having an impact on the Indian River Lagoon. Those houses east of the tracks are on a sewer system so their poop doesn't go anywhere near the river. That leaves PSJ homes free and clear of all blame for the poop in the Idian River Lagoon. Don't you wish she would make up her mind as to where she stands on this issue? When it does impact her and her pocket book, she's agin' it; when it doesn't impact her and her pocket book she's for it? Is that the way it works? That's not taking responsibility and being an adult. Perhaps it's not the "manatees, pelicans, Flipper and our fish" who need the diapers?

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